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100 years of ham radio
in my family.

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 JA  QSL info,


Celebrating 50+ years of HR 1962---------to today

Don't stop here,
the complete story and lots of pictures are just
down the page
Here's your chance to jump back in time !! 

if you plan to follow links , go to http://www.pocatelloarc.org/k0ip


VIEWING my information QRZ isn't the best, Its also a pain for me to post changes .
By following the link, you get the latest stuff  & its Easier to navigate, more user friendly ..

I Pledge you won't get invaded by bad internet stuff..  NO virus's, No flu , No cookies, no advertising!! As Sargent Joe Friday always said Just the facts!! Mam
Promise   KØIP


One thought before I talk about me, 
I would like to thank all those people of my parents generation. They endured
the depression and WW2. Without their hard work and fortitude
all of this would not be possible. Thank You !   
   click for more info

Now working on 50+ years as a active ham !            

I made this web when I ran for ARRL Idaho Section Manager back in 2006,  I lost !!  
so I added  more pictures & changed some stuff  and now its my on-line ham history. 
Enjoy  looking  at the pictures, and remembering  how it was in the ""good old days"".
Note: UR good old days might be happening right now, so make the best of them !!!!!

This is a tale about Me, and Ham Radio. It's been my hobby for a long time,
I'm no one extra special, not a world class DX'er, not on the DXCC honor roll, I
haven't developed anything that changed history,  I'm just a ham that loves his hobby.
I've been blessed with a good life filled with Ham Radio and great ham friends.
Because I'm a ham, I had a good job for 30 years (I'm retired) , I met my wife of 30+ years, (still married).
My entire life has revolved around Ham Radio ....................
I would like to thank my parents for spending their hard earned money on my radios
and insisting I got an Associates Degree in electronics. (Central Technical Institute , KC MO)

Don't stop here, there's lots more pictures down the page.          

Contact John:  k0ip((at))ida.net , phone 208 251 6441



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Collins 618T-3  Aircraft Radio

Collins 30L-1 that never was !

Digital S-Meter Project

TOO many memory channels

Wanted Military Radios for show

--Central Radio Association--
April 1916
Information needed ?

STAR,Thai amateur radio. 1970

Flu, Camp Funtson Kansas 1918

A word about Hy-Gain antennas

if you use the term 
"My personal is" 
you need advice !  Click here

W1AW/7 at KØIP

I'm John Wilson KØIP raised in Shawnee Kansas, born 1947. 

I've been interested in radio since I was in grade school,  I
loved to tune around on my aunt's old 40's upright radio back in Lenexa , out on the back porch. What a kick, VOA or maybe Radio Moscow softly floating in and out of the noise.

You might remember, back in the 50's when life was simple,
being there on a warm summer evening, out there on the
back porch with that old radio. 

Back when even AM broadcast band DXing was great fun. 
They spoke English & played rock & roll on AM.
for you young guys: there were very FEW  FM stations, FM was a new frontier. the first stereo FM broadcast happened one year earlier in june 1961..  Just Think STEREO .. Hi Hi

I got one of those Popular Electronics SWL calls, WPEØANT

WNØDYU - 1962, Hallicrafters HT-40 & S-85
a 40 & 80 meter dipole, and a few crystals


By the time I reached High School, I decided it was time to “get with the program” ,, in plain English,  learn CW. 
I became WNØDYU in 1962, and WAØDYU in 1963. I was very active with MARS, and Civil Defense in the “olden days”, 
We chase tornados in Kansas.  My mobile was a Heathkit SIX'er powered by a WW2 dynamotor in my dads car !
You know,  AM SIMPLEX, even though there was lots of static and noise  it was fantastic fun.

what else was going on in 1962 ?? John F Kennedy, president,  the Rolling Stones were brand new, as well as the
Beach Boys & the Beatles -- Telstar was launched , and lets not forget the Cuban Missile crises. A few people had
Color TV and they were watching The Jetson's , Dick Van Dyke, Beverly Hillbillies, to name a few. There was  No XM, No Internet,   Gosh,  No computers or ipads! It's mindless , almost everything had TUBES !!  Telephones had wires, I didn't know anyone with  an air-conditioned house,  at school we  just open the windows.
how did we survive?

I've been  active for 54 years. Excluding the time I was in Vietnam  
Sorry, no hamming from that war zone, however,  during my "almost" 6 years in the USAF , 
I got to know some great HAMS, many became life long friends..

I worked in the PMEL,   Precision Measurement Equipment Lab, we repaired and calibrated test equipment.
I was stationed at,
1. McCoy AFB, it's now Orlando international airport.. (MCO)
2. Takhli Royal Thai AFB, Thailand (HS6ADE) see picture below
3. Cam Ranh Bay -  Vietnam
4. Edwards AFB Ca. 
5. AFCENT (NATO) southern part of The Netherlands (PA9VW) see picture below
Life in the Air Force was a great time and a great learning experience.
After serving almost 6 years active duty, I felt it was time to get out !

After my discharge, I stayed and worked in Holland for Elektor Publishers for about 2 years. 
I was on the English Editorial Staff.  I'm sure my High School English teacher(s) are 'rolling in their graves', just thinking about me doing anything with English!.
Uitgeversmaatschappij Elektuur B.V.   Beek  (L)   The Nederland's.   http://www.elektuur.nl/

I then landed a good job with Union Pacific Railroad !

I've been busy with the Pocatello Amateur Radio Club  since 1979 when I was transferred to Idaho by the
Union Pacific Railroad. I worked in the communications department. I was hired by K Ø I J,
mainly because as a young ham I had a Model 15 Teletype in my bedroom, I had some idea how it worked.
I was hired to repair Teletype's,  back then the Railroad still used  Model 28, 35 & 37  Teletype machines.
But times were changing fast and those old Teletypes didn't stay around long.  UPRR used thousands of Model 40's for years..
I still have two Model 28's  in my shack.
I retired from the Union Pacific  Aug 2007, with 30 years of service.

After retiring from the Railroad,  I , at the advise of a friend (?) ,  went off for a months training to become a ships Radio Officer,
I got my second class radio TELEGRAPH license,  GMDSS maintainer & operators license,  and the STCW training,  I became a
US Merchant Marine Officer (USGC), joined a union hoping for a 3 month job,  I didn't want a career, just a 'one off'  3 month cruise,
to see the world.. HI HI   well that never happened, too far down the roster, so I applied for a job as an electronic technician with the
Military Sealift Command,  one day they called said I was hired and ask when I could report to Norfolk, VA .. for a permanent job..   I ask
how long I might be on one of those military ships,   answer 6 to 9 months,, well ???   I turned down the job offer. 
I'm proud I was accepted, but that's a long time on a ship, and would have been a waste of my time and their money, it was
best to let someone that needed a job have it .. 

I was transferred by UPRR to Pocatello Idaho,  my home since 1979.
That year I met my wife Pat on Christmas eve at WB7SDR's QTH.  (sk)  
We had a daughter,,, she's all grown up now, Married, and
we have two grandson's. She graduated from ISU in 2007,
Her husband  graduated  in 2011. That's Idaho State University, here in Pocatello.
Then she graduated from the  S.J. Quinney College of Law  at the University of Utah,
with a Law Degree..  After a year in Montana as a public defender, she is now with the Bannock County
Prosecutors office. here in Pocatello,  my wife is sure happy they moved back to Pocatello.. 

Back in 1999 I changed my call to KØIP. I operate a lot on 6 meters (DN32) and
like a good contests, any contest where Idaho is a multiplier. OK I admit it, I like being the DX !!!!  
contests like ARRL 10 Meter, June VHF, SS                I enjoy putting Idaho on the map. 

I was sorry to see the end of the CW requirement,  I was never a good CW operator, and seldom used it,
but it's part of Ham Radio, and it should be required. It was a sad day for Ham Radio when CW went away, , 
14 Feb 1991 is the day Ham Radio changed forever. Quite honestly the beginning of the end. 

CW was "the" true indicator of a persons desire to be a ham.
With No Code, there are hundreds of thousands of  licensees, but fewer & fewer hams.

Several years ago, I was part of the Union Pacific 150 year on the air operation,   it was great to represent the company I worked for.

I haven't stopped hamming, I'm probably busier than ever. everyday is filled with Ham Radio.  
I have so many pictures on this web I don't know if I should add more?  in 2014 I was busy chasing the W1AW's around
the USA, Then by accident I found out I was worth 35 points, (ASM) so got on the radio working folks as fast as
possible for the Centennial points challenge. 6075 (LoTW) QSO's that counted for the Centennial points challenge,
in actual fact, Club Log shows my total Q's at 8333.  The number 6075 only included ARRL members and NON-dupes,   
some of you guys need to get a logging program, and use it,

might i gripe ,  I worked some of you 15 times on the same band and mode..   Driving me crazy,  ,,  Hey it was all fun .

during 2014 I hosted W1AW/7 at my QTH we ran  20-15-10 meter SSB the first week and various bands
and modes the second week , a grand total 12450 Q's from my station as W1AW, with lots of help from many guest operators. 
here's a link with details and pictures   LINK : W1AW at KØIP's. I personally made 7774 Q's as  w1aw/7 .  

My Take on things , the state of ham radio :
As more and more of the Old timers go SK, especially those WW2 Vets and the 1950's crowd, the hobby is changing before our eyes,  today
about 50% of those licensed are what I call  Know Nothing Technicians.  not No CODE,  but NO Nothing .

They don't really want to be a Ham, they are only interested in emergency com for their church or other organizations (?),
most of them are totally inept, don't depend on your average technician to save you in an emergency, 
they'll be lucky to save themselves, or be able to grab their British ""back sides"" with both hands ..
THEN the more curious group,  those getting a license just to add it to a list, the list of other unused wallpaper on their resume' ???   
Most of these people are never heard on the air, not even on 2 meters.  I don't think most ever get a radio. STRANGE ??

Hopefully  1 in 100 might actually discover Ham Radio and HF and move on to better things than their Chinese HT.
FYI,  1%   the sad fact is that 1% of 300,000 technicians is only  3,000.   It might be different is some parts of the country,
but here in Idaho its depressing at best  ;-(
It is unfortunate the FCC and others developed a DEAD END license class,  the Technician ! enough said, now repeat after me...     10-4 good buddy

208-251-6441, or email k0ip((at))ida.net

Here's some pictures of me, doing mostly "Hammy" things,  
to enlarge the pictures  -- just --   Click'em to make'm  bigger

HS6ADE, Thailand 1970,  my first Collins  a KWM-1
After talking with my friend WØTM (Gary) on the MARS phone patch  from Takhli, he bought a KWM-1 at Associated Radio (overland park, ks). My dad built two custom wooden boxes,  one for the radio , one for the PS.  He APO mailed them to me..
 For whatever reason there was a tri-band beam at the PMEL building where I worked, who knows why it was there?  It was pointed at the USA, no rotor. My boss let me setup my station on a shelf in the store room, This was actually a perfect place.  I could run it there for lunch and "work a bunch".... hi hi 
 I was on the air for 6 weeks, working over 800 stations on SSB & CW.   WOW, what pile-ups,,  If  I had been more industrious I could have worked 8000. But there were many too many  two legged distractions downtown.. HI HI  
 Then the unexpected,  I was transferred to Viet Nam..  

Note: the KWM-1 had No RIT or way to Split. I worked a lot of CW
because I could actually hear CW better  that the ROAR of thousands of SSB
signals. I used the same J-38 Key that I used as a Novice, and that
same key is connected to my present day radio.

Play'n the fool,,--   Cam Ranh Bay,  Viet Nam --
I couldn't transmit, but did some SWLing.  I have to admit, I had a indoor 20 meter dipole strung up in the Hootch, and worked a few stations (maybe 10)  "bootleg" with my Thai Call, but I really decided that wasn't fair, or legal, and who know what US listening station might have me in their cross hairs ,,
1970 -- doing my job at the Cam Ranh Bay  PMEL !   I worked on  TACAN simulators, including the AN-ARM22 . I calibrated and repaired  hundreds of them!  It seemed like millions,  it's a 4 piece heavy beast !!                                                               

WoW they gave me a rifle & bullets too! I made several cross country trips to other Bases. thankfully, I never got shot at !

What are these ?

My favorite contests is the ARRL June VHF.. In Idaho its not always a tropical  paradise. In 2002 I almost froze __  NOT GOOD.. Just cold, and LOTS of wind (note white stuff)
What I won't  do for a few extra contacts ! I must be nuts! June in Idaho at 9000' is typically not a warm place.. in 2007 we used mother nature to keep the beer cold,  that's W4OV standing guard..
I have to admit, I've quit mountain topping, too much work,  sometimes way too few
contacts. good thing for beer, in 2007 we only worked 5 stations via E skip.  FIVE !!

In 2003 things were perfect, (it was warm) and the propagation gods were good to us, we  worked 400+ stations. on 6, 2, 432. Weather was great, Loved every minute of it..
Many times during the past 30+ years, N7IJ and I have joined
forces for the VHF contest,  handing out some rare grids. 


Collins anyone ??     me and W6ZSL (sk)  Lancaster CA     1972
 Don was a great friend and mentor..  south of Edwards AFB, CA - Sunshine Rancho's subdivision.       A great friend , his daughter custom made me that sweatshirt.
PA9VW. While I was stationed at Edwards AFB I  purchased my second Collins radio,  an  S-Line I got it from Henry Radio in Anaheim. I took it to my next assignment, Holland. When I returned to the USA,  I sold it to my friend ON8PO,  His First Collins.
 now he's probably the largest Collins and Military radio collector  in the world.

+/- 1967  Shawnee, Kansas wa0dyu and wa0gnq

A Central Electronics CE-20A  with the command transmitter converted as a VFO,
 I had a CE 600L  with one 813.  a CV57  receiving converter and a Teletype Model 15..  WOW,  great fun, you could find UPI or AP transmitting 60 WPM News day & night.  That old Model 15 had a workout for many years....  The SP-600 was from MARS and with a CE Sideband Slicer, it was a great receiver.. Lots of other WW2 military receivers,,   Hey,, the more the merrier !! RIGHT ??,   I used an AN/ARC-1 for 2 meter MARS, using the dynamotor and lots of 24V.  This is what I call REAL HAM RADIO

Here's my shack a few years ago, its always evolving, always cluttered with projects and stuff,    if your looking for 'clean & tidy' better look elsewhere.

I moved my Collins and Teletype to the family room.
  Click  for more, picture !
sometimes I'm found working contests from exotic places,
Have contest will travel !! warm places only !!  USVI     NP2B
Ham Radio in Idaho, Working on my friends antenna in Ashton Idaho ,
Teton mountains in the background..   N 7 I J     DN44
I have a single engine fixed wing license, which I haven't used for years, but flying was a great hobby too,  lucky I never killed myself Me and Gene WB9CDL, at Edwards AFB, CA     ~1971
we made a repeater . I think that's a 80D transmitter strip,. 
he's now WDØBKE
I  do a bit of SCUBA diving, here's me (left)  and W4OV diving from W4DL's boat, off the south Florida coast.  Speaking of W4DL, he was the best man at my wedding, (1981)  He's into Drake radios..  He helps me sell junk at Dayton, 
the Olden' days !       Secondary use of tower    ~1997


my back yard,,  Hey I like antenna's  !!!  It's not the highest tower in the world, got'a to try to keep the neighbors sort'a happy..   more antennas pics  

HAM RADIO - one great hobby!
Here's a few ham friends that shaped my life WØTMKØGYWØDEL(sk), WØLQV W6ZSL(sk), ON8PO, N7RRR(sk)w0tm k0gy w0del w0lqv
I've had the pleasure of knowing so many great hams during my life, sometimes for a fleeting moment, others for many years, some for a lifetime. 
It's impossible to list them all.     What a great bunch.  It's a sad fact that too many have gone SK !   Thanks for the great memories .. 73 old friend. 
Want more pictures ??(ouch, you must be a glutton for punishment)
Heres a Link to almost 50 years of Ham Radio, friends, exploits, crazyness.
when you arrive, punch the slide show button !!

 The picture INDEX !!            These links may not work , google keeps changing things ........


Famous Jay Leno show  CW vs Text messaging -LINK.  , I'm not an internet wiz sometimes this download worked and some times not,  I fixed it, you should download the file lenocw.xyz,  once you have it rename it to lenocw.wmv, then you should be able to play it on your computer, plus, you now have a copy  to keep.
Dilbert on What makes a Ham !  on you tube !
How about "cw as seen by" from 73 magazine

My antennas as of Oct 2009,   204BA,  TH7DXX, 64DX, dipole 40/80 -- still up and working as of March 2014 and the W1AW operation.

from here to almost the bottom of the page, are some family pictures
and information about
* Movie Mite 
* 1918 Flu at Camp Funston, Kansas  (see my grandfather) below
* Society of Thai Amateur Radio
* Central Radio ASSN  1916   (see my other grandfather) below


Here are a few pictures of my family,     click the pictures to make them BIGGER

My YL  Pat Wilson working on a 204BA.         Sometimes it snows in Idaho

My Mother (Clena Wilson)  in Shawnee Kansas, and her twin brother Wilson Fremont Jones Jr.(sk)  He was mostly blind at birth, and lived with our family , he was an avid AM broadcast listener/DXer,  that's part of the reason I'm interested in radio. 
Their 90th Birthday was July 2009.. Clena is a DAR member,
She's lived  in Shawnee Kansas her entire life and is proud of Shawnee and Kansas.
note: our family can claim 3 connections
to the Revolutionary War.

My Sister Beth Marie (Wilson) Hobbs (sk)

My mother and her great Grandson

 Idaho State Graduation.





Family tree,   mothers side Fathers side,

Great Grandfather  (right)
John Wilson Jones,  was Sheriff of
Johnson County , Kansas, 1898 to 1903. Then he was a County commissioner for 12 years.
He was a farmer and auctioneer. He
was responsible for one of the most modern roads in Johnson County, which follows what is now Southwest Blvd from KC, to  Johnson Drive in Merriam, to Neiman road in Shawnee, south to 75th street,  west to Quivira Road, south  through Lenexa city center and on to Olathe, the road was made of brick.

Harry Ross Wilson MD.
Army WW1, stationed
Camp Funston Kansas.
The center of the 1918
FLU epidemic
.  I'm Sure
you have seen the famous
picture of a big room full
of cots, with sick GI's.
He was there !  Click here for some interesting pictures..


Wilson Fremont Jones Sr.
Navy WW1
This is FJ, see Central Radio Assn BELOW

My Father
Charles Francis Wilson  (sk)
Navy WW2

Worked at Movie-Mite after WW2, then
was a postman for 30 years.




  John Charles Wilson
That's me leaving for NATO, 1972

Do you have any information about the Central Radio ASSN
PLEASE contact me !    click to enlarge.
click to enlarge

Central Radio Association
Old Time Ham Radio 1916, Do you have any information about this organization ?? the ARRL never heard of them !!  
any information  please contact k0ip

This Document is dated 1916, his call   FJ   ,  that's 11 years before the FRC (now FCC)  was formed  by the
US government to regulate radio transmissions.

FJ  was my grandfather !     link
One other item of possible interest, my uncle  (sk)
invented the Movie Mite Projectors.  Link for more info about Movie Mite

below some old paper work that might be interesting .. as received on my model 15 teletype, that had weather symbols, rather than punctuation
Society of Thai amateur radio  
  Final Thought for the next generation of hams
If this is your idea of ham radio,  GET A LIFE and GO AWAY


Quote worth re-quoting  " the only good CB'er is a Dead CB'er "


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