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PA7R Netherlands flag Netherlands

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Hello OM,

Welcome on my site ! From May 23 2011, till May 25 2012, my Novice license call was PD0RW.
I passed the Full License Exam (ITU-CEPT F-license T/R 61-01)
on 9 May , 2012


Info HAM Radio Station PA7R :


Location: ITU Region #1, ITU Zone #27, CQ Zone #14, Grid Locator JO33GA.
DXCC Entity #263, Continent EU, The Netherlands.

European PSK Club Member EPC #18432
Digital Modes Club Member DMC #4543
30MDG Member Number #6363
Hellenic Phase Shift Keying Club HPC #519

eQSL Only ! Please do not send QSL Cards in respect of the Environment ! Save Trees !


Brief History:
SWL since 1970 with a Blaupunkt Ideal Lido ( Type V 93400 from 1965 ,now RIP ), and in the year 1975 I met PA0WJT and his hobby and thanx to him I have been radioactive from 1976 with small transistor FM transmitters
Experimenting in 1977 with a Siemens PC-100 ( a Rockwell 6502 Kit clone) and BASIC in 4K RAM...
At the age of fourteen I purchased a new Hycom CB4000 22ch CB set and a Kathrein half wave CityStar in 1980 for 11 Meter (27Mc) and .... one year later sold everything for a Sinclair ZX81 Computer Kit imported from the UK

In 1995 packet radio (AX25) was hot. Online with F6FBB and 3 TNC`s with WA8DED Hostmode (TF2.7b NORDLINK DAMA Meister). On 27MC my callsign was CB4RWT and HomeBBS name was NL3ASN
My transceiver in those days was a President George 40 CH CEPT , which I still own.

Tranceivers with a die-cast front,real heavy knobs and real (as in non-SMD) components have my attention. The build quality of those transceivers are not found in modern amateur radio equipment.

After 25 years or more, they can work just as new when properly adjusted, modified or upgraded. Parts, Service Manuals, and of course the info at groups.yahoo.com are still available, and if repair is needed,this is much easier than SMD equipped sets.

For the Kenwood TS series before 1991 almost all parts can be replaced by substitutes of readily available common equivalent parts, easily obtained, which are not expensive, and often of higher quality than original parts. In most instances for the Kenwood TS series there is no reason to abandon the radio because a part is not available from Kenwood. You can use standard off the shelf modern equivalent capacitors, resistors, ICs and often equivalent (or with better specs) replacement transistors / FET`s. There is a german way of expression of improving the original: Besser als neu!

Because time is precious, I have outsourced some of my repair projects to Leo, PA0LMD, see : http://radioamateurshop.nl/

But time moves on, so I combine for example newer cheap RTL 2832 SDR technology or the FiFi SDR with the old-school down/up conversion technology`with the use of the buffered IF frequency of the transceiver , I think its the best of analog and digital technology together, at this moment. See for some ideas : http://www.rtl-sdr.com/

Running the following SDR software: PowerSDR Si570,SDR#, HDSDR,and the awesome sdr-radio.com software from Simon Brown. For more info about his project,look at : http://sdr-radio.com/
I like to experiment with (newer) digital modes like BPSK, JT65-HF and JT-9 and protocols with low power. Power level most of the time is 20 Watt PEP. If conditions are good, all I need is 5 Watt PEP.
Receiving and decoding signals with the following software : GNU-Radio under Kali/Xubuntu/Linux Mint, SDR#, HDSDR. SDR-Radio.com,SIGMIRA,Sorcerer,Digital Master 7.80, Fldigi, CW Decoder, CWSkimmer, HF-JT65A,WSJT-X, Spectrum Lab

Together with the excellent receivers at : http://www.websdr.org/, and especially the receiver at : http://www.nachtuilen.net/ who samples the entire HF spectrum at once,its possible to receive and decode multiple signals from multiple frequency ranges, with multiple sessions, on multiple computers. ( 220+ sessions are no problem for the websdr server). No need for a FlexRadio or an Apache-labs ANAN 100x anymore....


My (almost) invisible stealth antenna`s


01) Homebrew Multiband EndFed, with a 2:16 windings = 1:64 autotransformer and 23 Meter copper/steel (WD-1/TT) longwire for 40M, 80M and 160 Meters, no coils or traps, matched with a MFJ-934 (T-Type) Tuner, 13M asl (above sea level) Max efficiency of a EndFed is about 60%, so on 7 Mhz, with 20 Watts PEP, about 8 Watts PEP is lost, mostly due transformer losses / heat in the ferrite core.
02) Homebrew Indoor Magnetic Loop from 2cm aluminium strips,placed in my attic ,4 Meter circumfence mainly used for 20M, 30M and 40M BPSK31, JT-65 HF, JT-9 Digital Modes and a VCI Vectronics VC300M (T-Type) Tuner for finetuning.
03) MFJ 935B,Small, High efficiency Loop Tuner for 3.5-30 Mhz and a magnetic loop from aluminium strips, 2M CU or 4M CU
04) Homebrew Magnetic Loop (2M circumfence) made of an Aluminimum Bicycle Wheel for 10M-12M-15M-17M-20M
05) Dual Portable Magnetic Loop by PD7MAA 10-80M and a Loop tuner
06) Homebrew Indoor Magnetic Loop from 15mm Copper pipe 4 Meter circumfence , for 20M, 30M and 40M

07) SGC SG-230 Smart Tuner with 30M End Fed antenna for 10M - 160M for field days
08) MFJ 16010 (L-type) Travel Tuner with a Portable Rescue Vessel Vertical 4M long, for 10M-12M-15M-17M-20M

09) Portable MFJ 900 (T-Type) Tuner for 10 - 80M with 30M End Fed or ZS6BKW Multiband Dipole 2 * 14M
10) MFJ 902 (L-Type) Travel Tuner for 10M - 80M and a bunch of Random Wires ;-)
11) MFJ 971 (T-Type) Travel Tuner for 10M - 80M and a DV27S for 10M
12) MFJ 904 (L-Type) Travel Tuner for 10M - 80M with a 1:
9 Unun transformer End Fed , for field days
13) MFJ 941B VersaTuner II (T-Type) for 10m-160M, in use in bypass mode as a SWR/Watt meter

14) AEA Isoloop Magnetic loop, with the IT-1 Autotuner, the IT-1 Coupler and the LC-1 Loop Controller. in mint condition, never used outside !

My visible antenna`s


1) ZS6BKW multiband dipole antenna 6M-80M,with two legs,2 x 13.75M each ,20M top, with 1:1 Balun and 12.2M 450 ohm ladder line feeder


2) Homebrew Multiband End Fed Antenna with a 1:9 unun with common-mode current filter for 10M-40M ,with 10M copper/steel (WD-1/TT) wire on a 12M (39 Ft) GFK (glassfiber) mast tuned with the LDG AT-200Pro Autotuner.

MFJ-934 Antenna tuner / Artificial ground in mint condition 10M-160M


Vectronics VC-300M Tuner 10M-160M
MFJ 900 Econotuner ( backup) 10M-80M


MFJ 935B Magnetic Loop Tuner 10M-40M
MFJ 16010 Random wire Antenna Tuner, superb for end fed antenna`s 10M-160M

Travelloop Dual Magnetic loop Tuner by PD7MAA 10M-80M
MFJ 904 DeLuxe Travel Tuner


_ _

SGC SG-230 Automatic Tuner 10M-160M
MFJ-971 Portable Tuner 10M-80M
MFJ-902 Travel Tuner 10M-80M


MFJ-941B Versa Tuner II 10M-160M
LDG AT-200Pro Autotuner 10M-160M

Transformer/ multiband EF picture made by John, PD7MAA



Magloop from Alu bicycle wheel and coupling loop, in my living room. With BPSK-31 and 35 Watts contacts in Europe are easily possible (<5000 KM),
because of the vertical polarization. Next picture, a d
etail of the GRC-9 Capacitor. Last picture a closeup with the RF choke. The disconnected wire is for more capacity for 30M-40M


AEA Isoloop, plus Autotuner IT-1, Coupler, plus Loop Controller LC-1


01) Homebrew Indoor Dual Band Popovic Dipole antenna for 70CM / 2M
02) Indoor Telescopic Dipole for 2M
03) Homebrew Indoor Popovic Dipole for 4M (2 legs, 1 Meter each)
04) Homebrew Indoor Popovic Dipole for 70CM (2 legs, 50CM each, see picture below)
05) HB9CV Dipole for 70CM by made by EPS Antennas

Dual band Popovic Dipole Antenna for 70CM and 2M
1/4 wave on 2M and 5/8 Wave on 70cm


Receive only:

01) PA0RDT MiniWhip Antenna 10Khz-30Mhz
02) SWL Active Magnetic Receiving Loop 100Khz - 21MHz,


Dual PA0RDT MiniWhip wth optional 10uH coil
PA0RDT antenna in waterproof housing, Power insert, and DC 12V 500mA power supply

TRX Equipment:


01) Kenwood TS-940S, yes, with the Automatic Antenna Tuner, with the PIEXX Serial Interface Board / CR 2032 Memory Backup Cell Clip Holder upgrade (150Khz-30 Mhz_AM/FM/USB/LSB/CW, 5-100 Watt) & the Kenwood MC-90 Desktop Mic with a Shure SM58 SE Mic element
02) Kenwood TS-930S #1, also with the Automatic Antenna Tuner and modified with the PIEXX Digital Board and modified PSU / Air cooling fans, all Kenwood Service Bulletin and W6NL mods, TX DC Solid State Relais (150Khz-30 Mhz_AM/USB/LSB/CW, 5-100 Watt) & Kenwood MC-85 Deskmic or Turner +3 Desktop mic
03) Kenwood TS-930S #2, of course with the Automatic Antenna and with the 500Hz CW filter / 2.4 Khz SSB filters (0-30 Mhz_AM/USB/LSB/CW, 5-100 Watt)
04) Kenwood TS-930S #3, again, with the Automatic Antenna Tuner and modified with the PIEXX Digital Board and modified PSU / Air cooling fan with all KB2LJJ Mods plus the 500Hz CW filter / 2.4 Khz SSB filters, TX DC Solid State Relais (150Khz-30 Mhz_AM/USB/LSB/CW, 5-100 Watt) with the 5 pin SBE (Belcom) 100X Desktop Mic
05) Kenwood TS-830S #1 "Gold Edition" with new HV caps, new 6146B PA Tubes,and a new 12BY7A Driver tube, All filters, AT-230 Antenna Tuner & SP-230 Speaker (1.8, 3.5,7,10,14,18,21,24,28,29 Mhz_LSB/USB/CW Wide/CW Narrow, 100 Watt) & FiFi SDR (used as IF 8.83 Mhz Panadapter) & HAM International TW-232S Deskmic
06) Kenwood TS-830S #2 "Gold Edition" with new HV Caps, new 12BY7A driver tube, and new Matsushita S2001 Finals and with the 455Khz SSB filter, (1.8, 3.5,7,10,14,18,21,24,28,29 Mhz_LSB/USB/CW Wide/CW Narrow, 100 Watt) &Tigertronics USB SignaLink USB soundcard Radio Interface & Turner +3B Deskmic
07) Kenwood TS-180S #1 with the WARC Kit (1.8,3.5,7,10,14,18,21,28,29_Mhz_FSK/LSB/USB/CW 100 Watt) & Kenwood Dynamic Mic or the 4 pin SBE (Belcom) 100X Desktop Mic
08) Kenwood TS-180S #2 (1.8,3.5,7,14,21,28,29_Mhz_FSK/LSB/USB/CW 100 Watt) & Kenwood Dynamic Mic
09) Kenwood / Trio TS-130S (3.5,7,10,14,18,21,24,28,29_Mhz_LSB/USB/CW 100 Watt) & Kenwood MC35s Handmic & Homebrew Sound Card interface with optocouplers / Konig dual Serial2USB converter
10) Kenwood TS-430S Modified (150Khz-30 Mhz AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW 100 Watt) & Kenwood MC35s
11) Kenwood TS-530SP (1.8,3.5,7,10,14,18,21,24,28,29_Mhz_LSB/USB/CW 100 Watt) & Turner SSK (Refurbishing, defect bandswitch)
12) Icom IC-735 Modified, (100Khz-30Mhz, All Mode 10-100 Watt) with the Icom HM-12 Electret Condenser Mic, with a Icom CAT-IV to USB  interface
13) Icom IC-7000, Modified (30Khz-200 Mhz , 400-470 Mhz All Mode 1-100 Watt on HF) & Astatic D104-M6 Mic & USB CAT/Audio Interface, + PSK Audio cable Interface
14) Icom IC-M710 MF/HF Marine Transceiver Modified (30Khz-30 Mhz AM/LSB/USB/CW/FSK 20/60/150 Watt PEP & Kenwood MC43S 500ohm) & Konig (Prolific chipset) Serial2USB converter + Icom IC-M710 Control Panel or N3ZH Ham Radio Integrator + BR-Universal-Filt DSP filter
15) Kenwood TS-480 SAT (150Khz-50 Mhz All Mode, 5-100 Watt) & Behringer DI-20 DI Box Sound card interface/Homebrew PTT Interface & Acer Aspire 1700 Laptop with Digital Master 780/ FLDigi / MRP40/WSJT-X
16) Yaesu FT-757GX MK1 #1 (500Khz-30 Mhz All Mode, 5-100 Watt) & Yaesu MH-1 Dynamic Mic
17) Yaesu FT-757GX MK1 #2 (500Khz-30 Mhz All Mode, 5-100 Watt) & Yaesu MH-1 Dynamic Mic
18) Yaesu FT-450 AT (100Khz-50 Mhz All Mode, 5-100 Watt) & Turner JM +3 or Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC200 with the Electro-Harmonix 12AU7-A / ECC82-EH triode tube & Behringer B-5 or B1 Condenser Mic under CAT Control with Ham Radio de Luxe v5.11
19) Yaesu FT-817 (100Khz-50 Mhz , 140-150 Mhz, 420-440 Mhz All Mode QRP 0.5-5 Watt) & Yaesu MH-67A8J (Electret) Mic  & Tigertronics USB SignaLink USB soundcard Radio Interface and, if conditions are really bad, Connex TX-200 2.5W PEP input / 30W PEP Output HF Amplifier
20) Yaesu FT-897 (100Khz-56 Mhz , 136-160 Mhz, 420-470 Mhz All Mode 5-20 Watt VHF/UHF) & Yaesu MH-59A8J Remote Control DTMF (Electret) Mic & CAT Control with Bluetooth adapter interface and Ham Radio de Luxe v5.11, or the Android Remote Control App from YO3GXX
21) Clansman PRC-320 UK (1.6-30 Mhz 5-30 Watt) , AM/USB/CW
22) Emperor TS-5010 (26-30 Mhz All Mode 15W FM / 30 Watt PEP) & Densei EC-2002 Electret Mic,or Turner +3, or Turner +3B, or Turner Expander 400, or Turner Expander 500, or Turner JM +2, or Turner JM +3, or Turner SSK, or Leson TW 232S, or Sadelta Echo Master Plus Classic, Or Sadelta Bravo,or Piezo DX-354, or Piezo DX-358, or Pan international Desktop Mic, or Astatic 878HL,or Pewe MD132D2OA Desktop Mic, or Ham International TW-232DX , or Ham Master 4500, or Ham Master 4200, or Miranda Amplified Mic, or Monacor DM-233, or Monacor ECM-220, or Pan International EBP-2001, or Peiker TM-110, or Leson CH-229,or HyGain Hy-Power Desktop Mic.
23) President Lincoln / Uniden HR-2830 #1 Philippines version (26-30 Mhz All Mode 15W FM / 30 Watt PEP) & Turner +3B Desktop Mic
24) President Lincoln / Uniden HR-2830 #2 Chinese version (26-30 Mhz All Mode 12W FM / 20 Watt PEP) & Peiker TM-110 or Zetagi MB+5 Desktop Mic
25) President Lincoln / Uniden HR-2830 #3 Philippines version (26-30 Mhz All Mode 15 Watt FM / 30 Watt PEP) & Peiker TM-110 Mic
26) President George Multinorm CEPT 40 Channel AM/FM/USB/LSB & Peiker TM-110 Amplified Mic
27) Skiptech TI-4000 40 Channel FM CEPT PR27-NL
28) Magnum 257 V2 (25.615-30 Mhz AM/FM/USB/LSB 15W FM 35 Watt PEP) & Maas Amplified Mic



Kenwood TS-940 SAT
PIEXX Digital Serial Interface Board plus Eprom, and a new CR2032 memory backup cell clip holder, Kenwood TS-940 SAT re-assembled
Kenwood TS-930 SAT#1, ok its not my own picture, but it is a nice picture  (replacements LEDs will make it look even better...)
Kenwood TS-930 SAT#2 (original)


Kenwood TS-830S #1
Icom IC-7000, its my light field set, in mint condition, together with a 30 Amp Switched Power Supply,and a MFJ 904 De Luxe travel Tuner in a metal suitcase
Kenwood TS-830S #2 with a mint face plate and a repainted cabinet.(real picture, watch the dial lights,they are blue!)


Kenwood TS-480 SAT, in mint condition
Yaesu FT-450-AT, in mint condition
Kenwood TS-430S with FM option , and the YK-88S 2.4 Khz SSB filter, in a nice used condition. This set is over 30 years old, but works superb! I use it for my HF HAM experiments. The cabinet is repainted with Hammerite dark-grey metal paint
Kenwood TS-530SP  in a nice used condition, I am currently refurbishing  this unit, and looking for a new RFBoard.


Behringer MIC200 tube pre-amplifier with a Electro-Harmonix 12AU7-A / ECC82-EH tube , my current Setup. The ECC82-EH has less gain (factor 20), but sounds very clean.
Behringer MIC100 tube pre-amplifier with a Bugera 12AX7-D / ECC83 tube. This tube has a very high gain (factor 100), plus a nice, clean  sound
Behringer B-5 condenser mic (backup mic)
Behringer ECM8000 Ultra lineair measurement condenser mic (backup mic)
Behringer B-1 condenser mic, with shockmount (current setup)
Shure SM-58 SE Dynamic Mic, with the Behringer Shark DSP110 if want to use noise cancelling
Behringer Rack with UltraGain Pro MIC2200, Multicom Pro, Virtualizer DSP 1000,and a Behringer Ultra Graph Pro. (setup for audio pre-amplification / shaping)

In front of the rack the you see the switchbox with the red PTT switch, with a DIN plug for the external footswitch.
Behringer Shark DSP110, with Feedback destroyer, Noise-Gate, Compressor, Condensor Mic-Pre-Amp
Behringer Ultra-DI DI20 (or is it D120?) Di-Box / Splitter/ Ground Lifter

Behringer Mini MIC Model MIC800 VTC Tube modeling pre-amplifier



Yaesu FT-897 with Full RX/TX, in mint condition (HF/2M/70CM/SWL set) with the BlueTooth CAT control and YO3GXX FT 8X7 Android Remote Control App. I use it for my VHF/UHF HAM experiments.
Yaesu FT-757GX MK1,  #1 with Full RX/TX. My portable QRO Field set #1, together with a Telecom HV-830NF 25 Amps switched PSU
Yaesu FT-757GX MK1,  #2 with Full RX/TX. My portable set for HAM experiments
Icom IC-735 with Full RX/TX,in mint condition (backup set)


Yaesu FT-817 in mint condition. Its my QRP set, 12V max. DC input / 5 Watt HF output, Amateur bands only
Connex TX-200 Amp, 3-30 Mhz, switchable 10db Pre-amp, 5-Pole 30 Mhz Chebychev RF output Filter, Class AB1, 3 power settings with 5 watts input, 50, 120 or 200 watts PEP, with 2.5 watts input 30,60, or 100 Watts PEP output.
Clansman PRC-320UK Military HF set


Trio (Kenwood) TS-130S, my portable Field QRO set #2,with green meter & dial lights, with a new faceplate and repainted cabinet.
together with a HAM PC-30SW switched 30 Amps PSU
Kenwood TS-180S, my HF set in my living room, fully alligned,with new knobs, and a Nissei PS30 SWII 30 Amps switched PSU


F-PA7R/P Portable Station with the Trio (Kenwood) TS-130S, Yaesu FT-817 and the MFJ 904 Travel Tuner, with 10M wire, 2m counterpoise
Picture of a supersweeper screen PSK31 with DM780 in the evening, digital modes are perfectly suited for a camping site!


Livingroom shack #2:
From top to down: detail picture of the modified Condor 3000 plus basestation, Kenwood TS-180S, Kenwood TS-830S and the heavy modified TS-930 SAT.
The Condor 3000/ Ascom SE-550 is just like new, with the originial Ascom CTCSS board installed
Next picture is a detail picture of the modified Condor 3000, The Icom IC-M710, Kenwood TS-180S, Kenwood TS 830S, and the heavy modified TS-930 SAT.
The Deskmike is a amplified SBE (Belcom)100X . This mic is immune to RF problems
Which is the best Kenwood? The Kenwood TS-180S is the most sensitive, The Kenwood TS-830S and TS-930S receiver perfomance are equal, but the SSB voices I hear on the Kenwood TS-930S have the best natural sound.

Icom IC-M710 MF/HF Marine Transceiver , NTIA HF Standards compliant, capable of 100% Duty Cycle @ 150Watts PEP , with all ITU channels, fully programmable from 30Khz (!) till 30Mhz, 
with a Homebrew CAT/Audio Interface,
Serial2USB cable, and M710 Control Panel or HRD/N3ZH HRI Radio Integrator software.
The modem interface combines a CAT and audio interface together, with only one cable. N3ZH HRI with HRD/Digital Master 780, its a fine heavy duty,
digital station

Icom IC-M710 CAT/Audio + Interface cable (Icom IC-M710 combined Computer Serial / Audio port:)

(9-pin D male) (9-pin D female)    
Icom IC-M710 PC Sample Color
NMI+ (5) TxD (3) Red
NMO+ (7) RxD (2) Yellow
NMI- (6) GND (5) Green
GND (9) GND (5) Green
Shell / Shield Shell / Shield  
Audio out:      
Icom IC-M710 PC Sample Color
MOD+ (1) Headphones+ Brown
MOD- (2) Shield White
Audio In:      
Icom IC-M710 PC   Sample Color
AF+ (3) Mic+   Gray
AF- (4) Shield Blue

Connect M710 Remote Dsub 9 Pins #1 MOD+ and #2 MOD- to a 600 ohm to 600 ohm audio transformer
to the laptop headphones out 3.5mm plug tip and shield.
Connect M710 Remote Dsub 9 pins #3 AF+ and #4 AF- to a 600 ohm to 600 ohm audio transformer
to the laptop MIC in 3.5mm plug tip and shield.

Screenshot of Icom M710 Control Panel

Screenshot of the Radio Control part of Ham Radio Integrator by N3ZH. It is a Java application suite, to control the Icom IC-M710 with CAT control

Screenshot of the Main part of Ham Radio Integrator by N3ZH. HRI can also connect to Ham Radio de Luxe/ Digital Master 7.80. HRI passes the CAT commands to Digital Master through TCP/IP.


Screenshot of BPQ32 AX25 Nodeswitch  with the UZ7HO Sound card TNC on port 2. BPQ32 is controlling the Icom IC-M710 in remote mode, through the RIG CONTROL feature. (BPQ32 v6.0.10.1 or higher)
The UZ7HO soundcard TNC uses DTR/RTS PTT on G8BPQ Virtual ComPort 7. BPQ32 detects this RTS/DTR PTT and transfers it into an Icom IC-M710 CAT PTT command on Prolific USB2serial COM Port 10.
Thanks to John , G8BPQ who made this feature available for the Icom IC-M710.

I have the following items on my wishlist,

- Robust Packet Network APRS setup, plus a  AX25 Client like APRSISCE/32 through the UZ7HO Sound card TNC on port 2
- Airmail connectivity with the WINMOR Soundcard TNC through BPQ Hostmode, on port 3
- Interface to CCW APRS Messenger, with the Cross Country Wireless AX25-SCS DSP Sound card TNC on port 4
- This means 3 Sound card TNC`s at once, through one physical sound card. I planning to use the Icom IC-7000 for this setup



Screenshot of the Free Audio DSP program BR-universal-Filt I use, Left Input signal, right output with DSP, in this example a 290Hz-3310Hz passband  filter combined with a Dynamic Noise filter. 
I use this software for SSB Voice / CW enhancement


Screenshot of one of the many filter settings in BR-universal-Filt. In this screenshot the IIR filter is active.


Screenshot of the Free Spectran V2 FFT Audio analyzer, used as a DSP Filter (De-noiser, Bandpass, and/or Notch filter)


Screenshot of the Free DSP Filter Program, in passthrough mode (no LMS/Median de-noise filters active)

I redirect the audio signal to DM780 with the Free VB-Audio Virtual Cable.  , other DSP programs are SpectranV2, and DSPFilter 
On the IC-M710, use AGC off, and reduce the RF-Gain, to attentuate the strong signals in order to copy the very weak DX signals.
The BR-universal-Filt / DSPFilter/ SpectranV2  DSP tool works perfect in Windows7 32 Bit, with no latency on a laptop with just a Celeron 1.8 Ghz processor

Screenshot of the Free VB-Audio Virtual Control Panel

Screenshot of the Free VB-Voicemeeter. With this tool you can monitor or enhance your DSP filtered audio.

Screenshot of the free tool VSTHostWith this tool you can use professional VST plugins (Steinberg, or third party). Install just your favorite DSP effect or filter.
For a list of free or professional VST plugins see :
In this screenshot you see the Chebyshev wave form filter in series with the Noise reduction Filter, and the SoniqWare 7 bands Parametric Equalizer
VSTHost works fabulous on a Intel Core I5 @ 1.8 Ghz / Windows7 32 Bit. 

Screenshot of the Digital Master 7.80 connected with HRD IP server under Xubuntu/Wine with HRI (Java) controlling the Icom IC-M710 with a FDTI Serial2USB adapter.
Everything works (as in receiving and transmitting) , except the macros in DM780.

President Lincoln/ Uniden HR-2830#1 and #3 Philippines version. Its a classic 10m radio, and looks/works just like new. Not bad for a 25 year old rig!
My favourite microphone for this rig is a Turner +3B. Together they produce a beautiful SSB audio signal. The set is also suitable for a 10M low power beacon.


Emperor TS-5010, in mint condition, it looks a lot like the President Lincoln/ Uniden HR-2830 10M Radio and works just as good
It also has memories, and a battery backup

Magnum 257 (V2 with blue display) Its a President Lincoln clone, but without the SWR bridge

President Lincoln/ Uniden HR-2830#2 Chinese version. The Final in this unit is a 2SC1945, 12 Watts FM,12 Watt AM, 20 Watts SSB

VHF / UHF Only:

01) Condor 46  #1 + Base Station (Teletron TMC-87) 1-10 Watt for 70CM FM with modified VfOZA software with CTCSS & Peiker TM-168 Amplified Mic
02) Condor 46  #2 + Mobile Station (Teletron TMC-87) 1-10 Watt for 70CM FM with modified VfOZA software & Peiker TM-110 amplified Mic powered by a 7.2 Ah Gel battery
03) Condor 46  #3 (Teletron TMC-87) 1-10 Watt for 70CM FM with modified VfOZA software with CTCSS & Monacor ECM-220 Mic
04) Condor 3000 #1 (Ascom SE-550 / Efcyvox M-3000) with full keyboard, 1-15 Watt for 70CM FM with PA4DEN software & Peiker TM-110 Amplified Mic

05) Condor 3000 #2 (Ascom SE-550 / Efcyvox M-3000) with simple keyboard, 1-15 Watt for 70CM FM with PA4DEN software & Peiker TM-110 Amplified Mic
06) Condor 3000 #3 (Ascom SE-550 / Efcyvox M-3000) with full keyboard, 1-15 Watt for 70CM FM with PA4DEN software with CTCSS & Peiker TM-110 Amplified Mic

07) Condor 4000 (Ascom SE-550 + Base Station) with full keyboard, 1-15 Watt for 70CM FM with PA4DEN software with CTCSS & Piezo DX-358 Deskmic or Densei EC-2013 pre-amplified Mic
08) Condor 3000 #4 (Ascom SE-550 / Efcyvox M-3000) with full keyboard, 1-15 Watt for 2M FM with PA4DEN software with CTCSS & Peiker TM-110 Amplified Mic
09) Teletron TMC-84 1-10 Watt for 80Mhz FM (PLL is locking between 69-88 Mhz, but the unit is only sensitive from 74-88 Mhz) with modified VfOZA software & Peiker TM-110 Amplified Mic
10) Condor 16 #1 (Teletron TMC-82) 1-10 Watt for 2 FM Meter with VfOZA software & PAN EPB 2001 Monacor ECM-220 Mic
11) Condor 16 #2 + Base Station (Teletron TMC-82) 1-10 Watt for 2M FM with modified VfOZA software with CTCSS & Peiker TM-168 Amplified Mic
12) Condor 46  #4 + Base Station (Teletron TMC-82) 1-10 Watt for 70CM FM with modified VfOZA software with CTCSS & Peiker TM-168 Amplified Mic
13) Condor Standard (Ascom SE-540) 10 Watt for 2 Meter FM with 72 Channels & Peiker TM-110 Amplified Mic
14) Pye / Philips MX-294 15 Watt modified for 144.500 - 145.800 Mhz FM (12.5 Khz steps)
15) Alinco DJ-S41C Modified for 400-470 Mhz 50 mWatt - 340 mWatt FM
16) Yaesu VX-7R #1 Porto plus Yaesu CMP460A Mic 0.5-5 Watt, Modified for 40 Mhz, 6M, 4M, 2M, and 70CM AM/FM/WFM
17) Yaesu VX-7R #2 Porto  0.5-5 Watt,  2M, and 70CM AM/FM/WFM
18) Yaesu FT-530 Porto 0.5-5 Watt for 2M / 70CM AM/FM/WFM
19) Standard C-558 Porto 1-5 Watt for 2M / 70CM AM/FM/WFM
20) Standard C-628 Porto 1-5 Watt for 70CM / 23CM AM/FM/WFM

21) Ascom SE-550 #1 with full keyboard, 1-15 Watt for 4M FM with PA4DEN software & Peiker TM-110 Amplified Mic
22) Ascom SE-550 #2 with full keyboard,1-15 Watt for 4M FM with UK PA4DEN / RATS V3 software & Peiker TM-110 Amplified Mic
23) Ascom SE-550 #3 with full keyboard,1-15 Watt for 4M FM with UK PA4DEN / RATS V3 software & Ascom Mic
24) Bosch KF-161 5 Watt for APRS 144.800 Mhz FM with KF-161 APRS tracker v.011
25) SEM 35 #1 1 Watt 26-70 Mhz WFM with mounting + 27,3V 700W switched PSU (Ericsson) 25 amps
26) SEM 35 #2 1 Watt 26-70 Mhz WFM with portable whip antenna + 12 NIMH-D Cell (total 14.4V)
27) SEM 25 1-15 Watt 26-70 Mhz WFM + 27,3V 700W switched PSU (Ericsson) 25 amps
28) Motorola GM-900 VHF 25 Watt 144.800 Mhz FM
29) Alinco DR-590E (130-170 Mhz 400-460 Mhz) 45/35Watt with DTMF Mic


Condor 16 / Condor 46
Condor 3000 / Ascom SE-550

Ascom SE-550 UK Version by night


Teletron TMC-84
SEM 35


SEM 25
Condor 46 (Teletron TMC-87) Mobile station 70CM with a 7.2 Ah Gel Battery, currently tuned on Coversity Network 430.275 Mhz , see http://www.coversity.nl

Alinco DR-590E, with the DTMF mic ( not in this picture)

RX/TX VOIP Equipment:

01) (Rooted) Samsung GT-S5360 "Young" Cell Phone With FM Radio,WiFi,Bluetooth & GPS
02) (Rooted) Samsung GT-S5380 ¨Ace¨ Cell phone with FM Radio,WiFi,Bluetooth &GPS
03) Samsung Note III Cell Phone With FM Radio,WiFi,Bluetooth & GPS

Using the smartphones  for:

- FM Radio 76-108 Mhz
APRS Messenger send APRS messages via the Internet
APRSdroid send aprs beacons via the Internet
APSK decode BPSK31 messages via the microphone

- Echolink VOIP Client app, with gateways to real repeaters
- Echolink finder find Echolink gateways
- ElectroDroid  useful electronic tools

- Repeater book to look up the nearest repeater (with GPS)
- glSDR PSK31 Decoder

- Internet Radio (Currently Tune In app and Radio FM app)
- Pocket RX/TX  for receiving WebSDR radio,
  and to remote control my FT-897/FT-817 
- NCDXF Beacon app
- NKCCluster app
- Morse Code Reader Morsedecoder app
- Coversity Viewer  app for viewing the repeaters in the North of the Netherlands
- DXFun cluster App
Wifi Analyzer  for analyzing wifi channels and freqs



Samsung Young S5360 
 with 32 GByte SD card
Samsung Galaxy Note III  with 64 GByte SD card

RX Equipment:


01) FiFi SDR MK1 100 Khz - 30 Mhz + PreSelector + SDR-Radio.com / HDSDR / Benito Software + Acer Aspire 1700 Laptop
02) RTL 2832 R820T Dongle 24 Mhz - 1.7 GHz & SDR# or HDSDR 
03) RTL 2832 R820T Full band SDR 100Khz - 1.7 GHz & SDR# or HDSDR, using as a PAN Adapter for the Kenwood TS-180S on 8.830 Mhz IF
04) RTL 2832 E4000 Dongle 52 Mhz - 2.2 GHz_ (with GAP) + upconverter 100 Mhz & SDR# or HDSDR
05) RTL 2832 FC0013 Dongle 22 Mhz - 1.3 GHz with SDR#
06) RTL 2832 R820T2 Dongle 24 Mhz - 1.7 GHz & SDR# or HDSDR
07) Tecsun PL-660_Receiver 100 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB Plus Airband
08) Degen DE-1103_#1_Receiver 10 Khz (!) - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
09) Degen DE-1103_#2_Receiver 10 Khz (!) - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
10) Degen DE-1103_#3_Receiver 10 Khz (!) - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
11) Yupiteru_MVT-7100_#1 Multi Band Receiver 530 Khz - 1,65 Ghz_AM/FM/WFM/SSB
12) Yupiteru_MVT-7100_#2 Multi Band Receiver 530 Khz - 1,65 Ghz_AM/FM/WFM/SSB
13) Yupiteru_MVT-7100_#3 Multi Band Receiver 530 Khz - 1,65 Ghz_AM/FM/WFM/SSB
14) Yupiteru_MVT-7000 Multi Band Receiver 8 Mhz - 1300 Mhz_AM/FM/WFM
15) Realistic PRO 2005 Scanner 25 - 550 MHz & 760 - 1300 MHz_AM/FM/WFM
16) Realistic PRO 2006 #1 Scanner 25 - 550 MHz & 760 - 1300 MHz_AM/FM/WFM
17) Realistic PRO 2006 #2 Scanner 25 - 550 MHz & 760 - 1300 MHz_AM/FM/WFM
18) Realistic PRO 2042 Scanner 25 - 550 mHz & 760-1300 MHz_AM/FM/WFM
19) Uniden GRE PSR-225 Scanner 25 - 550 MHz & 760 - 1300 MHz_AM/FM/WFM
20) Handic 0020 Scanner 68 - 88 / 108 - 136 / 138 - 174 / 380 - 470 MHz_AM/FM/WFM
21) Sony SW-7600GR_#1_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
22) Sony SW-7600GR_#2_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
23) Degen DE-1106_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz & 108 - 140 Mhz_AM/FM/WFM/SSB/ Plus AM Airband
24) Sangean ATS-505_#1_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
25) Sangean ATS-505_#2_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
26) Sangean ATS-909_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
27) Sony ICF-2001_#1_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
28) Sony ICF-2001_#2_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
29) Philips D-2935_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
30) Siemens RK-641_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
31) Siemens RK-651_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
32) Sony ICF-SW7600G_#1_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
33) Sony ICF-SW7600G_#2_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
34) Sony ICF-SW7600_#1_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
35) Sony ICF-SW7600_#2_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
36) Sony ICF-SW7600_#3_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
37) Grundig Yacht Boy 400_#1_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB_Black Edition
38) Grundig Yacht Boy 400_#2_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB_Black Edition
39) Supertech SR-16HN / Sangean ATS 803A_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
40) Tecsun PL-600_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
41) Sony ICF-2001D / Sony ICF 2010_Receiver 150 Khz - 30 Mhz & 108 - 140 Mhz_AM/WFM/SSB
42) Sony ICF-SW30_#1_ AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
43) Sony ICF-SW30_#2_ AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
44) Sony ICF-SW33_#1_ AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
45) Sony ICF-SW33_#2_ AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
46) Sony ICF-SW35_#1_ AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
47) Sony ICF-SW35_#2_ AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
48) Sony ICF-SW40_#1_ AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
49) Sony ICF-SW40_#2_ AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
50) Sony ICF-7600DA / ICF-7700_#1_ AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
51) Sony ICF-7600DA / ICF-7700_#2_ AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
52) Telefunken Bandola 201 (1969) AM/FM
53) Philips Colette Automatic P5D54T (1960) AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
54) Sony ICF-7600A_#1_ AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
55) Sony ICF-7600A_#2_ AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
56) Sony ICF-7601 AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
57) Grundig Yacht Boy 217
AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
58) Grundig Yacht Boy 220 AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
59) Grundig Yacht Boy 80 WR 5408 AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
60) Grundig Yacht Boy 206 AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
61) Philips AE 3625 AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
62) Medion E66163 AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
63) Sanyo M 9930 LU Spatial Stereo FM/MW/LW/SW Receiver
64) Audio Sonic TBS-8900 / Conion CRC-H58F Spatial Stereo FM/MW/LW/SW Receiver
65) Philips D2100 AM/FM Radio
66) Brunel 2010 AM/FM/SW World Band Receiver
67) Philips "Evoluon" AM MW Receiver

68) Telefunken AM/FM spatial stereo receiver



Fifi SDR + Pre-Selector
Chinese SDR with HF and Low Pass input filter / VHF UHF (100KHz-1.7GHz)
2 Screenshots from http://www.sdr-radio.com/
SDR# on FM Radio with the RTL2832 FC0013 Dongle

Sample of HDSDR with FiFi SDR

Screenshot of a FM receiver in GNU-Radio running in Kali Linux (in a VM under VMWare Player in Windows 7) with a RTL-SDR Fitipower FC0013 DBV-T Dongle


Screenshot of GQRX under Linux Mint 17 with a RTL-SDR Terratec Cinergy T Stick RC (Rev.3) Elonics 4000 DBV-T Dongle

Screenshot of RTLSDRScanner under Linux Mint 17 with a RTL-SDR Terratec Cinergy T Stick RC (Rev.3) Elonics 4000 DBV-T Dongle


Tecsun PL-660
Degen DE-1103
Yupiteru MVT-7100

VHF/UHF DRM / DAB / DAB+/ DVB-T Digital Receivers:

01) Morphy Richards 27024 AM/FM/DRM/DAB Radio
02) Hauppauge WinTV DVB-T Aero with WinTV 7 Free-to-Air VHF/UHF Receiver
03) Velleman DVB-T 47-860 Mhz Free-to-Air VHF/UHF Receiver
04) FitiPower RTL2832 FC0013 + SDR-J (DABStick-64 for DAB/DAB+)


Morphy Richards 27024 AM/FM/DRM/DAB Radio
Velleman DVB-T Free-to-Air VHF/UHF receiver

VHF / UHF Analog Color TV Receivers:

01) Supertech AC / DC Color TV VHF/UHF
02) Casio EV-500 Pocket TFT Color TV VHF/UHF
03) Hauppauge WinTV USB model 40202 + WinTV2000 for WinXP /Windows 7 (47-840Mhz)


Casio VHF/UHF EV-500 Pocket TV

AM/FM Receivers:

01) Luxman R-1040 Receiver Silver/ Rosewood version
Bouwers & Wilkins DM4 3-way BassReflex speakers
02) Philips 22AH794 Tuner / Amplifier
Bouwers & Wilkins 200 Series BassReflex speakers

03) Sansui R-505 Receiver Black version + Sennheiser HD 201 headphones
04) Sony SRT-DE685 Surround Receiver 5.1
Homebrew Bassbox + 2 satellites + Sonobull Centerspeaker

Luxman R1040 Silver / Rosewood
Philips 22AH794
Sony SRT DE685
Sansui R-505

Audio Amplifiers:

01) PASO PA Amplifier 20 Watt
02) 3 Watt portable external Amp USB / Li-ion accu
03) 3 Watt external bass boost Amp (plus Loudspeaker) USB/ NimH AA 3* 1.5V
04) Silver Crest 3 Watt SMA 500A1 external amp (plus Loudspeaker) USB/ Li-ion accu
05) Philips Distributed Radio Amp (with 2 UL41 tubes, plus Loudspeaker)

06) Pulse 2* 1.5 Watt portable external Amp (plus 2 Loudspeakers) USB/ NimH AA 3* 1.5V

Measuring Equipment:

01) Leader LBO-5880 30Mhz programmable oscilloscope, sometimes used as a DeLuxe station Monitor
02) KPO SX-600 1.6-500 Mhz PEP SWR / Power Meter
03) MiniVNA Antenne Analyzer 100Khz - 180 Mhz
04) MFJ-269B HF-VHF-UHF Antenna Analyzer

05) Peak Electronics Design Ltd. Atlas LCR40 L-C-R Meter



Leader LBO-5880 30Mhz oscilloscope (DeLuxe station Monitor)
MiniVNA Antenna Analyzer
Peak Atlas LCR-40 LCR Bridge

The Amateur's Code:

The Radio Amateur is:
Considerate... never knowingly operates in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.
Loyal... offers loyalty, encouragement and support to other amateurs, local clubs, and his or her national radio amateur association.
Progressive... with knowledge abreast of science, a well-built and efficient station and operation above reproach.
Friendly... slow and patient operating when requested; friendly advice and counsel to the beginner; kindly assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interest of others. These are the hallmarks of the amateur spirit.
Balanced... radio is an avocation, never interfering with duties owed to family, job, school, or community.
Patriotic... station and skill always ready for service to country and community.
Parts written by Paul M.Segal, W9EEA, in 1928.





Investigate, research, check the evidence, find the truth, and learn from it.

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