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To readers who do not know me well. Being from Texas originally I have a 'mean' streak in me and have been known to pick on close friends. Many of those people need a ribbin' now and then to keep them on the straight and narrow! Witness this Special NOTE: about "Newberry" the owner of a sweetgum plantation in JawJah and one of the finest Amateur Radio Operators, especially at the ripe old age of 80 to ever stumble around the house. Mr. Atlanta Braves baseball according the the commisioner of MLB. I refer to him as the "Ambassador of the State of JawJah."
NOTE: The photo at top right is NOT of K5YAA. I picked that old character up on the roadside in Georgia. He had his thumb out and a sign that read. Will work for a QSO (contact). Pitiful and shamelss old vagrant but with a big Texas heart the mistake of picking up a hitch hiker was made. My momma told me not to talk to strangers but the guy looked ragged and tired. Took him to one of the franchise places and had the manager feed him. $15.00 out of pocket! Never saw a fellow put away so many slabs of hashbrowns.
The Texas QSO Party of 2016 is in the books. Our story, N5NU and K5YAA can be read at:
Thanks all who followed us around the Great State of Texas.

See the page bottom for descriptions of many K5YAA mobile exploits as described on 3830 Score Rumors. 

In 2013, 14, 15 and 2016 K5YAA mobiled to and participated in over 25 state QSO parties and was in over 800 counties on the County Hunter CW frequencies. Had some great runs with operating partners in the Florida, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Wyoming (7QP), Montana (7QP), Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arkansas QSO parties. Have 5 QSO Parties in the books for 2015 and only a couple for 2016 due to illness.
Spares are continuously being added to my mobile arsenal. Mobile operation can be tough on equipment as I have found out over time. I have just recently refurbished my base station with a new second tower a 80 foot Rohn 55. The photo above shows the working end of Tower #2. Both towers sit on a 90 foot cliff rolling down into a valley. Europe and Japan are on the other side of the valley which, with the cliff elevation makes the RF look like 180' into both areas of the world. Antenna additions include a Force 12 Sigma 80 meter rotatable dipole and a Force 12 62' boom Combo yagi 6el on 20 and 3 fullsize elements on 40. Those two new antennas go along with my Force 12 6el 15 meter and 8el 10 meter beams on Tower #1.  I purchased one of the new Force 12 XR5-S 9 element yagis for 6/10/12/15/17 meter coverage which gives me coverage on 6/12/17. It has been been placed on the new tower. A 3el 30 meter M2 yagi has been put up on Tower #1. A 160 meter Vee off of Tower #2 completes the 10 band antenna effort. A DX Engineering 4 square receiving system arranged for 80 and 160 is in the valley below. Tower #2 arrays are turned by a K7NV prop pitch motor this particular one from a Lockheed P-38 Lightning.
Five Elecraft K3s now inhabit my radio room along with two Alpha 9500 amplifiers - a real workhorse of an amp. New Top Ten equipment has been employed for my SO2R setup. Many years have gone past now so 48 hour contests will likely be a thing of the past but there are many short spurt contests < 48 hours an old timer can have fun in. Here in the Midwest there are a number of contests that let us take off a few wee hours in the mornings for a bit of rest. I take advantage of band conditions to catch a few hours each night of a long test. The 24 hour ones will be the ones I participate in for their duration. Now a few comments on my amateur radio and personal history.
Licensed since August 1959 in Dallas, Texas as KN5YAA. Worked all states as a Novice (N in the callsign) when there were only 49. Was a Navy AT3 Flight Radioman aboard Super Constellations ( Willy Victors ) in VW-13 over the North Atlantic. Operated many hours from Argentia, Newfoundland as K5YAA/VO1 and Keflavik, Iceland as TF2WIU during 1963 and 1964. Have been on some good Field Days but one of my best ever was from a set of WW2 gun bunkers over looking Placentia Bay in 1964 as K5YAA/VO1. One bunker was SSB and the other CW. All Collins equipment with 2x4 supported dipoles on the cliffs. Several Coast Guard and Navy operators participated and local VO1 "Newf" operators helped with the set up. CW was our passion in those days operating on the early warning barrier and from the hanger top stations in Argentia, Newfoundland and Keflavik, Iceland.

CW contesting remains my favorite part of the hobby. I really enjoy the computerized improvements in logging and contesting since those early "log by pencil and paper" days. Thanks to the developers of many fine Amateur Radio programs and sites.

If you need an Oklahoma card or one from Rogers County, OK send yours along and I will reciprocate. I also try and put all my Qs on LOTW. eQSL has yet to send along their postcard address confirmation so I have that QSL method on the back burner for now. Never could get eQSL authenticated via LOTW so looks like a very long wait if you expect a confirmation using that service.

I've been in Oklahoma since 1989 and spent ten years in central Missouri - a great place to raise boys. Before that I spent 35 years in the Dallas, Texas area. My son Mark is K5YAC and my XYL Carol of 51 years is K5YAB. We love the midwest, the people and the countryside. Will never go back to the big city - too much concrete. I spent much of my working life in business designing and manufacturing radio-telephone equipment for the land mobile and aviation industries. The FCC had a way of getting in the way at times as the Federal Government often does but I made a good living and had a great ride in my business years. Finished my working days in data engineering at American Airlines and Equant, a joint venture between SITA of Paris, France and American Airlines. I taught myself embedded chip programming and C C++ along with a three or four other languages to compliment my hardware design capabilities. Wish I had learned software programming long before 1985. Talk about an easy and clean way to get things to do what you want them to do. Retired at 57 and have not looked back. Ham Radio is my life these days and I'm spending most of the hours of my days on some part of it.

Hopefully everyone else who has been in this wonderful hobby has gained as many friendships, as I have over the years. The hobby has been good to me as it put me on my life's work journey. Hearing Radio Moscow in my 8th grade science class on a SX38 brought in by my good friend Mike Cracraft ( formerly K5WZB ) peaked my interest in radio. The rest is history after getting a novice ticket administered by W5BXV Harry Moore. Harry was an Elmer of mine in the early years in this hobby. Harry became a Silent Key in 2003. High School friends I am still in contact with include AK5X Bill Hammond and K5FSE Jack Nelson. Both are good CW operators and remain on the air today.

A couple of years back Mike Cracraft was once again located or I should say his phone number was given to me by his big brother. Joel is a curator at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. Mike is still ex-K5WZB and resides in Houston, Texas where he has been since his college days. He has a wonderful wife named Lilliana who is a microbiologist and a joy to speak with. She likes to hear stories about Mike's days in high school. Stories Mike thought were surely covered up after all these years. Sorry Mike but you need some sunlight pal.

Bill and I shall work on getting Mike back in the hobby. We need another old timer to belly ache about physical and mental deficiencies that are increasing nowadays having always suffered from such ailments in the past especially the mental part. Mike will surely join us during our Sunday afternoon get togethers on 40 meter SSB. So how's the family? Weather good at your place? Any neighood rumbles this week? Another swig of Geritol Bill? 

Sam Barricklow K5KJ is a "son" of mine as I gave him his novice test in the mid-sixties. Sam is a well known and respected "storm chaser" although like myself his horse is getting grey and often prefers to stay hitched near a watering hole. Water in Sam's case, Bacardi hole in my case but in moderation and with a plate of seafood only. Bill Hammond, AK5X my grocery business and LTV avionics bench technician lifelong high school friend enjoy coffee together each morning as Bill looks around the bands using a remote K3 sitting on a 19" rack here in my "shack" dedicated to remote only operation. Bill has Teamview and can rotate both antenna arrays and view one of the Alpha 9500's. Yes, the one he keys when chasing a LZ Saint or British frigate, two of his favorite targets. 

Recently Bill, Pete, N5KD and Mark, KI0I (eye zero eye) came to my place and worked two days to prepare the latest antennas that have now been put up at my home station. They worked hard to make sure I was ready. My thanks go to them for their unselfish effort. Its good to have such dedicated friends after 57 years in the hobby.

Pictured below is the team of professional tower men who often schedule a stop at K5YAA's place to spruce up his antenna plantation. They had out the big "tools" on that day in January when Bill, Pete and Mark were here. None of those three wanted anything to do with the cage that dangled from on high! Not even helping to untangle the big fellow that snagged a pecan tree limb.

The new radio room or Communications Command Center for insurance adjusters, has been wired, cables stuffed in trays along the walls, painted and newly carpeted. No problems except initially when several Top Ten antenna selection devices went up in smoke. White smoke but smelly indeed. Bill and I scratched our heads over a couple of "mis-taped" coax runs. Only by accident did the swappage become noticed. Hmm, 20 meters looks good as long as 40 meters is selected on the Elecrafter K3 device... Hmm.

Some of my fondest memories of Ham Radio in Oklahoma include the many NAQP contests held at Ken Adams K5KA's place. Ken is now a Silent Key. Ken always had his station ready for action and had many FB operators from around the country come visit to play in the NAQP. An intense 12 hour contest operating operating in the Multi-2 category with two radio positions and two "spotting" positions. Vicki, Ken's wife always had delicacies prepared for our evening pleasure and made sure several times during our effort to check the ice level on cold drinks. At the stroke of midnight she carted her special "pizza style" jalepeno enhanced cheese covered cracker "patties" and a cooler of Coronas into the radio room. Coronas are a contest celebratory drink! One of, if not the most effective domestic contacts "only" installations in the country, Ken had several wins nationally for his Multi-2 efforts. I miss him and his enthusiasm for the hobby like many others do. Ken once told me "You know Jerry, you are not invited up here just for your company." I was taken back and honored by his recognition of my operating skill.

I managed the ARRL W5 Incoming Bureau for over 8 years and am a Past President of the Oklahoma DX Association. Also, an honorary Life Member of that group. Was the OKDXA Ham of the Year twice. I've been a member of the OKDXA since 1996. The OKDXA is a collection of FB DXers that meet at the local hamfests and have a DX Banquet each year usually in October. A number of the OKDXA members might be found on distant islands cranking through the "pileups." A great way to provide a new country or band country to others all over the world. The beaches aren't nothing to sneeze at either!

Although my name is Gerald I go by Jerry on the air and in person. I only recently have employed an automatic keyer after using straight keys and Vibroplex bugs for over 55 years of my 57 years in the hobby. When not using my computer to send CW I pound the brass with that Bengali Sculpture machinery and now and then plug in my Vibroplex bug or Bencher straight key to keep the dust off not only those keys but the fist as well. All devices that send the Morse Music please my eardrums and tickle my heart. A second language that even today can be sent and received faster than an old Texan can drawl. My body is in Okie land but my heart remains in the Republic of Texas. Remember the Alamo! Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett and Colonel Travis you boys shoulda had Ham Radio.

Below are several photos of my stations and people I enjoy being around. The custom built console houses a SO2R setup in the radio room (Command Central) and the mobile shots are of several QSO Party jaunts I have taken over the past few years. The mobile is made up of a K3, and a second K3 as a spare. A 1,000 watt Solid State amplifier makes up the RF part of the mobile. Two Tarheel antennas with two Honda i2000 generators one for backup, the other for running. I recently got that solid state amp from an old time mobile operator most folks know. Mr. Red, K5ALU who lives in his home in Mother and Apple Pie country around Springfield, MO. He and his wife Linda tow an RV around the states and North America for Rest and Relaxtion (R&R).

Red sold that solid state smoker to me on the condition a CBer would never get his hands on it! I'm curently running with it in hopes it will improve the "quality" of my CW signal. As of 2015 it definitely seems to have squelched the dwit dwit dwah sound. A meager 30 watts out of the K3 outputs 700 plus to the roof mounted antenna farm. It is capable of a full KW which I may try if I really need that QSO or if I ever venture up to 75 SSB.

NOTE: The trailer has now been retired (early 2016) and a cargo carrier installed to shorten the parking spots at any Cracker Barrel considerably. Whew! It was tiring walking the entire parking lot just to partake of an Uncle Herschel's catfish breakfast.

The picture with all the snow was during the Oklahoma QSO Party of 2010 when Gene Lewis, W5LE and I kept on shoveling inspite of the extra load and lack of any AC voltage to drive the battery charger. It snowed several inches in the middle of March! Messed up both generators I had at the time. I have now built a "plastic trash can" cover for the running generator to keep the rain and snow out of the carburetor. Tested heavily in the 2010 Florida QSO Party when it rained buckets full in Northern Florida. The generator stayed dry!

The finest tower team in the country and K5YAA has seen many such teams in his days in business serving the land mobile radio communications industry across the US. H&H Towers out of Warner, Oklahoma schedule stops at K5YAA's antenna plantation when adjustments, inspections or new "devices" need installing up top. Dad Virgil on the right, Allen the oldest son, bookeeper and scheduler next to Virgil, Ken, a newhire who likes places on high and finally Dusty on the left. The youngest of Virgil's brood and the only one who actually works. Their main endeavor is cellular industry support and government contracts to paint the big ones around the country. On the side they cattle ranch. Climb on safely men!

The Authority by the Navy to send faster Airborne CW using a "Bug". Beats a straight key hands down!

Naval Air Force U.S. Atlantic Fleet Radio Speed-Key Certificate.

 Single Operator 2 Radio (SO2R) Consoles in Command Central.

Matt K7BG, my 2015 7QP Partner and Myself at Matt's Montana Home.

                    K7BG K5YAA

 My longtime friend K5KJ and myself in the Texas QP 2014.

                            K5KJ       K5YAA 

 Mark, KI0I and me after the 2014 Arkansas QP.

                         KI0I K5YAA

Colin, KU5B Running 'em in Linn County Kansas - 2014 Kansas QP


K5YAA at the operating position - before much aging was set in.

K4BAI, The "Judge" John Laney III my FQP2013 operating buddy.

 Paul, N4PN an old goat in Hamilton County - 2014 FQP Action.


The Elecraft K3 - a neat little radio with many contesting features.

Snow in the middle of March in Oklahoma with W5LE in tow!

The mobile trailer before the boards were placed around the perimeter.

A front to rear view of the trailer installation.

My Dodge Caravan that has served me well.

For 6 Meter enthusiasts I was told this looks Cool. A M2 6M Loop.

Myself and my Texas and Missouri QP Operating Partner Doctor Erik.                            N5WR       K5YAA

Doctor Erik, doing some surgery on a TQP keying cable.

                N5WR Surgery?

Doc Erik,  Runnin' 'em in Barry County during the 2014 MOQP.


A few more photos of friends that love the hobby.

Mary, AB7NK and Husband Neil, K7SEN - Two avid County Hunters.

                       K7SEN AB7NK

Bill AK5X, Me , Pete N5KD and their Lovely XYLs.

 AK5X     K5YAA      N5KD    Laurie Phyllis

Paul, Mr. Baseball N4PN - my 2014 GAQP and FQP operating partner.


KO7X Alan Brubaker - everybody's WY mult, my dinner and 2014 7QP                                KO7X                              partner. RIP OM. Alan passed away in 2012 or so.

W0BH, Bob and N4PN strategizing about the 2013 Georgia QSO Party.

       W0BH                               N4PN

The 2016 KSQP is complete. You can read a story at: http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2016-September/406222.html


The 2015 TQP is complete. You can read a story at: http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2015-September/363900.html


The 2015 running of the Arkansas QSO Party is done. You can read mine and Mark's KI0I (eye zero eye) story at: http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2015-September/362052.html


The 2015 running of the Kansas QSO Party is in the books. You can read my rather long story at:



The 2015 7QP is over: You can read mine and K7BG's story at: http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2015-May/348890.html


The 2015 Missouri QSO Party is done: You can read our story at: http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2015-April/346395.html


A few new photos added of home station changes. More to follow after the radio room has been remodeled. The picture at the top of the page is of a Force 12 6el 20 meter 3el full size 40 meter Combination Yagi. Two tower crew members were needed to put the mast in the thrust bearing.


The 2014 Texas QSO Party is over. You can read our story athttp://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2014-September/322685.html


The 2014 Arkansas QSO Party is done. A story can be read athttp://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2014-September/321230.html


The 2014 Kansas QSO Party is in the books. You can read our story at: http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2014-August/319391.html - thanks for all the QSOs.


999 QSOs in the IARU Contest. 58 of the 59 1x1 Calls worked missing W1M. A terrific 24 hours spent in the mobile making 3 stops to the North and 2 stops to the South in Eastern Massachusetts. I will post a few photos after I return home early next week. Am in Framingham, CT now about ten minutes from the ARRL Convention Site but only 5 minutes from ARRL Headquarters where I spent most of today July 16 touring and operating W100AW. My boyhood was relived as I gazed at all the beautiful displays. The staff at headquarters have done a great job preparing for the hundreds of operators who will be visiting this week. 


Heading to Westborough, Massachusetts to be a spectator of WRTC 2014. Also will participate in the IARU contest on Saturday July 12 and 13 from the mobile. See wrtc2014.org for details on this special event.  After WRTC I will motor down to ARRL Headquarters for the ARRL Centennial Event. Once in a lifetime set of events. I'm fortunate to have the time to join in.


1,236 QSO s in Field Day as a 1C. Lots of stations on the air as usual. I think I smelled BBQ and maybe even breakfast on Sunday morning.


Interesting contest the ARRL VHF June Contest. 6 meters is definitely a different band. I made all my QSOs on 6 from the mobile using a K3 and M2 Loop mounted on the roof.  My story and results can be viewed at: http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2014-June/313476.html


The 2014 AQP is history too: My story can be viewed at http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2014-June/313120.html


Went to the Dayton Hamvention this year for the first time. A terrific experience and one I will never forget. Met and shaked the hands of many operators I have been talking to for 50+ years. There is no better feeling in the world. What a hobby we have. Some of the finest people in the world participating with us.


The 2014 7QP is history too: Our story can be read at: http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2014-May/310735.html


The 2014 FQParty is history too. Our story can be read at: http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2014-April/310183.html


The 2014 GAQP is history too. Our story can be read at: http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2014-April/309065.html


The 2014 MOQP is history too. Our story can be read at: http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2014-April/308482.html


The 2014 OKQP is now history. Our story can be read at: http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2014-March/307060.html


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