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 currently using a 8 element collinear " maga franklin" with 1/2 wave end effects @ each end. cut for 75m -vf, but tunes all of hf from 430m to 6m. radiating elements are 5/8th wave & stubs are 3/16ths -vf 450 ladder line. for a total of 5 wave on 75m. it's placed in a knid of Z shape & only 20' in the air for an omni directional pattern.for an about 20ish dbi gain free power so my lil 5 watts erp is about 200 watts.+ turns out theres more to an antenna then DBs with antennas like folded cage & collinears even though its called "wave phasing" the timming is 1 cycle per set of elements that without a doubt is more stable , out hears & transmits far superior. in antenna theory is called "pattern multiplication" + element spacing for a touch more "erp"for that pile up busting power. so with a ft 817 or mfj9475 on a 949e tuner with a gregoire head set. planning on adding 2, 1/4 wave elements, but not a loop as we know full wave loops have the radiation power equal to a 1/2 wave dipole.



home of the no tuner all band hf loop. also worksfor ano tuner delta loop you only need to "short the 2 corners"

& the no tuner g5rv....


& the no tunner 80m-75m double bazookasimply build the 80m with the twin lead.snipone leg from each end 5' in from the ends. swr < 1.5

& the sleeved "triple" bazooka

& the franklin array.

well it all started with cb back in the 70s. i know it's a bad word in the ham world "maybe you could bleep out the word CB" me & and grandpa 3 miles away.even my met 1st loves & wifes. i learned then it's all in the antenna. on the mobile nothing beat the whip with a zing ring "bottom mounted cap hat". kind of funny that the cheapest antenna always beat the spendest.then i scored on a big old tube rack mount hf recver. out of a ship. started to tune in the world with a loop, actuallythe drip edge aroundthe roof.

my 1st contact on a ham band, from here was to my dadN5SWE formerly ke5pdm in parker az with my homebrew 80m cw on top fed sleved sloper. 600+ miles,now that's qrp & don't get better then that!

we've tested alot of antennas. the reason was because we wanted the best we could & there was no book that said this is it! all hams have there favorite antenna. it, don't make the best. most antennas where tested 2, 3 & 4at a time..performance is related to velocity factor, & physical size. testing with a snowbird realy works well in the real world. & i could all ways get hold of mom & dad.

so non is a bit better but "noisier" the "quieter" antennas do not seen preform as good "every one of them.

the gain of an antenna not only effects tx but all so rx.

so,better is bigger ie full wave better then 3/4> .64 >1/2>g5rv>windom>folded ect.ect.ect.. the exception is loops, a full wave loop=1/2 wave again full wave loop "quieter".do you get it?

the thicker,like folded & materails like 14ga vs 10 ga wire becomes more broad banded butlose a lil dbs. just like coils, & caps rob tx & rx "it's a coil" & transformers "traps" are only about 90% or so efficent& you realy can hear the differance like + in some cases you lose one of the bands around 17m to 20m. your balun mileage may very...how ever a balun does smooth out the radition pattern & the more broadbanded at a loss of only like a 1/2db.loded "ecept the ccd" & tuned antennasl ike the j pole "zepp" it's bigger "coil & cap tune no radiation occurs from the matching section" & more broadbanded than dipole but doesn't out perform. & you can make all most 3 sleved "bazooka" dipoles or a 3 stack colleaner out of one j pole. on 2m side mounted from 10th to 1/4 wave the j pole works o.k..most multi bands like fan & lattini some times pick up alil bit ofnoise. if you can't hear-em ya can't talk to-em.again performance is related to velocity factor

& if you have to use coax "ladder line rules" use the best you can buy like lmr400. again you can hear the difference.

No tunner g5rv it's all in the ladder line. strip 1" of insulation1' up from thefeed piont.thenconnect at the feed piont a 2',4',8' & a 16' length in parallel to the part you just stripped.in theory, i believe this trick will workon all window & ladder linefed antennas. looks realy funny but it works!!!!

or use tunning stub like the original zepps

the fan, lattini, maypole& caged antennasis where i got the idea for the no tuner loop. your radio will what the manufactures call "auto decoupling or band switching" go to the lowest swr or wave. just give it a path or a place to jump off.

so, here's the antennas from best to worst that we've tried. on 75m


 60 over the rhombic "truly the king, but not an omnie if you unterminate it it's bidirectional ",

40 over the 4 element collinear "with 756' of wire,on 10,20, & 75m the franklin rules", i use this one the most, place inlazy Z for omnie",. you can also can use coax for the tuning stubs. don't forget to subtract the velocity factor on the stubs & the ends. on 75m the coax stubs seem to be a loss of about 2-3db.franklin

30 over a end fed 2 element collinear found this by mistake it was a franklin when high winds took down the other 2 elements about the same as a extended dbl zep,

120' 75m center feed vert

160m dublet aka 75m dblext zep "dublet" aka 75m 1 1/4 wave dipole

160m sleved dbl bazooka liked this one on 75m


&@ 20 over, 160m cobra sr"barefoot it's fine, big losses at legal limit, infrared shows heat in the middle of each leg.fallsshort on160m & some bands tied with ex dbl zep",thats NOT a zep it's 1 1/4 dipole or a 1 1/4dublit if you will. no dbl ex zep EVER flew on any ballon

160m end fed zep "j pole" with dual tuning coax subs in parallel 1 open 1 closed ladder line


thinking of switching "relays" for rx & txfor this antenna for the best of both worlds going to us a hairpin type & just short out the sections i need with the relays unted of stubs
*even though tuners were not used on the zeppelins, the antnnas were raised & lowered @ 1st by hand on drums, then later by motors like a winch, kind of like the stepper but some 400' long "hence my top feed 120' vert stepper"
the advantage of twin antenna lines as we know, is you can also detect & direct direction rf + multiple operators
& the stubs where used for a more stable swr & lighter than a tuner @ the time, after all the ballon was moving & side winds and all
do not forget to disconect your balun if any thing other the a 1:1,,,with stub you'll be @ 50 ohms
how ever they did use 2 variable capacitors & 2 light bulbs+ cuppler ierf transformer" then with 2 thermal meters "swr fwd & rev"& taps in the tfmr along with 4 varicaps in the 30s


.64 switchable maypole "liked this one until the mfj remote antenna switch failed.went from omnie to v beam in to invert v to sloper",

.64 v beam,160m top fed sloper "if you add cap hats or zing rings on the element @ the 1/4 wave points like 40-20&10 measure from the top. the freq of interest,-velocity factor, auto band switching cuppler. no tuner! 1' alligator clips work to. like the cap hats ie.the lower the freq the bigger hat or longer the wire. this trick seems to work on all antennas. at one point i had a tin can lid for 10.#10 lid for 20, 5 gal lid for 40m. garbage can lid for 75.looked way to funny, but worked

120' vert center fed dipole/ 4:1 balun about 1s over horz dipole is the hight

75m full wave ccd again not worth the caps to build

,top fed sloper fan,bottom fed sloper tied in every way with the M or hexbeam , 1/4x1/2 wave invert l, .m is 5db over invertv triple bazooka,1/2 wave dipoles ie... dbbl l, z,h, w, u, v, fan, lattine "just letthe auto cupplingdangle", @9 over,1/2 wavebla bla bla 1/2 wave is a 1/2 wave, < a plane old dipole". no tunner g5rv, g5rv about 1s under dipole

inverted v is a vary popular way to place a 1/2 wave dipole, how ever if it's at a hight of less than1/2 wave, you realy need to flat top it, you'll be pleased with the extra gain "somthing like 2db" the higher the  "velocity factor " the hgher the losses. & it's still an omnie...for extended or .64 wave same thing but if <3/8thwave hight. & full wave antenna @ <1/4 high.flat top it!now on the flip?the inverted vis more stable,less fading in & out. like the circular polarized antenna. but onlywhen fliping flopping long to short skip, invert v worked pretty darn good., then thefolded dipole,top feed 70' strpper proto type, shunt fed 60' tower "great vert", top fed marconi,junk pole alot of work for less of an antenna"only the top part radiates"

full wave erp is the same a a di pole tune up tip for the loop is try swiching the feed sides

the 1pf,10pf & 100pf 1/2 wave ccd antanne was vary disappointing allso a "vary quiet" antenna because you can't hear! deep into the fring,tx was vary poor too especially for all the work & cost not worth the caps to build it, tied with the windom

flat topped 75m g5rv erp of 3/8th

then the windom "performed only as the short side. so it performed like a 3/8ths wave" tune tip/ try switching elements - to + ,

inverted v g5rv

40' loaded dipole like an alpha, got to play with a mfj-1785 80,40,20 rotatable dipole. realy liked this one. tuned on all hf bands.seemed toperformedbetter thana 33' antenna & you only have to turn it 90 deg, but kind of flimsy.

ladder line fed 75mdbl bazooka the 180m dbl bazooka tied with the 75m dipole, coax losses

43' S9 with 4:1 balun a 20' 2" fence pipe. great with the rv

stepper vert "varry disappointed" but again no surprise" it's just a 1/4 wave did good on lower bands

12' x 4" mag loop just a bit short erp of  a full 1/4 wave

ladder line btv5 "this antenna realy comes alive when with fed 61' of ladder line + gained 160m! don't know why hustler doesn't mention this",

centerfed gap "titan", @s8,coax fed btv5 ,ccd "alot of work for less of an antenna ,20' loaded dipole,2x 102" dipole with scg remote smartuner, 14' ham stick dipole" thats 2 x 7',

6' x 3" helix wound mag loop, losses via coil

, 8' ham stick dipole & last place @5#s the 80-40 isotron "workedgood as a mobile just need to keep the wind from killing it"

so all & all. on rx & tx. from thefranklin at s40 over, to the isotron at almost s5. itis likedifference between a5 watt qrp rig to full legal limit. bigger is better

here's a couple of shotouts on 10m & 2m, basically the same thing.

10m: #1 a 5 stack collinearantenna array made out of coax@short center out for a 95 foot tall vert .rombic if you unterminate it's bidirectional, dreamchatcher loop, mfj6410 love that franklin after resoldering "if you place in z shape, bends @ the outer ladder lines, it becomes a omnie,

3 stack collinear short out for a 65' vert perf for 75m, slim jim "foled full wave zepp", skydoor, .64 ground plane, i2000, a99, starduster, dipole,jpole, marconi , 7' hamstick, 4' hamstick. one side note, the dreamcatcher loop at 12' off the ground was equal to a a99 40' up, thats 61' to the tip.

2m&440:hentenna "@ my qth betweenMt rose& hough works perf as a bidirectional beam" & pulsar ultra, 3 eleyagi, slim jim, dipole, 1 stack colleaner j pole, jpole" did good side mounted @ < 1/4 wave from tower.

echolink vs. irlp:

both do & have about the same features.

echolink is way more popular, something like 10 fold.

even though irlp.net runs on "the old flinstone" what our government run on,lennox. the folks on irlp seem more,,,,passionate?. & thats it's down fall. as we know the world runs on windows & os. &can't run lennox at the same time, thusmost people will need 2 computers. maybe there should be a way to tie them together?

also: a great marriage saver is the cordless head phones!

on other thing is, dyslexia & cw don't work to good.

i'm just realy fortunate to have a wife & qth that allows me to have shoot outs at the antenna farm.

2.2 kw 6' 6 blade wind genny, 60a tristar controler, 6 golf cart batts "sams club", 2& 5kw inverter, 2x 600 watt hot water ele. for dump load. FREE heat! got to love that....

& when the power goes out i'm still on.


back to antenns for more out of your system:

antenna analyzer shure saves alot of time but analyzers only show you 1/4 & 1/2 wave not 5/8 & up unless allready tuned

cut ie.. tune feed line "coax " in 1/4 wave lenghts - velocity factor. dummy load at the end of the line will help find freq(s) of interest. remove 1:1 balun then adjust antenna & orfeed line.replace balunif you must. try a sleved coax, flexable conduit works great as a sleve but, don't ground the top to the tower.

a resonant antenna vs random length antenna with a balun & tunner. -1/2 db for the balun & -1/2db for the tuner "see your manuel" but you gain a lil for the longer wire, loss on the onimne. -1/2db & shure can tell the differance on qrp. like the "clean" low modulation, broadcast quality stations can't be heard below the fringe area or through the static, but sound great when heard.

for a given band the bottom "higher freq" your antenna has a higher gain. say for 75m a 1/2 wave is 6' or almost 2db @ 3.99 over 3.8 doesn't seem like much but could be the differance of making a contact or not


if you have extra coax coil it as close to the antenna feed point as possible especially mobile


my pet project is to get ham radios in long term hospitals & city hall.so far only 2m & qrp hf rigs are aloud. mostly 2m, better then nothing! there afraid that the hf buggers up there stuff....them old hams have a realy realy hard time with out fire in the wire. most don't want it. maybe, times to short for qrp. i guess that's why "beeps" get out better then hams.


another project is:

Iremove old satellite dishes and or convert them in to solar cookers. with automatic tracking from redrok.com. vary easy to do.plus i love to solar cook.my big cooker canhard boil 8oz of water< 1 min.i've entered the cook off at taylorsville ca. for the past 15 years. been champ 10 times and always in the top 4.


so ther's my rambligns. thank you qrz for the space....

i hope the info helps ya.


pray for global warming,

i mean sun spots we need the food.

p.s. don't be rude & if you have tune up on air, please go up or down 5 or so. if you have coax between final output & the tuner "tune up by going down" the lenght of the coax at freq-VF. ie. 6''of  9913 on 3.97mhz you should goto 3.94ish to tune up.+ your splatter will go away.a flat match @ the swr meter is not flat @ your tx output & your equipment will last longer& you will to by not exposing yourself to radiation + stopping rfi 1 great way to tune up is use a remote station & tune for peek,,,& rfi will go away

here's a fun fact, for a back up rig use a pre 2009 because the new SRD rigs with no up dates, just like our cell phones & interweb have a kill switch built in.  

final thing is solar,,,power generation in general, remember ohms law 101? volts is pressure you only get about 1/10th of output or usable power,once you have to push in to a battery or grid., if we have a tank of water with head of 120 your controler  of  137 & 500 watts, what goes in the tank or grid or batterys is 17 &50ish watts now heres sadly to say do not get american made PVs with the ban of nf3 the environmentalists have made our PVs to not last as long....


--... ...--

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