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First Licensed back in 1969,  And as my life as a teenager was moving on at the time I too moved on doing much that life offered . So I , joined the U.S.AIR FORCE in the early 70's and while serveing for the first years I earnt my EE degree and majored in RF Electromagnetics Ground  and Air. And served 21 Fantastic Years in several cross trained careerfields. I have been to 54 countries and all 50 states. I served my country with 2 Wars and 2 Conflicts, and 4 U.N. Mission Supports. Retired from USAF and fullfilling a life time dream of a Hobby Farm .In which I did from Turkeys/Geese/Chickens/Ducks/Ginee Hens and 2 hunting dogs and one dog now.and few cats and cant forget a few goats too. And setting up the the best largest Ham station. Ive ever dreamed about with  many antennas for each thing I wanted to accomplish in the Hobby. Now with 3 kids grown and 4 step children all on their own. I also have 12 grandchildren in the family.  In the recent years my interest followed back in the Radio World as a Experimenter in Communications Engineering with links in my past as a Air / Ground RF Field Engineer (CIG) Communication Installations with Maintaining(EIS) and Aircraft Technical Systems Advisor, Supervisor for Flight Control and Landing Gear Systems /Crash & Recovery Team and Phase Inspections Team (OMS,FMS,AGS,EMS). Supervisor in Electronic Component Installation/Field Repair and Broadcasting setup/ Troubleshooting skills in Electronic Repair/ RF Communications Engineering (EIS), Emergency Preparedness along with IED Recovery with First Responder. Certified in Survival Skills for Desert / Mountain / Cold Climate and Civil Defense Fire Fighting and Sailing with Navigation Rescue,  And being first ever of  my family to obtain the Electrical Engineering Degree/while specailizeing in RF/EME Engineering Career, and haveing a successful career of 40 years plus in RF Communications. Been NAUI Certified since 1972 as Scuba Diver . Certificate from Coast Guard for Sailing Skills and Navigation. Certificate as Electrician, Professional Commercail Graphic/Artist in Photography, Certificate in Sciences / Art. And recently a Certificate in Soap an Oils makeing. CERT certifide and Emergency prepareness most all classes availible has been completed .And coarses from REACT /ARRL and FEMA web page.And classes offered by State / Federal government levels.

I developed a Amateur Radio Related -High Altitude Research Balloon Project First in Maine being Called EOSRED (EDGE OF SPACE with RESEARCH, EXPERIMENTING and  DEVELOPEMENT's) for many other projects  in my hobby .

Any one who has known me for any part of 45 years of such.  Knows I was a dedicated collector of D-104 Microphones (lollipop style).With the time and oppitunitys I had for the past 20 years. I traveled this country and while on vacations  I searched for everyone of those microphones in a specail series set pairs and specail issues, circuit changes and  anniversary of that types and a few well done  remake by individauls that be nice for a collection professionaly done and looking . And so I work hard over many years I could to make my collection outstanding above all others which I did. There was only 15 of us in america that collect theses in the same way I did.In serial Numbers and  during  that time.Most collectors now dont put dont put in the extra specail effect to know each one and history and write notes on each in details I did. So in the near future I may produce a book about them with pictures and information on each and modifications  from circuits of each and lot more. So recently, I had completed in collecting these in my life . And so reaching the goal in collecting in pairs and of each style and modification factory made from the first ones to the ending production over 300 each total of D-104 microphones . And so now I choose to Donate to a selected museums across America as to keep the sequence together. Knowing no one in my family nor friends would keep the collection as I did.(Except sell them for cash)When I  pass on someday. So I decided I rather have others to enjoy for many years to come. As I did in my radio room of selves and cases loaded with them.

 Also being a professional RF Engineer with 45 years experience. I have notes of every type of antenna Ive touched and built and designed and modifide with all and each smith  chart and final figurings and facts. I do have  over 10 milk crates with file folders that is another book .I currently working on also.

I enjoy Hunting, Fishing , Hiking, Backpacking, Boating, Kayaking, Fine Art, Photography, Abstract painting,Sailing, Scuba Diving, Gold Panning, Model Rocketry, U-Control Aircraft, Drome flying, US Stamp Collector, Dutch Oven cook ,Maple sryup Makeing and Honey . Musician of various instruments, Old Classic Country and Symphonic Metal lover, 4 Season Camper, Woodworking, Skier, Snowshoeing, Chess, Cribbage, Golf, Bourbon and Wine Tasting events and soap makeing and oils while canning each year for household supplies, Opera, Art, Theater, Vegas Nite shows, Toast Masters, Traveling around local state and across the USA. I've been to 54 overseas countries so im done with that. Enjoy Driving, Sight Seeing , QSL Card Collector.  I am a Member of Son's Of Liberty Brotherhood,  ARRL Royal Order of the WOUFF-HONG, VFW, AMVETS, DAV, AMERICAN LEGION,and a  MASON with Scottish Rights and Templar.

 SKYWARN#AN60,CWOP#AS083 ARLS #1105, SPAR #178, NAQCC#0583, SKCC#3833, SMIRK#6563,ECHOLINK Nodes #423344/#179484 , IRESC #278173 and OMISS #6911 . D-Star , DMR # 31233152 / 31233129.

Past call signs but not limited to earlier ones but recent Kb1kar, Kb1ukx,K5lwt,Present: W1LWT and Group call: K1AOM

Past President /Member of Yankee Amatuer Radio Club in Maine .

Past/Present President and Organizer for  Mid Maine REACT/ CERT Team  .

Past member of Augusta Radio Club

Past member of the Portland Amateur Club

Member and President of Mid-Maine Radio Group

Head Researcher/Designer/Organizer for EOSRED and its specail Events

Member and Trustee of Mid-Maine Wireless Society

Member of the Clay Center Amateur Radio Club of Brookline, Mass..

 From 2009 to present Trustee/Group Leader and Event Coordinator in K1AOM.

 Since 2007, the first to support and organize from the beginning all Winter Field Day Events in Maine.

 Since 2010, I have been the first Planner /Organizer for Local American Legion Post 158 for ( K9TAL- HQ events) in Maine.

2017 Elected as Vice President in the ANDY Club  (aka: Androscoggin Radio Club)

 AUG 4th 2017. Fulfilled a Life time Dream sence 1969 to visit and operate the radio at W1AW  at ARRL HQ in  Conn..And I did and it was great accomplishment. I did made a few contacts with some Boy scouts camping in PA. and while working  40m on 7.268.

Oct 2017,I handed a Certificate of  QSL contact to the owner of The Red Barn resteraunt in Augusta ,Maine Issued by HQ of American Legion Radio Club (k9tal) for a specail event of Veterans Day2016 . And a specail thank you for everything she does. Laura is the owner plus  she helps many Veterans in Maine includeing the local community.

NCS/NTS for several Live Nets in Maine for over 20 years as Past / Present as for the  DIGITAL 101, SSTV , 88NET ,ELMOR NET, ECOMM VHF/UHF NET, ECOLINK NET on 146.46 and 147.555 ,MID-MAINE REACT NET.

Each day I'm OTA at QTH or Portable with IRLP, VOIP, Echolink, D-STAR,APRS, WX, and other individaul Modes in the Digital World of ATV, APRS, SsTV, PSK31, JT65, D-Star, DMR . Also, most all Digital Modes in HF /VHF/UHF and others available.

APRS you can Find me most anytime OTA . Under the group call of K1AOM or my call.

Echolink on alot because I Like it and its fun.

My Echolink RF link of over 15 years in Mid Maine Area is 147.555 and 147.42. and also on 220 ,440 freqs .I have the largest coverage area in Mid-Maine and switchable on demand.By codes I use remotely, and also a direct link to Utah at another remote location I have. and in the process of another in Idaho, Nevada in near future.Connected all together 24/7.By remote internet connection.

Dstar Im on most all times find me on local RF 146.46  or REF 50.

Also DMR radio is on Monitoring -Maine Statewide.

HF I mostly hang out on 14.300 and than when I have time through out the day when Im takeing a break I'll spin the dial if the conditions is good for skip.To make contacts

 DMR is not LIKE ECHOLINK! It's different in many of its own ways to operate...as to D-Star and Fusion and others, each has its own characteristics as not like each other. None is related to either Mode.

I am a  collector of radio equipment. Some of my items is 2 ea, IC7200, 1ea FT450, 1ea FT991, 4ea Ic-706 ,4ea. IC718, 2ea. FT-897, 2 ea FT-857, 2 ea FT-817, and IC-735 modified for 630 Mhz and 4 each DR-235,TM-71A and D-700 and D-710,MFJ-2/6/10/20/40/80M phone radios , and with a collection of many,1.2 G ,2.4G radios and 10 G transverters with multiple other UHF gig stuff. And  a few Multi band ATV Transmitters, Jetstream power supplies and solar power for radios and other items in the QTH. And a fine collection 24 or more walkies talkies from ic8, ic80, and 4 TYT MD-380vhf , 2ea MD380 uhf, Alincos and Yeasu and Kenwood d-72 ,d-74, Wouxon and Baofengs many more. Hey, if one breaks I always got a back up. I buy in pairs and most everythingAnd they look great on my display desk when chargeing and not in use.several of a few Amps for 400 watts/600 watts and 1200.For UHF/VHF I have several 35 watt amps and 75/150/300 amps and a couple ATV amps for 440Mhz

Collector of Antennas. 5 ea.5-BTV,    6m-160m G5RV,  OCF WINDOM 2m-160m, and 2-80m, COBRA SR. 10m-160m, 3 element Tribander Beam, 8ea. 1.2 thru 10 g Modified dishes, 6 m 5 el-Beam and 2 Ea. 2m-17 el-QUAGI's, 2 ea. 35 el-1.2g beams, 3 ea Tribander VHF/UHF vert, 2 ea 2m 5 El-QUADs,and recent new antenna is 550 foot each leg for a 630Mhz and a selection of many other numerous Antennas and Equipment. I've been collecting for over 40 years.   

I have 12 Dishes for Bands 440m and up to 147 G size's 1ft Diameter to 24ft in size.  ,

When I travel or Go portable or even EComm with either choice, in each of my kits, ready to go on the fly, I have  FT-817/897/857 ,and or IC-706/718/7200.  Each with a IDG Autotuner, and with a Mfj manual tuners and 4:1,9:1 baluns and random length wire for EF (endfed's) or Buddistick/Buddipole or MFJ Big Stick or MFJ Big Ear. Each kit is packed in its own large box's or a Duffle bag. doesn't matter what you grab of sequence of A/B/C/D item's it all equals a kit. So with all that said- sence I got several kits ready , completed and all that is needed for most all situations in Communications.

No, I don't lend ANYTHING of Ham stuff out. oh yes Ive been asked too many times..........


Jan - Winter Field Day in Maine (HOST in MAINE)

Feb - Augusta HamFest

March - American Legion birthday month  (HOST)Post 153

March-  Maine State Convention

April/May- Nearfest in NH (volunteer)

May - Ohio, Hamfest

June -Hermon, Maine, Hamfest

June - ARRL Field Day  ( HOST)

July - American Legion for 4th (HOST)Post153

July-  Portable station set ups unknown where, until I'm OTA.

Aug - Lot more Portable set ups unknown places until I'm OTA

Sept - Winslow, Maine Hamfest.

Oct - Nearfest in NH (Volunteer)

Nov - American Legion for Veterans Day.     (HOST)

Dec - Light House weekend

MY DREAM IS TO SHARE THE SPIRIT and Excitement of AMATEUR RADIO in a POSITIVE MANNER. Share my knowledge to it's fullest and keep it FUN. Amateur Radio to me is to invent and experiment with everything available to use with Radio's / Electronics/Internet / Cell Phones and with anything you can imagine. While Keeping it BASIC / Simple for ALL to enjoy and Nit pickiness is Not Needed. Using all available technology that we have while using our PC's to discover the World and Operate all Modes and Frequency's and Communications. Pass on the knowledge to others about our Hobby we have as HAMS and how it may be added to BASICALLY anything we do, and show BASIC EmPreparedness to help develop young and old attitude's to be Prepared and Ready for most situations that may arise.( www.Ready.gov).

My mentor from long ago (SK) now . Mr Lineman , Always said to me from his Quote

"If you have the power, use the power; don't let other operator's on the other end of your qso suffer  by asking to repeat the same darn thing over and over .........just enjoy your hobby with chargeing up the sky with Electromagnetic  Energy".

HEY! Check out the www.Youtube.com   ( w1lwt1) and  the Web page www.w1lwt.com and the Yahoo Groups:   K1AOM

Also, take a look at  Facebook Groups under  K1AOM,

NOTE :  I love QSL cards By Emails with attach QSL card by useing JPG  or  send QSL cards by USPS or threw  the buro.And for  Adventures of Maine: K1AOM, Mid-Maine Radio , Mid-Maine Wireless Society  I only use the logger program on  www.QRZ.com  or My paper log book.




TO OUR SOLDIERS- IN HARM's WAY- Across the World. KICK ASS and let All the Cowards Cry and Weep from Here to There!!!!!. You're keeping Our Country safe and Other's Across the World and it's Nation's. We will Welcome you home as Freedom Fighters for all. THANK YOU for your Dedication of Service BE PROUD--BE BRAVE--IN GOD WE TRUST .

SCAMMER WARNING!: I have nothing for sale on any internet forum.



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