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Klar hab ich zugenommen, ich wog mal 3500 Gramm !!!

Of course, I've gained weight, there was a time when I weighed 3500 grams !!!


Skiathos - EU-072 - KM19rd



Landings At Skiathos Airport, Greece - Flixxy.com




XYL = Anna SV8/DL4MHB----------------- Son = Ralf DG1MCG

2.QTH = Munich / Bavaria

My QTH is the small Island Skiathos EU-072 & LH-4177- GRE-137 on the northern Sporades(Greece).

EchoLink: Germany > Single-User (# 4176)

Echolink: Greece > Sysop.(# 2472), 144.975 MHz

10-10 # 55528

QSL via the bureau ---> no e-QSL!

Please note that direct cards without sufficient fundsor SAE will be answered via the bureau!


Postage rates are:

2 US $ for letters outside of Europe. NO IRC's PLEASE!!! Our post office do not accept them-



Explanation for on photo of the small chapel.
It is a Greek-Orthodox Tradition that every house and the land it is built on are dedicated to a Saint for protection of
land house and the people living in it, respectively the owners .
erected this small chapel with an icon-picture of the Saint Nektarios for prayers along the pathway

Ant: http://www.optibeam.info


qsl motives we have sent









Sei Du selbst! smiley

Alle anderen Möglichkeiten sind schon vergeben.
be yourself!
All other options are already taken.
Oscar Wilde


My Hobby Nr. 2

Hurdy Gurdy Man




We have no problems with the euro, we have our island money!



I like fly fishing




Huchen 30,5 Kg (141cm) 2003. Jan.08 Inn - River nr. Rosenheim/Bavaria

Neffe Robert


Technical data:

Length: 6.45 m
Width: 2.50 m
Installation tank: 480 l
Engine: Honda BF150 150PS

Honda BF35 35PS
GPS - Fish Finder - radio - Auto-control
Sea & freshwater tank for bait
ice bucket
Three deep-sea fishing - 650mtr. braided line
1 Schlepp Angel ( Troll ) 1500mtr. line (1.7 mm)


White tuna

> 45 kilograms >110 centimeters




"Air transport squadron LTG61"




Nord Aviation N 2501D Noratlas





lighthouses here in northern Sporades


Repi--LH-- GRE-137 -- NAS 080 ++Skiathos Isl. EU072++


Gourouni--LH--GRE-071--NAS 076 ++Skopelos Isl. EU072++


Pontikonisi--EU060 -- LH-GRE-110 -- NAS 087++Pontikonisi EU060++


Psathoura -- EU072-- LH-GRE-029-- NAS 057







Agios Ioannis EU072 -- NAS 055 --

Church of MAMMA MIA Movie

2009, the film Mamma Mia was filmed on Skiathos and Skopelos.


Wanderparadies - Hiking-Paradise - Skiathos




Harvest Festival

by Anna, SV8/DL4MHB

The harvest festival had always been a special celebration for me and I celebrated it, no matter where I was at this very day.This year I like to combine it with a picnic here on Skiathos Island for the first time. Detlef is alsovery pleased of my idea. We will go the mountainous area of the island for this occasion. Anticipation has already been great, but today my calendar finally says:

"October Sunday, harvest festival!"

I have already put the basket on the table, beautifully arranged with all the fruits that are typical for the island like pomegranates,figs, quinces, grapes, lemons, oranges, eggplants, green peppers and so on. We carefully paid attention to get really one of the best fruit for this celebration. Olives may not be missing in any case. My Greek neighbour kindly brought to me several ones that had already been pickled by her. This years, olives are especially suitable for doing so, being almost as big as plums due to the reatively frequent rain. I roughly crumble sheep's milk cheese with herbs (feta) and sprinkle it with a few drops of olive oil. We take it with us in a bowl. I will dress the salad consisting of big, fleshy tomatoes covered with onion rings only directly before our meal starts so that it remains crunchy. So I must not forget salt, pepper-mill, balsamico, good olive oil of course of Skiathos! The rosemary chicken (Detlef asked me to cook it) is still in the oven and its smell fills the whole kitchen. I take it out and pack it into aluminium foil. Oh dear, the pitas (little round flat loafs made of wheat) still must be baked. Everything is extremely exciting! The beverages are also still in the refrigerator! We have allowed courselves an extra good bottle of Greed red wine for this occasion. Retsina (resin wine), ouzo (anise schnapps) and of course we will also take mineral water with us, you never know! Detlef is just bringing me a freshly cut rose from our rose bush and lays it beside the basket. But there it would fade and i prefer to put it in a glass. Finally, everything is stowed away in our jeep and we are ready to go! It's not easy to find the right way to the little chapel which is situated highly in the mountains and where we want to hold our picnic. We had been there only once before and that was a long time ago! We miss the way several times, but that does no harm to our cheerful mood. I enjoy the trip! The island is pretty green at the moment. We can see swarms of miscellaneous butterflies. From time to time we are greeted by a single delicate blue Wegwarte.

from the dusty wayside. I really love this modest flower and return its greeting with a smile.Besides that, a kind of lily which blooms in yellow and is named Asphodeline, prevails and exudes a bewitching smell everywhere. Suddenly an old, wheather-beaten wooden signpost! It is hard for me to decipher the Greek letters "Agios Nikolaios". That's exactly where we wanna go and shortly afterwards we reached our destination. A marvellous place! An old Greek oak is in the front court of the very little chapel. It protects the long, stone-built table with its far reaching branches. We also find a spring there. The place is surrounded by wild herbs like sage, rosemary and laurel. Midget cyclamen flourish and next to them at their lower side you can find a little olive grove. As we feel good there, we decide to stay! It looks like nobody had been here for a longer period of time and therefore, we have to set things right again first of all. A broom is found in a second with which the table is swept clean immediately. Empty bottles standing around are cleared away. We take a glance inside the little chapel and are sure that we are allowed to borrow two of the chairs stacked in the anteroom for our purpose. Nice Greek chairs, painted in pale grey. Now we can start! I fetch the green tablecloth seasonable for the harvest festival and lay it on the table. My corn-colored plates match well to it. Detlef is already busy with opening the red wine and filling it into a jug so that its "bouquet" can unfold in the meantime. I complete our fresh fruit basket with the herbs growing here and put all food brought along on the table.

Normally, we would begin with our meal now. But today, with respect to the harvest festival, I thought out a special ritual, the realization of which is really a big desire from my side. Following the "Sun Song" of the holyFranziskus (my favourite saint), upright I stand and say "thank you" to our Mother Earth, Sister Water, Brother Wind and the great power Sun for all the wonderful gifts offered to us every year. I am so deeply moved that tears run over my cheeks while I am speaking. Also Detlef can't hide his emotions, he neither had celebrated harvest in such a manner so far. I cannot say how it happened, is it due to this place or to the surroundings, but suddenly I feel strongly authorized to even bless our food personally! While doing so, I was in complete harmony with God, the nature and ourselves...

In a reaxed mood, we then start to "feast". Detlef pours the ruby red wine into glasses and while clinking glasses we look into each other's eyes deeply. "Jamas!" Once again I become aware of how much I love my husband! We eat slowly and with relish. It tastes wonderful! For dessert, we have vitamin C containing pomegranates and fresh fias rich of nutritious iron which are a great joy, simply delicious! If somebody had strolled along, we would have invited him to dine with us, of course. Just in case, I had brought along some paper plates. But we stayed alone. Nevertheless, we have visitors of another kind. Afeathered singer, identified as a robin by Detlef the bird expert, pleases us with its almost inexhaustible repertoire during the whole picnic. I send it a tender thankful greeting up into the thick tree-top and I am almost sure that upon that I can clearly hear its singing still getting even better. Also a hornet hums by without taking notice of us, seemed as if it had better things to do. Dragon-flies buzz to a nearby streamlet and we can well watch them. From time to time, the sun appears through the branches and even underlines the peaceful atmosphere of this place!

After meal, Detlef suggests it would be a good time to take an ouzo. It shows its effect soon and, gladly and in high spirits like children, we begin to dance something like a Sirtaki around the tree and table. Unfortunately, we still do not know how to do this nice dance correctly. How wonderful life is! A bit out of breath, we sit down on the white white-washed small wall which surrounds every little chapel in such height with our glasses of wine. The sea today looks rather bluish-grey on this late autumn afternoon. Pretty fascinated we watch the flight arts of the peregrine falcons which have found a hiding place in the cliffs lyingopposite to us. How wonderful to watch them almost dropping down onto the surface of the sea in a nose dive and then using the thermionics of the upwinds to float up into the air again. All that just out of pure zest for life! How much could mankind learn from birds in this respect. An aphorism of the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore comes to my mind, saying:

"God respects me, when i work, but he loves me when I sing!"

I like these words very much and they fit to the surroundings here somehow...

Inwardly eleted and relieved, we finally have to bring ourselves to leave this place, but the days here on Skiathos are now already short and our way home mainly leads though difficult terrain. We put the chairs back. Inside the chapel I notice that exclusively pure beeswax candles are used. How fine that smells! Once more we express our thanks for the use of the place and leave everything cleanly and properly. Although we are rattled and shaked, we return to our house happily. While unpacking, I am wondering how I will integrate the leftovers of the picnic into the menu of the coming few days. Just in that moment an anxious thought arises in me: The end of the holidays isn't far away. I urge myself to discipline: " Anna, don't worry about that, you want to enjoy the very moment!" I breathe deeply, take a nice white satin ribbon with which I bind the consecrated herbs to a little bunch and hang it outside to dry. I will take it home with me to Germany as a visible memory of this beautiful day on Skiathos!


Autumn excursion on Skiathos

by Anna, SV8/DL4MHB

A wonderful autumn day! Today we decided not to go to the sea. Today, Detlef and I want to make another excursion to the hilly interior of the island on our Piaggio scooter. We have been looking forward to it for a long period of time! Our destination is a small church in the north of the island situated on steep rocks. We noticed it already from the distance on our last holidays.

Only for a short time we ride on tarred streets and then move on on bumpy, red sandy little roads. The route we take is lined by vineyards fully loaded, small lemon and orange trees, quinces and red cheeky pomegranates smile at us seductively. We meet hardly anybody. How we enjoy this! Away from zivilisation, immerse into almost untouched nature, feel the airstream and be full of expectations on what will happen next. Suddenly a shimmering pheasant appears in front of us which quickly hides into the next bushes. Our trip now mainly leads us through silvery shining olive groves interrupted only by little rock shacks with red tiled roofs which are used for overnight stays during the olive harvest in remote areas.

My heart always opens very widely on the sight of olive trees! It is called the tree of peace, you simply must feel well there! Beyond, it gives us this marvellous golden oil in which the sun is captured.

More and more we spiral up, until we have to park our scooter at a little parking lot as we can only continue on foot. We can already see the chapel. A narrow rather steep path leads to the peak. It is paved in serpentine manner by stone walls which I do love that much! They were built in laborious manual work a long time ago to avoid sea wind carrying away the earth. Spicy herbs, which I rub between my fingers to be able to smell their taste even better, grow out of the cracks everywhere.

Midget cyclamen in pink colours plenty of which can be found during this season harmonise well with the grey rocks. Carefully we walk step by step. We hardly speak with each other, just want to absorb everything!

Deep blue, already almost ripe olives hang on the young little trees at the height of our faces. I thought over who will reap them over here? I this moment a part of Hebbel's " Herbstgedicht " ( Autumn poem ) came to my mind: " Oh, stoert sie nicht, die Feier der Natur, dies ist die Lese die sie selber haelt...." ( Don't you disturb the celebration of the nature, this is the gathering made by itself..." ) A hare, obviously roused by us from digging a hole, flees panic-stricken. It wouldn't need to be afraid of us at all!

After approximately 20 minutes we have reached our destination and are overwhelmed by the offered view, but, nevertheless, we want to take a look at the church inside first. Churches are never locked up on Skiathos. A pleasant coolness surrounds us. I take a seat on the wooden pews at the side to have the chance to regard everything very calmly. Detlef does not hesitate a second to light a candle related with an unspoken wish which I, however, know for sure. Then he searches for joss sticks ( Raeucherstaebchen ) which he kindles in the front in a vessel specially constructed for that purpose. A mystic smell rises into the vault. So even more spiritual atmosphere arises from which even Detlef who is the realist of both of us cannot escape. It seems as if you hear melancholy Greek Orthodox songs.

The mysterious icons which are there in large numbers seem to wahe up for life. Only scanty light gets through the windows and I watch a small Gekko disappearing in a gap behind an icon. What a fantastic place of living! I don't know how long we kept on sitting here that way. Just when we want to leave the chapel, I realize a broom and sweep the faded leaves from the smooth stone floor and it occurs to me as if have done so my whole life just like an old female sacristan. Rather strange!

Detlef deposits a generous euro donation and we step into the open. Dazzled by the sunlight, we at first sit down on the whitewashed little wall which surrounds half of the church. In front of us, the cliffs drop steeply and the blue of the sky vies with the blue of the Aegean. We let our gazes wander far over the Sea. A lovely place! Greedy for the salty sea air, we take a deep breath of it. There is nothing to hear besides the muffled roar of the sea and the chirping of hundreds of cicadas. Again we completely dedicate ourselves to the moment. Here everything is touched, your soul, all your senses, here you really live, here you can concentrate on your own, on life as it is...

The shrill yell of a peregrine falcon rouses us from our absorption and gives us the sign to leave.

On the silent trip back to our house, both of us have a smile on our lips and a strange gleam in our eyes.

We will live on this excursion again for a long time and our decision to spend a certain period of our lives on Skiathos was once more corroborated!



In the Olive Grove

by Anna SV8/DL4MHB

My heart beat heavily, when I hesitatingly stepped into the olive grove which houses the oldest and most striking olive trees of Skiathos Island in my opinion.

How often did I already pass them by on my trip to the " Asselinos beach ", took a look at my dear olive trees full of deep respect in their loftiness. Only by this visual impression I was always very refreshed afterwards.

Today, time had come!

I wanted to ask them, whether they would allow me to capture them on celluloid to heat me up inwardly when looking at the photos during the cold winter months far away from Greece. Detlef who brought me here in his jeep, left me tactfully alone with my " brothers " and waited for me on the roadside in the shadow.

That's where I stood now! After a short reflection, I strode over elastic earth like on clouds in the middle of the grove. Shimmering heat! From time to time an olive fell to the ground and caused a pleasant noise. Surrounded by so many old olive trees, I felt an enormous strength and energy. Where should I begin totake a photograph? They stood there marvellously with their gnarled, meaningful trunks .Namens as

the " Wise one ", the " Majestic one ",

the " Spelled one ", the " one flooted with Light ".

occurred to me immediately. I heard them whispering:

" Come to me ! " . ............" Take me ! "

Like in trance, I was flying from one tree to the next trying to capture them as good as possible. I felt infinitely well in doing so! Why my reation to the olive tree is so hearty, is a matter of his symbolism, its longevity and vitality. The history of mankind is accompanied by the olive from the very first beginning. Already Homer has sung of it and it is mentioned in ancient documents. Let alone his unique fruit with its versatile use. The sun-filled, Mediterranean region wouldn't be conceivable without it.-- Gratitude flows though me regarding this marvellous gift of our Creator.

It would have been a great pleasure for me to spend even more time inside this wonderful olive grove. But in this moment I heard the dog of a house nearby barking and thought of the owner of the grove who could come over at any time irritated by my at least a little strange behaviour. So I decided to leave the grove with a heavy heart. Again and again I turned round. " Thanks my familiar fellows, next yaer we will see each other again! "

When I came back to Detlef, I expressed my gratefulness for his patience. We drove on to the beach where our children already waited for us. Still deeply moved, I told them from my experience. Willingly they listened to me. But the one who seemed to understand me best was my grandson Julian 4 years old. He took my hand and in a spiritual harmony we hiked along the beach together, searched for downy seagull feathers and had them blown by the wind into the deep blue sky. Both of us were very happy in this moment....




Special notice for "digimodes" fans:

1. Please, try to be brief - I really do not need a plenty data about your age, HAM Clubs membership, equipment, antennas etc.

- just RST, Name,QTH and QTH-locator.

2. Please, try to use codes, for example, I expect to receive just "TNX" instead of wasting time to get wholly spelled phrases.

3. I strongly believe that "73!" means everything like "good health", "good luck" and other things like that.




our security Dog





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