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Subscriber Lookups: 169110

New Presentation "The Wouff Hong and Propagation" Link:  http://www.jlaporta.com/N1CC/WouffHong-Propagation-2016.pdf.  This may be used by individuals and clubs for presentations.  All I ask is that you credit me and email me that you have or are going to use it.  The content is copyrighted.

National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) ARRL-Sponsored Event:  https://npota.arrl.org/index.php (Hint use your LoTW credentials to sign in to the site). Throughout 2016, Amateur Radio will be helping the National Park Service celebrate their 100th anniversary. Hams from across the country will activate NPS units, promote the National Park Service and showcase Amateur Radio to the public. Details and current standings will be posted on the Leader Board (https://npota.arrl.org/leader-board.php ).  Check your standings! 

N1CC NPOTA Standings:  Chaser -  Leader Board as of  05/24/2016:
Worldwide:   45    USA:    44    Zone 4:   29   Texas:   5    Points:  335

Next Planned 2016 tentative activities**:
CQ WW WPX Contest, CW 0000Z, May 28 to 2359Z, May 29 (as NE5LL)
**All contests will be audio recorded.

See more about N1CC (Jim) at web home page http://www.jlaporta.com/N1CC/.  Special Notice:  A Russian "tool" called Kaspersky apparently is of the impression that my web home page is a "Phish Site".  Use Norton or McAfee Antivirus tools, there is NO PROBLEM and NO PHISH or SPAM.  If you use and trust a Russian company's Kapersky software, remember that you should never trust off-shore software providers. (Reported on 4/7/2016)

DX - Do Not send IRC for QSL.  My local U.S. Post Office will NOT accept them and do not offer Global US International postage stamps for sale.  IRC will be returned as they are not useful here in the Texas Republic.  One green stamp is adequate.
USA:  For paper QSL, send your QSL
with a business size self-addressed and stamped envelope (SASE) to get one of the 4' x 6" cards (If no business size SASE your QSL reply will be folded to fit your envelope.) 
I do not participate in eQSL, QRZ Log, or Logbook, nor do I reply to digitized cards.  Normally use LoTW for all QSL activity.

2016 Activity On-The-Air
Casual Contacts:  1,430 as of 05/24/2016.  All 2016 = 6,219 (1,261 as NE5LL).

7QP QSO Party May 7-8:  1,536 Pts, 25 QSO, 24 Mults, 3-Hrs (MSQRP)
FL QSO Party Apr 30-May 01:  156,166 Pts, 446 QSO, 113 Mults, 15-Hrs (SOALP)

GA QSO Party Apr 9-10:  21,620 Pts, 138 QSO, 94 Mults, 10-Hrs (SOQRP)
MO QSO Party Apr 2-3:  5,270 Pts, 73 QSO, 47 Mults, 5-Hrs (SOLP)
MS QSO Party Apr 2-3:  260 Pts, 17 QSO, 10 Mults, 2-Hrs (SOLP)
CQ WPX Phone Mar 26-27  1,112,200 Pts, 1,061 QSO, 536 Mults, 28-Hrs (MSLP) - NE5LL Call used.

Virginia QSO Party Mar 19-20:  16,928 Pts, 197 QSO, 74 Mults, 11-Hrs (SOLP)
Louisiana QSO Party Mar 19-20:  168 Pts, 7 QSO, 7 Mults, 1-Hr (SOLP)
ARRL DX SSB Mar 4-6:  330,440 Pts, 510 QSO, 216 Mults, 16-Hrs (SOLP)

CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB Mar 04-06:  330.480 Pts, 510 QSO, 216 Mults, 16-Hrs (SOLP)
South Carolina QSO Party Feb 27-28:  5,749 Pts, 55 QSO, 31 Mults, 6-Hrs (SOQRP)
North Carolina QSO Party Feb 28-29:  20,054 Pts, 152 QSO, 58 Mults, 6-Hrs (SOLP) Results:  #1 TX, #3 USA
ARRL DX CW Feb 20-21:  566,280 Pts, 715 QSO, 264 Mults, 23-Hrs (SOLP)
CQ RTTY WPX Feb 13-14:  49,209 Pts, 200 QSO, 141 Mults, 11-Hrs (SOQRP) - NE5LL Call used.

MN QSO Party Feb 6:  20,850 Pts. 158 QSO, 66 Mults, 7-Hrs (SOLP)
CQ 160 Meter CW Jan 29-31: 44,128 Pts, 350 QSO, 56 Mults, 8-Hrs (SOLP)
NCJ NAQP SSB Jan 16-17:  4,867 Pts, 157 QSO, 31 Mults, 1-Hr (SOLP-20 Meters)
NCJ NAQP CW Jan 10-11: 299 Pts, 23 QSO, 13 Mults, 0.33-Hr (SOLP-160 Meters)
ARRL RTTY Roundup Jan 2 - 3: 11,850 Pts, 237 QSO, 37 States, 4 VE, 9 Ctys, 8-Hrs (SOALP)

2015: I was working on station upgrades and catching up on all of the things I did not get done taking part in the Centennial Challenge in 2014.  One of the "weak" points of the station has been 160 Meters. on 11/3/2015 New radial system installed with 8 X 65' elevated radials fed through an inductor for resonance. The PRO-1B failed, probable cause both lightning and proximity to the new radial system. BOG installed 12/23/2015 and under test.

WAS Table below reflects 8-Band WAS as of 12/31/2015.  Thanks to AL7TC for the last state on 160M! Still need three contacts to make the goal of 9-Band WAS

160M 50 50  
80M 50 50  
40M 50 50  
30M 50 50  
20M 50 50  
17M 50 50  
15M 50 50  
12M 48* 47  MS, NE*, OK
10M 50 50  

*Nebraska station worked does not use LoTW.  Still need LoTW QSO!

2015 Activity On-The-Air
Casual Contacts:  1,497 as of 12/31/2015.  All N1CC 2015 = 11,814 (1,659 as NE5LL).

Stew Perry TBDC: No contacts, storms with S9+50 dB crashes entire period.
Number One Christmas Carol SPE (36th Year) 585 QSO, 45 States, 4 VE Provinces, 8 Countries 15-Hrs

ARRL 10 Meter:  91,958 Pts, 301 QSO, 53 Sec, 5 Ctys, 15-Hrs (SOAQRP)
ARRL 160 Meter:  38,280 Pts, 321 QSO, 53 Sec, 44 Ctys, 15-Hrs (SOLP)
CQWW CW:  684,480 Pts, 686 QSO, 109 Zones, 259 Ctys, 30-Hrs (SOLP)
Preliminary #3 W5
ARRL SS SSB:  50,868 Pts, 314 QSO, 81 Sects, 18-Hrs (SOQRP) Results:  #1 WGD, NTX
ARRL SS CW:  75,492 Pts, 466 QSO, 81 Sects, 18-Hrs (SOQRP) Results:  #1 WGD, NTX
CQWW SSB:  596,414 Pts, 562 QSO, 99 Zones, 307 Ctys, 17-Hrs (SOALP) Results:  #2 W5
Stew Perry Warmup:  220 Pts, 45 QSO, 2-Hrs (SOLP)
New York QSO Party:  3,375 Pts, 71 QSO, 27 Mults, 4-Hrs (SOQRP) Results Delayed (APR 2016)
Iowa QSO Party:  684 Pts, 19 QSO, 19 Mults, 2-Hrs (SOQRP) Results Not Published Yet
Pennsylvania QSO Party:  16,338 Pts, 110 QSO, 43 Mults, 8-Hrs (SOQRP) Results:  #1 TX, #3 USA
Arizona QSO Party:  2,520 Pts, 49 QSO, 36 Mults, 6-Hrs (SOQRP) Results Not Published Yet
California QSO Party: 103,683, 763 QSO, 57 Mults, 12-Hrs (SOALP)
Results:  #2 TX & USA (Plaque) #11 All classes (Wine) #3 USA 

Texas QSO Party:  216,316 Pts, 513 QSO, 166 Mults, 18-Hrs (SOQRP) Results:  #1 in-state TX
New Jersey QSO Party: 1,076 Pts, 44 QSO, 16 Mults, 6-Hrs (SOLP) Results:  #1 TX, #2 USA
Salmon Run QSO Party: 15,780 Pts, 163 QSO, 34 Mults, 8-Hrs (SOLP) Results:  #1 TX, #3 USA
South Carolina QSO Party: 6,078 Pts, 72 QSO, 37 Mults, 6-Hrs (SOLP) Results:  #1 USA
Arkansas QSO Party:  6,284 Pts, 75 QSO, 36 Mults, 11-Hrs (SOLP) Results:  #1 TX, #4 WW 
Tennessee QSO Party: 21,708 Pts, 103 QSO, 74 Mults, 6-Hrs (SOLP) Results:  #1 TX, #4 USA
Colorado QSO Party:  6,984 Pts 58 QSO, 34 Mults, 6-Hrs(SOLP) Results:  #1 TX, #3 USA
Kansas QSO Party:  46,165 Pts, 201 QSO, 83 Mults, 12-Hrs (SOLP) Results:  #1 TX, #7 USA
Hawaii QSO Party:  483 Pts, 26 QSO, 15 Mults, 6-Hrs (SOLP) Results:  #1 TX
Ohio QSO Party: 31,155 Pts, 236 QSO, 93 Mults, 6-Hrs (SOLP)
Results:  #1 TX, #5 Outside Ohio
IARU HF Championship59,982 Pts, 266 QSO, 78 Mults, 12-Hrs (SOUMMQRP) Results:  #1 TX, WGD, USA!
13 Colonies Event:  CME riddled event, clean sweep all Colonies, WM3PEN, and GB13COL.
ARRL Field Day:  4,430 Pts, 569 QSO, 72 Sec in 15-Hrs (1E QRP)
Results:  #1 TX, #4 USA
ARRL June VHF Contest :  Listened for signals, called some CQ and no QSOs.
HamCom Convention, Irving TX: - New location was quite difficult to reach, estimated attendance of
3,000 is down from many previous years.  This new location may take a good number of years before
Irving is accepted with its traffic, access, and no outdoor flea market situation.  Dayton next year?
Alabama QSO Party: 15,288 Pts, 119 QSO, 56 Mults, 6-Hrs (SOLP Mixed).
Result #1 TX, #2 USA.
CQWW WPX CW:  529,520 Pts, 590 QSO, 350 Mults, 24-Hrs (SOA QRP)Result #1 W5, #3 USA, #8 WW.
This operation using NE5LL callsign by N1CC.
Florida QSO Party: 157,794 Pts, 412 QSO, 119 Mults, 16-Hrs (SOALP)
Results:  #1 TX, #3 USA
Georgia QSO Party: 64,670 Pts, 300 QSO, 145 Mults, 13-Hrs (SOALP).Result #1 USA/VE.
CQWW WPX SSB: 1,101,023 Pts, 1,013 QSO, 553 Mults, 28-Hrs (SOALP)Result #2 W5, #9 USA, #14 NA. 
This operation using NE5LL callsign by N1CC.
ARRL DX SSB Contest: 202,786 Pts, 421 QSO, 177 Mults, 11-Hrs (SOLP)
Result #2 NTX, #4 WGD
CQ 160 Meter SSB Contest: 19,728 Pts, 201 QSO, 48 Mults, 12-Hrs (SOLP).Result #1 W5, #19 USA.
ARRL DX CW Contest:  625,500 Pts, 767 QSO, 280 Mults, 24-Hrs (SOLP).Result #4 NTX, #5 WGD
CQ 160 Meter CW Contest: 46,683 Pts, 375 QSO 57 Mults, 12-Hrs (SOLP). My Log Not Found by CQ


The PRO-1B and 6M 3L beam are up and rotatable on the short tower.  Worked K1N on 8-bands, already had Navassa on the 10-Meter band ... tedious with all of the DQRM and undisciplined callers not listening.  December 19 installed BOG and trying it out on 160 now.

2014 Activity On-The-Air and Ham-Related Events
2014 was ARRL's 100th year. A special QSL for QSOs made in 2014 in the ARRL Centennial event. Please send your card with a business size self-addressed and stamped envelope (SASE) to get one of the 4' x 6" cards (Image on this page to see). All QSOs entered on LoTW.  Over 1,250 paper QSL requests have been filled to date.

Christmas Carol Special Event, 2014 was the 35th consecutive year of operation in this Special Event.  Link: 
http://www.jlaporta.com/N1CC/n1cc2014.html  Check your QSO against the list on the Carol link. There is a special QSL for contacts made during Christmas Carol.  Please send your card with a business size self-addressed and stamped envelope (SASE) to get one of the 4' x 6" cards (Image on Christmas Carol page to view).

I took part in the ARRL Centennial Challenge QSO Party.  I operated with a maximum of 100 Watts on CW and SSB, on RTTY the station is limited to 50 Watts.  You can check your own station information by logging onto the "Leader Board" at https://centennial-qp.arrl.org/ by using your LoTW User Name and LoTW Password.
Station 1: K3/100 Force 12 C-3 at 64', 6M 3L Yagi, 160M Inverted L, 80/40 Fan Dipole NS, 80/40 Fan Dipole EW. Pro-1B Loop for reception on 160-40.
Station 2: FT-990 to
 DX Engineering 43' Vertical 80-10.


Here is a breakdown of N1CC operations during 2014:

Centennial QSOs: 31,213 Other QSOs: 13,257 Total QSOs: 44,470.
Total qualifying QSOs as of April 28, 201528,883 (64.95%) ... Challenge Points: 202,661*
Other Operations 4,879 QSOs (W1AW/5 and NE5LL Calls) 2014 Total for QTH:  49,349 Contacts. 
*Scores reconciled and partially released in March, final standings not announced as of 5/28/2015.

Unofficial #4 in USA and #5 World-Wide, #1 in Texas for Single Operator, not high value appointment.

Here are the non-Centennial events and results for 2014:

ARRL 160 Meter: 69,236 Pts, 448 QSO, 76 Mults, 16-Hrs, (SOALP) Failed to submit to ARRL on time!
ARRL 10 Meter:  325,704 Pts, 665 QSO, 164 Mults, 18-Hrs (SOUQRP).
Results:  #2 USA, #1 NTX & WGD
Number One Christmas Carol Special Event: 680 QSO, 48 ST, 7 VE, 11 DX, 13 Hrs.
ARRL SS CW: 115,020 Pts, 710 QSO, 81 Mults, 20-Hrs, SOLP.
Results:  #4 NTX, #4 WGD
ARRL SS Phone: 119,520 Pts, 772 QSO, 83 Mults (Sweep), 20-Hrs, SOLP. Results:  #2 NTX, #2 WGD
CQWW DX CW:  1,129,140 Pts, 844 QSO, 492 Mults, 29-Hrs SOAB(A) LP. Results:  #3 W5, #11 Zone 4, #30 USA
CA QSO Party: 103,240 Pts, 750 QSO, 58 Mults, 20-Hrs.Results:  #1 TX LP, #2 TX All, #4 USA LP, #11 USA
NY QSO Party:  9,776 Pts, 131 QSO, 47 Mults, 7-Hrs. Results:  #1 TX LP, #5 USA, #6 World

CQWW SSB:  940,950 Pts, 857 QSO, 410 Mults, 26-Hrs (SOALP)  Results: #2 TX, #2 W5, #6 Zone 4, #16 USA, #40 World.
CWOps Open: 34,471 Pts, 351 QSO, 283 Mults, 7-Hrs (SOLP). Results:  SECC Team, 2d CWOps Open Team.
TN QSO Party: 9,600 Pts, 69 QSO, 50 Mults, 3-Hrs (SO Mixed LP). Results:  #8 USA, #2 TX  
AR QSO Party: 538 Pts, 19 QSO 13 Mults, 3-Hrs (SOLP)  (Not Submitted)
SC QSO Party: 432 Pts, 22 QSO 13 Mults, 2-Hrs (SOLP).  
Results: #6 USA, #1 in TX in Class SOLP Mix
Salmon Run: 11,400 Pts, 133 QSO, 30 Mults, 6-Hrs (SOLP) Results: #12 World-Wide, #1 in TX (Salmon Prize)
TX QSO Party: 295,464 Pts, 792 QSO, 156 Mults, 15-Hrs (SOLP) Results:  #3 in Class SO-MIX
NAQP SSB:   66,600 Pts, 600 QSO, 111 Mults (SOLP) Results: #59 USA, #5 in TX
Kansas QSO Party: 180 Pts, 7 QSO, 5 Mults (SOLP)  (Not Submitted)
Ohio QSO Party: 5,457 Pts. 72 QSO, 51 Mults (SOLP)  (Not Submitted)
Colorado QSO Party: 8,256 Pts, 65 QSO 43 Mults (SO Mixed LP)Results: #3 Out-of-State, #1 TX
IARU HF World Championship: 336,380 Pts, 900 QSO, 121 Mults (SO Mixed LP) Results:  #3 West Gulf, #1 NTX
NAQP RTTY: 368 Pts, 112 QSO, 30 Mults (SOLP)  (Not Submitted)
Alabama QSO Party: 4,698 Pts, 57 QSO, 36 Mults (28 Counties) (SOLP) Results: #12 Out-of-State USA, #1 TX
ARRL June VHF QSO Party: 2,646 Pts, 63 QSO, 42 Grids (SOLP CW) Results: #17 West Gulf, #7 in NTX
ARRL Field Day: Class 2E 3,606 Pts, 1,100 QSO. Results:  #11 in USA and #1 in NTX 

HamCom in Plano Texas June 2014 Attendee:

Eric, WA6HHQ CEO of Elecraft and Jim,        Keith, NM5G presents Jim, N1CC with the
N1CC discuss K3/100 and Mount Shasta.      3rd  Place SOLP TX Plaque for the 2013
Eric has flown next to the mountain many       TQP at HamCom 2014
times, met at HamCom 2014.

CQ WPX CW: (NE5LL) 1,211 QSO, 630 Mults, 1,697,850 Pts (SOLP[A]). Results: #1 5th Call Area #7 in NA
Georgia QSO Party:  47,291 Pts, 225 QSO, 131 Mults, 12 Hrs.Results:  Winner US/VE Mixed
Florida QSO Party: 160,920 Pts, 428 QSO, 108 Mults 67 , 16 Hrs
(SOLP[A]).. Results: #2 USA, #1 TX 
ARRL DX CW: 1,096 QSO, 278 DXCC Countries, 901,554 Pts (SOLP)Results:  West Gulf #2 and North NTX #1
CQ WPX SSB: (NE5LL) 1,300 QSO, 710 Mults, 2, 218,750 Pts (SOLP[A]).
Results:  USA  #3, W5 #1, Texas #1
ARRL DX SSB: 980 QSO, 261 DXCC Mults, 755,595 Pts (SOLP)Results: West Gulf #3 and NTX #1
North Carolina QSO Party: 148 QSO, 63 NC Counties (SOLP) Results: #7 SO Out-of-State, #1 for Texas
First Centennial Round from Texas: QSOs made as W1AW/5 Texas 2,367 on 17M CW Only, 100 Watts.

Notes: I do not participate in eQSL, QRZ Log, or Logbook. Frankston is located in TWO Texas counties. I am in Henderson County, not Anderson.

Opinion: I prefer real operating on the air, and am not into Internet or Social Networking. The new concept of "Remote" where people use a station many miles or thousands of miles from where they actually are is interesting, however, not something that I would consider doing under normal conditions. It is my opinion that  those stations should have to be assigned a special honor-bound category of "Remote" and scored in a different category than conventional physical site + operator stations, so that people you call know you are "spoofing" your actual physical location at a virtual site. (Recent ARRL and CQ Contest Changes aside, I prefer the "old" method... be THERE!)

I will QSL via the ARRL Bureau system, direct, and LoTW.

73, Jim

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