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Hello WFF hunter,_______"Clusterspots are highly appreciated during my portable activations, just like to work Pile-up wink"






July_2017, this year I'm located in the Petite Camargue FFF-0163 department 30. I will try to actived some other FFF parcs, maybe also from dpt. 34 and/or 13. Also 1 or 2 WCA/DFCF activations. Later on we go to dpt. 07 Ardeche. All activations depend on time and weather conditions. When you hear me please give me a cluster spot because I have no internet acces during my portable activities.


July_2017, Saturday 22-07-2017 activation from FFF-0163 Petite Camargue and Tour Carbonièrre DFCF 30.011 / WCA: F-01078. Department 30, only 75 QSO's in almost 2,5 hours time. So unfortunately not many hunters found? This was my last activation from the Camargue region, we now go to the Ardeche.

Did not find enough spare time to find a good location/activation. Too many things to do in the Ardeche like canoe & swimming at beautiful waterfall locations. Also family visit at another camping nearby our location. When driving back to our camping in the dark we lost the driver side front light. It's a Xenon light and no small garage here has it on stock, so lost one day to search whole Ardeche for a new, very expensive Renault 170,- Euro, front lightbulb for the car and replace it. Need the light because we drive back home at night.





July_2017, Friday 21-07-2017 activation from FFF-0885 Camargue Gradoise and Fort Peccaï DFCF 30.009 / WCA: F-01076. Not an easy place to go. About 7 km gravel road at 20 km/h. You have to be lucky with an open gate otherwise you need a long way by bike or walk! Made about 130 contacts in 2,5 hours. Great weather conditions with 35 degrees C. Department 30.

The Fort Peccaï dates from the 1569/1629 and it has the Vauban style. In the middle ages salt was the only way to conserve food, therefore salt was booming business. This part of France was the centre of salination, to control the inland salt transport by the canals the Fort Peccaï also control the salt tax. It's this tax that created a lot of money for the French King his treasury. It also protected the Camargue against pirates & smugglers. Nowdays Fort Peccaï belongs to Private proppery and it's on the list of protected historical / archeological monuments! Don't forget your musquito spray here, at almost the end of the world :-) . Like the French say: "Vaï-t’en à Peccaï!" 






July_2017, Wednesday19-07-2017 first activation from FFF-0880 Etang de l'Or. I was on the east border of the parc. Need to pass a very small bridge, would like to have a picture with the car on but the bridge was to small to open the door, hihi. Worked about 150 stations in 2 hours time mostly on 40 meters. Department 34.



JULY_2017, Tuesday 11-07-2017. My second activation from PAFF-0068 Verdronken land van Saeftinghe. Just to check all my gear before we take off again to South France on holiday. Terrible conditions, signals fading a lot. Strugle to get 44 QSO's on 40m, 20m & 80m in over 2 hours time. All inbetween the rain showers, some pictures will follow later.



AUGUST_2016, Friday 30-09-2016. Second activation from PAFF-0090 Canisvliet. Testing with 40 meter wire but again problems with my radio. Could only use 50 Watt, at 100 Watt the radio shut-down. My homemade RF Choke on a FT240-43 ferrite toroid give no solution, so no RF energy over the coax shield this time.  Build up my 20 meter wire, therefore I needed to replace the mast closer to the car because the coax was too short. Better result but still some problems. On saturday at home I think that I found the problem in the power supply kabel. Due to some bad contact the battery is draining fast and the Kenwood TS-50 shut-off when the voltage is to low. Hope with my next activation all problems will be gone?

Canisvliet is a small Natura 2000 reserve located in Westdorpe near the channel Gent-Terneuzen and the south part of this reserve connects with the Belgium border.






August_2016​, on summer holiday in the south part of France dept. 66. You will probably hear me from some FFF references. Hope to activate some new ones north of the Spanish border FFF-0825 up to FFF-0830. Maybe I cross the border to do one or more EAFF references?


August_2016, Friday 26-08-2016. First activation from FFF-0827 L'anse de Paulilles. Another beautiful spot near the French Catalan coast Cote Vermeille. When you are in this area you must go here for a swim or dive, excelent place! Go early otherwise there is no place to park your car!  On this location Alfred Nobel started here a dynamite factory, more info in the local museum, and now a very interesting aerial photo exposition for 40 years Littoral préservées Languedoc-Roussillion by Frédéric Larrey.  




Unfortunately the plastic PTT key from my Kenwood TS-50 hand microphone broke as soon as I start to tune my antenna tuner! Lucky to have a skrewdriver in my backpack to open the mic. I made 250 QSO's while operate the micro switch with my finger, and thats not a nice feeling. I lock the mic element with some tape to prevent for fall out. So you see it's important to have some tools and tape with you to fix problems in MacGyver style. Yesterday I also solved my RF-interference problem by a RF-choke. Made with some coax windings on an empty water bottle! Problem with QRM in my modulation, possibly by coaxial radiation, solved. Because off the broken mic PTT this was my last activation, otherwise I did one more.


Tomorrow we drive back home 1250 km. Again we had a very good vacation in this lovely part of France. All QSO's are valid for department 66. Thanks all for working my portable activations. QSL is always ok via the bureau.


August_2016, Thursday 25-08-2016. First activation from FFF-0828 Cap Bear. Also valid for Cap Bear LightHouse FR-0012. This small nature reserve is located on a beautiful place of the Cote Vermeille. A tiny narrow road leads to the lighthouse. FFF-0828 is positioned just in front of the lighthouse. I was there a bit late, no access with the car into the park so aroud 21:00 I broke down the portable station in the dark. Not the best thing to do, hihi.




August_2016, Monday 22-08-2016. First activation from FFF-0830 Moulin d'Ensourd / Le Racou. Situated along the French Catalan coast between Argeles sur Mer and Collioure. 114 contacts in 2 hours time on 20m & 40m.



August_2016, Saturday 20-08-2016. First activation from FFF-0829 Pla de la Forques. This activation is also valid for DFCF / WCA: Fort Carré DFCF-66002 WCA F-03138 & Fort Ronde DFCF-66011 WCA F-03147. Propagation was not the best, only 134 contacts in 4 hours, need to shelter a few times for some small rain showers. Problem with HF interference in my modulation but I had no ferritte cores with me to solve this problem.

This time I got a visit from the French Police, I was not allowed to operate because my antenna was suspicious for terrorism!?!?! After some conversation in my best French (and I don't speak French hihi) I managed to stay for 1 more hour. Within 1 hour I need to go, strange because I'm on a public place and all is legal. During my stay I only saw about 8 cars, so it was not a bussy place. So after checking all my papers I continue for a half hour and break down the portable station with another new experience! Hope the other activations will be without problems.


May_2016, Saturday 07-05-2016. First activation from PAFF-0089 Hertogin Hedwigepolder. This small nature area is on the south part of  the Netherlands in Zeeuws Vlaanderen. It connects with het Verdronken land van Saeftinhge PAFF-0068, the other part of this reserve is on Belgium territory, called the Prosperpolder. It's a really contentious area because our government want to break through the Westerschelde river dike to flood this whole polder, al this for nature compensation. Since the middle-ages this land has won from the sea, so you can understand that the local people fight against this decision! It's already a beautiful area like it is now.

Borderfence between the Netherlands and Belgium, in the background you see the nucliar power plant Doel. Because of a similair problem in Belgium the village Doel has become a gohst town.




September_2015, Tuesday 01-09-2015. Today I receive my French Flora Fauna Holiday Tour 2014 + 2015 QSL cards, designed by myself and printed via Mr. Gennady UX5UO, good and very fast service! All received well so I will be sending out the QSL's to all who send me one. Sorry for the delay.



August_2015, Sunday 16-08-2015. Today I try to do the first activation from the lighthouse NET-110 Oude Hoofd Walsoorden. All depending on the weather conditions because this one has no acces by car, so no shelter place for rain and thunder storms. The small lighthouse is located in the river Westerschelde as a guide for the ships to Antwerp. Even the biggest container ships of the world are here passing by at several meters distance! For sure this location has a top 3 rating of the best places in the world for shipspotting. Only accesable at low tide. 

Had to go QRT when the tide was comming in. The Hapag Lloyd ULSAN EXPRESS, 366 meters long and 48 meter wide.





August_2015, Saturday 15-08-2015. During the lighthouse weekend I operated with our ZeeuwsVLaanderen regio club station from the lighthouse in Breskens with the club call PI4ZVL/LH. Lighthouse ref. numbers; NL-0007 & NET-018.




July_ 2015, during the month july I will be activating some new FFF references in department 66 and 11. Also some castel activity is on my schedule WCA/DFCF in department 66. I have no internet acces during my portable activations so clusterspots will be great. Hope to work you all.  For sure the Fort of Salses is on my to do list, DFCF-66019 home of Vauban.

Copyright picture : Albert Sarola Juanola.


July_2015, Friday 31-07-2015. For my last activation during our summer holiday in this beautiful part of South France I go to the nature reserve Plage de Ste-Marie FFF-833, first activation. It's located along the beach and dunes around Saint Marie, department 66. The correct boundries are very hard to find because this one is not on the website "Conversatoire du littoral" so I positioned my portable setup on a part that is noticed as a protected area on their website, but without any name on the beach / dunes from Ste-Marie. Operate for just over 2 hours with again some nice dx into Australia and Asiatic Russia. Most QSO's on 20 meters and some on 40. In the evening we drive back home 1200 km after a very nice warm vacation. Tnx to all who made a QSO during my /P activations, see you next time 73's & 44!

Ste-Marie Plage beach enterance with French protected area logo on the left bottem corner on the information panel.

No wind today so I put the DX-Wire Heavy Duty fiberglas pole at maximum 12,5 meters up.

Some nice shadow from the umbrella in the already hot morning sun.



July_2015, Thursday 30-07-2015 first activation from the reserve Le Bourdigou FFF-835. This parc is located between the rivers l'Agly on the North and the Le Bourdigou river as the South border. This reserve consist of a combination of 2 different parcs, Le Ribère in the North en Marende Petit on the South. It was a bit confusing but after some research all was clear. Propagation on 20 meters was good with some nice dx, I made my first WFF QSO's into Australia with VK5PAS & VK8GM. Just before starting to operate I had a visit from Francois F8ARV, he was also on holiday on a camping nearby. Thanks for making the picture Francois and nice meting you!



Then I go to FFF-832 Etang de Canet St. Nazaire for a first activation but I got no permission by the parc rangers to do the activation!? So up to the next one. I was happy I did my homework and many parcs, inclusive boundries, are in my Google Earth file. Second operation today, first activation of FFF-831 Mas Larrieu. I was lucky to operate just in between the rain showers. DX worked; W1OW, K2FL, VO1SA & RX9CCJ. I was active for 2 hours on both parcs, made 300 QSO's in 4 hours. No good propagation on 40 meters for both activations, most contacts were made on 20 meters. 





July_2015, Monday 27-07-2015 went to department 11 for the first activation of FFF-841 Rives de Fitou, but find out that it's located on a private property / resorte. I asked for permission to activate this very small nature reserve for 2 hours but it was refused by the land owner!!? In such a case I think it's better to delete this reference and replace by an other. Below you see that the only road that leads to the parc is closed! And it stay closed for me, up to the next one.


Then I go to FFF-837 Etang de Salses but could not find any parc information bord. Also I didn't find a good place for the car that was not on private property so I decided to go and do some Castle activity today. Arive near the beautiful castle fortification of Salses around 12:00 hour. Reference DFCF: 66019 & WCA: F-03155. Propagation on 40 meters was very bad, only 9 QSO's and 111 QSO's on 20 meters. All in 3:15 hours time, so not many hunters found.




July_2015, Saturday 25-07-2015 first activation of FFF-836 Mas de l'Isle. Another small nature reserve along the beach of the French Catalan coastline. Department 66. Very strong wind today. Propagation on 20 was good but very poor band conditions on 40 meters. Worked only 130 QSO's in 2,5 hours. I left before the IOTA contest started. To much confusion for my /portable activity, because ít's not on an island. Thank you all for working me!




 July_2015, Wednesday 22-07-2015 first activation of FFF-834 La Ribère. A small nature reserve along the beach of the French cote Catalan, department 66. It's in the nearby area of our camping site. On 40 meters the QRN was very high, mostley around S9/S9+. 170 contacts were made on 40 & 20 meters.




July_2015, Saturday 11-07-2015 first activation of PAFF-083 Braakman Noord. The reserve is a mixture of forest and wetlands. You can find several walking routes trough this parc. Propagation was not at it's best, struggle to get 170 qso's in a bit more than 3 hours time. Active on 40 & 20 meters. With 28 degrees C the weather was just perfect under the umbrella.

PAFF-083, Braakman Noord


Wilde Cichorei (Cichorium intybus)



April_2015, Below some pictures I took in PAFF-081 Clingse Bossen. Canon EOS 7D + 300mm prime and a 1.4 convertor. Photography is one of my other hobby's. Thanks to Timo for this great opportunity!


October_2014, Sunday 19-10-2014 PC5Z/P active from the new reference PAFF-082 Margaretha polder, first activation! Margaretha polder is relatively new nature reserve created in 2005 by Nature compensation Westerschelde. It consists of meadows, wet areas and creeks. Ideal for many birds.  Made 235 QSO's on 40m & 20m. Some DX worked like RX9WN, RV9UCN, W1OW, JJ1LWA.

Around the year 1807 the Army of Napoleon Bonaparte created here a fortification. Napoleon want to control the river Westerschelde to rule about the supply route to Antwerp. The fortification didn't excist very long, in 1809 during a battle with the Englisch war ship Impérieus the fort explode when the black powder storage was hit. During the construction of this nature reserve I found with my metal detector some parts of this peroid by myself, like bullits and even a large silver coin.


This is why we have dykes in Holland. Container vessel on the Westerschelde upstream to the Antwerp harbour.



October_2014, Sunday 05-10-2014 PC5Z/P. First activation from the new reference PAFF-081 De Clingse Bossen. This woodland is situated in the South West part of the Netherlands. The Southern part of this parc follows the border between The Netherlands and Belgium. You can find different kind of woodpeckers and many other bird species when visiting this area. Made 215 QSO's in 3 hours time, with some nice DX on 20m JA8ECS & RV9UCN. Last 10 minutes on 15m West coast stations N6TV & N6OJ.



FFF Holiday Tour 2014

August_2014,  F/PC5Z/P. During my summer holiday I'm probably active from some French Flora Fauna parcs in Bretagne, department 29 (Finistere). The planning is that I will be on the Glenan archipel to activate EU-094 Sint Nicolas Island  FFF-200 on 11-08-2014 and the next day 12-08-2014 to EU-094 Bananec Island FFF-700. The activation on Bananec Island will be only for about 3 hours. Need to walk to the Island at low tide and be back on time, befor the water is too high, to Sint Nicolas Island to catch the ferry boat. All depending on the weather conditions on 11 & 12 august.

Copyright picture: Mr. Jean-Marie LIOT


August_2014 Saturday 09-08-2014, F/PC5Z/P went to the nature reserve FFF-690 Marais de Mousterlin that is near the camping site during our stay in Bretagne. First activation from this reference! From the camping it's not possible to acces the park with the car so I took my portable travel trolly and walk from the camping into the park. 3 times 12Volt 27Ah batteries in the grey box on the bottem, Kenwood TS-50 + JC-3 tuner and wires in the aluminium case, mast clamp + 12,5 meter fiberglas pole and chair on top. And some other stuff in the backpack



August_2014 Monday 11-08-2014, with my family we took the boat from Beg Meil to arive on Saint Nicolas Island, IOTA EU-094,  in the morning. Check-in for my over night stay at http://www.sextant-glenan.org/ Then build up the station for activation of the nature reserve "Saint Nicolas des Glenan" FFF-200 which is only a part off the island. Started at 12:10 hours on 20 meters until band conditions dropped down around 14:30 hours so I decided to save my battery power (2 times 12Volt 27Ah) and try again later on 40 meters. This happens to be a good gamble and operate on 40 from 18:30 to 20:30.


View from St. Nicolas to Fort Cigogne. I was lucky that in the evening some rain just missed St. Nicolas island

Moon rise, time to go and get some sleep. Red light on the left is from the Penfret Island lighthouse.

Next day on 12-08-2014 I walk from St. Nicolas with all my gear to IOTA EU-094 Bananec Island FFF-700 "Glenan Archipel" at low tide over the beach. This was not a easy job because the sand was very soft. Need to bring everything by hand across the beach. I build up on the edge off the island to see the incomming tide. Full moon means also extra high water tide. I needed my boat back at 17:00 so want to be sure that I'm off the beach on time on the St. Nicolas side! When you are too late the return pad is cut off by the sea and you have to wait for the next tide. In this case I would lose my boat connection which was also the last boat for that day. Active from 11:53 to 14:00. Not the best conditions but a nice one to work was ZD7FT St. Helena Island on 15 meters. On 15 meters I only worked 3 stations in 15 minutes so went back to 20 meters.

View from IOTA EU-094 Saint Nicolas Island in the morning sun.

IOTA EU-094 Bananec Island FFF-700.

IOTA EU-094  Bananec Island FFF-700, the land bridge to St. Nicolas is cut off.

All logs are on paper, had already too much equipent to bring with me so I did not took a laptop to the Islands. Therefore I need to write all logs over to digital log that can take some time. When finished the logs will be send to the French Flora Fauna organiation. Thanks everybody working F/PC5Z/P from the beautiful EU-094 "Glenan Archipelago"


August_2014, Wednesday 13-08-2014 F/PC5Z/P active from FFF-691 Penfoulic park in the evening. First activation from this reference. Took me some time to find the other end of the park because on the main parking it was very bussy and a lot of trees in the surrounding.  Around 22:00 hours it suddenly started to rain so I finished and break down my gear in the dark.

Found a nice support for the 12,5 meter fiberglas pole:


August_2014, Friday 15-08-2014 F/PC5Z/P went to FFF-689 Beg Ar Vir. First activation from this reference, a mall nature park near the Odet river bank. Great overview from the bridge that connects the towns Benodet and St. Marine. I had never such bad band conditions! I skip FFF-687 on the other side of the bridge because the propagation was so bad.




This was my last FFF 2014 holiday activation, hope to work you all again from some new references! All FFF activations were from department 29 Finisteré,  info for DDFM award.  Province Bretagne, see flag below:



Juli_2014, Saterday 19-07-2014 ON/PC5Z/P went to ONFF-125 Kreken van Saleghem to try out my new 12,5 meter heavy duty fiberglass mast. Used about 21 meter wire (halve wave on 40) twisted aroud the pole with the last 7 meters sloping down to the JC-3 tuner with 4 quarter wave radials added. This setup seems to work ok. After 154 contacts in 3 hours I broke down the station because the weather was changing and I didn't have the car to take shelter this time. Also the band conditions were not very best. I started too late so did not managed to reach the car before the rain start, hihi.



June_2014, Saturday 21-06-2014 ON/PC5Z/P active from ONFF-336 Ketenisse schor. First activation from this reference! Ketenisse schor is situated near the river bank of the Westerschelde in the Antwerp harbour area. It's a small strip about 4 km's long. Made 170 contacts, only 40 meters had some good openings. Try on 20 meters but only managed to get 4 QSO's into UA9 and 3 QSO's on 17 meters, A71 & SM. Running the TS-50, 100 Watts with about 20 meters wire and the JC-3 Tuner.

In the backgrond you see the German cruise ship Deutschland on her way back after a vistit to the center of Antwerp city. A nice one to catch because my other hobby is shipspotting on the river Westerschelde.


May_2014, Saturday 03-05-2014 ON/PC5Z/P my first activation during this year. Active from ONFF-111 Domein Pijnven. 149 QSO's on 40 and 20 meters. 1 on 17 meter. Did some tests with my new JC-3 antenna tuner. It's a small alround tuner capable to tune 200 Watt and any piece off wire. I used my Kenwood TS-50 and about 20 meters insulated copper wire with good results! Detailed information about this clever piece of equipment can be found here: http://www.stockcorner.nl/index.php/jc-3-automatic-antenne-tuner-200-watt?. Pictures will be uploaded later.



November_2013, All received QSL's for my 2012 WFF activities are send out via the bureau. Sorry for the delay! Some QSL statistics; made about 1800 WFF contacts and received QSL confirmation for almost 400 contacts. For 2013 I made around 2300 WFF QSO's. All received QSL's will be answered and send out via the bureau in December.


October_2013, Sunday 06-10-2013 ON/PC5Z/P active from ONFF-337 Drijdijck. First activation from this new reference! Drijdijck is a small protected area craeted out of farm land as nature compensation for lost habitat during the building of the Deurgangdock container terminal in the Antwerp harbour. It consists of meadow and wetland. A visit to Drijdijck wil show you lots of different birds. Active for almost 3 hours on 40 meters, 256 QSO's and 28 countries.


Not enough space for the dipole to rotate, so only 40 meters used.

Those two buzzards fly right above my head during the activation. Unfortunately not the best lens on my camera for bird photography, focal lengt used here was 105 mm. Wish my 300mm prime was on the camera.



October_2013, Saterday 05-10-2013 ON/PC5Z/P went to ONFF-332 Schorren van Ouden Doel. First activation of this new reference! This small piece of salt water wetlands is located at the border with the Netherlands, bounded to the Dutch nature reserve PAFF-068. Situated across the port of Antwerp beside the river Westerschelde. Made 201 contacts in 2 hours time with 28 countries. All on 40 meters, 100 Watts and the monoband HyEndFed wire.


Nuclear power plant Doel on the south side off ONFF-332.

View on the port of Antwerp Noordzee terminal, just across ONFF-332. After sunset, time to go back home.


September_2013, Sunday 22-09-2013 active from ONFF-124 Steengelaag & ONFF-071 De Linie. This time I forgot my coax cable! I was lucky to have a small piece of coax about 2.5 meters long that I use sometimes for SWR measurement. With this little coax I could make the connection to the HyEndFed monoband wire. Therefore I was only active on 40 meters, hihi. Worked for 2 hours from ONFF-124, located near Stekene, and made 115 QSO's.



Later that day I moved on to ONFF-071, De Linie in Eksaarde. Build up my portable station near the place were in the Middle Ages, 1600's, the Castle Eksaarde was situated. Here I run also for 2 hours on 40 meters and made 155 QSO's.



September_2013, Friday 06-09-2013 active from ONFF-072 Fondatie Boudeloo. During this activation I was more inside the car taking shelter for the thunder-storms than behind the radio. I had to go QRT very quickly several times for the thunder/lightning. Sorry too all who missed me because of this but with the portable antenna alone in the field it was irresponsible to continue transmitting. ON/PC5Z/P only managed to make 120 QSO's, on 15-20 & 40 meters.



August_2013, Monday 05-08-2013 active from ONFF-230 De Lange Vaag, first activation! ON/PC5Z/P, 245 contacts in just over 2 hours. 150 on 20 meter and 95 on 40 meters. Also had a visit from Luc ON4AOL who came by for a chat. ONFF-230 is about 800 meters across the border from the Netherlands.

ONFF-230 De Lange Vaag, 05-08-2013.

ON/PC5Z/P in company with Luc ON4AOL.



PAFF Holiday Tour 2013

July_2013, Sunday 28-07-2013 active from PAFF-028 Drentse Aa for 3 hours, 176 QSO's on 20 & 40 meters. Later I went to one of the PAFF most wanted, reference PAFF-065 Zuidlaardermeer gebied. Here I use only the 40 meters monoband HyEndFed wire, 100 Watts from the Yaesu FT-847 12-Volt 27 A/h battery powered. 178 QSO's in 2 hours.

PAFF-028 Drentse Aa. Location Smalbroeken, 28-07-2013.


PAFF-065 Zuidlaardermeergebied, 28-07-2013.




July_2013, Friday 26-07-2013 active from PAFF-039 Fochteloërveen. 141 QSO's in 2 hours. Bad conditions on 20 meters. Have to go QRT because of bad weather, lightning and heavy rainfall.



July_2013, Wednesday 24-07-2013 active from PAFF-041 Bargerveen. 200 QSO's in 2 hours, all on 40 meters.


This year I was prepared for the mosquito's!! And you really need this kind of spray in the swamp & peat areas, especially during the evenings.



July_2013, Monday 22-07-2013 active from PAFF-061 Sleenerzand. 196 QSO's in 2 hours, all on 40 meters.



QSL card design is almost finished, hope they can be printed next month. (Also for my 2012 activations, sorry for the delay).


July_2013, Friday 19-07-2013 I was active as ON/PC5Z/P from ONFF-290 Putten Weiden in Kieldrecht and ONFF-292 Lisdodde in Kallo near Antwerp Belgium. Because the reference number -293 was wrong on the ONFF GoogleEarth KMZ chart I gave the wrong reference number, the correct reference is ONFF-292! Sorry for the confusion, (KMZ file is ok now). Propagation was not at it's best but managed to make about 300 QSO's in a total of 4 hours activity. Al contacts on 40 meters with the HighEndFed monoband wire.

ONFF-290 Putten Weiden (Kieldrecht), 19-07-2013 first activation.




ONFF-292 Lisdodde (Kallo near Antwerp), 19-07-2013 first activation.




October_2012, PAFF-068 Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe, 07-10-2012. New reference, first activation.

PAFF-068 Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe is situated near the river Westerschelde which is the gateway to the big port of Antwerp in Belgium. In the Middle ages there was a castle called Saeftinghe but it was taken by the sea and the remains are still somewhere underneath the surface in the nature reserve. It's one of the biggest salt water wetlands in the Netherlands and very important for bird wildlife. During the bird migration many birds stay here to rest and feed before they go on to warmer places in Africa. Or the stay here during winter time. It's a unique habitat with about 4 meters difference in water level between low and high tide. Therefore it's very dangerous to go inside the reserve without a local guide, mud and quicksand in combination with the incoming tide are a real risk. If you want to visit this reserve you can participate with one of the organised excursions, a great experience! More information can be found here: http://www.saeftinghe.eu/en/


On the picture above; those kids having a very good time during a summer excursion in the nature reserve! Some of them completley covered in mud. Thats why you have to bring clean clothing with you, otherwise you are not allowed in the car to drive back home smiley.  At home you can trow the dirty stuff away, you will never get them clean again, hihi.


PAFF Holiday Tour  2012

July, August_2012, During my summer holiday in 2012 I was active as PC5Z/P from PAFF-011, PAFF-013, PAFF-029, PAFF-032, PAFF-033, PAFF-037, PAFF-038 & PAFF-046. All logs are on paper and I have to write all contacts, about 1500 QSO, in a PC logbook before they can go out to update the WFF Log database. This will take some time! Next time I gone use a digital logbook, hihi.

Special thanks to all those who helped me a lot with a clusterspot!! See you in the next Pile-up. 73's&44.

*PAFF-037 Log is sent to Dutch WFF Manager, 230 QSO's in 2 hours.

*PAFF-033 Log is sent to Dutch WFF Manager, 146 QSO's in 2 hours.

*PAFF-013 Log is send to Dutch WFF Manager, 78 QSO's in 1,5 hours.

*PAFF-011 Log is send to Dutch WFF Manager, 270 QSO's in 3 hours.

*PAFF-032 Log is send to Dutch WFF Manager, 142 QSO's in 2 hours.

*PAFF-038 Log is sent to Dutch WFF Manager, 118 QSO's in 2,5 hours.

*PAFF-046 Log is sent to Dutch WFF Manager, 200 QSO's in 2 hours.

*PAFF-029 Log is sent to Dutch WFF Manager, 257 QSO's in 2,5 hours.


PAFF-032 Oostvaardersplassen, 07-08-2012




PAFF-033 Nunspeet, 08-08-2012.

Home made rotatable dipole (10, 15 & 20 meters) build with some old Fritzel traps, 6 meters up.

PL-259 chassis plug to connect the coax cable to the dipole, 25mm aluminium tubes. The hydrolic hose clamps are great stuff to use for antenna construction!

The FT-847, running 100 Watts on a 12Volt 27A battery.Could run 3 hours pile-up with one battery!


PAFF-037 Horsterwold, 08-08-2012.

Working with the 40 meter HyEndFed monoband wire sloping from 2 meters up to 9 meters.


Great support to start with the 40 meter HyEndFed.


PAFF-029 De Velden, 25-07-2012.



PAFF-046 Odoorn, 24-07-2012.



PAFF-013 Dwingelderveld, 29-07-2012.

PAFF-038 Grolloo, 27-07-2012.

I thought that everything I need was in the car but near the swamp in Grolloo forest I learned that next time I may not forget the anti mosquito spray!! In a few hours time I got 46 mosquito bites!! Gave me some really fun for the next few day's.crying Also I forgot to bring a compas with me, that costs me a contact with P29FR on 15 meter. He could not get my complete call. Later I found out by the car GPS that the dipole was not in the right direction. After correction some nice DX was worked on 15 meter like; A25JK, JA7GFN, BD1BYV, JA6FIO, JA1BPA & RV9UCN.


PAFF-011 Drents Friesewold, 27-07-2012.







WFF Activator Awards:




WFF Hunter Awards:






























Member of PI4DX, contest group ZeeuwsVlaanderen.


Greetz, Harm.


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