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VK5PBZ Australia flag Australia

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Welcome To The VK5PBZ Website

Greetings And Thank You For Visting.I hope you enjoy your Vist.

G/day I have been into amatuer radio now for 35 years My interest in radio grew from the CB radio days (I still continue to operate Freeband on the 11 Meter Band (26.285,26.445 26.915 26.735 27.635). I am also keen on SWL.I have met some wonderful people in this time and have made lots of personal friends in, Lincolnshire England G0CEG Pete; M3PQX Michael; and in America K8JTK Geoff & KB9VZU Dave .Callsigns held are CB/Amateur Callsign 44AX5,Amatuer VK5PBZ,VK5PBZ/L,AX5PBZ

 Always Remembering My Best Silent Key Radio Buddys Paul  G4RVM & Mark VK5KMK

:Amateurs Go Where No Engineer Has Gone Before:

"For a Hundred years the Amatuer has made more breakthrough in Antenna designs than the Professionals"

"Our Technology help Engineer's keep the World Running"

When im not operating I am a Severe Weather Watcher (Assessing Severity of Storm Activity) for our B.O.M australiasevereweather.com/about.htm

Icom Pro 400 :S/Aust Early Warning Network EWN (UHF CBRS Radio Ch30 Monitored 24/7) http://www.ewn.com.au/

Early Warning Network EWN : Extreme Event broadcasts on CBRS UHF Channel 30 24/7 (During Extreme Weather Events)

My Radios are Ic 7000,Ic706MkIIG,Ic718,Icom Ic7400,Yaesu Vx7R,Vx6R,Kenwood TM-V71A K(EchoLink,CBR),Kenwood TH-D72A,Kenwood TS-590S,Kenwood RC-D710, Kenwood TM-D710AE ( Mobile APRS & Echolink simultaneously) Kenwood TH-D7E(G2.0) (APRS),Kenwood TM-281A,Ranger AR-3500 AM/SSB/FM,Ranger 2960XL AM/SSB/FM,Icom IC-207H,Yaesu FT-7900R, Icom ID-31A,Icom ID51E;Icom ID800H,Icom ID-880H,Alinco DJ-596T/E MKll,Yaesu FTdx3000,Yaesu FT-897D, Icom ID51-A,Phillips FM 900,Yaesu FT-2500M,Yaesu FT-7800R,Yaesu FT-2900R,Icom Ic22A;Puxing Px-UV973;Kenwood TM-D710G;Icom ID-5100A;Wouxum KG-Uv8D;Icom ID-5100;Icom ID-7100;Yaesu FT-2D;Yaesu FT-1D Yaesu FTM-400DR;Icom-51E Plus;Yaesu FT-991;Icom Ic2730;Yaesu FTM100DR;Yaesu FTM-3200DR:

Kenwood TH-D72A for APRS, Echolink,GPS,Sky Command,Email,Internet Gateway, Stand Alone Digipeater, SatGate ,DX PacketCluster Monitor & Wireless Operation

Kenwood RC-D710 Analogue fm to Dstar http://aprs.org/DSTARdisplay.html

Kenwood RC-D710 /Icom IC207H for APRS http://aprs.org/D710-HT.html

Kenwood RC-D710 for AVRS http://www.aprs.org/avrs.html

Kenwood RC-D710 for Mobile Digipeating/SatGate (APRS Path Setting ARISS,SGATE,Wide2-1 Freq 145.825)

Kenwood RC-D710 Stand Alone TNC: Pairing Icom Ic207H, Kenwood TM-71V,Yaesu Vx7R,Kenwood TH-D72 Wireless Control

Kenwood RC-D710 PC Control to work the Satellites :) http://www.qsl.net/g6odt/d700.html

Kenwood RC-D710 /Icom ID31A Crossband Rpt (CBR) Mobile/Portable

Kenwood TMV71A K : Interfacing Kenwood TH-D72A( Wireless Operation),IC706MKIIG,Icom ID31A (CBR, EchoLink Node #224805,APRS) Mobile/Portable

Kenwood RC-D710 Interfacing IC7000, IC 706 MKIIG, IC 207H ,Yaesu FT 7900, Kenwood TM281A,Kenwood TM71V K Model Wireless Operation

Kenwood TM-D710G : Mobile APRS

Puxing Px-UV973 paired to Icom ID31Afor Mobile Crossband Repeating ( Freq 438:750) paired to Diawa LA-2155Hb 150w Linear Amplifier

Icom 2820H DPRS & DstarComms:

ICOM ID-31A (EXP)/ Kenwood RC-D710 for Mobile D-PRS : http://nj6n.com/dstar/dprs/and for Geocaching

Icom ID31A For Tracking via Dstar: http://aprs.fi/

Icom ID-31A D-Star Info http://www.dstarinfo.com/icom-id-31a.aspx

Icom ID-31 Repeater List Update : http://www.dstarinfo.com/id-31ae-repeater-list-update.aspx

Using the ID31A : http://www.dstarinfo.com/id-31a-blog.aspx

Icom ID-51 Dstar Dualband :HEIL Proset Elite IC headset for portable Comms,APRS useing UISS 5.3.1Software.

Icom ID-51 Plus:

Icom ID-5100A :Home Base Digital Data( Drats)

Icom ID5100A: Mobile DPRS

Icom ID7100: Digital HF VHF UHF

Icom 7300E HF

Icom Ic 9100 : Home Base Digital.HF Dstar VHF UHF

Icom ID31A/HEIL Proset Elite iC headset for portable Comms

Icom IC7000:Stand alone PSK31 on screen Decoding (7" monitor)

Icom Ic706MkIIG/Icom Ic7000 Linked via Icom RS-BA1 Remote Control Software. (Remotely controlling the Ic706MkIIG & Ic7000 via an IP Network

Icom IC-2730:

bhi NES10-2 Noise Eliminating Speaker paired to the Portable Radio's

RemoteHam Radio via IP Network (using 4G HotspotWiFi) : www.remotehams.com

Yaesu: FT-897D S.O.T.A Portable

Yaesu: DR-1X C4FM Digital /Analouge Repeater (System Fusion)

Yaesu:FT991 C4FM Digital System Fusion

Yaesu FT-: C4FM Digital System Fusion : http://www.yaesu.com/pdf/system_fusion_text.pdf

Yaesu FTM-400DR : System fusion:Mobile APRS,Data,

Yaesu:FTM-100DR Digital System Fusion.APRS.WIRES-X;

Yaesu:FT2D: Digital (System Fusion)  

Yaesu:FT1D Digital (System Fusion) APRS Location https://www.google.com/maps/place/

Yaesu : FTM3200 Digital System Fusion

WIRES-X HRI-200 Node Number #

Yaesu System Fusion Repeater Moonta 438:325 - C4FM Digital


Icom ID880H :-) Dstar Data (Drats)

Icom IC-400 Pro : Digital Data on the CBRS UHF Ban

Dv Hotspot-Raspberry Pie tetherd to Dv Dongle & Telstra 4G WiFi

Dvap Hotspot: Operational 24/7 on 145.1375 Dv Simplex

Dstar Hotspot: Operational 24/7 on 145.450 Dv Simplex

Nexus7 : paired to Dv Dongle

Nexus7 (2013) :

Kenwood RC-D710 to interface with TMD700A TH-D72A Yaesu Vx7R TM-V71A & run APRS on Dstar, plus using APRS & Echolink simultaneously Mobile/Portable,a Node Station & mobile SatGate

Audio Streaming the Lower Eyre Peninsular Emergecy Services & airport(CFS given Priorty):

Dstar which I love and is great fun I have a Icom ID800H. IC2200H, and a Icom IC91A/D,Icom ID31A,plus a Dvdongle & D-RATS,Dv Hotspot Rasperry Pie tetherd to Dv Dongle & Telstra 4G WiFi for when Im traveling. My Dstar Repeaters are VK5REX B 438.225 and VK5REX C 146.9625 I enjoy working stations on IRLP and you can contact me on node 6510

My Emergency Station Setup WICEN : Marine Radio Rpt 81/ Ch16/67/72. EWN Early Warning N etwork 24/7 on Ch30 UHF CBRS Radio

VK5 HFN Pilot Station 24/7

Hellschreiber (Feld Hell): http://www.qsl.net/wm2u/hell.html

HF Network Connectivity Map: http://hflink.net/

My Coast Radio Station Callsign: is Tumbybay Coast/Weather Watch (Pt Lincoln Rpt 81&ch16,67/72 (MROCP Lic # 008431)

Marine Radio Operator (MRO) Network:

EMCOMM Station: Icom D-Star IC91AD, Icom Ic400 Pro, Yaesu FT-897,Icom Ic2200H for(Digital Secure comms),Ipad, Dell Laptop used as a WiFi hotspot,4GWiFi internet,Dv Dongle/D-Rats, Simplex Repeater,HEIL Proset Elite iC Headset

Radio Incident Command Kit :MFJ-269 Antenna Analyzer,TenTec FG-01 Antenna Analyzer,OCF all band dipole,MFJ-622 portable simplex repeater,100 watt linear amp,1Kva Generator,

Member of WICEN S/Aust Branch

HF OUTPOST Station Lic # : Outback Comms

Audacity Radio Beacon : Freq 433.925

Morse Keys I Own And Operate: PMG WT8Amp.No2 (WW2 1941);AWA Marconi (1930); PMG 1941;AWA Manpulating Key Type R688B;

CODEN 7727-C :VKS-737/RFDS HF Radio Network : For Communication in the Remote Area's & Outback of Aust

I also have fun on the HF bands operating portable from Lighthouses & on our ANZAC Day operating CW/AM from Military Establisments im a member of the British Amatuer Radio Lighthouse Society B.A.R.L.S (#537)

My special Event callsigns AX5PBZ

If you are ever over Moonta way feel free to use my good friend Steve VK5ZSW Dstar Simplex Hotspot on 145.125 and 70cm/ C4FM Yaesu System Fusion Repeater on 438.325(438.325 FM 91.5) which run 24/7 & Allan VK5WAM IRLP Node 6584 24/7 & when your in Geelong Vic my good friend Nick VK3BA IRLP Node 6993 24/7

If you cant get me on the radio im busy with the Tin Lids (grandchildren) they sure keep me on my toes

SWL All reports are welcome and acknowledged

My listening activities:

Scanners :GRE PSR-800EZ Scan Digital APCO/P25, Uniden UBCD396T/ Uniden UBCD396XT : Rail (frieght Trains)/Police/Aircraft/Emergency Services/Marine/ Police MDT Detection/Milcom Monitoring

HF :Aircraft/Military/Police/Marine/Utillities//Number Stations/Broadcast Radio Stations

QSL/ Email :I QSL 100% all cards are answered and a return card will be sent direct to your QRZ or Postal AD; no return postage required ( Please QSL Direct or via email ) if you request a card during a QSO that card is being processed and will be posted that day or the next post or by Email waye.alan2@bigpond.com

If you beam in to me on these grid refs you will hit my antenna 34.22'10''S /136.06' 33"E Grid Ref PF85BP or my Digipeater http://aprs.fi/info/a/vk5pbz

My Mobile Antennas: 1.Comet SB15 6/2/70,2. Diamond SG7500 2/70cm/UHF CB,3.Diamond SG-7900A 2m,70cm, 6, HF;4.Uniden AT470S/S, 5.Mobile One SCATX UHF/VHF/ Marine Band/Police Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) Detection,6.Comet CA-2x4SRB wideband.7. Mobile One FDW470 8.FAMPARC 10m/11m/15m/20m/40m/80m HF Mobile Whip 9. Nagoya NL-601 2m/70cm, Marine, 6m & SES10.Madol EX-110 11.Madol AX-95 12.Diamond SG7200 2m /70cm/ 6m13. Maydol SHG-2100 (Super High Gain Series) 14.Diamond NR770S 15.Diamond NR-790 16.OPEK HFM-120 17.Nagoya Mag-79EL-3W,18. Diamond CR-7719.Diamond MR77S 20.Diamond SG9600,21.Diamond HF20CL.Mobile One M10-1: modified for 10m /11m /15m/20m/40m/80m,23.Mobile One M270-2m/70cm,24.MobileOne-M144-3 2m/70cm/6m/CBRS,25.Diamond HF15FX,Diamomd HF40FXW.Diamond HF20FX;Diamond HF10FX;Diamond HF40CL,HF20CL,HF10CL,HF80CL,HF15CL,HF6CL,MFJ-910 Mobile Antenna Matcher;Hustler Super RM-80-S;Benelec Model 02629 9db 476/477mhz /2m Band;Diamond CL22L 2m/11m;Diamond CR11 11m/10m(26Mhz-29.7Mhz);Diamond SGM911;ZG140 11m/10m;Mag Mount NIVS;BushComm Bu00334 HF Amatuer Bands 80-6m with Antenna Tuner;

Base Antennas: Inverted L 5 Bands,Ripple Tech TZ-OCF-40 dipole, Modified allband Stationmaster, Comet -GP150 Triband, Diamond D130 Discone,Madol HS-FOX2 FM/SSB 9db gain Beam,Tran-Max BS-450 5/8Wideband,Hustler BTV-5(modified 8 bands)Surmen Z-207B 2m/70cm,Diamond A502HBR 6m;

Portable Antennas : Ripple Tech TZ-OCF-40 Dipole,5 band Inverted L with TE-T40 Trap,6 Meter OCF Dipole 4:1 balun,Allband modified Stationmaster,Homebrew Roll-Up 10-20 antenna,Homebrew 2m Loop 9dBd f/b Gain,OCF 6 band Dipole for 40m 20m 15m 10m 12m and 6m,Homebrew 5 band OCF Dipole,Diamond D130 Discone, Diamond CR-77,Madol HS-FOX2 FM/SSB 9db gain Beam,Tran-Max BS-450 5/8, 3 element fox hunting beam (homebrew),Diamond MR77S,MFJ 949E Antenna Tuner, MFJ- 269 Antenna Analyzer,TenTec FG-01 Antenna Analyzer,LDG IT-100 Antenna Tuner, Coden AT9350 Auto connected to the Icom Ic-706 Mk2G & Icom Ic-7000,Coden 7411 MK2 Antenna Tuner,100Ah battery pack, Squidpole 15 20 40 (Vk7JJ Version),20M C-POLE Antenna,20m40m15m10m Delta Loop (M0DOL Design),L Antenna 10,20m,40m,80m( Doublet),Homebrew Buddie Pole 20m,15m,10m,6m,Portable VHF Delta Loop,HyEndFed 160m-10m,10m-80m Zepp using LDG IT 100 Auto Tuner,Bike Wheel Antenna 2m,20m,40m,15m,10m,12'Surf Rod Antenna 10m,15m,20m,40m,40m Phased Vertical,Vertical/Rotary dipole 40m 20m 15m 10m 6m,40m Postage Stamp Antenna,Squidpole 20m loaded dipole,2m Coffee can,70cm Coffee tin,Pizza Plate antenna on 20,40,2m 6m 70cm,Wash tub antenna 20m 40m,G5RVJr 40m/80m Dipole,2m Coat hanger,Homebrew 10-11 meter 3 element yargi (5:1 balun),Squidpole NorCal Doublet Antenna,2m/70cm Eggbeater,Par-EndFedz Multiband Resonate on 10m.20m.40m,"Up and Outer" antenna 20.21,28,Broadband Endfed HF Wire Antenna Mk3 (VK4ICE)80m,40m,20m,17m,15m,12m,10m,11m,6m,plus RFDS Hf Marine freqs WICEN,CREST,ACREM &VKS-737 H F Radio Network(plug&play antenna),SquidpoleT2LT 40m,20m.15m,10m11m.Stationmaster modified for 20m,OCF Dipole 20m 10m,Hustler 4BTV 40m,20m,15m,10m,11m;Hustler RM-80-S;The Diamond 40m,20m,15m,10m,11m,6m,SW Broadcast Band;Dipole 40m,15m;Miracle Ducker TL whip;2m 3 element coat hanger Beam;2m cookie tin antenna;16 Meter Multiband Dipole 40m-10m;6m Dipole Antenna for 50Mhz;Homebrew 2m Scanducky;MFD 6 meter Dipole;MFD 2 meter Dipole;2m/70cm walking stick antenna;2m 70cm Pogstick (backpack antenna);20m/40m Gate Spring Dipole;10m/11m loop antenna;Homebrew G5RV Jnr 40m- 10m;Tape measure Antenna 40m,20m,15m,10m,6m;7.5m Tape measure counterpoise for 40m,20m,15m,10m;6 Meter portable Inverted V;Yo Yo Tenna 40m,20m,15m,10m;W3EDP 85' Endfed (85'/17' Rule )Antenna;FNQ Special modified on 20m 40m 80m;Peg Leg CB antenna (dipole) on 11m,10m,15m,20m,6m;SquidpoleTri-Band End Fed Antenna 40m,20m,10m;OCF 11m Dipole;40m Coax Loop;HF Copper Pipe Vertical 20m,15m,10m;4 Band Push Button Memory Dipole Antenna on 20m,15m,10m 11m;40m,15m Hanging Wire Dipole;Stationmaster 40m Loaded Vertical;15m Bean Tin;Handheld short "RubberDuck"for 2m/70cm;Rotatable Dipole 20m 15m 10m;7 Band Rotatable Dipole;Helical Antenna for 20m,15m,10m;Station-marster converted to 6m;Dipole for10m,11m;Coil Loaded Ground plane Antenna 40m.20m;7:100Mhz dipole antenna traps;2m/70cm Groundplane with coils;2m/70cm OCF CSD (pogstick)Dipole;2m Forktenna;50' EndFed ZFZ;84' EndFed Long Wire 20m-80m;G5RV-Jr 40m-10m;EF 40-6m; EF 80-6m Dipole;10m 2 Element Beam;20m 40m 40'Zip/Spkr Wire Antenna;2m Delta Loop;Homebrew HF Miracle Whip;70cm "Tea Cup" G/P Antenna;OCF Wire 40m 20m 10m Antenna;40m/80m N.I.V.S;Cake Cup Discone;10m "L" Antenna;6m 2 element Beam;10m/11m Pepsi Can Antenna;6m Rotating Dipole;11m Delta Loop (27.555);10m Delta Loop; 20m/40m QRP Half Square; 20m/40m "Arboreal "Antenna (using tree as Antenna); Beach Umbrella 6m Ground Plane;Mag Mount Delta Loop;20m/40m Linked Dipole;10m 20m 40m Linked Dipole;20m Squidpole Moxan;BushComm BU00334 80m-6m;Bushcomm Bu00183m;VK4ICE 80-6m End-Fed Random Wire;Multiband QRP Doublet Antenna and Feedline;SOTA 7-30Mhz Coil Dipole Antenna;10m Pool Noodle Loop Antenna;20m "Pool Noodle" Loop Antenna;15m Pool Noodle Loop Antenna;40m Pool Noodle Loop Antenna;Rotary Clothes Hoist 40m,20m,10m,15m Ground Plane Antenna; Hf Pulley Clothesline Antenna;2m/70Cm "Pedestrian Hard Hat" Mobile Antenna);40M/20M/10M LongWire QRP Antenna;MFJ-16010 Wire Fence Antenna;2M "22 Gallon Drum "12db gain Antenna;100ft Grasswire Stealth Antenna;Field Expedient 2m/70cm Folding Dipole 2.15dbi Antenna;2M "1/2 wave over 1/4 wave "Antenna;2m "Barbwire"Sat Beam;Moorabbin Zepp;10M L Vertically & Horizontally Polarised Antenna;

My Field Day Setup & Activities:Icom IC-706MkIIG;Icom IC--718( modified with 250 watts PEP output);Yaesu FT-897D;Homebrew 2m loop 9dBd f/b gain;Radio Shack RF 22-305 Frequency Counter,MFJ662 Portable Simplex Repeater on 147.175,D-Star DVRPTR,Counterpoise for 20m,15m,10m,& WARC Band (11 meters long),Homebrew 6M Buddiepole,Homebrew Roll-Up 10-20 antenna,Homebrew 5 mile simulator,Squidpole on 40m 15m 20m,RigExpert AA230 Antenna Analyzer,Yaesu FT-897D,Kenwood SW-200 SWR/Power Meter,NES10-2 DPS Noise Eliminating Speaker,Diawa LA-2155H 2mLinear Amplifier 150w,APRS useing UISS software,MFJ-202 noise bridge;Puxing Px-UV973 Crossband Repeater;W8AMZ OCF Dipole 80m-6m;EF 40-6m Dipole;MINI60 HF Antenna Analyzer,MFJ-207,SOTA 40m-10m Winding Dipole Antenna;You Kit FG-01 Analyzer:Field Expedient 2M/70Cm Folding Dipole Antenna;

EchoLink Node #224805

Pedestrian Portable (Backpacking): 2m/70cm walking stick antenna;2m/70cm Pogstick antenna;

Trax FMMid North Radio Electronic's Group (member #): http://tfmmnraeg.webs.com/

Trax Fm 105:1 Listen : http://www.traxfm.org.au/

LEST WE FORGET: The Men and Women who went to War

"Wherever thier bones may lie,the courage of heroes is consecrated in the hearts and engraved in the history of the free"

`Australia was born on the shores of Gallipoli' (William Hughes 1915/1923)




Member of The CW Operators QRP Club: http://vkqrpclub.org/

Member #903


Member Of The Whyalla Amatuer Radio Club :http://www.users.on.net/~jgroffen/WARC/index.html

Port Germein Lighthouse/Lightship Info go to the bottom of my QRZ Profile

My lighthouse activity on the 19/20 August 2017 will be at the Port Germein Lighthouse au0069 http://illw.net/

Lighthouse Co-ordinates 33.01.25'S/137 59 53'E /Elevation 9 Meters above sea-level

Find me at the Lighthouse APRS: VK5PBZ-9

My Lighthouse Callsign: VK5PBZ/L

QRP SetUp :TenTec Argonaut 509; Yaesu FT-290R;Icom IC-718;YouKit MT-1 QRP Antenna Tuner;

Conservation/National Parks/Marine Parks (Activating) :

Parks Activated: Franklin Harbour Marine Park/

Field Day Locations: Cowell Mangroves;Pt Germien Lighthouse;

Audio streaming live from the lighthouse:-) operational soon

Listen to my Audio Streaming : Scanning the Lower Eyre Peninsular

Listen to the history of the Lighthouse :-) operational soon

My YouTube at the lighthouse :-)

QRP By The Bay(Cowell) Yearly Event:

GPSS: Remote tracking with Radio at the lighthouse (with a message in a bottle)

Operating on CW from the Lighthouse : 14.115

Operating 11 Meters at the Lighthouse 27.255/27.375/27.195/27.145

Operating on 2m fm /ssb /70cm fm/ssb/6m at the lighthouse Node#6865

Working the I.S.S Station at the lighthouse Kenwood RC-D710 on freqs 145.800/145.825

Operating with SatGate enabled on the Kenwood RC-D710/Kenwood TH-D72A (#2)

Telstra Elite Mobile WiFi 4G Hotspot

My Mobile Simplex Repeater: on 147.175 using a MFJ 662

Mobile Crossband Repeater : Puxing Px-UV973 paired to Diawa LA-2155H 2m linear Amplifier 10-150 watts

Kenwood RC-D710 /Ic207H Paired for Portable/Base iGATE Station

Mobile Internet:-)Telstra T Pad monitoring 24/7 IRLP Status,GRN Network.Dstar Reflectors,Navigation,Audio Streaming,APRS,Track me on your mobile phone

My other interests are:-) Monitoring the Earth's Magnetic Pulse Collecting Antique Te0legraph Wires,Antique barb Wires, Old aust dog tags,Old antique valve radios,11 meter CB Band,English Canal boats,geocaching,Fox Hunting (using a handheld),Operating Portable/Field Days,Throwing the Boomerang , High Altitude Balloon Tracking & Chaseing, Old aust windmills,old S.A.R. railway sleeper date nails,Collecting Anquite glass AGM telegraph insulators, Old bottle openers ,Old Stationary Motors, Hand made Knives,Home Brewing ,Old Sunshine Shearing Hand Peices,Whip Cracking,Old sailing ships,Divining for water,Steam trains, Knife & Axe collecting,clay shooting,GPSS,gold prospecting (pan),metal detecting for gold & relics,Blacksmithing,collecting antique blacksmith tools,APRS,Dstar,VOIP,Amatuer ATV,Old Cigarette Cards,Amateur Astronomy,Masonic Lodge,R.A.O.B Lodge & last not least my love heart "Patricia" and the Grandchildren & Family

Monitoring the Earths Magnetic Pulse

I have a sesitive magnetic pulse detector to monitor the geomagnetic field and pulsations and resonances associated with ionospheric excitations of the Earth.

Monitoring Meteor Radio Echoes :

Radio Nets Which Im Part of:

HamNationDstar.Net 0200 Hrs UTC Ref014C Wednesday Night USA/Thursday Aust Time:http://www.hamnationdstar.net/

A good radio net to listen to is the ANZA Net on 21.205Mhz and 14.183Mhz Travellers Net 14.116 and 21.185 more details QRZ AX5PBZ

ANZA DX Net: http://anzadxnet.webs.com/

Travellers Net:

Southern Cross Dx Net: 14.238.5 /14.226.5, 11.00 hrs Zulu Daily

7.130 DX Net

Track Me:APRS http://k6ib.com/aprs/vk5pbz-9

Track Me Instantly : http://aprs.fi/?call=a%2FVK5PBZ-9&_s=ll

Track Me when im mobile using the Kenwood RC-D710 /Icom ID31A onDstar: http://home.comcast.net/~timmik/dstarsearch.html

Track Me Google: http://aprs.fi/ vk5pbz-9

My iGATE and APRS Station's Location : http://aprs.fi/info/a/VK5PBZ

TrackMe : http://www.openaprs.net/

My APRS Static Location : http://www.jfindu.net/find/VK5PBZ-9

My APRS and iGATE Station vk5pbz-1 http://aprs.fi/#!call=a%2FVK5PBZ&timerange=3600

Find My and Your APRS History: www.db0anf.de/app/aprs/stations

My YouTube Channel at the lighthouse:

My Car Cam Driving in Real Time : (coming soon)

Amateur ATV: www.batc.tv/ch_live.php

Audio Streaming the Lower Eyre Penisular : http://

Call me on Skype:wayealan.Skype mobile:vk5pbzmobile

Projects: coming are Echolink, Dvap, Drats & DvDongle, PSK31 (APRS ,mobileDigipeater,WiFi and video cam now operational in mobile)HF Digital operational, working the Satellites using a handheld, High Altitude Balloon Chaseing (Skype Mobile vk5pbzmobile. Operational) FM/Digital , Ham Radio Deluxe Operational & audio streaming Dstar repeater VK5REX-B VK5REX-C and a simplex repeater on 147.475

FDMDC: Digital Audio over HF SSB

Mobile/HT Digital Comms via ECHO : www.aprs.org/echoaprs.html

APRS Satellite Tracking And Reporting (ASTARS): www.aprs.org/astars.html

Tracking the Satellies Mobile: http://www.aprs.org/MobileLEOtracking.html

GO-32 APRS Operations : http://www.aprs.org/GO32-ops.html

Dual Operation D-Star Gateway http://www.gb3nu.co.ukcoming soon

Internet Remote Base Radio: http://w4mq.com/remotebase.html Operational

Proud Owner of UHF Repeater : www.tropinet.com/uhf-repeaters/search.html

Find me mobile on UHF CB : Ch 15/ 25 or Rpt 8 HF 14.255

Satellite Phone #

11 Meter CB Gateway : www.g0hwc.com/11m_gateway.html

Aircraft Enhanced Radio:

Broadband-Hamnet (HSMM-MESH) http://hsmm-mesh.org/just-starting-read-this.html

Whisper HF Digital WSPR http://www.g4ilo.com/wspr.html

HF-LINK Digital: http://hflink.net/

Hamsoncams: http://www.hamsoncams.com/

High Altitude Balloon Tracking : http://projecthorus.org/

QRZ Callsign Data Base : www.qrz.com

Find me on Dstar: http://www.dstarusers.org/lastheard.php

Find me on Dstar: http://www.ircddb.net/

Find me on Dstar Live : http://www.ircddb.net/live.htm

Find me on the Freestar XRF Reflectors: http://va3uv.com/xrfo21.htm

Find Me on VK5RAC Repeater Node 6510 : http://vk5rex.dyndns.org:15426/irlpvmon/

Find Me on my DvDongle and D-Rats:

Find Me on my Hotspot :

Find Me on the Aust IRLP Summary http://status.irlp.net/?PSTART=5&country=15

Worldwide DStar Repeaters : www.dstarusers.org/repeaters.php

D-STAR SEARCH : http://home.comcast.net/~timmik/dstarsearch.html

Dstar D-PRS Calculator: www.aprs-is.net/DPRSCalc.aspx

D-Star DPRS Active Stations : www.db0anf.de/app/aprs/listings/activedaprs

D-Star DPRS Active Stations : http://www.jfindu.net/DSTARReports.aspx

D-Star Software/Newest D-Star Repeaters : http://dstarinfo.com/home.aspx

DVap Memories-Dstar : www.dstarinfo.com/DVAP-Memories.aspx

Dvap Crossband : http://ve6cpk.com/wildrosenetwork/dstar-crossband.htm

DVRPTR:D-Star Repeater (up and running soon)

Freestar Dashboard :

Audio Streaming Dstar Reflector 14C http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/9968

Australian D-STAR Dashboard : www.dstar.org.au/dashboard.htm

Find me on the : Dv Dongle / D-RATS www.d-rats.com/

VK5REX Dashboard : secure site

My DSTAR & APRS Identifier can be found at http://www.jfindu.net/lastreports.aspx?call=VK5PBZ&dstar=1

VK5REX Repeater Website : http://vk5rex.squarespace.com/

GMTClock : http://k6ib.com/clock/clock5.html

Find My QTH : http://f6fvy.free.fr/qthLocator/fullScreen.php

Maidenhead Locator http://www.amsat.org/amsat/toys/gridconv.html

World Time : http://www.ham-radio-deluxe.com/Home/worldTime.aspx

I Track the Satellites & ISS Station with my Yaesu VX7R & Kenwood TH-D72A: www.karhukoti.com/ ISS Station http://www.isstracker.com/

IRLP Reflector Status: http://k6ib.com/irlpvref/

Find me on IRLP Nodes : http://status.k6jwn.org/cgi-bin/irlpStatus.cgi?nodes=,6510,4069,6584,6993,6063,6789,5556,6875,5046,3569,6572,5556,4834,9090,6865,

Node 6510 IRLP Status :http://status.irlp.net/?nodeid=6510

WiFi Hot Spot Access (free) in Aust/S/Aust : http://hotspot.internode.on.net/coverage/index.php

TELSTRA AIR Hotspot Provider

Mobile WiFi Hotspot is Telstra 3G/4G Elite

APRS: http://aprs.fi/info/a/vk5pbz-9

iGATE http://aprs.fi/info/a/vk5pbz-1

Portable: http://aprs.fi/info/a/vk5pbz-12

2m SSB Rover :  http://www.k0nr.com/rwitte/rover.html

If im hiking with the Icom ID31A with tracking on you'll see a walking man symbol VK5PBZ-1

If im mobile with tracking on you'll see a car symbol with my callsign

Sometimes you'll see the Wx symbol and acts as an iGATE (Internet Gateway) to pass along the digital APRS packets to a command database for use by APRS websites

Shortwave Listening : Realistic Dx160, SANGEN ATS-803A, Icom ic718 (antenna Par End Fed)

My 11 Meter Equipment(:-) Super Bengal Mklll, Navaho TRC-458,Courier Spartan SSB+, Courier Spatan PLL,Ranger AR-3500, Uniden Grant XL(Philippines Model),Pearce Simpson ST-901,Kraco KCB-2340,Hygain V Model 674B,Gemtronic 2325 GTX,Apollo 701 Super Deluxe & Redco Digiscan,Zedtagi 100w amp,Diamond CR-11 mobile antenna,GME-AE2008

My CB Feeband Freqs : *26.285,*26.915,26.445,26.915, 26.520,26.795,27.285,27.505,27.635,27.735,27.195,27.720,27.715

My CB Radio Callsigns: CM3766,43AX5,Foxtango on the SSB Freebands,AM Bushradio

Fox Tango International Group: www.foxtango.org

My mobile UHF Repeater Set Up :Icom Ic41S 5 watts/Icom Ic400Pro 128chs25 watts

One thing I do find is that I continually meet the nicest people on the amatuer bands

The Eureka flag I'm the son of the Southern Cross I'm a true blue aussie who stands up for what I believe in whatever the odds

The Eureka Rebellion Was The Birth Of Democracy In Aust

I swear by the Southern Cross

To stand truly by each other and

fight to defend our rights and liberties

1854 Eureka Flag This Flag Stands for all you believe in,

the time has come.

LIFE IS TO SHORT ENJOY IT BEFORE IT RUNS OUT/ Quote Dont fear "pressure", it's what turns rough stones into diamonds

Enjoy life to the fullest ''View your glass as half full ,rather than half empty''

Knowledge Is "Power"; "Education is a Key"."Sometimes Ignorance is a Bliss"

"Until you accept responsibility for your life and doings,"Someone else runs it"

"Doubts in your mind are a much greater roadblock to success than obstracles on the journey"

Live your Life Intentionally

Ned Kelly Quoted'Ah well,it has come to this."Such is Life"

If You Want a Arm Chair Chat Call Tom W4SNA on Node 3569

Thanks to Fred AA7BQ for providing a excellent website for Worldwide Amatuers

Proud sponsor of our D-star repeater VK5REX-B VK5REX-C thanks to Micheal VK5ZEA our Tech for keeping it up and running

I recommend the following radio shops :VK4ICE www.vk4ice.com/ radios.net.auhttp://www.radios.net.au/

Old Aust Windmills : http://members.westnet.com.au/caladenia/Display.html

GPSS :Remote Tracking with Radio http://www.gpss.force9.co.uk/radio.htm 

Thanks for the chat Cobber and I hope to catch you on the air waves again soon hooroo Alan

NED KELLY took a stand for truth and justice and changed Australia Forever Aust Bushranger http://www.ironicon.com.au/he Quoted 'Ah well,it has come to this."Such is Life"

"....let the hand of the law strike me down if it will,but i ask that my story be heard and considered." Ned Kelly, 1880

Port Germein Lighthouse/Lightship Info http://www.seasidelights.com.au/au/sa/portgermein.asp?fState=SA

My Favourite Place Iv'e Visited www.THEDUNGEONS.COM

Faith In The Lord Plays A Big Part In My Life

If You've got this far,Well Done;hope you have enjoyed your Coffee

Thanks for taking a look.If We've talked,thanks for the QSO,If we Haven't talked yet,I look forward to meeting you on air 73 Alan

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