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(27 Dec) For the last several days of Dec will be operating as W0N, a special event call celebrating the 150th anniversary of Nebraska Statehood. More info can be found on the W0N page of QRZcom, and also on www.ne150hams.org.

(1 Dec) Will be operating in the ARRL 160m contest as N0A, a special event station celebrating the 150th anniversary of Nebraska Statehood. Please see www.ne150.org for more info on the general NE150 celebration. and www.NE150hams.org for info on amateur radio activities in 2017.

 (6 Nov) Operated from Washington/Burt and Cumming/Stanton county lines in NE last Friday, Nov 3, and from Antelope/Holt, Brown/Rock, Keya Paha/Boyd, and Pierce/Antelope on Saturday, Nov 4. Operated exclusively on County Hunter Net frequencies, and only CW. Had trouble with my memory/keyer and wound up using a straight key for much of the run. DX QRM on 30m was a problem for a while. Thanks for everyone's patience with the str key and QRM.

(updated 29 Sept) Sept 30/Oct 1 Special Event. In celebration of Nebraska's sesquicentennial anniversary, see www.ne150hams.org, still planning a two day trip to counties in Western Nebraska with goal of activating rare NE counties. See Oct QST for special event. Will begin Sat about 1400z (8:00 AM MDT, maybe lil later) and Sun about 1300z (0700 MDT)from Sandoz Museum, and about 1500z (9:00 AM MDT) at next QNI. Mornings will start on 40m and QSY to 30m, then 20m. Afternoons start on 20m. Routes are on county lines as follows:  

Sat: Duel/Garden, Cheyenne/Morrill, Kimball/Banner, Scotts Bluff/Sioux, ending with Box Butte/Dawes. Overnight in Chadron.                                  

Sun: Begin in Dawes county at Sandoz High Plains Museum. Then Sheridan/Grant, Hooker/Cherry, Thomas/Blaine, ending Loup/Custer. Drive home.

Will spot on W6RK as data connectivity is available.Timing during the trip may depend on wx, rain may preclude some gravel roads.

Have an NE150 special event QSL for those interested.

(posted 20 Sept) One Day Trip, Thursday Sept 21. Short trip to six North East Nebraska Counties: 3 county lines--Thurston/Wayne, Cedar/Knox, and Ponca/Dakota. Start about 1630z (11:30 AM CDT) with about an hour between venues. Starting on 40m and going to 20m. NE150 special event QSL cards available for QSOs on this trip.

(17 Sept) IQP. Was able to operate from four 2-county lines in the Iowa QP yesterday. FRE/PAG, TAY/RIN, UNI/ADM, and MTG/MIL. Only on CW, and only 40 and 20 meters. 40 turned out to be the best band. Dodged a few storms. See 3830scores for IQP for more info. Thanks to all who gave me a call. fje

(29 Aug) KSQP. Was able to visit most of the venues that I had scheduled for Sat, 26 Aug, in the KSQP. That included ROO/OSB, SHE/GRM, THO/SMN, CHY/RAW, and PHI/SMI. Had some trouble with my rig overheating, and missed DEC/NOR, sorry. But at the end of the day did get to op from JEW/REP for a few minutes. Then back to NE. Lot of driving, but kudos to the state of KS for great roads over that route! And good weather on Sat.

Was mostly on CW and only a few SSB QSOs. Was not self spotting and need to do that. Thanks to all who were patient with my CW fist. 

Thanks to Bob, W0BH, for inviting me to operate a 1x1, N0E, an appropriate call for someone from NE. You do a great job organizing the event Bob, thanks!!

I QSL 100% with SASE. Won't be on LoTW with N0E, so please drop me a line and I have a nice QSL in honor of the Nebraska Sesquicentennial this year. 


(KSQP. Updated 25 Aug) I will be operating as a rover (a rookie!) in the KS QSO Party on Saturday, 26 Aug. If everything goes according to plan, I will be making a run of county lines starting at Rook/Osborne going west to Goodland, then north to Cheyenne/Rawlins and working my way back east to mid state on county liines. Because I will be alone, a single operator/driver, the route is ambitious. Using Google maps to estimate driving times, will have to limit my on-air time to 30 mins or so in order to make and operate from the last C/L by 9 PM . Will do my best.

At the first stop (Rooks/Osborne), my hope is to start on 40m (both cw and ssb) and then QSY to 20m (both cw and ssb). After that I will have to limit my ops, probably to one band and probably 20m. But I will adjust for the best band ie the most QSOs.

At each venue will start on CW and QSY to ssb. For more info see www.ksqsoparty.org .

My rig is a Yaesu FT 897D, using MFJ hamstick antennas. Hope to CU on the bands this Sat.

Fred, KB0LF


(NEQP. Updated 1 Aug, Posted 9 July) The scores for the 2017 QSO Party are now posted, and certificates have been emailed. The final total for Out-Of-State entries was 51, thank you all. The overall winner Out-Of-State was John, N6MU, who successfully defended his title from last year. The overall winner In-State was Joe, W0DB. Other winners In-State were the Bellevue ARC for the club award, W0WYV, and Darren, K0SZ, in for the digital award. Thanks to all, CU next April.

(NEQP. Posted 1 May) Have received many NE QSO Party contest entries: 47 out-of-state logs by email and 3 by USPS; and 6 so far from NE stations. Thanks to all who have submitted a log. Many have submitted the log and a summary sheet, and I have sent an email confirmation to them. However, some have not submitted a summary sheet. I will be sending out an email to those folks with more info that I hope will simplify the summary sheet submission process.

Last year we had 26 out-of-state entries and so despite the poor propagation conditions at this time of the sunspot cycle, we have increased our participation. This is due in large part to having Bob, W0BH, operating as a rover on Sunday. Thanks again Bob. And had a DX entry from IZ3NVR, thanks Stefano.

The deadline for submitting a log is May 22. We hope to have scored the entries in the following week, and it is the plan to have the Chapter 25 QCWA Board meet the first week of June to confim and approve the results and awards.

Again thanks to all who participated. The NE QP is a small event in the grand scale of QPs, but there have been many folks who have participated and submitted logs over the last several years, and we especially enjoy having QSOs with those who have repeatedly been a part of our QP. GL and 73, Fred, KB0LF (op for the NE0QP CW rover).

(Posted 24 April) Made it to 9 counties yesterday in the NE QSO Party. Conditions better Sun than Sat. Thanks to Bob, W0BH, who operated mobile from the south central counties.

Here are some data in the format 'County(# of 40m QSOs, # of 20m QSOs; local time CDT)'. A '*' indicates did not try that band.

Cass(10, 0; 8AM), Otoe(19,*), Nemaha(17, *; 10AM), Richardson(19, *; 11AM), Pawnee (9, 10; 12:20), Johnson(8, 4; 1:30PM), Gage(12, 7), Jefferson(*, 2; 3:30 keying troubles), Saline(*, 6; 4:00), Gage Agn(*, 2; 5PM)

For me, 40m was very active all day until the late afternoon. And in the late afternoon 20m was strong to the west coast.

Thanks to all who participated. Please submit NE QP logs to KB0LF@windstream.net per the rules in www.qcwa.org/chapter025.htm .

(NEQP. Posted 22 April) Made it to 14 counties today. Mostly because there were not many QSOs! Awful conditions. Here are some data in the format 'County(# of 40m QSOs, # of 20m QSOs; local time CDT)'. Looks like I had 43 QSOs on 40m, and 32 QSOs on 20m. More than it seemed like.

Saunders(3,2;8AM), Butler(10,1), Seward(8,1), Polk(8,2), York(3,6; noon), Hamilton(2,6), Merrick(*,4), Nance(*,4),   Howard(*,1; abt 3:40 PM), Greeley(*,4), Boone(1,1;5PM), Platte(1,*), Colfax(3,*), Dodge(4,*; 8PM)

* means I did not go on that band believing it was not likely to produce many QSOs

Band conditions were bad. 40m best early, 20m best at noon or thereabouts, and 40m better late in the day.

(Posted 20 April) For my portable ops this weekend, at each county, I plan to QNI on the CH net freqs and then QSY down on that band. In the mornings I will QNI on 7.056.5 and then QSY lower on 40m (~7.042), and then after any QSOs on 40m, QNI on 14.056.5 and QSY lower on 20m (~14.042). In the afternoon I will QNI first on 20m, and may or may not QNI on 40m. Depends on how quickly the route goes.

Saturday I have 16 counties that I would like to get to, but not sure I can do that by the end of Saturday’s time limit for the NE QP. Will still continue to operate after the QP time limit 2000z (8pm local, CDT) but QSOs won’t count for the NE QP. CHs may appreciate those counties. On Sun will be less ambitious but will start at 1300z (8am CDT) from home (Cass) and work my way around the SE corner of NE.

(NEQP. Posted 12 April 2017) MOBILE OPS DURING NE QSO PARTY. Will be operating mobile/portable using the call NE0QP the weekend of the NE QSO Party, April 22/23. I will be operating from many counties in east central NE on Saturday, and all counties in southeast NE on Sunday. See www.qcwa.org/chapter025 for NE QP rules, and a more detailed itineray. Also see the NE0QP page on QRZ.com page for late changes or updates. Will be on 40m and 20m, all cw. May not be able to make to all counties on the proposed Sat list before the end of QP Sat, but will continue after the end of the QP for any County Hunters.

 (NEQP. Posted 6 March 2107). Also operated with the 1x1 Special Event call of N0A on Saturday morning, 4March, and Sunday afternoon, 5 March. Nice to meet so many people. Thanks to all. Again, Special Event QSLs are available for all contacts from KB0LF or N0A by mailing an SASE to me, KB0LF.  73.

(NE150 QP. Posted 6 March 2017)  Did operate from Bancroft, John Neihardt Center, Thursday evening on 20m and then 40m, cw. Many contacts on both bands, though the conditions on Fri morning were poor. Special Event QSLs are available for all contacts from KB0LF or N0A by mailing an SASE to me, KB0LF. Thanks again to all. 73.

(NE150 QP. Posted 2 March 2017) NEW PLANS FOR OPS FROM BANCROFT NE (NEIHARDT CENTER)--WILL BE TODAY AND TOMORROW. Slight change of plans. Will operate from Bancroft this afternoon and evening, 2 Mar, and in the morning tomorrow, 3 Mar. Will be on or near 7.040 or 14.040 most of the time. Was going to be in Bancroft only Fri, now Thrus and Fri. 73, Fred

 (NE150 QP. Posted 2 March 2017) OPS COMPLETED FROM ELMWOOD. Operated from the Aldrich House yesterday starting at about 1430z on 40m cw and moving to 20m cw about 1630z. QSOs were sparce for much of the day and so did not stay on one freq, tho was on or near 7.040 and 14.040 most of the time. Worked 18 states. Appreciate all who called, thanks. 73, Fred

(NE150 QP. Posted 1 March 2017). 150th ANNIVERSRY IS TODAY. The NE150 QSO Party that is going this week is in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Nebraska's entry to the Union. Today 1 March is the date of the anniversary that occurred in 1867. Happy Birthday Nebraska. 

(NE150 QP. Posted 1 March 2017) OPs COMPLETED FROM RED CLOUD. TODAY FROM ELMWOOD.  Operated from the 600 acre Willa Cather Prairie on Monday, 27 Feb. A beautiful sunrise in the remote prairie south of Red Cloud and just 100's of feet north of the Kansas border. Was on 40m with an MFJ hamstick, and on 20m with a HB Gnd Mounted Vertical; all on CW  Not too many US QSOs but 20m dx was good, QSOs with England, Finland, Canary Islands, Belarus, and the So Pacific (Austral Isls) in the morning , and Finland, Brazil, and Japan in the afternoon. Thanks to all. Today will be on from the Aldrich House in Elmwood. 40m early (8am+) and 20m later. Again cw. Look for me about 40 kHz above the bottom of the band. 73.

(NE150 QP. Posted 15 Feb 2017) REMOTE OPS FROM NEBRASKA AUTHOR/WRITER HISTORICAL VENUES. I will be participating in the NE150 QSO Party and will be honoring three of Nebraska's authors/writers who wrote about the pioneering/homestead era: Willa Cather, Bess Streeter Aldrich, and John Neihardt. I will be operating from the museums/centers as KB0LF/NE150 as follows: from Red Cloud (Cather) on Monday Feb 27, from Elmwood (Aldrich) on Wednesday 1 March, and from Bancroft (Neihardt) on [see above: NOW THURSDAY AND FRIDAY]. County hunters will be interested in Red Cloud (Webster County). I will QSL with NE150 special event cards if I receive an SASE. Watch this site for more information, and Facebook 'NE150hams' for real time operating info such as band/modes. I will be mostly on CW.


Below is some information on the three authors that I will be honoring by operating from venues of some historical note to these authors.




Bess Streeter Aldrich, Elmwood, NE


Bess Streeter was born to a homesteading family in Iowa, married, and came to Elmwood, NE, in her twenties. Sadly, shortly after she settled in Elmwood, her husband died suddenly and Mrs Aldrich was left to raise a family. She did this in part by using a talent that she had been developing--writing fiction. Stories of struggles over great odds and family life are common themes in her stories, often reflecting the integrity that she found in the small Nebraska town that she loved and continued to live in for most of her life. In one of her more popular stories, "A Lantern in Her Hand", she develops these ideas for a woman who grows up in Eastern Iowa and moves to Nebraska.


You can explore a little more about this author on the website of the Aldrich Foundation at www.BessStreeterAldrich.org , especially the BookList link and the short descriptions of her stories that are accessible via a link connected to each entry.


John Neihardt, Bancroft, NE


John Neihardt lived some of his early life in rural Kansas. He showed an ability to write poetry at an early age, and like other Nebraska writers (Mari Sandoz for example) developed friendships and an appreciation for the lives and plights of Native Americans. One of his best known works is "Black Elk Speaks" in which an Oglala Sioux holy man shared in detail his religious views and beliefs. This is perhaps the most comprehensive documentation by a white man of one Native American tribe's religious views. Dick Cavett in his well known interviews explored this with Mr Neihardt (see Nebraska Educational TV, NET). A life long work in an epic poetry style "A Cycle of the West" deals with various aspects of the huge migration of Europeans into the West that occurred in the 1800's.


You can explore more about this author on the website of the State Historical Venue honoring John Neihardt at www.NeihardtCenter.org .


Willa Cather, Red Cloud, NE


Willa Cather and her family moved to south-central Nebraska when she was a young girl. The family remained in Red Cloud, even after their children grew up and left for careers of their own. Cather enrolled as student at the University of Nebraska, with plans to become a doctor; she excelled at science. With the help of Cather's English professor, a local newspaper published her essay on Carlyle, which was Cather's first publication. She soon found that writing was a stronge interest; she became the editor of the University publication, The Hesperian. She followed this with a career as a journalist, an editor, a teacher, and finally a novelist. The story One of Ours (1922) won a Pulitzer Prize. Other well-known stories are My Ántonia and O Pioneers!. Among other things, Cather's stories describe the close connection that pioneers and homesteaders developed with the Great Plains and its grasslands.


You can explore a little more about this author on the Willa Cather Foundation website at www.WillaCather.org , and look for example at the virtual tour of some of the 1800's historical buildings maintained by the Foundation in Red Cloud.




(Updated 14 Feb 2017/Originally Posted 6 Jan 2017). NE150 CELEBRATION.  The celebration of Nebraska's 150th anniversary of statehood is underway. Special Event station W0N has been active since 1 Jan and will be active through the celebration week, Feb 25 to Mar 5. Look for current operations for W0N and others on Facebook at 'NE150hams'. A special event QSO Party is being planned for the celebration week, and information can found at www.NE150hams.org including some planned NE150 operations. Look for stations signing [call] /NE150. Special event QSLs are available free to Nebraska hams, and an initial distribution to NE stations is underway. To receive a special event QSL for a QSO with a NE station, please send an SASE to the NE station. For questions, please email info@NE150hams.org 73, Fred

(Posted 1 Jan 2017, about 18:51 cst)  K0A OPERATION. Operated as K0A several times today, all CW. In the AM starting at 0025 cst, had QSOs on 160, 80, and 40. Later in the morning 0800 cst, and later in the day 1400 cst, was on 20m cw. Will be on 160, 80 and 40 tmrw in the AM (abt 0600+ cst), and some 20m. Tomorrow in the afternoon, about 1400 cst will be on 20m. All cw. 

 (Posted 30 Dec 2016) K0A/150 OPS FROM HOME QTH. 1 Jan: plan to be on early (abt 0630z) on 7.040+, and later (abt 2000z) on 14.060+. 2 Jan: early (abt 1400z) abt 7.040+, and later (abt 2000z) on 14.060+. See below for more info. Will spot on DX summit.

(Posted 24 Dec 2016) NE150 OPERATION.  Will operate as K0A starting 1 Jan 2017 in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Nebraska's Statehood. Will be operating from my home QTH. There will be more special event operations in honor of this anniversary, see www.NE150hams.org for amateur radio information and www.ne150.org for general information on celebrations in 2017. The main event for NE amateurs will be a Celebration Week QSO Party from Feb 25 to Mar 5, 2017. There will be special QSL cards in honor of the anniversary. If you would like to receive a special QSL card for your QSO with me, please send an SASE to my address provided elsewhere on this page.

(Posted 24 Dec 2016) Activated several NE counties Sat, 8 Oct, started about 1300z (0800 CDT). Trip began in Cass county, and I operated from Saunders, Butler, Saline, Gage, Pawnee, Johnson, Nemaha, and Cass in that order. Was on 20m CW most of the time, and spotted on W6RK when my mobile phone had connectivity. Contact info: fred2491@windstream.net .

(Posted Fri, 30 Sept 2016). I plan to operate tomorrow (Sat, Oct 1st)  from the Scribner Airport in Scribner, NE from about 10:30 to 12:30 CDT. Chapter 17 of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) is hosting an UltraLite Fly-In, weather (ie winds) permitting. I will be running 50w and will start on 20m CW at about 14.050 MHz, will be calling CW ULTRALITE. Conditions permitting, I may QSY to 20m SSB (14.250+). The title picture above is Bob Furr, one of the hosts for the event, in his Starflight 280. BTW, Bob and his wife Lucy are great square dancers! I will be happy to QSL, an SASE please.

(Posted Sun, 0730 AM cdt, 17  April 2016) Operated from 10 counties yesterday as NE0QP. Very heavy rain and wind limited band changes since I have to change antennas on SUV. Mostly on 20m, freq commonly 14.042 and 14.044. I check into CHN on 20m. Cell not working so any spots would be appreciated. Today starting at 9AM cdt as NE0QP will run Hall, Hamilton, Howard, Sherman, Merrick. Sherman, Nance, and Polk. If time Butler, Colfax, Dodge, and Washington. May finish after QSO as KB0LF. Rain and t-storms predicted today. GL

(Posted Sat AM, 0550 CDT, 16 April 2016) Got 10 counties activated yesterday, Chase at end of day in a T-storm hi hi. My cell is not accessing web so won't be able to self spot on ch.w6rk.com. Any help spotting would be appreciated. Will endeaver to operate Hitchcock, Hays, Chase, Dundy, Chase again, Perkins, Keith, Arthur, McPherson, and Lincoln in that order today. Will start about 9AM CDT. Will check into 20m CHN when I can. Will mostly operate about 14.040 to 14.045. Will be using NE0QP from the start of the NE 0QP, ie 9AM and after, and otherwise KB0LF. GL

(Posted Friday AM, 0600CDT, 15 April 2016). Expect to depart soon for a run through south central and south west NE counties, and be on the air from NE JEFF about 9AM. Will start on 7.056.5 and QSY to 14.056.5. Will spot on ch.w6rk.com.

(Posted Sunday, 10 April 2016) Next weekend, I will be operating portable/mobile over three days as a part of the NE QSO Party. Most ops on 20m CW. The following are the counties that I hope to be operating from:

Using Call KB0LF. On Friday, 15th April, prior to the QSO Party, I will be operating from the following counties (mostly on 20 CW): Jefferson, Thayer, Fillmore, Nuckolls, Clay, Webster, Harlan, Gosper, and Red Willow. Operation is expected to start at about 8:30 AM from Jefferson and proceed westward. Will check in on CHN 14.056.5.

Using Call NE0QP. Saturday 16th April. Estimated times in CDT.  Mostly 20m CW. Counties will include Hitchcock 9 AM, Dundy, Chase, Keith (Ogallala) 12 Noon, Arthur, McPherson, Lincoln (North Platte), Dawson, Buffalo, and Hall (Grand Island) 7-8 PM.

Using Call NE0QP. Sunday 17th April. Estimated times in CDT. Mostly 20m CW. Counties will include Merrick (Central City) 9AM, Hamilton, Nance, Polk 12 noon, Butler (David City), Saunders (Wahoo), Dodge, and Washington 5-6 PM.

For current spots during these ops, please watch the W6RK county hunter’s spotting site at http://ch.w6rk.com . For information on the NE QSO Party please see www.qcwa.org/chapter025.htm . 73

(Fri 18 Feb) Operated CW in the NPOTA on Wed, Feb 17, starting about noon (CST) from Ft Kearney, NE, Oregon Trail TR07. Was 20m near 14.060 and had 78 qsos. Was on 40m about 7.045 for 10-15 minutes but little activity; thnx to K0TRL and W0YJT for my only qsos on 40m. The log was uploaded to LoTW this morning. See attached photo.



(Sat 13 Feb) Operated CW on 14.061 MHz today for about two hours from TR08. My operation was from the parking lot of the Mormon Winter Quarters in north Omaha. See next photo. Ran the same rig as for previous activations, about 50w and an MFJ hamstick antenna mounted on roof ot the SUV. Had 90 QSOs in about 2 hrs. Condx were reasonable but not great. Thanks to all for digging out my peanut whistle hi. The log has been uploaded to LoTW.


(Friday 5 Feb 2016, TR14) On Friday, 5 Feb, I operated for about 1.5 hrs from the Saunders County Museum in Wahoo, NE. This is a site that the Park Service identifies as a place to see if you follow the California Trail in Eastern Nebraska. The roads were open after the Blizzard on Tuesday, and there was a lite snow during the day. See next pix of the Museum sign and KB0LF SUV. The log was uploaded to LoTW Friday evening. Thanks to all.


(Sun 31 Jan 2016) Log has been uploaded to LoTW from yesterday's NPOTA ops at the Pony Express Stables in St Joseph, MO. TR15. QSB on 20m sometimes bad at this end. Thanks all.

(Sun 10 Jan 2016, 8 PM CST) The log has been uploaded to LoTW and has been processed.

(Sun 10 Jan 2016) Did get on the air at Homestead NM a little earlier than expected yesterday, and got a good hour or so in before the NA QSO Party overwhelmed the band. Thanks to all who called. I have my ADIF file prepared for upload to LoTW. I have a new LoTW certificate that I need to load, but if there are no glitches I should have the log uploaded to LoTW by the end of the day today. Thanks again to all who called.

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