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The QRZ Help FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about QRZ

Please note: if you're having some sort of problem, it would be very kind of you to read this document carefully before asking someone for help.


Topic Index


Problems Logging In

How Do I Login?

The first thing you need to do is establish a user account. That's the easy part. All we need is your for you to choose a user name, a password and your current email address. The system will then send you an email with your login instructions. The registration center is fully automated and operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Account registration emails are always sent immediately.

To get started, go to our: User Account Center and follow the instructions on the screen.


General User Account Rules

The following general rules apply to QRZ user accounts.
  • One account per person
  • One account per email address
  • Registrants must be individuals, not clubs
  • A callsign user name is required for database access
  • No profane or indecent user names
  • Impersonation, fraudulent postings, pirate activities will be dealt with by hanging.

But what if....

My spouse and I both use the same email address?

If you are happily sharing an email address then you should be equally happy sharing a QRZ account. Remember: A single user account can administer many callsigns. You don't need a second account, ever.

If your spouse needs an independent login then hop on over to Google and get a free gmail account or two.

I administer several callsigns for a club or DXpedition?

Again, please remember: A single user account can administer many callsigns.

I forgot my password, changed email providers and now I can't login?

The User Account Center is your friend. Go there and be amazed at its ease of use.


Changing your Password / Account Preferences


How do I change my password?

Yep, you guessed it: Click here for User Account Center

I logged in okay so how do I edit my bio or callsign info?

First, pull up your callsign. Look for a link that says Update this listing. Click on that link to begin editing your info. You'll be asked to supply your username and password again as a security precaution.

Regarding permissible content of a biography page, QRZ imposes few restrictions. The primary restriction is that the material be wholesome and essentially "G" rated. Nudity, profanity, or direct links to nudity and/or profanity are not allowed. This applies to hate speech as well.

Bio pages may contain mention of commercial businesses, large or small, and amateurs are free to advertise their own products, including pricing, in this area. QRZ does not consider the Bio area as advertising space and does not assess charges or fees for any use thereof.

Our Advertising Allowed policy is subject to the caveat that if we deem the content to be unacceptable, for any reason, or if the page becomes associated with any type of spamming or hacking activity, then we will remove it. In other words, no "funny stuff" is allowed.

A more complete definition of the rules regarding Bio pages can be found here.

I updated my email address but it doesn't change when I pull up my callsign!

The email address that is shown on your callsign database listing is set separately in the database, and is completely apart form your user account registration address. This gives you the option of keeping your email address private and affords you the flexibility to display another, possibly different email address to the general public.

You can change what is shown in the callsign database by using one of the following methods:

  • First, make sure you Login to QRZ. Then, pull up your callsign, and click on Click for more detail..., and then click on Edit Record.


Putting Your Picture Online


How do I put my picture online?

First, make sure you Login to QRZ. Then, pull up your callsign, and click on Click for more detail..., and then click on Edit Record.

We have standards, but many people say they're too low. In any case, here are some of the things we consider before we approve pictures for publication:

  • Must not contain pornography
  • Must not contain copyrighted images
  • Must not depict hate, racism, or extremism
  • Must not be tasteless or gross (by our sole opinion)
  • Must be used with permission of the callsign holder or family
  • The QRZ management has the right to remove any picture


About the Database, and the FCC


How often do your update your FCC data?

We update every day that new information is available. The FCC is prone to making mistakes and they will occasionally miss a day, or three of new license data. When you get an upgrade, a new license, a change of address, etc., the information goes into the FCC's computer system. How it gets there is another story. If you use a VEC, it is entered right away. If you use the FCC's website, it takes a bit longer. If you use a local VE Session team there can be a wagon train of people handling your application before your new license will arrive in the mail.  If you expect a 10 to 14 day turnaround, you'll usually be pleasantly surprised. 

The FCC processes license information every weekday and applies the updates to their online computer system. During the late night or early morning, their system gathers all of the updates from the previous day and prepares a file. This file contains the changes since the last file was created. QRZ, and all other websites, use this file in an attempt to stay in sync with the FCC. Once a week, they do a full update that we occasionally fetch even though it shouldn't be necessary. 

Once in a while, when the FCC misses a daily, we don't get the data and our database will be momentarily out of sync until we receive the next file. Our system never fails to process an update when it's available.

How often do you update your DX and foreign callsigns?

We get the Canada file once a month. The other countries - never. We have found no other countries besides the USA and Canada who provide their information available for download on the Web. Nearly all of the DX callsigns in our system are contributed by users who input the data while visiting our site. 

The Online Swap Meet

How do I place an ad in the online swapmeet?

The first thing you must do is go to the Forum and login. You must be a subscriber in order to post in the Swapmeet.

Next, click on the Forum section that you would like to place an ad or an article in.

Click on the first button that you see that says New Thread. This will take you to a fill-in form where you can compose your article or swap listing. Follow the instructions on this page.

Can't find it here?

Don't forget to search through the Help Center Forum where hundreds of people can help you with your problem.



This page was last updated April 12, 2021 17:56