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 Hello and welcome to my blog,

I will operate EI8GQB between 18th to 28th March  2018 from a caravan using green energy only.

I am now operating Single Operator 2 Radios (SO2R) with 6 different antennas in portable conditions like disaster/emergency situation. It represents 40 hours of work in the fields in order to be fully operational on 5 bands. With EI7T, I will make part to the CQ World Wide WPX (World Prefix) SSB Contest between 24-25th March 2018 using mainly green energy.

Also Check my Youtube channel where you can find a lot of videos, please join the channel.

Stay tuned and see below my stories.

73 from Olivier EI8GQB/ON4EI

QSL to LOTW or to QSL MANAGER : PA3249 via BURO or via DIRECT to Harry de Jong, Broekdijk 59,7695 TC Bruchterveld,The Netherlands.More details at http://qrzcq.com/call/PA3249 

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Since 2018, special calls like EI1A are not available anymore for individuals for contest activities, a recent decision from the Irish Commission of Regulation.

March 2018 EI8GQB/EI7T    CQ WPX SSB contests activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
10th continuous radio activity at the CQ WPX SSB contest
Unfortunately, the Irish Commission of Regulation can no longer provide individual short callsigns for contest activities. This means I cannot use the EI1A callsign anymore. I have informed the IRTS president and my local Tipperary radio club (EI7TRG). It seems now that Ireland is the only EU country not allowing short callsigns for individuals. 
The members of the Tipperary radio club (EI7TRG) kindly allow me use the vanity callsign, EI7T, for my next WPX 2018 SSB contest activity.
I wish to sincerely thank Chairman Hugh O'Donnell EI2HI and Secretary John Ronan EI7IG for their support. For many years now, they have offered me not only support and interest in my radio activities in Ireland, but also friendship.

Day_01 17/10/2018 I arrived in Ireland Saturday afternoon with 1 hours flight delay from Brussels due to icing conditions on the wings. The day was dry but cold with max 4°C and a strong wind to increase the cold perception. I have only been able to setup the caravan and enjoy the gaz heater. But the fridge is not starting, the gaz is ok but the spark ignition is not working anymore. Fortunately, with this weather, I can put a closed box outside.

Day_02 18/10/2018 (39 Ah) This night, I slept with 3 sleeping bags. I waked up this morning in blizzard conditions with 4 cm of snow. I feel like being on Bouvet Island. With these conditions, I cannot plan to be on air ASAP and I have to manage the setup of the antenna with a minimum of effort.  Today, I only plan to raise the wind generator in order to guarantee energy production and if possible, prepare the trailer mast. I cannot  leave the place as ways and roads are icy.

Stay tuned
October 2017 EI8GQB/EI1A    CQ WW DX SSB contests activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
10th continuous radioactivity at the CQ WW DX SSB contest
Green Energy produced : 260 Ah *12 V = 3,120 KWh ( 23.6 Ah daily average )

Day_01 20/10/2017 I arrived in Ireland Friday evening with 2 hours delayed Ryanair flight, fortunately it was not on the canceled list. By chance, we (all the family) will fly back with Aerlingus.The weather is very windy but nothing to compare with Ophelia storm last Monday. I spend the night in a hotel between Dublin and my radio location, I can hear the wind outside and I know that it will increase tomorrow when I will set the caravan in the field. But I am used to these conditions. I am very happy to celebrate this year my 10th continuous participation to the CQ WW DX SSB contest, the most difficult amateur radio competition of the year. 

Day_02 21/10/2017 I am happy, this morning, when I wanted to check my Email, I pushed the ON button on my laptop and nothing ... I do not know what happened, I can’t switch it on and I have no computer anymore to log the contest, I decided to buy a new one here, but the keyboards in Ireland are QWERTY not AZERTY. I plan to tape AZERTY letters on the keys.
During the evening, I configured the laptop and used more than 3 GB of my 3-network data bundle, but in Ireland with 20-euros prepaid top-up you get "All you can eat data" up to ... 60 GB. I also soldered on the new laptop power cable, a connector to use my voltage converter 12 to 19 volts inside the caravan. I was not able to erect the wind generator as gusts were too strong and the farmer was not able to tow the antenna trailer with his 4x4 because the fields are too wet due to Ophelia storm. He will come back Sunday or Monday with his tractor.
During the setup, I took a nail in the forehead while I was looking for my boots, it blew a lot, but not too much pain fortunately, I do not remember my last tetanus vaccination. I had no more medical tape, so I used electrical tape to stop the bleeding.
I now looking like 
rugby player and not anymore to a hamradio contester, but I am happy. 

Day_03 22/10/2017 (48 Ah) I started to work in the fields around 10 am, I erected the wind generator, an inverted V 40m (I decided not to install the 3 elements inverted V) and the first part of the vertical supporting the inverted L low band, then I went back to the farm to fill 2x20L water tank. I made some contacts on 40 m band but not a lot of activity. I am still configuring the new laptop to prepare the contest.

Day_04 23/10/2017 (35 Ah) I am happy, the weather forecast are very good with high pressure conditions above Ireland for the end of the week. I decided to use Spiderbeam antenna for high band and it is now ready to be erected at the end of the week. The vertical low band is also erected, without radials as I still waiting for the farmer to tow the trailer.

Day_05 24/10/2017 (23 Ah) I went to town to replace the gaz cylinder. The farmer cannot come today to tow the trailer, I decided not to use it, as I will be late regarding my planning.I will raise the second HF beam on aluminum mast instead as vertical radials are lying on the ground and are in the way. 

Day_06 25/10/2017 (11 Ah)  And finally a blue sky this morning. All antennas are erected, I still need to install the beverage, but the main physical effort is done ... alone ...without any help !. I went back to town for the last shopping, mainly petrol for the generator as there will be no more wind to fill the batteries in the following days. This also means that I can sleep well without noise from the wind.
Day_07 26/10/2017 (5 Ah)  One day ahead of my planning, but with a lighter setup than usual, as the trailer is still stuck in the mud.

Day_08 27/10/2017 (27 Ah)  I cannot resist to take picture of those early morning on the hill when good weather is on the menu. Today, I built the shack and rest rest rest. Look for EI1A and I hope to hear you during the contest. Look at the picture, the white labels on the keyboard to convert QWERTY to AZERTY. 

Day_09 28/10/2017 (24 Ah)  EI1A, 10th continuous participation to the CQ WW DX SSB contest. A first break after 20 hours of radio activity 00:00 to 20:00 with 1365 contacts, around 1,13 contact per minute and already 748.000 points.

Day_10 29/10/2017 (20 Ah)  EI1A, 10th continuous participation to the CQ WW DX SSB contest. I operated 40/48 hours with 2524 QSOs / 81 zones / 314 countries and 1.931.000 points. A good result taking into consideration this period of low sun activity. There is less and less radio activity from some part of the world.Here are the unique tropical prefixes stations contacted : 6Y JAMAICA,8P BARBADOS,9Y TRINIDAD TOBAGO,BY CHINA,FM MARTINIQUE,FR ILE DE LA REUNION,FY GUYANE FRANCAISE,KH6 HAWAII,KH0 MARIANA ISLAND,P4 ARUBA,PJ2 CURACAO,PJ4 BONAIRE,V2 ANTIGUA BARBUDA,V3 BELIZE,V4 KITTS NEVIS,VP2 MONTSERRAT,VK AUSTRALIA.

Day_11 30/10/2017 (25 Ah)  I started to remove the antenna park and put the equipment back in a secure place. The weather is ideal to work outside.

Day_12 31/10/2017 (30 Ah)  Today I started to visit the in laws where Virginia, my wife, Clara and Lily, my twins daughter, arrived last Sunday. I also enjoyed a hot shower, since .... 5 days. Then, I went back to the hill in order to remove the vertical and roll the cables. The beverage antenna is still installed and this afternoon/evening, I plan to measure the effect of the grayline, D layer evolution, on the last Belgian RTBF 621 KHz AM transmitter signal in order to show the increase of the signal vs the grayline evolution. Stay tuned for the publication of the measurement.

Day_13 1/11/2017 (12 Ah) I waked up early to measure the decrease of the AM radio signal with the apparition/ionization of the D layer. I got raw data and will process them when I am back to Belgium. The signal evolves from S7 to S9+20. Today I will remove all the antennas and start to fill equipment in the caravan.

Day_14 2/11/2017 I have worked 5 hours to clean, to fill and to prepare the caravan for the winter, in order to plan my next venue in Ireland for the WPX contest in march 2018. I am still very motivated just after a half century on this earth and almost 40 years of radio passion. Also since May 2017 I decided to follow a LCHF diet, and I lost 15 Kg. I feel today like a teenager and after 50 years old, I will continue to play radio in the Irish fields with cow mud or elsewhere in the world. Stay tuned.  And I continue to be happy.

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Weather forecast at EI8GQB contest location

For the 1st time since 9 years, I will not make part to the IARU HF World championship and/or IOTA contest during this summer. I changed working company and I do not have enough holiday days to mix family and radio activity this year. I decided to spend left few available days off with my family this summer in order to be able to activate EI8GQB and EI1A during the CQ WW DX SSB in October and celebrate my 10 years continuous participation as single operator low power participant. See you in October.

March 2017 EI8GQB/EI1A    CQ WPX SSB contests activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
Green Energy produced : 428 Ah *12 V = 5,62 KWh ( 42.5 Ah daily average )

Day_01 18/03/2017 (14 Ah) I arrived today on the hill. The caravan is now operational as wel as the wind generator. Several vertical masts are now raised thanks to Hugh EI2HI's help who visited me during the afternoon. Hugh is the president of the Tipperary Amateur Radio Group http://ei7trg.ie. It was blowing a gale but now the weather becomes just very windy. This time I decided to switch the generator in brake mode during the night to avoid noise.

Day_02 19/03/2017 (38 Ah) Today, I worked in the fields during 7 hours, the 3 element inverted V is raised and working well, I made some QSO to test it. I also raised the Inverted L low band with the 32 radials. I am one day ahead on my planning despite windy and rainy weather. Sometimes, during the day, I dreamed about glasses with windscreen wiper.

Day_03 20/03/2017 (60 Ah) Another full day of work in the fields, I assembled the 2 high band beams and prepared the antenna trailer as well as the aluminum mast. The weather is still very windy with rain and sleet.

Day_04 21/03/2017 (33 Ah) The weather is changing and becoming cold, it is impossible to work outside without gloves, fortunately, I finished the main work and the antenna is now on top of the antenna trailer. I am now QRV high bands.

Day_05 22/03/2017 (63 Ah) A special day to day, one year ago, ... Brussels attack. And this time I waked up with a snow storm, it is very cold also inside the caravan despite the gas heater. I plan the minimum service today, impossible to work outside.

Day_06 23/03/2017 (28 Ah) The weather is not with me this time, the wind blow all the time and I may not able to raise the second high bands beam, maybe during the contest as the weather improve only during the week end then back to the storms next week when I will removing the installation.  I finalized and tested all the other antennas and I feel very tired with this physical work.

Day_07 24/03/2017 (27 Ah) The weather was better today and at the end of the day I was able to raise the aluminum mast with the 3 elements beam. All equipment are working well and are ready for the contest. I also refilled the gas cylinder and water tank for two days of non stop radio activity. I am now going to sleep (19:30 UTC) and weak-up at 00:40 UTC to start just after 01:00 UTC. See you with EI1A.   

Day_08 25/03/2017 (68 Ah) Today, I took big decisions, first, as the propagation is now becoming very weak (there is no more opening on 15m and 10m bands) due to the low solar activity and therefore, I am only spending my time to search for stations or to defend my calling frequency. Secondly, I am  reaching this year, 50 years old and physically it becomes very hard to support alone the installation of such a big antenna park (until I find some regular local help). Therefore, I decide to reduce the antenna park with minimum effort and I do not plan any more to compete for a top position.

Day_09 26/03/2017 (40 Ah) I made part to the WPX contest but with no more motivation, I am physically very tired and cannot face the 36 hours of operations.

Day_10 27/03/2017 (52 Ah) I scored 500.000 points, my worst result ever with 640 QSO and started to remove the antenna park.

Day_11 28/03/2017 (43 Ah) I have worked 7 hours to remove the antenna park in the wind between showers.It becomes physically hard again. I left the place this evening to visit EI7TRG amateur radio club fellows.

Day_12 29/03/2017 I continued today to work 4 hours outside in the fields, still windy and some showers. The equipment is now ready to be loaded inside the caravan for tomorrow.

Day_13 30/03/2017 Another 6 hours of works. Cleaning the caravan and washing the kitchen corner, loading all material, emptying toilet cassette and covering the caravan. After wasing the car (inside and outside) full of cow mud, I am now enjoying my first bath since 2 weeks in a hotel in Clonmel. Tomorrow, I flight back to Belgium. This is so much energy for honestly a beginner result. I still remember, the moment of the last solar cycle when I ran a pileup with 120 QSO per hours during non stop 3 hours with North American stations just above 29 MHz as the band was fully crowded.. This time no contact on 10m and a no EU stations on 15m but some opening to South America but with not a lot of people on the other side. Do I have to wait 5 or 6 more years to enjoy low power contest ?. I am thinking more and more to join a contest team like EI7M. Maybe see you in the future .... Olivier

October 2016 EI8GQB/EI1A    WAG & CQ WW DX SSB contests activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
Green Energy produced : 671 Ah *12 V = 8,52 KWh ( 24,8 Ah daily average / 27 days)

Day_1 08/10/2016 (2 Ah) - I just arrived on the hill and setting up the caravan, the weather is wonderful, no rain, no wind and 17° Celsius. I just installed the solar panels.

Day_2 09/10/2016 (14 Ah) I raised a inverted V dipole on 40m and made make part to the IRTS 40m counties contest Sunday 9th October 12-15 UTC. Still no wind at all.

Day_3 10/10/2016 (32 Ah) I worked outside in T-shirt, thanks to wonderful weather conditions. I assembled the TA 33jrn and raised it on the aluminum mast. I also erected the wind generator as tomorrow, there will be a bit of wind.

Day_4 11/10/2016 (41 Ah) Another 5 hours of work in the fields. I erected the reflector and director of the 40m inverted V beam as well as the low band vertical.

Day_5 12/10/2016 (24 Ah) Today, I added the 32 radials and installed the beverage in the field. I took a shower as in the evening I presented EI8GQB/EI1A activities since 2008 with a lot of pictures and videos at Cork Radio Club EI5CRC (EI7M team) in Carrigtwohill. It is a good occasion to meet old fellows.

Day_6 13/10/2016 (36 Ah) I assembled the MP33N on the trailer mast.

Day_7 14/10/2016 (23 Ah) The MP33N is now erected at 16m on the trailer mast but there is a problem with the inverted V 40/80/160m. For the WAG contest, this is not a problem as there is no 160m activity, therefore, I do not need it for SO2R.

Day_8 15/10/2016 (53 Ah) The antenna park is finally ready, and I dare to start the WAG contest. The weather was very good for the season, with few rain and no wind.

Day_9 16/10/2016 (25 Ah) During the night, I decided to give up as too many high power stations stolen my calling frequency without any concern. I experienced this 10 times on 40m band and 5 times on 80m maybe due to a very strong 20 KHz jamming on 40m with S9+50dB and the contest rules with no activity between 7080-7140 for jamboree. I respect the jamboree activity as it is good for the future of our hobby, but when at 19:00 UTC this part of the band is totally clear as the young sleep,. I was so frustrated and I think that contest rules must be reviewed and take this into consideration, otherwise low power contest stations will disappear. In 30 years of amateur radio experience, this hobby provided me with friendship and it is the first time ever that I am experiencing a fervent hatred regarding some stations/operators. I then stopped and enjoyed the two first episodes of the new Frequency serie involving amateur radio while the caravan was experiencing a strong wind storm here on the top of the hill.

Day_10-15 17-22/10/2016 (81 Ah) I had to come back to Belgium urgently for professional reasons. I disconnected the solar panels and let the wind generator working.

Day_16 23/10/2016 (65 Ah) I am back on the hill after a QRL break with beautiful weather conditions and will be QRV in the evening on 40m.

Day_17 24/10/2016 (45 Ah) I cleaned the caravan and added silicone sealant to protect it from the humidity.

Day_18 25/10/2016 (4 Ah) A strange smoggy day and low propagation conditions.

Day_19 26/10/2016 (22 Ah) The contest shack is now ready, I also repaired the SEARCH low band inverted V at the top of the trailer mast as the cable to the switching box was faulty.

Day_20 27/10/2016 (60 Ah) I lost the keys of the caravan and had to build a secure system with a padlock.

Day_21 28/10/2016 (20 Ah) Rest, rest and rest. I will also check all the antennas physically and electrically. The weather forecast are the best I can expect for the contest.

Day_22-23 29-30/10/2016 (56 Ah) Operating the CQ World Wide DX SSB Contest with my contest callsign EI1AThe sun activity is decreasing, it is clear and for a low power station, RUN is becoming a real challenge. First, finding a clear frequency is very hard, lower bands are crowded due to less opening on the higher bands and secondly, being heard is also very difficult as the signals are lower. 
Mathematically, it was impossible for me to qualify as team leader for the WRTC, I decided this time not to race the contest, but enjoy the contest. This is why I only operated 28 hours and I scored only 861.360 POINTS/ 1392 QSO/ 76 ZONES / 295 DXCC, this is my worst result since 6 years.
On the high bands, the propagation was very strange, mainly from the south/south east to CN/EA8(I never heard so many EA8 stations)/6W/ZD8 and South America. I was able to RUN some North American (NA) stations on 20m while SEARCHING South American stations on 15m and 10m bands. I only heard one NA station on 10m.
On the lower bands, I never made so many NA stations on 160m, they mainly answered to my calls, I am happy to see that my quarter wave inverted L (16m V and 24m H) did a very good job combined with my 100m long beverage
Also on 80m, the Inverted L, as half wave, did a good job and I was able to have good RUNs, but the band is 200 KHz wide, which is enough space to find a clear frequency to RUN.
This was not the case on 40m, the band is too small to enjoy RUN and signals are sometimes so strong that same with the 20dB attenuator on, you still see 59+40dB signals.

Day_24 31/10/2016 (13 Ah) I started to remove the antenna park; 12M aluminum mast and TA33jr are down, beverage removed and inverted L low band.

Day_25 1/11/2016 (40 Ah) I continued to remove the antenna park; the MP33N is down and the trailer mast is ready to be towed in the farm. (see right picture before setting down). 

Day_26 2/11/2016 (15 Ah) I remove today the 3 elements inverted V as wel as the wind generator.

Day_27 3/11/2016 The caravan is now covered and ready for the winter. I filled it with all the masts, equipment, ropes.... and is now ready to be towed near the farm. I spent the night in Clonmel Hotel Park in order to enjoy a bath and a normal bed since 2 weeks ... I am back unfortunately  to the civilization. Dah Dih Dah.

July-Aug 2016 EI8GQB/EI1A    IARU HF WorldChampionship & IOTA contests with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
IARU HF CONTEST CLAIMED: 776.988 POINTS/ 1180 QSO/150 Mult/ 76 ITU Zones.
IOTA CONTEST CLAIMED: 972.930 POINTS/ 986 QSO/125 Mult (Islands references).
Green Energy produced : 1277 Ah *12 V = 15,324 KWh ( 45,6 Ah daily average / 28 days


Wow !!! What a pleasure to be back again on the hill and being alone for two weeks in the middle of the nature. This place is my lonely paradise where I can refill my social batteries while I can enjoy to chat with old fellows on the radio with outstanding antenna setup and interact on social networks/mails with a good 4G networks coverage.

This summer, my main objective is to make as many points as possible during the IARU contest in order to collect points for the WRTC 2018 in Germany.
For the halftime standings, I scored 4th position, just before being qualified to make part to the WRTC 2018. (Only the first 3 are qualified).
Today, I am scoring 7th position and I really need to gather more points as well as more contest participation.
The IARU contest is a good opportunity for me to collect more points, but as I am not a CW operator, I am sure not to collect the maximum points and this is a real challenge.
Last year, with SSB only operation, I won 745/950 points gained against M7Q (who operated CW and SSB),
This year, I plan to gain more points despite less sun activity conditions, but certainly more motivation from my side.
A second challenge, not radio oriented, is to repair the burner of my gas fridge that stopped to work in March 2016 during my last activity.
I ordered a new gas burner in case I cannot clean it. I spend time on the WEB to learn how to repair a gas caravan fridge.
So when I will be on the hill, I will set up the caravan with the green energy first and then repair the fridge before starting the installation of the 40m 3 elements Inverted V antenna.
I may be operational on Sunday July 3rd during the evening on 40M.

Day_1 2/07/2016 (5 Ah) Good journey to Ireland. The caravan is installed and I immediately started to replace the gas fridge burner as well as clean the other elements. I am happy to succeed to repair it. It is not my core business and playing with gas is dangerous, but the fridge is now cooling and it cost me only 35 euro for the burner. The weather conditions are good to work in the fields, no rain today and 17 degrees. The solar panels are installed and tomorrow I will raise  the wind generator and the 3 elements 40M. A very good start.

Day_2 3/07/2016 (67 Ah) I started to work in the fields at 9h30 and it took me 2 hours to raise the driven element of the 3 elements inverted V antenna, then 1 hour to raise  the reflector and 1 additional hour to raise the director. I enjoyed a break of 30 minutes to check the antenna and made some QSOs. Then back to business during 1h30 to raise the wind generator. Plus another 40 minutes to go to the farm in order to fill 60L water tanks. I can tell you that I really enjoyed a nice hot shower. The weather was perfect to work in the fields with max 20C temperature and I feel some sunburn on my face. So today 6h10 minutes work in the fields and a very good evening meeting old fellows on 40M band.


Day_3 4/07/2016 (50 Ah) It took me 2h30 to raise the Inverted L and an additional hour to install the 32 radials. Then, during 1h30, I installed the beverage (If you forget a tool , or have a problem at one end of the antenna your have to walk 2*100m each time...) The weather was dry and a bit windy today. So today 5 hours of work in the fields, This represents more or less 4 Km of walk.

Day_4 5/07/2016 (42 Ah) Another 5 hours of work today. 1h30 to prepare the telescopic aluminum mats, 1h30 assemble the Spiderbeam, 1 hour to raise the mast and correct the antenna direction. I finished with 1 hour to clean the caravan. The weather is dry with some period of sun with 20°C. I start to feel the work in my body. So now I have one high band antenna raised. I decided to raise the Spiderbeam as now wind is expected and this antenna is a 4 elements on 10m, ideal for the sporadic E.

Day_5 6/07/2016 (40 Ah) Today I feel sick and weak. I have a sore throat and I decided to work less. It took me 2h20 of work to prepare the trailer mast. It is now stabilized, guying cables are ready as well as the head mast with the rotator and  the switching box. I will raise it tomorrow after assembling the MP33N antenna. This time the farmer put me in another field that is smaller than usual as I stay one and a half month on the hill as he really needs to use the fields for the cows milk. Since the change in Europe about milk quota, he doubled the number of cows and therefore really needs all the farm fields available.The negative points, first, my antenna park is now very visible from all the area and I expect curious or bad visits. Each time I leave the fields, I take all the TX and computers with me. Secondly, I may experience more interference between antennas during the contest.

Day_6 7/07/2016 (54 Ah) After a good night of sleep, syrup, spray and paracetamol, I feel okay today to finalize the antenna park. I assembled the MP33N during 1h10, then I installed the antenna at the head of the trailer mast (1h) and raised the trailer mast vertically (1h) as you can see on the panoramic picture below. I loss 1h30 as one of the antenna trap was not correctly installed ...

Day_7 8/07/2016 (40 Ah) Today last preparation, I raised the trailer at the maximum height (1h), made a final check of all the antennas (1h) and build the SO2R shack (2h).

Day_8 9/07/2016 (81 Ah) There is some wind today, it is good for the green energy and I hope it will not be too strong to destruct the Spiderbeam. I woke up at 9 UTC and took a shower before the beginning of the contests. See you tomorrow for the claimed results. 

Day_9 10/07/2016 (115 Ah) Waouw !! Another nice IARU HF World championship experience, with less and less solar activity at F level, but thanks to a very long Sporadic E opening until the evening, this year was very interesting and challenging again! Regarding Green Energy experience, I have been able to work the full contest without using the petrol generator as the high constant strong wind (45 Km/h with sometimes up to 16Ah in the peak generated by the wind generator) produced enough energy, this was rarely experienced for a 24 hours’ contest. The caravan was moving like a boat on the sea and the 60 Km/h gusts were not strong enough to destruct the Spiderbeam antenna.

I started with a strange problem on the RUN K3 station COM port. I never succeeded to connect it to the PC and I had each time to manually enter the RUN frequency in the N1MM software. The antennas were closer than usual as the farmer installed me in a smaller field, I suffered more interference this year but the OM6BPF pass band made its job.

Day_10 11/07/2016 (68 Ah) Rest and cleaning the caravan.

Day_11 12/07/2016 (42 Ah) I removed the Spiderbeam from the telescopic mast, I planned to build the 5 elements 6m, but 2 inox steel screws cannot be unscrewed and I have to order spare parts.

Day_12 13/07/2016 (59 Ah) I worked all the morning and succeeded to repair the 6m antenna, It is now raised at 12 m and I just made my first QSO with Leif SK7OA while I am updating the blog.

Day_13 14/07/2016 (49 Ah) I will make a 12 days radio activity break to focus 100% of my time on the family, therefore, I started to remove some antennas in order to allow access to the field for the cows. I am installing an electrical fence around the caravan and the trailer.

Day_14 15/07/2016 See you  on the 27th July with EI8GQB and the week-end after for the IOTA contest with EI1A. And again in NICE, FRANCE, I am thinking to all those families coming to celebrates Liberté Egalité Fraternité, what a NICE words and what an HORROR again ... How can I explain this to my 9 years old daughters who just survived to Brussels bombing ???  I cry their future world !

Day_26 27/07/2016 (15 Ah) I am back on the hill after a family trip to EA7. I immediately raised the Spiderbeam as there was no wind. 

Day_27 28/07/2016 (57 Ah) Today I reinstalled today the 3 elements Inverted V wire beam for 40m, the central 11m high aluminum mast has been raised with a pulley method and the 2 fibber glass masts have been erected following the trial and error method.

Day_28 29/07/2016 (27 Ah) I finalized the antenna park with the erection of antenna trailer. I spent a half day at Clonmel to look for a new USB to Serial adapter without success. Since my upgrade on Windows 10 last week, I cannot use the Prolific model any more (It gives a 10 error code). I will be obliged to enter the frequency manually during the contest for the RUN station. Fortunately, I own a new model that I will use for the SEARCH station. Weather is perfect to work in the fields, 20 degrees overcast.

Day_29 30/07/2016 (33 Ah) IOTA contest

Day_30 31/07/2016 (32 Ah) IOTA contest

Day_31 1/08/2016 (13 Ah) I claim 972.930 points with 986 QSO and 125 (Islands references). I was only able to operate 15h30 and 1,06 QSO/minutes average. I burned the battery booster that generates a stable 13.8 V and avoid voltage variation according to the modulation peaks. My last optimized microphone audio settings that I made with my friend Peter HB9UQX increased the average of energy and in March I had to change the Elecraft power cable of the RUN station with a bigger wire diameter as it was very hot during the contest. This time after 13h of operation, the battery booster started to smelt burn and I saw smoke. I stopped but the booster is not working any more and I had to use the power generator. I also had a problem with my clock alarm and slept too much but it was another nice contest experience. I wanted to use the IOTA contest to test my new Windows 10 and N1MM+ configuration and I had no problems. It was a kind of testing for the Worked All Germany and CQ WW DX SSB contests next in October.

Day_32 2/08/2016 (68 Ah) I removed today the Spiderbeam antenna as heavy wind is planned in the following days.

Day_33 3/08/2016 (46 Ah) Extreme wind today on the hill with gusts up to 60 km/h, I will make shopping and clean the caravan.

Day_34 4/08/2016 (37 Ah) I spend the day to sort old spare parts, broken fibber glass mast and bring that stuff  to the recycling place, maybe 40 Kg less in the caravan.

Day_36 6/08/2016 (40 Ah) Yesterday when I came back on the hill, I raised the 5 elements 6m band antenna in order to test meteor scatter radio contacts.

Day_37 7/08/2016 (30 Ah) I spend the whole day with my twin daughters with a tree top adventure walk at Castlecomer Discovery Park. Then we spend the night all three in the caravan, they also saw their 2 first shooting stars, so I have not been radio active but I spent the day to create memories.

Day_38 8/08/2016 (53 Ah) I start to remove the antennas on the trailer antenna. And in the late evening after checking the cluster before going to bed, I saw some activity on 6m band between VE and EI. I switched the K3 on and worked for the first time height VE1 stations and one K1 station, this will stay an unbelievable opening in my mind.

Day_39 9/08/2016 (47 Ah) I continued to remove antennas and it smelts the end of a nice holidays period ... Clara and Lily came back again to sleep in the caravan.

Day_40 10/08/2016 (37 Ah) I removed all the antennas and I will load the caravan tomorrow. I left a inverted V dipole on 40m for the last evening.

Day_41 11/08/2016 Last heavy effort, I worked 7 hours to disassemble antennas, green energy installation and also clean and load the caravan. The wind was high and it took me 45 minutes to put the cover on the caravan. It is now ready to be towed near the farm as wel as the antenna trailer. I feel very tired and I already thinking about my next venue on the hill in October for the Worked All Germany and CQ WW DX SSB contests, see you there !

March 2016 EI8GQB/EI1A    ARRL int DX, Russian DX, CQ WPX SSB contests activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
Green Energy produced : 939 Ah *12 V = 11,268 KWh ( 30,3 Ah daily average)
4O3A 6*2 SO2R antenna switch
Long wave portable antenna experiment
3 elements building guide

Day_1 27/02/2016 I arrived well on the hill. No wind, no rain but very very wet ground. I had to repair the fridge as it did not want to start and I lost a lot of time to raise any antenna. I will start  tomorrow to raise all vertical masts as weather is very bad from Mid Monday to Thursday and I will not be able to raise the masts alone with such wind conditions.

Day_2 28/02/2016 (15 Ah on solar panels only) The first night was cold with temperature around 0°deg. I worked very hard today, I raised the vertical 18m supporting the low band Inverted L, raised the wind generator as well as the 3 elements inverted V on 40m. Despite walking all the time in the mud, the fields are totally wet, it was a perfect day to work outside. I am very tired (almost 8 hours of non stop work outside). I operated the last hour of the CQWW SSB160 and I raised a difficult pileup as people were very motivated to make the qso just before the end of the contest. The positive point is that the inverted L not in the final configuration is working very well despite 4 radials only (instead of 32, but the ground is so wet...), the horizontal part was also sloping to ground instead of horizontal. While updating the blog I am listening to US station 59+15 with only the inverted dipole of the 3 elements... nice setup but certainly nice QTH.

Day_3 29/02/2016 (62 Ah) A rainy day as expected, between showers I was only able to install the beverage. I finalized the 3 elements inverted V and operated 40m during the evening with a nice pileup and nice talk with Pierre HB9UQX. I am very physically tired and the weather conditions are horrible, very windy and rainy.

Day_4 01/03/2016 (20 Ah) Another hard day, the wind is so heavy and cold that it is very difficult. I will not be able to operate SO2R during the ARRL Int SSB next weekend as there is no window without wind to allow me to raise the second high bands antenna. See at right, a picture of the caravan entrance with the trouser and boots hanged. Tomorrow is the worst day of the week with wind up to 63 Kph and gusts up to 93 Kph ... this is the hardest conditions ever experienced !.

Day_5 02/03/2016 (25 Ah) Yesterday evening I lay down all antennas and the wind generator. In the middle of the night I was woken up by strong movements and noise in the caravan. But no injuries and break. I wait the second storm wave forcasted during this afternoon, in the mean time I will try to continue to setup the antenna park, working 30 min outside then back to warm for 30 min. When weather was too bad, I went to town to refill the fridge (including a nice Tbone...) and the gaz cylinder as well as the water tanks in the farm. I plan to raise the trailer tomorrow. My moral is back and I will be very active on working on the antenna park before the contest. I am so tired that I eat and go to sleep at 8 am.


Day_6 03/03/2016 (26 Ah) The psy is better and better and I cross the finger to be able (alone) to raise the aluminum mast supporting the second high bands antenna Friday around 6 am, only possibility with low wind. This were my words in the morning, but when I assembled today the TA33jr, it was totally impossible to unscrew the 4 screws that hold the driven elements isolated from the boom, it seems they are soldered, I did not want to destruct and will wait next week to buy a unscrew product, and find solution on the web, otherwise I should order spare parts. Therefore no SO2R for high band, i will try to use the 3 element Inverted V 40m on 15m. Positive point no early wakeup... Definitely to hardest activity.

Day_7 04/03/2016 (36 Ah) I worked all the day to finalize the antenna park, wind and cold are killing me but I did it !!! But there is no second high bands antenna, I plan to raise a 15m/20m dipole Saturday during the contest. Wind is too heavy for a Spiderbeam and the TA33jr cannot be build due to mechanical problem. My first objective was to make a new Europe low power category result for the ARRL Int DX ssb, but now with the conditions, I plan to gain the 1000 points for the WRTC2018 qualification. Almost a week on the hill and it seems I just arrived yesterday. 

Day_8 05/03/2016 (20 Ah)  The weather conditions are improving at last..., still cold but dry and no more heavy wind. Saturday morning I started to design a 3 bands dipole based on Spiderbeam equipment. I raised it alone at 10M in the wind and used it as search antenna. First contest day results are 831 QSO, 164 states and 408.500 points, this no so bad as 10m was very poor on Saturday.

Day_9 06/03/2016 (5 Ah)  I DID THE JOB ! I claim 924.696 points with 1427 QSO and 216 states ( 11 more states than last year and 200 QSO less than last year). I am happy with this result. 10m was at last opened during the Sunday afternoon. 160 m was very noisy and I only worked 5 stations on this band.

Day_10 07/03/2016 (33 Ah) Rest day, shopping, refilling water, gaz... and a picture (above) of the contest equipment, At the rear side, power supply (outside green energy), 4O3A 6x2 SO2R switch, band pass filter for SEARCH station.  There is no P3 spectrum as the screen failed for the second year ... So I managed the contest blind, as I did during a lot of year before SDR/spectrum were available.

Day_11 08/03/2016 (32 Ah) A friend from Belgium is visiting me for 3 days, fortunately, there is a AirBnB nearby the farm (3km). I started operation "cleaning the caravan" and make space for dinner in the evening.

Day_12 09/03/2016 (34 Ah) I just received the confirmation from Hugh/EI2HI that a presentation about my activities in Ireland will be held in Cahir House Hotel at 8pm on Tuesday the 22nd of March 2016. If you can be there, there will be a lot of pictures, videos and human experience.

Day_13 10/03/2016 (20 Ah) Yesterday with my friend Stefano, we visited Cork City center and shopped at the English market to prepare a gastronomic dinner in the caravan. Today we decided to enjoy a nice walk on the sunny Tramor beach. Yes , Yes, the spring is coming... I also activated 40m in the evening and had the pleasure to meet my friend Iñaki/F5RAG. 

Day_14 11/03/2016 (30 Ah) Stefano is back to Belgium and I started today to maintain the caravan and as well as looking to repair the TA33Jrn dipole holder. I did not succeed to fix it and decided to visit the local mechanical car repair. I must come back on Monday.

Day_15 12/03/2016 (23 Ah) Today I managed the caravan, cleaning, vacuum and I also visited the in laws.

Day_16 13/03/2016 (18 Ah) I started to empty the caravan with all non necessary elements, I already found 50 Kg to bring to the recycling center.

Day_17 14/03/2016 (89 Ah) This morning, no clouds in the sky with a bit of wind, excellent weather to refill the batteries. I visited the repair center to check the TA33jrn dipole holder fix.They succeed to unscrew another screw but 2 holders resisted and I drilled trough the holders to install/glue a new screw. It is almost done. I also operated all the evening on 40m and met old fellows who regularly are following my activities. I worked 100 stations in 3 hours time.

Day_18 15/03/2016 (24 Ah) Today, it is another beautiful day where spring installs its roots. I decided to start to repair a roller blind at one of the main windows and finish to repair the TA33jrn dipole holder. I was also QRV on 40m in the evening.

Day_19 16/03/2016 (34 Ah) Today I assembled and repaired a Spiderbeam antenna for the second high band antenna for the SO2R Russian dx contest operation. I plan to raise it on the aluminum mast on Friday as a no wind window is forecasted. The weather is still dry. I spend a lot of time to organize and repair the caravan.

  Day_20 17/03/2016 (31 Ah) Today everyone is Irish, Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

Day_21 18/03/2016 (54 Ah) I was able to erect alone the Spiderbeam at 15m on the aluminum mast. Unbelievable weather conditions, not a cloud in the sky. I vacuumed the caravan and opened all the windows for the day, I also emptied the cassette toilette, checked all the antenna mechanically as well as electrically. The antenna park is ready, see the picture above, this represents a one man work. I also installed the SO2R shack during the evening. Good weather conditions are expected until mid next week then gust up to 90 Km/h, I will have to replace the Spiderbeam with the TA33jrn and cross the finger that it will resist and be operational for the WPX contest, I will take the decision next Tuesday following weather forecast, as after that day there will be too much wind to raise the aluminum mast alone in secure conditions. 

Day_22 19/03/2016 (12 Ah) & Day_23 20/03/2016 (10 Ah) Russian DX contest. Claiming 2,07 millions points/ 1101 QSO/ 184 DXCC/ 141 Oblasts. The 10m as closed completely and it was an ultimate SO2R experience jumping the second day from RUN to SEARCH station non stop in order to hold the QSO rate. Good weather experience despite lower result as last year.  I think have now reach maturity in the antenna park as well as SO2R shack. I don't see new improvements on short term notice, is this a good or a bad news ?.

Day_24 21/03/2016 (7 Ah) The Russian DX contest is now a good souvenir. I am now preparing the WPX contest and the weather forecast is the worst I could expect wind up to 50 and gust up to 70 Km/h. In these conditions, no way to use the Spiderbeam and I will have to change it with the TA33jrn that I repaired as possible until I receive new spare parts in April .... A knot in my stomach is raising but this time, I am not competing for a Europe top position but for collecting maximum points for the WRTC 2018. The weather is my only challenge, not the other participants in my contest category as I am not sure to have all my antenna operational ... Conclusion today I will replace the Spiderbeam with a TA33jrn and I hope like the 3 little pigs story that the bricks antenna will resist better to the wolf. See the video in time lapse, it represents one hour of physical work. Also become a member of my ON4EI Youtube Channel, you will be automatically informed once a new video is published.

And Murphy is around,  I got a flat wheel, and the caravan fridge is not working anymore via gaz cylinder ... but I can left some food in a box outside. And last, the batteries are almost empty as there is no wind and no sun.


Day_25 22/03/2016 (5 Ah) HORROR What a morning ! At 07:06 UTC, my wife called me while she and my 8 years old twin daughters were running out of the Brussels Airport after the 2 bomb explosions, They were on the way to join me to spend the Easter holidays with the in-laws. They were 40 m far from the second blast and saw horrible things. They are shocked but not injured and I feel guilty not being there at that moment. They spent 2 hours before being collected by my mother in the city center after succeeding to take the last train from Zaventem station. I think also about all the victims and their families.  During the evening, as the life must go on, I was invited by the Tipperary Amateur Radio group to present my radio activities in Ireland with green energy. Thanking to Hugh/EI2HI (EI7TRG president) for your trust and friendship and thanking to Gerry/EI8CC (IRTS president) for your short speech (see picture below). See the presentation in pdf format here.

Day_26 23/03/2016 RESISTANCE Today I returned to Brussels to support my 3 princesses. I flew last minute from Dublin to Amsterdam. I drove almost 500 km and traveled 11 hours to meet them. I got all the details from my wife Virginia and it was a question of ... 30 seconds. I will spend Thursday to support them and I already organized to flight back to Ireland with the full family via Amsterdam on Friday 25 march. They will spend a week with me and the in-laws and I hope to be able to remove the emotional stress they experienced. I will also try to operate EI1A for the WPX contest as I can. This is what we call a Belgian compromise. What emotions this evening !!

Day_27 24/03/2016 RESISTANCE Enjoying a normal family day in Brussels without any TV or radio to protect the girls. We played inside and walked in the nature like a normal day. Virginia pushed me to activate EI1A next weekend for the WPX contest while she will be with her family. We must resist and not give up. 

Day_28 25/03/2016 (128 Ah last 3 days) RESISTANCE We all traveled to Ireland via Amsterdam, it was a long day and we tried to answer to the twin's questions regarding what they lived. At the airport they saw a screen broadcasting some videos of the event. One girl hugs me and said Oh ! No ! Again !. They are now at the Irish in-laws place playing with their cousins and my wife is with supported by her family. I am back in the caravan on the very windy hill and I prepared the SO2R shack for the WPX contest. The antennas are still raised and working well despite gusts up to 70 Km/h since one day. 

Day_29 26/03/2016 (30 Ah) RESISTANCE The participation of EI1A to the WPX contest represents the resistance and a beacon signal of liberty in memory of Brussels bombings victims on 22nd March 2016.

Day_30 27/03/2016 (41 Ah) I RESISTED AND I CLAIM 2,3 millions points / 1443 QSO / 741 PREFIXES. I have operated only 27:30 hours, And clearly it is a very good result for the operating time. On Sunday afternoon, I had to fight against the windstorm and all antennas resisted like myself and my family ... I also had to fight several times with high power stations who took my frequency without any request. This is becoming a usual business, and low power category is becoming harder and harder, specially with lower propagation conditions due to solar activity decrease. I experienced wonderful RUNs to North America on 20 and 15m. Sunday evening, I enjoyed a nice opening on 10m to South America adding some new prefixes. I never worked so much YB (Indonesia), JA (Japan), HS (Thailand) and TA (Turkey) stations. Also the 160 m band was very quite and I enjoyed the operation on this band.

Day_31 28/03/2016 (48 Ah) I started to remove the antenna park, inverted L low band and second high band beam are now removed. (4 hours of work in the field. I was also QRV on 40m in the evening and met a regular OM Jeff DL/G8OFQ.

Day_32 29/03/2016 (37 Ah) I removed the antennas from the trailer (4 hours of work in the fields). I was QRV on 40M this evening and met two old fellows,  my friends Roger ON7TQ and Patrick ON4KNP.

Day_33 30/03/2016 Today I removed the beverage, the wind generator and the parasitic elements of the 3 elements inverted V. (3 hours 30 min of work in the field). I will hold the driven element erected for a last radio evening on 40m. The weather is very good for working outside and some nice sun period despite cold temperature.

Day_34 31/03/2016 The last day of work in the fields, I cleaned and filled the caravan with all the equipment, masts, ropes, cables reels and .... it took me 7 hours to render the caravan ready to be towed back to the farm. the weather was the best I could expect with a nice sunshine, no rain, no wind but cold. I will remember until my last breath about this march 2016 expedition. I am now back to the civilization, I enjoyed 20 minutes time in a hot bath and I dare to sleep in a normal bed. In the following days I will be very close to my family in order to support them regarding the horror they experienced on March 22nd 2016. See you in July 2016 where I will be QRV for the 2 first weeks in order to make part to the IARU HF World championship.

October 2015 EI8GQB/EI1A    WAG & CQ WW DX SSB contest activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
CQ WW DX SSB CONTEST CLAIMED : 2,271 millions POINTS/ 2489 QSO/ 99 ZONES / 392 DXCC.
Green Energy produced : 622 Ah *12 V = 7.46 KWh ( 27 Ah daily average);

For my next activity during October 2015 from Ireland, I plan to review completely my SO2R antenna strategy and antenna park. I am bored to break Spiderbeam antennas just a few hours before the beginning of the contest. My location on the top of the hill is very windy and during the last 2 years I broken more than 4 times the antennas. Spiderbeam antennas are very efficient electrically speaking, as it supports full length V shape elements, 3 elements on 20 and 15m and 4 elements on 10m. Regarding heavy gusts up to 100 Km/h that I experience regularly on the hill, the lightweight Spiderbeam model is not strong enough. In the past I used 2 Spiderbeam antennas, one on the 16m high trailer mast and one (3) on a 13m high aluminum tube mast with the rotator at the base. In 2014 I replaced the one on the trailer mast by a TA33jr Mosley (1) (3 elements triband) and it was a storm resistant solution. It looks that I am rewriting the story of the 3 little pigs who built their house in straw, wood and stone …

See (right) my current antenna park :

A trailer mast at 16m supports a TA33jr Mosley/20-15-10m antenna (1) and an inverted V Kelemen dipole/160-80-40m (2). At the right side, a 13m high aluminum tube mast supports a Spiderbeam/20-15-10m (3), a 18m high top loaded vertical  antenna/160-80-40m (5), at the left side a 3 elements wire Inverted V wirebeam at 11m for the 40m band (4), and at last a 100 m remotely switched bidirectional beverage antenna for reception 160-80-40m (6). 

1/ I plan during October 2015 to install on the trailer mast a high power model of the TA33jr (1), a MP-33 model with a conversion kit TA-40-KR that adds the 40m band on the driven element. My idea is to compare this rotated dipole on 40m (red/1) at 16m high with the 3 elements wire beam with apex at 11m (green/4). The objective is to see if I still need to use the 3 elements inverted V as it takes me almost a day to install the 3 elements inverted V alone. Additionally I will replace in case of very windy conditions the Spiderbeam antenna on the aluminum mast (3) with the old TA33jr.

First I will compare the SWR of the antennas on 40m. The vertical(pink/5) is using a L adaptation circuit. On 40m this comparison is not really relevant as the band is not very wide. 

If we compare the antenna radiation pattern on 40m, we clearly see that the 3 elements wire beam (green/4) is behaving really better than the dipole (red/1) and than the vertical (pink/5). In the past I have been able to compare the 3 elements with the vertical and the difference was very clear, also the front to back of the beam increased the perception in RX where the vertical (pink/5) suffered from taking the noise from all directions. The dipole (red/1) should also be noisier than the 3 elements (green/4) as there is no front to back attenuation. During a contest, transmitting at the same time to Europe and North America is a key element while using in RX the bidirectional beverage (6) to create the necessary front to back and get the call out of the noise.

Regarding the horizontal antenna radiation pattern, we see that when the dipole rotates (red/1) by more than +/- 35° it starts to have more gain over the wire beam (green/4).

Regarding the vertical antenna pattern (pink/5), this "old" antenna solution is showing gain well below the 3 elements wire beam (green/4) and the dipole red/1). I dare to be in the fields in order to make on air comparison.

2/The second change concerns my current vertical antenna which is a 18m vertical fibber glass mast supporting a vertical wire 5/8 lambda on 40m with top loading at 15m (pink). I used this antenna for all the low bands with 32 radials (18m long) and a remote tuning box at the base. I plan to improve the 160 and 80m part with an Inverted L configuration (blue). Reusing the fibber glass mast, I have 2 possibilities A) a quarter wave 160m inverted V with 16.5m vertical and 24 meters horizontal for both bands, 80m will then be a half wave antenna. B) the same kind of configuration but with a trap for 80m band in order to take benefit of  a quarter wave antenna radiation pattern. I need therefore to compare both antenna performances on 80m and on 160m in order to make the best choice. This antenna system will be the main antenna setup for 160 and 80m bands. We see below the effect of the traps in the bandwidth of the Inverted L solution. 



Day_1 06/10/2015 Good journey from Brussels to Ireland with of one of my best friend, Stefano who is interested to share this experience. During 4 days, he will help me to build the antenna park before continuing his visit of Ireland. Unfortunately, I am suffering from a strong angina and I lost my voice. As I am not a CW operator, I cross the finger to be able to recover it soon and transmit in the following days. 

Day_2 07/10/2015 (27 Ah) The weather will be dry and sunny for a major part of the week. Today we plan to install the green energy system and the 40m 3 elements antenna. I also expect to enjoy again the cooking skills of Stefano who is an Italian master chief. 

Day_3 08/10/2015 (33 Ah) The Mosley MP33N and the TA40KR extension have been delivered, I will assemble them during the week-end. I raised the 18m vertical fibber glass mast with the 32 radials with the help of Stefano. The antenna is supporting the inverted L and is ready to be tested when the other end, the antenna trailer mast will be raised. The beverage is also installed. The weather was wonderful, 15°C with deep blue sky. This morning, the solar panels fed the batteries with up to 8 Ah constant current. My voice is not yet back and I will visit the local doctor tomorrow but the aurora conditions give poor propagation, I am not missing the best ...

Day_4 09/10/2015 (14 Ah) Today was cloudy with no wind. I went to town to bring Stefano to the train to Dublin. I also visited the doctor for my throat and he gave me antibiotics. I made some  traffic during the evening on 40M but conditions are really poor for the moment due to a major geomagnetic storm and due to no sunspot on the earth side of the sun.

Day_5 10/10/2015 (8 Ah) Today I started to assemble the MP33N with TA40KR 40m extension. I worked 5 hours in the fields and I still feel weak due to the antibiotics but throat is now ok and I am recovering slowly the voice.

Day_6 11/10/2015 (21 Ah) Another 5 hours of work in the fields and finally the antenna is now ready to be installed on the trailer mast. At 5pm, I was too tired and I decided to postpone the installation on the trailer mast to tomorrow, it is now 15 Kg to raise alone and I want to be sure that I can physically manage the installation. I thank, Dave EI6AL, who allowed me to operate EI150ITU during the evening. In 103 minutes, I worked 228 QSO (2.2 QSO/minute), I really appreciated the activity on 40M. Today the weather was lovely with no wind at all and I am concerned about the green energy production as I do not produce enough energy to feed the batteries for the contest next weekend. Yesterday I only produced 8Ah, just enough for caravan light, portable PC and K3 receiver, my daily usage.


Day_7 12/10/2015 (47 Ah) Today was an important day, I raised the tower with the new tri band 10-15-20m/dipole 40m antenna, see the SWR curve below, Mosley made a very good job. Very sunny weather conditions and no wind. Yesterday I was able to work outside with only a T-shirt. I spent a wonderful radio evening with Pierre HB9UQX who helped me to optimize my audio TX curve and just after a call from VK6WC. 

Day_8 13/10/2015 (51 Ah) The wind is now blowing from the north. It is a good sign, as it means for EI a high pressure located on the Atlantic (East) and beautiful weather conditions. I raised and measured the inverted L 160m (16.5 m vertical and 23.5m horizontal) I also installed the UNUN balun 18 to 50 Ohms, see results below. I tested the antenna during the evening and it worked very well ith good signals and feedback.

Day_9 14/10/2015 (48 Ah) I Assembled the Spiderbeam as second high band antenna as no wind is planned for the WAG contest this week-end. I also went to town for food and water refill. I operate a nice pileup during the evening on 40m.

Day_10 15/10/2015 (13 Ah) Today I worked on the tuning box of the inverted L antenna. The unun balun 18 to 50 Ohms for 160m as well as a new L adaptation network for 80m have been integrated in the tuning box. I made several taps on the inductance in order to cover the full 80m band according to DX traffic or contest traffic. The weather was cloudy, dry and no wind. Last night was very cold and I had to use a second cover on top of my sleeping bag.

Day_11 16/10/2015 (13 Ah)  I went to town this morning for shopping and to collect my power generator for maintenance. I also raised the Spiderbeam on the rotatable mast, thanks to no wind I was able to do it alone. I have now built the complete new SO2R antenna park as designed. I still need some fine tuning on the inverted L that can be done during next week.

Day_12 17/10/2015 (10 Ah)  I prepared the shack for the contest this morning and I was a bit late, so I will start the contest without sleeping.



Day_13 18/10/2015 (5 Ah)  Claiming @ WAG contest / 808 qso / 89 DOK / 216.000 points. There was no wind & sun to support the energy for the contest, I had to use the power generator during the 20/24 hours of contest activity. With the new TX audio settings made with Pierre HB9UQX during last week, the power cable and the 25 Amps fuse were very hot !! This was an excellent experience to prepare the station/ antenna park and my operation for the CQ WW DX SSB contest next weekend. 

Day_14 19/10/2015 (15 Ah) After sleeping 17 hours, I am back to life. I plan to make some maintenance of the caravan. The weather is still unbelievable for the season but not a lot of green energy produced.

Day_15 20/10/2015 (36 Ah) What an evening on 40m last day, I had a pileup from North American stations with signals up to 20 dB over 9 with only 100 W.  53 stations were worked with very good propagation conditions and low noise on the band. I plan today to finalize the tuning box of the Inverted L antenna.

Day_16 21/10/2015 (69 Ah) The weather has changed, the heavy wind is back but not strong enough to destroy the antenna park just gust up to 65 km/h. I had to strength some ropes. I finished to work on the tuning system on 80m.

Day_17 22/10/2015 (33 Ah) Heavy wind during the night and a record of energy produced since my arrival on the hill. 69 Ah have been produced only with the wind generator... I continue to prepare the shack for the contest. I will operate EI150ITU this evening on 40m. Stay tuned.

Day_18 23/10/2015 (51 Ah) At 14:00 UTC, the shack, antennas, computer are now ready to start. I prepare a good meal and the go to sleep. See you during the contest with EI1A. The weather will be windy and wet at the begriming of the contest and then good until Monday.

Day_19&20 24&25/10/2015 (68 Ah)  CQ WW DX SSB CONTEST (Click here to hear my begining of the contest in SO2R) with a big wind storm at the end and a broken Spiderbeam  just at the end of the contest , high band were closed ;-) It was another nice experience with very good propagation conditions on all the band and low noise conditions (except heavy QRM). The bands were very crowded and it was very difficult to RUN on 40 and 20 meters band with 100W. I am claiming  2,271 millions POINTS/ 2489 QSO/ 99 ZONES / 392 DXCC, it is a lower score than last year (3,107 millions POINTS/ 3321 QSO/ 95 ZONES / 364 DXCC) as last year but I made a new record with the ZONES and the DXCC, I had indeed a lower answer rate on the RUN and I had therefore time to search for new multipliers. This claimed score is not correct as French overseas callsigns are not recognized by the log software, therefore some of the TO1E (Saint Martin Island), TO2M (Martinique Island), TO2A (French Guiana), TO4K (Saint Barthelemy Island), TO90R (Reunion Island) have not been counted for new countries. A lot of other Caribbean Islands were contacted as well as Benin, Western Sahara, Alaska, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and several Middle East monarchies.

Day_21 26/10/2015 (11 Ah) I recover from my contest effort and I collected my family at the train station.  The weather is very bad, wind and rain.
160 101 6 35
80 388 10 56
40 228 16 66
20 359 19 70
15 801 23 79
10 612 25 86
TOTAL 2489 99 392


Day_22 27/10/2015 (18 Ah) I started at 7:30 am to remove the antenna park and finished at 5:00 pm. The main effort is done !

Day_23 28/10/2015 ( Ah) I continued to remove the antenna park and I operated this evening only with the dipole of the 3 elements beam. My last QSO was OY1OF, a new country for EI8GQB. This is now the end of the activity. Many thanks to all of you who are following my activities on this blog. See you in March 2016 for a new one month of radio activity !!! 

July 2015 EI8GQB/EI1A    IARU HF WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP contest activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
IARU HF CONTEST CLAIMED: 1,24 millions POINTS/ 1550 QSO/181 Mult/ 73 ITU Zones.
CQ WW VHF CONTEST CLAIMED: 1.500 POINTS/ 50 QSO/30 Mult. Very poor propagation conditions only some opening to EA/CT.
Green Energy produced : 537 Ah *12 V = 6.44 KWh ( 38.3 Ah daily average)

Day_1 04/07/2015 (4 Ah) Yes!! I  installed the caravan in the field as well as the wind generator and the solar panels. I can now start to erect the antenna park. To travel to Ireland, I struggled to get the plane in time as I had to wait for one hour to pass Schenghen police control at Brussels Airport due to a police strike (1st week-end of July !!!!). Some people missed the plane despite 35 minutes flight delay.

Day_2 05/07/2015 (45 Ah) I worked hard to raise the TA33Jrn high band & Inverted V dipoles low bands antennas on the trailer. It took me 7 hours of work in the fields to achieve this result. It was a bit windy to raise vertical masts/antennas alone. I am physically tired and I could not resist to operate some QSO, the first one was with an old fellow, Pierre HB9UQX.

Day_3 06/07/2015 (37 Ah) Non stop rain and wind from 6 am to 2pm, impossible to work outside same with special rain clothes. I decided to clean the caravan, to sort waste/damaged equipment and to drive to the recycling center. I made shopping and refilled water tanks and gaz cylinder.

Day_4 07/07/2015 (75 Ah) Another rainy and windy day. I decided to postpone to tomorrow (Wednesday) the erection of the vertical masts/antennas, the weather conditions doesn't really look like summer. I spent the day to rebuild the destroyed Spiderbeam with new fibber glass tubes and new nylons wires (During March storms, some nylons wire used for the antenna structure have been so stressed that they are thinner than hairs). During the showers, I also tested the propagation for the contest and the propagation was outstanding. I worked in the evening 60 stations (1 QSO/minute) on 10m. The band was wide open to Europe (from LA to EA) via sporadic E propagation, then 20 QSO on 40m and 100 QSO on 20m/half to North America with a small pile-up. Yes, it is the first time I am enjoying radio, it worth the effort made and the windy location.


Day_5 08/07/2015 (47 Ah) Today the weather was dry as expected and my friend Peter visited me. We worked hard in the fields during 5 hours non break to raise the vertical low band as well as the 3 elements Inverted V wire beam. Both antennas are working as usual. There will be no wind tomorrow morning and Peter will come back to help me to raise the Spiderbeam on the aluminum mast. During the evening I had again a big pleasure to operate from the location, specially with the 3 elements inverted V on 40m.

Day_6 09/07/2015 (35 Ah)  The Spiderbeam has been raised. The antenna park is now ready for the contest and I am starting to prepare the SO2R shack. I am physically tired by so many hours worked in the fields and I am taking rests during the day in order to prepare myself for a 24 hours non stop contest activity during next weekend. I also enjoyed some QSO in company of my friend Roger ON7TQ.

Day_7 10/07/2015 (36 Ah)  Today is a rest day, last shopping for the week end and listening the radio.

Day_8&9 11&12/07/2015 (27 & 31 Ah)  See below the results of my participation to the IARU HF World championship with EI1A. The propagation on 10m was wonderful during the 1st day with strong opening via sporadic E to EU and in the evening via F layer to South America with a total of 236 QSOs but the second day was very very poor with only one qso via F layer to V55HQ/Namibia. I decided for the second day to RUN mainly on 20m and SEARCH on 15m, the solar activity is decreasing and it is clear that strategies are going to change during the following contests. 20m band is going to be more and more crowded, this is not a good news for a low power station where you have to struggle with high power stations in order to find a place to RUN. 

Day_10-14 13-17/07/2015 (108 Ah)  I took some good time with the family in Spain and I will be back next Friday 17 July evening in order to operate EI1A for the CQ WW VHF (50 MHz) contest during the week end.

Day_15 18/07/2015 (38 Ah)  I am back and I will remove the antenna park and also replace the 3 elements HF with a 5 elements 50 MHz antenna on the trailer tower. The weather is cold and windy.

Day_16 19/07/2015 (54 Ah)  This year the propagation was not good at all for the CQ WW VHF contest, only a small opening to EA & CT. My best DX happened during the Saturday evening with PP1CZ 59 in GG99 from to Brazil, he was very loud. I only worked 50 qso/1500 points in comparison to 402 qso/63800 points last year. This year I will not make part to the IOTA contest since 2008 !! as I just got a new job (and it was not really easy to take holidays), secondly, the contest is not giving points for WRTC 2018 qualification & at last, the contest exchange : RST + serial + Island reference is too long to really enjoy the competition. 

March 2015 EI8GQB/EI1A    ARRL DX, Russian DX, CQ WPX SSB contests activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
Green Energy produced : 1236 Ah *12 V = 14.8 KWh ( 47 Ah daily average) 
1/ Add inside the SEARCH Yeasu G450C rotator control box an ERC VERSION 4, USB Kit (http://easy-rotor-control.de) in order to control the rotator via the USB port. The prefix/callsing entered in the N1MM callsing window field will automatically rotate the rotator in the good direction.
2/ Improve the bandwidth and the radiation efficiency of the low band vertical antenna (SPIDERBEAM 18m fibber glass mast) by replacing the silver coated 18m long wire (1.5mm diameter) by a 12 meters long RG213 cable (8mm shield diameter) plus a 4.5 meters long RG58 cable (3.4mm shield diameter) plus a 1.5 meters long silver wire (1.5mm diameter).
3/ Modify the top loading hat from 3 wires at 15m high to 4 wires at 16.5 meters high (same wires = CQ 532 wire).
4/ Score top Europe for the ARRL International DX SSB contest, the Russian DX contest and the CQ WW WPX contest.
5/ Design a new QSL card,  5000 QSL have already been sent, look for a new QSL card printer company.
6 /Replace the TS2000 with a new K3 plus a OM6BPF band pass filter for SO2R operation,

Day_1 28/02/2015 Caravan is installed as well as the low band vertical and beverage antenna. I am currently working on batteries + petrol generator. Tomorrow I will install the wind generator and solar panels. It tools me 1 hour to succeed to get a connection via Three network... Usually it goes without any problem. The Three network base station is located 500 meters far from my location. I spent some time at the CQ WW 160 SSB and found a frequency offset in my transceiver. I worked hard 4 hours in the fields and I experienced heavy heavy wind, the caravan is moving like a boat as usually here on top of the hill with such a weather conditions.

Day_2 01/03/2015 (50Ah) MURPHY is in the fields... Today I continued to install the antennas and green energy setup. Thanks to my friend Peter, all vertical masts are now erected. I have now comfort conditions in the caravan with water tank filled including solar panels and wind generator. I ran out of gas, fortunately I still have a spare 5 Kg gas cylinder as the main one 25 Kg is empty.I also connected the P3 this evening to have a view of the band (important for the SEARCH station) and the screen is dead, I think the chip managing the screen is defect as I was able to get a correct print screen using the P3 utility software, all reset actions were unsuccessful,, see the picture. Fortunately I took with me my FUN cube Dongle Pro, it was just for try, and now becomes a solution to replace the P3 as I need to visualize the band for my SO2R operation during the contest. It is  Just a question of time and experimentation. The drawback is that with only 3 USB port available on my PC, I will not be able to manage the Rotator from the N1MM software.

Day_3 02/03/2015 (51 Ah) It was hard to work outside as the temperature  was not more than 4°C and I enjoyed sleet falls. I succeed to assemble the TH3JR and prepared the trailer mast. Early this morning, I went to the village to replace my main gas cylinder, as the spare one was empty for morning coffee and for a warm wake-up.

Day_4 03/03/2015 (44 Ah) This morning the fields were covered with 2cm of snow. I also find a water leak from the hot water tank and the caravan rug was wet, I spent the whole day to dry the rug and fix the leak. It is the 220V heating part (that I do not use) with a rusty nut, I covered it with a all weather silicone and I hope to solve the problem. Yesterday evening I got details from Elecraft about the LCD screen P3 problem and it must be replaced. I went today to the post office to send it for repair to Carlo Bianconi, and I hope this could be fixed before the WPX contest. There is only one "No Wind" window when I could raise alone the Spiderbeam mast, it is Wednesday at around 5 PM. Yesterday evening I also had a nice run on 40m with a small pileup and I met some old fellows.

Day_5 04/03/2015 (30 Ah) Very beautiful weather conditions today, a blue sky and less wind. After winter season yesterday, it is spring today. It is The Day  to raise the Spiderbeam mast, as you can see on the picture. Yes Yes Yes, I succeed to raise the mast  alone taking benefit of a no wind period at around 5 pm. The caravan rug is now dry as well as the floor. The leak is managed but the all weather silicone does not do the job. I will have to go to town and look for a better product.

Day_6 05/03/2015 (47 Ah) The trailer mast is now erected with the TH3jr and the inverted V low band dipole. The antenna park is now ready, I can enjoy 6 different antennas. I also started to build the SO2R configuration with new equipment.

Day_7 06/03/2015 (58 Ah) Heavy wind this morning. At 1 pm, the Spiderbeam broken under heavy gusts and it is impossible to repair before the contest for security reasons. I lost my best weapon for 10m as it is a 4 element full size on 10m. Positive point, I had a hot shower. I will continue to prepare the shack for the contest. Rests and no physical effort.

Day_8 07/03/2015 (45 Ah)  This the first day of the ARRL Int. contest and the second day of heavy continuous wind. The wind render me crazy, the caravan is moving a lot and the noise is high. Fortunately I have my headphone on my ear and my brain in the contest. Very hard conditions.After the first day of contest,  I reached 1033 QSO, 182 states and  561.000 points. I go to sleep. A picture of shack with the band pass filter at the rear side in order to reduce the SO2R inter station interference (In this case only during my low band activity as my second high band HF spiderbeam is just looking as a garland !! And i made some QSO, as I was able with the tuner to get a good SWR... ). See also the spectrum window on the computer to replace the defect P3. It is NAP3 software running the FunCube Dongle.

Day_9 08/03/2015 (34 Ah) The contest is over and I really enjoyed my first participation to the ARRL Int DX Contest with 1.044.270 points, 1698 QSO and 205 states.

Day_10 09/03/2015 (37 Ah) What a windy night, it is the third big storm I am experiencing with gust up to 80-90 kph. Surfing on the wind, I traveled through all the US states in my dreams. It is really difficult to work in the fields today.The wind generator stayed mainly in brake mode.

Day_11 10/03/2015 (40 Ah) I added a statistics analysis of the ARRL Int SSB contest and you can see that I have been very lazy with only 28h40 minutes of activity and 1698 Qso, an average of 0.987 QSO/min. It represents a one million points result. I was not able to repair the Spiderbeam during the contest,  fortunately the runs rate on the high band was high enough in order not t need another station. I also had during this last evening a very nice radio discussion with F5RAG /Iniaky.

Day_12 11/03/2015 I had to give the priority to my family during a week, I will be radio active and continue to update the blog from next Wednesday 18th March to beginning April. See you then.

Day_19 18/03/2015 (25 Ah half day of sun only)  I am back on the hill and erected all the low band antennas. Weather is wonderful, spring is there. 

Day_20 19/03/2015 (40 Ah) I rebuilt the broken Spiderbeam and erected it on the aluminum mast. It took an half day under the sun and 14°C. Very good conditions to work in the fields. I also found a 2mm Kevlar rope part of the antenna structure broken during the storm.

Day_21 20/03/2015 (55 Ah) Today I raised the trailer mast and checked the antenna park. I operated in the evening EI90IARU on 40m with a huge pile-up, it was a good experience in pile-up management.

Day_22 21/03/2015 (64 Ah sun only) I am ready one hour before the beginning of the contest and I take the time to update the blog. The weather will be very nice mainly sunny and I plan to run with green energy only during the 24 hours, the batteries are full. Last but not least, the P3 arrived yesterday from repair from Italy, perfect timing !!!

Day_23 22/03/2015 (63 Ah) Yes Yes Yes Another nice contest experience, I slept around 1h30 (one sleep cycle) as the traffic in the middle of the night was very very low on low bands. I claim 3,177 millions points, 1304 QSO, 226 Oblasts and 192 DXCC countries. During the contest I had a visit in the caravan, I saw a mouse running among the cables ... (s)he stopped to watch me and disappeared ... I bought 2 mouse traps just after the contest.


Day_24 23/03/2015 (50 Ah) I cannot sleep anymore and waked up early, I am listening to US stations on 40m while I am updating the QRZ web page. During this evening, I will also operate EI90IARU and I am expecting again another huge pile-up.

Day_25 24/03/2015 (50 Ah) I went to town and made some shopping to refill the fridge. I worked again EI90IARU during a 3 hours non stop pile up and finished my EI90IARU activation with 766 QSO on 40m.I recorded it and you will find a sample here : EI90IARU.mp3

Day_26 25/03/2015 (66 Ah) The wind is back. I made some repair and maintenance in the caravan. I also changed the oil in the power generator.

Day_27 26/03/2015 (40 Ah) I checked weather forecasts for the week end and it is sure that I will break the antenna during the contest, gust up to 90 Km/h. I succeeded to capture the mouse and I free s(he) at 600 m from the caravan. I finished to integrate and test the ERC USB kit inside the Yeasu G450C rotator control box http://easy-rotor-control.de. See picture.

Day_28 27/03/2015 (42 Ah) Today it is the calm before the storm, I cross my fingers to be able to work SO2R on high band on Saturday as I have no hope for Sunday with constant wind up to 50 Kph and gust up to 85 Kph during 6 hours, the Spiderbeam will no resist for sure. Yesterday evening I visited some local OM from Tipperary amateur radio group, A very nice discovery.

Day_29 & 30 28 & 29/03/2015 (125 Ah) WPX 2015 Day 1 When the wind is blowing and move the caravan like a boat during almost 24 hours, it becomes really hard for the psy side. It is also very difficult to sleep in the conditions in order to refill the psy. The windy weather will continue until Wednesday. Additionally, regarding the WPX contest business, the Spiderbeam antenna was broken during the night. Positive point, only the reflector portion was destruct and I have been able to use the dipoles and the directors to support SO2R operation, the SWR increased a little bit but was still under 2/1.But no more question to rotate it. Hard conditions !.WPX 2015 Day 2 A second wind storm happened during the night and at dawn the survival dipole lost one side, the SWR increased to 3-4/1 depending on the band, but I was still able to make contacts with it, not breaking a pileup but enough to collect sufficient new QSO/prefixes. I was waiting for another good opening to NA but a few and a good opening to SA happened, no more question to RUN on a frequency as I am doing for NA but SEARCH was the key to collect the new SA prefixes on 10 and 20m. The wind was so strong that during 6 hours the gas heater entered in safe mode, I had to heat the caravan with the oven 

Here is a picture taken during my visit to Tipperary Amateur Radio Group : The names and callsigns are as follows: Back row standing (left to right) Tommy EI2IT, Andy EI5JF, John EI7IG, Olivier ON4EI/EI8GQB/EI1A. Front row seated John EI2JB, Hugh EI2HI, Paul EI3ENB, Eddie EI3FFB

Day_31 30/03/2015 (20 Ah) I left the caravan as a stronger storm (100 Kph) is planned all the evening and night. I was able to remove the Spiderbeam mast early this morning (no wind window) and put down all antennas as well as the wind generator. I dare to enjoy a bath and a normal bed ... This year, I am experiencing the wroste windy weather conditions in more than 20 activities in EI, I am OK with rain entering into my bones but not OK with wind entering into my brain...

Day_32 31/03/2015 (20 Ah) I spend the day with my in-laws and family and I waited until the end of the afternoon to come back to the caravan, the caravan is still in one piece as the wind was very heavy between bricks in the valley last night ... I cannot imagine what happened on the hill ... I will be QRV on 40m in the evening with the 3 elements inverted V beam.

Day_34 & 35 2 &3/04/2015 (90 Ah) I continue to remove the antenna park.

Day_33 1/04/2015 (60 Ah) I start to remove the antenna park under windy conditions.


 -1st Europe CQ WPX SSB (7th World) A 2nd PLAQUE !

 -2nd Europe IARU HF World Championship (3rd World) 

 -1st Europe IOTA SSB (1st World)

 -8th Europe CQ WW VHF 6m - (9th World)

 -1st Europe CQ WW DX SSB (4th World)









October 2014 EI8GQB/EI1A     CQ WW DX SSB contest activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND  (20th activity)
GREEN ENERGY 449 Ah produced - 50h00 Field works - CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE: 3,107 millions POINTS/ 3321 QSO/ 95 ZONES / 364 DXCC COUNTRIES : 1st Europe / 4th World.

BEFORE THE SHOW : During my next activity, I will experiment different improvements in order to reduce SO2R inter-station interference. I will first add common mode filters on all the antenna cables, the filters are made following GM3SEK design. Secondly, I plan to add bandpass filters on the RUN station. And last but not least, I will finalize the remote directional switching system for the 3 elements 40 meters inverted V  wirebeam. The relay boxes, installed at the top of the masts supporting the parasitic elements, will switch between director or reflector by adding a U shape wire.

I am now a LOGBOOK OF THE WORLD user. I uploaded more than 36000 QSO from different callsign activity. Do you want to  quickly QSL with me ? Go and join LOTW now !

By using LOTW service, you can see that I directly QSL 37% of all my QSOs, or viewed from an other point of view, I reduced by 37% the number of QSL cards to send via buro.

Also the % of confirmed QSL is higher (>=40%) for contest QSOs than for DX QSOs.

EI/ON4EI (DX/contest) 4448 1769 40
EJ8GQB (EU121) 3806 1016 27
EI8GQB DX 4704 791 17
EI8GQB contest 6783 3111 46
EI1A contest 16555 6621 40
TOTAL (sept 2014) 36296 13308 37

Latest news: The band pass filter box will not be available as it took too much delivery time. Due to extreme windy conditions, I modified the antennas installation planning in order to avoid to break antennas before the contest. I will be QRV on 40 meters band only until Wednesday. See modified planning below.

Day_1 18/10/2014 (31Ah wind) - 5h00 field works.  Well arrived on the hill where it is very windy. I just had the time before darkness to install the caravan, raise the wind generator and a 12m aluminum mast to support a low band dipole. The mast use the trailer mast as support. The caravan is moving like a boat on the sea and the wind generator is going often in brake mode as gusts are very strong.

Day_2 19/10/2014 (55Ah wind) - 7h00 field works. The only raised antenna is still the Inverted V low band dipole on the trailer. Fields look like I have not worked today as no new antenna is raised, but wind was blowing all the day and antennas are lying on the ground.

Day_3 20/10/2014 (40Ah wind) - 6h00 field works. Wind is over ... just for one day only. I decided to postpone the remote switching system for the 3 elements inverted V wire beam to another expedition (March or July 2015) for 2 reasons : first this time I am alone to build the full antenna park (my local fellow was not available) and It takes me more time to raise masts alone ... secondly the very windy weather conditions delay the antenna erection. Again this evening and tomorrow, strong wind (50 Kph) with gusts up to 80 Kph expected. I had a nice chat on 40 m band with Laurent F6HPP, we remembered some memories ...

Day_4 21/10/2014 (35Ah wind) - 4h00 field works. Last night I experienced another wind storm and at 2 am, a "polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydrid" or simply bakelite smelt woke me up. When the wind generator enters in brake mode, it overheats up the charge controller inbuilt brake resistors, I decided to bring the wind generator down for the night and the day. The wind continued to blow at 50 Kph all the day, fortunately the sun was shining and solar panels did their job. As conditions may also be windy for the contest, I am wondering if I will replace the Spiderbeam by a 3 bands inverted V dipole.

Day_5 22/10/2014 (38Ah wind) - 6h30 field works. I raised all antennas but the Spiderbeam. I am waiting precise weather forecast and will decide tomorrow. This evening I tested the 3 elements inverted V wirebeam for 40m band wih great results  and I maked part to the UKEICC contest on 80m band, interesting concept.

Day_6 23/10/2014 (27Ah wind) - 6h00 field works.Today I assembled the Spiderbeam, I expect gusts up to 58Kph during the Sunday night but I take that risk. I will raise the mast on Friday morning as there is a no wind window according to the forecast. I also cleaned the aluminum mast with petrol to remove tape prints and used a silicone spray. It will help, I hope, to raise the mast tomorrow ... alone,

Day_7 24/10/2014 (27Ah wind) - 2h00 field works. Yes ! Yes! Yes! I succeed early this morning to raise the Spiderbeam mast alone !! After almost 37 hours of hard work in the fields the antenna park is now ready. I also build the SO2R shack. I will go to sleep around 5 pm after a Tbone, see you during the contest.

Day_8 25/10/2014 and Day_9 26/10/2014 (105 Ah wind) - 40h23 operating time. CQ WW DX SSB contest 2014 : I am claiming 3.1 millions points with 3321 QSO / 95 zones / 364 countries - This was until now my best contest experience, I am still learning and got ideas to improve the SEARCH station. The propagation was wonderful and 10 meter band was the best one specially to work North American stations (3 points per QSO). The Spiderbeam antenna which is a 4 elements full size on 10 meters worked also perfectly and I got answer from mobile and QRP stations with a real S9. I performed very good RUN with 2 major peaks up to 153 + 162 QSO/hour and I also beaten my rate record. (6 QSOs/minute 3 times - 5 QSOs/minute 29 times - 4 QSOs/minute  111 times). We can highlight 2 major information from the statistics : first I slept too much according to my planning this is due to the heavy physical work I did to raise alone the antenna park. I may enter in the TOP3 europe but could lose the head position due to this. Secondly, the number of QSO on 40m band is too low as it is very difficult to find a clean frequency on this band therefore I missed some possible additional multipliers. Anyway, I took my revenge from last year where all the high bands antennas were destroyed 10 hours after the begining of the contest by the St Jude storm.

Day_10 27/10/2014 (51 Ah wind) ) - 5h00 field works. I worked hard today as tomorrow will be a rainy day and packing wet ropes and tubes in the caravan is not my preference, so I already removed the vertical low band antenna and the mast trailer is ready to be towed back to the farm. I am waiting Wednesday to remove the Spiderbeam mast as there is a no wind window, I am still alone to remove everything, so I do not take any risk with myself and the equipment. I am very proud about all my achievements and this without any oversized ego !. I really physically struggle to raise all the antennas, my body suffered and it may have impacted my sleeping time during the contest as I think without all these previous efforts, I could operate 2 or 3 more hours.

Day_11 28/10/2014 (10 Ah wind) ) - 00h00 field works. It rained half part of the day, I took the opportunity to relax. I updated the blog and  I sent the contest log ("Alea jacta est !).

Day_12 29/10/2014 ( 30 Ah wind) ) - 4h30 field works. I waked up early to remove the Spiderbeam, as there was no wind forecasted and temperature went down to 4 degrees during the night and I had to add a second cover to stay warm and wear gloves to work in the fields. Yes Yes and Yes all the major hard work is finished. The Spiderbeam is packed back as well as the beverage antenna. I will be QRV for a last evening on 40m. Tomorrow I will remove the 3 elements inverted V wirebeam, load all equipment in the caravan and prepare it for the winter. It is the end of a new exceptional radio experience.

July 2014 EI8GQB/EI1A    IARU HF + CQ WW VHF + IOTA contest activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
IARU HF CONTEST CLAIMED: 1,403 millions POINTS/ 1761 QSO/176 Mult/ 81 ITU Zones. Result: probably 1st Europe/2nd World.
CQ WW VHF CONTEST CLAIMED: 63.832 POINTS/ 404 QSO/158 Mult. Result: I dubble my score versus 2013.
IOTA CONTEST CLAIMED: 1,913 millions POINTS/ 1200 QSO/184 Mult. Result: 1st World.
Green Energy produced : 1200 Ah *12 V = 14.4 KWh


KX3  Elecraft : Despite reception and transmission excellence, the KX3 is very sensitive to external RF interference and I was surprised to hear my mobile phone "tagda tagda tagda" = "Cell relocation signal" into the rig as well as QRM from my new PC charger. I never experienced that with the K3 / TS2000. It seems that the KX3 case is very weak to EMI as I experienced also this problem with a dummy load. Additional my SO2R simulations tests showed that I cannot use the K3 as SEARCH station due to too sensitive interference from the RUN station in comparison to what I experienced with other rigs.

New Windows 8 PC :First, it took time to update all my usual software and the FTDI driver created an ERROR CODE 10 if you plug the USB RS232 cable, the error disappeared if you restart the computer with the USB cable connected, it is good to know to avoid some stress.... while you are alone on the hill and trying to setup...

Contest : Again a new wonderful contest experience where I confirm my European leading position in the IARU HF World championship and IOTA contest after the WPX SSB contest.  One left to win is the CQ WW DX SSB in October.

What's next : In October 2014, for the CQ WW DX SSB contest, I will celebrate my 20 th activity from Ireland in 6 years time.

Day 1_05/07/2014 Just arrived on the hill and Mmmhhh, no semi final for Belgium !, I really struggle to follow the competition from the fields, I bought a voucher to top up my internet broadband, as I do usually, but the guy at the pump station gave me a Vodafone voucher instead of 3 network as I asked him. Grrrrr ! Conclusion, 20 Euros lost and I missed the first half game as I had to go back to the village to buy new voucher. No antenna have been raised this evening, I preferred to focus on comfort and caravan setup. I will work tomorrow all the day in the fields and plan to raise the spiderbeam and the low band vertical. Weather is more or less ok for Ireland, 19 C and sometime a shower, just to remind you that you are not in Spain... 

On the way to WRTC 2018 (World Radio Team Championship) qualifications  !!. This year the WRTC 2014 will happen with the best world contesters. Unfortunately, I am not part of it, as I was not able to qualify myself based on my 4 years last results. I should say that I am just a new comer at the Top European level. Qualifications for such a competition are based on 4 years results and I just reached my best results ever last year. Within 4 years time, I will reach 50 years old (hugh!!) and I really plan to be part of it in 2018. It is really one of my life objective. By the way, this year I am supporting Belgium at World Cup Soccer !! This is the second time Belgium is going to quarter final.

The quarter final against Argentina will happened on Saturday 5th July 2014 16 UTC, just when I will be busy to raised my antenna park in the Irish fields. My main challenge is to build the antenna park while listening to the football match.

Day 2_06/07/2014 (66 Ah Solar panels only) Today I worked  7 hours non stop in the fields with my friend Peter who came to help me. All the main physical work is done and the main antennas are raised. I can now continue to work alone during the week in order to finalized the complete antenna park. The vertical has been raised but without the radiating wire and radials. It is now lying on the ground. The Spiderbeam is raised at 13m as well as the the 3 elements Inverted V wirebeam, both are fully operational. I made a lot of QSOs during the evening on 40m to Europe with a small pile-up, I had also good times on 20m to North America. My last hard work of the day was the installation of the wind generator, the green energy installation is now working 100%.

Day 3_07/07/2014 (83 Ah Sun and wind) Today I installed the radiating wire on the vertical mast and also 32 radials 20m long on the ground. The vertical low band is now operational. I also prepared the antenna trailer to be raised. The weather was wonderful to work in the field and this evening I feel some sunburn on the head. I made also shopping to refill fridge and wine cave ;-) I will spend time to cook this evening an Irish Tbone with salad and fries .The 40m band was very QRN today and I tried 15m to North America with success.                            

Day 4_08/07/2014 (67 Ah Sun and wind) I built the 3 elements triband beam today and I will raise it on the trailer tomorrow.  I spent also a lot of time on my new portable PC, it is a Windows 8 that replaces the old one using XP OS... I need to fine tune the configuration, specially for N1MM log (programmed keys, SO2R configuration..) Weather is still beautiful for Ireland, 19-20°C partly cloudy with 1 or 2 showers during the day. Wonderfully sky if you like photography. The beverage antenna is now also installed and will certainly help the reception on 40m with the heavy background QRN noise. My batteries start to be fully refilled and the wind generator is going sometimes into brake mode to protect the installation. Again nice weather conditions today. I got a nice evening, meeting old fellows on 40m band.

Day 5_09/07/2014 (75 Ah) Today I raised the trailer mast with the 3 elements Tri band antenna. You can see on the picture the switching box at the mast head in order to select the 3 elements beam or the 160/80/40m and inverted V dipole. The commutation is done from my switching box in the caravan, I use a spare wire from the rotator cable. 

Day 6_10/07/2014 (33 Ah) I have built the SO2R shack and spent a lot of time on the new Windows 8 PC to configure N1MM software. Low altitude clouds all the day but dry and 20°C. produced not a lot of Ah.

Day 7_11/07/2014 (42 Ah) Sweet day, dry, cloudy and again 20°C. I called yesterday evening on  20 meters band and had nice answers from YB,JA and VK. Propagation is good but until now I haven't heard any station on 10m via E sporadic propagation.  I am fully ready for the contest and I checked antennas, TX and my new N1MM configuration on my new PC.

Day 8_12/07/2014 & Day 9_13/07/2014 (100 Ah) Yes ! Yes ! Another personal result and certainly a new European Top score see above the results. I am dead, no sleep during almost 30 hours... It was really hard and I had really to struggle against sleep. It was the first time I had to use energy drink around 4 am in the morning. Next week will be a family priority week, so, no radio activity until next Saturday 19th of July where I will operate on 6m for the CQ WW VHF contest.

Day 10_14/07/2014 to Day 14_18/07/2014 (135 Ah only one solar panel) No radio activity.

Day 15_19/07/2014 (26 Ah sun only/no wind) I had a nice week with the family only and I am now back to business. Today, I had the great pleasure to have the EI4JT visit. He helped me a lot to build the 6m 5 elements beam and to raise the antenna on the trailer mast which is a real physical effort. Thank you Wieslaw for this nice afternoon spent with you to share amateur radio passion and for your great help. I am now ready for the CQ WW VHF contest.Day 16_20/07/2014 (45h sun only/no wind) CQ WW VHF CONTEST, What a run and what a nice propagation ver all Europe. I more than double my last year results. The signals were really strong and almost all central Europe locator squares have been contacted. I really enjoyed the contest.

Day 17_21/07/2014 (35h sun only/no wind) The objective of the day is to install the KX3 Elecraft transceiver with the KXPA100 amplifier and configure it for N1MM. I plan to replace the TS2000 by this new configuration adding also spectrum panadapter for the SEARCH station. This gives a view of the band and with my touch screen PC allows me to move on frequency quickly according to the presence of a station. Additionally, the TS2000 receiver consumption is 3 Amps and the new system consumes only 0.64 Amp. As SEARCH station, I only use it in TX during 5% of the time maximum, this means that on 1 hour of activity, I am saving more or less 2.36 Amps, and on a 10h period around 23.6 Ah, this is an important saving for the batteries regarding the TS2000 solution. I plan to use the TS2000 at home (Brussel) to work via satellite as this service becomes more and more interesting due to the increase number of satellite transponder launched around the earth. 

You can see on the picture the experimental setup with the KX3 / KXPA100, Steinberg UR22 USB audio interface 24bit/192 KHz and a ASUS touch screen Windows 8 OS running NAP3 panadapter software. I plan to use this new setup in October for the CQ WW SSB contest as SEARCH station. I still have to reduce some noise from the the 12V to 19V PC charger, it creates 1S point noise on the KX3 (not experienced this with the K3) and I also need  to add audio isolator to reduce the DC peak. I am very satisfied about the first result. 


Day 18_22/07/2014 (57Ah sun only/no wind) Still no wind, the weather is nice, temperature reached 24°C. I tested the KX3 again with great satisfaction. I replaced the 5 ele/6m by the 3 ele/HF beam on the antenna trailer. I also started to replace some silicone on the caravan joints to protect it from the rain. 

Day 19_23/07/2014 (50 Ah sun only/no wind) I took a solar shower by heating all the day a black water tank on the top of the caravan. Weather trends :  sunnier and warmer. I continued to silicone the caravan.

Day 20_24/07/2014 (43 Ah sun only/no wind) I built today a SO2R contest configuration with the K3 and KX3 in order to analyze the possible interference from the K3 to the KX3 as I found the KX3 very sensitive regarding external interference like my PC charger or my mobile phone "tagda tagda tagda" . Unfortunately, my feeling was the good one, I cannot use the KX3 setup as a SEARCH station as the signal of the RUN station overload the reception and the KX3 enters in RX protection mode. My first conclusion I have the choice to 1/ experiment the setup with band filters, but it is additional things to manipulate during the contest when you change the band, 2/continue with the TS2000  and forget energy savings as this solution proved it works very well. I may then sell my KX3 and KXPA1000 and buy a new TS2000 for the satellite at home and forget to add a spectrum view, what a deception... 3/ Same as 2 but I buy an other HF transceiver with a spectrum display that also has a strong isolation like the TS2000. But which one ? and how to test it before in my situation in order to avoid the same story as the KX3 ? A a new challenge !!!

Day 21_25/07/2014 (50 Ah) 26°C today , I finished today to silicone a half side of the caravan (2 sealant tubes !!), the caravan is 10 years old and I need to replace all the joints. I really feel  on holidays, but I stay fully concentrated on the contest preparation.

Day 22_26/07/2014 (73 Ah) & Day 23_27/07/2014 (76 Ah) Contest IOTA 2014 where my objective was a 4-in-a-row with victory. (2011-2014). I felt the propagation conditions were a little bit lower this year versus last years. I scored 1.9 millions points instead of 2.1 last year and it is still an extra result for  SOABLP category. The main reason is no sporadic E opening from my side at the end of the contest on 10 meters which gives a lot of new multipliers and wake-up the operator after a long night of operation. This is what I call the IOTA "cherry on the cake". But no cherry for me this year and I am sure I would be able to improve by 10 to 20% my results if I had that cherry. The second reason is my small 1 hour rest in the Sunday early morning. The 10 m band was well opened but not from EI. There was indeed a nice opening on 10m but from LA,SM and OH to the center of Europe and I had to listen sadly these 5 Nordic stations enjoying their huge pile-up. Aaarrrghhh!  See the comparison of the Es opening maps during the last contest hour (Sunday) for 2013 and 2014. See also the number of QSOs made on 40m band with the 3 elements Inverted V antenna, mainly G stations with 15 points QSO...  this is the best strategy from EI country to optimize points score.

Day 24_28/07/2014 (36 Ah) Working in the fields all the day to remove the antenna park and welcome my twins daughter Clara & Lily for the night in the caravan. 

Day 25_29/07/2014 (66 Ah) The antenna park is now removed and all parts are ready to be loaded tomorrow in the caravan. The weather is ideal for working in the fields, 19°C, dry and cloudy. Only the 3 elements 40m is still raised and I had a nice evening with Hannes DK1NO and company. 

Day 26_30/07/2014 The caravan can stay one more day in the field, I will operate for a last evening on 40m with a dipole.

March 2014 EI8GQB/EI1A    CQ WW WPX SSB contest activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
GREEN ENERGY:480 Ah produced - CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE: 5,021 millions POINTS/ 2370 QSO/ 1007 PREFIXES : 1st Europe/7th World.


EI1A results 2013 EI1A in the NEWS


3 Elements tri-bander beams comparison :

EI1A 2013 Contests Results (SOABLP/SSB) :

(Low Power / Single Operator / Non assisted category)

1st Europe CQ WPX SSB (6th World)

1st Europe IARU World Championship HF SSB (3rd World)

1st Europe IOTA SSB (1st World & World Record)

4th Europe CQ WW VHF (6m)

16th Europe CQ WW DX SSB (broken antennas by Saint Jude Storm)

Day 1_22/03/2014 (40 Ah windy) Well arrived on the hill it is windy and cold. I flew from Brussels to Dublin this morning, then 2h30 driving to the location. I started to setup the caravan and I am now full green energy. It was not possible to raise a dipole on 40m before darkness. This year I studied a solution for replacing one Spiderbeam by a 3 element aluminum tri-band antennas. I will install it on top of my telescopic tower and still use one Spiderbeam on my telescopic mast. My choice went to the Mosley TA 33 JRN. The antenna has been delivered to Ireland in February. See below the antenna comparison.

Day 2_23/03/2014 (58 Ah Sun and small wind) It was the second best weather conditions I experienced to set up the antenna park. No rain all the day and no wind at the end allowed to raise easily the Spiderbeam (one rebuilt with the 2 broken antenna from St Jude storm in October 2013).

Day 3_24/03/2014 (40 Ah Too windy) Stormy conditions this morning, It was difficult to do something outside, rain and very heavy wind. During this kind of event, the wind is so strong that the wind generator enters in brake mode regularly. Conclusion, I do not produce energy, frustrating isn't it ?. All the antennas are suffering. I saw the Spiderbeam moving and bending in all direction, ready to broke AND ANOTHER BROKEN SPIDERBEAM. I am a Spiderbeam killer ! Fortunately I still have 5 days to repair it. I also assembled the TA 33 Mosley beam and I installed the beverage antenna in the afternoon when the rain stopped.

Day 4_25/03/2014 (55 Ah wind an sun) This morning I waked up early to take benefit of a small "no wind" window in order to put down the Spiderbeam mast. See the broken tube on the selfie picture. I also finished to assemble the TA33 Mosley 3 elements beam. I will test it tomorrow as I need to solder connectors. While testing the power generator this evening I will connect the soldering iron. Finally I prepared another Spiderbeam fibber glass tube. Weather conditions are now better and better.

Day 5_26/03/2014 (32 Ah Sunny) Blue sky all the morning and beautiful and important day. I raised the TA33 Mosley 3 elements beam on the trailer mast.It is fully raised. The SWR is ok on the 3 bands, I tested it on the air and I got a good answer rate on 15m this afternoon from North American stations. I repaired and reassembled the broken Spiderbeam. Tomorrow morning there is a "now wind" window where I can try to raise the mast alone. Yes, finally with the TA 33, I am at last QRV on the higher bands.

Day 6_27/03/2014 (24 Ah) Yes ! Wake up early (6 am) no wind at all, therefore also less energy produced today. And I was able to raise the Spiderbeam mast alone. A big physical effort. The complete antenna park is now finally operational. Propagation is very good, I can hear JA,YB and NA stations on 15m at the same time. I spent a lot of time to listen to the band and made a very good run on 15m to NA at the end of the afternoon. This is the best period in the contest as you add a lot of new prefixes (NA stations) while being very tired after 15 hours non stop traffic. If you miss this (by not finding a good running frequency) you loose points and psycho for the rest of the contest. Ho ! yes ! I forgot, I also enjoyed my first shower...

Day 7_28/03/2014 (50 Ah wind) Lazy day today, I will finalize the shack for SO2R operation, and re-check all antennas mechanic and electric aspects.I will say hello to the in laws family and go to sleep at 6 pm. I will wake up at midnight and start the contest at 1 UTC. As single operator, we are only allowed to operate 36 hours. Therefore I never start at the beginning of the contest, people are too excited and I prefer to enter while the game is running. You can also spent time to listen before starting, it helps to choose the good band to start. And a good start in the contest is a lot of psycho points. Then almost 19-20 hours non stop operation up to the next day. See my sleeping strategy analysis made two years ago, well below on this page.

Day 8_29/03/2014 and Day 9_30/03/2014 (60 Ah + 26 Ah) CQ WW WPX SSB Contest : After 19h of non stop operation in the CQ WPX Contest, I take my break, I already have 1361 QSO / 726 prefixes and just above 2 millions points, on a very good way to improve my last year result. I stopped 10h and start now for 17h non stop and plan to stop one hour before the end of the contest to fulfill my 36h of operations.


Day 10_31/03/2014 (24 Ah wind) Yes, Yes, Yes, I made my best ever contest of my live, 2370 QSO/1007 prefixes and a claimed score of 5 millions (last year I claimed 3 millions and was 1st Europe and 6th World). The propagation was perfect. I had all the contest a target rate of 60 QSO/hour, with a nice pile-up from JA stations in the morning and wonderful runs to NA on 10 and 15m bands in the afternoon and the evening. I added a pedal to my second transceiver and SO2R operation was also physically simpler, but with 2 pedals one for left foot (RUN TX) and one for right foot (SEARCH TX), it becomes like driving a car ;-). I now have a good sleeping strategy that gives a lot of pleasure and good result; For the 2 runs 19h and 17h I start, with flakes and one coffee, then only water and bananas. No sugar at all as this make sleeping. Regarding green energy, I only ran 26 hours on the 36 with green energy (70% of the time) as I had not enough wind/sun to refill the batteries during the contest. I had to start the power generator for 10 hours. Now, it is the less motivating part of the expedition as I have to spent 2 days to work in the field to remove the antennas.

Day 11_01/04/2014 (72 Ah wind) I had a good day of work yesterday with no wind and rain. the high band antennas are packed and the trailer is ready to be towed to the farm. The weather will stay dry today, which is good as no wet material will be stored in the caravan until my return in July. According to the weather forecast it will rain a major part of tomorrow, so I decided to load all the equipment in the caravan today. It was a little more work than planned but less stress for tomorrow. I just ran out of gas, I used for my stay a full 25kg gas cylinder feeding fridge, heater and cooker. Fortunately I always have a small 5kg gas cylinder as backup. In my previous expedition I already experienced this and I decided to get backup small cylinder as this first experience was not very happy ... See above only a part of the equipment ready to be loaded in the caravan, and my special rope dryer ;-) at the left side of the picture

Day 12_02/04/2014 Last hours of work in the field under heavy showers and I will back to the civilization and business. Very happy of this experience and I am already thinking about my next venue in July for the IARU HF, CQWW VHF and IOTA contests. And I am still in the field this evening, the farmer's 4x4 vehicle never succeed to tract the caravan and the antenna trailer out of the field, I will spent one more night in the mud. He will come back tomorrow morning with a tractor...

October 2013 EI8GQB/EI1A    CQ WW DX SSB contest activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
GREEN ENERGY 400 Ah produced
BEFORE THE SHOW :  I scored 5th European station in the CQ WW DX SSB contest 2012 and I have some major questions in order to define areas of improvement to reach my Top3 objective:What are the strength of the other competitors and what are my weaknesses ? To answer this,I made some analysis based on last year results logs in order to understand winners strategy and pinpoint areas of improvement.

Sleeping strategy:

In order to address this main point,I realized a small software to analyse logs in order to highlight the periods with no QSO during more than 15 minutes (in gray). I calculated the sum of all those no activity periods (the total is illustrated at the right of the callsign). You can also see the time of the longest period of no activity which must correspond to the sleeping time (in black).

We see that the winner OE4A, slept only 2 times 40 minutes !! This is certainly the price to win. On the other side, I (EI1A, red circle) slept 8h31 minutes, it is certainly the major point to improve in my strategy for this next contest.

In the middle of the results, we see LY9A and DJ5MW who slept both around 3h40 minutes at the same time period around 1h00 to 4h30 UT. It is the strategy I want to follow with 2 complete sleeping cycles. We can also clearly see that the score position is immediately linked to the sleeping duration.

Another point to improve is the number of gray periods (> 15 minutes no QSO). I must reduce it from 11 to maximum 4-5 in my case (EI1A). Those gray periods corresponds to bad band change, going to loo, eating, visit of the farmer ...

Improvements to do :

1/ Add a new antenna for 80m and/or 160m band.

2/ Adapt my SEARCH strategy and look in priority for new multipliers.

3/ Spend more time on the low bands to collect more multipliers.

4/ Sleep 2 full sleeping cycles (2 times 1h30) from 1h00 to 4h30 UT.

The graph (right) illustrates the number of multipliers (Zone + Countries) amongst top10 Europe and we clearly see that I have the lowest multiplier result with 428 multi well below the 523 average. This is the result of not enough time on the low band where I can easily contact new countries and zones. I must also take more time to hunt multipliers and put a priority on the SEARCH station by contacting only new countries/zones.

Remark : More time on the low band means also that I need to improve my low band antennas, not improving efficiency but allowing me to take full benefit of SO2R operation. Currently I have one top loaded vertical for 40/80/160 and the 3 elements inverted V 40m. I cannot operate full SO2R on 160/80 as it is on the same antenna.Current SO2R antenna combinations are 160/40 and 80/40. I really need to add 160/80 by erecting an antenna on one of these bands.I still have a Kelemen 160/80/40 multi-band trap dipole antenna as spare and I could install it on the top of my antenna trailer mast (16m) supporting one of my Spiderbeam in inverted V configuration. I also have a remote coaxial relay that will allow me to use only one 50 ohms feed line for both antenna. With this configuration I expect to be able to improve the number of multipliers at the condition that I do not sleep too much during the night.

On the graph (left) we see the number of QSO made by band for the top 5 Europe stations CQ WW DX SSB 2012.In black the average of the 5 stations. I circled in color when there was a negative (red) difference or positive difference (green) with my result. We see that my strengths are on higher bands like 15m and 10m and that I could do better on 160m and 80m and 20m.

On 160m and 80m my low results are only due to too much sleeping time in the Saturday / Sunday night.Low result on 20m are due to crowded band and difficulties to find a calling frequency. It is indeed easier to find a free frequency on the higher bands, specially when 10m and 15m are fully opened to North america, this is why I spent more time on these bands and get one of the best result on 10m.


Day 1_19/10/2013 Good journey from Brussels to Ireland despite very heavy showers on the road and beautiful rainbows. In the afternoon the weather was good to start the setup and I only erected the 3 element inverted V before dusk in order to operate 40m. I do not have yet the wind generator fully installed, the mast is ready, and it is now dark.I will run on batteries only during the evening. The 40m band was crowded due to German contest and it was not easy to find a free calling frequency as signals where well above S9.

Day 2_20/10/2013 (23 Ah wind only - half day) Today I erected the wind generator, the Spiderbeam 1 and the vertical, there was heavy gusts in the morning and I had to wait the end of the day to raise the Spiderbeam with less wind but the weather was clear I only got one or two showers and a magnificent double rainbow. Here dusk happens around 18:00 UT, I should be on air from this moment as I cannot work outside anymore. I now have filled the water tank, and start to find some comfort. Temperature are good with 13-14 degrees during the day.

Day 3_21/10/2013 (47Ah wind only) I checked the Spiderbeam antenna on 15m and the signals are very strong, I got good rates to NA yesterday evening and to East this morning with VK stations answering to my calls with S9 signals. The propagation seems to be very very good on the higher bands. I have a problem on 10m, I cannot tune the antenna correctly with SWR up to 3/1. 20m is okay, I think that I inverted the dipole connection on the balun for 10m and I cannot correct it as it was already very difficult to raise it at 16m AGL with external help and I will be alone all the week. This is not a major problem as I plan to raise a second Spiderbeam on the antenna trailer to operate SO2R. Today it was rainy and windy, I made food shopping and added all the radials at the base of the vertical.

Day 4_22/10/2013(40Ah wind only) Stormy weather during the night with heavy showers and antennas are still there, the weather will be dry during the 2 following days, I setup the beverage and assembled the second Spiderbeam today.

Day 5_23/10/2013 (64 Ah mix of sun and wind) This morning I can see a nice blue sky, sun will be there all the day and it will be colder. This morning the 10m band is full of pile-up from Asian countries, and the sunspot number raised 220 !!. I am sure we will have a very crowded 10m band during the contest and huge pile-up to break with my low power conditions. I really don't like that as it decreases your rate, but it is part of the game and what a feeling when you hear your call back after one or two call. Today I erected the trailer mast with the second Spiderbeam and the inverted V 160/80/40m. All antennas are working perfectly despite very narrow band on 80m and 160m. You can see on the picture below the mast head with the switching unit. I remotely control the switching box via a non used wire in the rotor cable. The ground is provided trough the coax cable. This night I heard a D44AC station on 160m with both antennas.

Day 6_24/10/2013(46 Ah wind only) The antenna park is now finalized and all 5 antennas have been tuned, tested. On the low bands, I compared the antenna bandwidth between the multi-band inverted V (NEW in red) and the vertical 18m high (32 radials 20m long) We clearly see on 80m the small bandwidth of the Inverted V. On 160m band I moved down the resonance frequency of the Inverted V in order to have a system that allow me to transmit from 1830 to 1885 with SWR below 2/1. As reference, a SWR of 3/1 is a lost of 25% of power, it is best to minimize that if you play in low power category. It is near midnight local time and I can still hear a lot of NA stations rag chewing on 20 meters. By the way rag chewing is totally the opposite to contesting .... Those guys have only 24 hours left before the chaos on the bands and they will be obliged to give points or to give up.

Day 7_25/10/2013(19 Ah) Just waked up and I am checking the bands; 15m is full of JA/ZL what a propagation we have this week, unbelievable. I also see that the sun activity is back with X1.7 solar flare. I finished to prepare the contest shack and made some test, SO2R operation needs careful preparation...

Day 8_26/10/2013 (92 Ah Storm) & Day 9_27/10/2013 (33 Ah windy) CQ WW DX SSB CONTEST 2013 :Wind higher than 80 Km/h broken the 2 Spiderbeams at 11:00 UT on the first day. With already 900 QSO I was on the way to my best performance ever with outstanding propagation conditions.

Day 10_28/10/2013 (78 Ah windy) Despite the situation I have been able to realize 1608 QSO (2690 last year), contacted 93 zones (97 last year) and 295 countries (341 last year). Not so bad in only 20 hours of activity. I contacted so many JA ,ZL, 10m was fully worldwide opened. On 160 m band, I worked several NA stations, in 5 years of contest, it was the first time that I was called by NA stations or when I called them they answered me. Yes I feel that the propagation was absolutely wonderful. We see on the illustration (right) that there was a lot of solar flares M level during the whole week-end, it seems the sun solar activity is on its way to reach the second maximum activity peak. I spent today the whole day in the fields to remove antenna park.

Day 11_29/10/2013 (40 Ah windy) The temperature is going down, I had to add a second cover and I also had to put my head inside the cover as it becomes really cold. I think this storm announces the winter.The second Spiderbeam on the aluminum mast was still raised this morning and I had to wait until the end of the afternoon that the wind stop to blow. This was my last difficult (insecure) task. I also removed the vertical and the beverage antennas and started to load the caravan with boxes. I spent around 5 hours in the wind and rain, I feel happy this evening as the main work has been achieved.

Day 12_30/10/2013 Last day and it is now time for appraisal of the expedition. First, I generated more than 400 Ah/ 5 KWh green energy and used only 15 liters of petrol during the 10 days stay. I experienced a new low band inverted V dipole to improve SO2R operation on low band with now 3 different antennas (18m vertical for 160-80-40m, inverted V 3 elements beam for 40m and 160-80-40m inverted V dipole). I broken my 2 Spiderbeams antennas 11 hours after the beginning of the contest, therefore I was not able to score a top 3 Europe result as planned. I also experienced high SWR on 10m on one Spiderbeam during the stay. When I removed the antenna, I opened the balun box and saw a broken connection, I was then running on "one leg" on 10m band (see picture). I also decided for the next activity to use a metallic 3 elements tri-band beam antenna to avoid 2 broken antennas at the same time.

At the end of this expedition, I was very disappointed by the difficult conditions I experienced. I suffered from very bad weather conditions, I broken the 2 high bands antennas and therefore got results very far from what I planned. I asked my self if I will continue this kind of activity in the future; I sometimes suffering physically and it cost me money and day off. And after the expedition, I received so many support and compliments from the amateur radio community that my motivation comes back and I am now ready again for new challenges.

July 2013 EI8GQB/EI1A    IARU HF + CQ WW VHF + IOTA contest activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
GREEN ENERGY :1833 Ah produced .
IARU HF CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE: 1,.198 millions POINTS/ 1666 QSO/162 Mult/ 82 ITU Zones. Result: 1st Europe & 3rd World.
CQ WW VHF CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE: 30.456 POINTS/ 282 QSO/108 GRID/ 31DXCC. 4th Europe on 6 meters.
IOTA CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE: 2,119 millions POINTS/ 1320 QSO/199 Mult. Result: New World record (1st Europe/World)

BEFORE THE SHOW : This year, I am celebrating my 5th HF contest activity anniversary. Within this time period, I became a green energy top contester, probably the most ecological in the World !!! (see my results above). I am now preparing my longest radio activity of the year in Ireland in order to beat new competition results and maybe break my last IOTA world record.

Recently, I jumped into VOACAP radio propagation software and I can now visualize the propagation evolution, see some results below (click on the pictures to see the animations).

During summer period, sporadic E propagation is very often possible and I need more understanding at it can make a big difference in contest result. A 28MHz Es opening during a contest gives a lot of new multipliers. According to the height and density of the Es clouds, we can define 2 circles around the station position where radio signals will be refracted back to the earth's surface. The first "reflection area"show distances between 781 to 2140 Km, data based on the 400 QSOs I made during the years 2009 to 2012 IOTA contest operation. The year 2010 has no QSO on 28MHz due to no opening. See the picture below...

For 40m band I used the bidirectional pattern of my 3 elements inverted V beam; for the higher bands I used the Spiderbeam antenna pattern diagram (best vertical profile for 360 degrees); SSN=80 and RX antenna is isotropic antenna, TX power is 100 Watts.

The 28MHz simulation illustrate the propagation and QSO made during the IOTA contest between 2009 to 2012.

Day 1_06/07/2013 Well arrived in Ireland, perfect journey and weather conditions (30C blue sky, never experienced that since 5 years..). But when I wanted to open the caravan door, I remarked that I forgot the keys on my desk at home... ( not very proud) but as any previous expeditions, the game is to fight any problem, conclusion, with a screw driver, I succeeded to open a window and enter into the caravan, I also asked that someone in Belgium send me the keys by post. Second challenge, the farmer forgot my venue (after 3 sms...) and I will not be able to install the caravan in the field and start antenna installation before tomorrow morning. As I use the field during 3 weeks, the farmer asked me to let the cows in the field to finish to eat all the grass and fill it with cow mud, this is why I am so lucky during the contests ;-). I will only be operational tomorrow evening.

Day 2_07/07/2013 (40 Ah sun only) I am measuring the daily energy produced and will indicate it after the date of my daily report. Today,I worked almost 12 hours under the sun, my neck is burned and I succeed to raise the first Spiderbeam as well as assemble the 5 elements 6m and raise it on the Versatower at 8 meters; I still need to fine tune the hairpin dimension as the SWR is not better than 1.8/1. I finished just before darkness and I continued to work inside the caravan up to 2 hours in the morning, enjoying fresher temperature. I think to work in the field during the evening only as it is very hard during the day. We have more than 28?C , no wind and clouds, it is the best conditions I ever met in Ireland since 5 years...

Day 3_08/07/2013 (93 Ah sun only) I made some shopping in town, and also operate some QSO with EA on 6 meters (shy opening) around noon. I tested the 1st Spiderbeam with good signals on 20 meters. I waited the evening to build and to erect the 40m 3 elements inverted V. Again I just finished the installation just before darkness. I tested the 3 elements during the night and it performs very well as usual. I now start to live during the night as temperature is fresher.

Day 4_09/07/2013(82 Ah sun only) When I waked up this morning, I checked the solar panel/wind generator charge controller and it displayed 8 Volts instead of 12V.I reset it and still get that voltage. Once I disconnected the battery charge separator, the voltage came back to 12V. I bypassed it in order to protect the other batteries and will make the selection manually until I solve the problem.I operated 15m band with a dozen of JA stations with good S7-S8 signals and a good run on 20 meter band too At the end of the afternoon, I erected the vertical antenna for the lower band with the 32 radials lying on the ground.

Day 5_10/07/2013 (123 Ah sun only) Another great day, sunshine, blue sky and 30 degrees, I spent the day wearing only a short. It is another world or planet regarding last year weather conditions where the field was so wet that I had to wait to install the caravan. Last year it was Club Mud, this year it is Club Med in Ireland. Today, I assembled the second Spiderbeam antenna ready to replace the 6m antenna on the 18m Versatower for the week end contest. I also started to install the beverage antenna. I am only working in the fields from 6 pm as it is really too hot, and this is not a complain !!. At the time I am updating the blog, my 12V to 220V converter just exploded, a big bang, no fire and no injuries, just a big burn smelt. I need to find a new one for the contest otherwise no rotator and PC recharge. It is part of the game. Regarding radio operation, I am still waiting for a nice opening on 6 meters. I made also QSO's on 40m with 59+10 to 20dB signals to center Europe.

Day 6_11/07/2013 (50 Ah sun only) This morning I left early to visit my family at the coast and spend the day on a crowded beach. I left earlier than expected in order to look for a 12V to 220V converter. I found one and it is now working as I can recharge the PC and update the blog, but it creates more RF interference as the burned one. Fortunately, after a complete check, the explosion did not created any other damages on connected equipment(PC charger, rotator and battery booster). Regarding the 50 Ah , it is really a low energy production today because I left the solar panels directed to the morning sun direction and forgot to modify it to noon. We clearly see that we can loose the half of the energy produced if you do not optimize the direction of the solar panels with the sun position.

Day 7_12/07/2013 (122 Ah sun only) No clouds at all, I oriented regularly the solar panels and reached, I think, the maximum possible energy produced by 2 times 90W solar panels. Today I replaced the 5 elements 6 meters by the second Spiderbeam in order to operate SO2R (single operator 2 radios) for the contest; it takes me the half day to do it as it was very very hot and any physical effort was difficult. I also finished the beverage and prepared the shack for tomorrow. Next week I will have more time to add more pictures and movie of the set-up. I am quite tired by the work and heat. See you during the contest with EI1A.

Day 8_13/07/2013 (103 Ah sun only) and Day 9_14/07/2013 (98 Ah sun mainly) Participation to the HF IARU Worldchampionship with EI1A callsing in SOABLP SSB non assisted category. I ran the contest using only green energy from batteries, sun and wind !!!

Day 10_15/07/2013 (53 Ah wind mainly) See above the details of my contest results made using green energy only!. I found good running free frequencies specially to North America (5 points per contact) on 20m in the evening and also on 40m band in the morning. For the first time I tried just before and after sunset on 40m calling with the 3 elements inverted V in direction to NA, this gave me dozens of US stations. It is very difficult to call during the night as the band is fully crowded by big guns stations. I am low power and same if I reach S8-S9, it is sometimes not enough to be understood. You see very good hourly rates specially the last hour on 10m. The band was fully opened to central Europe and also with very short skip, I have been able to contact the east coast of UK, which is less than 700 Km. This is my best result ever made for a 24 hours contest with the higher hourly rates achieved. This thanks to short report (RST+ ITU zone). For the IOTA contest, at the end of this month, same if I will become a multiplier, I do not think to improve the hourly rate as the report is longer (RST + Serial Number + Island reference).

Day 11_16/07/2013 (62 Ah sun only) Yesterday I replaced the Spiderbeam by the 5 elements 6m beam but it still does not give a good SWR, minimum is 1.8/1. When I wanted to work on the antenna and solve this I checked the band before and saw it fully opened. It was the opening I was expected since last week. I ran 145 QSO and 100 QRA locators. The antenna proved it worked correctly despite the SWR.I really enjoyed the opening.Here is a visual map of the opening made from my ADIF file uploaded on http://www.levinecentral.com/adif2map/

Day 12_17/07/2013 (58 Ah sun only) I started the day with a small 50 MHz opening to Scandinavia, worked on the configuration of my new MiniVNA PRO as generator and made my first step with the remote control of a Parrot AR. DRONE, my objective is to take HD movie from the sky of the antenna installation and also make the VNA generator flying in order to be able to measure the antenna radiation pattern. It is a long dream and I am now close to the reality ( See former expedition edition below where I cover this aspect).

Day 13_18/07/2013 (91 Ah sun only) I made some video test with the AR. Drone Parrot and you will find my first tests in the video showing a panorama view . Nice location isn't it ?

Day 14_19/07/2013 (109 Ah sun and wind ) I made my first Meteor Scatter QSO in JT6M on 6m, many thanks to OZ1AXG who was my 1st station and SP7SZG to confirm that I was not just lucky. I need to manage this kind of QSO for the CQ WW VHF contest tomorrow during the night and or in case of no Es opening.

Day 15_20/07/2013 ( 125 Ah sun and wind ) I think 125 Ah is the maximum energy produced for a long time good wind + sun and the weather is now changing, high pressure leave Ireland to go to north Scandinavia. Tomorrow it will be a normal Irish summer with 20 c max and sometimes rain. Regarding radio I started the CQ WW VHF contest, no big propagation opening despite I have been able to contact more than 45 squares and stations. I also confirmed MS QSO's but a few.

Day 16_21/07/2013( 45 Ah cloudy and no wind)I ran the contest during a part of the night and made 6 JT6M Meteor Scatter QSOs. This morning I had a very nice opening, closing around noon, but allowed me to work more than 250 stations and 100 grid squares. The sky is covered and temperature are around 20 C and it is still warm in the caravan. It is also the worst day regarding the energy produced. Yes, the weather and conditions are changing.

Day 17_22/07/2013 ( 21 Ah cloudy and no wind) As I said weather is changing and the 21 Ah reflects this change comparing to previous conditions. Today was a maintenance day, emptying toilets cassette, refilling water tank, going to laundry... so almost no radio activity today. My mind is now focussed on the next week end, I remind that I plan to reach the 2 millions points and beat my previous record.

Day 18_23/07/2013 ( 42 Ah cloudy and some wind) It is 4 UTC and I am testing the 3 elements Inverted V wirebeam on 40 m, in direction to NA. Comparing to my vertical 5/8 Lambda, I have sometimes 5 to 15 dB better signals. Today I processed my CQ WW VHF contest log and I am claiming 30.456 points with 282 QSO/108 GRIDS/31 DXCC including 7 QSO in JT6M; for a very first experience I am happy despite average propagation conditions.

Day 19_24/07/2013 ( 40 Ah rainy and some wind) Today I experienced one of the best 6m opening. I started at 8:45 am and stopped at 14. The skip was very short with PA and ON stations 20dB over 9 and stations answering from all Europe. I ran more than 250 stations during 5 hours non stop operation.

Day 20_25/07/2013( 55 Ah rainy and some wind) Today,I had a big problem with my N1MM log and lost a big part of the data;I had to wok in the .mdb database file to recover the table and import it to xls. I then formatted the data to create an ADIF file from scratch and imported back into N1MM software. It took me a half day to do this, so now all contact information are back to a new N1MM database and also sent to my QSL manager Harry. I also removed the 5 elements 6 meters antenna and replaced it with the second Spiderbeam antenna for SO2R operation for the IOTA contest next week-end. So 6m is over for me this year and after 8 days of activity the results of the 6m operation are 900 contacts/ 41 countries/ 230 grids.

Day 21_26/07/2013( 98 Ah some sun and wind) Today I was not active at all. Before a contest, I never spent my time on the air, I just start 15 minutes before the contest. Usually I sleep before and check all the antennas as well as the temporary shack/water/coffee/food. I also prepare energy backup with a power supply connected to a power generator fully filled and ready to start in case the batteries cannot support the requested load. It takes me less than 2 minutes to switch on the power generator. This may happen some times during a 48 hours contest but never during 24 hours, 500 Ah battery bank system are enough.

Day 22_27/07/2013( 22 Ah overcast no wind) and Day 23_28/07/2013( 57 Ah overcast no wind) Participation to the IOTA Contest with EI1A callsignin SOABLP SSB non assisted category., I ran the contest using only green energy from batteries, sun and wind !!. The strategy was mainly to call on 40m band to have the maximum UK stations with 15 points, 40m is also the best frequency to contact PA/ F/ OZ islands from EI unless very short skip on higher bands and in that case 10m is open. This is what happened on the Sunday morning with a very good run on 10m. On Sunday morning 10m opening is for me the IOTA cherry on the cake after a full night of operation. A lot of EI stations on the air this year rendered the competition harder. No more World multi-category, conclusion less stations on 80 meters, additionally, big thunderstorms on the continent, created noise on 80m but also a lot of European stations had to disconnect antennas. I improved my last year world record and hope to have few errors to establish a new world record above 2 millions points. Finally, I found the contest exchange too long for islands with the RST, the serial number and the IOTA reference. I would propose for Island only the IOTA reference and for world stations a serial number; this should allow higher rates and less voice problems....

Day 24_29/07/2013( 75 Ah covered heavy wind) "OMNE ANIMAL POST COITUM TRISTE"; this sentence reflects my current feeling regarding these 3 last weeks of radio. Everything was above my expectations and my personal objectives. This not only on technical point of view and contest achievement, but also on social and human aspects with nice talk with some OM, specially on 40m band and also locally. The weather was also outstanding at the beginning and as expected at the end. The removal of the antenna park has now started , one Spiderbeam and the vertical antenna are already removed very early this morning as showers are expected during the day; the main problem is to store equipment dry.

Day 25_30/07/2013( 96 Ah heavy wind) removing antenna park

Day 26_31/07/2013( 50 Ah heavy wind and heavy rain) removing antenna park

Day 27_01/08/2013( 22 Ah heavy wind and heavy rain) During the stay, I produced with solar panels and wind generator almost 22 KWhour of energy and had never experienced any power problem, same after 24 hours contest. The weather conditions were optimum with a clear sky during the first 15 days and very windy at the end of the stay.

March 2013 EI8GQB/EI1A    CQ WW WPX SSB contest activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
GREEN ENERGY :800 Ah produced - CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE: 3,133 millions POINTS/ 2000 QSO/867 PREFIXES. Result: 1st Europe & 6th World.
 BEFORE THE SHOW : Following my continuous improvement approach before any competition, I have started some studies in order to improve my signals on the higher bands by finding the best antenna height, secondly modify my home made tunning box to increase the bandwidth on the lower bands (80 and 160m) and finalize my SO2R hardware locking system to avoid the possibility to transmit on both TX at the same time.

1/ What is the best antenna height for my 2 spiderbeam antennas according to my main traffic target areas : Europe and North Amercia/US ? : In order to answer the question, the first point is to understand the effect of the vertical radiation pattern according to the antenna height above the ground level, I therefore made a lot of simulations on 4NEC2 software in order to visualize the different lobes appearing according to the antenna height. Simulations have been made over flat terrain profile and using pastoral, low hills, rich soil ground parameters with dielectric constant = 14 and conductivity =0.01 S/m.The 4NEC2 file of the Spiderbeam can be downloaded here :4NEC2 Spiderbeam model. In the 4NEC2 software Edit window, frequency and antenna height are defined as parameters and can be easily changed. I created 3 animation .gif files for 20m,15m and 10m bands with heights evolving from 8 to 22 meters.

Antenna height

20 meter band

15 meter band

10 meter band

With HFTA software provided with the ARRL antenna book, I made several simulations using different terrain profiles and the results show that the maximum and nulls are in majority located at the same angle as with a flat terrain. This is quite logical as the main interaction happens with the ground just below the antenna. Generally, the terrain is only changing the maximum of the first lobe and not the main shape. Additionally the nulls and maximum are located at the same angle independently of the number of elements of the yagi/dipole.

Now we have learned that the vertical pattern is changing with height, we must now understand the concept of arrival/takeoff angle (TOA) according to our target areas. To visualize it, the work done by N6BV (available in the ARRL Antenna Book CD) shows the statistical probability (% of the time) of the optimum TOA angle for various propagation paths, in my case from EI to EU and EI to NA. The TOA signal distribution is different according to the frequency band and change with the distance. We can see that Europe has 2 different levels of TOA and is more spread than signals coming from North America with more concentrated lower angle, this is logical as the longer the distance, the lower the angle to reflect on the ionosphere layers. Click on the picture below to see animations between antenna height and take of angle distribution.

The main objective of my study is to find the best match between TAO and antenna lobes in order to choose the optimum antenna height for the different frequency bands and target areas, I have created a figure of merit to weight frequency/target area versus antenna height. I currently own 2 telescopic masts 12m(1) and 15m(2) and I am looking for a 18m Versatower antenna trailer solution + 1 meter mast =19m (3) for my 2 Spiderbeam antennas.

The next step of my study is to take a decision on position (1,2,3) according to my previous contest traffic, I analysed the last 2 years traffic log contest for the WPX(March/red) and WW(October/blue), and there is a major difference we can see on the graph below.

We clearly see that traffic to NA10m is very different from March (WPX/red) to October(WW/blue). October is well known for the East-West propagation path and the band during high sun activity is usually fully opened on 10m with traffic up to the 29MHz frequencies, it is for a low power station like mine very easy to find a free calling frequency. In March (WPX/red) the band is not opened to NA and major traffic happens only on 15m band. If you cannot find a good running frequency on 15m (which was my case in WPX2012) you have no other choice to hunt south american station on 10m band, March month is the best period to south-west path propagation.You can also see that running NA on 20m is also not easy during all the contests as the band is fully crowded with big gun power contest stations. For my antenna height decision, I must therefore take a priority on 15m band for NA and 20m for EU. Position 2 and 3 fulfill this choice.

As this study is only theoretical and experience on the field must be done to confirm the approach. I plan to measure my antenna lobes with a helium balloon or kite or quadricopter supporting a light weight RF generator. I plan to record the received level via a receiver connected to the antenna. The measurement will be collected with W8WWV S Meter Lite software. Decision is not yet taken on the elevation method and the light weight RF generator is still under construction. I plan to measure the antenna lobes diagram during my 2013 one month summer expedition.

2/ How to modify my tuning box in order to increase my bandwidth on 80m and 160m ? : My current home made tuner is using a T520-2 amidon core to support the inductor in the adaptation circuit. I plan to change the inductor by an air wound one to decrease the Q factor and hope to get a bigger bandwidth than 32 KHz for SWR 2:1.

3/ SO2R hardware locking system to prevent 2 transmitted signals at the same time : New contest rules oblige the SO2R operators to set up a hardware protection system in order to avoid 2 transmitted signals at the same time, in my case, as I am using green energy and batteries,I already have "hardware" limitation by my battery booster to 30 AMPS, so transmitting with the TS2000 and K3 is impossible and could destruct the battery booster. But rules are rules and I decided to study a simple solution. You will find below the illustration of the system. The TS2000 when transmitting provides 12Vdc on PIN7 of the remote connector. This voltage is converted to 5Vdc via a 78L05 system and a1KOhms resistor limits the current. The K3 PIN 7 ACC connector inhibits the K3 to transmit when the state is high. The K3 must be configured for this behaviour via the K3 function TX INH set to High. The TS2000 is master and K3 slave. This means that the K3 cannot start to transmit while the TS2000 is in TX mode. If transmitting on K3, and the TS2000 starts to transmit, the K3 will switch to RX state. All the components are inside the DB15 connector.

Day 1_23/03/2013 :Well arrived on the hill and due to flight delays (2 hours), only the wind generator has been installed (darkness is coming quickly) , antennas will be raised tomorrow. It is windy (35kph) and very cold (3C), gloves are mandatory. I checked the wireless internet connection quality and tested video streaming. It is not so bad , as I am in the middle of nowhere; see my first test on ustream.tv channel.

Day 2_24/03/2013 : Heavy field working day; 8 hours non stop in the wind and cold to erect the Spiderbeam antenna (see video below), the vertical and the 3 elements inverted V 40m. I operated a nice 3 hours pile-up on 40m, the inverted V is a booming antenna with 213 QSO. Around 1.18 QSO/minutes, the kind QSO rate I am looking for the contest next week-end.

Day 3_25/03/2013 : Today I put 32 radials at the base of the vertical and built the beverage RX antenna, both are working well as usual. Another nice evening on 40 meters, 2h30 non stop pile-up and 194 qso mainly from Europe with 2 nice surprises VK2AC and JH1AJT. QSO rate is 1.29 QSO/minutes, no so bad for a EI station with 100W !! Regarding my green energy installation, in 2 days of working, the wind generator produced 150Ah, a 3.14 Ah average, the best result I ever experienced due to continuous east wind around 25-30 Km/h.

Day 4_26/03/2013 : I prepared the erection of my new 20m Versatower antenna trailer delivered here in January. It is a refurbished model and some small mechanics was missing. I lost a big part of the day to look for missing pieces and find a solution to install the rotor at the head of the mast. No so radio active as I visited my in laws during the evening.

Day 5_27/03/2013 : Already the 5th day and my second Spiderbeam is still not yet up and operational. I plan to install it on my new trailer 18m Versatower mast. I had a Murphy day, my petrol generator is not working well, I started it in order to solder the connector of the new rotor and every 5 minutes it stop to run. I spent almost 1h30 to solder 7 pin on a connector... I can't use my 12V to 230V power converter for this task. Additonally, I ran out of gas, it is 4C during the day and -2C during the night, I had to go to the city in order to refill my spare gas cylinder, another hour lost.

Day 6_28/03/2013 : I found a way to place the rotor at the head of the mast, mechanics is now OK and I assembled the second Spiderbeam today.

Day 7_29/03/2013 : The 2nd mast and Spiderbeam are now raised but I broken 4 fibber glass tubes while installing the antenna on the mast, I did all the job alone and it was a big physical effort, the day just before the beginning of the contest... Not a good idea but I had no choice. The shack is now ready for the contest SO2R operation; I also rented a power generator just for the weekend in case I run out of battery during the contest.

Day 8-9 - CQ WW WPX SSB contest.

Day 10_01/04/2013 : The contest is now over and again another very good result with big improvement from last year (3.1 millions versus 2.2, 2K QSO versus 1.6K QSO and 867 prefixes versus 767 last year). The propagation was worst than last year specially on Saterday. On Sunday, I was able to find good calling frequencies in the evening on 15 and 20 meters and achieved very good runs to NA, this gave me a lot points and new multipliers. Below a post analysis of the QSO rate and band usage where we see the good RUN on 20m and 15m bands to European Saturday and to North America on Sunday.

Day 11_02/04/2013 : I started to remove the antenna park. We see below the good RUN on 20m and 15m, the best ever to Europe, but to North America, I made a better run in 2011 on 15 meter band due to better propagation conditions.

Day 12 _03/04/2013 : The antenna farm is now removed, only the 3 elements inverted V is still raised for a last radio evening on 40 meters. My contest log has also been sent to the WPX. Regarding the green energy, 800 Ah (9.6KWh) have been produced by the wind generator and solar panels in 11 days, an average of 70 Ah per day due to constant east wind and 2 full days of sun. I was able to run SO2R operation during the contest mainly using green energy. I only used the petrol generator during the last 5 hours of the 48h as the batteries voltage went down below 11 Volts (my personal level of protection for the batteries).

October 2012 EI8GQB/EI1A    CQ WW DX SSB contest activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
GREEN ENERGY :350 Ah produced - CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE: 1,988 millions POINTS/ 2690 QSO/ 97 ZONES / 341 COUNTRIES Result : 5th European score
BEFORE THE SHOW:  Question 1 : How to improve my 160 meter band conditions ?. In 2009 , I designed and built the 5/8 lambda 40 meter band top-loaded vertical, see the details (French only) at http://vandenbalck.eu/webdata/3semainesenirlandeet2contests.pdf.I used the antenna during the major HF contests and, on long distance contacts, it performs very very well on 40 meter and 80 meter. With my 100 Watts low power conditions, when I call, strong signals are usual from all part of the world, people are often surprised when I detail my 100W low power conditions. My location is also playing a major role too. But on 160 m band, the bandwidth is so narrow (32KHz < 2:1SWR, 18 KHz < 1,5:1) that my transceiver tuner must adapt SWR higher than 3. This means at least 25% lost of radiated power. I have tried to use the CG-3000 antenna tuner to tune the vertical on 160m, but the system never found correct adaptation and low SWR. I think the antenna resistance is to low for the tuner. As my strategy is to gain any possible decibel in the transmission chain, I decide for this new expedition to try an Inverted L antenna for 160m described with the graph below. Does this configuration improve the bandwidth and what is the radiation pattern difference versus the vertical antenna ? Does the tuner will work ?. With 4NEC2 antenna simulator, I will try to answer to these questions in order to take the best decision while I will be testing the antennas in the fields. Additionally, I will study 2 different L antenna design, one based on antenna resonance (fres= 1.85 MHz with jX=0) INVL1/4 and one based on impedance Z=50+jX, INVL50. The last one can be tuned easily with a series capacitor =-jX. The first one need a 1:4 unun balun or a matching network to provide with a good 50 ohms line adaptation. The use of the CG3000 is just for antenna comparison testing purposes as I plan to modify the 160m band matching system in my home made tuner if the bandwidth is wide enough.

Simulations results

DATA Vertical INVL1/4 INVL50
Horizontal length L - 28m 44.6m
Impedance 9.26-j321 14.8+j0 50+j480
Gain (incl matching losses) 0.51dB @ 21? 0.63dB @ 21? -0.93dB@ 21?
Bandwith 34 KHz 43 KHz 51 KHz

We see that the longer horizontal length of the INVL50 antenna impacts the radiation pattern to the sky (2dB @ 90?),with the widest bandwidth (51 KHz). The best compromise is to choose the INVL1/4 model where bandwidth (34KHz to 43 KHz) and impedance(9.26 to 14.8 Ohms) increase vs the vertical; This will allow the automatic tuner to support this low impedance. Additionally, it can also be adapted with a 1:4 unun balun.

The 4NEC2 antenna simulation files are available here : INVL50OhmsINVL1/4LambdaVertical

Question 2 : When is the best moment to sleep during the CQ world wide DX SSB contest ?. Thanks to Stan / EI6DX traffic contest analysis Website, I am able to answer to this question : http://www.ei6DX.com/cqww-contest-analysis/cqww-activity-analyzer/

The 2 graphs represent the number of contacts made with other continents during the 48-hour contest. The data are recorded every 30 minutes. When I contact Europe it is worth 1 point. However, when I contact other continents, it is worth 3 points. In order to have the best result, I must operate when it is the best moment to reach the other continents and sleep when activity is lower (between 1 and 2).

With the time, I have learned that I can operate the first 24 hours non stop. I do not leave my post during these 24 hours, so I prepare one 5-litter bottle of water for drinking and another empty one to avoid having to interrupt radio operation !. On the graph, we clearly see that contest activity has been very different in 2010 and in 2011. In 2011, I still remember the wonderful opening to North America and the rest of the world on 10 meters band, ending with KH6(Hawai) and ZL(New Zealand) stations, unbelievable conditions!. But in 2010, due to lower solar activity, 15 meters band was the highest band opened to expect a high contact rate.
In 2011 due to higher sun activity, the higher bands closed later (1) than in 2010. Also, year 2011 peaked with 19000 QSO in 30 minutes versus 12000 QSO in 2010.

On both graphs, we clearly see that the traffic decrease (lower contact rate) is always linked to the end of the 20m band opening (1) with some variation due to the sun activity. I planned 6 hours max of sleep starting from that moment. Then wake up (2),later, when daylight comes (3), it is mandatory to show your face to the sun in order to switch your body into daylight mode. And another day of calling "CQ contest..." and hunting for new countries and multipliers trying to improve your score from last year...Then, darkness comes back again and with the lack of sleep, you start to enter into a second stage where your brain is disconnected from the reality and only bands and callsigns (worked or not yet worked ?) are the energy to drive you to the next stage, the shaman level (4). And when the contest is over,it is impossible to sleep and you continue to comments the claimed result and conditions on the air, until the bottle of wine you opened to celebrate your new contest record definitively bring you to bed. The 2 following days are very hard, not due to the wine, but due to the physical work needed to remove the temporary antenna park from the field and store the equipment back in the caravan for the next contest activity.

Question 3: I have 32 radials, 19m long. What is the distance between radials ends ?

As I install 32 radials below the vertical antenna, I do this 3 times a year and, each time the question is, what is the distance between radials end ? Specially for my friend Peter who helps me with this task, I can now answer 3,7m. See below the calculations.

Day 1_20/10/2012 : Well arrived in Ireland, the journey was very nice, despite heavy turbulence during the flight. The caravan has been towed to the fields and antenna installation started. This evening the vertical is erected as well as the wind generator, but there is no wind for the moment and according to the weather forecast, there will be no wind during the week. Tomorrow, I will install the solar panels, but cloudy weather expected too. I think, unfortunately, I will have to use the power generator. The positive point, there will be no rain at all during my stay, which is very unusual for Ireland.

Day 2_21/10/2012 : Today, with my friend Peter, we raised the 3 elements 40m and prepared the main Spiderbeam, but due to wind gusts up to 9 m/s, I decided to postpone the erection of the Spiderbeam (15 meters high) to tomorrow as there will be no more wind. It will be easier to raise the mast. So I will not be QRV on higher band before 22nd October dawn. I produced today 30 Ah from a mix of wind and sun and I spent the late evening on 40m to check conditions and test the 3 element 40m wirebeam, thanks to Gerald (PA3GEG) you can hear my traffic on 40m band : http://www.vandenbalck.eu/webdata/EI8GQB_PA3GEG.mp3 while scanning my blog.

Day 3_22/10/2012 :The antenna installation is now finished and the 2 Spiderbeams are now erected and operational. I am tired and have pain to my back. Regarding energy production, I only produced 4 Ah, it is just enough to supply my portable PC during one hour. I checked the 10 meter band propagation and got a nice pile-up from north American stations, mainly from the west coast with 59 signals, running 80 contacts in 90 minutes with a nice answer from E51CG from the South Cook Islands, a new country for me. One of my 220 Ah battery is now below 11.5V and the weather forecast (see below) is not the best to guarantee full green energy activity for the contest. The wind generator is starting to produce from 2.2 m/s and I get 2 amps when the wind blows at 5 m/s.
Day 4_23/10/2012 :I spent my morning to Clonmel for shopping, I mean buy a new hammer, refill the gas cylinder and collect my new power generator in case weather conditions do not refill the batteries. I also operated 10m and 40m in the evening with a constant pile-up for 3 hours with 1 QSO minutes. Lovely conditions and the 40m wirebeam is really performing well. I also cooked coconut chicken with green curry, eating well is also part of the expedition. Tomorrow I will start the experimentation of the 160m inverted L antenna. Wind is expected to come back during the night.
Day 5_24/10/2012 :Today I worked in the fields to build and tune the inverted L 160m, at resonance I got 16.3 Ohms in comparison with the simulation 14,8 Ohms, it seems I have very good ground losses 16.3-14.8= 1.5 Ohms, thanks to the 40 radials and the wet ground here in Ireland. I will check tomorrow the same measurement on the vertical. Unfortunately, the Inverted L modifies completely the tuning of the vertical, I have been warned about this effect. But the de-tuning is so strong that I need to modify my tuning box completely. I do not have enough time for this, as 2 days left and the contest starts. On Friday, I will be busy to collect my wife and my twin daughters at Cork airport. See below the experimentation and results. I will remove the inverted L for the contest. The CG3000 is not tuning correctly on 160m, I am a little bit disappointed by the quality of this tuner. The wind is back and since last Saturday I have been running only with green energy.

Day 6_25/10/2012 :Every day I spend almost 1 hour to update this blog and process the measurement of my green energy production. The measurement system collects a sample every second and every 24 hours I run a home made software to calculate the hourly Ampere hour (Ah) produced. I also collect every day the weather forecast from Windguru.cz in order to fine tune my prediction model and find a correlation between forecast and measurements. This morning, I checked my new power generator to be sure it will start if the batteries are empty during the contest. I also removed the inverted L and fine tuned the vertical for the contest. This afternoon I added the TS2000 in the caravan shack and prepared the station for the contest. The shack is now ready for the contest.

Day 7_26/10/2012 :Last day before the contest, I am doing some maintenance of the caravan, the wind blows and the sun is shining, very low temperature this morning around 2-3 ?C. I took some picture of the electrical installation see below. Last day I have been able to produce 70Ah ! After collecting my wife and my twins daughters at Cork airport, I checked the station, changed the gas cylinder as it always happen that I need to change it during the contest, refill the water tank, .. nothing can interfere with the operation of the contest. I got my first sunset of the week, as the week was cloudy. See you during the contest and look for EI1A. My next update will be Sunday after the contest.

Day 8-9 CQ WW DX SSB contest

Day 10_29/10/2012 :Too tired to update the blog, but this contest was a new experience in SO2R and thanks to the wonderful propagation (we will reach the solar peak in mid 2013) , stories will follow. I am claiming 1.997.280 points - 97 zones - 341 countries with EI1A for the CQ WW SSB contest 2012 (according to the 2011 score results, I can expect a top5 Europe position). Now stop to dream, I have 2 days of hard work in order to remove the antenna park and I will be on Air on 40m Monday 29th evening. By the way , I ran out of gas, I never expected to use a 5kg gas cylinder within 2 days... So no more heating, but I still have 2 small camping gas cylinder left from the Saltee Islands expedition in order to get hot water for coffee. My eyes cannot stay anymore on the screen, I shut down.

Day 11_30/10/2012 :I removed the Spiderbeams, vertical and beverage yesterday, today, the 3 elements and the green energy installation. Then I will store all the equipment in the caravan, transmitters excluded in a safer place. The caravan will be covered and prepared for the winter. I plan to let one solar panel on the roof in order to refill the batteries for my next venue in March 2013 for the WPX SSB contest.

Here are the conclusion of this new wonderful expedition : regarding my 3 objectives :

-Running green energy objective is achieved at 95% as I only ran the power generator during 10 hours during the contest. The batteries voltage when below 10.2V and I did not want to destroy them. But all my stay and a major part of the contest was supported by sun and wind producing 350 Ah (4.2 KWh).

-Inverted L 160m experimentation is not really a success, as it totally de-tuned the vertical, so I removed it. But the vertical performed very well during the contest as only 2 stations 3V8BB and CN3R never heard me. I also heard on the beverage 3 north American stations but to weak to work.

-Score amongst the TOP10 Europe should be achieved with almost 2 millions points score and I may expect to enter in the TOP5 Europe.

Regarding the radio operation you will find below the details of the contest activity:

July 2012 EI8GQB/EI1A    HF IARU and IOTA contest activity with green energy FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
GREEN ENERGY :500 Ah produced
IOTA CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE : 1,820 millions POINTS/ 1211 QSO/ 188 MULT : 1st World and world record.
BEFORE THE SHOW : Preparation is going on and several equipment deliveries were made. The second-hand 4 bed caravan, the Silentwind wind / solar generator system as well as my repaired Elecraft K3 transceiver and a new P3 spectrum panadapter are now delivered in Ireland. Regarding the P3, I really want to experience the frequency spectrum vision sense during a contest. Specially when the band is opening, you can jump immediately on the viewed used frequencies without having to scan and listen to the complete band,I am sure to gain time while hunting signals. I also made a first cabling design of the electrical installation, see below : (The power generator is used as last backup or during use of electrical saw,drill works for the building of the electrical installation and furnishing of the caravan).

To dimension wind and solar installations, only monthly average data are available. In the case of a short period of operation (10 days), this information is not precise enough. I decided to develop a sun/wind energy production forecast model based on detailed weather forecast like hourly average wind speed for the wind generator and hourly clouds cover for the solar generator, The data can be found on www.Windguru.cz. I expect to measure a real installation and challenge the model as a few information are available about the clouds effect on solar panel power production. At the same time, the installation will supply my everyday energy needs and amateur radio contest activities during whole month of July 2012.


SOLAR REGULATOR EFFICIENCY :85 % (Solar regulators have 15% losses)
WIND PERFORMANCE TABLE (Table with Ah versus wind speed, this is depending on the wind generator)
SOLAR RADIATION TABLE (Table with solar radiation variation due to the season and earth position)
HOURLY CONSUMPTION (Table with Ah usage, I calculated 14 Ah to supply SO2R contest operation)
BATTERY CAPACITY :475 Ah (2 batteries 200 Ah + 1*75 Ah)
BATTERY EMPTY CYCLE :60 % (batteries can never produce their full capacity, only 60%)
BATTERY MAX RESERVE :285 Ah (real battery capacity)
CONTEST ACTIVITY DAILY LOAD : 336 Ah, installation must be able to supply 336-285 = 51 Ah per day minimum.
Solar panel current starts 1H30 AFTER sunrise and stops 1H30 BEFORE sunset.
Solar panel current is MAX for clear sky and 10% for 100% clouds covered.
REFERENCES: (Wind generator/benchmark information):
I decide to use the SPRECO 580W Wind?Solar?Hybrid?Set 12V system composed with a Silentwind wind generator, two times 90W solar panels and two times 200Ah batteries plus one 75Ah.
According to my stats, it can power SO2R operation during 24 hours, this installation will be experimented in July during the IARU HF contest and during the IOTA contest.
My final objective is to be able to run 48 hours contest by adding 2 other 200Ah batteries, this will be experimented in a second phase in October 2012 during the DX SSB contest.
EXAMPLE RESULTS: week - Monday 9th April to Sunday 15th April.

The daily forecast allow me to better dimension my power supply needs for contest activities. In the report above, the daily green energy production (Dark Green) is well above my daily needs.
In the graph below we see that Wednesday and Friday, low wind and covered sky do not allow me to support my 14Ah needs during 24 hours with a negative result. I will be obliged those two days to reduce my power needs (from 100W to 80w) for example. On Friday, due to clear sky, the sun production allow to supply my needs, this is the advantage of the sun/wind hybrid solution.
Click on the link to see the modelwww.vandenbalck.eu/webdata/0904_SUNNYWIND-1h-WRF9Km-model.xls 

Day 1_07/07/2012 Well arrived in Ireland, I am lucky as it is the first day without rain since almost 3 to 4 weeks, but the ground is saturated by water, when I walked in the fields it is like walking on the beach, splash! splash!, therefore impossible today to bring the caravan up in the field, I have to wait tomorrow morning. I expect to benefit from the water saturated ground for the antennas ground. Second problem the caravan battery is dead and empty, I am using the car engine to get light in the caravan and hope that the battery will refill and relive. It is a bad start for green energy, but I do not expect to run 100% green before 17 July. Solar and wind generators are still in the box, just delivered, and I am discovering my new second hand caravan, there will be a lot of work on the following days.

Day 2_08/07/2012 Early wake up after a first night in the caravan. I charged the caravan battery with the car engine and added 12V-220V inverter, I can now recharge the PC. This morning , there is a small rain and I cross fingers, hoping that the owner of the fields will be able to move the caravan today. Nevertheless I will start the antenna installation this morning as we already placed all the antenna equipment in the field. I could be on air on 40m band this evening with the vertical antenna. Yes ! the caravan has been installed in the fields and after 12 hours of heavy outdoor work, the vertical and the 3 elements wirebeam are now erected and operational. The weather was rainy in the early morning and then dry all the day. I have made 50 QSO this evening in an hour time with strong signals, the 3 elements is a very nice antenna. I used only 80w to save the battery. Tomorrow, I will make some shopping (10mm? section cables for connecting the wind generator and some food) and build the first Spiderbeam as well as the beverage. See below the first installation I used this evening.

Day 3_09/07/2012 Welcome to the Club Mud, !! it rained almost all the day, the entrance of the caravan is only mud... and I spend my day to hear splash splash in the fields, it is unbelievable how the ground is saturated by water. The beverage and the Spiderbeam raised at 15m are now operational after another heavy outdoor work day. I am tired and will sleep early. I will be very active tomorrow (Tuesday).

Day 4_10/07/2102 I have been active on 40M and 20M with very good signals to North America, I also built additional shelves in the caravan, and still try to make the fridge and heater working on gas. I got a confirmation from IRTS that I can operate the HQ station (EI80IRTS) during the IARU HF contest on 40 m SSB, Bernard will operate the 20M CW band. And it is still raining...

Day 5_11/07/2012 Today was a family day, I collected my wife and my twin daughters at Cork airport from Brussels, so only a few radio activity today, I will also operate during the night on 40m to check the propagation.

Day 6_12/07/2012 Another rainy day and I took the opportunity to build a universal switch control box for the antennas, see the picture, I was active mainly on 40m during the evening with booming signals to Europe with the 3 elements. I also fine tuned the beverage, now with 2 directions. The system needs a -12V to switch direction, not easy to create when you use only 12V batteries. I found an interesting module that converts 12V to -12V , it is called Negatron and is mainly used in the robotic domain.

Day 9_15/07/2012 EI80IRTS activity during the IARU HF World championship, Bernard operating 20m CW and myself on 40M SSB. You can see on the picture, the presence of a P3 Spectrum, it gives a new and additional sense in contesting as you can see the activity of the band, additionally with the waterfall view, it is really easy to find a free frequency or a less interfered one during heavy contest traffic. I also used a new software for the K3 that allows to manage the transceiver from the PC keyboard, it is called K-KEYSand is very usefully. Regarding the results of the contest, I contacted 847 stations, 19 ITU Zones and 34 countries with 100 Watts in single band only. Next week I will concentrate all my effort on my family first and secondly on the installation of the wind generator. I dare to show you a picture of my twins daughters Clara and Lily in the caravan, listening to the world (they will spend 1 or 2 days with me in the caravan) and a video of the wind generator erected and working. Now, I go to sleep after 24 hours of radio activity.

Day 10_16/07/2012 The wind generator has been raised this afternoon, it is the achievement of 4 months of preparation work and I am very happy. It is still under test with one 110 Ah battery supplying all my needs, caravan and radio. It is amazing to see the battery's voltage raising while I am listening and recharging PC and mobile phone. Stay tuned for more pictures and details.


Day 12_18/07/2012 I have been very active with my family the last two days, visiting old Irish castles and will be more radio active from now. The weather is more and more sunny and I expect to install my 2*90 Watts solar panels in the following days, I got peak up to 15 amps with the nice wind I got since 2 days. (Nice wind means not enough to concern antenna but strong enough to get a good energy production to refill the battery),

Day 13_19/07/2012 I started wind Current/Voltage data collection measurement with PWRcheck system. I will measure the energy produced in order to fine tune my production forecast model. Since noon, no more wind at all...it was not forecast at that time... , it is frustrating as here the wind is always blowing I am very well exposed and I never experienced that since 2 years.... I will unfortunately have to rent a power generator to recharge the battery for the weekend in order to activate EI80IRTS.

Day 14_20/07/2012 Early morning in order to check 40 m propagation to US. I replaced the 110Ah dead battery (< 10.3V) with a 75Ah backup one. Still no wind... Clara and Lily, my 5 years old twin daughters will sleep in the caravan, I may be a little bit active in the evening to show them radio operation but before, I plan cleaning operation and maintenance (refill water, empty toilets, vacuum ...).My local battery dealer informed me that he will not be able to receive the 2 gel batteries 220 Ah before the end of the month !! He is looking for another provider, but the order will not be sent before Monday, hoping I will be able to receive the batteries in due time for the contest, otherwise my green energy IOTA operation may be compromised and I will have to use the power generator. Anyway I will part to the contest with EI1A.


Day 15_21/07/2012 Visit of my 5 years old twin daughters Clara and Lily in the caravan. In order to activate their dreams we travelled around the world by radio waves before going to sleep, a nice sharing experience... I will spend the morning with her and start the EI80IRTS activation from Saturday noon. see you on the band. Unfortunately for my green energy experience, no wind and no sun since 2 days, I must use a power generator. First important learning, full green energy cannot be done unless you invest in a huge battery bank system and backup power generator is mandatory to supply service continuity with less investment. The positive point regarding this experience, I lived one week in green energy without using any backup and wind comes back next week...

Day 16_22/07/2012 I activated EI80RTS this week end and realized 750 QSO with a lot of fun to manage the pileups. I got very good moment during Saturday night with a nice opening to the American continent. I will remind me this opening for the IOTA contest as I achieved more than 2 QSO minutes during 2 hours.. =240 QSO... My daughters enjoyed the stay in the caravan and will be back Sunday night. The wind is also back and I do not need power generator any more, I am measuring the energy production on long term with one sample per minute and will process the data when I will come back to Belgium begriming August. It is very important for me to be able to predict correctly the energy produced based on forecast, mainly for the 2 big 48 hours contest in March and October where wind is blowing all the time, sometime too much and broke my antennas... I will be close to the family begriming next week. I plan to raise the second Spiderbeam on Wednesday and prepare the contest station with the TS2000 on Thursday including setting the N1MM log for SO2R and check that everything is working well. I also plan to make a video of the complete installation.

Day 18_24/07/2012 I was busy with my family during the last 2 days but also very radio active during the evenings and nights, mainly on 40m to EU and 20m to NA with very nice pileups rating 2-3 QSO /minutes. It is now Thursday evening (20:00 UTC) and I am listening to some traffic on 10m with a nice sporadic E opening to Europe, this is the cherry on the cake for the IOTA contest to gather new additional multipliers. I am checking this band everyday but the sun is very lazy for the moment. I also added two 90W solar panels and with a covered sky, I was able to get more than 2-3Ah during almost 10 hours, enough to refill the battery for listening, recharging the computer and the caravan business. But no wind for the moment, I can therefore measure the solar panel production alone... I will need the power generator to transmit... Tomorrow I will raise the second Spiderbeam and start to install the second transmitter. Second important learning, do not under estimate the potential of solar panels in a non sunny country like Ireland, you can get up to 20-30% of the full panel capacity under full cloudy sky.

Day 19_25/07/2012 The second Spiderbeam is now raised, the antenna park is fully ready for the contest. I got a visit of 11 calves trying to join their milk cow mothers who are now in the field nearby my location. The cows are very interested with my antennas... I also measured the current provided by the 2 solar panels, unbelievable the amount produced under covered sky, measurement data will follow later.

Day 20_26/07/2012 Today it was sunny and windy at the end of the day and I was able to charge with peak up to 10 Amps constant. I made the final panorama picture of the complete installations. The shack with the second TX TS2000 is now ready for the contest and I hope to receive my 2 *220Ah batteries tomorrow (I cross the fingers). I also calculated the amount of energy produced by the solar panels under covered sky, it represented 22Ah on 25/07, see the graph below :

Day 21_27/07/2012 The weather was fine today and I took the opportunity to update my usual panorama view as well as a New Video on YouTube. I received the 2*210AH gel batteries at 17h00 and worked on the installation wiring up to 23h00 PM. It is now 2:00 AM and I am finishing the preparation of the contest. I will wake up very late tomorrow in order to gain sleep hours as I expect to operate 24 hours non stop during the contest.

Day 23_29/07/2012 End of the IOTA contest 2012 with EI1A. I am claiming a 2 millions score result (1247 QSO/201 Islands) in SOABLP unassisted island category, this is a new world record, last one was 1.6 millions see IOTA Hall of fame. I operated 22 hours non stop, without moving from my seat and slept 2 hours only. This edition was mainly focussed on green energy and another confirmation of the efficiency of the 3 elements inverted V 40m wirebeam antenna. The wind and solar panels supplied more than 6 KW/h energy during my stay (500 Ah), I also took a lot of measurement to better understand and forecast the production for my next challenge, run the 48 hours CQ WW DX SSB contest in October 2012 only with green energy. Last but not least thanks to all of you who followed me via the blog and via the radio. A special thank to my in law family, to Gabriel, the owner of the field and to Peter, my local support friend. Without their helps this activity would not be possible.

March 2012 EI8GQB    CQ WW WPX SSB contest activity FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE: 2,400 millions POINTS/ 1664 QSO/ 788 PREFIXES. Result: 13th European score.

BEFORE THE SHOW  One week left and the Spiderbeam spare parts to replace broken fibber glass tubes from last October contest have been delivered in Ireland.

I am starting the preparation of the WPX 2012 expedition. During winter, I made another design of 40M 3 elements wirebeam direction switching system.I also analysed the logs of the Top 10 European stations (WPX 2011), my objective is to understand when and on which band they operates and when they sleep. Optimizing my sleeping period during low traffic period is one of my objectives as single operator are only allowed to operate 36 hours on 48 hours. See below the details of those two new improvements.

New mechanical design 40m 3 elements wirebeam 180 degrees remote direction switching

The switching system allows instant 180? direction change between 100? East (Europe-Asia) and 280? West (North-Central America). I used in the first design (see blog October 2011 CQ WW DX) a box with an inductor placed at the top of the 12m fibber glass masts, but it is too heavy regarding the diameter dimension of the last section mast. In case of wind there is a risk to break it. I decided to use, in this new version, a loop of wire 2 times 1.1 m long and spaced by 10cm. A small relay switches between a short cut (act as director) and the wire loop (act as reflector).It is a chance to operate from Ireland as I can cover the major contests areas with only 2 directions. If the signals come from North and South, I will use my 5/8 lambda vertical on 40m as usual.

I compared the patterns of the different antennas used during contests, the 3 elements wirebeam is performing better on all the interesting takeoff angles, additionally the noise is much lower due to the directional pattern. Experienced during the CQ DX SSB 2011 contest, to F/B allowed to shut down Europe signals and work north Amercian station with signal up to S9+20dB. Beaming Europe, some signals went up to S9+40dB !

Antenna performance

Calculated with 4NEC2 antenna modelling software, the maximum forward gain reaches 9.75dBi @40? elevation and the front to back ratio varies from 12dB to higher than 30 dB on all the 40m SSB band part.

The 4NEC2 new "loop" design is available here : http://vandenbalck.eu/webdata/40MWB110LOOPVERSIONOPTIMSEGMENT.NECthe number of segment is high, as I optimized it, To compute quicker the frequency sweep, you must reduce the segment number of the main elements. This is the final design (I hope) after almost a year of optimizations.

I also calculated the length variation of the different elements to tune, this helps a lot during the tuning of the antenna.

WPX 2011 Results Analysis

Based on the WPX 2011 TOP10 European station results (SO AB LP Unassisted), I made some diagrams to better understand their contest strategies. Here are the results and my comments to build my contest plan.

Band distribution analysis and location of Top10 Europe stations

The map to the left show that the majority of TOP10 stations are located 1000 to 2000 Km far from the centre of Europe where the population density is the highest, this corresponds to the first area where signals goes down to the earth after a first reflection on the ionospheric layer. The signals are therefore very strong same with 100W output power


In the WPX contest, as multipliers are the callsign prefixes (ex: ON4, ON5, ON6 are 3 different prefixes for Belgium, or the same for Ireland EI4,EI5,EI6),every participant is almost a multiplier.

You can see in the results table, amongst 2 contacts (QSO), one is a multiplier(WPX). Targeting mass contact number which means using in priority the most used bands 15,20,40m,where Ham radio can easily deploy antennas is a very good choice.

You see that YO3CZW has the best QSO distribution between 40,20,15m bands. If you look at his antenna (this linkYO3CZW), you understand that he operates very well, with his combined antenna (2 element 40m/3 elements 20m and 3 elements 15m). But the most important antenna park amongst TOP10 Europe is own by S50A (this link S50A) and you will easily understand that my temporary portable antenna park is very humble.
Band diagram 10 minutes periods
To define my operation strategy, I have build a 10 minutes traffic band distribution based on the top 10 European station logs. We clearly see 2 low periods of traffic, the first from 21:30 to 06:30 and the second at the end of the contest starting at 21:00. As mono operator, we are allowed to operate maximum 36h on 48h, I decided to plan my sleeping period around the first period and stop early at 21:00. But I will continue the fun during the last 3 hours of the contest with EI/ON4EI as checklog. I will spend several days to set up the antenna park and I need a good return on this effort. Based on this graph, I have also defined my RUN band and my SEARCH band planning.
Day 1_18/03/2012 Well arrived in Ireland, I spent the first night in the campervan amongst boxes, antennas and masts. I will be checking the vertical antenna this evening around 19:00 PM on 40m.
Day 2_19/03/2012 Second day of antenna installation, today it was the hardest one, the erection of the 15m mast supporting the main Spiderbeam was physically very hard. At the end of the day, almost all antenna have been raised, in the following days I will rebuilt the last and second Spiderbeam broken during last contest. Bernard (EI4II) visited me today with his son Alex, they helped me to rebuilt a new 4 arms support for the second Spiderbeam, you can see on the epicures below, Alex holding the broken support. In the background the first Spiderbeam under construction, the vertical antenna raised and far, some white poles supporting the beverage antenna. I made a lot of QSO today, a nice pile-up from Europe with signals up to 35 dB over S9 and peaking up to 3-4 QSO per minutes. It is a real pleasure to operate the 3 elements 40m inverted V wirebeam.

Day 4_21/03/2012 Yesterday, I spent the day to rebuilt the second Spiderbeam, it was well broken. The antenna is now at 3m high and ready to be erected at 12m. I had also a problem with one of the 2 relays I expected to use for the bidirectional switching of the 40m 3 elements. As I am in the middle of the fields, I cannot place it. I give up, but the 3 elements will be directed to Europe during the contest (almost 20 dB stronger than the vertical 5/8 lambda). The difference with the vertical antenna in the North American direction is not so strong sometimes no difference sometimes just one S meter point 6dB (4 times the signal). This is due to the low height (11m) of the inverted V wirebeam that as less gain on low angle (longer distance than Europe).

Day 5_22/03/2012 I finalized today the antenna park, you can see on the new video below the complete installation ready for the contest.

Day 6 - 23/03/2012 Last hours before the begriming of the contest, adrenaline increases, a lot of traffic already on the bands and the 10 meters band is wide open, good sign for tomorrow. Today I made maintenance : refill the campervan water tank, empty toilets, prepare the petrol for the power generator and food for 2 days, I will go to sleep around 17:00 UTC and be ready for 00:00 UTC. See you during the contest.

Day 7_24/03/2012 PM 15:00; A status in the middle of the contest. I take the opportunity to update the blog, as when I wanted to refill the power generator (working), some petrol leaked on the generator. I decided immediately to stop it. I cleaned it and when I wanted to restart it, the rope used to launch the motor, stayed in my hand. I had to open the system and replace the broken rope. It took me 25 minutes and I decided to stop 1 hour to eat and update the blog. It is now 15:31 UTC and I already made 720 contacts (my best result ever). I am on the way to my objective if no more problems occur. The wind blew this morning up to 50 Kph gust and all the antenna resisted well.

Day 7_24/03/2012 PM 22:00; I stopped operation according to my planning at 21:30. 22:00 hours without sleeping, I am tired, I realized my best result ever made. I reached 1000 QSO and 1 millions points in 20:30 of activity, this represents in average, 1 contact every 1 minutes 13 seconds. A new interesting objective for the future would be above 1 QSO per minute. The bands are currently wide open from japan to north America, I cannot stay more awake, my eyes are closing.

Day 9_26/03/2012 See the results above, I should be in the top 10 Europe for sure, I got nice surprises during this contest, amongst the stations who answered to my calls, there was T6MO on 10m (Afghanistan), and the second was XU7BAN (Kampuchea) on 20m but he was lost in the contest jungle... and never gave me a report/serial number, therefore not in my log. Was he a pirate or not use to contest ???. 2.4 millions points realized this year and 0.17 millions points improvement from last year. Regarding contacts and multipliers : from 1324 to 1664 QSO and from 674 to 788. I expected to obtain a better points score, the reason comes from the difficulty to find a free calling frequency on 20m and 15m in order to work enough North American stations with 3 points instead of one for Europe and very often a new prefix multiplier. It was really hard to race against kilowatts/big gun antenna stations to run a frequency. I therefore decided to search on 10m bands for south American stations, I succeed to contact more than 100 of them but not enough in comparison with north American potential.

I want to thank all of you who followed me on this blog and subscribed or sent comments on ON4EI's You Tube channel. Many thanks also to YO3CZW,S50A,RW1CW, RL6M and RM5D operators who creates the challenge and motivates me to do better each time in order to reach their results and experience. I will come back next year with new learning as I still did not reach my maximum of competence. See you this summer in July 2012 for the IARU World Championship as HQ (Headquarter) station for Ireland, I hope, and during IOTA (Island On The Air) contest where I will try to beat the world record in single operator fixed island low power all band unassisted category .

October 2011 EI8GQB    CQ WW DX SSB contest activity FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND

BEFORE THE SHOW: Since 1 year I am trying to improve my 40 m antenna system that consists of a 5/8 lambda vertical 18m high with top loading.

In October 2010, I tried the spitfire concept ( see link here) . I never reached the expected front to back result, additionally, I also broken the fibber glass mast due to heavy wind gusts up to 80 km/h. This for the second time after October 2009.

In July 2011, I tried a 3 elements vertical array with the same frustrating results. I am looking for some more forward gain (I am only using 100W) but certainly a better front to back ratio to shut down Europe signals when I am working North America during the contest.

This time, after 2 unsuccessful results, I will put all my energy to fine tune the 3 elements 40 m inverted V beam.
The 2 switching boxes with the 2.3 ?H inductors including relays have been built (see picture and design below) and are ready for testing.
Regarding the weather for the week, it is not the best, very windy and rainy and I am already psychologically prepared to break antennas as weather forecast during the week plans gusts up to 90 km/h.
The campervan is now booked and for my stay in Ireland, I am travelling now with :http://www.donegalmotorhomes.com/
Every day I check the 2 following websites :


I have also listed the major tasks for the week:
-Install the 18m vertical antenna with new top loading for 80-160m
-Install old Spiderbeam 20-15-10m (SEARCH antenna) on a new 15m high aluminium mast with rotator at the base.
-Install the 200m beverage antenna.
-Build the second Spiderbeam 20-15-10m (RUN antenna) and instal it on the old 12,5m high aluminium mast (no rotator/manually turned)
-Build the 3 elements inverted V 40m with relays boxes for bi-directionality.
-Install the inverted V 80m dipole (if I still have coax cable left HI). This will be antenna number 6.
Antenna switching design to allow east -west bi-directionality with 2 relays to add or bypass 2.3?H inductor (director or reflector)
4NEC2 antenna design file is available here : http://vandenbalck.eu/webdata/3Elements40mWirebeamHairpinAndInductor.nec:

Day 1_22/10/2011 I arrived on Bennesthill at 11:00 AM and started to build the vertical, at 15:40 PM just after I raised it and installed the 32 radials, I had to lie it on the ground, the wind was so strong that I decided not to be QRV this evening. I will make some preparation and soldering inside the campervan. It is moving now like a boat.

Day 2_23/10/2011 I am well arrived in Ireland, the campervan is loaded with my 350 kg of equipment, the second Spiderbeam has been delivered and is ready to be built. But there is a bad news and a good news. The bad one is the heavy rain and gust up to 90 km/h today for starting the antenna setup, the good one is the weather improvement for the following days as you can see on the picture below.

Day 3_24/10/2011 See my video blog on YouTube and select ON4EI's channel.

Day 4_25/10/2011 The antenna park is built at 80%, I still need to build the second Spiderbeam antenna. Since Sunday I have worked 26 hours outside in the fields, eating only in the morning and in the evening without any pause and walking all the time in the cow dung and mud.The 3 elements wirebeam 40m has been erected and tuned perfectly. It gives outstanding signals, 10 to 20dB over the vertical 5/8 lambda 18m high with toploading. I also added a video of the inside of the campervan. See on YouTube ON4EI's channel

Day 6_27/10/2011 After almost 40 hours of hard work in the fields, I am almost ready for the contest, the antenna farm is now ready, as expected according to my design. I worked during 5 days very hard to setup all the 5 antennas with help of my local friends Peter, I thank him very much as without him this would never be possible. I would like also to thank Gabriel, the owner of the field. A phone call and the fields are mine, with a lot of cattle dung, I think this give chance when you walk on it, therefore I should play lotto when I come back to the Civilisation . Anyway, if I do not win I hope to score in the top 15 Europe for the cq WW DX SSB contest with a minimum of 1500 contacts during the 48 hours. I also added a new video of the antenna farm and you can see that I am very close to the 3D animation. See on the blog or on YouTube ON4EI's channel. The 3 elements wirebeam is working as expected giving more than 3 S meter points regarding the 5/8 lambda vertical, I had some nice pile up with Europe and nice chat with north American stations. The remote system at the top of the mast to reverse the direction of the antenna cannot be used as the fibber glass poles cannot support correctly the weight of the boxes in case of wind, I decided to change the mechanical design by adding a piece of wire to each parasitic elements tuned for director. With this, I add wire to make a reflector.

Antenna farm setup after 5 days of work.

Day 10_31/10/2011 It is now 1.30 AM, 1h30 after the end of the 48 hours contest, I cannot sleep and I take the opportunity to update the blog. I drink too much orange juice, coffee and red bull, I haven't sleep since 20 hours... I am very satisfied about the result despite the weather conditions I have experienced this year. 4 hours before the begriming of the contest, a big big storm happened, like the one experienced on the Sunday (gust up to 100 kph), but the weather forecast under estimated the wind, they said said only 60 kph but it was above the forecast value and to my opinion nearby 100 kph. Conclusion, what I expected happened. If you want to see how broken Spiderbeam antennas look, I give you 2 for the price of 1.See below ...

On the Saturday morning and thanks to my friend Peter, I rebuilt one antenna with spare parts in order to be able to operate on the higher bands. I lost almost 4 hours of operation ( minimum 120 contacts), the wind and the rain were heavy and we erected again the mast with success but at 10m instead of 15m high. Despite this major problem, I have increased my results by 20% according to last year, I reached 1.2 millions points and 1500 contacts. The propagation was the best since 10 years with nice contacts with Hawai, New Zealand, and more than 800 contacts with the American continent.

Spiderbeam antennas broken 4 hours before the contest

July 2011 EI8GQB    Island On The Air (IOTA) contest activity FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE: 1.125.168 POINTS/ 903 QSO/ 176 MULT. Result: (1st WORLD !)
10 elements 20m inverted V antenna
14.4 dBi gain with 40? 3dB beamwidth,manually bi-directional East 100?-West 280?.
I have already built such kind of antenna but with no mechanical optimization, see ON4EI WireBeam

http://www.uba.be/sites/default/files/uploads/tech/cqqso0907_on4ei_draadbeam.pdf(French and Dutch black & white version).

http://vandenbalck.eu/webdata/ON4EI_Wirebeam.pdf (French only color version).

This year, I made a new optimized design with lighter components (Wires and support rope). (max 1Kg !!)

Blue pattern : 10 elements inverted V (20m band).

Red pattern : 3 elements Spiderbeam (20m band).

I plan to operate 24h non stop and beat my 2009 record with EI/ON4EI 1st world in Island fixed SOABLP non assisted with 1020 QSO/118 multi and 661272 points (operating time 21 hours).My 2011 target with SO2R operation is 1 contact per minutes during 24 hours non stop which means 1440 QSO in order to beat the IOTA hall of fame in SOABLP non assisted (Very hard objective, I agree, but possible with SO2R and 3 more operating hours).
Day 1_22/07/2011 Well arrived in Ireland, I am spending the evening with the in laws in Fethard/Clonmel/Tipperary county. The weather forecast are wonderful, very low rain and ideally, no wind for the week, perfect conditions for HAM radio activities and experimentation in the fields. My new equipment has been delivered from Spiderbeam and Wimo, mainly 2 * 12m fibber glass masts for the vertical array and 2 aluminium masts 12 and 15m high for the 10 elements wirebeam. Tomorrow morning, I will start the station installation around 10:30 on Benneshill/Fethard area.
Day 3_24/07/2011 After two full days of work the antenna park is installed. The Spiderbeam (1) for 10-15-20m bands and the 18M top loaded vertical (2)for 160-80-40m bands with 32 radials, 20m long, are operational. The two aluminium support poles (3) for the inverted V Wirebeam 20m band have been raised as well as the two fibber glass masts (4) for the 3 elements 40m array.Tomorrow, I plan to build the 20m wirebeam elements and start antenna tuning. Stay tuned for the antenna results and measurement. Regarding the weather yesterday, I had a lovely sun shinning all the day and a lot of sun burn. Today, after a wet morning, the sun was back during all the afternoon with temperature reaching 23 degrees.I will prepare a nice meal and open a good bottle of wine to celebrate the achievement of the first objective.
Day 5_26/07/2011 Yesterday was another great day, not regarding the weather but regarding the hard work done.Raining mainly half a day, so small rain that weather forecast haven't seen it, but my body well... I succeed to build the 10 elements wirebeam, working in the field from 10:00 to 21:00 non stop, see the result below, I had to highlight the wire on the picture, they are so small and some of them are invisible on the original photo. I made some tests in the late evening and I am a little bit frustrated as there is no big difference with the Spiderbeam. (not a S meter point), but the main objective is to have for SO2R operation a running antenna. I voluntary designed a bad front to back ratio in order to be able to work Europe with the back side of the antenna. I waked up this morning at 10:30 AM, so tired by the work and I spent the morning to update the blog. After this writing, I will start the building of vertical array on 40M, I hope to finalize it today with only 1 direction to EU.The bidirectional system will be done tomorrow.
Day 6_27/07/2011 AM Today, wake up late again, not only because of the work, but mainly because I spent a part of the night on the air. I went sleeping at 03:30 UTC after 170 North American stations contacted in 3 hours, I almost near my objective of 1 QSO / minutes but with a lot of time spent to communication about the 10 elements wirebeam. And yesterday, the blog had more than 500 visits !!!! Thanks to all the NA stations I worked yesterday, I really enjoyed the pile-up. Regarding antenna work, I made the tuning of the 2 vertical parasitic elements with a switching box at the base in order to modify the electrical length of the elements from reflector to director. The parasitic elements are wires scotched to the 2 fibber glass support poles and the central driven element is connected to a nylon wire between the 2 support poles. Today I will tune the driven element and make the adaptation box. I expect to run on air test for the end of the afternoon. See you maybe on 40m.
It started to rain at 14:00 UTC when I was just tuning the vertical driven element of the vertical array. The height was not enough to reach resonance due to bend of the support rope, I had to add T shape top loading suspended in the middle of the 2 poles supporting the 2 parasitic elements. What I underestimate is the wind, it created an offset of driven element regarding the parasitic elements alignment.I took a picture of the "shack", see below. It looks like my desk at home (private joke for my wife Virginia ;-). According to rain radar www.meteox.com, it will rain during an hour or so. While I am updating the blog I am listening to 28MHz band with S9 signals from Norway, Germany and Italy, good sign for the contest propagation conditions. For me the IOTA's cherry on the cake is the 10 m opening happening on the Sunday morning
Day 7_28/07/2011 First, let me express my surprise and contentment to all of you who are following my expedition via this blog, since the begriming more than 1500 visits !!!!. I will continue to update it regularly but with less energy during the contest. Today I tried to finalise the vertical array and to optimize the front to back, but unfortunately I never succeeded to get more than 2 S point difference (12dB), I decided to remove the array and reuse one pole to install an inverted V cross dipole for 40 and 80m, ideal for short distance propagation. I am so close to UK and during the IOTA contest each contact with an island is 15 points, the rest of the world is 3 points, 1 QSO Island equal 5 QSO World. Why not a 40m inverted V wirebeam with 3 elements in the Europe direction, I will certainly make some simulation in the future to weight the effort to build this regarding the gain and directivity improvement achieved. In an other field, I also installed a beverage antenna for reception and both antennas work fine. I can now easily receive the news from Belgium on AM 621 KHz RTBF. I also receive the Belgium news via internet but with less charm.I am now ready for the contest and tomorrow will be a maintenance day and propagation check. I will have this evening my first shower since last Saturday as I only have a few water left. Fortunately, not far from my place the owner of the field showed me today a drink water pipe that he uses for his cows. I also added a picture of my "garage" where all equipment is stored and save from rain. In the background the inverted V cross dipole for 40m and 80m band.

Day 8_29/07/2011 This morning between 01:00 and 03:00 UTC, I again experienced a nice pile up from North America with the 10 elements wirebeam reaching easily the 1 QSO per minutes for more than 100 contacts.I waked up late 11:00 AM, I try to move my cycle for the contest (it start at 1:00 PM). I have also coffee , energy drinks, C vitamin and orange juice and it is clear, I will not sleep at all and operate 24 hours non stop.I made today a lot of maintenance work, emptying the toilet was my favorite task ;-( .I also filled the water tank with 40 liters with a 5 liters bottle. The water pipe was 200m far from my location. Question how many meters I had to walk to fill the tank ?.I also connected a wire on the campervan battery in case of my power generator fails during the contest.The schak is now ready (see the picture below) with the 2 transceivers K3 Elecraft and TS2000 Kenwood. I made some tests with SO2R and it works well. But 2 headphones on the hear and 2 different sounds may render me crazy at the end of the competition.I expect to learn a lot about SO2R with this contest thinking already about the CQ WW SSB in October.Just before writing this update, I made some test on 40m with 59+20dB signals from UK, I really count on their proximity to make an outstanding result.

Day 9_30/07/2011 Just a few word this morning as the contest start in 90 minutes, I have to make a last check of the antenna park, tighten ropes mainly as the weather forecast plan more wind and rain. I wear my favorite contest T-shirt, it is the T-shirt of the Brussels fire brigade. I am not fireman but I am gonna put fire in this contest !!! And a strong M9.3 solar flare took place this morning at 02:09 UTC, see www.solarham.comand see you on the band.!!!

Day 10_31/07/2011 The contest just finished 5 minutes ago and I am very tired as I did not sleep at all. The begriming was hard to manage SO2R and fortunately good moment in the early evening on 40m to UK, but the propagation I experienced during the week before to North America on 20m never happened and instead central America/Caribbean was open almost all the night but with poor activity from this area. During the night, I really struggle against the sleep and on the Sunday morning, after a lot of UK stations worked, again on 40m and 2 hours before the end of the contest, a nice 10m opening happened.This helped me to stay awake and add a lot of new island multipliers as well as 15 points.The opening started from Scandinavia and then moved to DL,SP,OK and finished in the center of Europe, this happened also in 2009, where I made my highest number of contact ever made with EI/ON4EI and won the contest in my category with 1020 QSO/118 MULT/ 661.272 POINTS.
This year I did not reach the 1000 QSO as well as my first objective of 1 QSO minute during 24h, but I almost double my points result with a claimed score of 1.125.168 POINTS with 176 MULTI and 903 QSO.
My strategy to stay mainly on 40m with the inverted V as RUN station in order to work UK and get 15 points per contact was the good one. They were attracted by my calls like bees on honey. I am sure I will be placed in the TOP 3 world in my category.
By the way if you want to see how we look after one week of no shave, I got only the razor blades and 24 hours without sleeping. See the picture below.
I also added another picture of the 10 element inverted V antenna, around 1 Kg weight and a size smaller than a lady bag. After 15 hours of non stop work to remove the antenna park. I took the energy to take a picture and make a comparison with a camping chair. Raised, the antenna is horizontally 34 meters long....
Thank you to all of you who followed my expedition, this blog had more than 2800 visits in 1 week, see you in October 2011 for the CQ WW DX SSB contest.

March 2011 EI8GQB    CQ WW WPX SSB contest activity FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE: 2.230.940 POINTS/ 1324 QSO/ 674 PREFIXES. Result: 28th World, 12th Europe.

Day 1_19/03/2011 Well arrived in Ireland.

Day 2_20/03/2011 Arrival near Fethard with the campervan. I should be around 1 PM on the hill and start the low band antenna installation. I expect to start operation this evening on 40m. The weather will be the best as I can expect, no rain an no wind for the week. A change in the planning, the field where I am regularly operating EI8GQB is full of cattles and I had to move to the side of the hill, south is blocked by the hill but I still have very good view 330? instead of 360?. I have installed the power generator and a cross dipole for 40m and 80m. I made 10 QSO today to check the installation with good report,I also broken the NP4A pile up at the second call on 80m. I am very tired, I will go early to sleep as I start tomorrow with the first sun light to raise the vertical and the Spiderbeam. Weather was above expectations and I am suffering from sun burn. I forgot my sunglasses (am I in Ireland ??).



Day 3_21/03/2011 Evening. Today, Peter my local friend came to help me to raise the vertical and the Spiderbeam beam, both are now operational. I checked this evening the vertical antenna and got a small pile-up with one QSO per minute, not so bad with 100W, the vertical gave booming signals. After this full hard work day, I prepared a kind of Belgian national meal: salad, steak and french (I mean Belgian) chips and french red wine (nothing to say). At the time I am writing this report, I am listening to the 40m band, Brazilian as well as north American stations are well over S9, like local stations. Tomorrow, I will install the beverage antenna and start my planned experimentation.

Day 4_22/03/2011 Evening. I spend the all day in tee-shirt. Today I had a dream, I was in EA8 not EI8, around 17?c today and it was a real pleasure to build the beverage. I also took a shower (the first since Sunday...). I made a few contacts but not so radio active. Very tired I will sleep early and weak up during the night to check the low band propagation.

Day 5_23/03/2011 Evening. Again another great sunny day, I worked on the beverage antenna. The system is now working well with a front to back ratio of 3S points (around 18dB). The station is now fully ready. I made this morning nice QSO's with Japan and Australia, the best one with John G8SEQ/VK2 with only 5W !!! It is clear the sun is waking up. See below his comments I received via mail.

"Hi Olivier, Just got your details from qrz.com. I can confirm our qsl of today at about 09:10 to 09:20 Z and will send you a special qsl card to your Irish address when I get back to England in two weeks time, after I have designed and printed some! This is my best Dx EVER using QRP 5 watts. Distance 10759 miles or 17314 km Antenna at my end is an ESSEQUE colinear fed dipole, cut for 20m band ( seewww.g8seq.com for details ), strung between a gum tree and a gazebo. It is stretched over a swimming pool which contains salt water which just happens to be about half wave long at 20m, so giving me some ground gain. I deliberately changed its orientation to put a better signal into Europe having achieved good success working Japan yesterday ( 5000 miles). In contrast to you, it took me all of 10 mins to erect my antenna and get on the air. Rig is FT-817 barefoot operating from 12 v 10 AHr Lion battery. Antenna height about 10m sloping down to 2m at rig end. I'll send photos if you are interested.

BTW I'm drinking my favorite Whiskey - Jameson's Irish Whiskey to celebrate and have also had a Guinness brewed in Dublin ( The REAL stuff imported into Australia )

What antenna & what power were you using to work me? You were 58 all through the QSO with no fading at all.

I don't think I sent you my exact QTH via radio. It is Albury NSW Australia QF33lw.

de John G8SEQ/VK2, Albury."

Day 7_25/03/2011 Morning. 6th sunny day !! without rain and wind, yesterday evening I worked a lot of North Amercan stations on 20M and 40M with small pile-ups, the signal where well over S9. The active sunspots are coming back to visibility of the earth and we should expect for the contest very propagation conditions that we never had since several years !!! Today, planned activities are rest, sleep and some maintenance, like empty the campervan toilets, refill water tank and petrol for the power generator... See you during the contest. I will update next week my contests results.

Day 10_28/03/2011End of my best radio experience ever made, the weather was outstanding with 6in a row sunny days with temperature reaching 17C and propagation conditions were the best since almost 4 years. I am claiming 2.230.940 points (1324 QSO/674 prefixes) in SSB SOALP ALL BAND TB-WIRES category.

October 2010 EI8GQB    CQ WW DX SSB contest activity FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
View to Europe on top of Benneshill

Day 1_24/10/2010 Well arrived in EI land. Campervan has been towed on top of the hill and the 5/8 40M vertical antenna is now raised. 5th contact these evening was VK3IO (TNX Ron from Melbourne), seems the antenna is working well.....but this new location on top of the hill makes also the difference. Tomorrow, I will build the Spiderbeam beam for the higher bands, and then start with 40m Spitfire reflector construction.


Day 2_25/10/2010 Lovely morning today,I will install today the generator and the Spiderbeam at 7m only, as the weather is windy for the week but forecast for the contest are perfect, no wind foreseen !! I will raise the Spiderbeam at 12m on Friday for security.

Here are one of the relay boxes including a 500pf capacitor to tune the reflector for resonance and the test transmitter (MINIVNA in generator mode to tune reflectors for best front to back ratio.)

Day 4_27/10/2010 I waked up today at 2:00 in the morning to build the relay boxes and will work until the reflectors are in place and test them at the end of the day. It is an half success, I found a resonance for one reflector, the antenna is directional in direction of EU but the one to US is not working, I never found the resonance, it may be the proximity of the Inverted V wire crossing perpendicularly the reflector at 1m. It became dark and I had to stop, I will put the 2 reflectors on the ground so I can still use the vertical in omnidirectional mode.


Day 3_26/10/2010 I haven't been very active, as a lot of work must be done to build the Spitfire reflectors, unfortunately my remote relay system is not working, an IC has been broken and I do not have spare parts, the 2 band will not be possible; I will only build 40m reflectors, I have enough wire to control the 2 relays from the campervan.

Day 5_28/10/2010 Today I solved the problem of the second reflector but with less front to back, E to W F/Back = 4 Smeter points and W to E = 2 Smeter points only, I do not know why the system is not symmetric in terms of result.But I will use this configuration, no more time for experimentation, the contest is coming. I also build a 200m long wire bidirectional beverage antenna.


Day 6_29/10/2010 Twenty four hours left before the contest, I wake up today and THE VERTICAL HAS BEEN BROKEN DURING THE NIGHT !!!!, I had indeed big big wind this night, and forecast are rain rain rain all the day,I will try to fix the problem today, but any way EI8GQB will be on air for the contest !!

The vertical is repaired and raised again. But without the Spitfire reflectors, I removed them due to poor result and due to the increase of complexity the reflector system adds to the antenna installation.

Day 7_30/10/2010 The contest has started and 800 QSO's already made the first day, good results, I mainly answered calls and spent maybe 1 h totally to call (while I am eating..). Good propagation on the bands behalve 10m band.

Day 8_31/10/2010 The contest is going on and I reached my best result ever made despite difficult weather conditions and portable conditions. 10 meters band was opened (heard a VK) and some African / south American stations, not so strong but workable with 100W. On the low bands, I have often used the beverage and worked stations that I never heard with the vertical TX antenna, I am sure this make a total difference according to my previous contests.I have understood that I must continue to improve my reception, I already have a 200m beverage and should evolve with a really simple directional W / bidirectional E-W beverage system.

July 2010 EJ4II / EJ8GQB    Expedition & Island On The Air Contest SALTEE ISLANDS EU 103 WEXFORD IRELAND
CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE : POINTS/ QSO/ COUNTRIES/ ZONES. (Category : Expedition Multi op Low power All band SSB/CW).
See the blog and information at : http://www.qrz.com/db/ej4ii

March 2010 EJ8GQB    Expedition & CQ WW WPX SSB contest activity BERE ISLAND EU 121 CORK IRELAND

CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE: 1.906.251 POINTS/ 1246 QSO/ 631 PREFIX.Result: 18th World, 6th Europe

Since 3 years now, I have been activate EI/ON4EI from mainland Ireland during the major HF SSB contests. As I am visiting my in-laws in the Clonmel area (Co Tipperary) very often, I have been able to receive an Irish call sign EI8GQB in the beginning of 2010.

During these past 3 years, I have built an antenna park,I have used an improved antenna system during each contest which means that I can now leave the Clonmel area and operate from hills and islands with my "portable" antenna park system. It takes me around one and half days of installation to be QRV from 160 to 10 m.Bear in mind that I am alone in building the antenna park except for raising the 2 masts, where for security reasons I require some extra help locally.

See the blog and information at : http://www.qrz.com/db/ej8gqb

October 2009 EI/ON4EI    CQ WW DX SSB contest activity FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
CONTEST CLAIMED SCORE: 624.536 POINTS/ 1106 QSO/ 73 ZONES / 303 COUNTRIES.For this contest, I spent one week alone in a campervan on the top of a hill in the Clonmel area(Bennes Hill), I activated EI/ON4EI callsign. During this week, I discovered the effort and resources needed (water, fuel, food..) for such an expedition. Fortunately, I was not too far from my in-laws and I could get some logistic help if necessary. With everything I have learned, I can leave the nest.

July 2009 EI/ON4EI    IARU World Championship & Island On The Air Contest FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
CONTEST SCORE: 661.272 POINTS/ 1020 QSO/ 118 ISLANDS. Result : 1st World

March 2009 EI/ON4EI    CQ WW WPX SSB contest activity FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND

CONTEST SCORE: 1.111.428 POINTS/ 1074 QSO/ 502 PREFIX. 22nd World - 5th Europe

See information at ; http://vandenbalck.eu/webdata/wpx_SSB_march_2009v1.pdf (4.13MB)

October 2008 EI/ON4EI    CQ WW DX SSB contest activity FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
This is my first participation to the CQ WW DX SSB contest with the following installation VE7CA design 2 elements 3 band wire beam + 10 elements wirebeam 20m band + ? wave 40m vertical + inverted V 80/160m bands.The VE7CA interesting antenna is a 3 band 2 elements (reflector + radiator) antenna with 3 dipoles, an adaptation hairpin and a small balun at the center of the antenna, if you pull the feeder cable down, the antenna turns on it self and the direction of radiation is inverted.For more details, see :http://www.ve7ca.net/ANT/INT/VE7CA_2-EleWireYagi.pdf

August 2008 EI/ON4EI    Russian District Award contest activity FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
VE7CA design wire beam 20/15/10m + 10 elem. wire beam 20m +inverted V 40m.
See the article describing the design of the 10 elements inverted V wire beam 20m band :http://www.on7wr.be/Gigazette/ON4EI/ON4EI_Wirebeam.pdf

July 2008 EI/ON4EI    HF IARU WorldChampionship contest activity FETHARD CLONMEL IRELAND
My first ever HF contest with home made antennas built the week before : VE7CA wirebeam and inverted V dipoles for the lower bands.
Supported by my wife Virginia and twins Lily and Clara.

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