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If you see WD9EWK on passes of orbiting digipeaters (ISS, NO-84, FalconSat-3), this is NOT an unattended beacon. I use my TH-D72A or TH-D74A HT to work these passes, and make exchanges with other stations using APRS messaging.  If you wish to work me via these satellites, please use APRS messaging, and don't just type free-form text in your program and send that to me.

Even from a simple terminal program, you can send text in the APRS message format that I will see on my TH-D72A or TH-D74A. The text would be entered in this format:

:WD9EWK :(type your short message after the second colon)

Type a colon, my WD9EWK call that you see from the ISS/NO-84/FalconSat-3, followed by a space and colon, and then your text. Otherwise, I may only see your call on my screen, but not any text. If I don't see anything more than your call on my HT's display, I can't consider that a QSO. I will probably send a very short line of text as a reply, maybe not much more than my grid locator and state, since I am using the HT's keypad to type out my messages to other stations.

APRS messages are stored on the HT, so I can retrieve them later and update my logbook.


WD9EWK will represent AMSAT at these upcoming events:

  • Friday and Saturday, 16-17 February 2018 - Yuma Hamfest, in Yuma AZ (grid DM22)
  • Saturday, 17 March 2018 - Scottsdale Springfest hamfest, in Scottsdale AZ (grid DM43)

During these events, there may be on-air demonstrations of satellite operating. Please look for WD9EWK on the satellites, and be a part of these events. All QSOs made during these demonstrations as WD9EWK are uploaded to ARRL's Logbook of the World, and QSL cards are available on request for QSOs with WD9EWK (please e-mail me with QSO details - no need to first send me your card or SASE). QSOs made using other call signs at these events are confirmed according to the organization's QSL policies.



Twitter feed (@WD9EWK): https://twitter.com/WD9EWK

APRS tracking: http://aprs.fi/WD9EWK-9 (active while traveling)

YouTube videos: http://www.youtube.com/va7ewk

Dropbox for file storage: http://dropbox.wd9ewk.net/


WD9EWK (and VA7EWK) via satellite

If you are looking for my location after working me via satellite, please do NOT rely on the latitude/longitude or grid locator listed on here. I typically work satellites with portable equipment, and I may or may not be in the location listed here. I will announce my grid locator or locators to 4 characters (i.e. DM43) during satellite contacts, and you are welcome to e-mail me if you want a more specific description of my location during our contact (i.e., grid locator or locators to 6 characters, city/state, and/or latitude/longitude).

The latitude/longitude in my QRZ.com entry is actually for grids DM33xp and DM43ap, on the boundary between those grids (112 degrees West longitude). This is in a Phoenix city park that I used as my "home QTH" when working satellites for many years. From that city park and other locations in and around the metropolitan Phoenix area, I have confirmed satellite QSOs with all 50 US states, about a dozen other DXCC entities around the Americas, and 526 different grid locators.

Grids confirmed by WD9EWK via satellite

I operate satellites in FM and SSB, and sometimes in CW and packet, using portable or QRP equipment. After many years of living in locations with antenna restrictions, I have been able to work satellites with my portable gear as well as many with a proper home satellite ground station.

I have worked satellites from 102 different grids in 19 US states (AZ, CA, CT, DE, FL, IA, IL, IN, KY, MD, ME, MI, NM, NV, OH, TX, UT, WA, WI), Washington DC, Canada (British Columbia and Ontario), Mexico (Baja California), and Australia (New South Wales and Victoria). The map below shows the grid locators I have transmitted from, in all of these countries, since I started working the satellites.

Grids activated by WD9EWK and VA7EWK via satellite, as of 5 November 2017


This includes satellite operations from every grid and county in Arizona, many grid boundaries, four US state boundaries:

and one international boundary:

  • Canada/USA - on 8 July 2010, west of the Peace Arch, south of Vancouver. I stood in Washington state and British Columbia and operated as WD9EWK and VA7EWK from this location (grid CN89oa). Double-sided QSL cards were issued for contacts made at this unique location, with one side for each country and state/province.

If anyone wishes to make a satellite QSO with WD9EWK from the Phoenix park on the DM33/DM43 grid boundary, or from one of two other grid boundaries near the Phoenix area (DM32/DM42 south of Phoenix, or DM34/DM44 north of Phoenix), please e-mail me so we can make those plans happen.


Amateur radio operation from Mexico, by non-Mexican hams

Looking for information on obtaining a Mexican amateur permit? http://xe-permit.wd9ewk.net/

NOTE! There have been reports that the new regulatory agency for amateur licensing in Mexico, the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT or IFETEL), has not been issuing new permits for foreign hams wishing to operate in Mexico. Be warned!


Current callsigns

  • WD9EWK (USA, originally held May 1977-March 1978, reclaimed in June 1996)
  • VA7EWK (Canada, since April 2002).

Former USA callsigns

  • WB7VUT (March 1978-May 1979)
  • KB7HFF (March-May 1989)
  • N7MRV (May-December 1989)
  • KF7YS (December 1989-June 1996)
  • W9K (August 2002)

Callsigns used from Canada on past trips

  • WD9EWK/VE7 (April 2002, from North Vancouver BC)
  • CF7EWK/3 (21-22 May 2017, from locations between Windsor and London ON)
  • CF7EWK (22 May 2017, two ISS passes from locations in/near London ON)
  • CJ7EWK/3 (October 2002, from Toronto ON)
  • CJ7EWK (November 2008, from Burnaby BC)
  • VA7EWK (July 2010, from many locations on Vancouver Island and the British Columbia "Lower Mainland")
  • VA7EWK/3 (May 2014, from Tilbury ON; October 2015, from locations near Sarnia and Goderich ON)

I also operated from Argentina as LU/WD9EWK in April 2004, from Mexico as XE2/WD9EWK during many trips between 2000 and 2010, and from Australia in May 2011 as VK/WD9EWK.


QSLs for contacts with WD9EWK, VA7EWK, etc.

I am the QSL manager for any activity related to my callsigns WD9EWK and VA7EWK, including the following:

  • All my trips to Mexico since 2000 as XE2/WD9EWK
  • All of my radio activity from Canada, using the call signs listed above
  • The special USA callsign W9K (15-27 August 2002 only!)
  • LU/WD9EWK (April 2004)
  • VK/WD9EWK (May 2011)

If you work me, I will be happy to QSL our contact(s), direct or (for DX QSOs) through the QSL bureau. An SASE or SAE with either a green stamp or new unexpired IRC would be great, but not mandatory. NO eQSL.cc!

I am participating in the ARRL Logbook of the World (LOTW) system. I have registered my personal callsigns and obtained the digital certificates for LOTW. All of my QSOs under my personal call signs since 1996 (except for Field Day QSOs on HF bands), along with those I made as W9K in August 2002, have been uploaded to LOTW. I do not have my logs from before 1996, and need to make time to enter the HF QSOs from the Field Days I have participated in since 2000.

Please note that I do not add anything to my WD9EWK call sign for satellite operations from the continental USA. In other words, no WD9EWK/7 or WD9EWK/p when working satellites. I'm already identifying the grid locator(s) I am in, and will announce my location periodically. If I operate from a US state or territory away from the continental USA (or from another country under the terms of CEPT T/R 61-01, IARP, or other arrangements), I will add the appropriate indicator to show which state/territory (and DXCC entity) I am operating from.

Notes for LOTW QSOs with WD9EWK/VA7EWK on boundaries (grids, counties, states, or international)

If you worked WD9EWK or VA7EWK via satellite on a grid boundary within the same county and state/province, my QSOs were uploaded to ARRL's Logbook of the World (LOTW) using station locations that contain the 2 or 4 grids my station occupied. You only need to upload one QSO record for our QSO to receive confirmation for those 2 or 4 grids.

If you worked me while I was on a county or state boundary, I uploaded two (or, for the Indiana/Michigan/Ohio border tripoint, three) QSO records to LOTW to represent that QSO - one from each side of the county or state boundary, with all QSO data identical except for the QSO time. Each record will have the QSO time separated by one minute, so LOTW will be able to process both QSO records without having the second QSO record replace the first QSO record in the database. If you wish to have an LOTW confirmation of each county or state I was in, please upload two QSOs with my call sign, and make sure the QSO times differ by at least one minute for each of your QSO records. For contacts made with WD9EWK at the Indiana/Michigan/Ohio border tripoint on 15 October 2015, upload 3 QSO records, each separated by at least one minute, to get confirmation for each state.

For my QSOs on the Canada/USA border (grid CN89oa) on 8 July 2010, I uploaded two QSO records for each QSO I logged - one as WD9EWK in Whatcom County, Washington (USA); and the other as VA7EWK in British Columbia (Canada). Since I used different callsigns for each side of the international border, all other data for the LOTW QSO records are identical. LOTW properly handles multiple QSO records with the same QSO date and time, as long as the worked callsigns are different in each QSO record.



In addition to my own radio activity, I am the QSL manager for the following call signs:

4A2Q (May 2003 only!), LU5EVK (also L20E), LU6KK (was also L99K in contests), LU7JA (also LR1J), W7O (special event in November 2014), XE2BSS (also N2IX, ex-KG6OJZ), and XE2VAS (also N2IY)

For all of these, cards are OK if sent directly to me or through the QSL bureau. If you send me a QSL card direct for any of the stations I manage (calls other than WD9EWK, VA7EWK, or anything else related to either of those calls), please include an SASE with proper US postage, or an SAE with either 1 US dollar or 1 unexpired IRC! If you send an SASE with the proper postage rate, there's no need to also send an IRC or other contribution. I am fully aware that the US airmail rate is now US$ 1.15, but I don't feel like asking for US$ 2 when the rate is not much more than US$ 1. More QSL-related information is available at: http://qsl.wd9ewk.net/

NO OLD IRCs!!!!!!! QSL requests with old IRCs = your QSL sent via bureau.

I do not upload logs to Logbook of the World, eQSL.cc, etc. for the stations whose QSL cards I manage. Some of these operators participate in those services, and upload their logs themselves.


My mailing address

Even after 8 years since I last changed my postal address, I continue to receive reports of mail sent to me being returned by the post office. This has been due to some database or QSL-related list having one of two old addresses for me. When I received my current PO box in September 2008, I promptly changed my address on file with the FCC, which changed the address here on QRZ.com. I also changed the address listed on my http://qsl.wd9ewk.net/ web page at that time. If you tried mailing me a QSL request to either PO Box 9283 or 4031 E. Aster Drive since September 2008, the information you used was inaccurate. I have no control over the retention of inaccurate information by other sources. If you have experienced this, please contact the source of your information and advise them it was incorrect.


WD9EWK maildrop

I am also acting as a maildrop for Rafael XE2RV (ex-XE2PWF, 6I2PWF, 6I2RV), Omar XE1AO, Eliseo XE2TPJ, and David XE3DX. I am not the QSL manager for these stations; I only forward the QSL cards I receive to them and they will answer those requests.

Please do NOT send me an SASE with US postage for cards going to these hams. US postage is not valid in Mexico. A US dollar bill is sufficient for return postage from Mexico to the USA, or a new IRC. You run the risk of not receiving a card from these stations if there is no provision for return postage usable from Mexico.


I have dabbled with all sorts of modes on HF (SSB, CW, PSK31, RTTY, AMTOR, PacTOR, HF packet, 10m FM) and VHF/UHF (SSB, FM, operating through amateur satellites and the ISS). I'm still enjoying this hobby. Hablo, comprendo, y leo un poco de espanol.

I have been an AMSAT Area Coordinator (a volunteer, representing AMSAT at hamfests and other ham-related events) since 2006, and continue to serve AMSAT in that role. I was an alternate member of AMSAT's Board of Directors between 2011 and 2013, and have served AMSAT in other appointments over the past 10 years.


Photo: My portable all-mode satellite station, sitting on/next to my rental car (a 2011 Ford Falcon XR6), parked along Richmond Road north of the Westlink M7 motorway in Oakhurst, New South Wales, Australia, on 28 May 2011. At this location west of Sydney, I (as VK/WD9EWK) worked Mal VK2MAL and Brett VK1AMG on the FO-29 satellite. A video slideshow, with more photos from here and the satellite audio, is available on YouTube.

On the trunk/boot of the car is a magnet-mount 2m/70cm antenna, which I used with my Kenwood TH-D72A 2m/70cm HT to transmit my location to the APRS network as I drove around Sydney and out to the Blue Mountains on this day. I also used the TH-D72A to transmit to the APRS network as I drove around Melbourne earlier in this trip, and briefly on a 70cm FM repeater as I approached the city of Bendigo, northwest of Melbourne.


Updated 16 January 2018



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