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NEW UPDATED HAMSHACK:  Featuring the TEN-TEC Orion II and TEN-TEC Omni VII Radios.

The picture above on the right is part of the "new streamlined" ham radio control room of John Occhipinti, K3UR.

Please click on the picture above on the right to ENLARGE it.


NOTE: Many of my original Patriotic, Military and Gospel Songs are now available to listen to for free on soundcloud.com. You can also hear them on my Facebook page 


and you will be able to listen to many of these songs that I have written, playing the piano, the organ and singing in 3 part harmony. I recorded all these songs at my home music studio using Adobe Audition and the Heil PR40 microphone. I trust that these songs will be a blessing to you and your families. God bless you and your families from,  John D. Occhipinti, K3UR, Chaplain, REACHOUT MINISTRY.

Click on this link and watch and listen to John K3UR speak at the TEN-TEC 2013 Homecoming Hamfest in Sevierville, TN, home of TEN-TEC Inc on Friday September 27, 2013.



Seen above on the right: are the TEN-TEC Orion II and TEN-TEC Omni VII radios, Array Solutions Power Master SWR/Watt Meter, W2IHY Iplus and TEN-TEC custom speaker. Above the radios is the Acer 24 inch monitor.

Center: is the 27 inch HP2710m Monitor with the ten_tec radio net Group. John K3UR is the Group Owner and Moderator of the ten_tec radio net Group and invites everyone to visit this elite Yahoo Group. You can visit this Yahoo Group at


Also seen is the Sennheiser MD421 studio mic, supported by the OC White 61900-BG Elite ProBoom.

Seen above on the left: Ameritron ALS-1300 Solid State Amplifier, Ameritron ATR-30 Antenna Tuner, Ameritron Remote 8 Position Coax Switch Box, W2IHY 8-Band EQ, W2IHY EQplus, Hygain Ham IV Rotor Box and the Kenwood TM-281 2 meter radio.

John also uses the Heil PR-40 Mic, an Ameritron AL-1200 Amplifier and various other audio gear and mixers, not shown in the above picture.


Schedule of the 6 weekly TEN-TEC Nets in the order of which they begin:

80 meter PSK31 net meets each Saturday 8PM Eastern Time on 3.581. Ben KE3KQ, PA is Net Control.

160 meter SSB net meets each Saturday at 9PM Eastern Time on 1.907.5 Andy W3LI, PA is Net Control.

40 meter SSB net meets each Sunday at 2PM Eastern Time on 7.263. Manny KB4NC, NC is Net Control.

20 meter SSB net meets each Sunday at 3PM Eastern Time on 14.325. Dan K4RF, NC is Net Control.

40/80/40 meter Split CW net meets each Monday at 8PM Eastern Time on 7.063, change at 8:30PM ET

to 3.536, then back to 7.063. Rich N0ENO, KS is Net Control.

40/80/40  meter Split CW net meets each Wednesday at 8PM Eastern Time on 7.063, change at 8:30PM ET

to 3.536, then back to 7.063. Rich N0ENO, KS is Net Control.


Lloyd, N2KPC from NJ is the Assistant Net Manager.

Rich, KJ6WIB from CA is the Administrator for the TEN-TEC Data Base Program.

Bob, K4TAX from TN is the Technical Advisor to the K3UR Nets.

Click on www.sdr.org/ to access Stations you cnanot hear on the Amateur Radio Bands during thr nets.

Everyone with any brand of radio can check in and participate.

John D. Occhipinti, K3UR

Net Manager, 6 weekly TEN-TEC Amateur Radio Nets




Below is the certificate signed by Jack Burchfield, K4JU, President, TEN-TEC, INC. and Jim Wharton, NO4A, Vice President, TEN-TEC, INC. (These 2 fine gentlemen held these positions at the time in 2012 when John K3UR started the TEN-TEC nets).

"THE ORION II", by John Occhipinti, K3UR, (2012)

The Orion II always comes out on top, this radio is the cream of the crop,

with features and benefits that stand out, the Orion II never leaves a doubt;

it performs like a champ each and everytime, the Orion II makes us feel sublime;

the performance is one that we all can measure, using the Orion II is truly a pleasure,

the 30 day trial is one of a kind, this radio is the best you will find;

with a receiver that is second to none, this radio always gets the job done,

the Orion II proves to be a sure bet, this is one decision you will not regret.


"IF YOU WANT TO BE IN RADIO HEAVEN", by John Occhipinti, K3UR, (2012)

If you want to be in radio heaven, you should buy the Ten-Tec Omni VII,

do not be fooled by it's smaller size, you will be in for a big surprise;

it can transmit all the way to 4K, no matter what the skeptics have to say,

it rolls off at a smooth 70Hz, maintaining cleaness within the frequency skirts;

so if you want to be in radio heaven, you should buy the Ten-Tec Omni VII,

the menus are all so easy to use, with the Omni VII you cannot lose;

noise reduction and also running split, makes the Omni VII a real big hit,

so if you want to be in radio heaven, you've got to get the Ten-Tec Omni VII.

K3UR's New Universal Aluminum Tower and Cubex 5 Band Quad


Scroll down to see some poems that K3UR wrote about some "silent key's" and living legends. You can also see K3UR's hamshack, music studio, family, hamfests with some "famous hams" and many other interesting things. Thank you and God bless you and your families.


Our 50th Wedding Anniversary, was such a special time, the years have passed so quickly, yet our marriage remains sublime;

we met one night inside a church, yes it was love at first sight, as the months went by I knew, that our future would be bright;

on September 2, 1961, we joined together as one, our marriage has lasted these 50 years, because we included God's Son;

Jesus has blessed our family, with a daughter and 2 boys, all three graduated from college, and have brought us endless joys;

the morrow of this story, is to invite Christ in your home, He will keep your marriage together, and you'll never feel alone.


Our dear friend and brother in the Lord Bob Peters W1PE, passed away this afternoon July 26, 2011. Bob was a close friend of mine on Amateur Radio for the past 6 years and we shared the word of God on many occasions. Several weeks ago I received an email from Bob asking me to call him on his cell phone and to pray for him. He had suddenly became paralyzed from the neck down. While praying for him, I assured him that God was by his side and that God had His precious hand on his life.

I called and spoke to his wife Jane several days ago and she said that Bob was getting worse. I assured her that God had a purpose and to keep trusting Him. We do not have the answers why the children of God have to suffer, but we do know that God is in control and performs His will in His own time. When I received the news of Bob's passing away today from Jim K5WLQ, I wrote this poem about Bob.

"Bob Peters, W1PE", by John Occhipinti, K3UR

Bob Peters was truly a wonderful man, one who did his best, to lend a helping hand, he cared for others and would go the extra mile, to give someone in need, a reason to smile; a man of faith who truly loved the Lord, he used the Word of God as a two-edged sword; sickness came quickly and we all wondered why, but God had a reason why Bob had to die; God saw all his suffering, although Bob was tough, but God said, "Bob my son, you've suffered long enough", God took him to heaven and opened the door, W1PE is in heaven, to suffer no more.

God bless and comfort Bob's dear wife Jane and family at this time of great loss. Even though we go through the valley of the shadow of death, we are to fear no evil, for Jesus the Great Shepherd will sustain us with His love and mercy.

"A LIVING TRIBUTE TO W2IHY" by John Occhipinti, K3UR

W2IHY is Julius Jones, a very special man, helping "hams" around the world, in every way he can; electronics is his expertise, a designer of audio gear, just connect it to your radio, you'll be surprised at what you hear; this is just one part of him, he's also a family man, volunteering his time and talents, lifting others from sinking sand; I've gotten to know him personally, so believe these words I write, Julius is a special man, he's truly a shining light; this tribute is now written, while he is still alive, let us all join together, and give him a high five; thank you Julius for all you've done, God bless you for your love, your efforts have been noticed, especially from heaven above.

Notice: Our dear friend John Basilotto W5GI, passed away on January 13, 2011 after being stricken with cancer several years ago. I knew John personally, as we grew up together in Northern New Jersey. The things we had in common are too numerous to mention.

John was faithful to his God for many years, his suffering is over and he is now in the presence of his Father God, his Lord and Master Jesus Christ and the Blessed Holy Spirit.

I just wrote a poem for my beloved friend and brother in the Lord, W5GI.

"W5GI", by John Occhipinti, K3UR

W5GI has passed away, now he is with the Lord, because he was faithful, he has received his reward; we had many things in common, both with Italian smiles, we were raised in Northern Jersey, and had many similiar styles; now let's examine this gentleman, and example of a real true "Ham", John was an Army Colonel, yet was gentle as a lamb; cancer struck him out of nowhere, but John kept on smiling, he told us not to worry, but to remember him in prayer; W5GI has fought a good fight, with a big smile on his face, he served the Lord for many years, now he's in a better place; God said, "John, I know you've been strong, but you've suffered long enough, I have a special place for you, because you've been faithful and true".

May God bless and comfort John's family in this time of great loss. We have God's assurance that we will meet John again in that beautiful land called heaven. May we continue on in John's footsteps, being a "goodwill ambassador" for Amateur Radio. Thanks for the memories!


You can usually hear John K3UR, between 14.165 to14.180. Stop by for an "on the air" digital recording on the MacBook Pro. John will be using studio software for state of the art recordings and SpectraPlus for graphing your audio/frequency settings.

This is where Amateur Radio Operators are usually heard asking both "how's my signal and how's my audio"? The before and after mp3 recordings will be instantly played back over the air and the studio quality mp3's will be emailed, along with your SpectraPlus graphs.

Our goal is to instruct others on how to perfect outstanding audio utilizing the 3 kHz + bandwidth that most factory radios have and to minimize any unnecessary IMD's, that may cause interference to others on adjacent frequencies. This is just another part of the experimental portion of Amateur Radio, that helps to educate and advance this great hobby.

The true Amateur Radio Operator should always be courteous and patient, while always striving to be clean, articulate and zero beat! Our desire is that the "GOLDEN RULE" be used by everyone at all times.


Our dear ham radio friend James Murphy (Murf) WV4R, passed away on September 18, 2010 in Paris, Texas after a prolonged illness. Upon hearing of his passing away, I sat down and wrote this poem in remembrance of my beloved friend and brother in the Lord,"Murf".


Murf, you have finally graduated, and have earned your reward,
you've brought us so much joy, now you are with the Lord;
we know that you are smiling, and watching all us guys,
from your beautiful new home, far beyond the skies;
we'll do our best to make you proud, for we know we're not alone,
the God you served for many years, will someday take us home;
what a great reunion, when we reach heaven's land,
like you we'll finally graduate, and will surely shake your hand!

May God truly bless and comfort Murf's dear wife Rondalea KE5SSR, who stood by her husband's side right to the very end. Rondalea, we have the blessed hope of seeing your beloved husband again someday. Our loss is heaven's gain (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).

A thought to contemplate: One of the most expensive things on earth (gold), will be one of the cheapest things in heaven; yes the streets in heaven will be paved with gold. Think of the pearly gates, other precious stones and the center of attraction, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He will reunite us with Murf and all of our other loved ones. This is the blessed hope that we have! God bless you Rondalea, from Brother John, K3UR.

Rev. John D. Occhipinti, Chaplain of Reach Out Ministry, is known on Amateur Radio as, "John the Baptist". John is dedicated to preserving Amateur Radio and serves as an Official Observer, Local Government Liaison and Official Emergency Station for the ARRL, American Radio Relay League. John is also a member of the prestigious A-1 Operator Club.

K3UR has proven that success can truly be measured by this: "If I give you a fish, you will eat today; but if I teach you to fish, you will eat tomorrow".

Pictured below at the 2009 Orlando Florida Hamfest are; John K3UR and Julius Jones W2IHY. Julius is the designer and producer of all of the W2IHY Audio Gear which includes; W2IHY 8-Band EQ, the EQplus and the new Iplus. John feels highly honored that Julius chose him to be The Setup Specialist, W2IHY Audio Gear, several years ago.

John and Julius have also been involved in Christian Ministry for many years. The immense satisfaction of reaching out and helping others have brought them great rewards that money could never buy (Matthew 6:33).

John says, "the Lord may not pay the best wages, but He has the best retirement plan"!

Pictured below are John, his wife Rose and their 2 grandchildren David Peter Jr. and Nicholas Dominic (Nicky) on Christmas Eve 2009. John had recently reached 70 years of age when this picture was taken!

New Picture of John's House, Antennas and Palm Trees, 2010.

Pictured below is John, grandson David Peter Jr and son Jeffrey, Dec. 2007.


Pictured below is John's music studio in 2008


Brother John is also an accomplished singer, musician and songwriter and enjoys the "audiophile realm" of Ham Radio. His mellifluent tones are an amalgamation of depth, presence and clarity and his superb audio is clean, articulate and zero beat, within the legal bandwidth of good Amateur Radio practice.

Pictured below is part of John's music recording studio, his Fender guitar, Yamaha Baby Grand keyboard and Philharmonic electronic stereo accordion.



You can now hear many of John's original gospel songs on SoundCloud. Just click on this link and you will be able to hear John playing and singing many of his original songs.http://soundcloud.com/john-occhipinti-k3ur/sets

A few of the names of audio gear in John's recording studio are:  Aphex, Behringer, Furman, Heil, Korg, Peavey, RackRider, Sennheiser, Sony, Tascam, TC Electronics and Yamaha.

The newest additions to John's recording studio are the Tascam 24 TrackDigital Recorder. The new sound card is the M-Audio Delta 1010LT, 10-in/10-out PCI Virtual Studio, along with Sony MDR-V900 Headphones with 50mm drivers.

Pictured below is John's youngest son Jeremy, who taught school in Bangkok, Thailand for 4 years and now is in his 4th year teaching English, music and PE at King Abdullah University in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia.

He also is an accomplished singer, songwriter, guitar and keyboard player and has recorded 4 CD's. His latest CD entitled, "Back To Taylor Town" is now available on Amazon.Com. Jeremy has traveled and conducted concerts in many foreign countries and performs all of his own original compositions. He has touched the hearts and lives of millions of people all over the world.

Jeremy started writing poetry while in college and two of the first poems that he wrote were entiltled; "Dad, The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree" and also "Just Like You". Since then Jeremy and I have worked together to put music to both of these poems. Thank you and God bless you son!

Pictured below in Dec. 2007, from left to right; John's son-in-law David (who is in the construction business), Jeffrey (who is John's oldest son), Rose (my wife), David Peter Jr. (my grandson) and Michele, my daughter, who also is a school teacher. Michele has been teaching school for many years and has been honored as, "Teacher of the Year", along with many other high honors.

My son Jeffrey has a degree in Criminal Justice and also operates his own construction business in Portland, Oregon. Jeff is a die-hard Oakland Raider fan and has had little to cheer about the past few years!

New FTdx5000MP arrived at John's Hamshack on March 8, 2010

The pictures below are of John's hamshack, June 2010. The carpeted audio rack on the left consists of Behringer 1604 Mixer, Vectronics tuner, Ham IV rotor box, Array Solutions Power Master Digital Watt/SWR meter, Sony MDR-V700 DJ headphones with 50mm drivers and Kenwood TS-130 radio.

The 6 space carpeted audio rack bottom right contains the new Yaesu FTdx5000MP, SM-5000 Station Monitor and Behringer 2496 Ultra Curve Pro.

Above this is a Kenwood TS-870, Kenwood SP-180 Speaker and W2IHY Iplus that controls the Yaesu FTdx5000MP, Flex-5000 and Kenwood TS-870 radios. Also seen is the LP-Pan and Creative E-MU 0202 USB sound card.

Above this is a 6 space carpeted audio rack containing the Behringer MDX-2200 Composer Pro, Aphex 104, DBX 286A, Behringer DSP-2024P Virtualizer Pro and Power Pro 1620 Power Werks Power Conditioner.
In between the left and right audio racks is the boom mounted Heil PR-40 Mic, which was designed for Amateur Radio by Bob Heil, K9EID. The center carpeted rack contains an Acer 24 inch monitor. Above this is the Flex-5000 Software Defined Radio, the Logitech speaker system, W2IHY 8 Band EQ and the W2IHY EQplus.

Click on http://nu9n.com for one of the best websites for audio, recording and setting up your equipment. John Anning, NU9N is the audio expert, whom we all try to emulate. He has put together everything you need to know about quality sound on Amateur Radio. Thank you and God bless you John, NU9N.


Note: All future information about the FTdx5000 and the setting up of the menus and/or EQ will be done via email. If anyone needs any info or assistance please contact John at k3ur@att.net

Below is the Yaesu FTdx5000MP, Behringer 2496 Ultra Curve Pro, Kenwood TS-870, W2IHY Iplus that controls the Yaesu FTdx5000MP, Flex-5000 and Kenwood TS-870 radios. Also seen is the world famous Heil PR-40 mic and LP-PAN.

Above this is the Behringer MDX-2200 Composer Pro, Aphex 104, DBX 286A, Behringer DSP-2024 Virtualizer Pro and the Power Pro 1620 Power Werks Power Conditioner.

John's Tower, 5 Band Cubex Quad Antenna and Hazer taken in 2003.

Pictured below are John K3UR and Gerald W5SDR, Owner and Designer of the Flex SDR (Software Defined Radios) , taken at the 2009 Orlando Hamfest.

Pictured below are John W5GI, who at the time of this picture, was VP of Sales Flex Radio and John K3UR, taken at the 2009 Orlando Hamfest. Note: John W5GI passed away on January 13, 2011.

Below is the Flex Radio Power SDR Software. The screen features a plethora of displays such as; Spectrum, Panadapter, Scope, Phase, Phase 2, Waterfall, Histogram, Panafall and Panascope. This is the actual picture as it is set up in the hamshack of John K3UR in 2007.

Pictured below are Miki WA6F, VP Engineering Yaesu and John K3UR, taken at the 2007 Dayton Hamvention.

Pictured below from left to right are Jerry N6UME, John K3UR and Dennis K7BV at the 2009 Orlando Hamfest.

Pictured below are John K3UR and Hiroshi JH1WXT, Yaesu Engineer and designer of the Yaesu FT-2000 and FTdx5000, taken at the 2007 Dayton Hamvention.

Also featured is the incomparable Heil PR-40 Mic. Bob Heil is an accomplished concert organist and has worked with many musical groups which include; The Eagles, The Who, Stevie Wonder and others.

Bob also has the distinction of being elected into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. This picture of John K3UR and Bob Heil K9EID was taken at the 2009 Orlando Hamfest. This mic gives the very best audio attainable on Amateur Radio. Thanks for the memories Bob!

Pictured below is the world famous W2IHY Audio Gear, consisting of the 8-Band EQ, EQplus and the new Iplus, as they are set up in the hamshack of John K3UR, taken in 2007.

Pictured below are John K3UR and the inimitable W2IHY Julius Jones, the Owner and Designer of all of the W2IHY Audio Boxes that are in use by Amateur Radio Operators all around the world. It has been my pleasure to know Julius as a personal friend, brother in the Lord and one of the most respected Amateur Radio Operators on the bands. I feel highly honored that he has chosen me to be The Setup Specialist, W2IHY Audio Gear several years ago. This picture was taken at the 2009 Orlando Hamfest.

These three below belong to a select group of knowledgeable audiophiles who have attained outstanding eSSB audio. From left to right: John K3UR, Larry W3OZ, Duke NA1A, at the 2007 Dayton Hamvention.

Larry, W3OZ is one of the most knowledgeable persons, when it comes to audio and he has demonstrated this with his outstanding website. Please visit http://w3oz.com and you will receive a free education in audio setup and recording. Larry happens to be one of my special friends on Amateur Radio and has a heart as big as gold!

Rose and John's Palm Trees (Florida comes to Atlanta) in 2010

K3UR's House, Antennas and Palm Trees, 2010.

More of John and Rose's Palm Trees and new Universal Aluminum Tower & Quad, January 2012.


Click on John's webpage http://k3ur.comand check out his hamshack, tower/quad, family and music studio. The pictures below of John and his wife Rose with the Palm Trees were taken at the Orlando Hamfest 2009.

God bless you and your families. The King is coming!

John Occhipinti, K3UR.......The Voice of Atlanta

February 2010 ORLANDO HAMFEST:

John's first look at the new FTdx5000MP and SM-5000 Station Monitor.

John K3UR & FTdx5000MP, "love at first sight"! John was the first non Yaesu employee to see and touch this beautiful new radio, at the February 2010 Orlando Hamfest.

Left to Right: John, Jerry, Dennis at Yaesu Booth, Orlando 2010.

Note: Dennis and Jerry are great guys and an asset to both Yaesu and the ham radio world. The 3 guys appear to be guarding the FTdx5000MP!

John K3UR & Sam Jones at W2IHY Audio Booth, Orlando 2010.

Note: Julius Jones W2IHY, was snowed in up in New York State and asked me to help Sam. I feel very fortunate to have had this great opportunity to help Julius, after all of the wonderful work he has done for ham radio around the world.

Dayton Hamvention 2010:

Pictured from left to right: John K3UR, Miki WA6F, Yaesu VP Engineering, Hiroshi JH1WXT, Engineer/Designer of FTdx5000

Pictured from left to right: John K3UR and Miki WA6F

Metro Atlanta Hamfest, Lawrenceville, GA. November 6-7, 2010

Left: Jerry Darby N6UME Right: John Occhipinti K3UR at Yaesu Booth.

Visit my regular website at http://k3ur.com

God bless you and your families and thanks for visiting!

John Occhipinti K3UR, The Voice of Atlanta

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