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DL0ESA Germany flag Germany

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QSL: Bureau, Direct with SASE, LoTW, eQSL, Clublog, HRDlog

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New 2017: ESA Amateur Radio Award

DL0ESA is the callsign of the European Space Agency - Operations Centre (ESOC) Radioclub in Darmstadt, Germany.

ESA logo EU Flag

Member of the  DARC_logo  (DOK F42 Griesheim).

The chief operator of the club callsign is Manfred Lugert DL5FAB.
Other active operators are Javier Roldan EA1HEO and Rolf Maarschalkerweerd DK7FU.
Casual operators are Alessandro Donati DJ0MDOAge Riise LA5PMA, André Lofaldli LB1IH, Graham Hoey G4JCF and Norbert Schmitt DK6ZP.

QSL policy:

- Electronic QSL:
From April 2011 onwards all our QSOs are uploaded on a weekly basis to LoTW, eQSL, Clublog, HRDLog and QRZ.com.
We prefer electronic QSLs as they are faster, cheaper, easier to archive and they are more friendly to the environment.
Below you can check our log.

- Paper QSL:
We also support paper QSL both via Bureau and via Direct. If direct, please include SASE (1 USD Europe, 2 USD outside Europe)).
Please note that we only use paper QSL to reply to the paper QSLs we receive (up to September 2012 we were actively sending paper QSLs via bureau to all contacts made including contests).


European PSK Club logoEPC#24584, DMC#08000,  WSC#0866 and  FH#5156.  


ESOC photo


The ESOC Radioclub is mainly active on HF bands usually on SSB, sometimes in Digital modes and seldomly in CW.
We typically activate the station during major ham radio contests and sometimes when special events are happening at ESA and in particular at ESOC (e.g. for celebrating/promoting special satellite operations activities), in Europe or Telecommunications related.
All the HRDlog statistics of our QSOs from 2011 onwards can be found here.
Cluster spots statistics for DL0ESA can be found here.
Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) statistics for DL0ESA can be found here

We also have VHF/UHF capability. We maintain an active APRS beacon (current status here or here).

We hold the license for the VHF/UHF Amateur Satellites tracking terminal in ESOC SMILE room.

We (DK7FU) hold the license for the German Astronauts on-board the ISS (DP0ISS).
We support the Amateur Radio on ISS (
ARISS) Organisation in planning, preparing and executing their activities.

We receive weather data from geostationary Eumetsat Meteorological Satellites using a Ku Band parabolic dish and a SVB-S satellite receiver (project by Mark Drapes).

We also receive ADS-B and many other signals. We are pretty interested in SDR technology.

The club is supported by the ESA's Sports, Social and Cultural Committee (SSCC).

HF Shack Set-up:


  • an Opti-Beam 9-5 for 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10m  with rotor RC5A-3
  • a homemade crossed dipoles for 80m and 40m

These antennas are installed on the top floor of a multi-story metal parking deck as per photo below:

DL0ESA HF antennas


The equipment is hosted in a container next to the parking deck.

The shack is build around a HF transceivers
Icom IC-7300 and Kenwood TS-870 powered with a power supply.

A laptop HP Probook 6460b supports us for the propagation stimations, rig control, electronic log and digital modes operation (HamCAP, HRD/DM780, UCX, N1MM+, ROS, FreeDV, WSPR,...).

Since 2013 we have a Power Amplifier ALPIN 100 (providing up to legal power of 750W) and an external SWR & Power Meter CN-801.

DL0ESA HF rig set-up 2017-03

As a back-up, we have stored a spare HF transceiver ICOM IC-740 with Power Supply IC-PS15 and an external Antenna Tuner Daiwa CNW418.


VHF/UHF Shack Set-up:


  • a vertical VHF/UHF monopole
    VHF-UHF monopole antenna


  • triplexer 144MHz, 440MHz & 1.2GHz
  • VHF al mode transceiver ICOM IC-275H  (unfortunately, only FM working)
  • TNC TNC2S (for APRS)
  • laptop Compaq nc6220 (UIView, YAAC, APRS32, UISS, gpredict, Orbitron,...)
  • V-UHF FM transceiver Kenwood TM-451E
  • UHF all mode transceiver ICOM IC-471E (back-up)

The equipment is powered by the power supply also used for the HF equipment.

DL0ESA APRS set-up 2015












Satellite VHF/UHF Terminal:

Based on:

- Crossed yagi antennas (WIMO 2m-WX220 and 70cm-WX7036) with Remote Controlled Polarization Switches WIMO 18080 and 1808 for RHCP, LHCP, Vertical and horizontal polarization selection

- Preamplif SHF-Elektronik VV 144-VOX and SHF-Elektronik MVV 432-VOX

- SPID RAS AZ/EL rotor.

25m of feedline coaxial cable SSB Electronic Ecoflex15


AlfaSpid rotor controller MD-01 and power supply PS-01

Transceiver VHF/UHF all mode duplex IC-910H
SWR and Power Meter DAIWA CN103L for VHF
Power Supply MAAS SPS-8250
TRx interface microHAM USB InterfaceIII.

Server running Windows10 OS and several SW (HRD, Orbitron, MixW, DireWolf, ...).


Ku-Band Receive only Satellite Terminal:

Test equipment:

Since 2012 the club owns an antenna analyser RigExpert AA 170.
In October 2015, most members of the club helped moving some test equipment from a second container (which needed to be refurbished) to the operations container. The activity served to dispose some very old equipment and to inventorise the remaining elements.
The club owns some classical RF test equipment (Synthesizer, Frequency Counter, Spectrum Analyser, 5&10MHz reference, AM/FM/PM modulator, time counter, multimeters, Time over radio receiver, Network analiser,...).
Javier and Manfred hosted most of these test equipment into 2 existing racks so that measurements can be performed easily in case of need.
Test Equipment (Rack 1) 

Activities 2017:

2017-09-09&10 WAE Contest
Javier was active during 10h in this contest organised by the DARC. Lots of QSOs and traffic exchanged with Stations outside Europe.

2017-09-08 ESOC 50th Anniversary
Javier was active during 3h to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ESOC and the Long Night of the Stars!! More than 100 QSOs were done.

2017-08-12&13 Concurso Municipios Españoles (CME)
Javier (EA1HEO) was active during 12h in this 18h contest organised by the Union de Radioaficionados Españoles (URE).
A total of 381 SSB QSOs were done in 10, 15, 20, 40 & 80m hamradio bands.
Javier (EA1HEO) during CME 2017
1st place achieved and new record!

CME 2017 - DL0ESA certificate

2017-08-05 ARISS reception
André received ISS NFM transmission from SMILE.
Questions to the astronaut Paolo Nespoli (ESA). Recorded audio file (13.5MB).

2017-08-05 EU HF championship
Javier (EA1HEO) was active during 8.5h in this 12h contest organised by the Slovenia Contest Club.
A total of 408 SSB QSOs were done in 10, 15, 20, 40 & 80m hamradio bands.

2017-08-01 ARISS reception
André and Javier received the ISS NFM transmission from SMILE.
Questions to the astronaut Paolo Nespoli (ESA). Recorded audio file (11MB). Small video (96MB)
Alessandro also received it also with
some teenagers who built their own antenna at the ESA Space Camp in Denmark.

2017-07-08 IARU Contest
Javier was active during 5.5h during this contest organised by the IARU/ARRL. 172 SSB QSOs were done in 10, 15, 20, 40 & 80m (though the majority were in 20m).

2017-07-04 Closing West side of roof and gutter installation
Rolf and David closed the roof east side with wooden panels and installed the gutter. West container roof repair project is thus COMPLETED.

2017-07-01 DX-DL RTTY
Javier was active during 4h in this 24 activity organised by the DL-DX RTTY contest group. 85 RTTY QSOs were done in 20, 40 & 80m bands.

2017-07-01 Canada Day
Javier was active during a couple of hours in this 24 activity organised by the RAC. This year celebrating the 150 Anniversary of the country. Propagation was really down and only 7 QSOs performed in SSB in the 20m band.

2017-06-30 Asteroid Day
Javier was active for 2.5h after work. 19 QSOs in SSB and in 19 QSOs PSK31 were done in the 20m band.
Javier on Asteroid day

2017-06-24&25 King of Spain SSB contest
Javier was active during this 24 contest organised by URE. On the air for around 13h on 10,15, 20, 40 & 80m band. 537 QSOs performed.
Javier mounting Monole antenna Andre mounting Monole antenna
Javier deploying monopole antenna on top of parking building  Monopole fully deployed Javier operating during King of Spain SSB Contest
2nd place achieved!
Diploma King of Spain SSB 2017 - DL0ESA 1st position

2017-06-20 Closing East side of roof and gutter preparation
Rolf and Javier closed the roof East side with wooden panels and prepared for the gutter installation.
Rolf closing east part of roof of West container

2017-06-10&11 Portugal Day Contest
Javier (EA1HEO) was active on 10, 15, 20 and 40m bands on this 24h contest promoted by the REP. Using the TS-870 + amplif, a total of 278 QSOs were done on aprox. 11h of operations.
1st place achieved!

2017-06-10 ARISS reception from SMILE room
Thorsten Graber, André Lofaldli (new Norweian ESA YGT) (LB1IH) and Javier Roldán (EA1HEO) successfully received the ISS Cosmonaut (RS0ISS) on his QSO with ON4ISS on the ARISS planned contact with the GNFC BoyScouts.

2017-05-18 Radioclub West container roof works (phase 3)
Rolf, Graham, David and Javier continued with the works. The Zinc metallic panels were installed, together with a second layer of bitumen paint and the supports for the gutter.
20170517 zinc panels delivered at Rolf's place
20170517 removing the plastic cover and cleaning 20170517 installing first panel 20170517 fixing further panels 20170517 Giving second layer of bitumen paint 20170517 finalasing fixing the panels

2017-05-16 ESA and EUMETSAT Social Clubs (SSCC) Open Day
The Radioclub was present in this 2h (12:00-14:00 local time) event whose goal is to present the activities the different social clubs perform during the lunch break. After 45min prep, Rolf nad Javier managed to set up a portable antenna (based on camera tripod plus vertical monopole for 40/20m lent by Manfred, the new transceiver IC-7300 which allowed us to hear some German, Italian, English and Spanish stations. Also an ATV set up with camera, transponder, antennas and TV receiver was prepared by Rolf. In addition, a presentation was permamently running in opne of the laptops. The other one shown SDR# with the input from the HacfRFOne.
Up to 10 existing members passed by during the event and losts of colleagues visited the stand. Some interested visitors signed up for the distrib list of the club!
2016-05-16 SSCC open Day ESOC S-Building

2017-05-13 Radioclub West container roof works (phase 2b)
Rolf, Manfred, Mark, David and Javier continued with the works. The wooden structure was mounted on top of the roof.
20170513 Rolf's car trailer arriving to ESOC with the woods 20170513 marking the wood for cut to save the 2 inner lines of the roof20170513 cutting the wood marks20170513 measuring for where to do the wholes in the metallic structure 20170513 making the holes in the metallic structure20170513 fixing the woods20170513 fixing the woods20170513 placing the transversal wood lines20170513 overall transversal wood lines finised20170513 plastic cover added on the overall structure as rain expected in the incoming days

2017-05-10 Radioclub West container roof works (phase 2a)
Rolf prepared the overall drawing and purchased material. He also cut the wood pieces into triangles, sand papered them and painted them.

2017-05-06 Radioclub West container roof works (phase 1)
Rolf, Manfred, Mark (p.t.) and Javier took action to fix the water leakages experienced since last year.
from 10:30 to 14:00 local time, the following was performed: Removal of roof water cover, cleaining and drying of existing metallic cover, applicaiton of bitumen cream and paint all over the surface. 
20170506 Rolf and Manfred drying and cleaning the roof 1 20170506 Rolf and Manfred drying and cleaning the roof 2 Mark on the floor 20170506 Rolf applying bitumen cream  20170506 Roof bitumen application (painting or cream almost completed)

2017-05-09 EUROPE DAY activation
Europe Day is an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe. It commemorates the Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950, which proposed the pooling of French and West Germany coal and steel industries, leading to the creation of the European Cola and Steel Community, the first European Community, which later become the European Union.
To celebrate, Javier (EA1HEO) activated DL0ESA from the European Space Agency - Operations Centre (ESOC) radioclub after work (aprox from 19:00-24:00h local time). A total of 279 QSOs were done in 15 and 20m bands mainly with American continents.
The QSOs also count for the ESA Award 2017.
DL0ESA on the air at night 2007

2017-04-17 New transceiver available!
The SSCC assigned budget for a new Transceiver Icom IC-7300 purchased at Difona GmbH in Offenbach on 2016-12-22 by Javier on behalf of the club.

2017-04-13 Corrective maintenance in the Satellite terminal
Javier was in the SMILE terminal for around 2h.
The following activities were performed:

- Fix of polariser connections inside interface box in the roof.
- Fix of polariser connections in smile roof.
- AZ and EL rotors movement check from SMILE and visualised with Webcam. Looks OK.
- Connection of VHF cable to the transceiver and transceiver power on. APRS signal received OK.
- HRD SW check. License available (assigned to DJ0MDO) but not activated.

20170210_Visit_to_SMILE_Room 20170413_Javier_fixing_polariser_cable

2017-04-03 VHF/UHF SMILE terminal - antennas inspection
Mark, Javier, Alessadro, Thorten and Javier were in the roof of D building performing initial inspection of antennas. The following tasks were performed:
- Removal of existing cabling for former S-Band dish.
- Inspection of polariser interface box.
- Tightening of connectors in the LNAs and Polarisers.
- Loop on 2 unconnected coax cables and protection of connection with vulcanised tape
After that, a meeting took place for the SLA terms discussion.

2017-04-01 EA RTTY Contest
Javier was active for the last 2h of this 24h contest organised by URE on 40m band low power. A total of 61 QSOs were done.

2017-03-25&26 CQ WW WPX SSB Contest
Organised by the CQ magazine, this is most likely the 2nd most popular SSB contest of the year. Javier and Manfred were active for 35h (out of the 48h). 800 QSOs were done and DL0ESA was present in all the possible bands (10, 15, 20, 40, 80 & 160m). 20170326 Javier EA1HEO operating DL0ESA during CQ WW WPX 20170326_Manfred

2017-03-24 Preparations for CQ WW WPX SSB Contest
Manfred extended the rotor cable of the HF beam.
Rolf and Javier erected a 160m inverted L antenna.

20170324_Rolf next to the base of the 160m mast
20170326 160m inverted L antenna

2017-03-11 EA PSK63 Contest
Organised by URE, this 24h contest is among the top 5 PSK contests worldwide regarding participation. Javier was active for 3.5h on the Saturday night on 40 and 80m band low power. A total of 82 QSOs were done.
20170324_Javier_operating_DL0ESA_during CQ WW WPX SSB

2017-03-08and9 Sentinel2B sucessful Launch
On 07/03/2017, the satellite Sentinel2B was successfully launched from Kourou (French Guyana) on board of a Vega Launcher. All went nominal for this Earth Observation Satellite whose intruments on the visible range will provide the scientific community with more info on our planet. Javier was antive for aorund 3h between the 8th and the 9th and 61 SSB QSOs on the 20m band were done.

2017-03-01 ESA AWARD starts!
Together with ESTEC and ESRIN Radioclubs, ESA Radio AWARD has started today.

2017-02-25 REF coupe de France
DL0ESA was on the air on the 80m band for 5h. Javier performed 125 QSOs with French Stations in SSB.

2017-02-18 Feld-Hell Sprint Contest (Bingo)
DL0ESA took the part in the FHC Sprint (2h) contest of February.

2017-02-13and 17 ARRL School Club Roundup (SCR)
Organised by the ARRL and with a duration of 5 week days, its goal is to spark the radioactivity among the younsters.
Javier operated for 2h on the 13th... propagation conditions were bad. Only 7 QSOs in PSK31 and 1 in RTTX done...but no schools or universities reached.
He repeated the experience on the 17th for 5h (starting earlier in the afternoon). 78 QSOs in SSB in 3h and 8 QSOs in BPSK31 in 1h 15min in the 20m band. A total of 2 clubs and 7 schools were contacted. 25 US states and 5 Canadian provinces reached. Highlight was the contact on SSB with the Nasa Kennedy Space Centre Radioclub! 1st position achieved in our category.

2017-02-11and 12 CQ RTTY WPX
Javier put in the air DL0ESA for 15h (out of the 48h contest organised by the CQ magazine). A total of 346 RTTY contacts were done using HRD + DM780. N1MM+ was also prepared for future contests. 

2017-02-10 Visit to the SMILE room
Alessandro, Mark and Javier paid a visit to the SMILE room where the former GENSO station is located. Guided tour by Thorsten Graber.

2017-02-01 Test racks operational again
Relocation of test equipment completed and powered on.
Time measurement unit in upper rack seems to have its fuse blown.
Spectrum analyser worked fine...but after around 15 min, display went black.

2017-01-28 PC for HackRFOne 
Javier reburbished old laptop donated by Graham a couple of years ago. Linux Mint 18.1 was installed together with gqrx and GNUcompanion. Tested OK with HakRFOne purchased last November.

2017-01-25 Sked with PI9ESA
Manfred, Norbert and Javier performed contact with PI9ESA in 40m. After that Javier served the existing pile for 1h (40 QSOs done).

2017-01-20 Set-up of the shack
Manfred and Javier proceded to set-up again the HF equipment (extension of cables needed). We currently have managed to extend only 1 RF (coax switch still in the east container). Rotor cable not yet connected so yagi antenna fixed to US... but station can perform HF contacts.
APRS not available either.

2017-01-19 Movement from east to west container
Rolf, Manfred, David, Graham and Javier proceded to move all the material from one container to another. Activitz involved quite some strenght (3 body cupboard and 2 shelves, 2 tests racks with equipment, 3 tables and all rig equipment). Thanks to all who came to help!

2017-01-18 Sked with PI9ESA and PI4C
Rolf and Javier performed contact with PI4C as requested and also with our colleagues from ESTEC PI9ESA in 40m. After that Javier served the existing pile for 1.5h (43 QSOs done).

Activities from previous years:

--- In 2016:

2016-12-26 DARC Xmas Contest
Javier activated DL0ESA/P from Syke during this DARC contest for 2 and a half hours. After each QSO, I had to QSY. 47 QSOs were done (40 in 80m and 7 in 40m).

2016-12-22 New power supply bought!
Power supply Difona PC35SW 13V 30A purchased at Difona GmbH in Offenbach by Javier on behalf of the club (to replace existing Power supply which have problems when too much current demand)

2016-12-15 Galileo System declared operational by EC
Javier (EA1HEO) was active for around 2 hours on 15th Dec to celebrated on the air the start of operational usage of the Galileo Global Navigation System). 24 QSOs on PSK31 were done.

2016-11-12 Work-all Europe DX Contest (WAEDC) RTTY
Javier (EA1HEO) operated during 4h in the contest organised by the CQ magazine.
A total of 92 RTTY QSOs were done on 15, 20, 40 and 80m

2016-11-08 SDR transceiver bought!
Artur purchased via Amozon on behalf of the club:
- SDR Transceiver HackRF.

2016-10-29&30 CQ WW DX SSB Contest
Rolf (DK7FU), Javier (EA1HEO) and Manfred (DL5FAB) operated during 47h (out of the 48h!) of perhaps the most popular contest of the year, which is organised by the CQ magazine. A total of 1117 SSB QSOs were done on 10, 15, 20, 40, 80m and 160m bands using an Elecraft K3 HF transceiver from Rolf, the Amplifier Alpin 100 and the usual antennas Optibeam 9-5, homemade 40 and 80m crossed dipoles plus a temporarily inverted L antenna for 160m which was mounted on Friday afternoon/evening evening by Rolf, Javier and Mark and dismounted just after the contest. David also shown up and help on reception during Sunday evening. All in all, a great contest with multiple shifts and lots of QSOs.
20161029_mounting_160m_antenna 2016-10-31 160m_antenna 2016-10-30 CQ WW DX SSB Manfred 2016-10-31 CQ WW DX SSB Javier 2016-10-31 CQ WW DX SSB Rolf_and_David

2016-10-26 ESOC Radioclub Annual General Meeting
Rolf Maarschalkerweerd, Aage-Raimond Riise, Arthur Scholz, Mark Drapes, Javier Roldan, Norbert Schmitt & Manfred Lugert attended the AGM, where activities of the current year were presented together with plans for 2017.

2016-10-17&21 ARRL School Club Roundup (Fall)
Javier was active in the 20m band during only 4 hours on Wednesday after work. A total of 74 QSOs were made (70 SSB + 4 RTTY) mainly with USA and Canada. 4 schools/high-schools/colleges and 2 radioclub were reached. It is a great activity for the youngters and we love to join despite the time difference and tough propagation.
2016-10 SCR certificate DL0ESA

2016-10-14&15 Work All Germany (WAG) Contest
Javier (EA1HEO) was active during 14h (out of the 24h) of the Worked All Germany Contest organised by DARC. A total of 259 SSB QSOs were done on 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80m bands using 100W passing our DOK F42. It was a good chance to practice the numbers in German. New entity Ascension Island reached! On 40m we have the limitation of Tx only below 7.1MHz due to our old TS-870.
2016-10 Javier  2016 WAG diploma

2016-09-10&11 Work-all Europe DX Contest (WAEDC) SSB
Javier took place on this contest being active in 15, 20, 40 and 80m (10m band was quiet) with 100W. Contacts were only allowed with non-european stations. More that 200 contacts were done plus lots of QTCs exchanged! Lot's of fun in this contest organised by the DARC and some new entities reached!
2016-09 WAEDC SSB DL0ESA diploma

2016-09-04 All-Asian DX Contest
DL0ESA was in the air for only 2h in this contest organised by JARL. A total of 16 QSOs with asian hams were done in 20m with 100W by Javier.

2016-08-25 Satellite dish relocation
Mark, Age, Rolf, Javier and Zalan moved the sat dish antenna to a new location with better visibility and laid new coaxial cables to the container.
Age and Mark with the sat dish antenna in the new position

2016-08-20 Feld-Hell Sprint
DL0ESA took the part in the FHC Sprint (2h) contest of August dedicated to Grid locators. Propagation with USA was open. Javier was active and 12 FELL contacts were made within 9 different USA states and Spain and Italy.

2016-08-17 SOTA activation
DL5FAB and EA1HEO activated on SOTA (Summit on the Air) in Luxemburg on the way to Redu Ground Station as DL5FAB/P. Several CW contacts done on QRP.
Activation Luxembourg 2016-08-17 Photo1 Activation Luxembourg Photo 2 2016-08-17

2016-08-13&14 CME
Javier (EA1HEO) was active during 14h (out of the 18h) of the Spanish Municipalities Contest (Concurso de Municipios Espanoles) organised by URE. A total of 345 SSB QSOs were done on 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80m bands using around 750W on 10, 15 and 20m, 400W on 40m and less than 100W on 80m.
2nd position achieved. results
2016 CME Certificate DL0ESA

2016-08-06 EU HF Championship
Javier (EA1HEO) was active during 11h of the 12h EU HF Championship organised by the Slovenia Contest Club and restricted to EU to EU contacts. A total 463 SSB QSOs were logged on 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80m bands using around 750W on 10, 15 and 20m, 400W on 40m and less than 100W on 80m. Assisted by the now (since Wednesday) working mobile phone 2G/3G connection.
35th position in Europe (2nd in Germany) achieved in my category. results
2016 EU HF certificate DL0ESA

2016-07-30&31 IOTA Contest
Javier was active during 11h of the 24h IOTA (Islands On The Air) contest organised by the RSGB and focused on contacting Islands all over the world. A total 265 SSB QSOs were done on 15, 20, 40 and 80m bands using around 750W on 15 and 20m and 100W on the lower bands.
5th position worldwide in my category (World SOU 12h High). Full results here

2016-07-10 IARU Contest
Javier was active only in the last 3h of the annual 24h IARU contest organised by the ARRL and focused on the national radioclub associations to celebrate and be active on the air. A total 76 SSB contacts were performed between 20, 15 and 10m bands using around 750W. The full statistics can be found here.

2016-05-24 Galileo FOC LEOP7
DL0ESA was active on the air to celebrate the successful launch of 2 new Galileo satellites from Kourou in French Guiana on board of a Soyuz rocket. Javier was active for around 3.5h in 17m and 20m band with the amplifier. Propagation was not great, but 133 QSOs were made (mainly with USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico). Thanks also to some European Stations that replied to our call and specially to contacts with British Virgin Islands, Honduras and Costa Rica. We hope you all enjoyed the contacts!

2016-05-21 80m Baltic Contest
DL0ESA took the part in this contest on SSB mode with 100W and the dipole for only 2h. A total of 39 QSOs were done mainly with stations from northen Europe (specially Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). The full statistics can be found here. Results

2016-05-21 Feld-Hell Sprint
DL0ESA took the part in the FHC Sprint (2h) contest of May dedicated to Dayton Hamvention. Propagation with USA was closed. Javier was active and 8 contacts were made within Europe and 1 with Bolivia!

2016-04-23 SP DX RTTY Contest
Javier was active in the 24h RTTY contest organised by the Polish Radio Amateur Association. He was operating for aprox 12h in the 15, 20, 40 and 80m bands with the power amplifier (except 80m). A total of 261 RTTY contacts were performed. New DXCC Grenada reached!
2016 SP DX Contest - Javier (EA1HEO)
We ended in 41th position (out of 164) in our category! results
Also, UMTS connection is again operational.

2016-04-18 World Radio Amateur Day
On April 18 1925 the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) was formed in Paris. Every year radioamateurs worldwide celebrate this and they are active on the waves. The ESOC Radioclub also promoted this day and Javier was active 1h on PSK31 mode. 2016 World Amateur Radio Day - Javier (EA1HEO)

2016-04-16 Feld-Hell Sprint
DL0ESA took the part in the FHC Sprint (4h) contest of April. Propagation with USA was not great and Javier was active only for less than 1h... but the first 2 contacts on this digital mode by DL0ESA were performed also exchanging our FHC membership number.

2016-04-10 SSTV
Javier has received SSTV using HRD and DM780. Also a website has been set up where the latest images transmitted and received from ESOC can be seen.

2016-04-02&03 EA RTTY Contest
Manfred and Javier were active in the 24h RTTY contest organised by the Spanish Radio Amateur Union (URE). After great preparation from Manfred, all was ready with the new laptop purchased last December to have DL0ESA back on the air on digital modes. After 11h of operations alternating in front of the radio between Manfred and Javier in 20, 40, 80 and 15m bands more than 100 contacts were performed. All the statistics here.
EA RTTY Contest 2016 - Javier (EA1HEO) EA RTTY contest 2016 Manfred (DL5FAB) and Javier (EA1HEO)
We ended up in 8th position in our category! results
EARTTY certificate

2016-02-16 APRS set up
DL0ESA APRS beacon is on the air! Javier prepared the set-up for APRS reception and transmision this week reusing some old elements present in our container. 

2016-02-10&11 ARRL School Club Roundup
Javier was active in the 20m and 15m bands during aprox. 5 hours between Wednesday and Thrusday after work. A total of 89 QSOs were made mainly with USA and Canada. 11 schools/high-school/colleges and 1 radioclub were reached. Javier (EA1HEO) during ARRL School Club Roundup
The full statistics can be found here.
1st place achived in our category!
ARRL SCR certificate

Manfred operated DL0ESA and made 16 QSOs on 80m.

--- In 2015:

QSOs 2011 - 2015

2015-10-24&25 CQ WW DX SSB Contest:
Javier was active in the 15m band during 5 hours between Saturday and Sunday during the contest. A total of 120 QSOs were made. The full statistics can be found here.

2015-08-15 Spanish Municipalities (CME):
Javier was active in 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10m during several hours during the contest. A total of 261 QSOs were made. CME 2015 DL0ESA Op.Javier (EA1HEO)
1st place achived
in our category (DX station, all bands, low power (<100W))!
CME 2015 DL0ESA_diploma

2015-07-12 IARU HF World Championship:
Javier was active in 20m band during aprox 8.5h. A total of 104 QSOs were made.
27th position out of 66 in Germany in our category. The full statistics can be found here.

2015-07-01 Canada Day Contest:
Javier was active in 20m band during aprox 4h (100W and Yagi). A total of 121 QSOs were made.
RAC Canda Day Contest DL0ESA award
The full statistics can be found here.

2015-06-28 King of Spain SSB contest:
Javier was active in 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10m during most of the contest period. A total of 328 QSOs were made.
2015 URE King of Spain Contest - Javier (EA1HEO)
7th place (out of 179 participants in the same category) was achived.
King-of-Spain-Contest Diploma

2015-03-08 ARRL International DX SSB Contest:
Javier was active in 20m for a couple of hours. 25 QSOs were made with Canadian and North American colleagues.
The full statistics can be found here.

2015-01-17 and 18 Hungarian Contest
Javier was active on 80m band with 100W and the dipole. A total of 78 QSOs were made.
3rd position in our category!
The full statistics can be found here.
2015 HA-DX_Contest_Certificate

--- In 2014:

1st of August until 15th of September 2014 - GALILEO FOC-1 LAUNCH

The present activation took place around the launch of the first Galileo Full Operating Capability (FOC) satellites with a Soyuz rocket from Kourou (French Guyana).
Launch is foreseen on 21st of August. Activity will last during the whole LEOP and fine orbiting positioning (expected from the 1st of August until the 15th of September 2014).
Giuliano and Paul are already in Kourou for launch preparation and they are going to activate the station in their free time with Giuliano's callsign FY/PA3FHD. Joerg is also going to join them around mid of August, so there will be the chance to hear him on air with his callsign FY/DL3LUM.

Also the other three ESA stations (PI9ESA, DL0ESA and IZ0FEJ) will be active in the period for the award, compatibly with holidays period of various operators.

Details were announced on https://sites.google.com/site/hamradiogalileo/

DEC 2014: 2013 and 2014 Galileo events, a special QSL card to all the stations contacted via GlobalQSL (Bureau)... plus we replied to all direct QSLs received with SASE.


--- In 2013:

27th September 2013 - European Researchers' Night event.

CERN, ESA, ESO and UNESCO in partnership with the Italian Institute of Astrophysics invited the public to an exceptional event taking place simultaneously in Geneva, Paris and Bologna.

World known scientists and protagonists of the Higgs and Plank research took audiences on a spectacular journey back in space and time, through particle physics (the infinitely small) and cosmology and astrophysics (the infinitely large). Viewers in local and remote audiences experienced the moments of our primordial origins from a sudden expansion of space and transformation of energy into matter at the birth of the universe, 13.7 billion years ago.

Videoconferences linked the three European cities to ESA’s Planck’s Operations Centre at the European Space Operations Centre ESOC, in in Darmstadt Germany, with Nazzareno Mandolesi, Principal Investigator for Planck’s LFI instrument, and to remote venues, such as ESO’s ALMA telescope site in Chile, to the Large Hadron Collider tunnel, 100 m underground, and to Luca Parmitano, ESA’s astronaut on the International Space Station.

Background information and live stream under: http://www.esa.int/Highlights/Origins_2013

The ESOC Radio Club with its club station DL0ESA was active during the event together with the ESA clubstations at ESRIN (II0ESA) and ESTEC (PI9ESA).

Contacts for this event counted for the Galileo Award.


Galileo related Ham Radio Events 2013

The Galileo satellite navigation system programme faced important milestones during 2013. Radio amateurs of the European Space Agency decided to participate on those achiements with some special amateur radio activities. All radio clubs of ESA (ESTEC, ESOC, ESRIN) were activated during those events. During launches of Galileo satellites from our space port in French Guiana a station in Kourou was active (see also the 2012 event). In addition, all 2013 radio activities from Kourou under the Galileo programme will count for this event. These radio activities will be performed by ESA staff and engineers, many of them directly involved into the design, development, deployment and integration of the system. Activation will be done during staff's spare time!
Radio bands and modes: SSB, CW, DigiModes primarily on HF-bands.

Manfred (DL5FAB) operating during Galileo Activation DL0ESA shack. Rolf testing Amplifier 2013-08-14 Rolf, Norbert and Mark


15th June 2013 Small Kids' Day:
Alessandro was active with several kids in our container.
Alessandro (DJ0MDO) during 2013 Kid's Day Activity


30th April 2013 Visit to Genso Satellite tracking Station (SMILE Room): GENSO room. David and Norbert GENSO Rack

22 April 2013 - SSCC Clubs open day at EUMETSAT

27 March 2013 - Satellite Weather Reception presentation by Mark
20130327 WeatherSatRx Presentation Mark

12 March 2013 - First Galileo autonomous position, time, velocity (PVT) fix

Radio contacts were confirmed with a special Galileo QSL card through Global QSL or direct.
DL0ESA Galileo Activities QSL card
Event Manager: Jörg, PA1MUC / DL3LUM
QSL-Manager: Alberto, IW1FNW
Award-Manager: Alberto, IW1FNW
Webmaster: Luis, CT2INY
Station responsibles:
DL0ESA (ESOC): Manfred, DL5FAB
FY/PA3FHD: Giuliano, PA3FHD

 Manfred (DL5FAB) and Javier (EA1HEO) operating during Galileo First position Activity


In 2012:

27 and 28 October 2012 - CQ contest WW DX SSB

Manfred, Javier and Age operated DL0ESA on all the available bands after antenna works (80m, 40m, 20, 15m and 10m) with a good result  with 100W. We got the following certificate:
2012 WW DX Contest SSB certificate

May 2012 - Mounting dipoles for 40 and 80m:
Javier (EA1HEO) in the mast replacing dipoles HF Antennas final setup with Optibeam 9-5 + 40&80m homemade dipoles Rolf (DK7FU), Age (LA5PMA) and Javier (EA1HEO) after the activity (Rolf, Age and Javier after activity was completed)


2012-04-21: The new OptiBeam9-5 antenna is mounted Javier, Manfred, Artur, Alessandro and Boris mounting new Yagi Antenna


2012-03-25: CQ WW WPX SSB

Javier (EA1HEO) operated DL0ESA on 40m for some hours. We got the following certificate
2012 WW WPX Contest SSB certificate


In 2011:

2011-10-22 - CQ WW DX SSB Contest
Rolf, Javier and Age operated DL0ESA in 40 and 10m bands with the just mounted dipoles.
Age (LA5PMA) and Javier (EA1HEO) during 2011 CQ WW DX SSB contest

Age and Javier on the second day of the contest. Photo by Rolf.
2011 WW DX Contest SSB certificate


2011-10-29: Installation crossed home made dipoles (10m and 40m)

DL0ESA is back on the air from ESOC!!!
Javier (EA1HEO) climbed in the tower helped by Rolf (DK7FU)

2011-10-22: installation of cables

2011-06: movement of the tower to the center of the parking slot

2011-05-09: installation cable duct

Rolf (DK7FU) with 2 members of the Cybernetics club Rolf (DK7FU) supervising the cable duck


In 2005:

Rolf (DK7FU) operating DL0ESA in 2005


8th Septembre 2004: Contact DL0ESA with the ISS - NA1ISS


Video from the contact of DL0ESA with NA1ISS: http://esamultimedia.esa.int/docs/ISS18092004.avi

Further references to this event: http://www.f42.info/uploads/images/143/ISSF42-final2.pdf

Last checks before the ISS path Last checks before the ISS path
Boris Smeds preparing contact with ISS in 2004 During the contact with ISS


Other European Space Agency radioclub stations at other ESA's establishments are:

PI9ESA at ESA's Technical Centre (ESTEC), Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

II0ESA at ESA's Earth Observation Centre (ESRIN), Italy.


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