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A work in progress-New 30 year commemorative QSL card, celebrating 34+ years of service to Delaware County and the Amateur Radio Community





Attention Amateurs


As of December 11, 2017,  I have installed an openSpot Dongle on 439.700 for Fusion (C4FM). I may allow it to access DMR as well....will keep you posted. 

We have installed a D-Star DVAP/Hotspot in Chester, PA. It is on 445.718750 mHz, with the Callsign KM3W.

We also have an Echolink Node #444700 and an ALLSTAR node #40588. Feel free to connect. 









Greetings from The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the County of Delaware, and the City of Chester!


The original Native American inhabitants of the area were the Lenni-Lenape. An ancient and peaceful tribe, these Algonquin speaking people were respecfully called the "Grandfathers" by the other tribes surrounding the area.

The FIRST european settlement in Pennsylvania got it's start here when the Swedes first arrived in the area in 1641, in "Tenakan" which is now Tinicum Township, and "Techaherassi" (Stile's land) which is now the Borough of Eddystone. The English arrived shortly afterwards.

In 1681, King Charles II, owing William Penn's father a large debt, granted to Penn what essentually is both Pennsylvania and Delaware. Penn came to the new world, arriving first at New Castle, Delaware, and set foot in what is NOW Chester on October 29, 1682. This was at a point aproximately 100 feet north of the junction of the Delaware River and what is now Chester Creek (which the Lenape called "Meechoppennackhan" or "STREAM ALONG WHICH LARGE POTATOES GROW"). Originally the settlement was called Finlandia by the Swedes, then Uplland, and finally, after the English took possession, one of Penn's friends suggested they call it Chester, after a town in England.

At it's inception, Pennslylvania consisted of 6 counties. Chester, Philadelphia, and Bucks, which were the three "Upper Counties" and New Castle , Kent and Sussex which were "The Lower Three". The "Lower Three" were all in what is now the State of Delaware. Yes, Delaware was once part of Pennsylvania! Chester was the original county seat for the then Chester County. It covered an area from the Delaware River, to the Susquehanna River. In 1798, because the people living in the western part of the county were so far from Chester, They wanted the county seat moved to the center of the county. The people in this area protested, Chester County was then split, and the County of Delaware was formed. Chester was it's county seat until 1851, when Media was selected as the County Seat, once again to be more centrally located.

The original Chester Court house was built in 1784. It is still standing, and was used as a local district court house until 1967, making it the oldest municipal building in continuous use in the entire United States.

I'm Paul, and my Callsign is KM3W. I have been married to Carolyn, K3CID (originally KA3RNI) for 40 years. Our oldest son, Alfonso is KA3RER. We have all been hams for at least 25 years. My son, and two of his friends and I, all went to Dr. Arthur Smith's (N3DR) classes at Ridley Middle School.

Ham radio is a great hobby, but I feel that having balance is much more important. One of the things I learned from studying the Martial Arts and Eckankar for years, was balance. Hence, my myriad interests in such things as Astronomy, Photgraphy, Drag Racing, both Hung Ga(r) and Praying Mantis styles of Kung Fu, Law Enforcement, Railroading, Music, Carpentry and the mediatative science of Surat Shabda Yoga and it's americanized offspring, Eckankar. Renaissance man? Naaa..I just have an open mind...LOL


A personal history Lesson: or, waaaaay back when, when I was a young man. And believe me, it was a looooooong time ago...

Originally, upon graduation from high school in 1969, I had decided on a career in railroading. I only became interested in CB radio because the Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) railroaders running on the East End Subdivsion of the Baltimore Division used CB channel 11 to talk to each other. This was because railroad radios were not yet common in locomotives and cabooses. When westbound trains would stop at the siding in Darby to let another train pass, they had an on-going problem with kids from 65th and Regent Sts "pulling the pins", unlocking the couplers. So when the train would leave, they couplers would separate, and there you have it.... a break in two. Then someone had to walk the mile or so back to the break and use flares and hand signals to re-connect the train. Not only that, but risk getting pelted with rocks and bottles from those nasty kids. One crew got the bright idea to use CB handie-talkies to save time. It made perfect sense! Of course, the company frowned on this, but that's another story.

The railroad thing hadn't worked out, so in 1973, I started driving a truck. This was at the beginning of the CB craze, and of course, this meant every trucker HAD to have a CB radio. By now, several of my buddies in Darby had gotten bitten by the bug as well. My best friend, Eric Bronsonand I went to Edelman's in Newtown Square to get our first radios, cheapo Ray Jefferson's. By then, Eric drove a truck for PECO. I had known Eric since I was 7 years old, when we lived a few doors away from each other on Mulberry St. in Darby. He and I shared a common interest in radio, drag racing, hot rods, and hot girls >wink<. Once he and I started talking around town, our other friends noticed. Al Cuff soon got a CB radio. Then Eric Demagnus, who had just gotten back from Vietnam, he got one, too. Before you knew it, we were running not only mobiles, but base stations as well. Once our base stations were on the air, we had more range and started talking to folks from out of town. Because I wanted to be legal, I got my first FCC license in 1973 with the CB callsign of KWK-8782. My handle was Gearjammer, Eric's was Masterpiece, and Al Cuff's was Alphabet. We decided on CB Channel 8 as our home channel. A few of the folks we met through CB wereChuck Rowland, "Vanilla Wafer", in Lansdowne, Larry Marshal, "Nightlighter", from Darby Township,who drove for BSB, a dumptruck company, Bruce Mason, "Bombardier", from Southwest Philly, who was a high school student, and his neighbor, Joe "Half a Buck" and his wife Dee,"Two Bits". Eventually 20 people were all chatting, and we decided to form a club. 1975 was was when the "SkipShooters" were officially formed. We were very social, and went to many a "coffee break" in the Philly area, with some as far away as Baltimore, MD, and Easton, PA. We even had a club outting at Cleminton Park, in NJ. During this time, I also met many guys who were later hams, such as Tom Harris, WA3RXE and his then wife, who lived 4 blocks from Chuck in Lansdowne.

Speaking of "Skip",It only took one dose of "skip" rolling in from Ohio and Chicago to hook me on DX. So, like most CB'ers at that time, I also had a DX alter-ego, "Unit .357". But the really big DX eluded me. To work them, I would have to be a ham. By this time, I had a "Big Gun" CB station with stacked V-Quads and all the "goodies" if you know what I mean >wink<. I really had DX fever, so I studied for the General test on 2 separate occasions. The first time in 1973, but I missed the test because I had to work overtime, and the second in 1976, but I had gotten ill and was unable to take the test then.

In June 1977, I had taken a new job with McLean Trucking. I worked there from 1977 to 1982. In early 1982, I happened to make a delivery to Kass Electronics in Upper Darby, PA. It was there, that I met Bill Ryan, who was a ham, I know he had a WB3...call, but unfortunately I dont remember it. He also worked at Amateur and Advanced Communications in Delaware, which was owned and operated by Giselle Walls, K3WAJ. I delivered to Kass fairly regularily, and I always liked to go into their Ham Radio room with all the equipment and Amplifiers. I always thought all those knobs and lights were very impressive. Talking to Bill, I had expressed interest getting a license. He told me that I was in luck, as they had classes in Delaware, at Giselle's store. I was hooked! I decided I was going to try again for my license. I went to the classes, and I passed my Novice test on Friday, April 22, 1982. I was issued my FCC license on July 6, 1982,as a Novice with the callsign KA3JRF. I took the test for Technician at the FCC office on Tuesday, July 20, 1982,and the FCC upgraded me on August 13, 1982 with the callsign N3CZR. I then took both the General and Advanced Class exams given by the FCC examiner on the same day, in December, 1982. This was at The Ridley Middle School taught by Dr. Arthur Smith (N3DR). Got my Advanced Class License on January 4, 1983 (same call), and finally went to the FCC office in Oxford Valley, Pa again, to upgrade to Amatuer Extra Class with my present callsign, KM3W, on January 8, 1983. The FCC issued my Amatuer Extra Class license on February 8, 1983. The only callsign type I never had was an Advanced. Go figure, right? I really wanted a General License, and only had one for 1/2 hour, and really liked those 2X2 calls Advanced callsigns and never had one! In fact, at first, I was going to keep my N3 call.....but walked down the hall toward the elevator, and turned around to check that box! I have have had a GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) license almost as long as I've been a ham, first with the callsign, KAD7437, and currently, WPWN390. From it's inception, I was also a member of the Law Enforcement Affiliates Radio Network (LEARN) with the callsign Learn-428. I also own the LEARN SOUTH repeater, in Chester, on 462.700 PL 136.5.


In this picture taken in 1976, are 5 future hams

Rear Row, (4th from left) Chuck Rowland, "Vanilla Wafer" (KA3KQR), Bruce Mason, (4th from right), Bombardier (KA3NRL), Larry Marshall (2nd from right), "Nightlighter" (KB2CZK) SK, Paul Dallard, (last on right) "GearJammer" (KM3W) and Middle row, Eric Bronson, (holding trophy) "Masterpiece", (KA3KSU) SK

Unfortunately, Eric KA3KSU was the first to pass on, in 1983, shorlty after he got his license. Larry KB2CZK also passed a few years ago. Bruce moved first to Cinncinnati, then Michigan, and now North Dakota, and he let his license lapse. Chuck moved to Los Angeles and let his lapse as well. Chuck was also one of the original members of Del-Val OMIK (W3DVO).


I am a Life Member of the ARRL...and working on ARES and RACES certification for myself and my repeaters, as Emergency Management assets. I am also one of the orignal founding members of Delaware Valley OMIK, (W3DVO) a predominantly African-American Amateur radio oganization. founded in 1983 at Horace Trent's (KC3AE-now W3AE) house. Over 20 years ago, i met Mike, N2ICV on the 444.050 machine. We discovered we both liked trains...and over the years, we talked about a club for ham/railfans. The 220 repeater was pretty much shot by then, so When I replacedthem with new commercial repeaters 2 years ago, I decided I would dedicate them to railfanning ......hence the RAILS network. Railroad Afficianado Interstate Linked System. Currently working on both Echolink and ALLSTAR Nodes. I have two Echolink nodes...one for me (51003)...and one for the repeater. Our new Echolink node number is easy.....it's our repeater frequency....444.700. >Node # 444700. Drop on by!!!! The ALLSTAR node is #40588. 

#1) KM3W way up there (45 feet) installing repeater antennas. #2) The UHF and VHF repeaters in the basement #3 ) Finished product...224.700, GMRS, and 444.700 #4) Speaking of DX.....and yes, it WAS a cold day..(at least there) when we made a D-Star contact to Hell, Michigan.


#1) Mosley TA-33A and 11 element 2 meter Yagi. I worked Rhoad Island on CW on that antenna with 10 watts! #2) The old CB station in Darby, Pa, Midland 13-898B, Siltronix VFO, D-104 and 450 watt "kicker". #3) Me at the CW console, all Yeasu FT-101B! #4) Old Friends Joe, KN3X (ex-KA3HTK and N3DDE) and Kenny, N6IFK (ex-WB3AHM), SK.






#1) B&O (Baltimore and Ohio) GP-30 # 6910, the second locomotive I rode in (the GP-30 is my favorite locomotive!) #2) Mecca for B&O/WM fans-Cumberland, MD #3) Editors of two of my favorite magazines, Classic Trains (left) BOB MCGONIGAL, and Trains Magazine, JIM WRINN (right), with yours truly (middle), in 2012, @ Harrisburg, PA.


Both photos taken in B&O's Eastside yard, Philadelphia.....at the hostlers station...


I have been interested in VHF and UHF operation and especially repeaters, since I got my license. I currently own and operate 2 UHF repeaters (444.700 & 448.925), One 220 (224.700) VHF repeater (all 131.8 PL) and a 40 watt GMRS (462.700-136.5PL) repeater. All are located at my home in Chester, Pa. Previously, since 1983, both 224.700 and 444.700 were at RETS Electronic School in Broomall, PA, but we lost our site on August 27, 1999, when a cell phone company bought the roof. They have been at my home in Chester ever since. Currently thinking about a new digital system, and recently have purchased a Yeasu "Fusion" C4FM system with WIRE-X. My repeaters are the only railfan oriented system in the area. We talk trains! oh...and other stuff too!


As I've mentioned, I've known Mike N2ICV and his wife Carol N2SPR (ex-KD2INR) for over 30 years, and he has written a fastinating book on the South Jersey's only railroad, the Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines (PRSL). The link is here



While I operate primarily on the upper bands, I do operate CW and SSB on HF occasionally. I am just missing "WAS all modes" by one state, Montana!! If folks would just QSL 100%...ya know!? I worked them, I just didn't get a QSL card from them. Montana, ya listening?

My new "thing" is APRS/packet using my laptop in the Big Black Suburban.

I also use ATCS to track trains. I am a long time Railroad Buff (since 1966) and am one of the original 32 founding members of the B&O RR historical society in 1978. Don't tell my B&O buddies, but I'm also a member of the PRR and Reading company societies, and the SAL/ACL Historical Society. I also model my own roadname, as well as B&O & Chessie.





Trained in Music/Bass Guitar. Bassist of the "Before We Were Eternal" Jazz/funk Band, as well as Producer/Consultant/bassist to P.A. Blow/Aviators/Bonecrusher Funk Bands. I am int R&B and Rock, some country,  but especially Bachata!

I got interested in the Bass Guitar in 1964 when the Beatles invaded America! Paul McCartney is one of my Bass heros! Yes, to me, he and that Hofner still break the sound barrier!. Blues based rock music is one of the things that just doesn't get any better, as far as I'm concerned! The 60's Music RULES! Can anyone say James Jamerson of the Motown Sound wasnt the epitome of funkiness?

Of course, in the late 60's and early 70's James Brown and the Famous Flames got my attention, and a bassist named Bootsy Collins became the Funk-Master General as far as I'm concerned. Then, in the late 70's and early 80's, Bernard Edwards and Chic (as well as Sister Sledge and Patrice Rushon) caught my ear. DAYUM! What funkyness!

Along the way, I was amazed at Geddy Lee of RUSH, with such technical precision, it blew my mind, how did he get those fingers to do that? How about Lee Sklar (an excellent session guy) of Phil Collins Band, or Sekou Bunch of Tom Browne's Band (remember "Thighs High") or ("Funkin for Jamaica")? Another Funk master, Narada Michael Walden (that Bass is slammin'!!!!). I could go on, and I think I shall-----How about Larry Graham (Of Sly and the Family Stone fame, the originator of Slap and Pop style) and Victor Wooten (both of whose thumbs should be bronzed), Philly's own Gerald Veesley (whom I met at a bass seminar @ Bass Specialites in Bensalem, PA). When i asked how long should I practice to play as well as him, told me he practices 8-10 hours a day!!! More Favorites- Stanley Clarke, and Steve Via's Bassist, and my stone buddy, Brian Bellar (Hubby Nate- >wink< ). These are MY BASS heros!~!!! How did he get to be hubby Nate? I told his wife he was a national treasure!


#1) Me and the 5 string #2) My sons' CD which I produced in 2011. Wanted to add a few new basslines to it. #3) yep, it's me, KM3W and the Fender P-Bass! #4) Me and the new Ibanez SR-900.....this thing is funky baby!


Below, Links to my son's music. Warning, it's R&B/Rap/Hip Hop...so its' not for some of you "old guys"! But me being the producer/musician, I can dig it!

"I've got more "O"s than you" by P.A. Blow


"Movie Star" by P. A. Blow



ALL SONGS © 2007-2013/ ASCAP OR BMI by Aviators Music




My first trucking job was driving a 10 wheeler Dump truck and concrete block 10 wheeler truck for Building Units, Inc. It was there that I learned how to drive a ten-wheeler, tri axle, tractor-trailer, a front end loader, a bulldozer, dump truck, forklift, mix concrete, lost my fear of heights, and worked on heavy trucks. Frankly, it was the best job I EVER had.,...even though I wasnt making much money. But to me, knowledge is power....and the amount of knowledge I gained there can never be underestimated. After BU folded in 1976, I then went to Roadway Express in Philly and Concordville, PA. Then McLean Trucking for almost 5 years. Then to ABF. For the past 35+ years, I had been a Tractor trailer driver for ABF Freight System, Inc. The first 27 years, I ran locally, then for the last 8 years, I have been a Road/Utility Tractor Trailer Driver for ABF. I've been a Member of International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local Union 312 for the past 40+ years, and Shop Steward for 27 years. Believe it or not, at one time, I had 8 jobs at the same time! ALL UNION! Some weeks I would have 6-7 paychecks! All one day a piece, of course! Ahh....those were the days? NOT! BTW, After my vacations are done, as of January 31, 2017, I will officially RETIRED from ABF and trucking....sad but true. I'm going to miss going to work......what am I...nuts? 



#1) Notice I have my B&O hat on! #2) Me and an old steed, my first rig with A/C! #3) Doubles in Parkesburg, PA #4) In 2005, I received an award from ABF President Bob Davidson for being an exemplary worker-go figure right? Why do i have a tie on? #5) My old Unit (3 tractors and 2 trailers ago) in Milford, Connecticut






One of my other hobbies/pastimes is Drag Racing and Racing Engine Building. I had an engine building business in the late 80's,with my son, and still dabble.

This is one of the race motors I built in the late 80's. It is a 1973 455 CID block, over bored .030", making it a 462. It has 4 bolt mains, crank scraper, high volume oil pump with 80 PSI spring. Deep 8 quart oil pan, with extended oil pickup and full baffles.  Rods and crankshaft are polished and balanced, and crank has been knife edged. Balanced and blueprinted.  Even the lifter galley has been polished for faster oil return flow! Camshaft is a Ram Air IV clone.....featuring 308/320 degrees of  duration....with .520" lift, BUT with lobe centers of 110 degrees instead of 114, giving it less vacuum at idle, having a rougher idle,  BUT......Making more power at a lower RPM....which with Pontiac engines is the key. They ARE torque monsters! YOU DON'T NEED TO HIGH REV a PONTIAC ENGINE! This engine has 550 ft lbs of torque and almost 600 horsepower! It is not especially radical.....but it is a bad ass motor! Notice I only use an Edelbrock intake, instead of a Doug Nash or one of the more "race" manifolds. Yes, it is an 780 Holley carb....NOT a 1150 CFM Dominator or the like. Don't need it....Actually, it's overkill......This motor is almost perfect the way it is....for the street. 



#6) 462 CID Pontiac (.030 over) 455 on engine stand. Over 500 Dyno'ed horsepower!

This GTO in the video is identical to mine, it's a 1967, Coupe body (not a hard top). I ran 11.85 @ 117 MPH waaayyy back when in 1976 when I had a full/race car. I love drag racing!


(courtesy of Nikivee)


This GTO is the one of the best overall resto/hotrods I've EVER seen. So sweet. The bodywork is flawless, (and you know a black car HAS to be flawless) and the engine is slammin'! It makes me want to put mine back together all the more!


(coutesy of Samspace81)




For the past 24 years, Owner/Lead Investigator-Senior Surety Agent (Arrest Agent) for Liberty Bail Bonds, a Bail Bond Business in SE Pennsylvania. From 2001 to 2006, I was also head of security for a department store chain....and was a Watch Commander for one of the largest patrol agencies in the Philadelphia area, patroling housing projects and doing armed security work. Basiclally, we were a Private Police/Security Force. Right before I resigned, I had gotten a promotion to Captain, but left before I got the gold bars. It's a long story involving what else...money.....These were fun jobs, but getting shot at or in fights is no joke I'm too old for this stuff! But I did look great in that uniform! It's funny how I HAD MORE INCIDENTS INVOLVING VIOLENCE than most Police officers I know. What's up with that? Remind me to tell you about the robbery/gun fight...the dead body retrieval, the $8K drug bust..... and the Roach motel. Classic! Now, as of November, 2015, I am officially a Duly Sworn,  Pennsylvania State Constable of the First Ward of The City of Chester. The Constable of the FIRST ward...in the FIRST city of Pennsylvania! 


Below, pictures of me as

1) Patrolman with shiny patent leather shoes... #2) Patrol Sergeant with Highway Patrol wings #3) Patrol Lieutenant, 3rd in command of the entire agency #4) Bail Surety Senior Special Agent Dallard (with stainless 1911) wearing black BDU's of the USSS/NFIS, and wifey-then KA3RNI (K3CID)









#1) Above, Bodyguarding the worlds smallest man, Nelson De La Rosa, at El Aguila Club, North Philly (they wanted me to be uniformed, against my wishes-I normallly wore a suit) #2) Official Agency Promotion Picture of Patrol Lieutenent Dallard #3) Uh-oh, Patrolman Dallard's got that "I'm about to bust yo' *ss*" look on his face. #4) Passion and our Maine Coon kittycat Snickers, when she was less than a year old. She is such a joy..so loving...and she even lets you bathe her!


We share the house with our granddaughters Natalia and Passion, as well as four very active cats......Snickers, our HUGE Maine Coon, and Biannca, whom we adopted when she showed up on our doorstep (Hey, I couldn't resist that face). We also adopted Luna and Midnight.


I have to admit it, Ham radio is NOT my only interest. I also like Drag Racing, Engine Building, Target Shooting, Bass Fishing, Hunting, the Law, Railroad and Fashion Photography, Astronomy, Music, Carpentry, Railfanning, Model Railroading and Art. Some list, huh?

Wanna talk Trains, Trucking, Hot Rods and Engines, Guns, Model Railroading, Photography, or Music? Then when you're in the Chester area, stop by on 444.700 or 224.700 both 131.8 PL. 

We also have D-Star Digital capabilities...with a gateway DVAP on 445.71875 Mhz. This open to all amatuers. We are going to be installing an external antenna just for this mode.

Not in the area? We operate Both Echolink and Allstar nodes. Feel free to connect on Echolink Node 444700 or ALLSTAR Nodes # 40588, 41134, 42523, 42603...or...we hang out in the Fusion Rooms FCS 02/090 or 085 on Wires-X. 


Contact me: KM3W@outlook.com

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