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JE1LET Japan flag Japan

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Ham Member Lookups: 257508


Welcome to JE1LET Masa's Board.

Scroll down for English info.

QSL info for CY0/VA1AXC.

The  QSL route is JE1LET  SASE +2US$.  Only Direct.




We open the Mount Athos net on 21.365 at 0900UTC every Sunday.

You are always welcome.  Give us a call !!





MNI TNX  Monk Apollo.


CQ DX DE SV2ASP........


Monk Apollo TODAY.





先ほど届きました。 Special Thanks to Fr. Paulos.





AE3RM ,ラウル・ミドンさんがアクティブです。

Raul Midon is active on 15m now.





ZS8M Pierre on the tablet.

元ZS8M ピエールさんが出ています。わかりましたか?

Do you remember your old good days?



My Ant.

A horizontal stack ,A pair of  6 ele Yagi, side by side on 2 towers.

A CV48  Ground mounted Vertical ant for 80 and 40m.



My Shack.

Main...IC756P3 and VL1000 , Back Up...TS870 and HL3KDX.


May 8th 2016

SV2ASP/A was on 15 and 20m today. The bands

​were not good in shape.

May 6th 2016

Sable Island is active on 20m around 10 and 23UTC.

Apr 25th 2016

Mount Athos and Sable Island made a good QSO

on 20m SSB yesterday. :)

Apr 14th 2016

CY0/VA1AXC will be back on the air soon.

Apr 08th 2016

Monk Apollo was on the air from out side of

Mount Athos.  CQ DX DE SV2ASP.......

Mar 30  2016

AE3RM Raul Midon had good QSOs in Japan

as JI1SEW first time QRV. We enjoyed very much

your wonderful shows. Thank you, Raul.


Feb 14th 2016

​SV2ASP/A was on the net at 0900UTC.

He worked on SSB and CW.

Feb 6th 2016

CY0/VA1AXC is going back to home.

73 until the next time.

Jan 3rd 2016

SV2ASP/A worked many DX today.


Nov 23rd 2015

SV2ASP/A has been active on the air.

How was his 40m CW? :)

Oct 25th 2015

Monk Apollo is now QRV on 15m CW and 17m SSB.

Good Luck!!

Oct 18th 2015

Monk Apollo came up on 21.365 and 14.191 today.

He made many people Happy !!

Oct 15th 2015

Monk Apollo A Broadcast again.

Γέρων Απολλώ SV2ASP/A

Sep.10th 2015


Sep.1st 2015

Monk Apollo in celemony.

Aug.22nd 2015

Ken W3JK and I had a good time at Tokyo Ham

Fair 2015.

Calling DX from my shack.

Ken and Yuki JO1DZA in Cafe at Ham Fair .

A secret talk ???


Aug.3rd 2015

I had a Ham visitor from NY today.

N2QV Tariq is active from a big station in NY.


Jun.29th 2015

ZD9A  David (Ex ZS8Z) is now active.

He will be there until beginning of Sep. 

Jun.27th 2015

Monk Apollo will be active this weekend.

He will go QRT for two and a half month.

Good Luck!!

Jun.14th 2015

Monk Apollo managed some DX on 21.365 today.

May.28th 2015

Say Hello to Aaron on Sable Island !!



Sable Island Airport.  Where is Aaron ???

It's a microscopic spot.


VP9ND  Delores and VP9KD  Walter had a short time stay in Ginza Tokyo.

Thank you for the good eyeball.

Have a nice trip.



Welcome to Japan, Pedro HK3JJH.

Have a wonderful time with JA friends.



CY0/VA1AXC  Aaron got a 3el Yagi.



Monk Apollo is now active on 21.365.

Listen for him on 30m RTTY later today.

Good Luck !!

Thank you, Monk Apollo.



Aaron CY0/VA1AXC is now active.



Hope Monk Apollo SV2ASP/A will be active next week. Bright week (13th -17th)  Look for him on the bands. Good luck!!

Aaron CY0/VA1AXC is on Sable Island.

He will have his ANT soon.


Raul Midon is amazing.



He is an active amateur radio operator. I worked him on 21.365 several time. 



Monk Apollo is very busy at his work now.

He told me that he is very happy to work with Zorro team E30FB. so far, he worked them 2 bands include one CW on 17m in a big pileup. Good Luck!!



Monk Apollo came up on 21.365 for our sked yesterday Sunday.  he worked many station on CW and SSB.  Thank you.

A special thanks to Fr. Paulos Nakanishi san.




A beautiful souvenir from Aaron.

Sable Island moon-snail. size of my fist.

Thank you , Aaron.

Jan.20th .2015

My good friend Carson ZS8C sent me a parcel.

Thank you, Carson.


Monk Apollo came up on 21.365 at 0950UTC.

He did try 30m CW as well.



We had a good New Year DX net today on 21.365.

a lot of DX check inn include some Caribbean and Monk Apollo SV2ASP/A. The band condition was great so, many people came up. Thank you very much to all. We will have next net soon.


Jan.1st. 2015

A Happy , Healthy 2015. All the best everybody!!


Aaron CY0/VA1AXC got a 40m DP now.

Look for him on the band around 2200UTC.

Monk Apollo will be active soon.

Good Luck!!

Have a good holiday season.



My long time friend W3JK  Ken sent me a photo of his new ant.

It is working very good and sending us very strong signals from NY.

Rick  W0RIC ,  His JK's are playing well.



Dear Bill ,VK2XT.

Wishing you a Big Happy 102nd Birthday.

Send your message to Bill VK2XT on 21.290 around 0200UTC on his birthday 30th NOV.  Thank you.


Monk Apollo will not active on the air next 2 or 3 weeks.

He is out of Mount Athos.


Sable Island will be active again from early Dec.

Monk Apollo came up on 21.365 at 0900 UTC last Sunday.

He said, made many QSO with EU  but, No copy from NA,SA,AF,

ASIA etc.

We will try 10m first little earlier than last time on next Sun.


If you have a time, Listen for SV2ASP/A on 12m RTTY this weekend.


If you are lucky, you can hear Monk Apollo on RTTY around 1800UTC



Monk Apollo is very occupied with olive gathering.

He will be on the air only if they have rain on Sunday.

Watch the WX in Mount Athos.  :)



Band conditions are getting improve. See you on our DX net on 21.365 and 28.555.



Sable Island, Aaron CY0/VA1AXC will be on the air again soon.


A new steppIR in Mount Athos.



Happy birthday, Zorro!!

Monk Apollo had the Ant test , It is working very good.

How is your DX ?

The Ant is barely visible.

Hope we can hear Mount Athos today.

A special Thanks to the Ant work party.  ARIGATOH !!

Safety to home.


Monk Apollo came up on 14.272 at 1905UTC.

He made a few contact on SSB and CW. His Ant and Amp are working all okay now. Listen for him tomorrow and the day after. GL!!


On the tower.

The party is working in very HOT over 35DC. but they are close to the end.

New steppIR in Mount Athos.

The 4 heroes are heading to Mount Athos now.

Monk Apollo will have a new steppIR Ant and his amp test soon.

Special Thanks to Zorro and steppIR.

Sunrise in Mount Athos.


Listen for us on early Sat morning (JA time).

Hope we present you something new. :)



Hope Monk Apollo has his new big beam ant by the end of this month.

ZD9M Pierre came up on 21.365 last night. He made 61 contacts.

Thank you, Pierre.


I talk to Monk Apollo last night.  He is very busy now.

Hope to work him on CW next sked.

Last Monday, N2QV Tariq was in my shack.  Welcome to my shack!!

He made some QSOs as my guest operator.



7J4AAL  Kan's New Antennas.  A 160m 3el Yagi on the Top.

It is not a 40m Yagi.  Call Kan and ask him more details.

Thank you, Kan san.


I was away from the radio in the past few days due to watching FIFA

World Cup.  Our Japan team lost the important first game few days ago.

We Japanese are very exciting by the second game with Greece kick off at 0700 am local tomorrow.

It is a must-WIN game for both countries absolutely.

Good luck and Enjoy the Game !!



Look for Sable Island at 1015 UTC on 14.200 -14.220.

Who's Antennas?

May 18.

ZD9M Pierre came on the DX net at 1020UTC. He made a lot of QSO on 15 and 10m.

Thank you, Pierre. See you next weekend.


マウント・アトス特集 Thanks,Mr.Sakurada.



Aaron CY0/VA1AXC will be on the air on this weekend.

He has a 40m DP now.


Monk Apollo was on 40 and 15m CW today.

He will try to work with JA and Asia at 2100 UTC on 20m CW.

I am visiting Hiroshima to see Kan san and his new big ANT tour.


Happy Mother's Day !!

New photo from ZD9.

ZD9JG Julian and ZD9M Pierre.

If you have a time for the radio today, Tune your dial 21.365,

If you are lucky, you can have a good QSO with Monk Apollo.

See you later.


Aaron CY0/VA1AXC is playing the radio on 15m.

Souvenir from Mt' Athos. Arigatou ! Apollo san.

Antenna team with Monk Apollo.


SV2ASP/A  Monk Apollo and Zorro JH1AJT had a great first eyeball yesterday in Mount Athos.

Monk Apollo will come up on 21.365 today Sunday.

Zorro is still in Mt' Athos with him.

Hope Monk Apollo will enjoy big pile ups with his new Tower.

Aaron CY0/VA1AXC will try to work some EU station today.

Put your beam to Mount Athos and Sable Island.

Good Luck !! :)


Turn your beam to Sable Island next week.

SV2ASP/A Monk Apollo will have an antenna test next week.

If you are lucky, you can put them in your log book. :)


I want to say Thank you to the operators who leave the Marion

Island today.

You guys were willing to work very well for us. Thank you very much for every thing. Arigatou!! David,Carson and Nadia.

Have a good trip to Home.

A new operator Gerhard from ZS8 Marion Island arrived on the Island today. Hope to catch up you on the air soon.


SV2ASP/A and ZD9M Pierre came up on 21.365 at the same time today. so, We had a nice DX net with many callers.

Pierre went to our DX frequency 28.555 and made a lot of QSOs.

Thank you very much for stayed with us.

CY0/VA1AXC Aaron will be active soon.


SV2ASP/A  Monk Apollo might come out on the radio today.

Good luck !!


I would like to offer my heartfelt sympathy to the victims of the

Chile earthquake. We pray for the quick recovery from this disaster. GANBARE CHILE.


The first YL op from Marion Island, Nadia ZS8A managed

a big pile up yesterday. Arigatoh !! Nadia.


SV2ASP/A Thank you for coming up on 21.365 today.

The band condition is not very good , but many stations made good QSOs.

ZS8C worked DX on 28.630 CW.


What a wonderfulday today is !

Heard Carson ZS8C,Pierre ZD9M and Abubaker 5A1AL on 12m today. We will try low bands tomorrow morning.


The first QSL card went out today.

QSL manager. Masa JE1LET


Monk Apollo came up on 21.365 at 0900UTC.

Many station worked him.

Thank you, Apollo san.


SV2ASP/A Monk Apollo will come up on the air soon.

Pierre ZD9M (EX ZS8M) will be active from Gough Island soon.

See you soon, Pierre.


Aaron on Sable Island is using 100W and a simple DP ant. Tune your radio dial to 21.365 at 2200-2300UTC.


CY0/VA1AXC Aaron made his wonderful debut in HF DX world today.

He is a new Ham from Sable Island.

He is very busy at work on the Island,he will have some spare time in Spring.

QSL route is JE1LET. Direct only.


CQ ham radio Feb Just out.

ZS8C Carson on the magazine.

Special Thanks to Mr.Sakurada CQ Syuppansya


5A1AL will be on 10 or 15m CW at 0600-0630UTC today.

Last night, ZS8C worked some JA on 40 and 80m CW.

Carson was strong on 30m.

SV2ASP/A Monk Apollo on the video.



Listen for Carson ZS8C on 21.365 at 0600Z on Sat.

He worked JAs on 30m and 40m CW at 1600Z as well.


ZS8C Carson came up on CW on 21.365

at 1030UTC ,his keying was better than mine.

he did work about 5 stations on the lists.

Listen for him on this weekend.

Keep your very slow speed keying.


My JE1LET@jarl.com email address is having some trouble .

Try this one JE1LET@hotmail.com


I talk to my long time friend Bill VK2XT yesterday.

He becomes 101 years old in this month.

He is active and manages radio on 21.290 every day at 0200UTC.


Apollo san came up at my sked time.

He was stronger today than last time. so,We QSYed many bands. He gave many people call. Arigato !! Apollo.

Special Thanks to your help.... JA1BK.JH1AJT and JA4FHE

A good news from Monk,Apollo SV2ASP/A.

Tune your radio dial to 14.245 at 0730Z on this weekend.

If you are lucky, you can hear him and myself.

We run a DX NET on 28.555 or 21.365 around 2130Z-2300Z everyday.

Looking forward to see many Hams.


David on Marion Island takes some time for fixing his broken ant this weekend if the weather is okay.

David ZS8Z will be active his new modes CW !!! and digi soon.

He is setting up his PC.

Call him with your slow speed. Good Luck!

Sep.28th from ZS8Z David.

David sent me some beautiful photos from Marion Is.

He says, he will give many station a chance to work with ZS8 in the next week. I hope you make your good manners in his big pile ups. Don't panic.

Sep.9th from ZS8.

One of their HF antennas has been damaged. The wx is also very bad so they have not been able to repair it yet.

ZS8 Hams have been quiet due to propagation problem. One more new YL Ham OP ZS8A Nadia will be active soon.

New operators on ZS8 Marion Island. ZS8Z David ,ZS8C Carson, two more future Ham and the support team. David is active on 28.443 around 0500UTC. My local friend had a test with David on 15m and 12m at 0900UTC few days ago. David was stronger on 12m than 15m from JA1 land.

New QSL card for VK0TH

CY0/VE1AWW went to QRT today 08 Dec.

We plan to run the Friendly Caribbean JA DX NET on 28.555 (depend on the prop... 21.365)start by 2100Z every day.

The main net controller is Zorro JH1AJT and I do support his job. Bring your Caribbean radio friends to this net. Looking forward to see many Caribbean operators.


In early morning on 17th of Apr,VK0TH went to QRT.....

Trevor, "ARIGATO"

Thank you for all your efforts during the last year with amateur radio around the globe from the rare and hard to get to MacQuarie Island.

You have made many people happy with your contacts.

I am very pleased and happy to be your QSL manager during your tour of duty on the Island.

I wish you and safe journey home and hope too see you soon.

QSL route for VK0KEV now goes to VK4KEV home address in QLD AUSTRALIA.

Thank you for visiting my QRZ.com.

I want to show you my friend's shack first.

Please enjoy your stay for a while.

Kevin sent me this photo. 1st Dec 2011.

Thank you, Kevin and Trevor.

Hi All. Thank you for the nice QSO with Kevin VK0KEV and Trevor VK0TH. QSL direct only SASE with sufficient return postage. (Need 1 New style IRC or 2 Green Stamps for all)

VK0TH Trevor at his shack and his QSL images.




Trevor is having a huge pileup.






A big Golf Ball on Macca. Look !! a ground mounted vertical on left side.

VK0KEV went to QRT!!

Kevin is now back home. Nov 08 2011.


VK0KEV Kevin at his shack. QSL card. and his vertical ant.



Due to the sheer volume of requests received, I am unable to respond to emails. If you would like to check your entry in VK0KEV log please go to:-


Thank you Kevin for gave us many dreams.

Your activity last one year made many Hams very Happy.

Good bye Macca !! photo by Trevor VK0TH

Ground mounted vertical ant.

Hello from Sable Island, CY0/VE1AWW

My friend Al sent me a beautiful QSL card from Sable Island.

Al and I have been active on 21.365 or 28.535 at 2200Z and 14.247at 1030Z.

He has a good station on Sable Island. 100W and a Vertical and DP ant for 160m-6m.

Please call us anytime you want. Always, welcome !

CY0/VE1AWW Al at his Radio shack. TS690 100W.


His ride on the Island.

His beautiful QSL CARD.

Al is working DX.

Now, My station JE1LET.

Big hill top lOcation. HF Stack side by side double Yagi.

MASA's Radios. Two HF sets. .


JE1LET's info as follows. Usually operating on 21.365(DX net)21.412(marine net) . 28.555(Caribbean net)and 14.247 at 2200Z-2300Z  and Hunting real DX!! Having a good location at the little mountain top shack. HF radio sets IC756PRO3+FINE AUDIOhttp://chugoku.me/fine-audio/ FAM-13 5band EQ+W2IHY 8band EQ+EQ Plus +Shure SM58 Mic,TS870+8band EQ+EQ Plus by W2IHY+SM58 Mic,TS570S+FAM-13 5band EQ,All 1KW operation with YAESU VL1000 or Tokyo HY-POWER HL3K-DX and Dual 6ele triband Yagis(parallel Stack 4 by 4 for 20m and 5 by 5 for 15 and 10m band)at 15mh on two separate tower. a GP ant for 75 ,80 and 40m,a DP for 160m. QSL direct only. 2GS  NO BUREAU. NO E-QSL. All cards received direct without SASE,(Sufficient Green Stamp)for return postage, will be returned via the Bureau system.When I am in DX shack , you can send me quick e-mail toJE1LET@hotmail.com

Good DX !!! 73 and 88 from MASA JE1LET

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PP5LEO 2014-01-30 10m SSB GG53jc Brazil LEANDRO WERLING - LEO
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KC0AKU 2014-01-30 10m SSB EN33mq United States WADE A NELSON
PU2VTN 2014-01-30 10m SSB GG65sx Brazil Ricardo Oliveira
PU2SUB 2014-01-30 10m SSB GG66tb Brazil SERGIO RICARDO
VE7YAN 2014-01-29 10m SSB CN79ng Canada Tom Yang
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VE4PDD 2014-01-29 10m SSB EN19jv Canada Diosdado DeLa Cruz
KD7EKO 2014-01-29 10m SSB DN41ag United States L SCOTT WILLIS
HI8RD 2014-01-29 10m SSB FK58ak Dominican Republic Rig - Rigoberto Diaz Gonzalez
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