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QSL: NO E QSL'S, NO LOTW, I want paper DX QSLs

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Ham Member Lookups: 37692


** WITHOUT CW IT IS JUST A CB STATION-I am old school **


(L) 50 MHZ 5 EL @ 75' w/1/2" HELIAX , 144 MHZ M2 18 XXX (37' BOOM) W/1 5/8" Heliax @ 71'

(MID) 50-144-222-432-1296 BEAMS TOP ANTENNA @ 73',

(R) 20-15-10 TRI-BANDER on a HAZER @ 47', ABOVE IT, 8 el 144 (vertical polorazation for Fm) @ 50',  5  El 50 MHz  @ 53', above it 16 El KLm 144 MHZ @57'., and a 17 EL 432 MHZ @ 60'


HAM 65 YEARS ( MAY 25 1952-May 25 2017)

I'm a VHFer-I love the DXing part-I do very little rag chewing.I enjoy working, on 50 mhz, a weak F2 signal on cw from a distant country or during the Summer on E Skip working multi hop EU or AF stns.. Or on 144 MHZ and above working tropo, e Skip or Aurora stns beyond my normal 350 mile range, mainly on CW.


I do not mean to brag, but after being a VHfer since 1957 I ought to have excelled at some things. Here are some of the things I'm proud of-

(1) 50 MHZ_I was FIRST Oklahoma station to get WAS on 50 mhz, it was #91 in1970. At that time I was the Easternmost station to have (50 state) WAS, other Eastern stations had 48 state WAS..I have WAC since 1982 and have DXCC # 412 and have the stickers from ARRL showing I have 150 countries confirmed, AM,CW or SSB, no digital.

(2) On 144 MHZ I have all 48 states confirmed without using EME or Digital. I just choose to do it the old fashioned way. I also have ,besides the 48 states, worked VE2 thru 5,XE2 & 3, CO and VP9.Again without EME or Digital

(3) 222 MHZ I have 34 states confirmed, plus VE3. At one time I held the land record with a contact with W2SZ in MA, FN32 @  1279 miles on tropo. I also have VERY RARE contacts on 222 MHZ E SKIP to NY, OH,PA, CT and VE3, as well as best DX AU contacts to CT.

(4) 432 MHZ I have 33 states worked, plus VE3 and XE2. I have also worked AU on 432 ,but it is rare.

(5) 1296 MHZ I have 18 States worked.


I also enjoy the SSSP contacts on 50 MHZ CW to JA during the summer E Season.

I'm on 144 thru 1296 (except 902-03)-working Aurora,E Skip,tropo or Meteor scatter.

I've been On VHF since 1957. I Don't do EME & the only digital I do is CW.

Some memorable times include-

50 mhz-On F2-Working FR5DN or FR1GZ Reunion Island (Indian Ocean)on 10/30/01 Via F2 16746 km(best DX)

222 mhz -On E SKIP (very rare) to CT,NY,OH,PA,VE3 (2047 km).

1296 mhz-On tropo-Working long distance to FN02 in NY (1569 km)or EM85 in NC. I have 18 states.

144 mhz- (43 States worked On E Skip)-Working to the West every State with OR & WA being best DX ,to the East also every State, with VE2 or ME (2377 km) with ME  as best DX, plus VE2. However, There are a few close in states that I failed to work on E Skip,( like KS,NE,MO,AR,) that I worked on tropo or AU.Also on a trip to Upstate NY I caught, on the mobile ,VP9 on as I passed thru N/E OH & into PA. On other trips I've worked NM & FL.

144 mhz-On Tropo To the East-Maine (2377 km-Best DX).To the S/E Florida Keys EL94, CUBA EL83 To the N/W EN19 Manitoba & DM79,DN70 in CO & DN71 in WY.To S/W N. Mex EM 65, XE2 DL95

144 mhz-On Meteor scatter (old style on CW or SSB-No digital -using my ears -I have worked CA,VE4,VE5,XE3,VE3,plus many other states)

222 mhz-On Tropo- MA FN32 (2058 km) EL96 in Florida. 222 mhz. is one well kept secret of how good a band it really is-Very close to 144 on tropo & almost as good on Aurora.On M/S have worked 8 states + VE3.

222 MHZ-On Aurora best DX is CT FN31 

432 mhz-On Tropo-Working FN31 CT (2069 km) & DN80 in CO, also XE2OR DL98. 432 MHZ Aurora is rare but I've worked some.

HF- Using Vintage Gear or my "JRC" JST 245 (love this radio on cw)-About the only HF I do is with the SKCC gang, mainly during  seasons when VHF is poor I work 80/40/20 CW.

(1963)-erecting a 90' tower on 900' hill overlooking Lake Ft. Gibson, Ok.. A 10 KW MARS Generator is to the left.

I used this VHF location from 1963-1980 (I'm going up the tower to add last section (with the gin pole), I'm just above the tree line-I never owned a climbing belt at that time in my life, I would just hook my leg inside tower & work hands free-what a dummy -I'm lucky to be alive now) You can see a long rope extending from base of tower-that is how I lifted each tower section with my car, then climb tower to attach as I did all this by myself) Good memories!!

50 MHZ -Ant. was a 6 el HY-GAIN 66-B-it is above trailer at top of tree.

After tower was up ,

I put stacked 144 mhz-11 el Cushcrafts , then on 50 mhz I put the 6 el Hy-Gain & on pole where 6 mtr. was I put up 432 mhz ant.s-4-16's

on a (H frame)


Old Tube Amplifiers -Still in service-50 MHZ Johnson 6N2 T-Bolt (500 wts) built in Feb '60.-----144 MHZ Gonset 903 (250 wts) New in 1967.

My two most favorite Bands-50 & 144- A 3rd favorite wud be 1296 mhz

1964-My uncle, Sam Lemons, W5ALI (born 1897 TN) -First ham in Muskogee area--Ham 1929-1974 On his left is my mother, Allene, (born 1903- here in Indian Territory-now Oklahoma, as of 1907) ,my oldest daughter Barbara (not a ham),me W5WAX, now K5SW -ham from May 1952-present, on Barbara's left.

--W5ALI was 1st generation,W5WAX/K5SW is 2nd generation,#3 Daughter Melissa N5KK - ham--1982-to the present- is 3rd generation of hams in family.

This Picture was taken during June 1964 VHF contest- located on hill by Ft. Gibson Lake.I Have a Grand Daughter Lilly, born in 1998 , who missed on Tech license recently,but will test again soon. She wants her call to be K5LIL ,then my K5SW call , if something happens to me. I hope she has a long wait!!.

THIS IS THE OLDEST PLATE I STILL HAD IN MY POSSESION-I 1st got tags in the 50's, I think.These colors (Black & Orange) are Oklahoma State University colors-1968


My Early Ham Radio

My first ticket was in May 1952 as WN5WAX, I became W5WAX in fall of 1952-- My first rig was a 6L6 xtal osc with one xtal 3728kc (8 watts W/40 dipole thru homemade antenna tuner) and the rcvr was a BC-342-N, surplus I bought for $35-- I worked 33 states as a novice on 80 mtrs.

Next I got a 80 mtr command xmtr (now I had a vfo)---the first commercial rig was a used Heath DX-35 and VF-1 and from a Montgomery Ward catalog store I ordered a Hallicrafters SX-99--I used these radios for many years .

I even operated 11 meters (When it was still a ham band in the 50's on CW & AM).

My tickets- Wn5WAX Novice May '52------ W5WAX Technician Nov '52------ W5WAX General Mar'53-------- W5WAX Advanced May '66 -------W5WAX Extra June '66

Later (1957) I became interested in vhf,converted a DX-35 from 10 to 6 mtrs,used a Intenational crystal converter 50 mhz to the AM bdcst band as an

I. F., then to the SX-99 ,then I built a Heath Sixer, then later built a Heath Seneca for better six and two work.-- I'm a pre-5 WPM ( I got extra in 1966-I Tested @ 20 WPM before FCC examiner in Dallas)

In 1977 I traded off my W5WAX and got K5SW because it had all three of my initals in it--however in Apr 1997 my wife and I formed a club (INDIAN CAPITAL AMATEUR RADIO CLUB) to allow me to get my W5WAX call back for it and when I am using vintage gear I use W5WAX to re-live earlier fun times.

I am also very active on vhf-uhf on ssb and cw, (not fm), on 50 thru 1296 mhz (except 902-03 mhz)-- I love it when vhf condx go beyond normal ground wave distance of 500 miles.

I learned of Ham radio in '46,when right after WW2, when the hams could get back on the air. My uncle quickly re-built an old ten meter AM rig (from before WW2) & I talked over it to a hams son in NJ,who was 11 years old also, & I was "hooked' on ham radio. But it was in the fall of '51 (age 16) as a junior in high school, that the HS biology teacher (Dale Reins ex-W5VJU-now KC5TL in GA) who was a ham & offered code/theory classes in the evenings, that I got my Novice ticket & built up my 6L6 XTAL OSC rig that I still use. Daughter, Melissa N5KK, is third generation and I have 4 Grandaughters and 1 grandson, and two great-grandaughters & great-grandson-who knows ,maybe 4th & 5th generation coming up. Life has been great and I am enjoying smelling the roses --check out W5WAX and W5VHF .

NOTE-All my gear is older, nothing newer than the '70's,for the most part.

Here is my current Grid Mobile station-Antennas are -17 El 432 Beam, 7 El 144 mhz beam, 25 El 1296 Beam, then I have an old Saturn 6 (3 Ring halo) circa 1960's, for 50 mhz, then I have 144 Mhz Square loop on Mag. Mount , Just behind the Saturn 6, then I have a mount for HF antennas ( I have coils for -40-20-10, plus 50 and 146 MHZ)


HERE IS HOW I RUN MAINLY 50 AND 144 MHZ-SATURN 6, 3 RING HALO, (CIRCA 1960), AND N0MST SQUARE LOOP FOR 144 MHZ and a 1296 OMNI loop for 1296 MHZ, the 144 mhz loop works well on 432 mhz.. I ADD 144,432 AND 1296 BEAMS ON BRACKETS ON ROOF MOUNT WHEN I'M READY TO GO on 50-144-432-1296 for GRID MOBILING. (without the height of the beams, I CAN GO IN / OUT OF MY GARAGE).





50 MHZ

On 50 mhz I'm up to 150 countries confirmed for DXCC. My rig is a TS-600 (circa 1960's) with a digital readout (Electronic Speciality Counter) to a Johnson 6 N 2 T-bolt Amp (kit form-built by Bob Cooper K6EDX in Feb. 1960) @ 700 wts to a M2 5 el beam @ 80' with 1/2" heliax feedline. The M2 5 el was a 6M7JHV that an ice storm damaged. I added ,in 2016, a JRC JST 245, that I use on 50 mhz as well.

Best DX FR5DN 16746 km

WAS #91 in 1970 ( I was the 1st OKIE to get WAS) & at that time I was the Easternmost station to work a "50 state" WAS .

WAC in 1981.

DXCC #412 in 2001





***cycle #19 cont.***
1 USA W5HEA '57 AM
2 Mexico XE1OE '62 AM
3 Canada VE4HA '62 AM
4 Bahamas VP7CX '63 AM
5 Alaska KL7FAV '66 CW (state # 49)
**cycle 20 starts** (Now have SSB & CW)
6 Chile CE3QG '67
7 Argentina LU3DCA '67
8 Puerto Rico KP4BRJ'67
9 Ecuador HC1FS '68
10 Guadel FG7XT '68
11 Peru OA4C '69
12 Dom Rep HI8XDS '69
13 Montserrat VP2MJ '69
14Uraguay CX3AA '69
15 Cuba CO2QR '70
16 Hawaii KH6IJ ** '70 (state # 50)
* *1st OK stn got WAS #91
17Barbados 8P6EN '72
18 Turks VP5RS '72
19 Costa R. TI2NA '74
20 Guatemala TG9KG '75
21 Bermuda VP9WB 75
***cycle 21 starts**
22Suriname PZ1AE '78
23Fr Guiana FY7AS '78
24 Canal Z KZ5NW '79 (del)
25Venezuela YV5ASU '79
26 Vir Is KV4/W4UWH '79
27 Br Vir Is VP2VDL '79
28 Cayman ZF2CT '79
29 Neth Ant PJ2DW '79 (del)
30 Guantan KG4BN '79
31 St Pierre FP0OO '79
32 Bolivia CP1AT '79
33 Japan JA8JL '79
34 Marshall Is KX6AQ '79
35 Ireland EI2W '79
36 Sable Is VE1AI/1 '79
37 Guam KG6JDX '79
38 Martinique FM7AD'81
39 Columbia HK4EB '81
40 Brazil PY2XB 81
41 St Lucia J6LOV '81
42 Galapa HC8VHF '81
43 Gambia C5AEH ** '81
**WAC award dated 2/5/82
44 Iceland TF3T '81
45Rev Gig XF4/XE1JJ '82
46 UN (NY) 4U1UN '82
47 Belize V3FB '84
***cycle 22 starts**
48 Portugal CT1WW 88
49Aruba P40JT '88
50 Falkland VP8PTG '89
51 Guyana 8R1AH '89
52 Trinidad 9Y4VU '89
53 Malta 9H1CG '89
54 England G4FUF '89
55 Jersey GJ4ICD '89
56 N Ireland GI3PDN '89
57 Scotland GM0LIR '89
58 Neth PA2VST 89
59 St Chris V47SIX '89
60 Cape Verde D44BC '89
61 Antigua V29AO '89
62 Anguila VP2EHF '89
63 Grenada J37AE '89
64 Sierra Leon 9L1US '90
65 Australia VK4BRG '90
66 Jamica 6Y5IC '90
67 Dominica J79/W6JKV'90
68 Azores CU3/K6EDX '91
69 N Caledonia FK30FU'91
70 Malawi 7Q7CM '91
71 Zimbabwe Z23JO '91
72 Ferd Nor PY0FF 91
73 Namibia V51E '91
74 Sint Mart PJ7/W1X '91(del)
75 N Zeal ZL1ANJ '91
76 Paraguay ZP6CW '91
77 Fiji 3D2AA '91
78 St Mart FS/W6JKV '91
79 Italy I0JX '92
80 Ivory C. TU4DH '92
81 Aves Is YX0AI 92
82 San Andr HK0/W6JKV92
83 Mauratania 5T5JC 94
**cycle 23 starts **
84 Spain EH7KW '99
85 St Vincent J87AB '99
86 Panama HP3XU '99
87 Equ Guin 3C5I '99
88 Pitcarn VP6BR 00
89 Wales GW2HIY '00
90 Reunion FR1GZ '00
91 Am Samoa AH8A '00
92 Juan Fern 3G0Z '01
93 Easter Is 3G0Y '01
94 Fr Poly FO5RA '01
95 Belguim ON4GG '01
96 Canary EH8BPX '01
97 Nic YN9HAU '01
98 El Salv YS1RR '01
99 Honduras HR1BY '01
100 E Kirib T32EQ '01
101 Ghana 9G5AN '01
102 Greenl OX3OX '01
103 Sweden SM7BA '01
104 Denmark OZ4VV '01
105 Faroe Is OY9JD '01
106 Germany DK3EE '01
107 Yugoslav YU1D'01
108 Switz HB9SJE '01
109 France F9YR '01
110 Sloven S57A '01
111 Croat 9A1CMS '01
112 Jan May JX7DFA '01
113 Zambia 9J2BO '01
114 IS of Man GD4WB'01
115 Cz Rep OK2ZW '01
116 Slov Rep OM8NY '01
117 Romania YO7VS 01
118 Guern MU0FAL 01
119 Lith LY2BAW '01
120 Finland OH5NQ '01
121 Poland SP2NJE '01
122 Austria OE5XBL '01
123 Estonia ES2RJ '01
124 Greece SV1DH '01
125 Latvia YL3AG '01
126 Ukraine UT7GA '01
127 Svalb JW5RIA '02
128 Norway LA5QFA '02
129 Bulgaria LZ2CC '02
130 Midway KH4/NH6FP '02
131 San Mar T77GO '02
132 St Helen ZD7WT '02
133 Ceuta EH9AI '02
134 N Cook ZK1AKX '02
135 Guinea 3XY7C '02
136 St. Paul CY9A '03
137 Sardinia IS0GQX '03
138 Baleric Is EH6NB '03
139 Haiti HH/W3CMP '06
140 Morocco CN8KD '06
141 ZB3B Gibraltar '07
142 TO5E St. Bart. '08
143 CT3FQ Madeira Is. '08
***Cycle #24 starts***
144 HA5JI Hungary '10
145 E77DX Bosnia '10
146 PJ2/K8LEE Curacao '11
147 PJ4E Bonaire '11
148 PJ76 St. Maarten '11
149 PJ6D Saba
150 E51CG S. Cook '12

G6SIX 1979 England

Here is a QSL I rcvd in 1979.At that time England did not have 50 mhz. I was  working them crossband ,USA was on 50 Mhz & EU stations were on 28 Mhz. (28.885 - 28.900) G6SIX  showed up on 50 mhz cw, I worked him & I rcvd this card. He also sent me a tape of my 50 Mhz sig as heard in England & of other ZS stations he heard. He never operated SSB to keep from giving away who he was to other G stations.I am told the operator was G5KW -now SK.


VHF ACTIVITY PINS 1992-1999-Only years that pins were offered-Got one every year



144 MHZ



On 144 mhz I have 48 states,VE2-VE5, XE1 ,XE2 and XE3,CO & VP9 -I'm old fashioned-the only digital mode I use is CW

Rig TS-820-S to a MMT/144 to a Gonset 903 at 250 wts. Antenna is a M2 18 XXX (37' boom) @ 75' with a SSB TOWER PREAMP and LMR-1200 heliax feedline.

I have a 2nd beam on another tower (Cushcraft 13-B2) @ 73' with 7/8' Heliax on another tower.

On a Hazer tower I have an old KLM  16 EL @ 63' with 1/2" Heliax.

.Lots of memories on- TROPO--MS--AURORA--E SKIP over the years.

My SWOT # is # 34-(there are not many hams , still "active", with lower SWOT #'s)

.Here are my records on 144 MHZ

AU W1VD (CT) 1274 mi (2018 km)

M/S WA1OUB(NH)fn43ad 1345 mi (2051 km)

Tropo K1WHS (ME) fn43mj 1398 mi (2251 km)

E/S WA6LHD (CA)cm88xf 1477 mi (2378 km)

The VP9 qso was when I was mobile going thru en92 Erie, Pa*** only 724 mi ***-counts for DXCC country

On GRIDS, AS OF DEC 20 2010- 306 worked-295 confirmed -Got tired of trying (QUIT) to confirm any more.

For FM I use a Yaesu FT-7900 to a 16 KLM beam on a tower with a Hazer at 53'


222 mhz


-Rig TS-820-S to a MMT/222 to a 110 wt Brick to a 14 EL KLM (circa '75) @75' with 1/2" Heliax

Here are my records on 222 MHZ

On 222 MHZ I Have 33 states + VE3

AU W3ZZ (MD) fm19jd 1022 mi (1645 km) Nov 8th 1991 2356Z

Tropo W2SZ/1 (MA) fn32kp 1279 mi (2059 km) Sept 13th 1992 0306Z

M/S VE3AX (ONT) fn02cw 968 mi (1558 km)

E SKIP WZ1V FN31 1273 mi (2047 km) July 6th 2004 2308Z



***222 MHZ E SKIP QSO WITH CT.-On 7/8/04 I also worked NY, OH, & VE3 on that e skip-VERY RARE OPENING *****


432 MHZ

When I retired (end of 1999) I got off 432/1296 to limit climbing towers. But as of June '06, I'm back on 432 mhz.

Rig-Kenwood TR-9500,S.S. Amp @ 80 wts,24 el Cushcraft @ 77' Wid 1/2" Heliax. or a 17 EL H.B. Yagi with LMR 600 @ 63'

Here are my 432 records

On 432 mhz- On Tropo I have 32 states (have 33 but never conf. VA)+VE3 + XE2-Best DX is CT - grid fn31, CO DN80 & XE2 DL98

 On Aurora- N0LL EM09 KS is best DX (lots of dopler)


I run a beacon W5VHF/b on 432.298 from my home EM25hr - 12 wts to a pair of loops @ 72', with LMR-400 feed line (I do turn it off if I'm using 432 mhz, but only briefly)


1296 MHZ

1296 MHZ QSL Cards-18 States Confirmed (posted around outline of map) Map used to plot 50 MHZ Paths

As of 22 Sept 2007 I'm back On 1296 mhz with 45 wts -

Rig is a ICOM 251A, to a KK7B board XVTR , to a DEMI PA 2360 @ 45 wts)- to a ( SSB TOWER mtd PREAMP) to a 55 el loop yagi (WD5AGO design) @ 64' wid 7/8" heliax .

I used to run a 2C39 water cooled amp & 50 wts, but sold it in about 1999 when I got off 1296 for awhile. I do also have a portable setup-(TS-700 to a MMT1296 /144, with an internal 10 wt. amp built by W7QJQ) & a 25 El loop Yagi, that I setup from my car on hills.

In past years-on trips to NY to visit family-I'd run a mobile setup-on 144, 432 & 1296 mhz-Had beams mounted on luggage rack of my Subaru, ( I just turned the car to point antennas) & made contacts all the way from Oklahoma to Upstate NY in Early 80's -before grid mobiling became popular)-especially used it from a hill in FN12- NY & made many contacts -working AU on 144, or ground wave on 432/1296 to CT, working NJ,VA, OH, IN, VE3 etc. from that hill- lots of memories from that era.

Here are my 1296 records

Tropo-I have 18 states-Two of the best DX are EM85 NC & FN02 NY. I currently have 67 grids

I have a I D chip that I run as a TEST BCN "de W5VHF/b EM25" on any VHF/UHF band ,on request. W5VHF is a Club Call that I'm trustee of.



I also operate from the submarine USS BATFISH #310, (4 miles from my home)a WW2 Memorial station is in the radio room of the boat (Ham call WW2SUB) where we have TS-440 , using an old Navy Key, to a 4-El Cushcraft 20-15-10 beam on tower @40' or to a 40 mtr dipole apexing off the coning tower, or a 80 MTR loop and on cw our SKCC # is 1366. More info on WW2SUB is found below.

***Punch up link below to the USS BATFISH**


To check out W5WAX & to see what I do to re-live earlier fun times with old tube gear when I'm not on VHF/ UHF go to site below.





***Without CW it is just a CB station***



SKCC #617C -Centurion # 3- WAS # 2 Love CW USING OLD KEYS

WW2 KEYS,J-38, McElroy Teardrop, Les Logan SPEEDX BUG,


EARLIER SETUP-ON AM I USED A COLLINS 75-A4, JOHNSON VALLIANT, D-104 MIC, also used the FT 101 for low power AM. Hallicrafter SPKR  I moved out the old AM gear, as I only would use it in the Winter months.


I'M A MEMBER OF THE W5VHF WEAK SIGNAL SOCIETY. We have on the air meetings on each monday @ 8PM on 144.190 with NCS in EM26.If you are located close enough & would like to check in with our group please listen & join in. We are horizonial polarzided on SSB & CW for checkins. We have anywhere from 20-26 checkins from 7 states (OK,MO,AR,KS,TX,LA & TN) each net. We also have meetins at some of our members homes from time to time, also we meet yearly at the Green Country Hamfest at Claremore , Ok. in APRIL of each year .

Here is our web site on QRZ-



I run a beacon W5VHF/b on 432.298 from my home EM25hr - 12 wts to a pair of loops @ 72', with LMR-400 feed line (I do turn it off if I'm using 432 mhz, but only briefly)


***NEW ADDITION in 2016 to shack,JST 245 for HF and 50 MHZ***






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QRZ Logbook Summary for - K5SW
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N5AFY 2013-09-14 2m SSB EM15wx United States LARRY W KING
N5AFY 2013-09-14 70cm SSB EM15wx United States LARRY W KING
KD4PS 2013-09-07 2m SSB EM58eo United States WILLIAM D EACHO (Dave)
WA6VWW 2013-07-31 20m CW DM13jw United States DONALD HYNDS
W2REA 2013-07-05 6m SSB FN02jc United States Terry W Rea
NO8C 2013-07-05 6M SSB EN71wc United States MICHAEL L COPAS
KG7OF 2013-07-05 6m SSB EM89ov United States CHRISTOPHER J WILKEN
N2WUT 2013-07-05 6m SSB FN03na United States WILLIAM F BUSCH ( Bill )
PY2VI 2013-06-26 15m SSB GH49eq Brazil IGOR ALEXANDRO FERREIRA
N5AFY 2013-06-09 2m SSB EM15wx United States LARRY W KING
KI4IDK 2013-06-05 20m CW FM04mx United States RICHARD T NORRIS
K0TPP 2013-06-03 6M SSB EM48rk United States Larry J Davis
YY4VMT 2013-06-02 6m SSB FK50xk Venezuela Victor Tavares
YV5IUA 2013-06-02 6m SSB FK60nk Venezuela JOHN CARDENAS

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