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Identity Verification

This page lists your previous and pending applications.

Date Submitted Date Processed Documents Provided Status Notes
Your account has never participated in the identity verification program before.
Status What it means
Approved Your application has been approved and you have been granted Identity Verified status. Your status as Identity Verified will be visible to other users on QRZ
Declined Your application has been declined. This is likely because we could not accept the documents provided as proof of identity. Please check the notes column for more information.
If your application has been declined you are welcome to re-apply at any time.
Pending We have received your application and it is currently waiting to be processed. This could take several days. You will receive an email when processing is complete.
Cancelled / Revoked Your application was previously approved but has been cancelled or revoked. This normally happens when you disable two factor authentication on your account, but it can happen for other reasons. Please see the notes column for more details.
If your application has been cancelled or revoked you are welcome to re-apply at any time.