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IK3GER Italy flag Italy

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Ham Member Lookups: 29059


Since June 2014 I'm no longer QRV on HF

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1. WAIP (Worked All Italian Provinces) = Venezia ( rules )

2. WAIS (Worked All Italian Squares) = BK34( rules )

3. WAIR (Worked All Italian Regions) = Veneto

4. WAB Book Holder # 5071 ( rules )




Do you want more info on Italian awards ? Yes

I am also member of the Associazione Radioamatori Italiani, Croatian Telegraphy Club (CTC) # 615 ( rules ), Italian Telegraphy Club, A.R.M.I. # A/745 ( rules ) , Belgian Telegraphy Club (BTC) # 400, Bavarian Radio Friends # 48, EUCWA, Marconista # 746( rules ), Russian CW Club # 405, Dolphin Radio Club # 094.


I am the manager of "DIPLOMA DEI COMUNI DEL VENETO". For info please visit ARIMESTRE webpage.


Free Awards issued by IK3GER https://www.ik3ger.it/awards.php

Free Awards issued by IK3GER https://www.ik3ger.it/dxinfo/awards_page1.html

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Antarctica News & Activity https://www.ik3ger.it/dxinfo/antarctica.html

A selection of DX Activity https://www.ik3ger.it/dxinfo/dxcc/dxcc.html

WCA, WFF, IOTA, Contest News... https://www.ik3ger.it/dxinfo/dxcc/lookingaround.html

Visit my Managers List at https://www.ik3ger.it



DXCC, DXCC Golden Jubilee, DXCC Millennium, WAC (ARRL), WAC (Holland), WAZ, WAS, WPX ( 3145 pfx ), WPX Honor Roll ( 2948 pfx ), USA Counties Award, RAEM, W-100-U, P-100-O, P6K, RDA-500, DLD-100 ( 7 MHz ), DLD-500 ( 7 MHz ), DLD-600 ( 7 MHz ), DLD-700 ( 7 MHz ), DLD-800 ( 7 MHz ), WAE I, SOTA 100 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA 250 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA 500 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA 1000 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA 2500 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA 5000 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA 10000 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA 15000 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA 20000 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA 25000 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA Uniques 100 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA Uniques 250 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA Uniques 500 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA Uniques 1000 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA Uniques 2500 ( 7 MHz ), SOTA Shack Sloth Trophy ( 7 MHz ), SOTA Uniques Trophy ( 7 MHz ), SOTA Mountain Hunter ( 7 MHz award #1 bronze ), FCW-500, FCW-1000, WTW Europe, WXBR, WELC, WGLC, W.A.E.PX, W-DIG-M, WA-Y2, WIPA, WNC Worked Norwegian Cities, WFC 2006, S6S, W-SM3-A,SSA 2007, TD-EA-CW, EA6-CW, RNARS Mercury Award, ECDA, HAROAA DX, SLA Swedish Locators, SCA Swedish Communes, YPAJI, U-1000000-C, PX-9-A, AJD All Japan Districts, JCC Japan Century Cities, Romania, Bucuresti, YO-BZ ( 1st class ), YO-AD, YO-DC, YO-DR, YO-LC, YO-NC, YO 5-ON-5, YO-20 ( 1st class - A ), YO 20x20, YO-20-Z, YO-25-M, YO-45-P, YO-100, WOSA, EU-PX-A, WDXS, EU-DX-D, IAPA, DIG-CEPT, MF-DX,1000000, DDFM, DPF, CWAW, CW-SP, UCRF-10, UCRF-15, VK8DA, W28Z, CWJF, DEL.MAR.VA. Counties, Maryland Counties, Ohio Counties, Worked All Connecticut Counties, Great Lakes, Northern Ohio DX Ass.,DX Country Club, Victory 60, Zone Award, WAB Counties, WAB Large Squares, WAB DX, WAB Isle of Man, WAB Channel Islands, WAB Overseas, Super Certificate Hunter, Islands DX, Slovenija, Ljubljana, W-DIG-S5, S5 DIG, Worked IPARC S5 Members, Worked Slovenian Prefixes, Eurobasket 2013, Diplome de le Mediterranee, Certificado Costa Brasileira, Agiria,Euro Diplom 2008, Belgian Post Code, Belgian Telegraphy Club, Babenberger, Luxembourg, European Community, Luxembourg Castles, 75th Anniversary Radioamateurs du Luxembourg ( award # 2 ), Field, Pannonia, Gyalogradio ( HA-SOTA ), WHD Worked Hungarian Districts, Black Sea, Helgoland Island, Deutsche Inseln, 125 Jahre Orient Express, Hiddenhausen, Krebshilfe, Worked Danube River, DARC-AFZ, Holzhammer, DIG-Euro, Sender Koenigs Wusterhausen, Aktion Sonderkind, Atlantic Ocean, 60th Anniversary SOS Children's Villages, Goethe, AGCW 1000, AGCW 2000, Licht ins Dunkel, Deutsches Leuchtturm, Eternal Cities, Rainy Capitals, Formula 1, Mona Lisa ( award # 2 ), European Lighthouses and Lightships ( Class 3 ), European Lighthouses and Lightships ( Class 2 ), ILLW Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend 2009, ILLW Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend 2011 ( award #1 ), ILLW Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend 2012, ELLA 3, ELLA 2, ELLA 1, ELLA Expert Class 3 ( 200 lighthouses ), Worked Lighthouses in 25 European Countries, ELLA 5 European National Lighthouses, Castles Hunter 2011, Castles Hunter 2012, Castles Hunter 2013, Antarctica Activity Award 2014, AFM, The Lions Award, Islands Award 2011 ( silver ), Islands Award 2012 ( silver ), Islands Award 2013 ( bronze ), Worked All Dutch Provinces, Wallonie, PACC 200, Bokkerijders, Big Hunter ( 1st from Italy ), DIG-PA Postcode, W-DIG-PA, Worked 9A Prefixes, Croatia County, 9A CW, RAAG, Athenian, Greek Islands, Europe, Orient Express, HA 1956, 80 Years of MRASZ, IPARC, Chelmsford, Council of Europe, Maritime Mobile, Polska, SPPA ( 1st from Italy ), Dyplom Jubileuszowy, European Union SP ( 1st from Italy ), World Amateur Radio Day 2009, World Amateur Radio Day 2010, World Amateur Radio Day 2011, World Amateur Radio Day 2012, World Amateur Radio Day 2013 ( 1st from Italy ), SESH Special Event Stations Hunter, Victory Day, All Baltic Islands, SP-DX-Club, Cracovia, Warszawa, Warszawa 2000, Polish Club Stations ( 1st from Italy ), Mazovia ( 1st from Italy ), Vistula River ( 1st from Italy ), Wigry, Pilgrimages of Pope Paul John II, 80 Years of PZK ( Honorary ), SP Great Cities ( 1st from Italy ), Hunter PZK Awards ( 1st from Italy ), W-HQ-S 2010 ( 1st & unique from Italy ), W-HQ-S 2011, W-HQ-S 2012, W-HQ-S 2013, F. Chopin ( award #1 ), Gold, Prefixes-SP ( award # 2 and 1st from Italy ), Poland without Borders ( 1st from Italy ), Polish MIssionaries in the World, Chelmno, Gdynia, Maria Sklodowska ( 1st from Italy ), Happy New Year 2012, Stilo Lighthouse, W-100-SP, W-200-SP ( 1st from Italy ), W-300-SP ( 1st from Italy ), SP-PX, Polish Post Code, SP9YFF WCA, 300 Years of the Battle of Vienna, Region of Lodz, IMRD ( award #1 ), LY70 Ceramic Medal, Worked Lithuanian Cities, WAL, 37th European Men's Basketball Championship, LY755, LY1000 Millennium, Kaunas, Lithuanian Prefixes, 20 Years Restoration of Independence of Lithuania, Baltic Way, QRP World, Lithuanian Lighthouses ( 1st from Italy ), 10th Anniversary of Lithuania's Accession to the European Union, Baltic Lighthouses, Latvija, Hunter Award 2009, Benelux, Amsterdam DX Certificate, Alexander the Great, European Spring 2009, European Spring 2010, European Spring 2011 ( award #1 ), European Spring 2012, European Spring 2013 ( award #2,1st from Italy ), European Spring 2014, Fire Belt, Danish Islands, Worked All VK Call Areas, Copenhagen, OZ Prefix, OZ Locator, Council of Europe Radio Amateur Club ( award #1 on HF-CW), Croatia 2009, WPX Zone 15, Worked All Malta, Estonia, Worked Russian Special Stations, W-18-Z ( 1st from Italy ), Transsib, Cyprus, WU-100, Worked All Nordic Countries, Zone 40, The Iceland Award 2009 ( 1st from Italy ), The Iceland Award 2010 ( 1st from Italy ), The Iceland Award 2011 ( 1st from Italy ), The Iceland Award 2012 ( award # 2 and 1st from Italy ), Popov Jubilee 150 Years, Saint Petersburg, Northern Palmyra, Vek Vektora, Worked RRC Members, Faddei Bellinghausen, Ivan Kruzenshstern,  Fedor Apraksin, Vladimir Istomin, Mikhail Lazarev, Stepan Makarov, Pavel Nakhimov, Gennadi Nevelski, Dmitri Seniavin, Fedor Ushakov, Marconi Nobel 100, Radio Activity 2010, Radio Activity 2011, Radio Activity 2012, Radio Activity 2013, Radio Activity 2014, Radio Club Barcelona, Portugal em Telegrafia, Vasco de Gama, 4x4=16, Israeli Award, Worked Scandinavia on CW, W-DIG-HB, ZB2 Award, Diplome 10.000.000, Todos los Paises de America, Cinco Continentes, Bratislava, Slovakia, WW Lokatory ( 1st from Italy ), W-100-OM, Slovensko, OM2013SIAF, Jozef Murgas ( 1st from Italy ), WAOE Worked All OE, WACD Worked All Carinthian Districts, Kuwait, Zarevich, Worked 28 Meridian, All Bulgarian Saints 2011, All Bulgarian Saints 2012, All Bulgarian Saints 2013, The Columbus of the Cosmos, Fox Hunter, Ukrainian Lighthouses, W-DIG-Ukraine, Ukraine-20 ( 1st from Italy ), EN1025UB, Ukrainian Islands, Berestetskaya Battle 360 Years, Morse-220 ( 1st from Italy ), DCA Double Calls Award, Jubilee Certificate, URWPX, Pobeda-65, Pobeda-66, Pobeda-67 ( 2nd from Italy ) ( issued by Ukraine ), Pobeda-67 ( issued by Russia ), Pobeda-68 ( issued by Russia ), URDA-100, URDA-200 ( 1st from Italy ), UDNDA, UDODA, UHADA, UKODA, UKRDA, ULUDA, Samuel MORSE, Gagarin-50, UARL-20 ( 1st from Italy ), Zdolbuniv, Chernobyl-25, UR-MM, Veteran, Punjab Kiev, WAU-CW, Chernigov ( 1st from Italy ), Kharkov, Akademik Vernadsky 150 Years, Rivne, CCCP, Antarctica (Russia), Prikarpatye, Parma, Kirovograd Region EM75V, Kiev, Taras 200, Dutch Wadden Islands, Windmill, Helvetia-26 ( award #2 on CW ), European Presidency Award 2012, W-100-CA ( award #1 ), TALL Ships, N-10-N, W-10-KZ, W-30-KZ, W-50-KZ, W-70-KZ, Great Silk Road, Old Telegraphy Key, Russian Prefix Hunter-50, Russian Prefix Hunter-100 ), WRR Russia Award, ARCW Bronze, ARCW Silver, ARCW Gold, ARCW Master, EUPXH-100, EUPXH-200, EUPXH-300, EUPXH-400, EUPXH-500, ASPXH-100, ASPXH-200, ASPXH-300, ASPXH-400, NAPXH-100, NAPXH-200, NAPXH-300, NAPXH-400, NAPXH-500, ASPXH-500, OCPXH-25, OCPXH-50, SAPXH-25, SAPXH-50, WCAW 55, WCAW 101, WCAW 151, WCAW 202, WCAW 252, WCAW 303, EDCW September Virgo, EDCW October Libra, EDCW November Scorpius, EDCW December Sagittarius, EDCW January Capricornus, EDCW February Aquarius, EDCW March Pisces, EDCW April Aries, EDCW May Taurus, EDCW June Gemini, EDCW July Cancer, EDCW August Leo, EDCW The Zodiacs Trophy, WRR Worked Russian Republics, We Remember, Russian CW Club Trophy, Ice Hockey Championship 2013, UFA 2013, WCA-50 World Castles Award, All Europe-10, All Europe-20, All Europe-30, All Europe-40, All Europe-50, All Europe-60, All Africa 5, All Africa 10, All Africa 15, All Africa 20, All Africa 25, All Africa 30, All Africa 40, All Oceania 10, All Oceania 20, All North America 10, All North America 20, All North America 30, All South America 5, All South America 10, All South America 15, Coastal Regions of Russia, Slavic Horoscope Maija, Slavic Horoscope Rozhanitsy, Slavic Horoscope Makosh, Slavic Horoscope Svarozhich, Slavic Horoscope Morana, Slavic Horoscope Semargl, Slavic Horoscope Zima, Slavic Horoscope Vyrgon, Slavic Horoscope Karachun, Slavic Horoscope Perun, Slavic Horoscope Stribog Kryshen, Slavic Horoscope Rod Svarog, Slavic Horoscope Jarilo Jar, Slavic Horoscope May Lada Lelia, W-50-O ( 14 MHz ), W-RU-100, W-RU-200, W-RU-400, W-RU-800, RAEM-UPOL, R55TV, CQD Titanic, WARD 2016, W-DIG-R, General Petrov ( 1st from Italy ), Universiade 200, COTA-RU, Flying Dutchman Shipboy, Flying Dutchman Sailor, Flying Dutchman Officer, Flying Dutchman Master, 35th Anniversary of Captain B. Romanowski, 40th Anniversary of Captain B. Romanowski, 70th Anniversary of Blyskawica Launching, Blyskawica, Slavyane, Arctowski Antarctic Award, EO25R ( 1st from Italy ), EFC 2012 CW ( 1st from Italy ), UR-SP EFC 2012 ( 1st from Italy ), W-38E-C, W-48N-C, W-PX-DO, The Harbour, W-KN-S, HeadQuarters 2012 ( 1st from Italy ), HeadQuarters 2013, Kharkiv Football 2012, IOCA Islands of Croatia, General Raevsky, Peramoha-67, 1ere Centurie UFT, PX-Belarus Cl.1, PX-Belarus Cl.2, PX-Belarus Cl.3, PX-Belarus Cl.4, PX-Belarus Cl.5, Belarus, AP-Belarus, Geralds of Belarus, Old Belarus, Twin Calls, 175+7, Old Minsk, National Parks Reserves Belarus class 1 ( award #2 ), National Parks Reserves Belarus class 2, National Parks Reserves Belarus class 3, Castles Palaces of Belarus, Double Calls, Mirror Calls basic, Mirror Calls-10, Mirror Calls-15, Mirror Calls-20, W-AGB-M, All Continents Certificate, Antarctida, Black Sea Islands, El Rey de Tierra del Fuego, North Pole, Ion Paulat Memorial, Romanian Prefixes Certificate, Petrache Poenaru Memorial, Pontus Euxinus, Globe Trotters, Romania Historical, R13CWC, W-110-RAEM, RAEM 110, WBA Worked Bengalaru Award, WLIA Worked Lakshadweep Award, WVUCA Worked VU Contesters Award, 5P14EHC Award, Leskovac, First Contact Award ( ARRL ), Olympic Winter Games 2014, Gagarin 80, KEDR-80 Y.Gagarin, Day of Radioamateurs 18 April 2014, Olympic Call Sign Hunter, Olympic Winter Sport ( bronze ), Olympic Winter Sport ( Silver ), Olympic Winter Sport ( Gold ), Morse Code Heritage, Pavlodarskaya Oblast-70, Ekibastuz 50th Anniversary, Captain James Cook ( Sailor Class ), Captain James Cook ( OfficersClass ).

World Flora & Fauna awards : 9AFF IV, 9AFF III, DLFF ( gold ), DXFF-10, DXFF-20, DXFF-30, DXFF-40, DXFF-50, EUCFF -35, FFF-5, FFF-10, FFF-15, GDWW-2009 ( award #1 ), GDWW-2010 ( award #1 ), GDWW-2011, GDWW-2012 ( award #1 ), GEOPARKS, GFF ( bronze ), GFF ( silver ), GFF ( gold ), GFF ( Honor Roll ), HAFF ( bronze ), HAFF ( silver ), LYFF III, LYFF II, LYFF I, LZFFA bronze, LZFFA silver, LZFFA ( gold ), LZFFA ( Honor Roll ), MFFA I, MFFA II, MFFA III , OEFF ( silver ), OKFF ( bronze ), ONFF ( bronze ), ONFF ( silver ), ONFF ( gold ), OZFF-5, SMFF-5, SMFF-10, SPFF ( 202-sticker ), SPFF-H ( 246 sticker ), SP9YFF-5, SP9YFF-25, U.F.F.A. ( Honor Roll ), WFF 100, WFF Arctica, WFF Asia, WFF Europe, WFF Honor Roll Plaque Europe, WWFF-H ( 744 Refs ) ( award #3 ), WWFF-H ( 844 Refs ), WRFF-25, WRFF-50, W-UR-FF ( 35-sticker ), YOFF III, YOFF II ( 1st from Italy ), YOFF I ( 1st from Italy ), YOFF ( 20-sticker ), YOFF Green Days 2010, YOFF Green Days 2011, YOFF 2012.
Italian awards : WAIP, WAIR, WAIS, WASP, WA.I.PX, AWA, WAIZ, WAAC, INORC, IPY, WIPFX Cl.1, WIPFX Cl.2, WIPFX Cl.3, WIZIP ( award #1 ), WIS, WILC( award #1 and first CW), WIC-100 ( award #1 ), WIC-250, WIP ( 1st CW award ), Serenissima, Ten Meters, Marco Polo,Certificato del Mediterraneo, Italian Islands, Canova 2010, Canova 2011, Canova 2012, Canova 2013, Giovanni Paolo II Pellegrino, Giovanni Paolo II lo Spedizioniere, I Radioamatori Famosi, I Padri della Radio, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marconi Club, Unita d'Italia, Adriatic Sea Land, 6th C.O.T.A. 2010, 7th C.O.T.A. 2011 ( 2nd qualified in Italy CW category ), 8th C.O.T.A. 2012 ( 2nd qualified in Italy CW category ), Luis Trenker, Comuni del Veneto ( 1st CW award ), Dolomiti, Ville Venete ( 1st CW award ), Spacetime in Action, Italian Navy Coastal Stations 2010, Italian Navy Coastal Stations 2011 ( 4rd qualified in CW Independent category ), Italian Navy Coastal Stations 2012 ( 4rd qualified in CW Naval category ), Italian Navy Coastal Stations 2013 ( 3rd qualified in CW Naval category ), Italian Navy Ship Radio Station, 150th Anniversario della Marina Militare Italiana, International Sailor, Nave Maestrale, Italian Navy Submarines, Italian Navy Ships, 150th Anniversario dell'Unita' d'Italia, Carnevale di Venezia, Apollo Space Program, ID9 Islands, IF9 Islands, 6 Continenti, D.A.I. Diploma Abbazie Italiane, Tridentum, Alpine Flowers, The Po River ( 1st CW award ), IK3GER Trophy, My Call, Arcipelago Toscano, Amerigo Vespucci, Cattedrali Italiane, Citta' d'Arte, Musei Italiani, WTW Work The World, W.A.I. Worked All Italy, W-100-I, W-250-I, W-500-I, W-1000-I, C.A.P. Award, I.F.F.A. Italian Flora Fauna Award, Bernini, Botticelli, Canova, Caravaggio, Giorgione, Giotto, Leonardo, Raffaello, Tintoretto, Tiziano, Etruria, Romeo e Giulietta, Basilica di San Marco Cl.3, Basilica di San Marco Cl.2, Basilica di San Marco Cl.1, La Gondola Veneziana Cl.1, La Gondola Veneziana Cl.2, International Space Station, The Frozen Continent Cl.1, The Frozen Continent Cl.2, Venezia, Gemellaggi di Venezia, Christmas Award 2013, Telegraphy Humanity Heritage, INORC 30th, Gaius Iulius Caesar, Gaius Iulius Caesar Octavianus Augustus Bimillennium, Sailing Ham.


Despite reminder the following awards have not yet been received. DO NOT waste your time & money with them:

  • "ALEXANDER THE GREAT" - issued by SV2AEL, NO REPLY to my eMails ( date of application : 7 Jan. 2009 );
  • "WORKED ALL DELAWARE COUNTIES" - mgr KI3B, NO REPLY to my eMails ( date of application 5 May 2009);

Can anyone help me ? ? ?

MY STORY . . .

I live in Mestre which is part of the town of Venice ( same 'Comune' ) but we are located on the mainland. To know more about my qth please click here, and choose your language on the left.

Since I was a boy I have always been interested in radio. I first started listening to broadcasting stations and utility stations collecting hundreds of QSL cards from maritime coastal stations, airports, coast guard stations, time & standard frequency stations, local and international broadcasters. In the 80s I became an SWL with the call I3-72249, and as an SWL I collected 80 awards from all over the world. Then, on May 15, 1985 I received my ham licence. Since then I have made 41123 CW QSOs and 168 SSB QSOs, and have received 19854 QSL cards.


My HF station is made up by a Kenwood TS-870 and TS-830S. The antenna is a Fritzel GPA30 (ground plane for 20, 21 and 28 MHz), and a short inverted Vee about 20 metres long that I mainly use on 40 metres and occasionally onR-110-RAEM other WARC bands with poor results.

Cu on the bands, and don't forget that your QSL is always appreciated.

73 de IK3GER, Paolo





QSL is 100% via the bureau or direct









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Piazza Ferretto

Piazza Ferretto, Mestre


Solar values report by WM7D ( sunspots, solar flux, A & K index ... )

Solar data page by N0NBH ( solar data & HF propagation tools )

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