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CU3AK Azores flag Azores

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Ham Member Lookups: 103165

 30 anos de DX 1984 -2014 nas bandas de amador
 30 years of DX 1984-2014 on the ham bands


Free Guestbook
My Guestbook

My VHF/UHF antennas at 15m high and the 

 Aero Tracking &        Maritime antennas


since 1984
Praia da Vitoria * Terceira island
Valid for the following awards
DCA (diploma dos concelhos açorianos) PV (Praia da Vitoria)
DIA (diplomas das ilhas açorianas) CU3 (Terceira Isl)
DIP (diploma das ilhas portuguesas) AZ003 (Terceira Isl)
DMP (diploma municipios portugueses) 1905 (Praia da Vitoria)
DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) VPV-07
PIP (placa das ilhas portuguesas) AC-003 (Terceira Isl)
CTWPX (Portugal prefix award) CU3
DMHP (diploma monumentos históricos Portugueses) AZ-035 (Ermida de Sao Lazaro)
ARLHS AZO-010 (Lajes)

WAB book 19696

WCA (World Castle Award):

                            (Ermida de São Lázaro) CT-00383

                                (Ermida dos RemediosCT-00381

                              (Ermida São Salvador) CT-00382

                             (Imperio da Caridade) CT-01666

                                  (Imperio dos Pescadores) CT-01672

                          (Imperio do Rossio) CT-01671

                                        (Imperio da Rua Serpa PintoCT-02018
                            (Imperio das Crianças) CT-02019

                (Forte do Porto) CT-00407

                                       (Forte Nossa Senhora da Luz CT-00374


If your call is not on my CLUBLOG and LoTW, pse email me with details, I will check it for you.




Praia da Vitória


Praia da Vitoria Jul 31 2016. From the last week of july until the end of the first week of august, we have the biggest festival in the Azores, called  "PRAIA" 2016.

31 de julho 2016. A foto foi tirada aquando o maior festival dos Açores denominado Praia 2016. Tendo como data o último fim de semana de julho até ao final do primeiro fim de semana de agosto



Terceira island


Hi Fans of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ... I have this VINYL LP album edited in 1986 by CBS inc./Printed in Holland. Total 5LP's never used, brand new, in the plastic cover wich is torn on the back. If you are interested email me.


How beautiful is the marine life in AZORES Islands

The Azores in 5K - Atlantic Ridge Productions from Atlantic Ridge Productions on Vimeo.


 Praia da Vitoria (with english subtitles)


Central group of the Azores -- Terceira - Graciosa - São Jorge - Faial - Pico island -- Beautiful video in english. Enjoy my country :)


Angra do Heroismo
World heritage city
 22km from Praia da Vitoria


Terceira island 


Visit this site and learn all about Terceira Island




ATTENTION for all my qso's outside CU3 (CU3AK) island I don't need your qsl card. If you wish to receive this card PSE only via DIRECT. You can make the payment via PAYPAL, cu3ak@sapo.pt (ask for info) This rule is for CU1/CU3AK; CU2/CU3AK; CU4/CU3AK; CU5/CU3AK; CU6/CU3AK; CU7/CU3AK; CU8/CU3AK; CU9/CU3AK

This is my new qsl card that I will send for all the above qso's. The qsl background shows a sperm whale, one of the many that cross the Azorean sea



On 07 Dez 2017, I finally complete my Triple Play Award. Thanks to all of the operators that did help me getting this award. My last spot was ND in CW mode and tnx to the effort of ND0B I was able to complete this award. Also a special thanks to KD0QYR in SD, that after a few weeks of trying a digital qso in vain, he was kind enough to enter in contact with W0SD to help me, and the qso was made, my penultimate QSO. 


If your call is not on my CLUBLOG and LoTW, pse email me with details, I will check it for you.


CU3AK/P ( 06 July 2013) WWFF (12 July 2013) ( 21 July 2013)

CUFF-129 // CTFF-052 // DMP 1905 // DDFF VPV-07


This photo was taken from my QTH / Just across the street

Esta foto foi tirada do meu QTH. Fica do outro lado da rua.


Censored by qrz

This was my 1st QSL, printed in

1984. Out of stock

My 2nd QSL, printed at home. Only have a few


My 2nd QSL
My 3rd QSL, printed in 2010 by IT9EJW, Alfio.



My 4th QSL, printed in july 2012 by LZ1YE Nasko (front side & back side)

It shows the flag of the Azores with background the city of  Praia da Vitoria. The back side it shows a photo of my tower

& antenna and myself in my radio room


This card I will send it out to everyone who will QSL direct


If you collect flag stickers I have avaiable 90mmx60mm printed in vynil permanent (excellent quality). Pse add $1US for this item only and refer it in the qsl card you sent.


The flags have 12,5cmx5cm (4.92inchesx1,97) printed in vynil permanent (excellent quality). Pse add $2US for 1 flag (one pair) or $3US for 2 (two pairs) flags of your choise (you may choose 2 or more of the same). Refer it in the qsl card you sent.


My 1st visit to REP (Rede Emissores Portugueses) 15 Set 2012. I meet Carlos Nora, CT1END the President, we pass a very good afternoon at the Club Station. I must say that it has a suberb view to Lisbon from the balcony of the Club.



1986 (23 years old) 1992 (29 years) with my son Rodrigo


2003 (40 years old)


After 2 days and many hours of work (13 & 14 october 2012) we manage to do the maintenance and swap the 6m antenna to a new one a M2 6m5X. Thank you Rui, CT8/K0RUI for your help.



CT8/K0RUI and an A10 from USAF flying over the tower





5Mhz do you need a sked send an email  


First JT65 QSO from the Azores was made on 07 Mar 17 by me. First call full window


Finally on 160m. After all these years I did put up my antenna for 160m. An inverted L. So far so good, made already good DX's.

If you need a sked for this band let me know, just e-mail me.



CU8/CU3AK EU-089 Flores Island
On may 11, 2013, I was in Flores Island and thanks to CU8AF, Julio I made about 200 qso's as CU8/CU3AK for IOTA EU-089. This are the cards I will send out to confirm CU8/CU3AK. Printed at home. New card is now avaiable. See above

Photo shows the town of Santa Cruz, the runway cuts the town in 2

Photo taken (2003 when I was there for CU9X) from Corvo island, Flores in the background.


11 May 2013
Santa Cruz * Flores island
Valid for the following awards
DCA (diploma dos concelhos açorianos) SCF (Santa Cruz das Flores)
DIA (diplomas das ilhas açorianas) CU8
DIP (diploma das ilhas portuguesas) AZ008
DMP (diploma municipios portugueses) 2006
DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) SCF-04
PIP (placa das ilhas portuguesas) AC-008
CTWPX (Portugal prefix award) CU8




Arriving at the island ARSM (Associação Radioamadores Santa Maria) this is the local club station
Me at NAV * Aeronautical Command Center  NAV * Aeronautical Command Center * HF comunications


Thanks to CU1AAD, Sergio, member of the local club to all the help and friendship
27 Mar to 29 Mar 2015
Vila do Porto * Santa Maria island
Valid for the following awards
DCA (diploma dos concelhos açorianos) VP (Vila do Porto)
DIA (diplomas das ilhas açorianas) CU1
DIP (diploma das ilhas portuguesas) AZ001
DMP (diploma municipios portugueses) 2106
DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) VPT-05
PIP (placa das ilhas portuguesas) AC-001
CTWPX (Portugal prefix award) CU1


My portable antenna MFJ 2286 My station Icom 706 MKIIG
Sunset at Lajes do Pico Sunset at lajes do Pico with the highest mountain in the Azores 2351m


18 Feb to 21 Feb 2016
Lajes do Pico * Pico island
Valid for the following awards
DCA (diploma dos concelhos açorianos) LGP (Lajes do Pico)
DIA (diplomas das ilhas açorianas) CU6
DIP (diploma das ilhas portuguesas) AZ006
DMP (diploma municipios portugueses) 2004
DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) LGP-02
PIP (placa das ilhas portuguesas) AC-006
CTWPX (Portugal prefix award) CU6
WCA (World Castle Award) Forte Santa Catarina CT-02016 



On January 1st, 2015, I took my Icom 706MKIIG and went to Serra de Santa Bárbara. It was a foggy day and with some rain.

World Fauna Flora - CUFF-007 & CTFF-111

I took a selfie smiley CU3AK/M


This is one of the most beautiful photos I have seen from the Azores Isl.. Photo was taken by Paul Luna (congratulations) on the 30 August 2015 at sundown. Photo was taken in Faial Isl (CU7) in front you have Pico Isl. (CU6) with the highest mountain, 2351m, on the left of Pico you have São Jorge Isl (CU5) and on the left corner is Graciosa Isl. (CU4). Terceira Isl. (CU3) is behind the end of the right side of São Jorge Isl., but not in the picture, the weather did not help :( 


Become a FREE member of the Thracian Rose Club and participate in all the TRC contests


1940 at Lajes (Praia da Vitoria) this was during WW II. The english RAF began the construction of the airport along with the portuguese. There is an english cemitery from WW II in Praia da Vitoria. On the left of the photo show our armed veicule at the time :) 

U.R.A. (CU3URA) local club presented in april 2016 to their members in their club station an "Civil protection course" 


U.R.A. (CU3URA) local club presented in april 2016 to their members a "First interventation fire course"








It was a good experience and course.


  The Local Club U.R.A. managed along with Protecção Civil the Basic life support course on July 02, 2016. The most gratifying course I took. CU3GQ  --  CU3AP  --  CU3ABX  --  CU3FV  --  CU3BL  --  CU3HU  --  CU3AT  --  CU3AK  -- Fernando Leite (instructor)




A cadeia televisiva japonesa NIPPON TV, que tem um famoso programa chamado "ItteQ Let's Challenge the World", tem como objetivo mostrar diferentes culturas, desafios e costumes com um toque de humor enviou à Terceira o famoso comediante Japonês, Mr Chan Kawai, para capiar e desafiar os toiros e de uma forma geral participar na nossa tourada à corda.

Esta é uma tradição única no mundo.

The Japanese television network NIPPON TV , which has a famous program called " ItteQ Let 's Challenge the World" , which aims to show different cultures , challenges and practices with a touch of humor sent to Terceira Island the famous comedian Japanese , Mr Chan Kawai to play and challenge the bulls and generally participate in our bullfight rope .

This is a unique tradition in the world. 



VE3HDA Tony & CU3AK Eloy back in February 1992. 


Me and Yanko Oven S57L in a sunshine october day (20) 2017, in Praia da Vitoria. It was nice to meet him and his YL Ursa. We had a very nice chat accompanied with a nice meal. TNX for meeting you both. My delta loop antenna for 80m is working well in vertical polarization as recommended by Yanko.


WWFF worked in CU5

CUFF-022/CTFF-260 (Area Protegida para a Gestão de Habitats ou Espécies da Costa do Sudoeste)

CUFF-076/CTFF-852 (Area Protegida de Gestão de Recursos da Costa Oeste)

CUFF-094/CTFF-960 (Area Protegida para a Gestão de Recursos da Costa Nordeste)

CUFF-127/CTFF-312 (Sitio RAMSAR nº 1807 - Planalto Central de São Jorge (Pico da Esperança)

CUFF-146/CTFF-207  (Reserva Florestal de Recreio das Macelas) 

CUFF-147/CTFF-209  (Reserva Florestal de Recreio das Sete Fontes)

CUFF-148/CTFF-316  (Reserva Natural de Recreio da Silveira)

2 Oct to 7 Oct 2017
São Jorge island
Valid for the following awards

DCA (diploma dos concelhos açorianos) CA (Calheta)  (CUFF-054 * CUFF-094 * CUFF-148)

VL (Velas)  (CUFF-014 * CUFF-022 * CUFF-076 * CUFF-127 * CUFF-146 -CUFF-147)

DIA (diplomas das ilhas açorianas) CU5
DIP (diploma das ilhas portuguesas) AZ005

DMP (diploma municipios portugueses) 4501 (CUFF-054 * CUFF-094 * CUFF-148)

DMP (diploma municipios portugueses)  4502 (CUFF-014 * CUFF022 * CUFF-076 * CUFF-127 * CUFF-144 * CUFF-146)

DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) CHT-03 (Ribeira Seca)  (CUFF-148)

DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) VLS-03 (Rosais) (CUFF-014 * CUFF-022 * CUFF-076 * CUFF-127 * CUFF-147) 

DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) VLS-04 (Santo Amaro) (CUFF-146)

DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) CHT-05 (Topo) (CUFF-094 * CUFF-054)

PIP (placa das ilhas portuguesas) AC-005
CTWPX (Portugal prefix award) CU5
9 DEC to 10 DEC 2017
CUFF-014/CTFF-126 (Area Protegida da Costa do Noroeste)
CUFF-054/CTFF-277 (Area Protegida da Costa do Topo)







If you are not in the LOG pse email me with details

QSO's Cu5/CU3AK & CU5/CU3AK/P are in the same log.



WWFF worked in CU2

CUFF-041/CTFF-163 (Monumento Natural do Pico das Camarinhas - Ponta da Ferraria)

CUFF-084/CTFF-289 (Area Protegida de Gestão de Habitats ou Especies das Feteiras)

CUFF-090/CTFF-292 (Area Protegida de Gestão de Habitats ou Especies da Ponta do Escalvado)

CUFF-096/CTFF-294 (Area Protegida de Gestão de Habitats ou Especies da Ponta da Bretanha)

CUFF-103/CTFF-296 (Area Protegida de Gestão de Habitats ou Especies da Ferraria) 

CUFF-109/CTFF-146 (Area de Paisagem Protegida das Setes Cidades)

CUFF-122/CTFF-875 (Area Protegida para a Gestão de Recursos do Porto das Capelas - Ponta das Calhetas)

CUFF-123/CTFF-876 (Area Protegida para a Gestão de Recursos da  Ponta da Ferraria - Ponta da Bretanha)

CUFF-131/CTFF-148 (Reserva Florestal de Recreio do Pinhal da Paz)

20 Nov to 24 Nov 2017
São Miguel island
Valid for the following awards

DCA (diploma dos concelhos açorianos)   

PDL (Ponta Delgada)  (CUFF-041 - CUFF-084 - CUFF-090 - CUFF-096 - CUFF-103 - CUFF-109 - CUFF-122 - CUFF-123 - CUFF-131)

DIA (diplomas das ilhas açorianas) CU2
DIP (diploma das ilhas portuguesas) AZ002

DMP (diploma municipios portugueses) 4203 (CUFF-041 - CUFF-084 - CUFF-090 - CUFF-096 - CUFF-103 - CUFF-109 - CUFF-122 - CUFF-123 - CUFF-131)

DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) PDL- 04 (Capelas)  (CUFF-122)

DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) PDL-07 (Faja de Cima)     (CUFF-131)

DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) PDL - 09 (Feteiras) (CUFF-084) 

DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) PDL-10 (Ginetes)               (CUFF-041 - CUFF-103)

DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) PDL-11 (Mosteiros) (CUFF-090 - CUFF-096)

DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) PDL-22 (Sete Cidades)    (CUFF-109)

DDFP (diploma divulgação freguesias portuguesas) PDL- 23 (Ajuda da Bretanha) (CUFF-123)

PIP (placa das ilhas portuguesas) AC-002
CTWPX (Portugal prefix award) CU2


If you are not in the LOG pse email me with details


CU2/CU3AK/P when rain starts, nothing better to improve a safe place for the generator.

Quando a chuva aparece do nada, há que improvisar um lugar para o gerador.


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