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Holidays special Jean Shepard broadcasts at Archive.org

K2ATJ is now anchoring for This Week In Amateur Radio  podcasts/ham radio bulletin service.   Catch us on participating repeaters or Podcast at:  This Week in Amateur Radio.

NEW JEAN SHEPHARD link -- about his youthful HAM RADIO days -- listen here.

I use inexpensive RG6 cable for HF and receiving (not for vhf or uhf) It's just fine. Read all about it here and start saving a lot of money on coax.  Here's a fast easy way to put a PL259 on LMR 400:



Retired broadcast engineer (FCC 1stClass Radiotelephone, 1964) ; electronic journalist , documentary producer, professional iconoclast.  K2ATJ call originally my father's in l950. Carrying on the legacy. VFW, American Legion   Member Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club, l968-1970

Unadilla home of BS troop #1

                                             Original K2ATJ (Larry)     K2ATJ in l970 aboard USS AMERICA front row, 4th fm left


RIGHT: K2ATJ on set of "Her Alibi" 1989 Baltimore, MD.


BELOW: My father's listing of K2ATJ in the l950 Callbook. He got this call in l938.

Radio runs in the blood. My great uncle was Wilbur "Budd" Hulick, of the comedy radio team of Stoopnagel and Budd


Credited with creating the Bob and Ray type of radio humor  they made 4 movies and were on the air for years with CBS and NBC top of the ratings during that era.

Archive of MP3 recordings of Stoopnagle and Budd


One of Jerry Lewis' seminal influences was Wilbur "Budd" Hulick whom he pays homage to in "You're Never Too Young" movie where his screen name is Wilbur Hoolick.  RIP Jerry you made the world laugh.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You%27re_Never_Too_Young

DILBERT:  "Doctor? Can he lead a normal life?" Doctor:  "No. He'll be an engineer"

NVIS HF Multiband Ham antenna using poly horse fence for conductors.

The idea for this lightweight durable and inexpensive 80,m 40, 20  antenna came from various articles on the 'net but also from using the conductive rope for it's intended purpose: keeping animals contained here as an electric fence on the Rancho Lumbago Farm.

The polyrope uses 6 strands of stainless wire woven in a 3/8 inch UV resistant 1,000 pound breaking strength rope. Available low-cost clamping type connectors make it easy to connect both shield of coax and crimping on center conductor.

Although the conductivity of the stainless does not approach that of copper, the loss is negligible at 100 watt levels.  Stainless offers the added advantage of zero corrosion.

The antenna shown  here has been up now for 3 years continuously and has shown no signs of UV or weather degradation and has never fallen due to wind, ice or snow.

The antenna is loaded via a vintage Dentron Super Tuner and loads on 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters with a 1.1-1 vswr. When tuned to resonancy at middle band of 40 does not require re tuning for top or bottom of the band due to increased diameter of the six conductors.

Successful contacts have been made on 80 and 40 as far distant as Wisconsin and Texas from central New York, 20m to Europe when band conditions allow. During NY state QSO party 20 over 9 signal reports were common from receiving stations in PA, NH, ME and Ontario, New Brunswick Canada.

AS there are a few thousand feet of perfectly good RG6 75-ohm cable lying about the barn from years of creative scrounging a section is used to feed the antenna.

Start by cutting  2 lengths  of of poly rope each 63 feet long.  Measure back 25 feet from one end of each and install loosely one of the stainless splice blocks. Mark the point of attachment with a marker for reference.

Then add 7 feet of paracord to the longer end, and 20 feet to the shorter. The center of the metallic coax splices now can be connected to the top  of the 1-inch PVC mast with more paracord passed through drilled holes to suspend the dipoles. Use a double sheet bend to attach the thinner paracord to the larger diameter horse rope . See youtube below.

Cheap fiberglass electric fence posts (4) are used to anchor the paracord to form the V.

The 1 inch PVC mast is held in place by a collar of PVC placed over a heavy duty T-bar steel fence post driven into the ground 2 feet. It is easily lifted to remove for maintenance.

Below: Detail of stainless clamp arrangement Strip off outer covering of coax and 4 inches additional for  center conductor to feed other dipole at the 25 foot mark.Center conductor goes to eye ring and bolt of other rope dipole.  Two coats of white liquid rubber-in-a-spray-can weatherproofs connections.



WITI Mobile News Unit, l978 30 foot Wil-Burt mast, Microwave  Associates 4' disc-rod antenna array


Mobile unit and SkyCamera Six at Lambeau Field, Green Bay Wisconsin l978

WITI Tower, 1081 feet AGL. Built 1962 , at that time largest self supporter in USA There is an elevator to the top, runs on 12 vdc winch.

K2ATJ in l967

K2ATJ in l967 @Colllins audio board, WALL, WALL-FM

Have a good laugh with Steve Scott who grew up in a radio household playing with microphones and earphones and tape recorders  making wierd noises and voices into them. Sound familiar ?


Editing Two Inch Videotape in the l960's was indeed a painstaking and almost insane task. There was NO electronic editing initially, the photo below is an RCA generation 1 TR1 vertical transport 4 head 2 inch machine using the old iron oxide tape.

To edit, one used a microscopic tool coupled to an aluminum edit block, which used micrometer click wheels to move the tape pieces back and forth until you visibly observed an edit pulse on the edit synch track (frame pulse) and that pulse had to match the frame of the source tape you were cutting in.  To see the electromagnetic pulse, you applied a solution of Edi-Vue to the tape which had fine magnetic particles in it. They lined up with the pulse and you saw it thru the microscope. Then you applied splicing tape, burnishe it, and hoped for the best.  Note the rudimentary cart, crummy working environment. The TR1 , being all tubes, threw off an enormous amount of heat, required hours of maintenance and minute adjustments continously, and had a total of 10 racks of electronics. Fortunately other models came along, and Ampex eventually cornered the market from RCA with better machines, namely the 1200 color series with electronic insert editing.


I want one of these -- in a 1 KW configuration... https://hackaday.com/2017/04/05/retrotechtacular-a-walk-in-broadcast-transmitter/


In the early 60's as a teenager and holder of an FCC First Class Radiotelephone license I held a part time engineering job at the local 1KW AM station in my home town in the Hudson River Valley.

As was the case in Top 40 hits/personality oriented rockers of that era, on-air craziness and hijinks often ruled the day, and the Engineering Department was not immune to participating in such stunts.

The Program Director, lately arrived from New York, and a severe go-getter (right down to his polyester double-knit burgundy pants, white belt and shoes) was a stickler for adhering to the playlist, getting the station's call letters on after every record, and maintaining what he called "the BRIGHTer sound" of WALL radio, as compared to the DULL sound of competition WGNY.

Bright was the keyword of the day. You had to be BRIGHT. Larry in his search to make the station MORE BRIGHT and more up-tempo, had read somewhere that if you wrapped the turntable capstans with a layer of aluminum splicing tape, the 45's would spin at 46 or 47 RPM and thus sound BRIGHTER over the air. And so he did, and so did the records until the layer of tape wore off after 5 plays, and gunked up the capstans with adhesive. Then they sounded wow-ee and fluttery, distinctly NOT BRIGHT.

Larry was constantly tweaking the Volumax and Audimax (to the consternation of the CE) looking for that combination of BRIGHTNESS that would shatter the ratings, increase his prestige and salary.

And so he was weekly inquiring of the engineering deparment as to new and brighter ways to improve the AM sound.

We had something right up his vinyl alley.

Enter: The Pseudo-Acoustic Brightness Controller.

Conjured up from a rack panel, 2 Daven audio attenuators, and knobs this device was installed late at night in the bottom of the transmitter remote control rack. Although no wires were connected to the attenuators, this was not evident unless you looked at the back of the rack, which, of course, no one did.

Totally useless piece of equipment, but in the world of Psycho-Acoustics, perception IS reality.

Accompanying the installation was a card listing the settings of the PABC, not to exceed 20 during the day and 25 at night, not to be adjusted by anyone other than a FCC 1st Class Engineer.

The first week the unit was in 'operation' we had questions: Why do we run it at 20 and 25? A: That's where WGNY sets their PABC. Q: What happens if you set it higher? A: The station sounds brighter.

And now the fun part:

The PD also had an air shifter during afternoon drive-time and observed by the CE and myself from an adjacent announce booth, caught furtively cranking the controls on the PABC up to maximum.

Exiting to the control room we confronted the culprit.. why are you cranking it up when expressly forbidden by memo and directive:

With a straight face and the conviction of a used-car salesman, we were told that he'd personally received many phone calls from listeners complimenting him on the new, brighter sound, of his show.

Trying to contain belly busting gales of mirth, we directed his attention to the rear of the rack, and the non existent connections to the Davens.

Redfaced the PD cued up the next 45 and continued with the BRIGHT sounds of the Larry Michaels Show. After all when you believe your own BS you're very convincing.


What do you hams talk about??

W04K: "One of my favorite book passages on this topic is by the prolific Hollywood screenwriter Ernest Lehman (silent key K6DXK). He wrote the screen plays for many of the classics of the 1950's and 60's. Among them: "North by Northwest", "West Side Story", "Sabrina" and "The Sound of Music".

In his 1977 book "The French Atlantic Affair" (in which ham radio was a central part of the plot)he wrote: "

"Yes, Dr. Berlin, but what do you hams talk about? Is what they usually said to him, and he'd realize then that they'd never understand, and he'd change the subject. But sometimes, though rarely, he'd come across someone who really dug his hobby, and then you couldn't get him off. He'd go on and on about the feeling it gave him of being able to move himself through time and space, annihilating time and distance, his mind, his body, his consciousness out there roaming the planet like some cosmic spirit, and the sense of power, benign power, not the evil kind, knowing that his voice was rattling a loudspeaker in a far-off room in Bombay, or going out through an open window in Johannesburg to someone walking by on the street outside, or filling a room carved out of ice below the frozen wastes at the South Pole.

The here and now, the physical and geographical limitations that all beings are stuck with, would fall away from him as he immersed himself in the action on twenty meters on a good night in spring when the sunspots were dancing and the ionosphere was in a reflective mood and the short path was open to Europe and the Middle East and the Antarctic and Australia, and maybe Africa would come sneaking in the other way around, and later the Far East and Indonesia, you never knew what. He'd close his eyes, or gaze hypnotized at the speaker, and he'd listen to them and talk to them, voices in the night, his night, that is, with the moon shining into the den through the great beam antenna that rose from the lawn outside...

...And while it was his night in California, it was tomorrow morning in Oslo and Hil was getting ready to shovel the snow from in front of the garage so he could go to work, and in Brisbane it was late tomorrow afternoon and Tommy had just gotten home from a rainy day at the lab, and Toshi in Kyoto had just finished tomorrow's dinner, and then later, Phil was talking to him from his car speeding through the Malaysian jungles to pick up Margaret at her French lesson in Penang, and Phil would lower the car window and let him hear the street noises of Penang even as he sat in his den in the house in Bel Air while the guy right next door was listening to the eleven o'clock news on Channel 2, for God's sake, and you ask me what do we talk about? We don?t talk about a damned thing and it's terrific."

Ham Dismayed Rig Hasn’t Needed Repairs  From the Funny Hams at: http://hamhijinks.com/ham

by K5KAC, on the scene

LONG PINE, NEBRASKA – “I guess I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into,” said Trey Arend, blankly staring at his Hallicrafters SR-150 as it perfectly received an 80m roundtable.

3941744369_f40b9a666e_bArend bought his first Boat Anchor five years ago imagining long evenings aligning oscillators and testing tubes. “It was going to be a labor of love,” he said, spinning the precision-calibrated VFO. He leans down and checks into the net, asking for a signal report. He is met with “59s” and “20 overs.” He regularly hears “great audio, old man” blasting from the speaker. “Armchair copy!”

”I don’t know what I am doing wrong,” Arend says as he flicks off the well-grounded and regulated power supply. “I have tried everything. Bumping the desk hard enough to knock it out of alignment; occasional coffee spills. I am at a loss.”

“I bought this oscilloscope, tube tester, and digital multimeter expecting to use it,” he says. Arend wipes a layer of dust from the pristine boxes. “I guess I’ll mark them up a bit and try to offload them at the next hamfest.”

As of press time Arend was searching classifieds for a “worked-the-last-time-I-turned-it-on” Swan 350A.


Binghamton Area Repeater list


Jean Shepherd Archive --click to listen

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LimeLightShow - 1965_09_25_Ted_Malley_Snakes_Og_and_Charlie_Grease_Trap
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WOR - 1966_04_23_2_Army_Stories
WOR - 1966_04_28_Garbage_Dump
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WOR - 1966_05_09
WOR - 1966_05_13_Myths
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WOR - 1966_05_31
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WOR - 1966_06_23
WOR - 1966_06_25_1_Custer
WOR - 1966_06_28_Bimbos
WOR - 1966_07_05_The_Origins_of_Electricity
WOR - 1966_07_15_Amusement_Park
WOR - 1966_07_16_Haircut_Flies_Dogfish
WOR - 1966_07_20_Calendar_Art_1
WOR - 1966_07_22_Big_Brother
WOR - 1966_07_28_Style
WOR - 1966_08_06_1_Bolis_Wedding
WOR - 1966_08_06_2_VD_Film
WOR - 1966_08_26_Dogs
WOR - 1966_09_08_Separation_Center
WOR - 1966_09_17_Collecting_Teeth
WOR - 1966_09_29_American_Aristocracy
WOR - 1966_10_19_Firefighter_Salute
WOR - 1966_10_xx_Flying_Saucers
WOR - 1966_11_10_Second_Banana
WOR - 1966_11_28_George_Ade_Stories
WOR - 1966_12_24_Long_John_Nebel_edit
WOR - 1966_12_27_Whoopie_Parties
WOR - 1966_12_30_Haiku
WOR - 1966_12_xx_Flying_Dutchman_clipped
WOR - 1966_Age_of_Total_Showbiz
WOR - 1966_End_Of_The_World
WOR - 1966_Harmony
WOR - 1966_Lake_Michigan
WOR - 1966_Nature_Of__Man_1
WOR - 1966_Nature_Of__Man_2
WOR - 1966_Oz
WOR - 1966_Paris_Adventure
WOR - 1966_Skin_Diving_in_the_Red_Sea
WOR - 1966_Straws_In_The_Wind
WOR - 1967_or_1968_Troop_Train_Ernie
WOR - 1967_01_13_Friday_the_13th_clipped
WOR - 1967_03_17_Ireland
WOR - 1967_03_23_Gypsies
WOR - 1967_03_xx_Cukoo_Whistle_clipped
WOR - 1967_04_01_Patent_Medicine
WOR - 1967_05_01_Rotten_Poems
WOR - 1967_05_02_Steel_Mill
WOR - 1967_05_18_X_Or_Y
WOR - 1967_05_30_Marching_Band
WOR - 1967_06_29_Inventions
WOR - 1967_06_29_Piano_Factory
WOR - 1967_07_19_Failure_Factor
WOR - 1967_07_31_Fishing_Tackle
WOR - 1967_08_01_The_Bandini
WOR - 1967_08_15_Stealing_Melons
WOR - 1967_08_20_Gene_Autrey
WOR - 1967_08_26_1
WOR - 1967_08_26_2
WOR - 1967_09_01_Bugging_Adults
WOR - 1967_09_02_Raincoat
WOR - 1967_09_16_LL_Full
WOR - 1967_10_07_Concrete_Mexicans
WOR - 1967_10_14_Rubber_Nabiscos_-_Faking_Book_Report_1
WOR - 1967_10_21_Duckworth_and_Marching_Band
WOR - 1967_11_04_A_P_Stockboy_OCS
WOR - 1967_11_06_Allied_Catalog
WOR - 1967_11_11_Hobbies_Radar_Tonsils_and_Beer
WOR - 1967_11_18_Army_Druid_Army_Movies_Army_Chow
WOR - 1967_11_24_Hippo_clipped
WOR - 1967_11_25_Thanksgiving__-_Pass_to_USO
WOR - 1967_12_07_Fairleigh_Dickenson
WOR - 1967_12_09_Sunrise_Semester_The_NY_Woman
WOR - 1967_Bananas_clipped
WOR - 1967_Cheap_Cars_start_clipped
WOR - 1967_Coke_and_Aspirin_clipped
WOR - 1967_Foul_Fowls_end_clipped
WOR - 1967_Hobbies_Potatoes_etc_clipped
WOR - 1967_Mismating_Ducks
WOR - 1967_Night_Manuevers_clipped
WOR - 1967_Straws_in_Wind
WOR - 1967_Tatoos_clipped
WOR - 1968_01_25_Radio_and_Conventions
WOR - 1968_01_28_Flicks_Tongue
WOR - 1968_01_29_Drunk_Test
WOR - 1968_01_xx_edit_Part_One
WOR - 1968_01_xx_edit_Part_Two
WOR - 1968_02_01_Spy_Stories
WOR - 1968_04_xx_Fake_Shepherds
WOR - 1968_05_17_Roaches
WOR - 1968_05_25_Army_Hike
WOR - 1968_05_28_Balloon_clipped
WOR - 1968_06_15_Animal_Kingdom_and_Dead_Flies
WOR - 1968_06_18_Campaign_Speech_Cliches
WOR - 1968_06_20_Exciting_Places
WOR - 1968_06_21_Krapps_Last_Tape
WOR - 1968_06_22_Dirt_Track_Racing
WOR - 1968_06_24_More_on_WW_II_Planes
WOR - 1968_06_26_Peanut_Butter_Anonymous
WOR - 1968_06_27_Dr_Fu_Manchu
WOR - 1968_06_28_Strange_Poetry
WOR - 1968_07_02_Backsliding
WOR - 1968_07_03_Losing_Your_Eyebrows
WOR - 1968_07_05_Stuffed_Cats_and_Radio_Technology
WOR - 1968_07_20_Going_to_the_Races
WOR - 1968_07_31_The_Life_That_We_Live
WOR - 1968_07_xx_Starlings
WOR - 1968_07_xx_Trip_to_Barbados
WOR - 1968_07_xx_Trip_to_Grenada
WOR - 1968_11_30_Mill_Pickup_Truck
WOR - 1968_Attack_of_the_Locusts
WOR - 1968_Three_Worlds_Of_Jean_Shepherd
WOR - 1969_03_15_Frozen_In_Ice
WOR - 1969_03_17_Rumpelstiltskin
WOR - 1969_03_21_Square_Eggs_aka_Spring_Equinox
WOR - 1969_03_28_Margate_Elephant-repaired
WOR - 1969_04_10_Bullets_Xrays_Corkscrew
WOR - 1969_05_28_Fantasies
WOR - 1969_06_06_The_Cut_clipped
WOR - 1969_08_04_Wrong-way_Corrigon_clipped
WOR - 1969_09_05_Horse_Opera_1
WOR - 1969_09_08_Salute_To_Jersey
WOR - 1969_09_10_NY_Losers
WOR - 1969_09_11_Quarks_and_Time
WOR - 1969_09_12_Looking_For_Action
WOR - 1969_09_15_Army_Story
WOR - 1969_09_17_Australian_Sharks
WOR - 1969_09_18_Army_Fist_Fight
WOR - 1969_09_22_Stripes
WOR - 1969_09_23_Something_To_Believe_In
WOR - 1969_09_23_Yankee_Doodles
WOR - 1969_09_24_TV_Plot_Ideas_edit
WOR - 1969_09_26_Now_Generation
WOR - 1969_09_27_Almost_Busted
WOR - 1969_09_29_Radar_and_Practical_Jokes
WOR - 1969_10_01_Fearless_Orthodontist
WOR - 1969_10_02_Da_Mets
WOR - 1969_10_05_Almost_Busted
WOR - 1969_10_06_Army_SOS
WOR - 1969_10_07_Monsters
WOR - 1969_10_08_Two_Kinds_of_Education
WOR - 1969_10_10_Sandy_the_Bar_Dog
WOR - 1969_10_12_Halftime_Sousaphone
WOR - 1969_10_13_Beneath_your_Feet
WOR - 1969_10_24_Obscene_Band_Formation
WOR - 1969_10_27_Testimonials
WOR - 1969_10_28_Jack_Kerouac
WOR - 1969_10_30_Look_in_the_DRs_Eye
WOR - 1969_11_02_Pinboy_clipped
WOR - 1969_11_05_Pomposity
WOR - 1969_11_06_40_Inch_Soaking_Pit
WOR - 1969_11_13_Buzzwords_clipped
WOR - 1969_11_16_Choosing_First_Car
WOR - 1969_11_17_French_75
WOR - 1969_11_18_Fly_Glide_and_Soar
WOR - 1969_11_19_Talk_Shows
WOR - 1969_11_21_Food_Surprises
WOR - 1969_11_21_Nitty_Gritty_Radio
WOR - 1969_11_23_Army_Liquor
WOR - 1969_11_24_Fastest_Gun_in_the_West
WOR - 1969_11_25_Trapped_in_the_John
WOR - 1969_Fantasies
WOR - 1969_First_Live_Performance
WOR - 1969_Getting_Sick_In_Army
WOR - 1969_Potpourri_Night
WOR - 1969_Second_Annual_Vast_Marching_Hoard_of_Mankind
WOR - 1970_04_11_Popular_Mechanics
WOR - 1970_04_15_Flying_Quaker
WOR - 1970_04_22_clipped_Earth_Day
WOR - 1970_06_19_Summer_Picnics
WOR - 1970_06_23_Ants
WOR - 1970_07_07_EH_Scott_Radio
WOR - 1970_07_15_Paperboy_Stories
WOR - 1970_08_15_Inventions_and_Myths
WOR - 1970_08_22_Nome_Alaska
WOR - 1970_08_29_Spit_Cards_Tennis
WOR - 1970_09_04_Snakes
WOR - 1970_09_05_TV_Commercials
WOR - 1970_09_11_Fixing_the_Old_Mans_Car
WOR - 1970_09_26_Toad_Invasion
WOR - 1970_10_xx_Nome_Alaska
WOR - 1970_11_07_Cars
WOR - 1970_11_27_Bus_Stories
WOR - 1970_11_28_Wilbur_Duckworth
WOR - 1970_12_01_Bar_Fight
WOR - 1970_12_02_Games_and_Envy
WOR - 1970_12_05_Army_Pranks
WOR - 1970_12_09_Block_Of_Ice
WOR - 1970_12_10_Duty_Corporal
WOR - 1970_12_21_Marching_Band
WOR - 1970_Domeliner_Train
WOR - 1970_How_Radio_Works
WOR - 1970_Second_Name_Show
WOR - 1970_Space_Credit_Card
WOR - 1970_Steel_Mill_Revisited
WOR - 1971_01_05_Ethics
WOR - 1971_01_07_Scientific_Proof_aka_Fear_of_the_New
WOR - 1971_01_08_Old_Radio
WOR - 1971_01_13_Private_Sanderson
WOR - 1971_01_14_Lights_Out
WOR - 1971_01_16_The_Camel_and_the_Coat
WOR - 1971_01_17_Presidents
WOR - 1971_01_19_Witch_Doctors
WOR - 1971_01_20_Severe_Nausea
WOR - 1971_01_22_Frogs
WOR - 1971_01_26_Old_Man_and_Job_at_Bendix
WOR - 1971_02_08_Camera_Balloon
WOR - 1971_02_19_Glasses
WOR - 1971_02_xx_DX_Ham_Radio_CW
WOR - 1971_03_04_Name_Show
WOR - 1971_03_27_Rubbernecks
WOR - 1971_04_10_Army_Glasses
WOR - 1971_04_10_Trains
WOR - 1971_04_24_Stealing
WOR - 1971_04_xx_JSA_Reviews
WOR - 1971_04_xx_Sea_Cow
WOR - 1971_06_05_Shep_vs_Coke_Machine
WOR - 1971_06_xx_Lurking_Disaster
WOR - 1971_06_xx_Plagiarism_Racing
WOR - 1971_07_16_Practical_Jokes
WOR - 1971_07_22_Super_Slobs_and_Dogs
WOR - 1971_07_xx_Air_Stories
WOR - 1971_07_xx_Events_Calander
WOR - 1971_07_xx_Flying_and_Lemmings
WOR - 1971_07_xx_No_License
WOR - 1971_08_31_Sheps_Book_and_Clubs
WOR - 1971_08_xx_Publishing
WOR - 1971_08_xx_Secret_Fears
WOR - 1971_08_xx_Spiders_Cracker_Jack
WOR - 1971_09_01_Take_Out_The_Garbage
WOR - 1971_09_07_Cowboy_X_USO_Book
WOR - 1971_09_08_Crystal_Radio
WOR - 1971_09_09_Dracula_Black_Forest
WOR - 1971_09_11_Big_Frankie
WOR - 1971_09_18_Underground_Fire
WOR - 1971_09_25_Drunken_Animals
WOR - 1971_09_30_Phantoms_and_Snakes
WOR - 1971_10_11_Conference_At_Playboy
WOR - 1971_10_12_Commercials
WOR - 1971_10_15_Four_Day_Pass
WOR - 1971_10_27_Advice_and_Admiration
WOR - 1971_10_xx_Car_Dealer
WOR - 1971_10_xx_Devils
WOR - 1971_10_xx_NJ_And_Kentucky_Devils
WOR - 1971_10_xx_Parade_Marching_Band
WOR - 1971_10_xx_Reviews_Nostalgia
WOR - 1971_10_xx_UK_Car_Shopping
WOR - 1971_11_17_Battle_Re-enactments
WOR - 1971_11_19_Buttered_All_Over_Ernie
WOR - 1971_11_23_Harlem_Jazz
WOR - 1971_11_24_Grand_Ole_Opry
WOR - 1971_11_25_Crank_Calls
WOR - 1971_11_26_Wet_Cement
WOR - 1971_11_29_Disposable_Car_restored
WOR - 1971_11_xx_Army_Induction
WOR - 1971_11_xx_Mean_People_restored
WOR - 1971_12_03_Stealing
WOR - 1971_12_14_Fungus
WOR - 1971_12_15_Flying_Quaker
WOR - 1971_12_16_Used_Cars_2
WOR - 1971_12_26_Wimpy_Doll
WOR - 1971_12_xx_Earthbound_and_Flyers
WOR - 1971_12_xx_Hunters_Stew
WOR - 1971_12_xx_Kooky_Stamps
WOR - 1971_12_xx_Plants_Ham_Radio
WOR - 1971_12_xx_Real_US_History
WOR - 1971_12_xx_Shepherd_Experience_2
WOR - 1971_12_xx_Trains
WOR - 1971_12_xx_Turnips
WOR - 1971_Amateur_TV
WOR - 1971_Army_Payday
WOR - 1971_Army_Shoes
WOR - 1971_Bedbug
WOR - 1971_Collecting
WOR - 1971_Comedy_Technique
WOR - 1971_Confession_Night
WOR - 1971_Drunk_Tracking
WOR - 1971_Ecology
WOR - 1971_Fake_IDs_Diplomas_Credentials
WOR - 1971_Hobbies_and_Collecting
WOR - 1971_Ice_Age_Wild_Life
WOR - 1971_Junk_Mail
WOR - 1971_National_Spitting_Contest
WOR - 1971_Patrol_Boy
WOR - 1971_Peace_Watch
WOR - 1971_Popular_Mechanics
WOR - 1971_Press_Conference_1
WOR - 1971_Press_Conference_2
WOR - 1971_Rats
WOR - 1971_School_Jack_Morton
WOR - 1971_Signal_Corp_Song
WOR - 1971_Slogans
WOR - 1971_Spicy_Detective_Ads
WOR - 1971_Stamps
WOR - 1971_The_Specialist
WOR - 1972_01_11_clipped_end
WOR - 1972_01_17_Comic_Strip_Quiz
WOR - 1972_01_21_South_Dakota
WOR - 1972_01_xx_Behind_The_Scenes
WOR - 1972_01_xx_Boarding_House
WOR - 1972_01_xx_Long_John_Nebel_1
WOR - 1972_01_xx_Long_John_Nebel_2
WOR - 1972_01_xx_Long_John_Nebel_3
WOR - 1972_01_xx_Sense_Of_Place
WOR - 1972_02_03_Rain_Cabs_Fish
WOR - 1972_02_10_Diners_and_Excelsior_restored
WOR - 1972_02_15_Army_Latrine
WOR - 1972_02_16_Ham_Wedding
WOR - 1972_02_18_Bankrobbers
WOR - 1972_02_21_Studs_Terkel
WOR - 1972_02_25_The_Old_Mans_300_Game
WOR - 1972_02_28_Banks_Watchers
WOR - 1972_02_xx_Bodies
WOR - 1972_02_xx_Lurking_Suckers
WOR - 1972_02_xx_Straws_In_The_Wind
WOR - 1972_02_xx_West_Coast
WOR - 1972_03_01_Cockroach_Races
WOR - 1972_03_02_Stage_Foibles
WOR - 1972_03_03_Lurking_Suckers
WOR - 1972_03_06_March_Surveying
WOR - 1972_03_07_Al_and_Mabel_edit
WOR - 1972_03_08_UK_Japan_Greece_restored
WOR - 1972_03_13_Frauds_and_Hoaxes
WOR - 1972_03_14_Carroll_OConnor
WOR - 1972_03_15_Trivia_Quiz
WOR - 1972_03_17_Dublin_Pub
WOR - 1972_03_20_Flying_Bicycle
WOR - 1972_03_21_Spring
WOR - 1972_03_22_History_Etc
WOR - 1972_03_29_Tornado_At_Mill_restored
WOR - 1972_03_31_New_CO_restored
WOR - 1972_03_xx_Brooklyn
WOR - 1972_03_xx_Censored_Lyrics_clipped
WOR - 1972_03_xx_Creepy_Stories
WOR - 1972_03_xx_Theory_Of_Evil
WOR - 1972_04_04_World_Trip_1
WOR - 1972_04_06_World_Trip_2
WOR - 1972_04_10_World_Trip_3
WOR - 1972_04_11_Twits_Etc
WOR - 1972_04_12_Chaplain
WOR - 1972_04_13_World_Trip_4
WOR - 1972_04_14_Cockfight_restored
WOR - 1972_04_17_TV_Doctors
WOR - 1972_04_19_Zipper_Trouble_edit
WOR - 1972_04_20_Traffic_Of_The_Future
WOR - 1972_04_21_Kiteman_restored
WOR - 1972_04_24_Bad_Mistakes
WOR - 1972_04_26_Kid_Game
WOR - 1972_04_28_Neomasochism_restored
WOR - 1972_04_28_Witch_Doctor
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Banana_Oil
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Bangkok
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Chicago_Rialto
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Chinatown
WOR - 1972_04_xx_College_Radio
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Controlled_Environment
WOR - 1972_04_xx_East_Side_NYC
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Geography
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Great_Plays
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Japan
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Lost_Ticket
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Memory
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Obscene_Bath_Mat
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Potpourri
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Secret_Panels
WOR - 1972_04_xx_Special_Events
WOR - 1972_05_03_Practical_Jokes
WOR - 1972_05_08_Food_Surprise
WOR - 1972_05_10_Cannibalism
WOR - 1972_05_15_Airports_and_Sailplanes
WOR - 1972_05_17_Image_Distortion
WOR - 1972_05_19_Galloping_Ego
WOR - 1972_05_22_Dirigibles
WOR - 1972_05_23_Railroading
WOR - 1972_05_24_Hollering
WOR - 1972_06_02_Inspector_16_restored
WOR - 1972_06_06_Code
WOR - 1972_06_07_Historic_Rooms
WOR - 1972_06_08_Porn_Theatre
WOR - 1972_06_08_Witchcraft_Jug_Band
WOR - 1972_06_09_Transistorized_Shep
WOR - 1972_06_12_Beware_of_Animals
WOR - 1972_06_13_Philly_Boo_Birds
WOR - 1972_06_15_Roaches_Ring_and_Balloon_Guinea_Pigs
WOR - 1972_06_19_Hamsters_and_Horses
WOR - 1972_06_21_Back_Of_The_John
WOR - 1972_06_22_Rats_and_Cockroaches
WOR - 1972_06_26_Kits_And_Hobbies
WOR - 1972_06_27_Staten_Island
WOR - 1972_06_30_Old_Mans_Pontiac
WOR - 1972_06_xx_Airports_and_Sailplan
WOR - 1972_06_xx_Car_Parts
WOR - 1972_06_xx_Fads
WOR - 1972_06_xx_Frenzied_Animals
WOR - 1972_06_xx_Hooray_For_NY
WOR - 1972_06_xx_Railroading
WOR - 1972_06_xx_Tornado_At_Mill
WOR - 1972_06_xx_USA_Ingenuity
WOR - 1972_07_05_Lightning
WOR - 1972_07_06_Roller_Skating
WOR - 1972_07_21_Voyeurism
WOR - 1972_07_25_Pilfered_Crosswords
WOR - 1972_07_28_Owls_and_Penguins
WOR - 1972_07_xx_Minnesota
WOR - 1972_07_xx_Show_Biz_Stories
WOR - 1972_08_03_Chewing_Tobacco
WOR - 1972_08_18_Hitch_Hiking
WOR - 1972_08_xx_Ben_The_Rat
WOR - 1972_08_xx_Fishing_clipped
WOR - 1972_08_xx_Gordian_Knot
WOR - 1972_08_xx_Trip_To_Sweden
WOR - 1972_08_xx_VD_Film
WOR - 1972_09_06_Zoo_Opera
WOR - 1972_09_08_Bugs
WOR - 1972_09_11_Animal_Night
WOR - 1972_09_13_Drunk_Tracking
WOR - 1972_09_19_Bad_Taste_Night_restored
WOR - 1972_09_19_Bad_Taste
WOR - 1972_09_20_Talk_In_Chickasaw
WOR - 1972_09_21_Beer
WOR - 1972_09_22_The_Dentist
WOR - 1972_09_27_A_Clairvoyant
WOR - 1972_09_28_Red_Baron
WOR - 1972_09_29_Keep_Knees_Loose
WOR - 1972_10_02_Dungs_The_Word_restored
WOR - 1972_10_03_Pinboy_and_Caddy
WOR - 1972_10_06_Window_Breaker
WOR - 1972_10_12_Smellovision
WOR - 1972_10_13_Joe_Franklin
WOR - 1972_10_13_Superstition
WOR - 1972_10_16_Found_Money
WOR - 1972_10_18_Carnegie_Hall_Recap
WOR - 1972_10_19_Playing_Chicken
WOR - 1972_10_24_Queens
WOR - 1972_11_01_Reverse_Astrology_edit
WOR - 1972_11_02_Army_Chickens
WOR - 1972_11_03_Soup
WOR - 1972_11_06_Lice
WOR - 1972_11_08_Instant_Deja_Vu
WOR - 1972_11_09_Martha_Deane
WOR - 1972_11_09_Sneaky_People
WOR - 1972_11_10_Seven_Million
WOR - 1972_11_13_The_Shocking_Truth_About_Figs
WOR - 1972_11_14_Polly_Parrot_and_Banks
WOR - 1972_11_16_Car_Number_1_aka_First_Car_Sale
WOR - 1972_11_17_Singing_Chicken
WOR - 1972_11_20_Cavemen_aka_Without_Them
WOR - 1972_11_21_Slob_Equipment
WOR - 1972_11_22_Turtles_and_Blowguns_aka_Turtles_on_the_Runway
WOR - 1972_11_24_Hippos_and_Bones
WOR - 1972_11_xx_Eating_Dog_Food
WOR - 1972_11_xx_West_Side_NYC
WOR - 1972_12_01_Mistakes
WOR - 1972_12_04_Marching_As_Art
WOR - 1972_12_07_Minor_Celebrity
WOR - 1972_12_08_Streetlight
WOR - 1972_12_14_Games_and_Frogs
WOR - 1972_12_15_Slob_Food
WOR - 1972_12_21_Jews_Harp_Virtuosity
WOR - 1972_12_22_Alex_Bennett
WOR - 1972_12_26_Food_Poetry
WOR - 1972_12_27_Ribbon_Cutting
WOR - 1972_12_28_Majestic_Goose
WOR - 1972_12_29_Radiator_Ornaments
WOR - 1972_12_xx_Beer_and_Uncle_Carl
WOR - 1972_1975_Short_Shows
WOR - 1972_Australia
WOR - 1972_Greenwich_Village
WOR - 1972_Letters
WOR - 1972_Sports_clipped
WOR - 1972_The_Influence_of_Comic_Strips
WOR - 1973 01 02 Reformed ShepandNJ
WOR - 1974 01 07 DownUnder
WOR - 1975 01 03 TheDelta Queen edit
WOR - 1976 01 02 edit PerfectingMan
WOR - 1977 01 xx Old Electricaledit


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