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The Christmas 2016 is gone with many wonderful memories. Thank You to  17,062 amateur radio operators who participated world over. You were representing as many as 156 countries with some 33,615 radio contacts to Santa team. Additionally, 500+ more contacts were made upon Santa’s arrival on the U.S. soil in New York plus on his departure from Tacoma, Washington.  It was a success with all measures and good start for the Finland 100th Anniversary Centennial – now OH100FI is on-the air!

The final  scores are here now calculated with Elf-multipliers added. These made contacts also yielded  936 awards which  we will soon start processing. They will be sent by email as per your application or by the information provided by QRZ.com.


Award winners and score/award calculations are presented on the following link;


Top Scores

SKC AWARD WINNERS     001 – 346


RNS  AWARD WINNERS   529 – 936



Awards will be released  over the period until end of February. If you feel that your information is different than in QRZ.com , please kindly send a note to of9xawards@sral.fi

Thank you for your participation and warmest  regards to your children.


From  Santa Claus of Finland


Picture;  OF9X Santa Claus, Pertti “Per” Koivula, OH2BEE



From Santa Claus Offices, North Pole, Finland

January, 5th, 2017



Despite the worst December for decades, propagation wise, Santa’s team blew their horns in a big way. With a total of 33.615 QSOs in their books they now salute their 17.062 QSO partners as 2017 kicks off. Yes, indeed USA (NW) was the most difficult path with 2365 QSOs while Japan (NE) was much easier with 3277.  Most of the US QSOs were remoted from Radio Arcala’s (OH8X) mammoth 24 elements array on 20M atop the 350ft. rotating tower.

When the dust had settled and all QSOS were put through lab test, Ralf, DL32Z did jump to the global glory (Nr 1) with solid (60) log keeping  while  Wolf, DL4FCS secured the German double-victory at 58! Original claimed top scorer Laszlo, YO6CFB had to settle on the fourth place (48)  with his higher dupe account.  The local Ari,  OH2LIR with his 2M access took the bronze medals with tie 58!

North America was a real tight horse race with ARRL’s Vice President (Hon) John Kannode, N4MM (12) leading the pack to the final corner only to see Canadian Pierre, VA2CZ, taking the honors (13) with a higher 20M CW/SSB count along with his 160m success. Followed by K3TW and K3MA, again tie 10!

 Here are the results;

Lacy, YO6CFB:

1. Most exciting moment : When finally got in the log the 12. elf

2. Spent about 4-5 hours a day... cluster was a big help

3.  For Santa and for Elves A HAPPY NEW YEAR, Good health, and many dx's.



Wolf, DL4FCS  Comment his most exciting Christmas

The Activity of Old Father Nine Christmas will always remain in my memory.
Since licensed in 1978, I haven´t had such  nice experience in our hobby.
1. The most exciting moment for me was when I’d worked Elv TOM  in SSB on 28 Mhz. He had a fantastic signal with over S 9 for hours. That was sporadic – wasn’t it ?
2. I did not spent too much time, still i had to do my work in my Profession. Maybe some  5 – 6 hours a day. But my Job comes to an end. Still 5 Month to go, and  I am in Pension.
3. I personally thank all 12 Elves for their great commitment. have a good peaceful happy new Year 2017 and rehearing in December 2017 when it´s called again Old Father 9 Christmas !


Be or not to be?  Making QSOs to North America is next to impossible from Far North of Europe.
We are not getting our message through the Atlantic to wish those folks Merry Christmas or Happy New year. We are not! We are here but not even the 24 elements at 350 ft. tower is not of any help.

Santa is back on the fundamental values of Amateur Radio -- continue the communication with ZERO results or put the latest technology work and get the messages through. There the original and new values are in conflict! Santa is calling help from the younger set - elves Nik and Lak -- those of the more recent vintage. As they are here to make QSOs their answer is simple. Go for it and let the sun dancers continues their endless rituals -- let the people at Radio Arcala multiple their elements and extend their towers.

And so Nik and Lak went down the hill and hooked up to internet and Remote Ham Radio (RHR) and established themselves at Summit, New York, and started their play. At no time the greetings were exchanged as Santa Station W2/OF9X established itself on the QSO rich soil.

We are grateful for Ray, W2RE and Lee, WW2DX for allowing Santa to ride on HRH and let the U.S folks say hello to an Old Father Nine Xmas. While comparing traditional and new makes one to think whether Amateur Radio exist to make QSOs and develop further technologies to make them happen.

So take your position but say hello to Santa, both traditional and advanced technology, both in the name of Amateur Radio. Last 24 hours of operation will soon be underway with transmissions from both Santa Land (Finland) and a Big Apple (New York).  OF9X and W2/OF9X.



Dear Santa:

Knowing that you are exhausted after last evenings run, I want to thank you for your operating activity over the past few weeks. I realize that the bands’ propagation did not cooperate, but you gave it a valiant try. Seriously, thanks for all you do for the Amateur Radio community, and for children everywhere….

73, and a BIG SALUTE, de NY2RF Tom



Ou-Hou Santa started to service the radio families with children yesterday and will continue on UTC Saturday and Sunday with a below schedule;


For Europe and Asia they run 14.250 KHz with video/audio screening and Skype in parallel. Additionally, for  U.S they employ Skype and 

Facebook as radio propagation and availability of children do not correlate. You can email to Santa; of9x@sral.fi and make an appointment.

Santa will appear now every day 14.250KHz at 2000 UTC  and will take the appointments as long as the radio propagation would last!

See the picture of last night where Santa is sharing his excitement with the family of N7NG in Montana, USA. The session made all believe

Santa’s existence and ended up for the entire group singing – Christmas at its best!    

On Monday UTC the full Santa orchestra will be on with several  Elf stations, remotes from North (OH8X) and RHR (W2RE/WW2DX)  in 

New York all  Xmas spirited.  Just join this wonderful season.



December 24, (Saturday) 0200 UTC through 0400 and December 26, (Monday)  0200 UTC through  0400 UTC.

NOTE: The times and dates above are shown in UTC -  your previous evening locally. Apply appropriate local time for you location  



December 23 (Friday) and December 25 (Sunday)

The hours are from 1100 UTC through 1300 UTC



December 23 (Friday) and December 25 (Sunday)

The hours are 0800 UTC through 1000 UTC



With December 20th approaching, the Elves at OF9X have captured more than 20,000 QSOs but only some 1,200 to the U.S. Efforts are continuing towards doubling that number, and more firepower is being added to the OF9X U.S. script.

Santa will arrive on American soil, activating W1/OF9X from New Hampshire (NH). When finally boarding his sleigh, he will say goodbye to America as W7/OF9X from Tacoma, WA. Working Santa from these two U.S. locations adds 25 points each to the Santa Award program, as compensation for Mother Nature’s poor propagation.

Please check QRZ.com for the latest details at www.qrz.com/db/of9x

Santa is ever grateful to Ray, W2RE and Lee, WW2DX at Remote Ham Radio (http://www.remotehamradio.com/) for supporting him on his world tour, featuring the latest amateur radio technology.

Santa will start appearing also from his site starting this Wednesday. He can talk to you and your children daily, starting at 20:00 UTC, via video/audio streaming at  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChAyOCitjGNMyHf6hJTXZBQ/live. Santa will personally invite the top scorers for a private conversation with their children and grandchildren later this week. You can also ask for an appointment after your first QSO with OF9X. Please see the application format further below on this page.

The popular Elf-Hunt has put hundreds of DXers in arms, going for all band slots on a variety of bands; see Clublog for the current scoring situation (https://secure.clublog.org/charts/?c=OF9X#r). The global Top Ten should be commended for their dedication to Santa Claus and for honoring the statement of Margaret Thatcher during her term as the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister: “A small elf resides in all of us” – particularly in these turbulent times!

The global Top Ten is as follows, while the continental leaders are presented at the end of this page. Great job so far as the race is continuing; :


1:  YO6CFB (55),  2: DL3ZZ (34),  3: DL4FCS (31),  4: SM5DJZ (30),  5: IK1GPG (20)

6:  EA2KR   (20),   7: CT1IUA (19),8: G0TSM (18),  9: 9A2JK (18),  10: G4UDU (18) 



From Santa Radio Studios, North Pole, Finland,  Dec. 12th, 2016

The thinking caps have been donned, as Santa is in deep trouble. Some 12 days on the radio have netted 12,500 QSOs. BUT, it seems that Santa is suffering with North America, with only 347 QSOs (2.8%) so far. He is unhappy and shouting how “this needs to be changed!!”, leading to antenna work and bigger beams towards NA. We have to make our own Polar propagation but also invite any other help; thus, next to Santa Village, the elves have even resorted to Sun-dancing to obtain propagation improvements.

And indeed with Santa’s encouragement, the elves have now also managed to erect a 6-over-6-over-6-over 6 - 20m array on a 300ft rotating tower. (www.radioarcala.com/?page_id=106) This weekend they will turn their huge stack towards North America, and the numbers need to change, at least to 2,000 NA QSOs to start with!

Starting on Friday evening (Dec 16th) at 19 UTC, Santa will call “Ho-Ho” on 20M to North American children. The Old Father will be signing OF9X, Old Father Nine Xmas, and can be found somewhere between 14,200-240 kHz (not sure exactly, as the VFO dial may get frosty due to polar weather conditions). These operations will be streamed on  OF9X QRZ Page , with your incoming signal being played back at all times. If you tell Santa that you see him, he will wave his hand to you personally. You can also connect to the video/audio on your mobile device at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChAyOCitjGNMyHf6hJTXZBQ/live

For this 20M SSB operation  only, Santa has made an agreement with FlexRadio Systems Inc. to ensure that OF9X will have best performance on both the receive and transmit circuits, using an advanced Flex 6700 radios.  See Santa Signature Radios at (www.flexradio.com/amateur-products/flex-6000-signature-series/


After your first QSO with Santa, you are eligible to ask for a live video/audio appointment, during which the Old Father can speak with your children or grandchildren. He or his elves may also send you an e-mail with the suggested appointment time, in case you score high on the Santa Award leaderboard for your continent. 

The appointments will be scheduled for December 17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, and 25th. On December 24th, Santa will be busily distributing his gifts the world over. Be patient as Santa seems to have limited pileup management gifts. He is now figuring out how to work split, and also studying how many times he needs to speak out his callsign for each QSO; “It’s Old-Father-9-Xmas, OF9X, QSL, QRZ?”

Your message to Santa should be e-mailed to skedsanta@sral.fi

Please provide the following information:

Station callsign used: ____________________

Children/Second Op, name used on the radio: ____________________

Contact in the Santa OF9X log:  YES/NO     BOY/GIRL     Your e-mail address: _________________

Skype & Facebook will be used; your Skype username and/or Facebook name: _________________

Operator age: _____________  The town closest to you: ___________________________________

1:    What are your other interests after school/studies?__________________________________________________

2:    Do you have sisters or brothers? Their names and ages: _____________________________________________

3:    What do you expect Santa to bring you this Christmas? (Here we give you two lines) Yes Flex Radio but what else?


4:    What else does Christmas mean to you apart from gifts?_______________________________________________

5:    Your secret message to Santa if you’d like to share (max 50 words)______________________________________



Merry Christmas to you all! Try to contact Santa but also his elves on each band-mode. There are twelve (12) elves, who are all important multipliers for your final Santa Bag.


Santa and his elves: Arto, OH2KW (ART); Arttu, OH2FB (ATU); Jyri, OH2KM (JYR); Martti, OH2BH (MAR); Niko, OH2GEK (NIK); Pauli, OH5BQ (PAU); Pekka, OH2TA (PEK); Pertti, OH2BEE (PER); Raimo, OH2BCI (RAI); Tom, OH6VDA (TOM); Pertti, OH2PM (SIM) and Erik, OH2LAK (LAK)


For release at 0000 UTC, Dec.01.2016

From the offices of Santa Claus near North Pole, Finland



As for many years Santa is now setting up for his world tour – including Amateur Radio -- and will provide your family an added pleasure for this Christmas. The exciting news is that for the first time in the history of OF9X, Old-Father-Nine-Christmas, the elves will step forward so that you can get to know them and their part in the Christmas scene. And better yet, you can make an effort to find them together with your young ones whether within your family or in your immediate neighborhood, There are twelve elves operating OF9X and they indicate themselves with the 3-letter identity thus your maximum elf-multiplier can be twelve (12). You should try to work them on all amateur bands and modes (CW/SSB/DIGI from 630m to 70 cm) and each QSO would give you a one-point (1). If you are outside of Europe your points are doubled (2). Summing up the QSO points and multiplying them with contacted number of elves makes your Frozen Santa Bag, the final score. Only 2016 QSOs are valid for the Bag. If you miss the elf identity for whatever reason no problem as you can send your QSO listing to Santa HQ and these elves would count them for you. (santapoints@sral.fi); you can also look for your QSOs at the Club Log and each slot may illustrate the elf you had contacted.

Here is your list of elves: Arto, OH2KW (ART); Arttu, OH2FB (ATU); Jyri, OH2KM (JYR); Martti, OH2BH (MAR); Niko, OH2GEK (NIK); Pauli, OH5BQ (PAU); Pekka, OH2TA (PEK); Pertti, OH2BEE (PER); Raimo, OH2BCI (RAI); Tom, OH6VDA (TOM); Pertti, OH2PM (SIM) and Erik, OH2LAK (LAK)

Your efforts will be rewarded by Santa Awards with the following categories:
A: SKC- Award (Santa is King of Christmas); minimum of 50 points
B: WMC - Award (Warm and Memorable Christmas); minimum of 35 points
C: RNS -Award (Remember those Red Nose Elves); minimum of 20 points

The full-color awards will be sent by email if you send your log and your point calculation to of9xawards@sral.fi by January 05, 2017 – please also include the name to be printed on the award and the email address the awards should be sent to. High scoring stations with their children in each continent will be offered an opportunity to have a two-way conversation with true and live Santa during the Christmas week. More details on this will be presented at OF9X QRZ.com where Santa video/audio screening will take place. May this Christmas be a good one for all children of the world.

73 from Santa Claus and Elves


Greetings from the Land of Santa Claus, in the Far North at the Arctic Circle.

The busy yuletide season is soon upon us, and Santa is preparing his sleigh for another world tour. The old man is very busy, but fortunately the elves are there to help him deliver the Christmas spirit to the world’s children.

The Ou-Hou (OH) people are also bringing Santa to the ham community as in many past years, utilizing some high tech to assist him. With the help of multimedia and the Internet, a dozen or so elves will operate Santa Radio, OF9X, with their own identity.

As a reward for contacting several of them, your brave children, grandchildren, or neighbors’ children may even speak with Santa himself. Amateur Radio’s future resides in our youth, and Santa can be their first contact with the art. This year’s activity will also pay respect to the ARRL’s late President Emeritus, Jim Hayne, W5JBP, who became a SK at the time the Santa script was in making. We wish to carry on the spirit of his mission – the Big Project – in this format.

The certified reindeer driver and Laplander Pertti “Pete” Koivula, OH2BEE/OH9U, will give Santa a face and voice, tapping into his professional background as a famous actor of the Helsinki City Theatre. Pete is well known from his role in the Finnish national movie “The Unknown Soldier,” exploring those difficult bygone times of war, still remembered by seasoned Finns.
The Santa activity’s end will mark the beginning of Finland’s Anniversary as a 100-year-old sovereign and independent nation.

The patron of the OF9X Santa Activity is Mr. Juha Sipila, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland. Mr. Sipila indicates his sincere support of Finland being the home of Santa and states that "using the latest technology to promote Santa is valuable support for Finland and helps make this Christmas a special one." He further expresses his pleasure of "welcoming an increasing number of visitors, such as those from America and China, who come to explore the treasures of Finnish Lapland by flying directly to Santa Claus Airport at the Arctic Circle."

More details will be released soon. The OF9X (Old-Father-9-Christmas) activity is supported by the Finnish Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) and the Finnish Amateur Radio Association (SRAL), and is organized by Radio Club of Pusula, OH9W with Radio Arcala, OH8X of Oulu, the frozen North.

Pertti Koivula, OH2BEE, Santa of Finland

Juha Sipliä, Prime minister of Finland

; ;

Santa Claus key made by EA3PP


Continental  Top Scores:

ASIA:  1: RV9DC (20),  2: JA4DND (17),  3: JA4LKB (13), 4: JA1HGY (13), 5: JH4ADV (11)

NORTH AMERICA:  1: N4MM (10),  2: K5KLA (7)  3: WX1S (6) 4: VE3CRG (6), 5: W1JR (5)

SOUTH AMERICA: 1: PY2XU (8),  2: PZ5RA (3), 3: LU3DW (3), 4: PY1FC (2), 5: PY6RT (2)

AFRICA:  1: EA8DO (15), 2: EA8PT (4),3: EA8BFY (4), 4: EA8AXT (3), 5: EC8CQ (3)

OCEANIA: 1: VK2KJJ (11), 2: VK3EW (4), 3: VK3SIM (4), 4: VK3GK (3), 5: ZL3CW (2)



People in America believe that Santa Claus lives at Arctic Circle in Finland, next to North Pole. Then on the 25th of December he delivers gifts to all the children in the world and finally end up at OF9X on 20M SSB on remote control, and other bands to greet the children of the world, propagation permitting. Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, or simply “Santa” is a historical, legendary and mythical figure believed by many children to bring gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

The Russian Santa Claus:
In Russia, Santa Claus is known as Father Frost or Ded Moroz. He is usually illustrated with his granddaughter, the snow maiden, Snegurochka riding with an evergreen tree and presents in a traditional Russian troika. A troika is a sleigh drawn by 3 horses yoked abreast.
Real Christmas is celebrated in Russia in early January. After the Russian October Revolution in 1917, the calendar was changed to place Christmas after New Year’s Day. This was done in order to place more emphases on the non-religious New Year’s Day. For this reason, the Russian Father Frost is associated with New Year’s Day rather than with Christmas. With above in mind Santa is now heading East to meet the Father Frost, trying to sort out the matter of Western and Eastern Christmas before it get escalated any further. OF9X en route will continue to be active until 2159 UTC Dec.31.



by Martti Laine, OH2BH

Back in those other years, Albania (ZA) was growing in rarity, and at one time it was the most wanted DXCC country in the world. Travel was restricted and obtaining a license seemed an impossibility. It took just about twenty years of hard work before ZA1A was able to hit the airwaves and to provide the amateur radio community with a new member.

We were honored to give you that opportunity and share the excitement with you together with the locals who soon became part of our brotherhood. Emotions were running high and made me personally adjust some of my values - and see the world differently.

We have returned to Albania many times, continuing with the original charter. Albania is not rare any more but it remains dear in our hearts. Albania has not made the progress we once hoped but many things have moved forward. Now we have decided to travel there once again with all of you on board through World Vision. We still have a dream!

World Vision is the largest international children’s charity, working to bring real hope to millions of children in the world’s hardest places. And they do it all as a sign of God’s unconditional love. World Vision is headquartered in the United States and they have a local presence in Albania.

We have now agreed with World Vision in Finland, the United Kingdom and the United States to step forth and help children in need and travel to Albania again and make a difference. For the first time World Vision is cooperating with Amateur Radio - understanding that we exist for society at large. We call on our own students in ZA to be part of this worthy cause and we will bring you another ZA with a good feeling.

So, just check out http://www.justgiving.com/martti-laine/ and make your donation to World Vision UK who will transfer it to their office in Albania to be used solely for the assigned purpose. Any amount is blessed and highly appreciated. We thank you kindly and Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful Year 2017.

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