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Ham Member Lookups: 27550


          Email WB1EDI@hotmail.com

Here is a snapshot of my LOTW DXCC page as of 11/07/2017. I found out that I forgot to include one of the new country cards so it does not show 297/295. The P29FR card will have to wait for the next load. everything else that I have confirmed is now shown here except for that one and some other band fills. I also have 1 other New one1 with card.

Account Status


New LoTW QSLs LoTW QSLs in Process DXCC Credits Awarded Total
Mixed * 4 0 291 295 293
CW * 11 0 261 272 270
Phone * 5 0 250 255 253
Digital * 13 0 178 191 190
Satellite 0 0 1 1 1
160M 3 0 101 104 103
80M 5 0 137 142 140
40M 17 0 186 203 201
30M 20 0 170 190 189
20M 13 0 222 235 233
17M 12 0 218 230 229
15M 10 0 228 238 236
12M 4 0 200 204 204
10M 4 0 209 213 211
6M 3 0 22 25 25
2M 0 0 1 1 1
Challenge * 91 0 1680 --- 1771
5-Band * --- --- --- --- ---
5-Band 160M * --- --- --- --- ---
5-Band 30M * --- --- --- --- ---
5-Band 17M * --- --- --- --- ---
5-Band 12M * --- --- --- --- ---

* = Award has been issued



 The Quest for 9BWAS, 9BWAC and 9BDXCC with 100 watts was a long trip but I set it as a goal and kept at it. I thank all of the real good ops out there that picked me up and kept filling in the band country list. There are still countries out there that I do not have so I will be looking. Now I have the amp so it may be a bit easier.

Many Hams do not understand the fun of chasing DX and the various awards. while I have had many nice ragchews with people from all over, I still appreciate the new ones. whether its a quick 5NN TU contact or I get to know you, it is all fun for me. I am still trying to get my SKCC WAST award where I need to work all 50 states with a straight key contacting Tribune or Senator members. I am only 4 away (ND, MT, UT, OR) from that goal.

There is always something to look forward to.








Know Code Extra


DXCC Mixed #297 (295 Current)

9BDXCC @100W


9BWAC @100W

9BWAS @100W

WAZ @100W

WPX @100W

VUCC 6 @100W

WAE I @100W


9BWAS completed 4-21-13 with a JT65 QSO on 12 Meters with W3MLK in DE 50 watts to wire vert.

This was worked, confirmed, applied for and awarded within 48 hours.

Ask me why I prefer LOTW to other QSL methods.

Awarded 4-23-2013


9BDXCC completed with QSO with EA6SX on 160 CW


As you look at my BIO, please notice that by most accounts, I have a very modest station. I Have a 100 watt radio and mostly simple wire antennas hanging in trees and on a city lot with typical city noise floor. While my K3 is an awesome radio and I do credit some of my contacts to its capabilities, the bigest reason that I have done as well as I have is due to keeping the radio On. If whatever radio you have is off, you will not work any new ones. While I am sure that with a tower up and larger antenna collection, I would be farther along in my DX pursuits, but I am persistant and I try to work all I hear. I work whatever mode they are using.

The point is GET ON THE AIR.


As of OCT 2015 I have joined the higher power crowd with an Elecraft KPA500 amplifier. . I got EA6SX on 160 during the CQWW CW contest 2015  so now have enough worked. I did use 500 watts but He was using 100 watts. I worked PZ5W on 160 and got it confirmed LOTW and I was running 100 W

(106 worked 104 confirmed at present)



As of July 21 2013 I now have enough Grids for 6 Meter VUCC. W4AS in EL95 was the #100 for me worked in the CQWW VHF contest and confirmed LOTW as all of my VUCC contacts are. I applied for the award July 23 2013.

VUCC 6 Meters awarded July 25 2013 and cert came Aug 1 2013.


I just got a card from BW2/JP1RIW for new DXCC entity and final Zone (24).

36 Zones were confirmed Via EQSL and 4 cards for the other zones.

Sent out Jan 11, 2014

WAZ Mixed Was awarded 17 Jan, 2014



Pete, K1TMD gave me my Novice exam in early 1977.

I became WB1EDI on June 13 1977 when I received my license. First station in So. Sutton, NH

First contact Bill W2BXP June 13 1977 80 CW.

First "First" contact WB1EJH July 1977 80 CW

Tech earned Sept 1977 (At Boston FCC center)

US Navy Sep 1977 till Apr 1984 AT2 VAW-122 and VQ-4 not very active as a ham during that period.


VQ4 EC-130


Married future NE1F OCT 1985, It is wonderful to be married to her and she is an active Ham. (She has WAS. Triple play,   7B DXCC, DXCC Challenge,WAC and over 240 countries.)

Adv earned May 1993 at Newport NH VE session

Extra earned May 1994 (with 20 WPM CW) at Nashua NH VE session



Awards earned all with 100 watts, a triband beam at 30 Ft and wires.

Awards earned before 1998 were done with only wire and mostly with indoor dipole.

Moved to present location in Mid 1998.

IARU WAC (94) CW, SSB, RTTY and 5 Band(2004) (RXed last QSL for 160 WAC (C4N) Mar 2013)

CERT for 160,30.17,12 APR 2014

ARRL WAS (94) CW, SSB, RTTY and 5Band(2009) also 160M WAS (2012) 30M,17M,and 12M WAS (2013)

ARRL DXCC (95) CW, SSB, RTTY and 5Band(2010) 17 Meter Apr 2011, 12 and 30 Meter Nov. 2011 Presently 297 confirmed (295) curent entities. (9 band verified as of  Jan 7 2016)

ARRL Triple Play # 287 (July 2009)

CQ WPX (Apr 2010) (Presently 1150 credited)

SKCC WAS all with Straight key. (Jan 2011)

SKCC WASC # 137 all with straight key (Dec 2016)

ARRL DXCC Challenge (1000) April 2011 (1500) Mar 2014

I reached the DXCC Challenge Level of 1000 band countries on Apr 17 2011 with HA9SU LOTW QSL for 12 M CW QSO. Thanks.

Present Challenge level 1784

ARRL Diamond DXCC with 125 endorsement (144 actual) Jan 2013

ARRL VUCC 6 Meter # 2118 (July 2013) (140) Also 40 States and 25 countries.

CQ WAZ Mixed # 9087 Jan 2014

DARC WAE 1 Mixed # 295 Apr 2014  63 Countries 307 Points

ARRL Centenial WAS With W1AW and all Endorsements (April 2015) 1124 QSOs with W1AW/P


Latest New Entity Worked VK9MA 15 CW NOV 2017

Latest New Entity confirmed T31T 15 CW DEC 2016

8 Band countries, only need 160 meters 21

9 band countries (160-10) 94 (includes 10 band countries)

10 band countries (160-6) 23 K, VE, C6, F, EA, EA8, CN, 6Y, FM, FS,CU, PJ4,XE,YV, HI,CO, FG, KP4,KP2,VP9,PY,FP and EI

160 DXCC (107/104) Latest confirmed YN2MF APR 2017 latest worked OX/OZ1LXJ SEP 2016 IS0/OM8A Feb 2017,      J5T NOV 2017 



Highest contest award

2007 CQ WPX CW 40 meter single band 1st place NA


New Callsign

OCT 8 2010 I received the vanity call of NF1O.

Last QSO as WB1EDI W9IXV on 40 CW OCT 8 2010 using a straight key.

First QSO as NF1O was also with W9IXV on 40 CW OCT 8 2010 using a straight key.

I picked NF1O from a very small collection of available 2X1 calls because it is a good CW call, and it had not been issued to anyone since 1987 so it had very little history. It was the only call that I requested.


Present antenna farm "Any antenna is better than No antenna" Put up what you can and immprove as you can.


A3S @ 25 ft on a Create roof tower.(as of NOV 2015)

Cushcraft A50-5S Inst. Sept 2013 6 meter on same roof tower at 30 Ft. (Replaced A50-3S)

160 inverted ell. 75 Ft at top. 4 raised radials.

80 ground plane (wire) 4 raised radials

40 Freestanding Aluminum ground plane 4 raised radials Base at 10Ft  (New May 2015)

30 Freestanding Aluminum ground plane 3 raised radials  (New June 2014)

17 wire Ground Plane @30 Ft

12 Wire Ground plane @ 25 Ft

2 meter Ringo Ranger

2 meter Cushcraft horizontal 10 el Yagi (Was 11 but front director broke off)

220 7 element Cushcraft A220-7 (new Jan 2014)

432 horizontal 8 element Quagi (Homebrew)



This is what i came home to on March 13 2014. with my XYLs help I was able to get a rope around it and secure it to the mast. (Friday was very windy) Fortunately neither antenna was dammaged and a new Mast to Boom plate was made and With the help of a Home depot man lift and some friends, I was back on the air on March 15.


AS of the wind of March 13 2014 Broken Mast to boom mount.

This is my roof tower now after the Tribander came down and went back up. since the lift was not quite high enough to get it back to its top spot it went under the 6 meter beam and the 6 meter moved up. The trees in the background support my wire antennas for 160, 80, 40, 30, 17 and 12 meters.

This shows the mounts on rear of my shed for 160-80-40 and 30 Ground planes. 4 raised radials per antenna. the squirrels ate my coax, new coax is going through electrical conduit and loops are wrapped with habanero powder filled foil (since rplaced with flexible conduit). remote switch is inside shed.

Primary HF radio

Elecraft K3 100 watt 2 RX P3 Pan Display and as of Late Oct 2015 KPA500 and KAT500

Previous Radios

Yaesu FT101E 1977-1990

ICOM 725 1993- 1998

Yaesu FT-847 1998-2006

Yaesu FT1000 MP Field 2006-2009

ICOM 706 original for Mobile


Occasional HF and VHF

HB 1929 Hartley TX

Heathkit DX60B and HR-10

Small wonders 30 Meter QRP

Heathkit Twoer

Gonsett Comm IV 2 Meter


This is a working QRP transmitter That I built from 1929 plans using 1929 components to use in the Bruce Kelley contest. 2012 was my first attempt andI got 9 QSOs on 40 meters. This year I plan to do much better with the addition of the new 80 meter coil. It was a lot of fun to build and use some early equipment. It gives one some insight as to how things were before you could go buy a new Elecraft K3. While my K3 is my primary station radio, I will continue to use this TX on occasion. Estimated output is ~3 watts.


Primary VHF/UHF radio

Yaesu FT-847

Microwave Modules 220-28 Transverter used with K3. New Jan 2014


2Meter, 222 MHz and 432 MHz antennas.


Major Software

N1MM Logger

DX Lab Suite







ARRL http://www.arrl.org/

Yankee Clipper Contest Club http://www.yccc.org/

Granite State Amateur Radio Association http://www.gsara.org/

Contoocook Valley Radio Club http://www.k1bke.org/html/

Straight Key Century Club #164T x6  http://www.skccgroup.com/

New England QRP club #431 http://newenglandqrp.org/

North American QRP CW Club #1637 http://naqcc.info/

Northern California QRP Club #2071 http://www.norcalqrp.org/

Marsupial Net (2 meter AM) #11


QSL Good Direct, Buro, LOTW and EQSL

If you QSL for contest QSO please SASE. If non contest QSO no SASE required.


Trustee of the BSA Troop 135 ARC KB1NH (Please SASE for all KB1NH QSOs)


Main interests in Ham radio

HF DXing. #1

CW ragchewing. < 20WPM

Collecting Telegraph equip. (mostly Straight Keys) Favorite Key German Baumuster. (Daily driver)

HF contesting

Restoring old tube radios.

Awards chasing


Favorite mode.



Other interests.

My Family

cooking and eating spicy food. I love Habaneras.


Scouting adventures (both sons are Eagle Scouts)

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