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JA3UNA Japan flag Japan

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JA3UNAJapan flag Japan                                                                                Primary photo is click to enlarge.  ↑ 
Hideaki (hide) Deguchi                                                                                            Updated Weather/Cloud photos   
14-3 Hirosedai 1st
Kawai Nara 636-0073


This is my QSL card image. Photo is the Great Buddha of Nara (in the TOUDAIJI TEMPLE).
The Great Buddha is made by copper, height about 18meters, face width 3.2meters, and about 250tons.
We are calling familiarity "Nara-no Daibut-tuan".


The TOUDAIJI TEMPLE, "DAIBUTSUDEN" is the Great Buddha's main hall. And, the Great Buddha is sitting.
The TOUDAIJI TEMPLE, it was built in the 8th century. But, this hall was destroyed twice fire by the war in   
1180 and 1567, and the current hall was build in 1709. This hall is the largest wooden structure in the world.
Width 57.0m, Depth 50.5m, Height 48.7m,
TOUDAIJI TEMPLE is 9.7miles(15.6km) Northeast of my QTH.
Photo by (c)Tomo.Yun (http://www.yunphoto.net)  Link to the TOUDAIJI TEMPLE website: http://www.todaiji.or.jp/english/index.html

And, Kawai Town is my QTH, near the HOURYUJI TEMPLE. JCG: #24004(PM74un), IOTA: AS-007
From my QTH to HOURYUJI TEMPLE, it will arrive by 15 minutes by car. It will not take 1 hour by walking...

The HOURYUJI TEMPLE contains the world's oldest wooden structures(A.D.607) designated as
an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was registered in December 1993 for the first time in Japan.

Link to the HOURYUJI TEMPLE website: http://www.horyuji.or.jp/assets/images/pdf/english.pdf  (Caution about 50MB)


  JK3DPM ("Ken" Sawamura) has been licensed at the same location of my QTH. My shack was filled with his transceiver...??

  He was doing PARASITIC from about 40 years ago on my QTH ...hi, But, I did not know that he was use my NEW QTH from 20 years ago ...

  He was an old friend of 43 years ago. So..., it is when we were young students... Why is it such a thing...

  We were doing just HAM, ...did not study so much... But, that is raised me of now.

  His callsign is listed on QRZ.COM, and he is also JA5FFJ. He always say, JA5FFJ is operating "only" 6m BAND... but,

   QRZ.com website: http://qrz.com/db/JK3DPM or http://qrz.com/db/JA5FFJ



Aerial photograph of our QTH area


Photos April 1994                                                        Photos August 1948

Link to the Google map: https://www.google.co.jp/maps/@34.6140407,135.7346607,15.57z?hl=en




Aerial photograph of the HOURYUJI TEMPLE            View from top of my main tower
I created based on Geospatial Information 
Authority of Japan website: http://mapps.gsi.go.jp/maplibSearch.do#1                  



The HOURYUJI TEMPLE, "NANDAIMON" is southern main gate.




The HOURYUJI TEMPLE, "CHUUMON" is central second gate. Under repair (~2019)  back left is "GOJYUNOTOU"




The HOURYUJI TEMPLE,                                          Postage stamp with the same angle of view.
"KONDOU"(Left) is main hall.                                     Issued in Nov. 1967, 50 yen
"GOJYUNOTOU"(Right) is five story pagoda.         
Center is lantern, back is "CHUUMON".
Photo by (c)Tomo.Yun (http://www.yunphoto.net)


The HOURYUJI TEMPLE, "YUMEDONO" is hall of visions.
It is symmetric octagon.  Northeast view
: 663highland 



Southeast view                                                            Down view
Link to the Google street view:

My antenna system is as below.

Center is main tower for HF. Yagi antenna is heading to Europe and Northern Africa.
Back left is sub tower for VHF and UHF.
Three wires between main and sub tower is antenna for LOW BANDs.
On top of right small pole is anemometer. And, hooking the wire for 80m BAND Inverted Vee.
Ground altitude is 62meters(203ft) ASL.

Clouds visible on the mountain is Cumulus. Altitude is 3,500ft. And, a little Altocumulus is visible. It is over 10,000ft. Shooting is 10 Aug. 2003.
View from top of main tower. Eye level is about 18meters(59ft) above the ground.


Looking at north                                                           Looking at east    
Back left Mt.IKOMAYAMA and near YATA hill            Far YAMATOKOUGEN mountains

There are TV transmission stations on the two tops.  Near is NARA Basin.


Looking at south                                                          Looking at west
Mt.KATSURAGISAN(L) and NIJYOUZAN(R)             Right side Mt.SHIGISAN

The other side of the mountain is Osaka prefecture.  The other side is Osaka prefecture too.

On top is Dipole for 40m and WARC BANDs. 22meters(72ft) above the ground.
Middle is Yagi for 20m,15m, and 10m BANDs. 19meters(62ft) above the ground.
Lower short arm is Long Wire(t
hree wires) for 160m and 80m BANDs. 15meters(50ft) above the ground.
Anemometer sensor is bolt on another left arm.

High cloud of background is Cirrus. Altitude is maybe over 25,000ft. After this, the weather gradually worsened.

Detail of Long Wire antenna for 160m and 80m BANDs


Long Wire feeder, at shack room side                          Out side of shack room
When transmitting, neon tube is brightly lighting...
  Bright enough at 30Watts


Horizontal portion of the three wires, Start side           End side
Ground to use together the antenna is good condition. Ground resistance is 7Ω or less. Actual measurement



Antenna design                                                            VSWR profile(No tuner) It is only a Japanese band plan.
The main part of the wire antenna was made by three wires, so the band was broaded.


Sub tower and meteorological observation equipment (atmospheric temperature and sunshine).
Three wires is antenna for LOW BANDs. 6m BAND Yagi: Heading to JA5FFJ and JA5 area.

My personal remote weather observation system is as below.

Shiny cylinder(attached to the tower): Ventilation cylinder for remote atmospheric temperature observation.
White box: Instrument shelter for maximum/minimum atmospheric temperature observation.
This box is
made by wood, and homebrew in 1999. Production period is one month of Saturday and Sunday.


Normal/Maximum/Minimum thermometer is on the instrument shelter(From up to down).



Maximum/minimum thermometer                                Magnified photograph of thermometer
These thermometer must be reset completed the observation.



Rain Gauge is put on top of the terrace. Precipitation resolution is 0.5mm.   ↑ Like the "SHISHI-ODOSHI"
Link to the Wikipedia website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shishi-odoshi


Remove the rain intake(Funnel and Seesaw view )    Magnified photograph of Rain Gauge



There is a rainfall(0.5mm). Seesaw is tilt to right.     →  There are more rain(0.5mm). Tilt to left again.
Precipitation is count this number of the time.

Reference value of our town: -Heavy rain (Inundation) warnings; When forcast for 1hour Precipitation is over 50mm.
                                               -Heavy rain (Inundation) advisories; When forcast for 1hour Precipitation is over 30mm.


Anemometer sensor is bolt on the main tower.             Anemometer indicator is at the shack room. 



Remote weather observation indicator is                    Aneroid barometer (Back is a old R-388 receiver.)
at the shack room.                                                      
This R-388 receiver was made by Japanese factory under the collinse license. 

Link to the Japan Meteorological Agency(JMA) website(Home): http://www.jma.go.jp/jma/indexe.html
 -Direct to WX Warnings/Advisories Nara Prefecture: http://www.jma.go.jp/en/warn/335_table.html
 -Direct to Daily Forecasts Nara Prefecture: http://www.jma.go.jp/en/yoho/335.html
 -Direct to Radar and Nowcasts Japan
Area: http://www.jma.go.jp/en/radnowc/


Weather/Cloud photos from my QTH, or near.                      
   Amount of cloud
   SKC: Sky clear,
FEW: 1/8~2/8, SCT: 3/8~4/8, 
   BKN: 5/8~7/8, OVC: All covered
                                                                                     Weather maps, Surface analysis (ASAS JMH): Below from JMA website


Dense fog: Early morning 21.Dec.2016                       ASAS 210000UTC DEC.2016



Altocumulus(Ac) BKN: Early morning 22.Dec.2016     ASAS 211800UTC DEC.2016



Altostratus(As) OVC: Noon 22.Dec.2016                     ASAS 220000UTC DEC.2016 



Virga with Cumulus and Dense Cirrus:                        Cumulus(Cu) SCT:


Cirrus(Ci) BKN: Evening 24.Dec.2016 (3 Photos)       ASAS 240600UTC DEC.2016



Developed Cumulus(Cu) BKN: PM 27.Dec.2016         ASAS 270600UTC DEC.2016



Sky clear SKC: Morning 02.Jan.2017                          ASAS 020000UTC JAN.2017



 Cumulus(Cu) FEW: Evening 02.Jan.2017                  ASAS 020600UTC JAN.2017



Thin Cirrus(Ci) FEW: Noon 07.Jan.2017                      ASAS 070000UTC JAN.2017



Snow, Nimbostratus(Ns) OVC: Morning 09.Feb.2017 ASAS 081800UTC FEB.2017



1st layer, Stratus(St) FEW: Evening 11.Apr.2017        ASAS 110600UTC APR.2017

Visibility drops by Aeolian Dust(Yellow Sand)
It is a seasonal phenomenon where the yellow sand is carried on the wind from the continent of China a few days.




Early morning 07.May.2017  Visibility is about 7km.   Afternoon 07.May.2017  Visibility is over 10km.
                                                                         Left and right photos
Upper: looking at northeast  Middle: looking at northwest  Bottom: looking at south


 ASAS 031800UTC MAY.2017 (84 hours ago)            ASAS 070600UTC MAY.2017(Today)


Cumulonimbus(Cb) FEW: Evening 11.Jul.2017          ASAS 110600UTC JUL.2017


Radar and Nowcasts                                                    High-resolution Precipitation Nowcasts
Strong radar echo is about 25km southeast of my QTH. Heavy rain is falling under the radar echo.
Two picture are the same time. At 1605LT/11.Jul. 2017
: From JMA website, and created based a part of radar chart.



Cumulonimbus(Cb Type-3) FEW:                                Cumulonimbus(Cb Type-9) FEW:                                  
Now developing, 1810LT/19.Aug.2017                        After only 15 min, it developed greatly and reached peak.

Cb Type-9: The top of the cloud looks flat. This altitude is the troposphere boundary surface.
Developed Cumulonimbus is 70~80km SSE of my QTH. Furious thunderstorm is under the Cb cluster.


Towering Cumulus(TCu) FEW:                                    ASAS 190600UTC AUG.2017                                  
Now dissolution,
same time 19.Aug.2017    
TCu is about 25km north of my QTH. May be temporarily rain is falling under the cloud.


Radar and Nowcasts                                                    High-resolution Precipitation Nowcasts
Strong radar echo
is about 70~80km SSE of my QTH.  It is reached the southeast coast of Kii Peninsula.
And, another echo is 25km north. Two picture are the same time. At 1830LT/19.Aug. 2017



Stratocumulus(Sc) BKN: Evening 11.Sep.2017          ASAS 110600UTC SEP.2017

The typhoon T1721(Lan) occurred on the Caroline Islands at 16 Oct. 2017. It went north on the South Sea of Japan.
Then it heading to NNE and proceeded to the Off Kii Peninsula, and landed at Tokai area. There was a heavy rain in
Kii Peninsula area. Total precipitation from 1200LT/20 Oct. to 1200LT/23 Oct. was 223.5mm at NARA city.
And, precipitation observation at my QTH was more than 220mm by my Rain Gauge(Uncalibration).


Track and Intensity Forecast of T1721(Lan)                Analysis at 00UTC 23 Oct. 2017: From JMA website
The Tropical Depression(a) then became T1722(Saola),
and came to Japan following a similar course on a after week.


1500UTC 22 Oct. A large water vapor vortex              0000UTC 23 Oct. From Kinki to Kantou area became dry.
is view on near Kii Peninsula.                                     
Satellite Imagery Water Vapor Channel by HIMAWARI-8
: From JMA website
Link to the Meteorological Satellite Center of JMA website: http://www.jma-net.go.jp/msc/en/index.html


ASAS 221800UTC OCT.2017                                     ASAS 230000UTC OCT.2017
Tropical Depression are seen in the south.                 T1721(Lan) is near Sendai, and gradually make a front line.
                                                                                     It is becoming a downgrade to Developing Low.


Stratocumulus(Sc) BKN: Morning 23.Oct.2017           Radar and Nowcasts at 0900LT/23.Oct. 2017 
Morning the typhoon passed, the weather slowly recovered.



Dense fog: 0730LT/27.Oct.2017                                  ASAS 270000UTC OCT.2017
Visibility is less then 400m.    


Altocumulus(Ac Type-3) SCT: 1500LT/27.Oct.2017   ASAS 270600UTC OCT.2017        
In the morning the temperature fell and a dense fog occurred, but after that the weather recovered rapidly
and the temperature rose.


Photos during voyage north pacific on the research vessel:


As and Ac(Type-7) OVC: 06UTC 19.Jun.2009 On boarding: 38.2N 164.9E, North Pacific                   
Over twenty Dolphins is flock and bounce. Port side of our ship


Dolphins is flock and bounce.  Magnified           ASAS 190600UTC JUN.2009        


Cirrostratus(Cs) BKN: 01UTC 21.Jun.2009                 ASAS 210000UTC JUN.2009        
On boarding: 32.1N 165.0E, A ring of the cloud

Cumulus(Cu Type-1) FEW: 02UTC 25.Jun.2009        ASAS 250000UTC JUN.2009        
On boarding: 16.9N 164.9E, Near KH9   
Starboard side of our ship                            


Rain in visibility range and Cumulus(Cu Type-2):        ASAS 260600UTC JUN.2009        
06UTC 26.Jun.2009 On boarding: 15.0N 165.0E   
Port side of our ship 


Cumulus(Cu Type-2) FEW: 08UTC 27.Jun.2009        ASAS 270600UTC JUN.2009       
On boarding: 10.2N 161.9E, Near V73
Starboard side of our ship


Cumulus(Cu Type-2) and Cirrus(Ci) BKN:                   ASAS 290000UTC JUN.2009       
02UTC 29.Jun.2009 On boarding: 07.5N 158.7E,
Looking at V63 Pohnpei Island
Port side of our ship


Cumulus(Cu Type-2)BKN: 00UTC 30.Jun.2009          ASAS 300000UTC JUN.2009       
On boarding: 07.0N 158.2E,                                      
V63 Pohnpei Island, and right side is Sokehs Rock.
Starboard side of our ship


Cumulus(Cu Type-2) and Cb(Type-3) FEW:                ASAS 110600UTC JUL.2009(Out of map range)      
07UTC 11.Jul.2009 On boarding: 04.9S 165.0E, 
Over the Equator, and into the Southern Hemisphere.


Dense Cirrus(Ci Type-2) SCT: 00UTC 24.Jul.2009     ASAS 240000UTC JUL.2009       
On boarding: 07.7N 134.5E,                                     
Arrived in the T88 Palau Islands
Port side of our ship                                 


Cumulus(Cu Type-1) and Altocumulus                        01UTC 25.Jul.2009 
(Ac Type-3) FEW: 01UTC 25.Jul.2009                        Black shadow in the water is the Zero Fighter of
On boarding: 07.2N 134.4E,                                        Japanese Navy on the past. It was still sinking in shallow.
On a small boat at the atoll                                          On a small boat at the atoll 


Cumulus(Cu Type-2) FEW: 03UTC 25.Jul.2009          ASAS 250000UTC JUL.2009     
On the Peleliu Island T88, Orange Beach: 07.0N 134.2E 
Here is a one of intense battlefield, on Japan and US in World War II.

Angaur Island is Looks at far, here was a intense battlefield too.


Appendix: Landing to Federated States of Micronesia(V63) and Republic of Palau(T88)    


Can seen a Sokehs Rock. Do you know here?           Sokehs Rock is other side of Pohnpei Port.
Yes, this is South Park Hotel in V63.                           This is view from our ship.
Many operation in V63 was this place.
This hotel is down town of V63 Pohnpei Island. 


This is Pohnpei Observatory in Federated States       This is a trace of Japanese Observatory in old age.
of Micronesia(V63). And, Radome is an antenna
system for upper layer weather observation.
Observatory is down town of V63 Pohnpei Island. 



Do you know here?                                                     This is Palau Observatory in Republic of Palau(T88).
Yes, this is Vip Guest Hotel in T88.                             And, Radome is also
Pohnpei Observatory.
Many operation in T88 was this place.                        Observatory is south of Vip Guest Hotel at 600meters. 
This hotel is down town on west part of Koror Island. 


  I was born at Jyoto Osaka(#2501-PM74sq) in 1955. There was operation beginning place.
(There is a kindergarten now.)
  Amateur radiotelephone class certificate acquisition: Feb/1969, I am student of junior high school, and age was 14 years old.
  JA3UNA operation beginning, on 50"Mc"/AM(Pls see FDAM-3): Mar/1969, Only 1Watt, so QRP!! FDAM-3 was bought by my mother and present to me.
  JA3UNA operation beginning, on HF/SSB(Pls see TS-510X): Jan/1972, 10Watts, so JAs novice limit!!
  Amateur radiotelegraph class certificate acquisition: Dec/1972, Only, listening 5word/minutes
  Moving Wakayama(#2601-PM74nf, and after #26005-PM73qq, PM73vk): Jan/1982, Work in the observatory. Wakayama, RJBD and Shionomisaki. 
  Amateur 1st class certificate acquisition: Jun/1982, It was passed exam, despite not studying. Because, I was studying for a radio professional engineer.
  30m Band licensed acquisition(including the SSB !!): Jul/1982, Now, SSB is never license currently.
  2nd class radio professional engineer certificate acquisition: Apr/1983, It can handle 2kW business purposes transmitter.
  Moving Hirakata(#2512-PM74tt): Apr/1989, Work in the aviation observatory. And, in July Daughter was born. 
  Moving Cyuou Kobe(#2701-PM74oq): Apr/1990, Work in the marine observatory.
  Build a residence Kawai Nara(#24004-PM74un): Mar/1994, In January Son was born. It is same my birthday!!
  Construction of main tower: Sep/1994, It was built at myself about 6months.
  Construction of sub tower: Aug/1995, It was built at myself too.
  Main tower is stretching... : Nov/1999, I gave a lot of water and fertilizer, so it was grew up....hi
  Yagi on main tower: Feb/2000, It was built at myself too.
  DXCC AWARD acquisition: Mar/2002, The first time I acquired is MIX229 entity, CW222 entity and, 15mBAND123 entity.
  Temporary(1.5years) moving Kochi(#3901-PM63sm): Oct/2003, Portable operation in all KOCHI with JA5FFJ(also JK3DPM/5).
  5B-DXCC AWARD(8BANDs, include WARC BAND) acquisition: Jun/2017, It was necessary a long way of 30 years to achieve at 100Watts.
  Now, usually operate CW, sometimes RTTY, and PHONE is a little.



5B-DXCC PLAQUE(8BANDs, include WARC BAND) arrived...


INOUE(ICOM)FDAM-3 is my first using.                     TRIO(KENWOOD)TS-510X
50Mc(MHz) AM/FM Transceiver 1Watt Output.          3.5 to 28MHz SSB/CW Transceiver 10Watts Output.

I worked in, 47777-47782(RJBD)-47778-47771(RJOO)-47770-47772-47773(radar)-47893-47777(again)-47770(again)-47772(again), and retirement(2015). Temporarily on boarded JPBN at coastal japan and north-west pacific. In the summer 2009, we headed up to near Kamchatka aboard the Research vessel. We were passing through the EEZ of KH9 and V73. And, landing to V63. Later, proceeds to the equator, and passed through the EEZ of C21 and P29. We were also landing to T88. And, we were encounter three typhoon..., we came back to Japan after 64 days.
Link to the Japan Meteorological Agency website: http://www.data.jma.go.jp/gmd/kaiyou/db/vessel_obs/data-report/html/ship/cruisedata.php?id=KS0906

         Thanks for visiting my QRZ.com page, and reading to the end.  All stations FB DXing 73

    Important thing...   

International Telecommunication Convention and Radio Regulations (RR: 1973)
693  §1
All stations are forbidden to carry out:
 -unnecessary transmissions;
 -the transmission of superfluous signals and correspondence;
 -the transmission of signals without identification.

694  §2
All stations shall radiate only as much power as is necessary to ensure a satisfactory service.

International Telecommunication Convention and Radio Regulations (RR: 2012)
CHAPTER IV Interferences,  ARTICLE 15 Interferences,  Section I – Interference from Radio Stations
15.1  § 1
Transmitting stations shall radiate only as much power as is necessary to ensure a satisfactory service. 

Thanks for visiting my QRZ.com page, and reading to the end. All stations FB DXing 73

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