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 UPDATE 06/01/2018


My actual shack:

-Flexradio 6500

-SPE1.3-FA amplifier

-Heil PR781 microphone

-MFJ memory keyer 495

-DX Engineering vertical Thunderbolt 80/40/30/20/15/10 m height 16.5 m

-MWØJZE hexbeam 6 bands reinforced fiber elements @ 10 m

-2x30 m Zepp, ladderline 10m 10-160 M fed with JC-4S tuner from Stocckcorner Hamradio Supplies

-KENWOOD TS480HX 200W x 2 (back up)

-K9AY receive loop for 80/160 M

UPDATE  17/12/2017


Someting i missed after my moving to the city of Ronse was a vertical for the low bands 80/40/30 m. Having used a Steppir vertical for years i was looking for someting different, emphasizing those lower bands.

Checking around , my eyes fell on the DX Engineering Thunderbolt VA40/80.


- 16.5 m high

- 60 kg weight

- lower section Ø 7,5 cm

- upper section Ø 2.54 cm

- base mast tube Ø 7,5 cm lenght 2.5 m , 150 cm burried in concrete

- needed 55 bags of 25 kg of concrete mix = 1375 kg total or 0.66 m3 of concrete

- 60 radials or 1200m of cupper electical wire

- DX engineering laser cut radial plate

- 50 m low loss coax cable burried in 50 m long flex tube

The antenna is build like a tank and will not move in winds up till 85 km/h speed.

Fortunately, ordered as a 40/80m antenna it does work on 30,20,15,10 m without a tuner!!

Easy to tweak to min. SWR and easy to lower with manual winch .

Below you can find some pictures, some specifications for your information;




UPDATE 16/07/2017


The Dxpedition  2017 to Märket Reef has ended, the Finnish lighthouse diary can be consulted via the link below:



UPDATE 17/02/2017


Crew complete now, Ron ON5TQ decide to join us to Märket for the second time! Great!

Märket, here we come!


UPDATE 10/02/2017


Preparations have been taken recently and already 2 hams( ON6QO and ON2KMJ) decided to join me to Märket Reef from 01/07 till 07/07 this summer!

Still 1 or 2 hams can be added to finalise the new crew. This will be my 3td activation of Märket Reef EU-053. There will be no targets as also this Dxpedition must remain a stressless trip among friends .

All bands from 6 to 80m will be activated if conditions permit. Modes SSB-CW( Digital modes depending of the additional participating hams).

Set up consits of 2 stations;

Station 1


Kenwood TS480HX

SPE 1 KA amplifier

Force 12 5 bander 5 element


MFJ Memory keyer 495

ZN magnetic paddle


Station 2


Kenwood TS480HX

SPE 1.3 KA amplifier

Ultrabeam Vertical 6-40 m


MFJ Memory keyer 495

9A5N electronic paddle



UPDATE 03/12/2016


Back on the air after a few weeks of low activity on the ham bands!! Due to the fact we moved into another house and city there was no time left for the hobby. I need to consider seriously what the next set up will be , especially the antenna park needs to be studied careffully. Yes, as Belgium is devided in several parts, different rules , regulations and even laws are to be checked accoding my wishes for a new antenna set up.

The new house( pictures above) is situated on the outskirts of a town but still within reach of all facilities. Taking into account the density of habited constructions in the nearby and to preserve peace with neighbours i will definitly look for horizontal antennas such as (wire)dipoles or even ,more or less ,small directional antennas such as a hexbeam or optibeam OW series. This is yet to be decided but certainly in the near future! Before i moved i decided by myself after long thinking and considering totally new transceiver set-up. The way our hobby is changing and new technologies as SDR are affecting manufacturers in developing direct sampling transceivers made me helping in my decision. I finally decided to order a real full SDR set up, a Flexradio 6500. Still learning how to use it , it's clearly another level of hamradio.

I hesitated to switch to a knobless tx but know i am sure i made a good decision and this way i will stay tuned with hamradio's future technology.

UPDATE 15/08/2016


Finally made up my mind and a new DXpedition to Märket Reef is planned for next summer 2017. The new crew has yet to be composed. Updates will come soon.


Update february 2016


On behalf of our radioclub , a dx pedition  to the Isle of Jersey will be organized. Between 5th of May and 8th of May we will activate EU-013 with some members of the club ON4RSX Ronse , member of the UBA. As many as possible contacts will be done on CW/SSB/DIgital modes and this from the chalet of the St-Brelade scouts in  St.Brelade.

Further information will be given after final confirmations on 12th february 2016.


Update november 2015


Special call signs have been assigned to all Belgian hams during the month November to commemorate the 100 years anniversary of World War 1 1914/1918. Next periods the call signs can be used are November 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

All call signs starting with "ON" followed by number and  2 or 3 letters can be modified to "OP" ending with same number and suffix. "OP" referring to the Poppies that grew als only flower on the devastated battle fields of the Yser plane . The Poppy has been the subject issue from a poem "In Flanders Fields" by lutenant-colonel John McCrae and has become the symbol of WW1.

Below my dedication and inspiration gatherd in a QSL with my own poem, being sent to all Hams I contacted during November.

"Never forget those who have left too early,
Who have never seen the morning glow in peace,
The ones who were Knights in the fields,
Heroes hiding in our memories,
They shall never return but always in our hearts,
with respect they will be spoken,
With respect they will be honored,
for our children we beg...no more war."


Update December 2014


I achieved 2 new transceivers for my next Dx pedition to Märket Reef! As this will be a 3 men's , "3 luggage case only Dx pedition", the principal required specifications were to be light, compact and as much as possible high powered  . I found those in the TS480 HX wich is, in my opinion,  the only small sized and DC powered 200 Watt and reasonable priced transceiver on the market. They have been tested for a few times in full duty cycle conditions and they seem to stand well for longer period use such as contests or dx peditions. Below the set up in my shack.


My Hamshack updated December 2015



My hamshack dated 22/09/2012




UPDATE 01/12/2014


Special call signs have been assigned to all Belgian hams during the month November to commemorate the 100 years anniversary of World War 1 1914/1918. Next periods the call signs can be used are November 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

All call signs starting with "ON" followed by number and  2 or 3 letters can be modified to "OP" ending with same number and suffix. "OP" referring to the Poppies that grew als only flower on the devastated battle fields of the Yser plane . The Poppy has been the subject issue from a poem "In Flanders Fields" by lutenant-colonel John McCrae and has become the symbol of WW1.

Below my dedication and inspiration gatherd in a QSL with my own poem, being sent to all Hams I contacted during November.


UPDATE 01/11/2014







UPDATE 31/10/2014


From November 1st till November 30th Belgian vanity callsigns are issued to rember the first war in Flanders fields.

The prefix OP is allowed instead of ON for the 2- or 3 digit suffix callsigns. That means for example ON8VP = OP8VP.


UPDATE 16/08/2014


I am also organizing some Fauna&Flora activities in Belgium or the Netherlands. Below 2 links, one referring to

ONFF357, the other to PAFF015.




UPDATE 28/06/2014


After my visit to the hamfair of Friedrichshafen i tested the acquired solid state morse key from 9A5N.

First impressions are positive and this key works as good as my N3ZN key ! Nice piece to add to my collection.

Only remark, this one is very sensitive and working " smash and play "  is not advised! Just handle it as your wife, nice and gentle!! You will be satified for long years. For more information look at  http://web.hamradio.hr/9a5n/


UPDATE 09/06/2014


This year we participated to the FDCW fieldday CW contest on 07/07-06/2014 in the OPEN ALL BAND 24 h category   . ON6QO, ON5JT( special guest) ,ON5TC , ON5TQ and myself ON8VP , all of them decided that our goal was only to have a lot of fun and ambiance during the 2 days, the contence of the log ( 836 contacts)came on second place. We did not use any contest logging program, we did it barefoot and using the Key!  Place to be somewhere on the field in Flobeck my home QTH.

Below some pictures :


UPDATE 11/11/2013


After a busy year of ham activities comes a welcome break. No big DX peditions or events, no contests and no fielddays for a while.

A small residue of the " Radio- virus" emerges when i travel to PA land to activate some Fauna and Flora or Iota places just as PAFF 015 or EU146 in the little port of Serooskerke on the isle of Schouwen Duiveland.

Wonderfull area called "Schelphoek" which means place where you can find or gatter shells !

Below some pictures of the hams joining me for one days trips , the car serves as occasional shack, hi. I don't have to tell we make a lot of fun .....and qso's....

UPDATE 08/07/2013


The crew just returned from M�rket reef after a long but satifsying trip.

We made 17.299 contacts during 6 days. Not bad as this was done with unexperienced OM's.

I would like to thank all hams making this expedition workable with reduced budget . M�rket Reef will remain unique place to activate.

Use this Link to absorb some impressions of the DXpdedition:


Below some pictures ;

Update 22/09/2012


Finaly got confirmation about our DX pedition to M�rket Reef. We will be QRV from June 30th till July 6th 2013.

All arangements have been taken and from now on i will enjoy the planning. ON6QO Mike, ON4CCP Koen, ON4LEM Philippe and ON5JT Jean -Pierre will join me to as be supposed to be a stressless DX pedition which means no particulary target has to be achieved.

I applied for the OJ�V call and got it last week; there is no way back now hihi!

Update 29/07/2012


After a long day trip back from Corsica i am finally back in the shack. I made more or less 1000 contacts, all in CW! I tried to do some phone but due to local QRM it was not possible at all. My set up consisted of a 12 m wire vertical and an FT897D producing 80 W which was enough to make contacts all over the world. As it was a holliday style activation i was not able to respond to all calls but i tried to satisfy all as much as possible.

Situated in the south part of the Isle near Porto Vecchio on a hill 650 m ASL the location seemed to favorise all contacts to any direction except to the North, howeverone day i had a Japanese pile up for 20 min....

Below some pictures;


UPDATE: 30/12/2011


Just back from PA land where we were activating Iota EU146 on the Isle of Schouwen Duiveland. The group of operators consisted of ON6QO, ON5TC, ON5TQ and myself. We made about 2300 contacts in CW in 3 and a half days. Not too bad i should say for a holiday style DX pedition. The weather was just as it has to be, dry and not too cold, only the last night we had stormy weather but the antenna resisted extremely well and did a fine job.



Icom 7700

Vertical Hygain DX88

N3ZN -ZN5 Paddle

... a lot of ambiance...

Below some pictures...

Fortunately, one is working.... From left to right, C�cile , Michel, Ronald and Peter.

Michel at work...the dope always at handlevel! Yes, the antenna is fed from below, hihi.

Michel preparing his nightshift.... The lighthouse, once printed on a Dutch Gulden banknote.

Men and lady at work! Beside the contacts we took some breath at the beech, dunes ...and enjoyed the nature on the Isle.



Ever since my youth i was playing with transmitters (broadcasting 5 Watts) and the traditional WALKIE TALKIES.....It all started at the age of 9 when Saint Nicolas ( children's best friend for a month or so) brought me some playgood , one of it never went out of my mind and since then the small walkie talkies grew up to the rig i actually work with as you can see on the pictures.

Due to different reasons it took me a long time to pass the Harec license and becoming a real Ham radioamateur. Since 2007 i am "playing" (yes still playing...) with my stuff and i am still addicted to it.

My favorite band is 40 m and favorite mode is CW which i can accomplish at a speed of 25WPM. I like trying out antennas , especially verticals in different shapes. Actually i am working at a" field "version of a 43 foot vertical made from a 60 foot fiberpole and electrical wire. I will try it soon as time permits.

My playground consists of:


1) Yaesu FTDX 5000 MP

2) TS 480HX 200W set 1

3) TS 480HX 200W set 2

4) Yaesu FT 8700


1) Hexbeam 2 elements 6 bands at 12 m on a crank up/tilt over tower, asl 100 m

2) Steppir vertical Bigir MK3 with 80 m coil, ground mounted( a jewel when it works...)

3) Twin sloper from Alpha Delta 160-80-40 m

4) Diamond ant.for 2m/70 cm


1) Actually working with a solid state amp. from SPE about 2 kw output but i like also working QRP when trying out new configurations.


Below some pictures for your information:

My toys, the newest ZN-5 key and ZN-9A IRONMAN, both acquired at N3ZN in Pittsburgh USA.

script tags are not allowed.script tags are not allowed.

These 2 pictures during UBA CW fieldday in 2009. ON6QO Mike and ON5TQ Ron andON2KMJ Jean-Paul (red shirt) after hours of hard working...and beers!

This is my new QTH still in finishing conditions. In the middle of the Hills of the Pays des Collines.

)5TQ 5tq

This picture shows John ON4UN in the middle (author of Low band dxing) and his pupils after getting their full license( Harec license)in 2007. Who else could we wish for teaching us and becoming a real Ham??!! I am on the right.

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