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QSL: Prefer LoTW, QRZ, eQSL. but I will reply to direct QSLs.

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Hello, thanks for stopping by to find out a little more about me and my station.
Hola, gracias por visitarnos para descubrir un poco más sobre mí y mi estación.
Bonjour, merci de vous être arrêté pour en savoir un peu plus sur moi et ma station.
Hallo, danke, dass du vorbeigekommen bist, um ein bisschen mehr über mich und meine Station zu erfahren.

Equipment currently in use in my shack and shown in the photo above:

  • Kenwood TM-742a with 10m, 2m, and 70cm band modules installed for local repeater
    access, APRS, packet, and VHF/UHF simplex. A KPC-3 packet controller is strapped to the
    underside of the TM-742. This rig and TNC combination I used mobile in a previous vehicle

    for mobile packet and APRS years ago before the Kemwood TH-D7A was introduced. I've since
    brought it out of mothball status and into the shack as a backup VHF/UHF rig and for APRS
    and packet use. The 10m module hasn't been used since the rig was removed from the truck.
  • Icom IC-706MkIIg with LDG AT-11 Tuner for HF phone. Also used for VHF/UHF FM and SSB.
  • Icom IC-7300 - I'm active on 160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, & 15m in phone and
    digital modes.
  • My CW rig is a Ten-Tec Argonaut V (model 516) coupled to a MFJ-949E tuner and Bencher BY-1
    paddle that I have had since I first got my ticket in '88 and it's still going strong 30 years later.

I use a Icom SM-8 desk mic with both the Icom IC-706 and IC-7300 rigs, and a JD-DM1 desk mic with
the Kenwood TM-742. 12V DC power is supplied by an Astron RS-35M and a MFJ-4230MVP for backup.

Station antennas:

  • 160m thru 6m - I currently have installed the CHM EMCOMM II [60 ft(18.2m) wire] (eHam Review: https://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/10895) erected horizontally in NVIS configuration at 12 feet (3.6m) above grade.for HF. Towers are not allowed in my development. 
  • 2m & 70cm
    - A Diamond X-200a dual-band vertical on a 20 foot mast for VHF packet and VHF/UHF 
       repeater access and simplex.
    - Cushcraft A270-6S dual-band beam, with 3 elements on each band.

For mobile operation I run a Icom ID-5100A in one vehicle and another Icom IC-706MkIIg
with another LDG AT-11 tuner in my truck coupled to a Hustler Mobile HF Antenna System mounted
on the bumper with resonators for most HF bands. Using a pair of diplexers I split the 6m signal
off from the HF port and through another diplexer combine it with the VHF/UHF where it's passed to
a Diamond CR627B tri-band whip while signals 10m and down are radiated using the Hustler system.


My standing in the ARRL 2018 Grid Chase

17 MAR 2018 1013 UTC

I upload to LoTW daily and appreciate when others do the same. I keep my online logs at QRZ, LoTW, and eQSL sync'd as close as possible. All of my digital contacts are uploaded to QRZ and eQSL in near real time by JTAlertX. LoTW entries are uploaded by me periodically during the day. However, I realize many do not have this option or it just doesn't fit in their schedule or they have a routine where they perform station records maintennace at some set interval. That's fine and I have no problem with that.

To all those who only upload your contacts to LoTW occasionally such as once a month, please consider adjusting your upload date to occur BEFORE the 10th of the month. That way those you have contacted who are participating in the Grid Chase will get credit for your contact toward their score. If you submit your logs after the 10th of the month no credit is received.  While I am greatful to have the QSLs they do not help my score in the Grid Chase if they are submitted too late to be counted toward my score. 


Other interests include woodworking, photography, and responsible off-roading with friends.


Mar. 16, 2018 - I have made 10 contacts on 60m (5.357MHz or channel #3 as it is sometimes referred to) in the past three days. Only a couple have been confirmed as yet but I am hopeful that they all will be eventually. All contacts for me have been made with 40 watts or less using the IC-7300 and operating FT8 mode using WSJT-X software. Why do I mention 60 meters? Because I want others to know that there is activity on 60m, come join us. If I can do this with 40w and my simple wire antenna others certainly can too. You can get the scoop on 60m happenings thanks to W8GEX and 60 Meters Online.

Feb. 28, 2018 - I have to say that I am pleased with the performance of the EMCOMM II antenna. I've made over 1700 contacts since January 1, 2018 with this antenna. The orientation isn't optimal to  reach the West Coast of the US or for Europe, but I've made at least one contact in every state in the USA and 56 countries so far. The wire runs SW to NE as you can see below (North at top of photo) and only 12 feet above the ground.  It's the only spot I can put up a wire, so for now it will have to do. None of the trees along the property line are mine. I'll just have to make due until I can get the HF vertical installed later this year.


Grid Squares Confirmed in LoTW as of Feb. 26, 2018 and plotted by N1KDO's GridMapper App.



I did not get started on county hunting or earning awards until the last week of Dcember 2017.

Jan. 1, 2018 - Looking forward to the ARRL Grid Square Contest. Like everyone else I plan to work as many grid squares as I can running using the new FT8 mode. I will be using my IC-7300 and CHA EMCOMM II wire antenna. Sometime during 2018 I hope to get a better antenna erected but for now I am stuck working with just the wire. I haven't worked much HF since I moved 19 years ago and had to give up my 80 foot tower and Cushcraft A4S beam with 40M add-on. I have an HF vertical from Zero-Five Antennas but I need to wait for warmer weather to install the concrete base.


December 2017 - Got hit by the digital bug!

I've been running WSJT-X and working stations using the new FT8 mode and having loads of fun using my IC-7300 operating at >40 watts most of the time. I try to keep my QRZ and LoTW logbooks up to date here and want to work as how many counties as I can work on 20m and 40m in 2018.

My thanks to Matt, K2MFW, for getting me hooked on FT8 and to K0PIR for his YT videos on setting up the IC-7300.


11/01/2016 - Made my first contact with the Argonaut running 5 watts into the MFJ tuner and my EMCOMM II antenna on 40 meters CW with NX3V, thanks Fred.

October 2016 - Picked up this pair at a Hamfest this Summer for $5 each.

Ten-Tec Argonaut V (model 516) and a MFJ 949E Tuner.


I couldn't pass them up at that price. Was told the Argonaut did not transmit and the tuner didn't work either. I figured there is way more than $10 worth of parts between the two pieces so I grabbed them. They were kicking around in a box of junk under the sellers table.

What I have found after cleaning them up and doing a quick visual internal inspection is the Argonaut will TX just fine on CW but not on SSB, AM, or FM. The speaker jack is broken, apparently from a plug that put excessive stress on the jack which the manual clearly states to be careful not to do. So using an external speaker is not possible until I replace the speaker jack which doesn't look too difficult, just need the correct jack to replace the one on the PC board. I haven't found the cause of voice TX problem yet but I use it as my CW rig so it's not bothering me.

The tuner on inspection looked to be in good condition inside and out except for the FWD power meter. The tuner itself works fine but the meter had been damaged apparently by some rough handling. A quick search on the MFJ site turned up a replacement meter (p/n 400-0084L) and for less than $30 including shipping I had the tuner back to 100% and on the air. The replacement meter has LED lamps where the original meter did not.

So I ended up with a nice CW station (radio and tuner, the paddle in the photo I already had) for $45 all told. I didn't get a mic with the Argonaut but I'll locate one somewhere along the way though it's not a priority as I am using this rig for CW only. The Argonaut makes a great QRP CW rig with it's built-in keyer and digital signal processing.


First licensed and earned my General ticket in 1988 under the tutelage of my Elmer and good friend Stan, WD2G (SK). I was interested in computers, packet radio, and RTTY early on and very active on local packet and APRS in its early days. I operated a wide area APRS digi in SNJ for many years (N2IPH-15) which made a cameo appearence in an article about GPS use and Amateur Radio in the September 1996 issue of QST (see clip below from that issue). 

APRS activity on east coast of USA from year ~2000.

Back in the early days of APRS when AprsDOS was king, I created this icon for use in Windows 95. 

My friend Matt, K2MFW (formerly WA2TPX) and I used to ride around South Jersey in his car where Matt had rigged up a LORAN receiver and we ran Bob Bruniga's DOS map maker program on a laptop to build local maps for use with APRSdos. I also made some maps manually using a digitizer to input the points from paper maps and create map files readable by APRSdos and WinAPRS. Neither of us had a GPS receiver back then (early 90s). I did buy a Garmin GPS-75 not long afterward which was top-of-the-line back then but garbage compared to what is available today. With a single channel polling receiver it was slow and ate batteries like they were candy. You were lucky to get 2 or 3 hours from four AA Alkaline batteries.

I sat in as Net Control for our local VHF traffic net (SJVN) a couple nights a week for a number of years in the 90s. That was in the BC era (Before Cellphones) and along with the popularity of the internet pretty much killed the need for the NTS. We handled some traffic during Desert Storm and Desert Shield but NTS traffic seemed to die off in SNJ not long after that.

In 1990 I picked up a Teletype Model 28ASR from a local ham with full intentions of getting it on the air but life got in the way and it sat for a long time and I never did get it operational. When I moved and had to break down my shack, take down my tower and beams, and basically went off the air for a few years except for the IC-706 in my Hummer (see below). When taking the shack apart I gave the green machine to my brother-in-law KB2MDM who found a home for it down under. So it now lives in VK land somewhere and I hope someone is having fun restoring and operating it every now and then. If that person is you I'd be interested to hear if you got it back on the air.

My first HF rig was a Kenwood TS-520S which I bought at the DVRA Hamfest in 1988 before I had my Novice ticket and used to copy ARRL CW practice bulletins and still have but no longer use in the shack. I bought my first receiver in 1977, an Allied AX-190 when I first got interested in Amateur Radio and studied for my Novice ticket, but just never got there for a number of reasons and lost interest. Thee AX-190 was sold and until the late 1988 when I visited my local Radio Shack I got talking to the owner and found out he was a Ham. He got my interest going again and pointed me to Stan, WD2G, who became my Elmer and he took me under his wing.

In 1974 I was working in a garage and just out of high school. We had a regular customer who brought his car in for an oil changes and other service. I noted that his car had a big antenna on the roof and I thought he must have a CB radio because it looked similar to the CB radio antenna I remember on my Dad's car years earlier. I got in the car to drive it on the rack and saw where he had installed a telephone keypad in a home-made wood box on the center console along with a radio. Where the man came back to pick up his car I asked about the keypad and the radio and he explained he was a Ham and belonged to the Shore Points Amateur Radio Club and with the keypad he could make phone calls using the radio in his car. I thought that was really cool to be able to connect to the telephone system and make a phone call from your car, that was 1974. He brought the car in regularly for service and I talked to him a couple more times about Amateur Radio but I didn't really take an interest in becoming a Ham myself until a few years later.

But my first interest in radio was at the age of 12 when I rescued an old Zenith floor model console radio from the side of the curb where it was destined for the trash heap.  Well, not the whole radio, that was way to big to drag home. I removed the speaker and chassis and left the huge cabinet behind. After many trips to the local TV repair shop testing tubes and finding replacements, I got it on the air.

I can't tell you what bands it received or anything about the receiver itself like how many tubes and such, I don't remember any of that, it was the mid 60's and if I ever knew those answers they are long forgotten. I do remember that the tuning dail was round and about 8 or 9 inches in diameter and the tuning indicator had a big Z in the center. I do remember listening to that radio in my basement and to one particular exchange from a ship in the Atlantic making a call to a shore station for a telephone patch to what I believe was the ship captains wife telling where the ship (SS Lightning) were in some rough weather and arrival would be delayed by at least a day and they were about 200 miles from New York City.

73 and hope to see you on the bands.



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QRZ Logbook Summary for - N2IPH
Latest Contacts for N2IPH at QRZ.com
dedateband mode grid Country op
WA6GXQ 2018-03-19 80m FT8 FM06na United States Barry K Kelly
NS3T 2018-03-19 80m FT8 FM19ka United States James A Dupree, Jr
W0ERB 2018-03-19 40m FT8 EM19RE28 United States ELDEN R BURGESS
W3PV 2018-03-19 40m FT8 EL96wm United States Ronald E Maples
WB0AOD 2018-03-19 40m FT8 EL99JN59 United States STEPHEN L MOORE
K5EK 2018-03-19 40m FT8 FM03ww United States EDWARD J KUEBERT
N9RFJ 2018-03-19 40m FT8 EM68wo United States DONALD W MORRIS
KB7IJ 2018-03-19 40m FT8 EM12mr United States RICHARD A BLANEY, JR
W9MDO 2018-03-19 40m FT8 EN60XA82 United States CHARLES W KELLY, JR
KS4OT 2018-03-19 40m FT8 EM83ij United States JIMMY N COLLIS
VP2EGO 2018-03-19 80m FT8 FK88lf Anguilla Jim Millner
WA0LJM 2018-03-18 40m FT8 EN27ge United States David G Johnson
WZ0M 2018-03-18 40m FT8 EM92ww United States EVAN L HOPKINS
WB2GJD 2018-03-18 40m FT8 EM84ut United States Robert P Schmidt
WD4CVK 2018-03-18 40m FT8 EM74XU53 United States JAMES F GORMAN

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United States Award#4272
Granted: 2018-02-26 11:40:02   (N2IPH)

  • Mixed Digital
World Continents Award#20008
Granted: 2018-02-24 17:46:02   (N2IPH)

  • Mixed Digital
Grid Squared Award#18469
Granted: 2018-01-15 13:14:01   (N2IPH)

  • 5 Band Digital
  • 20 Meters Digital
    30 Meters Digital
    40 Meters Digital
    80 Meters Digital
    Mixed Digital
  • 20 Meters Mixed
  • 30 Meters Mixed
  • 40 Meters Mixed
  • 80 Meters Mixed
United States Counties Award#8410
Granted: 2018-01-13 20:56:02   (N2IPH)

  • 100 Counties Digital
  • 250 Counties Digital
  • 500 Counties Digital
  • 100 Counties Mixed
  • 250 Counties Mixed
  • 500 Counties Mixed
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