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HK0NA Malpelo Island flag Malpelo Island

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Feb. 6, 2012
HKØNA OQRS has just been turned on.
Follow the link at www.hk0na.com
On behalf of the team, let me thank you all in advance for your support.
Be advised that the cards won't be ready for some months.
OQRS direct requests will be processed first.

The HKØNA DXpedition - QRTed at 1647z, Feb. 5th.
They were expected to dismantle the last four stations mid-day on Sunday and planned for a sunset departure on the boat back to Buenaventura. The DXpedition team expected to break the record set by VP6DX of 183,686 QSOs by a comfortable margin at the end of their operation. As of print time, the final comments by the HK0NA team state that they have worked over 190k QSO.
The HKØNA log shows (per ClubLOG dated Feb. 5th, at 1646z): 192089 Total QSOs and 43176 with Unique Calls.

Mode breakdown:

Continent breakdown: 1554/AF, 6/ANT, 14207/AS, 78909/EU, 89088/NA, 1480/OC and 6845/SA.

Remember, QSL cards will be available four ways:
Use only ONE of the above ways to save them a lot of extra work. Should you choose to QSL directly to N2OO via direct mail, send your QSO inform- ation and SASE/GS/IRC(s) to: Bob Schenck, N2OO, QSL Manager for HKØNA , PO Box 345, Tuckerton, NJ 08087-0345, USA. The DXpedition team intends to upload the HKØNA log to "Logbook of the World" (LoTW) about 6 months after the conclusion of the DXpedition.

Feb. 3, 2012Full operations will continue through tonight at both OP A and OP B....ie; nine stations QRV.

This will be the last night of 160m operations and the antenna will come down tomorrow. OP A will be dismantled and all equipment, antennas, infrastructure and operators will come down the mountain for the last time. I am calling those 5-6 regulars at the top, the "iron men".

On Saturday night we will have 5-6 stations QRV at OP B for our last night. At sunrise Sunday, the day of departure, four stations will remain QRV until mid day while the camp will be dismantled around them. We hope to have everything and everyone safely on the boat for a sunset departure back to Buenaventura for a hot shower, table service and a cerveza.

As a matter of interest, we will break the DXpedition record set by VP6DX of 183,686 QSOs. That is the record for DXpeditions that you cannot fly into and where the operation doesn't take place at a hotel with all the comforts of food, water, and power supplied. It is commonly called the "tent and generator" DXpedition record. We should break it by a confortable margin. Considering the rarity of Malpelo on the DXCC "most wanted" list at #12 and the extreme difficulties of the basically vertical terrain, we are most proud of our accomplishment. We give full credit to our Colombian marine friends and the crew of the Seawolf for doing most of the heavy lifting.

73, Bob-K4UEE

Feb. 1, 2012We are beginning to slowly begin the shut down process ...Our boat leaves here on the afternoon of the 5th but we plan to have a couple of stations QRV until the last few hours.

160m and 6m antennas at OP A are down now and will be back in OP B tomorrow. OP A will officially close down on the 3rd. We will scale off the air at OP B as mentioned. So, we have three or so more days of operation although with a reduced number of stations at OP B.

Conditions have taken their toll on our QSO rates, but the team members are staying on their shifts and calling CQ if need be. Both RX antennas on 160m failed to help, so we continue so slog away with the QRN here near the Equator. We do feel good about our results.

Morale is high and we are enthused about our QSO totals....now over 155,000. Quite a feat under very difficult conditions. Let's hope we get everything and everybody off this "rock" without injury or incident.

We will all be glad to get back to civilization, arriving in Bogota on the 7th. Most of the team leaves on the 10th, so there may be time for some well deserved R and R.

If you have any questions about earlier QSOs you are welcome to work us again before we leave.

73, Bob-K4UEE

Jan. 30, 2012The team has found many of the missing logs and we have uploaded new logs. Please review your QSO's in the online log.

Thanks for the info everyone. The CQWW 160 Contest logs have not been uploaded yet. The following timeframes are still missing. 1/24 17 SSB, 1/24 15 CW, 1/24 10 CW, 1/25 160 CW, 1/25 17 RTTY, 1/25 10 CW. Rework them if you can just to be safe. No need to email me!! I consider the logs complete now prior to 1/24 and after 1/25. No more emails please. Use the online log search.

Thanks de N2OO.

Jan. 24, 2012All of op site B (lower level of mountain) is fully functional. Op site A (on top) has three rigs going now and at night two operators will be operating on the low bands. Temperatures during the day inside the tents on top of mountain are approaching 115 degrees F. Despite this, at least two operators will be on top during the day. Heat is playing a big part of keeping the PCs and rigs very hot with some intermittent glitches.

Regarding 6 meters. If you will look at the photos posted recently you will see a 6m beam against the mountain along with a generator, both about to be slowly raised to the op site A. Op site B will have a beacon running later today or tomorrow. Usual scenario, break in on the beacon if heard OR work an HF station and have them relay that 6m is open and where to. So, the team fully expects to have both sites on 6m if at all possible, and news will be sent out when site A is functional on 6m. Until then, op site B is the only 6m station and is the beacon location.

The team is constantly aware of narrow propagation windows, as mentioned throughout our planning, but some updates have been given concerning eastern EU, western Asia and Pacific and Africa. Frequency windows for JA on 75/80 RTTY and SSB are noted as is VK SSB transmit window on 75m. Other concerns that affect overall team effectiveness are relayed each day.

The team is working under VERY DIFFICULT conditions, so hang in there and realize we have 13 more days to go. Thanks for understanding that unexpected things happen on a trip like this, like a 2-3 hour hike up the mountain with all your food and water for 48 hours along with trying to carry some equipment strapped to your body.

Jan. 15, 2012For the last couple of nights there have been many bogus HK0NA spots on the clusters.
While there is a limited operation by the advance crew, and thus some of thespots are valid, one or more ‘slims’ are apparently calling CQ using the HK0NA call. Because CW Skimmers pick these up and place them on clusters the ‘slims’ are apparently enjoying this new method of causing trouble. The offenders probably call CQ until they get spotted by a CW Skimmer, and then quit…perhaps to head to a different band to perform the same shenanigans. What can a user do to minimize this?
1) Turn off skimmer spots.
2) Block spots posted by W3LPL.
Using CC-User connected to a CC-Clusters, such as AE5E-1 DXSPOTS.COM you can elect to receive or decline CW Skimmer spots. While these can be useful in some circumstances, the CW Skimmer spots are a target for troublemakers as explained above. CC-User can also be used to block spots posted automatically from W3LPL. You can do this on CC-User at “Configuration>Reject Ann or Dx Spots”,entering W3LPL as the offending spotter. These are actually CW Skimmer spots which are processed for ‘accuracy’ by W3LPL automatically. ‘Accuracy’, I am told is measured by matching spots from multiple CW Skimmers…if a sufficient number match, then W3LPL’s system puts them out in a format which is identical to a normal spot. Under ordinary circumstances W3LPL’s spotting system is useful as it reduces the number of mangled calls. But it is still subject to the ‘slim’ problem outlined above.

Jan. 12, 2012

The "Fabulous Four" advance team continue their work of building the infrastructure for HK0NA with emphasis shifting now to OP. A (top of the mountain). And ..in their spare time making some QSOs with the deserving.

Of course, we are hearing from a small minority that they are doing everything wrong and not listening here or there or whatever. May we suggest you everyone be patient and remember that 16 more operators will be there the morning of the 21 st. for up to 17 days.

Yesterday the DXCC desk confirmed that QSOs made by the advance team , when they used their individual calls, will count for DXCC purposes. Those logs will not be available until after the DXpedition concludes. May we suggest that you work HKØNA also.

We intend to upload the HKØNA logs to ClubLog soon after the arrival of the main operating team. Don't bother checking the "Log Online" until then.

Lastly, our volunteer pilots kindly request that you not contact them until after the main operation begins!

Thanks to all !

Jan. 9, 2012

The advance team to Malpelo, commonly referred to as the "Fantastic Four", are working very hard and doing a great job on the Island, despite several days of heavy rain and wind. All of the camp infrastructure and antennas for OP.B (bajo) is now complete and the guys have tested all the antennas. They appear to be working as planned with good signal reports from around the world, including Asia long path.
The next step in the project is to make safe the climb to the top of the mountain where OP. A (alto) will be situated. Safety lines are being installed along the most treacherous sections of the trail.
Once in place, construction will begin. There will be an operating tent with four radios and 500 W amps and six antennas. There will also be a sleeping tent, as the decision has been made to send crews to the top for 48 hour shifts. This is to minimize the risks of transit up and down.
Under the current scheduling plan devised by WØGJ, each team member will serve on four 48 hour shifts during our stay on the island.
Beginning at 0001 Zulu, January 10, 2012 the advance team will begin using the HKØNA call sign.
Please understand that their primary purpose on the island is to prepare everything for the team arriving in about 10-12 days. In their off time, they may be QRV.
Any contacts made with the men using their home calls should count as valid contacts with Malpelo and will be confirmed through the team's QSL manager N2OO. Keep in mind their logs won't be sent to N2OO until after the DXpedition and those QSOs will NOT SHOW in the HKØNA "log lookup". The team has asked two experienced DXers to act as team "Pilots". San, K5YY is chief pilot and all communications to the team will go through him. Col, MMØNDX will act as the European Pilot. Please check the website for their "guidelines." And please, do not contact them prior to the beginning of the DXpedition which should be on the afternoon of January 21 st if all goes well.
We want to thank all of our sponsors for their generosity. This includes DX Foundations, DX Clubs and hundreds and hundreds of individual DXers who have contributed toward our expenses. Contributions can be made via our website at: www.hkØna.com/sponsors
We plan periodic uploads of pictures and updates from the island. Watch the website for ongoing news.

Jan. 6, 2012

The fantastic four" are working very hard and doing a great job on the Island!

We are in daily contact with them. They are tired but in high spirits.
Most of the camp infrastructure and antennas for Op.B (bajo) is now complete. Two antennas require further testing.
Today, they made the climb to the top of the mountain (300m), this will bethe location for Op. A (alto). The purpose was to survey the antenna and operating locations. It is a fairly strenuous climb, and it took about 40 minutes to get to the top. Afterward, a decision was made to place the operating position and sleep tent at the very top of the mountain and schedule operators for 2 day shifts to minimize transit risks. Set up of the camp infrastructure and antennas at OP A will begin in a couple of days.

We plan another press release prior to our departure to Bogota on Jan. 18th.

Dec. 26, 2011

Four members from the Team (HK1N,HK1T,HK6F and HK1MW) has departed from the Pier of the Navy Base BAHIA MALAGA aboard the Patrol Boat JOSE MARIA PALAS on 26-12 2011. The target of this advanced team called THE FANTASTIC FOUR is to set up all the 11 stations, the 2 camps and wireless network in order to have everything ready when the main group arrive on Jan 21, 2012. To this 4 Brave mans who are going to spend more than 40 days on the island and have sacrfice the Holidays away from this families, we want to express our admiration and gratitude.

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22 Jan 2012 05z 160m

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28 Jan 2012 09z 80m

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4 Feb 2012 11z 40m

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2 Feb 2012 04z 40m

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2 Feb 2012 23z 30m

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27 Jan 2012 01z 20m

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31 Jan 2012 10z 20m

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28 Jan 2012 02z 15m

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21 Jan 2012 17z 15m

recorded by W8IZC
2 Feb 2012 13z 15m

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1 Feb 2012 13z 12m

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16 Jan 2012 0z 6m

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