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PA9CW Netherlands flag Netherlands

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Ham Member Lookups: 21243


Since 2014 I'm working almost 100% in low power, QRP or QRPP.  Even in a contest I use QRP.
Born 31-12-1963. Licensed since 1983. My first QSO was on 2 meter ( 31-11-1983 ) with my old call PE1JVV.



  SOTA in DL









































SOTA in F ( FL/VO )


SOTA in ON dec 2017.


My DXCC summary log

Radio: Elecraft K3/100 since 03-2012.
Options: 250 Hz 5-pole, 400 Hz 8-pole, KAT3 ant tuner and KXV3A RX module.
P3: Panadapter since 07-2012.
Keyer: Begali Pearl gold/gold since 09-2011.
Ant: HyEndFed 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10 mtrs 40 meters long
SOTA: KX3 and 30 mtr HyEndFed with 10 or 14 mtr mast.
K3 : SN 6290
KX3 : SN 2506

My prefered mode of operation is CW on 30 meters.
Since 1-7-2010 I'm 30MDG member and I'm mostly QRV on 30 meters.
Since 1-1-2014 I'm member of NAQCC and try to make QSO's in QRP or QRPp. I'm not using E-QSL.
I like the real lovely old-fashioned papercards.

DIG 5629 30MDG 3789 CTC 171 NAQCC 7029 EPC 12162 AGCW 2939 BQC 1594

16-09 till 27-09-2012: PA9CW/p from Texel Island, IOTA EU-038.
14-12 till 20-12-2012: PA9CW/p from Schouwen Duiveland island, IOTA EU-146.
23-02 till 01-03-2013: PA9CW/p from Terschelling island, IOTA EU-038.
17-05 till 20-05-2013: PA9CW/p from Texel Island, IOTA EU-038.
06-09 till 24-09-2013: PA9CW/p from Texel Island, IOTA EU-038.
24-08 till 20-09-2014: PA9CW/p from Texel island, IOTA EU-038.
23-09 till 02-10-2016: PA9CW/p from Texel Island, IOTA EU-038.

01-05-2012: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/RP-001 Hohe Acht.
03-05-2012: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/RP-007 Hochkelberg.
04-05-2012: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/RP-002 Ernst Berg.
16-03-2013: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-065 Slievereagh.
17-03-2013: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-086 Slievenamuck.
20-03-2013: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-075 Carrigeenamronety.
23-03-2013: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-011 Knockmealdown.
01-09-2013: PA9CW/p activated PA/PA-005 Galgenberg.
01-09-2013: PA9CW/p activated PA/PA-004 Torenberg.
19-10-2013: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/RP-005 Prumscheid.
22-10-2013: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/RP-485 Rockeskyller Kopf.
24-10-2013: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/RP-017 Apert.
25-10-2013: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/RP-001 Hohe Acht.
06-02-2014: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-065 Slievereagh.
09-02-2014: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-065 Slievereagh.
11-02-2014: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-105 Knockfeerina.
10-03-2014: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-001 Signal de Botrange.
10-03-2014: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-025 Burteaumont.
10-03-2014: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-026 Le Mont d'Henri-Chapelle.
27-03-2014: PA9CW/p activated PA/PA-002 Vrouwenheide.
27-03-2014: PA9CW/p activated PA/PA-003 Observant ( Sint Pietersberg ).
27-03-2014: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-028 Noordelijke terril Waterschei.
01-05-2014: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-027 Pottelberg.
24-05-2014: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-004 Bois de Hazeille.
24-05-2014: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-019 Bois de Javingue.
25-05-2014: LX/PA9CW/p activated LX/LX-001 Steekammchen.
25-05-2014: LX/PA9CW/p activated LX/LX-003 Kiirchbësch.
07-08-2014: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-010 Baraque Fraiture.
07-08-2014: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-013 Bois de Hodinfosse.
07-08-2014: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-011 Sur Clair Fa.
07-08-2014: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-024 Bois du Tour du Coo.
12-04-2015: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-065 Slievereagh.
13-04-2015: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-013 Temple Hill.
14-04-2015: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-075 Carrigeenamronety.
15-04-2015: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-052 Seefin Mountain.
17-05-2015: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-089 Ballyarthur Hill.
18-04-2015: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-004 Galtymore Mountain.
19-05-2015: EI/PA9CW/p activated EI/IS-065 Slievereagh.
21-10-2015: CT7/PA9CW/p activated CT/AL-005 Monte das Sarnadas.
21-10-2015: CT7/PA9CW/p activated CT/AL-007 Serra da rocha da Pena.
22-10-2015: CT7/PA9CW/p activated CT/AL-004 Serra de Monchique.
11-04-2016: EA7/PA9CW/p activated EA7/MA-023 Mijas.
09-08-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BM-064 Staffelberg.
09-08-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BM-288 Frauenwald.
10-08-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BM-063 Almberg.
10-08-2016: OK/PA9CW/p activated OK/JC-003 Tristolicnik. 
10-08-2016: OK/PA9CW/p activated OK/JC-030 Spicak.
10-08-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BM-279 Geyersberg.
11-08-2016: OE/PA9CW/p activated OE/OO-069 Hochficht.
11-08-2016: OE/PA9CW/p activated OE/OO-097 Ameisberg.
11-08-2016: OK/PA9CW/p activated OK/JC-004 Smrcina.
11-08-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BM-290 Hohenberg.
11-08-2016: OE/PA9CW/p activated OE/OO-374 Hochstein.
13-08-2016: OE/PA9CW/p activated OE/OO-379 Hochbuhel.
13-08-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BM-065 Haidel.
13-08-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BM-274 Groser Rachel.
13-08-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BM-324 Furberg.
17-09-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated PA/PA-006 Signaal Imbosch.
20-10-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/RP-002 Ernst Berg.
20-10-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/RP-003 Schwarzer Mann.
20-10-2016: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-009 Iverst.
22-10-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/RP-158 Erbeskopf.
22-10-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/RP-171 Röster Kopf.
22-10-2016: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/RP-449 Teufelskopf.
04-12-2016: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-016 Les Aisances.
04-12-2016: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-004 Bois de Hazeille.
04-12-2016: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-010 Baraque Fraiture.
04-12-2016: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-013 Bois de Hodinfosse.
04-12-2016: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-011 Sur Clair Fa.
04-12-2016: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-001 Signal de Botrange.
27-02-2017: FL/PA9CW/p activated FL/VO-014 Chaume de Sérichamp.
27-02-2017: FL/PA9CW/p activated FL/VO-020 La Croix Hanzo.
27-02-2017: FL/PA9CW/p activated FL/VO-029 Tête de Nayemont.
27-02-2017: FL/PA9CW/p activated FL/VO-031 La Goutte Logelot.
27-02-2017: FL/PA9CW/p activated FL/VO-089 Haut de la Pierre de Taille.
28-02-2017: FL/PA9CW/p activated FL/VO-067 Haut du Roc.
28-02-2017: FL/PA9CW/p activated FL/VO-114 Le Mettey.
01-03-2017: FL/PA9CW/p activated FL/VO-159 La Côte (Sous la Valache).
01-03-2017: FL/PA9CW/p activated FL/VO-161 La Côte (La Falaise).
01-03-2017: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-006 La Croix Scaille.
24-03-2017: HB9/PA9CW/p activated HB/AR-004 Kaienspitz.
24-03-2017: HB9/PA9CW/p activated HB/AR-005 Horst bei Vogelisegg.
25-03-2017: HB9/PA9CW/p activated HB/AI-001 Santis.
26-03-2017: HB0/PA9CW/p activated HB0/LI-011 Helwangspitz.
22-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-019 Hornisgrinde.
22-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-029 Hoher Ochsenkopf.
22-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-047 Badener Höhe.
23-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-003 Belchen.
23-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-010 Köhlgarten.
23-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-018 Blauen.
23-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-293 Zeller Blauen.
23-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-639 Hochgescheid.
23-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-766 Hohwildsberg.
24-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-001 Feldberg.
24-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-002 Herzogenhorn.
24-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-014 Weisstannenhöhe.
24-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-015 Hochfirst.
24-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-284 Schnepfhalde.
24-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-849 Wagnersberg.
25-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-008 Schauinsland.
25-04-2017: DL/PA9CW/p activated DM/BW-009 Kandel.
04-05-2017: CT7/PA9CW/p activated CT/BT-008 Serro Alcaria Ruiva.
06-05-2017: CT7/PA9CW/p activated CT/AL-003 Serra do Monte Figo.
17-12-2017: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-004 Bois de Hazeille.
17-12-2017: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-010 Baraque Fraiture.
17-12-2017: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-013 Bois de Hodinfosse.
17-12-2017: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-011 Sur Clair Fa.
17-12-2017: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-009 Iverst.
04-01-2018: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-001 Signal de Botrange.
04-01-2018: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-009 Iverst.
04-01-2018: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-010 Baraque Fraiture.
04-01-2018: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-011 Sur Clair Fa.
04-01-2018: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-013 Bois de Hodinfosse.
04-01-2018: ON/PA9CW/p activated ON/ON-018 A la Plate.


27-08-2014: PA9CW/p activated PAFF-074 Lage Land Texel.
01-09-2014: PA9CW/p activated PAFF-012 Duinen van Texel.
28-02-2015: PA9CW/p activated PAFF-033 Nunspeet. NQ
22-05-2015: PA9CW/p activated PAFF-051 Boswachterij Dorst.
11-09-2015: PA9CW/p activated PAFF-046 Odoorn. NQ
12-09-2015: PA9CW/p activated PAFF-061 Sleenerzand.

NQ = not qualified


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