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K0UO/V31KW      Steve "SKY" Walz          Also see V31KW on QRZ.                 Ragchewer 1st and DXer for fun!

KanOkla Link Repeater System info at the bottom of this page

K0UO's, Kansas QTH location is on a wheat farm & ranch, near the center of the U.S.A. 160 km's (100 mi) WSW of Wichita, KS. This QTH is three miles north of the Oklahoma/Kansas state line on mile 7 of U.S.. Hwy. 281, look for the big tower and FAA airstrip # (4KS), and see the QRZ map (No Zoning Laws, HOA's or CC&R's out here in the High Plains of Kansas).

Sorry friends, I will not be at Dayton this year 2015

Since retirement this past year, I have actually found enough time to assemble a QRZ page, (There is ton of information here!) but I hope you enjoy it.

To confirm the QSO with K0UO, just use the QRZ logbook.                   

THE BIG PROJECT for 2014 is on the Air: I'm working on the "Lost Art of Rhombics" building these at the Kansas QTH. The "KING of Wire Antennas" is a W1AW type Rhombic which is 550 foot per-leg and almost 1000' end to end. That makes it 4 Wave-Lengths long on each of the four sides or 16 wave-lengths total for 40 meters, this may be the largest 40 meter Rhombic antenna in current ham use. "Build it and the DX will come"  The site also has two other 1000' Vee-beams, all on 75-90 foot wooden poles with others in the works.  The gain over my full size 2 element 40 meter vertical phase beam, which is at 100 feet high is truly unbelievable!  The ARRL Diamond Logo is in fact a Rhombic antenna. Now doing EME on 6 meters JT65 with this antennna on some moon rises.   See more photos of the install at the bottom of this QRZ page


"The very best part of this hobby is the People that you meet, and the great Friendships that happen as a result". The DX has been great last year and is opening up good for the new year 2015, so get on the air and have some fun! When all else fails, we hams will be on the air.  Call CQ once in a while, you might be surprise who calls you back.

Breckenridge, Colorado in the photo below, is my other QTH. It is at an elevation of +10,000 feet (3200 meters) near "Baldy Mountain". K0UO loves making mountain top QSO's from the 14,000 foot Colorado Rocky Mountains. The Jeep 4 by 4 that  I use, is equipped with an IC 7000, checkout 7.225MHz which is the "Off road Hams call channel".

Above, my Breckenridge, Colorado QTH @ +10,000 ft, this maybe one of the highest home QTH's in the USA!

In my pressurized Twin engine P-337 Cessna @ 20,000 Feet passing through a T-storm on the way to the Dayton Hamfest  

At the controls of one of my highest power stations! 97.5 FM a High Power FM Broadcast Station

My wife is N0UO, my oldest child is Miranda KB5CST (see QRZ page), my son Jon is KD0DCO, Grandson Gavin KE0DAL, first cousins Marc WQ5Y and Mike W5ALZ. Amateur Radio is a great hobby; which after all these years, has not lost any fascination for me. I enjoy rag chewing and DX on HF. There is still something magic about bouncing a signal off of the ionosphere and having someone on the other side of the world respond.

MY OTHER HOBBIES OVERVIEW: Things that K0UO likes to do, are playing with the grandkids, flying, farming, driving corvettes, ATVs & motorcycles (Harleys & Moto Guzzies), beer brewing, RVing, hunting, shooting (full auto class 3 guns), and building antennas. See Mule Creek Hunt for photos of my hunting area near my QTH http://www.rsicorp.com/mule_creek/index.html

WORK OVERVIEW: As of 2014 I'm 60% retired, but the other 40% of the time that I do work, are doing things that I want to do! As Director of RSI Corp which is a Telecom-Technical and Safety Service Firm http://www.rsicorp.com with Two-way radio services (Icom & Kenwood radios)  http://www.rfcomply.com/pc/products_services/comm_and_security/index.php) and other businesses ranging from Farming, Broadcasting, Oil & Gas services http://www.rfcomply.com/pc/products_services/environmental/oil_gas.php, Concrete Walz Brand of concrete fencing and Oil & Gas radio tower services http://www.concretewalz.com/, Broadcasting  http://kpak.net/  BoarderLine Electric http://www.borderlineelectric.com/ and RSI  "Defense Technical Information" Group, focuses on defense telecommunication command and control used by the military http://www.rfcomply.com/pc/products_services/dtic.php

Info about the KS County in which K0UO's Ranch QTH is located http://www.kansascommerce.com/index.aspx?NID=386

  July 2004 east office

Main St. USA in Kiowa, KS.   Why not Fly to work, Cessna P-337 pressurized twin, the rear engine is runnning and I'm at the controls, in front of our old warehouse-office buildings at 1310 Main St. Kiowa, KS.  By the way this is a real photo, we do it "our way" out here on the ranch! Note there is a 200' tower on this site too, you can see the guys wires.

My Airport is just west of the QTH, and is about 3000FT long with the displace thresholds, but watch out for the towers and oil wells!


HAM RADIO OVERVIEW: K0UO started into ham radio in 1967 as WN5UTO, then WA5UTO, in the 1970s I moved through all the classes, and passed all the code tests 5, 13, and 20 WPM, (all administered by the FCC) also I held the old call from British Honduras of VP1KW (now in Belize I'm V31KW) and Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) call of AAT6PS.  K0UO is a J-38 straight key guy, holds a 1st Class Radiotelephone license (now the GROL) and the Commercial telegraphy element 4 which is 25wpm, and I am authorized to conduct FCC commercial radio exams for the GROL. This video is of the 1st no code hams!!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJGrlUXCZzc (have fun with it)!

    Life ARRL, ARRL Volunteer Consulting Engineer for the Midwest Division, ARRL District Emergency Coordinator (Amateur Radio Emergency Service ARES), 160-6 WAS, DXCC, VUCC, and Royal Order of Wouff Hong, The Rag Chewers' Club, TALARC, and K0UO sometimes contest from the Bunkhouse see "KB0HH" on QRZ.     Ragchewer 1st and DXer for fun!  BE PATIENT AND RESPECT YOUR FELLOW HAMS, AND CONDUCT YOURSELF TO EARN THEIR RESPECT.  On the WARC Bands "We don't need Special Event Stations, Contesters or QSO parties, on these small WARC bands.

RADIO EQUIPMENT OVERVIEW: ICOM 7800, IC-7600, IC 7000s, (IC 7851 is n ot on order yet!) Kenwood 990, Kenwood 2000, Yaesu FT DX 5000 MP, Flex 6700 and an Elecraft K3 (I'm not a big fan of this radio, the display and over all feel is not up to other radios, tx audio on some units are poor and I'm on the second K3 now and it is still not great, in fact the IC 7600 is an overall better rig). Amps in current use are two AL-1500 two-holers (2 x 8877 tubes), Icom PW-1, and a Tokyo HL-2500. Vintage equipment that is on the air, Johnson Ranger & Valiant, Gates 1K, Hammarlund SP-600, R-390 and many others. When K0UO goes "SK" the XYL will have fun getting all of this junk out of here!

Above: Some of the Vintage equipment

Antennas are the most important part of your station: Most of the places that I have lived do not have tall trees, so an important part of my antenna projects over the years have been able to build and climb towers safety (I have in fact climbed broadcast towers which are nearly 2000 feet tall). Also I  have been teaching many types of "Telecom Safety" and "Technical" classes since the 1990's, (over 15,000 students live or online through RSI Corp http://www.rsicorp.com ).

New Tower: In 2010 a new 195 foot Rohn model J rigid tube bolt together export type (Rohn 55 size) tower was installed to replace the Big Tower. On 160, & 80, I use full size 1/4 vel's four Sq's hung off the tower and the guy wires, for 40 a full size 2 el vertical phase beam @ 100 ft and on top a 8 ele-long boom log for 10Mhz- 50MHz and Bi-Directional 2 Wire Beverages .

The old Tower in the main photo, was 10 feet wide, with the work-deck @145 feet. The center tower at 190' tower with a prop-pitch motor ground mounted using a M2 RC2800 control box, (FCC tower reg number is for 195'). 1000' to 2000' long rx/antennas the big tower had the these antennas, 60 meters 1/2 wave dipole at 150', 40-10 8 el M2 log beam at 168 Feet.

In the past K0UO has tried EME and JT65 on 2 meters using four M2 5w's Long boom az/el 170Ft, 220 M2 30' boom beam, four on 70cm M2 33' Long Booms 172', 902-1296 six foot dish 140Ft all VHF and UHF antennas are feed with 1 5/8 hard line.

The Kansas QTH can be run "Green, Off-Grid" using Natural-Gas from our own oil & gas wells which power a 20KW full time back-up generator!

Photos Below: I love to off-road in my Overland Jeep, with an IC-7000, 500 HF amp, Scorpion screwdriver antenna, Kenwood TM-D710, APRS, Land Mobil Radio, Airband, and VHF Marine. Colorado and Western U.S.A. off-road trail Fun!


Above, is an O2 Skymaster called "Miss Belize", the plane has HF/VHF & UHF equipment and was showed in "Dec 1996 QST". Miss Belize was flown by General Walz in an effort by the Belize Government to bolster and fortify relationships with the United States. I flew “Miss Belize” in over 100 USA air shows and at numerous US Military Bases Air demonstrations in the mid-1990s. Note that my Belize ham call "V31KW" is also the Airplane's tail numbers, see more photos on QRZ @ the call V31KW.

When in Belize my call is V31KW, my Internet remote station is at the Belize Defense Force base, Ladyville Belize (INTL. Airport).  I have run AIRMOBLE 160-70cm from Belize!! http://www.rfcomply.com/pc/products_services/miscellaneous/amateur_radio.php

Life's too short for QRP! Out here on the ranch big antennas and real power is the game, above is a Ameritron  AL 1500 Amp, but this one has Two Tubes (8877 x 2) it is a Bunker Buster.  Why so much power??? Think about it, my antennas are 1000 feet from the shack, which is 3 db of loss at 15 meters and up (one half of my power).

The 2 X 8877 amp puts out a "2 by 2" signal, “Too Loud and Too Strong”!          

This view is looking from the 100' level on the old tower and up to the top, the work deck level was at 145ft. 10 foot wide and set in 27 yards of cement.

The New Tower is 195 ft FCC Tower number #1216715, just east of the Walz Airport "4KS".

The Big Rhombic Antenna Project

The base of one the feed point poles, which are about 25-30 meters tall. Note the open wire "Tapered Feed" system wires coming down the poles to provide a broadband match on HF,  About 1 meter (39") wide at the top tapering down to 3 " at the feed-point. Rhombics have a high input impedance of about 600-900 ohms, so it's not a trivial matter to achieve a match to 50 ohm coax while still retaining the very broadband nature inherent to the terminated rhombic.  This led me to do some research on "tapered lines", the result of which is shown in the pictures above. After several prototypes, I settled on the tapered 2-wire transmission line shown here which is a modified exponential taper 550 foot per-leg and almost 1000' end to end. That makes it 4 Wave-Lengths long on each of the four sides or 16 wave-lengths total for 40 meters, this may be the largest 40 meter Rhombic antenna in current ham use. The site also has two 1000' Vee-beams as part of the system.

Vee Beam above is 1/2 of a RhombicK0UO has 2 Vee Beams    

Rigging the antenna cables.   Note my tallest ham tower 195 feet is 1/4 of a mile away in the photo!

The poles are 26 to 36" wide


    It took a few days to do all the layout work                                      One of the control boxes for changing direction

It took days of tree removing to get through the wooded creek bottom area, using my Cat Dozer


This project so far, has used 1000 foot of 7/8" 50 ohm hard-line, 1000 foot of control cable, 1000 foot of 600 ohm feedline and will used over a mile and half of 3/8" cable for the antennas, when complete!


How Do They Play?

A detailed modeling analysis of these rhombics has been done, but the on the air tests and QSO's show the real power of this antenna.  With  more than 2200 feet of wire in the air on the main antenna,  “The RF Gotta-Go-Somewhere”.

There are open-wire feed lines are connected to each end of the antennas ends, bringing these to a central point in the middle and switching in a termination resistor or a balun to switch directions. The antennas also work very good in the "Bi-direction" mode.

The above Plot is for a 3 wavelength Rhombic per side on showing gain at 10MHz.   K0UO's antennas are 4 waves on 40

Did You Know: That during the 1950s and 1960s, when the USSR and the US were in the midst of the so-called "Cold War." Fearing that Soviet bombers could home in on radio signals to find their targets, the CONELRAD (CONtrol of ELectromagnetic RADiation) system went into effect from 1957 to 1962. Did you know that hams were required to (1) monitor an AM broadcast station at least every 10 minutes to be sure it was still on the air; and (2) shut down, if broadcast stations went off the air. In the event of such an emergency, key 50 kW AM stations would move to either 640 or 1240 kHz to broadcast emergency information. The stations on each of those frequencies would go on and off the air in a continually varying sequence, while all carried the same audio to provide continuous information to the public.

     Good DX and 73's   Steve   K0UO/V31KW

KanOkla Intertie Repeater System is one of our projects, see the Map at http://www.statelineskywarn.com/coverage.html

Kan/Oklahoma Intertie Repeater System          http://www.statelineskywarn.com/

See K0UO/1  APRS Mode near Medicine Lodge, KS for realtime tracking


 KS system repeaters

BAND          CALL                     Type of Site

  Tone    SQ Tail   Mobil Range  Area


143.390  K0UO-1  APRS



 45 miles  Medicine Lodge, KS



* Echo link see note below


Wichita ARC  W0SOE

Flagship site


Derby Echo-Link  AD0NA*



Beep on Loc QSo

  DBL Beep on Link QSO


45 miles

Wichita, Derby KS





  1 sec  

45 miles NE Lobe

Medicine Lodge





  No tail  



to Dodge City


K0UO Backup Tie in

for OK and KS Sy





No Tone


10 miles

Kiowa link, no offset


Wichita  ARC




  1 sec




 No tail



No Tail


40 miles Hutchinson

Hutchinson, KS


146.730 N5PC Kay CountyARC 88.5 IRLP Lnk   I-35 Ark City, KS- Ponca City, OK





U.S. Hwy 54/400 Kingman to Pratt

Kingman, KS


145.130 KS0KE 156.7

Beaumont KS






40 mi I-70 to Hays

Great Bend, KS


Oklahoma Repeaters









to 103.5

   Very short tail  

KS/OK Stateline west of I-35 Medford, OK






  No Tail  

Alva/Woodward NW Oklahoma





   1 sec  

45 miles







  No tail  

Enid area to I-35 U.S. HWY 412







   1 sec  

Alva, OK & Kiowa, KS Stateline area

Alva, OK


* IRLP  Internet  Echo link setup for Wichita Amateur Radio Club Members only
















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