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  WELCOME TO CHALLENGE RADIO   -    Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

    W Ø  Electronic Radio  Experiment


W0ERE QSL'S 100%

Direct QSL only. Please send SASE for return QSL card.

The Dayton 2015 Special Event W0B mobile beacon adventure is over.  Highly successful as in the past years.  Thank you folks who sent e-mails and audio files. If there are any other stations that monitored and have reports, we sure would appreciate hearing from you.

For video and interview with K9EID, Bob Heil...... Go to......Ham Nation episode #146  http://twit.tv/show/ham-n.



W0ERE/B 30 meter Beacon*

10.12925 MHz.

*Normally the beacon is operated on the air with a Emtech base station transmiter from my home QTH

NOTE: Beacon stations do not listen for receiving signals. They are in transmit mode only. A few operators have asked me why I do not answer their call.  The fact is,  if there was a response on air, or it would not be a "BEACON STATION".

A beacon control operator monitors the transmit signal only

FCC Part 97 Rules and Regulations  97.203 (f) A beacon may transmit one-way communication.                              

All queries are welcomed  and answered by e-mail or USP                                               ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

The beacon is operated mobile periodically on long trips.

The above photo is operation as a 30 meter mobile beacon. NOTE: The beacon operation position is on the passenger side, front seat.

Identifier is W0ERE/B /M (Grid Square)

These mobile events will be listed in QST, E-HAM, QTH.COM, QRZ as to when they are scheduled to happen.

The Yaesu FT-817 runs about 3 watts output into a trailing Litz wire 8 feet high on the back end of the automobile on a hustler mast, compression connected at end of the strain relief spring. With recent experimentation we have lowered the start of the launch from 58 MPH to 45 MPH The wire rises to about 4-6 feet on the tail end. The wire is 23 feet long, with 3 feet running vertically we have reduced the total horizontal length to 20 feet. The ant. generally oscillates in a horizontal plane left/right............. total length waving behind vehicle after launching between 12 to 15 feet. When we are in slow down speed mode from highway speeds (typically 65-75 MPH) we reel in the Litz wire. The mobile beacon is a temporal operation used only on long trips. The multi trips to Dayton Hamvention with the beacon have been a great success.  Yes, a trailing wire and a tuner worked just fine, and no body even noticed the Litz wire floating behind us. As usual the warnings from the naysayers were of no matter. See the videos for simple explanation.

In the bygone days of Amateur radio, the Ham ops experiments created major developments in electronics due to experimenting with a multitude of  ideas. I am still an experimental Ham. N0SAP "SAP" and I have enjoyed trying all kinds of off the wall ideas. Stand by for more exciting experimental projects that could be shared with us.                                                                                                                                   The best hobby in the world. Enjoy Ham Radio!

For  videos of Mobile Beacon go to > YOU TUBE

Ham Nation episode #146  http://twit.tv/show/ham-n

2013 Dayton Hamvention trip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvOxun9x-ok

Initial 30 Mobile beacon test run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5igq6qw1C0w&feature=related

First actual trip to Dayton 2011           http://youtu.be/9gkrfyP2Zk




I was first licensed in 1957 as K3DPD, Stoystown, PA. My modes of transmission were AM/CW using an AT-1 Heath kit TX and a Knight kit Ocean Hopper RX. Within 6 months I set up a new station using a Viking II and National NC 100D. My antennas consisted of a ZL special beam on 15 meter and six wire constructed Omni and Directional arrays. One six meter 4 element beam constructed from heavy galvanized water pipe & using a Heath Kit Sixer. Lots of good old memories!

In 1960 while in college in St. Louis, MO. updated to advanced class and changed my call letter to W0ERE. In 1977 applied for and received a second station license, WD0AUG  While in St. Louis I met lots of legendary hams, Carl Mosley-Mosley antennas & Electronics, K9EID, Bob Heil - Heil Sound,  K0VUW, Gary, enterpunar on the lose, W0IGU, Stu Bartlett - Gateway Electronics, Bill Duborg, - Walter Ashe Radio & Ham radio Center and a bunch more.  It was a thrill to make friends with these famous hams.

I and N0SAP put on presentations of amateur radio related subjects at several colleges, schools and organizations

My main activities in amateur radio are mobile operation on HF using SSB/AM/CW modes with a ICOM 706 operating from 80 to 2 meters on all modes. Operation at home station is mostly on 80/40/20/17/10 AM SSB and CW. Starting in January, 2007 I have added 6 and 2 meter ssb as well as 440 ssb with ants on tower at 75 to 85 feet above ground. QRP is my main challenge Yaesu FT 817, Small wonder 40, two Emtech and 4 homebrewed QRP rigs.

My friend N0SAP and my self are always experimenting with antennas and ham radio gadgetry. We came up with an emergency CW paddle called the SAPALLO, built from junk parts.....ref. Dayton Hamvention 2007. This very unique paddle is written up in several publications. If your not having fun in ham radio, you need to be.

N0SAP and myself along w/ KB9YZE and K0ADI are original founders/operators of the TITANIC 4 Special event Station W0S

I am a solar QRP CW enthusiest.

Memberships -   ARRL   NARC   FIST #13318    SK #5943     NAQCC #4018             1010 #5085

I market commercial two-way radios, office equipment including copier/fax communication systems.  (RETIRED)

Some of my other interests are trips on my Harley Low Rider (FXDL) motorcycle equipped with 2 meter and public service frequencies. I am a local member of the VIPS (Volunteers in Police),CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and also a severe weather and storm spotter. I love all types of music and play harmonicas. Other interests are digital photography, landscaping, and gardening. I have eight children, 15 grand children, and two great Grandchildren, a wonderful family which I enjoy very much


Beacon Information

W0ERE/ B 10 METER AMATEUR RADIO BEACON Goal: To provide a continuous signal on the ten meter amateur radio band for propagation-related monitoring. Ten meters is particularly misunderstood regarding its MUF. If a ten meter beacon is monitored 24 hours/day you will be amazed at the unusual band conditions.W0ERE beacon operates on a 24 hours per day 7 days a week all year continually.

Down time is minimal. Power outage, maintenance, will cause the beacon to be temporarily off the air.


Call: W0ERE/ B

Freq.: 28.2828 MHz. C.W. mode

Location: Ozark, MO. Grid: EM37

Antenna: Solarcon A99

Antenna Elevation: 1370 ft. above sea level

Tx.: Radio Shack HTX100

Power: 5 watts.

Controller: ID-omatic

Beacon History: Initial operation started May 23, 1996

W0ERE/ B 10 METER AMATEUR RADIO BEACON Goal: To provide a signal on the ten meter amateur radio band for propagation-related monitoring. This beacon is operated on a sporadic basis and is used to experiment with various antennas and power levels.


Call: W0ERE/ B 

Freq.: 28.2898 MHz. C.W. mode

Location: Highlandville, MO. Grid: EM36

Antennas: as of  Sept. 15, 2010 There are 8 various arrays, some omni and some directional

Antenna Elevation: 1360 ft. above sea level

Tx.: Radio Shack HTX100

Power: 5 watts

Operation: Intermittent, Operator controlled, Experimental

Controller: ID-omatic

Beacon History: Initial operation started September 12, 2010



Goal: Promote 17 meters at unique time frames (on air at home QTH or when traveling on business trips) using various mobile antenna as to learn the characteristics of the band. This is purely a sporadic experimental beacon. On air times will be basically day time operation from the S W Mo. area


Call: W0ERE/ M /B

Freq.: 18.109 MHz C.W. Mode

Mobil Location: South west, Mo. Variable Grid EM36 EM37 EM47

​Home Location: Highlandville, Mo. EM36

Antenna mobile: 17 Meter Hustler Vertical polarization. Other antennas are periodically substituted

Home QTH variable ants

Mobile Ground Elevation: 800 to 1400 Ft. above Sea Level

Home QTH Elevation 1360 Ft. above Sea Level

Power: 5 watts

Operation: Intermittent, Operator controlled, Experimental

Beacon history: Initial operation started September 28, 2010

There are very few mobile beacons, so this will be a unique operation.

W0ERE/B 30 METER AMATEUR RADIO BEACON Goal: Promote 30 meters at unique time frames using simple antenna as to learn the characteristics of the band. This is purely experimental beacon and will not necessarily be permanent, depends on several factors. See below.


Call: W0ERE/ B  ( May 15 to 20, 2014 Special Event Cal - W0B/M/B)

Freq.: 10.12925 MHz C.W. Mode

Location: Highlandville, Mo. Grid EM36

Antenna: G5RV radiating E/W, Horizontal polarization. Other antennas are periodically substituted

Antenna Elevation: 1340 Ft. above Sea Level

Power: 3* watts.  Emtech transmitter

NOTE:  * You will hear 4 different power levels at different time frames .The easy way to ID the pwr level is, when listening to 400/900 mw the CW speed is about 10 WPM.  The 3/10 watts high power is at 20 WPM.

Periodicly I am experimenting with 10 watts.  You will know exactly the power by copying the text.                                                                   

Ref. ref. Signal reports, please include the power level that you copied. That would be very valuable and appreciated.

Operation: Intermittent, Operator controlled, Experimental

Beacon history: Initial operation started October 13, 2009

There are very few beacons on 30 Mtrs due to at least two things that compound the situation...The band being only 50 KHz wide, plus automatically controlled USA beacons are not permitted under current FCC rules.
I will consider any worth while criticism if I am causing undue QRM.
I find 30 meters to be a fascinating band along with 10 and 17 which are my favorites. The varied timing of activity is marvelous on 30 Mtrs even with fluctuation of solar activity. and other variable factors.
I am amazed at the sig. rpts. I get, using several simple antennas which are easily constructed. If you are a CW or digital operator and have not experimented on 30, I highly suggest to give it a go.
All my beacons serve multi-purposes.Most importantly, it gives the ham radio fraternity a continuous signal to work with under any & all condx.
From my personal stand point, it gives me a perspective of my RF radiation capabilities on different bands at different times of day and times of the yr. This educates me to a better understanding of the radio propagation process, which I find exceedingly interesting.
All e-mails are stored to review the reports and study them to learn more about the propagation results.
Many e-mailed audio clips have been received for my different beacons, ranging from just barely received in New Zealand to 599 daily in the eastern USA
It is very interesting..
Any reports are very much appreciated. Periodically I will transmit certain condx (ant. and pwr.) at the time of transmission. If you would, please indicate that information on the e-mail
Please send me any reports on the beacons when & if you hear them.
I am very curious to find out the DX capabilities with QRP and a Simple Ant. System
All my Beacon Frequencies are coordinated with and approved by coordinator Station WJ5O

e-mail to: erecom@hotmail.com

Cellular Telephone: (417) 839-4865

QSL: Direct, please send SASE for return card





My original station 1957 K3DPD located near Shanksville, Pa., (site of 911 attack on the USA)

I still own and use the carbon mic homebrew transmitter.




Main Station as of 1-10-14. On the right hand side of the picture is antenna patch panel for selection of 14 separate Antennas. Multi Ant. phase effect can be created through patch connectors. The alternative stations are inter connected to this mother station.


COLLIN'S S LINE  Qrp rigs MFJ, SW-40.


Station 2 and 3

Antique rigs

Drake C line ssb,am,cw

NC300 DX 100 am, cw


Station 4

QRP CW Ten Tec Century 21


Station 5

My favorite 1955 AF67 Multi-Elmac A M Station.  Rx is Drake R4A....... 3885 Kcs. and 7295 Kcs.

Emtech 30 Mtr Beacon BaseStation




Several wire arrays in this winter ice picture. The Sterba Curtain is easily seen in the foreground....look for the ladder line to I D the Sterba

Hex Beam....Experimental 6 band (6 mtrs to 20 mtrs), home brew.                             I have successfully extended the coverage to load the beam on 30, 40 and 80 mtrs.

8 of 29 antennas can be seen if you look carefully. The ice helps to identify the antennas.

3 beams on the tower

Foreground is the Sterba Curtain

Directly behind Sterba a little to left is the 40 m. Cloud Warmer

A 160 Meter inverted "v" is in the mix

Highest ant. wire is the 80 m loop w/40 m stub at 130 ft above valley floor (floor not visible)

Current antennas

Force 12 Forty Meter beam

Sterba Curtain

160 Inverted "V"

40 M Cloud warmer

3 Ea. G5RV for 3 seperate Station

Spider Antenna 20 40 80 M low level in the woods

Super mag vertical 10 15 17 20 Meters (vintage 70's)

17 Meter Loop vertically polarized

Off center Dipole

80 Meter loop with 40 Meter Stub Vertically Polarized at 130 ft

3 home brew beams on 50, 144, 440 MHz. Top beam at 85 Ft

Solarcon Vertical A99

Hy Gain TH 5 MK2 Beam 10 15 20 Meters

Mosley Diplomat 2 Meter Vertical

2 Ea. Ringo Rangers

NVIS 40 Meter with 3 ground reflectors at 7.5 Feet

20 Meter Rotatable Dipole

10 Meter Bow Tie 50's vintage

Cush Craft AV-4 Vertical

40 Foot oak Tree antenna, yes, a live Oak and it does tx and rx

660 Foot low level long wire in the woods

Barker Williamson 40 Meter Folded Dipole in woods at camp site.

Homebrew 6/9 band Hex beam

 constantly building and experimenting with different Antennas

We test them on QRP and QRPp rigs and use Remote SDR site to confirm radiation results.


440, 2 mtr, 6 mtr beams

Tower in foreground is a tilt over at 35 ft

Tower in background supports 440, 2 m, 6 m horz. beams


N0SAP, "SAP" and W0ERE.  If it is happening, we are there! My buddy, Sap and I go to every hamfest and activity that is with in 200 miles or so. We have invented built and used a lot of unique stuff.


W0ERE and K9EID at Bob's QTH

Bob and I have been ham buddies since our Saint Louis days in the early 60's.

This man is a genuine friendly and concerned ham. Beside been a long time friend he is a phenomenal innovator, manufacturer, spokesman, experimenter and extremely helpful ham mentor. No grass grows under his feet! Very proud to know Bob.





Harley Low Rider with 50 watt 2 meter rig

Thank you for viewing my site.

73, Al

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