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K1LZ  was in the STEW PERRY Contest 2010 from THE Medway Station in the Multi Category AS:



By: Krassy, K1LZ; Velimir, K3JO; Mladen, NU5Y



The call sign of Stew Perry, a pioneer in the development of DXing on 160 and the holder of the first 160 DXCC Award, lives on again through the Stew Perry Memorial Radio Club. Stew's call, W1BB, was issued to the club on May 9,1997. A copy of an original W1BB QSL card from the 1950's was reconstructed and modified by Hal, WA1J, for use by the club. The QSL is as the original, other than the the club name on the front of the card. The W1BB call has been returned to operation in contests and casual QSOs on 160 meters since being released. During some recent contests we received many "Hi Stew" comments, but also several stations questioned the validity of the call until they were told it was reissued to the Stew Perry Memorial Radio Club. The replies were " Glad to hear Stew's call again", to "Keep the memory alive". Which is what the club has intentions of doing. The club plans to use W1BB "ONLY" on 160 meters where Stew had made his presence known and heard for many years. It was appropriate that "W1BB" was issued to a club as the call was considered by many to be too BIG for one individual to hold. One can imagine the comment to an individual holder of the call. " I knew Stew Perry and you are no Stew Perry". The call is made available to all club members for casual operating or contesting on 160. Cu on 160 As of June 17, 1999, Jeff Briggs, K1ZM is the trustee for the club call W1BB. All future Correspondence and W1BB QSL requests shall be via K1ZM.



K1LZ Live Contest CAM 
Use "anon" as the username, and "k1lz"  as the password - all lower case



Station # 1:Icom 781 + Acom 2000A Amplifier as a Multiplier station.

Station # 2:Icom 781 interlocked with an Icom 7800 + Acom 2000A Amplifier 

Station # 3:Icom 7800 interlocked with an Yaesu FT1000D + Acom 2000A Amplifier


Station # 4:Yaesu 1000MP + Acom 2000A Amplifier as a Multiplier station













K1LZ Biography

Krassimir D Petkov

Krassy  is born in 1956 and has been an Amateur Radio Operator for over 40 years (since 1969) and has been a major financial contributor (ACOM amplifier loans and paying for shipping expenses) to many DX-peditions in the last 10 years.

 Krassy is the President of Milara, Inc. and ACOM North America. He is the cofounder of ACOM with LZ1JK.

His prior call signs were: LZ1KCZ, LZ1KDP, LZ1SA (1996), N1QQO (1991), AA1ND and then K1LZ (9/21/06).

He received his first license in 1969 while in 6th grade (12 years old) and operated from the Club Station – LZ1KCZ, City Students Radio Club - LZ1KDP, and received the call sign LZ1SA after passing Level C, B and A examinations in 1996.

George (LZ1GS) was Krassy’s mentor when he was in the 6th grade – 12 years old. George was very helpful and supported his efforts to become an Amateur Radio Operator.

Krassy built his first 25 Watt, AM/CW transmitter at13 years old.

He was a key player on the N8S Swains Island (April 2007), 5A7A Libya (November 2007), FS5KA St. Martin (Feb. 2007), and 8P9R (2005) Barbados multi-multi dx-pedition teams .In 1999 organize dx-pediting with   PY5EG - ZX0F.He was member of CY9SS .  TS6A Tunisia  .The last dx-pedition he was member  of the team  YI9PSE in Iraq






He has operated for the following DX locations:

Tunisia (TS6A), Antigua (V26B), Swains Island (N8S),  Mongolia (JT1LZ), Bulgaria (LZ1SA), Russia (UA9SA), Serbia (YU9ZL), Hawaii (KH6/K1LZ), American Samoa (KH8/K1LZ), Western Samoa (5W5LZ/5W3LP), Australia, Barbados (8P9R, 8P9LZ - 2005), Jamaica (6Y1LZ), N. Cacaos (VP5/K1LZ, VP5B), Aruba (P40HQ), St. Martin (FS/K1LZ, FS5KA), Saint Maarten (PJ7/K1LZ) Puerto Rico (KP4/K1LZ), Brazil

 WRTC San Francisco K6R (WRTC 2006, PT5E), and Fernando de Noronha Isl. (ZX0F – CQWW SSB 1999)Libya 5A7A Iraq YI9PSE


Krassy is very activity in ARRL DX CW and SSB, and CQ World-Wide CW and SSB contests each year in the  old  days from LZ1KDP, KC1XX and  recently  from   his  location   in Jamaica  6Y1V or 6Y1LZ and   his  own  QTH  in USA  K1LZ

Krassy is a member of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club (YCCC), and LZ1KDP and LZ1KSP (LZ7J) ,Milara Contest Clubs LZ5R, Araucaria DX Group . In addition; he is a live member of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).










Some of Krassy’s major awards are as follows:





WPX SSB       M/S     K1LZ              USA   

WPX CW        M/S     K1LZ              USA   

WPX CW        SO15   W1US             USA   

ARRL CW     M/2     6Y1LZ WORLD        

CQWW 160 CW        M/S     K1LZ  USA    unofficial






YEAR Contest                      CALL  Category         Place  

2004    CQ WW CW              K1IR   M/S                 1 USA

2005    CQ WW SSB              K1LZ  M/S                 4 USA

2006    CQ WW SSB              6Y1V   M/S                 1 NA  

2006    CQ WW CW              5A7A   M/M               1 WORLD     

2007    CQ WW SSB              TS6A   M/M               1 WORLD     

2007    CQ WW CW              K1LZ  SOAB             3 USA

2008    CQ WW SSB              K1LZ  SOAB             4 USA

2008    CQ WW CW              K1LZ  SOAB             1 USA

2009    CQ WW SSB              K1LZ  SOAB             1 USA

2009    WPX CW                    K1LZ  M/S                 1 USA 4 WORLD

2009    WPX SSB                   K1LZ  M/S                 1 USA 6 WORLD

2008    WPX SSB                   K1LZ  SOAB             4 USA

2008    WPX CW                    K1LZ  SOAB             3 USA

2005    WPX CW                    K1LZ  SOAB/A          2 USA 9 WORLD

2010    ARRL SSB                 K1LZ  M/S                 1 USA

2010    ARRL CW                 6Y1LZ M/2                 1 WORLD     

2009    ARRL SSB                 K1LZ  M/S                 1 USA

2009    ARRL CW                 K1LZ  M/S                 1 USA

2009    ARRL CW                 6Y1LZ M/2                 2 WORLD     

2006    WAEDC SSB             K1LZ  SOAB             4 WORLD     

2008    WAEDC SSB             K1LZ  SOAB             9 WORLD     

2009    WAEDC CW              K1LZ  SOAB             1 NA   9 WORLD

2009    WAE SSB                   K1LZ  SOAB             2 NA   5 WORLD

2008    IARU HF                    K1LZ  SOAB             1 USA

2008    CQWW160 CW         K1LZ  SO                   2 USA

2009    CQWW 160 SSB        K1LZ  MO                 5 WORLD      2 USA

2009    CQWW 160 CW        K1LZ  MO                 5 USA





K1LZ – Krassy Petkov; Hall of Fame – No. 06, Oct. 2004, Araucaria DX Group

WRTC Participant:

       WRTC 1996; San Francisco, CA – K6R Team (Operators LZ1SA (K1LZ) & LZ2PO)– Placed 16 out of 50 teams

       WRTC 2006; Brazil – PT5E Team (Operators K1LZ & LZ1HM)– Placed 21 out of 46 teams

        WRTC Moscow   2010 R32Z (Operators K1ZM &K1LZ )

Major Contributions to WRTC:

WRTC 2006 Brazil Sponsors and member Fund Raising Committee   and contributing all the amplifiers and antennas for the invent

                    WRTC2010  Russia -Member fund-raising committee  - USA &Canada





2015 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  ARRLDX CW Feb 21   K1LZ     M/S   HP   10,052,196
  ARRLDX SSB Mar 7   K1LZ     SO Unlimited   HP   83,082
  CQ160 CW Jan 23   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   705,560
  Rus DX Mar 21   K1LZ     SO Mixed   HP   3,946,320
  WPX CW May 30   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   11,826,584
  WPX SSB Mar 28   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   15,549,950
2014 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  ARRL 10 Dec 13   K1LZ     SO Mixed   HP   2,778,840
  ARRL 160 Dec 5   K1LZ     Single Op   HP   306,908
  ARRLDX CW Feb 15   K1LZ     M/S   HP   10,303,611
  ARRLDX SSB Mar 1   K1LZ     SOSB/10   HP   868,500
  CQ160 CW Jan 24   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   998,010
  CQWW CW Nov 29   EA8/K1LZ     SOSB/10   HP   1,617,837
  CQWW SSB Oct 25   K1LZ     M/S   HP   14,501,297
  Rus DX Mar 15   K1LZ     M/S   HP   14,080,236
  TBDC Dec 27   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   2,341
  WPX CW May 24   LZ5R(K1LZ)     M/2   HP   17,568,432
2013 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  9A CW Dec 21   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   1,764,567
  ARRL 10 Dec 14   K1LZ     M/S   HP   3,613,896
  ARRL 160 Dec 6   K1LZ     M/S   HP   499,842
  ARRLDX CW Feb 16   K1LZ     M/M   HP   16,596,915
  ARRLDX SSB Mar 2   K1LZ     M/S   HP   6,950,832
  BSCI Feb 2   K1LZ     SO CW   HP   1,113,336
  CQ160 CW Jan 25   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   998,847
  CQWW CW Nov 23   K1LZ     M/2   HP   26,528,775
  CQWW SSB Oct 26   K1LZ     M/2   HP   20,892,928
  Gagarin DX Apr 13   LZ5R(K1LZ)     M/S   HP   847,344
  Rus DX Mar 16   K1LZ     SO CW   HP   6,343,856
  TBDC Dec 28   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   2,971
  WAE CW Aug 10   K1LZ     M/S   HP   1,851,630
  WPX CW May 25   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   8,873,900
  WPX SSB Mar 30   K1LZ     M/S   HP   21,577,336
2012 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  9A CW Dec 15   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   1,664,385
  All Asian SSB Sep 1   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   14,628
  ARRL 10 Dec 8   K1LZ     M/S   HP   1,052,784
  ARRLDX CW Feb 18   K1LZ     M/S   HP   8,935,245
  ARRLDX SSB Mar 3   K1LZ     M/S   HP   4,799,520
  CQ WW RTTY Sep 29   W1UE(K1LZ)     M/S   HP   6,789,260
  CQ160 CW Jan 27   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   940,580
  CQ160 SSB Feb 24   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   345,555
  CQWW CW Nov 24   K1LZ     M/S   HP   16,980,415
  CQWW SSB Oct 27   K1LZ     M/S   HP   14,632,695
  HA DX Jan 21   LZ5R(K1LZ)     SOABCW   HP   12,480
  IARU Jul 14   K1LZ     SO Mixed   HP   2,380,572
  NAQP CW August   K1LZ     Single Op   LP   104,492
  NAQP RTTY July   K1LZ     Single Op   LP   53,860
  REF CW Jan 28   K1LZ     M/S   HP   29,370
  RTTY WPX Feb 11   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   4,955,067
  Rus DX Mar 17   K1LZ     SO Mixed   HP   2,634,064
  SS CW Nov 3   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   208,662
  SS SSB Nov 17   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   275,394
  TBDC Dec 29   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   4,243
  UBA SSB Jan 28   K1LZ     M/S   HP   45,068
  WAE CW Aug 11   K1LZ     M/S   HP   2,553,068
  WAE SSB Sep 8   K1LZ     Single Op   HP   2,094,984
  WPX CW May 26   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   10,536,715
  WPX SSB Mar 24   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   10,392,564
2011 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  ARRL 10 Dec 10   K1LZ     M/S   HP   3,781,960
  ARRL 160 Dec 2   K1LZ     M/S   HP   461,518
  ARRLDX CW Feb 19   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   3,532,005
  ARRLDX SSB Mar 5   K1LZ     M/S   HP   6,939,009
  CQ WW RTTY Sep 24   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   3,943,884
  CQ-M May 14   K1LZ     SOABMixed   HP   1,032,448
  CQ160 CW Jan 28   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   1,243,068
  CQ160 SSB Feb 25   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   720,981
  CQWW CW Nov 26   K1LZ     M/2   HP   23,070,370
  CQWW SSB Oct 29   K1LZ     M/S   HP   13,156,662
  Gagarin DX Apr 9   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   1
  OK/OM DX CW Nov 12   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   1,249,263
  Rus DX Mar 19   K1LZ     SO Mixed   HP   6,380,736
  WAE CW Aug 13   K1LZ     Single Op   HP   1,956,227
  WAE SSB Sep 10   K1LZ     Single Op   HP   1,512,840
  WPX CW May 28   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   7,968,260
  WPX SSB Mar 26   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   17,168,301
2010 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  9A CW Dec 18   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   878,195
  ARRL 160 Dec 3   K1LZ     M/S   HP   663,918
  ARRLDX CW Feb 20   6Y1LZ(K1LZ)     M/2   HP   9,324,480
  ARRLDX SSB Mar 6   K1LZ     M/S   HP   5,450,430
  CQ160 CW Jan 29   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   1,495,624
  CQ160 SSB Feb 26   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   498,520
  CQWW CW Nov 27   K1LZ     M/S   HP   16,402,296
  CQWW SSB Oct 30   K1LZ     M/S   HP   11,143,495
  LZ DX Nov 20   K1LZ     M/S   HP   233,665
  OK/OM DX CW Nov 13   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   505,344
  Rus DX Mar 20   K1LZ     SO Mixed   HP   6,284,789
  SS CW Nov 6   K1LZ     Single Op   HP   193,920
  SS SSB Nov 20   K1LZ     Single Op   HP   283,840
  TBDC Dec 18   W1BB(K1LZ)     Multi-Op   HP   4,286
  WAE CW Aug 14   K1LZ     M/S   HP   2,202,980
  WPX CW May 29   K1LZ     M/2   HP   14,999,500
  WPX SSB Mar 27   K1LZ     M/2   HP   32,117,304
2009 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  ARRL 10 Dec 12   K1LZ     M/S   HP   340,848
  ARRL 160 Dec 4   K1LZ     M/S   HP   600,745
  ARRLDX CW Feb 21   K1LZ     M/S   HP   5,099,118
  ARRLDX SSB Mar 7   K1LZ     M/S   HP   4,156,452
  CQ160 SSB Feb 27   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   524,314
  CQWW CW Nov 28   K1LZ     M/M   HP   17,359,685
  CQWW SSB Oct 24   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   6,603,825
  IARU Jul 11   K1LZ     M/S   HP   2,826,089
  WAE CW Aug 8   K1LZ     Single Op   HP   1,574,146
  WAE SSB Sep 12   K1LZ     Single Op   HP   1,664,256
  WPX CW May 30   K1LZ     M/S   HP   13,928,021
  WPX SSB Mar 28   K1LZ     M/S   HP   17,259,315
2008 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  ARRL 160 Dec 5   K1LZ     Single Op   HP   549,888
  ARRLDX CW Feb 16   K1LZ     M/S   HP   4,049,736
  ARRLDX SSB Mar 1   K1LZ     M/S   HP   2,280,960
  CQ160 CW Jan 26   K1LZ     Single Op   HP   789,950
  CQ160 SSB Feb 23   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   536,520
  CQWW CW Nov 29   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   7,059,320
  CQWW SSB Oct 25   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   5,402,530
  IARU Jul 12   K1LZ     SO Mixed   HP   2,029,072
  RTTY WPX Feb 9   K1LZ     M/S   HP   6,225,824
  Rus DX Mar 15   6Y1LZ(K1LZ)     SO Mixed   HP   2,680,128
  SS SSB Nov 15   K1LZ     Multi-Op   HP   277,760
  WAE SSB Sep 13   K1LZ     Single Op   HP   1,597,071
  WPX CW May 24   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   7,749,927
  WPX SSB Mar 29   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   6,884,042
  YO HF Aug 30   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   674,115
2007 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  ARRL 160 Nov 30   K1LZ     M/S   HP   397,020
  ARRLDX SSB Mar 3   6Y1V(K1LZ)     M/2   HP   9,967,941
  CQWW CW Nov 24   K1LZ     SOAB   HP   5,865,561
2006 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  ARRLDX SSB Mar 4   K1IR(K1LZ)     M/S   HP   1,757,184
  CQWW CW Nov 25   5A7A(K1LZ)     M/M   HP   45,802,020
  WAE SSB Sep 9   K1LZ     Single Op   HP   1,190,464
2005 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  ARRLDX CW Feb 19   K1IR(K1LZ)     M/S   HP   5,256,546
  SS CW Nov 5   NM1Z(K1LZ)     Multi-Op   HP   98,252
  WAE CW Aug 13   K1IR(K1LZ)     M/S   HP   165,212
2004 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  ARRLDX CW Feb 21   VY2LZ(K1LZ)     SOSB/80   HP   359,562
  ARRLDX SSB Mar 6   K1IR(K1LZ)     M/S   HP   4,105,884
  CQWW CW Nov 27   K1IR(K1LZ)     M/S   HP   6,850,415
  CQWW SSB Oct 30   VY2ZM(K1LZ)     M/S   HP   14,724,025
2003 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  CQWW SSB Oct 25   VP5B(K1LZ)     M/2   HP   20,413,505
2002 Contest Call Used Class Power Score
  CQWW CW Nov 23   K1IR(K1LZ)     M/S   HP   8,093,765
  CQWW SSB Oct 26   W1US(K1LZ)     SOAB(A)   HP   5,493,280







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