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Advertise on QRZ.COM

Ad Rates Effective January 16, 2014

Ad Style Views/Day* Views/Month* 1 Month 3 Month 1 year CPM/yr**
Left Side 700,000 21,000,000 $995 $2686 $10,150 $0.40
Top Slot 6,000 180,000 $100 $270 $1020 $0.47

* The total number of views shown per period is approximate. The actual number of ad views varies with site traffic levels.

** CPM is cost per 1000 ad views for a 1-year campaign.


  • Due to space limitations, left side ads may not always be available.
  • Top slots rotate among all advertisers.
  • Ads appear across all QRZ sites including the ever-popular QRZ Forums
  • Top slots may be purchased in multiple quantities to achieve a corresponding increase in exposure.
  • Campaigns purchased in quantities of 3 or more units receive a 10% discount.
  • Campaigns of a year (1 year) or more in length receive a 15% discount.
  • Annual campaigns may be paid in monthly installments with a 1 year minimum committment.
  • All ad campaigns must be prepaid in advance.
  • Nearly all forms of payment are accepted including credit cards and PayPal.
  • All invoices and receipts are sent by email.
  • Clubs and non-profit organizations may qualify for a 50% discount
  • Top 3 position on the left side are fixed and incur additional fees. Contact us for details.
  • Economy Ads are for one slot only, and do not include access to the Ad Manager reporting tool.

Advertiser Benefits

  • You may show any number of images in your ad slot. Your images are automatically shared within your slot.
  • Exclusive access to the Ad Manager console, where you can upload new ad graphics, examine per-ad and per-image click and view performance statistics, change default URL's, etc., 24 hours a day. (note: not available for Economy Top ads)
  • Support for GIF, and JPG images
  • Support for your custom analytic tracking codes.

Why major advertisers choose QRZ:

Over 600,000 unique hams visit QRZ every month.

QRZ.COM is the most prolific ham radio website the Internet has ever known. According to Alexa.com, QRZ ranks higher in overall traffic than any other amateur radio web site. Recent reports from Google Analytics (see below), indicate that we regularly serve more than 19 million page views per month to more than 600,000 unique visitors. Over 50,000 hams from around the globe visit QRZ every day.

30-day QRZ.COM Visitors Report (pdf) (our main web site)

30-day Forums.QRZ.COM Visitors Report (pdf) (our Forums site)

QRZ has a member base of nearly 500,000 registered users.

It's a fact: QRZ.COM is known to practically every amateur radio operator on the planet that owns or uses a computer. Every day, QRZ sees more than 100 new or first-time visitors that join or explore the QRZ website.

QRZ attracts top industry advertisers

QRZ's advertisers include many of the companies from the Who's Who list of leaders in our industry. Check our list of current advertisers.

Advertising Graphics, Dimensions, and Sizes

Top Banner Ads
Top banner ads are delivered in the industry standard 728x90 format, i.e 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall. Fact: QRZ's top banner ads are larger and better performing than the smaller ad spaces offered by other ham radio website. If you want maximum exposure for your product or service, no other website can compare with QRZ. Image formats supported include .JPG, .GIF, and .PNG. Regardless of the image type, the final image file size must not exceed 48 kb (49,052 bytes).

Left Side Ads
Left side ads must be 125x125 pixels tall/wide. Image formats supported include .JPG, .GIF, and .PNG. Regardless of the image type, the final image file size must be less than 48 kb (49,052 bytes).

Multiple Ad Images
Don't forget that you can and should upload multiple images for your ads. A variety of graphic images will increase viewer interest and improve your campaign effectiveness.

Contact Info

If you are interested in becoming a QRZ advertiser, please contact the QRZ business manager, Jaime Jeffries, KF7WIS at sales@qrz.com

If you're in a hurry, just attach your initial ad graphic to the email along with the URL (web page address) where you would like viewers sent when they click on your ad. We strive to be available most days of the week and will do everyting possible to get your ad up and running in less than a day.