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CW FOREVER     by Jim Hatherley, WA1TBY    SK 12-19-2000

You must have at times thought into the past, 
Where some things go out while others last, 
What comes to my mind is the old morse code, 
That has weathered the storms from any abode, 
To talk with ones fingers is surely an art, 
Of any info you care to impart, 
In most conditions the signals get through, 
While the same about phone is simply not true, 
Those dits and dahs cut through the trash, 
Of near by noise or lightning's crash, 
To the sensitive ears of the hams receiver, 
Who records this data with ardent fever, 
He knows he's doing something unique, 
(In such poor conditions that's quiet a feat), 
To roger the message that came off the air, 
These brass pounders sure do have that flair, 
They say Morse ops are a dying breed, 
But don't despair there's always that need, 
That when conditions get rough for the new automation, 
Be rest assured there'll be need for your station, 
CW is dying? Believe it never, 
This mode will be 'round forever and ever, 
But one thing is sure what we really need, 
Is to relay out knowledge to the younger breed, 
To carry the torch long after we're gone, 
To send Morse code through the air like a song, 
When at last silent keys pull that lever, 
We can rest in peace, It's CW forever.



Hello- I was introduced to Amateur Radio by Kent Parret- down the street from me-W8QFQ - when I was a Cub Scout back in 1965-In 1972- I was a Lone Eagle Scout- Mr Duane Thayer was the area scout master a great fellow.- Norm Brooks W8SH gave me a Heathkit DX 100 and Hallicrafters SX110 receiver-and dow relay -Norm wired a  ceramic FT 243 socket on top of the  DX 100 - I was only allowed crystal control -I had 4 Rocks ( crystal's) that I got From Jan Crystals in Flordia -Had a lot of fun and learned alot with that Ole Anchor-I had a J38- I bought at a Detroit Mi Army /Navy store back in 1968 -WB8LJY-Mark   gave me the Novice exam.-WN8SZH-John W1FB Doug--W8CMA Paul and Hank- K8DD were my CW Mentors -they helped me build a few tube rig-20/40/80 Verticals- I had lots of fun with those Mentors- Hank-K8DD was a DX hound and a very good cw operator-we had very long ragchew QSOs on CW  about DX and Propagation- Hank got me into QRPp in 78- Ive held the 1st radiotelephone-with radar indorsement- the 2nd class radio telegraph with the GDMS -all expired now- USN Ret. 14 yrs.I grew up in Port Huron Michigan -I was a pilot boats mate for 4 summers on the St Clair River and Lake Huron -I met Jaques Cousteau -he was a wonderful man he knew about amateur radio-My 1st mate was Jerry Knox on the Sallie May-Charles Hisslip was River Captain...,  WE moored a few time up against the Edmound Fitzgerald to pick up or bring the PILOT to the ship and deliver crew mail- I used to swim in the St Clair River everyday in all Season's and scuba dive in Lake Huron- I loved to walleye fish with my father at night in the river .... St Clair River... it was called "chaggin " for walleye - I painted  houses and boats - Crist Craft boats for extra cash   - worked with Wayne Golumbowski  Land Mobile /AM/FM/TV  repair service-moniterering- WSMA WPHM  WDIV  WHLS  and others - I also worked at Radio Shack with Ron Hamilton manager,, -store# 6902-had a lot of fun .

I learned to I  scuba dive at age 10 -13 from Dave Matevia -he was the Port Huron Police's  Dive Team Trainer back in the 50-60-70's- passed all 4 classes with a 10 -he told me he was  One of the Original Frogmen in WW2- Marc Chirchill  was a dive  Master -he had worked on a few deep dive cofferdams -deep well oil rigs back in the 70's- he was great fellow he mentored me in some deep gas dives in Lake Huron. I enjoy Judo studies- Boxing -all shooting sports and am a avid Fly-fishing Trout Angler-Tie my own flies-I water colour paint -enjoy cooking- love to garden and cut lots of firewood. I love all  animals-I have a Rotweiller Bruno-who is a Big wonderful fellow he loves to play frisbie - 5/7 catches and  a new frisbie is needed- also a Jack Russel Terrior -Rusty- He's a Real Charmer -and a Houdini -our cat is Rollexia -a great mouser -  a lover of Olives ...crazy cat- My father taught me how to Respect- Handle and Shoot Firearms at Age 7 -Safety Above ALL-I was given a 410 shotgun at age 10 and a 22 lr single shot bolt action at 12 yrs -I would get ducks-geese- pheasants-squrrel's-rabbits and white-tailed deer for the dinner table .. I have not Hunted in many year's ..SAFETY Above all with Firearms- Keep Them Out of the Way and Locked Up-Ammo in a Different Area- I shot competition handgun for many yrs- I went 3  times to the Federal building in Detroit - General Exam -13 WPM -Advanced Exam had no code exam- then Extra Exam and 20 WPM cw receive and sending tests..... Those administrators acted if you were on the FBI's most wanted list... how they questioned you and looked  you up and down- They really made you feel uneasy.I have mentored many Radio Amateur's-gave many novice exams- I enjoy greatly-I think All Amateur Radio Operator's Should Have a Working Knowledge of Morse Code- CW- It Was a Sad Day when the FCC Ended the CW Requirements- I operate 85% cw, I may be using a straight key,a bug,side swiper,paddle,vertical bug,key or a keyboard(not much) to send CW-

 I was in an industrial accident in 1989 at a Paper Mill- It broke/fractured 3 vertibrates in my neck and 2 in my back,hit the side of my head -did some damage to my spinal cord... Iam very  lucky to be alive talking and walking..it also caused some CHI's.. after all these yrs I still am in recovery..  after 7 surgeries ,but just keep on Truckin".I was in hospital/wheel chair for 5 yrs..But you got to Suck up the Pain and SXXX and survive.,I have been to 137 different doctors ..clinics...hospitals... Still breathing... getting around like a well oiled used dozer,,someone told me ..THE NARCOTIC PAIN MEDICATIONS... THEY ARE TROUBLE AND DEADLY...  MORE PROBLEMS...HEARTBREAK. I TOOK them FOR YEARS..... ALL THEY DO IS CLOUD  PAIN AND JUDGMENT-they are KILLER'S.

  I  AM a Life Member- of the ARRL    O.O. and A-1 Operators Club -  QSL Society-Active SKYWARN storm watcher/reporter-I like Real paper QSls-and enjoy getting them. I enjoy DXing /Rag Chewing . I enjoy riding my Harley Davidson motorcycles- been riding HD since 17- I started out riding  a Ruttman mini bike then onto a Honda CB360 /Triumph 750/what a Blast.. ...then my fathers Panhead   -Be carefull letting your children listen- it is terrible the language you will hear now at anytime-The FCC has Began New -Enforcement  (Really ?)--Beware--- LIDS-Space Cadet's- EX CBer's-  Disgrunted OLD Time Extra's - and all DQRMer,s.Your Time IS Comming....-Please Read and Understand an ARRL Operating Manuel -using a PC/ Code copy machine is never going to work to copy CW reliably-Use Your BRAIN.   The Good Overwhelms the Bad in this Endeavor of Amateur Radio-we need to reach out and instruct-show how to operate-act-build- be ones "Mentor" take control by being an Example by leading theYoung/Old -How to Do it Correctly - I like to contact Special Event Stations-they have interesting QSLs- My Log Books are open from 1972 to present-I Enjoy Real Paper QSLs- I like the Stamps-Postmarks on Direct QSLs and the QSL cards .A QSL is the Final Acknowledgement of a Contact- My Logs Will be Open Untill My SK and My Amateur License Expires. I send many QSLs direct-If Sent direct at todays rate Ist Class-Mail QSL-Envelope-$2-7-USD-Global US Stamp $ 1.10 , Thats $4.50 +/- send 3/4 out every month-some 2/3 times over a few yrs-SOME Will NEVER QSL-My Return Rate is 83 % -THEIR are those that Never QSL .....
Spend 1,000s on gear and NO QSLS ??- ??-Close Your Log ???? Many like myself choose to to QSL and spend $ -You sent SAE/IRC/USD/Bureau -Makes One Somewhat ............. MY BAD ....... My main objective is to Obtain DXCC/ WAZ  CW 9- bands -
  I enjoy LOTW and recomend it to all radio amateur operator's- -I was off the  air 1977to1989  Amateur Radio is a wonderful Entity For a Hobby/Advocation-I have meet many wonderful people-Show the Spirit and Help Keep Amateur Radio Alive get  Involved - Thank You-73/GL/DX .           I  am not a Contester  - I Call them (QRMtests).... these Contesters Are Some of the Best Operators IN THE WORLD and have the Best Station Equipment.

I do my Station Testing During these events,,,switching antennas,QRPing,fine tuning,testing filters,do some Hunt and Pounce operating ....... I like to give a Real RST report- I am in competition with my own stations abilities-nothing else- I Do Not Collect Awards. Only QSL Cards.

                Paul E. Genaw-73/DX    CW IS A-1


     I  DO NOT COLLECT  CLUB  #'s    Here are some Club's- #  I have for those that DO collect them  .

    SKCC-#118T  / FH-#114  /10-10-#12581  / GACW-#893  / FP-#1267  / 30MTRDG-#2558  / EPC-#8221  / NAQCC-#1034  / MI QRP-#1696

    GERITOL-# 1991  / DMC-# 2993 / R CW C Club-#69  / BOZO- # 900 ./WSC#0049/ /ESSEX CW CLUB #261






------NO PAIN----- NO GAIN-------- NO DX-----

 I Often call CQ DX CQ DX on CW/RTTY/FH

I will not "Answer Anyone"" Other than DX" .....OUTSIDE THE NA Continent.

The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”


Amendment II

A Well Regulated Militia-Being Necessary to The Security of a Free State- The Right of The People to Keep and Bear Arms - Shall Not be Infringed.


    AMERICA   LOVE IT      OR     LEAVE IT    











        " I AM NOT A "YOOPER"


Born Below ...... Under.... The Big Mac  Bridge.......  and the  Blue Water Bridge..I Live in Michigans Upper Peninsula a wonderful place.

I Live Here As Steward to Forest lands-Swamps- Fresh Water Lakes- Rivers- Streams-

Fauna-Flora and Biota .



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DX Code of Conduct


I will listen, and listen, and then listen again.

I will only call if I can copy the DX station properly.

I will not trust the cluster and will be sure of the DX station's call sign before calling.

I will not interfere with the DX station nor anyone calling him and will never tune up on the DX frequency or in the QSX slot.

I will wait for the DX station to end a contact before I call him.

I will always send my full call sign.

I will call and then listen for a reasonable interval. I will not call continuously.

I will not transmit when the DX operator calls another call sign, not mine.

I will not transmit when the DX operator queries a call sign not like mine.

I will not transmitwhen the DX station calls other geographic areas than mine.

When the DX operator calls me, I will not repeat my call sign unless I think he has copied it incorrectly.

I will be thankful if and when I do make a contact.

I will respect my fellow hams and conduct myself so as to earn their respect.


The Amateur's Code

CONSIDERATE... never knowingly operates in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.

LOYAL... he offers loyalty, encouragement and support to fellow amateurs, local clubs, and National Society through which Amateur Radio is represented to the Government, the International Amateur Radio Union and the International Telecommunication Union.

PROGRESSIVE... with knowledge abreast of science, well-built and efficient station and operation above reproach.

FRIENDLY... slow and patient operationg when requested; friendly advice and counsel to the beginner, kindly assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interests of others. These are the hallmarks of the amateur spirit.

BALANCED... Radio is a hobby never interfering with duties owed to his family, job, school or community.

PATRIOTIC... station and skill always ready for the service to country and community.

Paul M. Segal - W9EEA

I am looking for Amateur Radio License Plates from Any State for My WAS collection-they need not be new or in perfect shape-I need NM-NC-NJ-VT-ME-AK-AR-CT-DE-SD-UT-GA-RI. I have been working on this collection for 29 ys ....I collect all license Plate's -All Are Welcome-Please send me your used plate-I can re-emburse all shipping cost - I Very Much Appreciate  all. They will be Displayed here as a WAS -For All To See and Enjoy.Thank You-



  http://www.skccgroup.com/  Very good  and friendly group of Mentors  - CW Operators.

                                                  From Beginning to Expert CW Operator


                           Chatham Local Weather Click Here




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