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SN7D Poland flag Poland

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QSL: LoTW ONLY. Please NO direct or bureau. Thanks

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SQ7D contest call. Station is located in Grzmiaca (loc JO91UT), Poland.

NO QSL please . If really needed - mail me but belive me - due to my all duty, support of any QSL is almost impossible. I am sorry.

Current set-up:

HF: 14/21/28MHz 2x 11 el. stacked, 2 el. 40m, 1/4 vertical 160/80m, dipoles 80/40m, Beverage 120m NA direction, FTDX9000D/FT1000MP mkV, Yaesu Quadra.

144/1296MHz: 144MHz 4x8 DK7ZB + 1kW, 1296MHz 3,6m dish +300W, TS2000X.

This is quite well equipped station but antennas are too small for real contest competition. Location is also problematic (terrain arround is elevated in some directions and soil is very sandy and dry). It doesn't mean that participating in contests is not a great fun. It really is.





SN7D in CQWW SSB 2013

Two weeks before CQWW 12m manually erected military mast collapsed with main HF beam GB312. Antenna was not destroyed (!) but mast was not able to be erected anymore. Decision was taken to erect mast as a fixed one. Segments of mast were blocked and all were mounted week before contest using elevated platform. No antenna tests were taken ... but SWR was nice at all three bands and signals received were strong. Two days before contest, Beverage (on ground - B.O.G) dissapeared. I did another one but it was classic Beverage at 2-2.5m over ground with arround 120m lenght, NA direction.

First 24h of contest were ok for me. 5h of sleep alowed to work second day with short breaks. 15m band was most fruitful for me. 10m was OK but terrain around station is elevated and many directions were deaf (SE, S, SW). Many multipliers were lost because of it. 1/4 verticals for 80/40m were working moderate. They are close to each others and their design is very simple so it is an success that they work anyway ... much more better than wires for sure. Verticals with Beverage were very nice to listening and working stations in NA patch (even European or middle east). I did only two contacts on 160m because of lack antenna on top-band. It is most important "to do" thing for next contest. At the end of contest (arround 2h before the end) very strong SW wind appears and I had some break with mains. I stoped operating radio and left station to see what is happening. It looked dangerous but antennas survived. I was affraid about my 2m EME array and 3.6m dish (23cm EME) but they were fighting well with wind.

Finally - over 2100 qsos and over 1 700 000 points. Much better than year ago (it was with home call SQ7DQX) when snowfall caused permanent mains failure and I had to finish contest after 9h operating and little over 100 000 points ...


Two times stations noticed me about my bandwidth. I can say that I am very sorry of that. I use FT1000MP MkV with Quadra amp so please do not expect tube amp IMD quality. With signals over 9+20dB on 15m and 10m 36dB of 3th IMD products will make some noise around my frequency and A class of MkV transmitter will not help a lot. It is contest and it is an amateur radio.

Thanks for almost 48h of fun during contest. It was really exciting. Congrats for all who decided to start - for smallest and for big guns for their exceptional signals.


  Poland Europe World
Rank 2 40 111



SN7D in CQWW 160M SSB 2014


Thanks to short and light winter I decided to force 80m (20m high) vertical to operate on 160m band about four weeks before contest. Switching between 160/80m is not remote. Unfortunatley beverage was destroyed without chance to quit rebuild. New ones for winter season 2014/2015 will be build as bidirectional E-W direction. But this is nothing. All radio junks were moved to new room and ... all work perfectly after first PWR button push. This was my first contest on 160m ever. Main goal was to test the vertical. I didnt expect any miracle. The miracle did not happen but vertical performed well an will be usefull as multiplier antenna for ALL BAND contests in SO2R using FTDX9000D. There is just one qso with NA but I heard a lot of NA stations. I gived up trying to call them because of EU/NA pileup. Maybe next time. The plans - add more radials. Result - 80388 points as SO(NA) HP.

73 788 points, 6th place in SP (SO)


SN7D in CQ WPX SSB 2014


As previously I decided to start in SO HP ALL category but this time I had antennas for all bands. 160m was almost empty, 80m suffers by low activity and high cracking noise, band was full of strong cq'ing stations from Europe. Not to many DX contacts on 40m. Higher bands were nice place to play as DX and as a search and shot one. Unfortunatley I observed bad conditions to JA from my station as well as to W and like always to AF (elevated terrain to south direction). I can say that my new rig is amazing. If I don't copy a callsign or exchange it is not a fault of radio, there must be another reason of that like tired operator, propagation changes (QSB) and other but not a radio. Finally I logged less qso's compared to 2013 but I have higher score thanks of more WPX and DX logged. Difference in qso's is more than 100 but score is higher by just 40000 points (abt. 80 qso's). There is a lot to do with shack, operation skills and others (f.e SO2R). Main HF tribander will be moved over 100m away from present place. New mast with moving antenna mount allow to stack two monoband yagis for 10m or stack two tribanders. I need to build new beverage, present one is in 350 deg direction but I found it usefull in some situations at 80m. I have some issues with shack air conditioner that makes a lot of noise. There is just one problem with FTDX - speech processor should be more effective for DX or contest (it is ok for essb or rag chewing), if it is set to high makes ALC active and transmitter produces some splatter. I'm going to use some devices like RF cliper to increase effective power of transmitter.

Final claimed score for CQ WPX SSB 2014 is abt. 2.442000 points.


AB HP SO Poland Europe World
Rank 2 33 76


AB HP SO (TBWires) Poland Europe World
Rank 2 24 41




Short (24h) but very popular arround the world SP DX contest was taken easy without extensive pressure on numbers and scores. As SO AB HP PHONE I was active on 80/40/20/15/10m. I expected low activity on 160m and I did not turn vertical to it. Easy regulations of contest, easy exchange (five nine charlie from me) and many categories makes it ideal for beginners but ... if you want to win in SP or outside you have to be top one. Contest pass without problems, just one thing - I slept (to rest, not on desk) in the shack and temperature dropped to 10 deg. I wake up with shivering and turn electric heater on. It broke my dream with calling cq in it. It was important experience because finally, during 48h contests, I going to spend as long as I can in the shack. Break for sleep is possible, just wake up and turn all on and CQ.  I found that energetic soft drinks are much better than coffe - try it - just one sip time by time. SP DX contest is a special event for most of radio operators in SP. My claimed score is 95226 points, 565 qso's with 52 DXCC so low multiplayer count. I not expect that my score will be in first best ten SOAB HP PHONE at 2014. Results will be published at annual SP DX club meeting at September 2014. Thanks for participation at our contest! See you next year at SP DX Contest 2015.




It was last contest with current antenna setup. I hope to make all changes before CQ WW SSB 2014. Tribander worked very well as RUN and S&P. 80m was crowded of Field Day Contest stations and it was impossible to catch any asian station with full size omni-vertical. 40m was better and some JA and other asiatic stations are present in log. 20m and 15m were most fruitful like always. Everybody were waiting for 10m opening but it did not happen - just a few qso there. I was working with main HF transceiver and external RF speech processor that gived me much higher average power than build-in. ALC meter was moving slight in peaks of modulation so signal was narrow but very loud with average power of 400-500W (!) showed by amplifier meter. I did not do any movie, rate of qso's was low. No real pile up through all contest time. Finally I have over 600 stations logged include dupes and some stations outside Asia (non-Asia stations give no points, that rule seems to be unknown for some operators, it was clearly seen at beginning of contest) and over 150 000 calculated points. I look foward for the results (spring 2015). Thanks for all qso's and congrats to all OM that gived exchange number over 70 and below 20. I like All Asian Contest. Officiall results of All Asian SSB 2014 contest is present - I take First Place in SP at SO AB HP category with 151.900 points.




CQWW SSB 2014 was a big test for new antenna setup. New 39ft (12m) tower and 19ft (6m) pipe supporting antennas (mounted on a trolley) is located over 360ft (110m) from shack. Trolley makes acces to antennas and rotator very easy and keep them safe when pull down at strong wind. I did some investment to coax cables - some calculations of coax cables attenuation were performed with results rounded to tenth dB's. Towers and antennas looks good but ... there is always some "but". Terrain is elevated around and simply - I should have higher tower. 
I decided to start at 160m and log most of EU callers there and then go to 80 and 40m. Nice signals from DX's at 40m with my 2 e. 40m yagi at 52ft (16m) over ground. No problem to work all K,W, JA and others heard on 40m. GB312 tribander performed well but overall score at the end of first 24h was lower than I expected. It was due to unbreakable terrain conditions around and maybe 130ft and more would cure it. Anyway - it is not possible due to limited area (no free space for guy ropes) and local restrictions (National Landscape Park of Lodz Hills). It was clearly heard that propagation went away for me much, much faster than for others on three upper bands. I tried some SO2R with my main rig and some modifications/inventions to use one amplifier for it. It works OK but there was a such mess on bands that stereo listening of different bands was difficult. I tested it (I have to learn better shortcuts and keys positions of logger that supported SO2R radio band-to-band switching) and I can say that I going to practice it in further all band contests. Nice pileups from NA, good opening for West Coast and many 3-cq zone stations logged. Bad condition to JA and it was the biggest disappoint. After some 20/15/10m dribble I finish when I started - on lower bands. Unofficial score is (SO AB HP NA) over 2500 qso's logged and over 2.2Mpoints (2.200 000 points). It is much better than in 2013. Due to power amplifier I use, my output power never exceed 1200W P.E.P

  Poland Europe World
Rank 2 18 (40) 58 (111)

(*) - previous year

SN7D in CQWW 160M SSB 2015


Two weeks before contest I receive a call from Arek SP7LHV, he informed me that most of my antennas were stolen. I lost main tribander GB 312 and vertical for 160/80m. Happily, base of vertical was still on the place with all radials, loading coil and vaccum relay for band switching. I decided to erect new antenna in the place inside fence surrounded area, 40m from old one. I bought some tubes and with help of Arek and our friend new vertical was erected. I spent two days for radials instalation and two days before contest antenna was checked. There was no time for optimalisation of SWR or something else, for me was enough that amplifier antenna tuner allowed to operate whole 160/80m band without smoke and RFI issues. Rest of time I spent for instalation preamp at SALA receiving antenna. No time for tests at all. 
I started at 22:00 UTC with intentions to operate whole night to sunrise. I was realy suprised with amount of qso's logged. I reached 2014 result at first night. At saturday morning I did some changes in receiving antenna and I drove home to spent day with family but late evening I came back and started CQ'ing. I rested for only one and half an hour when rate was realy low. Close to sunday sunrise I wake up and repeated saturday scheme with some hours with family at home. I was logged on cqcontest online score reflector so I saw that competitors here in SP had to have some technical or other problems because they were behind my score. I did not give up to the last minutes of contest. My raw score is over 186.000 points. My raw score in 2014 was around 80.000 points.
I logged some DX contacts, some of them called me during my CQ. My SALA receiving antenna did not work at all (weak signals, no directivity) and at saturday morning I put 200m of insulated wire on the ground (BOG) in North America direction, without preamp. It helped me a lot with many signals that came from NA direction. There was no opening for NA. I used vertical and BOG simultaneously using main (VFO-A) and second (VFO-B) receiver. I have no technical problems except useless receiving antenna. My opinion about FTDX9000D as a first class receiver is much more stronger than ever after 2015 CQWW 160m SSB contest. Both receivers worked like a dream. 178472 points after log check gived me 1st place in SP and (according to scores before log check) 8th place world SO(NA) HP.


SN7D in CQ WPX SSB 2015

Year of 2015 is hard for me as a contester. I had not enough time to set up new system for 20/15/10m, I have two 11 el. tribanders in parts and plans to set new system in the middle of the year. I had to spent a lot of time at work and with family so I decided to start at 160m band that is open at night, without collision with job and household affairs. The plan was similar to CQWW 160m. I repeat CQWW 160m scheme with hope that I will be a noticeable station at top band. I was, really. I tried to analyze recent years results at 160m and my raw score looks good. Thanks for new power ampifier I had no after contest issues with AT relays (AT in Quadra failed after CQWW 160m due to overheat but easy to fix). I added some radials to vertical, only BOG as a second receive antenna (first one was a vertical). I have 381240 points from 528 qso's and 353 multis. I was a little envious when I saw how good conditions were at 20/15/10m but I have no reason to disssatisfaction. There is one station now that has better (much better) score than mine - S56P but that contest team is very experienced and competition with them is very hard but motivating. I have to optimize SWR of vertical at 160m because reflected power makes amplifier overheat several times but I did not lost too much time (a few minutes). Overall score was reduced about 6% (355696 points) and gives me 3th place in HP SO 160m behind S56P and 4L5O.



I planned to run as a SO HP SB 160m all night 4/5.04.2015 but due to Easter and household affairs I decided to stay at home. Next year there will be no collision of SPDX Contest with Easter so I hope to spend full 24h for contest.
This year is very hard for me. At the beginning of 2015 some of antennas were stolen. At spring my second son was born. I taked new duties at job so my free - for hobby - time was very, VERY limited. August was extremly hot. At hottest day I set up new antenna system for 7/14/21/28MHz. As a main antenna supporting pipe I used 60mm tube with 10mm thick wall. Unfortunatelly this aluminium alloy is too flexible and stronger wind force me to go down with trolley to half of mast height or lower. In that position it is unable to rotate antennas, they are fixed at 70 deg ... to East. It was a basic direction during windy sunday - second day of ALL ASIAN DX SSB CONTEST. 160m/80m was crowded with FIELD DAY contest stations, no contacts at all at that bands. 40m and higher was much better. 15m was beautifully opened to Japan at saturday afternoon. At sunday morning I had to lower trolley with antennas but later I decided to go higher to get better signals. Alu pipe did not broke or bent. Points jumped slowly into the log, in my opinion propagation was much weaker than in 2014 but stacked tribanders do the job, 2el for 40m too with top receivers of FTDX9000D. My old speech processor DATONG ASP do a great job without any deflection of ALC at transmitter and gives the high talk power/average transmitted power. With 30dB of compression settings I was able to break any pileup or push my signal over band noise. I was trying SO2R with set of BPF's and it worked well but lack of any second 20/15/10m antenna allows only 40m to 20/15/10m SO2R. 10m band was closed except a few short distance qso's with some AS stations like 5B or 4X. I spent a lot of time as a RUN station with some S&P in SO2R and monitoring activity at higher bands. As always when rate was very low I did S&P or short pause for a meal or coffe. I was affraid that I did not reach a result of 2014 but after some multi's stations I finished with score close to 155 000 points with simillar amount qso's like in 2014 (little less). I observed online scores and top EU stations reach much lower results than in 2014.
Now I think about alu pipe replace to steel one (more heavy but less flexible and more rigid) before CQWW.  It was my second start in ALL ASIAN SSB CONTEST. Thanks for all QSO's. I hope to join AA in 2016.
Due to family affairs I could not start at saturday morning. I participated in contest just a few hours at sunday morning with 45 qso's with VK, ZL and others by long path. Oceania Contest is not easy one. I decided to run at 20m. Most of qso's was from CQ and some from S&P. This was a short but important test of  antenna after many hours of its maintenance. It works quite well but terrain limitations are still unable to jump over. I hope to spend all 24h at Oceania Contest SSB next year. 
 If I have to describe CQWW SSB 2015 in one word I use EXCITING. First time I used SO2R controler with FTDX9000D and FT1000MP MkV. I had new antenna system for 40/20/15/10m. I decided to start in all band, single operator and not assisted category. I had a little problem with lossen antenna rotor bolts. When at evening I elevated trolley with antennas I saw that there is no control of direction. I spent some time to fix a problem. Hopefully after this all was OK. I looked at public logs from CQWW SSB 2014 to establish best tactics for beginning but I know that after night all would depends on propagation conditions at higher bands. After first 24h I had moment of doubt because my score was not high I expected and I was afraid that I would not be able to reach 2014 score. I know that I have to practice more with SO2R and some qso techniques. One of it I tried at last hour of contest. I decided to call cq at 40m with receiver above 7.2MHz to listening some W,K stations. It was good decision. Even with 2 el. for forty meters (forty-shorty) at 15m this technique works. I shoud did that at first and second night of contest. Next year will be very hard to reach dream level of 3000 qso's. Stacked tribanders worked well at my bad location (partially hidden horizon). My fettle was very good even at the end of contest. I logged more qso's than year ago ( abt 2700) with a little better score (abt. 2.415.000). Nothing was wrong with equipment. Antenna switching, BPF switching, PA, radios - all OK. If I try split at 40m earlier I would have better score. I should use second radio more often but it needs practice. I have no second tribander for RADIO B (yagi, delta or vertical) so SO2R at 20/15/10 was not possible. I have 12 months for new ideas, new antennas, new tactics and some practice. I am angry at myself that I didn't try some techniques earlier or more frequent but finally I reach better score at lower conditions. Keep in mind that I have location that I have - I have no possibility to set 30-40m tower with stacked 40/20/15/10 and four-square for lower bands. My score always will be lower than others located at flat land with bigger lots for antennas and towers but I did everything at my station by my own hands. Thanks for all qso's and remember - never give up.
  Poland Europe World
Rank 2 (2) (18) (58)
(*) - previous year
SN7D in CQWW 160m SSB 2016
Keep fight - that two words describes that contest very well. Conditions were poor, zero signals on my 150m long beverage so main RX and TX antenna was main 21m bottom loaded vertical. I was mostly at RUN station, all DX (W and C6) called me during my CQ. Result is lower than year ago, 155k points of raw score. It was easy to find free space above 1.9MHz for RUN and keep it for while. It looks that in DX corner SOHP unassisted I have chance to keep good place.
  Poland Europe World
Rank 1(1) 4(5) 17(9)
2015 in (*)
It was my first start in this contest. My goal was to log 1000 qso's. First hours to sunrise were not fruitful - just little above 100 QSO's logged. A few hours of break at the morning and then RUN at 20m and 15m. At early evening RUN at 20m again and later 40m. After first 24h I logged 1000. Second goal was to compete with SO9T Przemek. He was in other category (mine was  SOAB HP, he was SOAB HP Unlimited) so he drove away like Miguel Indurain in mountains but I reach his score when he was off. Due to lack of tribander for second radio I had low multiplayer count but I tried to equal it by qso's count. At late night from saturday/sunday I was RUN at 80m with good result. 20m and 15m at sunday opened late for me but RUN at these bands was good. At last evening I decided to breake 1.000.000 score and I wanted to jump over Przemek score. I reach over 1 Mpoints but my plan to log some qso's and multis on 40m dead due to aurora. Signals were horrible distorted and I have no chance to reach last unworked W/VE stations. I had a lot of fun during contest, realy enjoyed when working with plenty of well equipped W/VA stations. Those less equipped were readable to so I logged over 1800 qso's on all bands. On 160m only 2 qso's. Short opening on 10m gave me less than 20 qso's due to elevated horizon but I reach some multis for higher score. Over 800 qso's on 15m and almost 600 qso's on 20m. 40m was not bad too with 400 qso's. remember that all qso's were with NA (W,VE) stations. 80m gave me 70 qso's. My micro-stack of two 11 el tribanders worked well (3x3 for 20/3x3 for 15/5x5 for 10) except 10m mostly due to elevated horizon and weak opening. Thanks for all QSO's and see you next year. My raw score is over 1.042.000 points.
SN7D in RUDXC 2016
It was my first start in RUDXC. I always prefer SOAB HP UNASSISTED category but RIDXC allows to use cluster assistance for all so I had to get familiar quickly wieth telnet and spotting assistance in N1MM+ software. It is not difficult to learn that only limitation I had was tribander for second radio in SO2R. There was an attempt to set up it close to shack but place choosen was awfull for resonances. I decided to put antenna 30m far than main system is so it will be over 150m from the shack. During contest I was focused on russian stations that gives points and multis so antennas were pointed to east. Not many qso's with west. I have no chance to compete with others without sceond tribander so I have to wait to next year to kick my present raw result 3.445.722 points. RUDXC is an very interesting one, 24h fullfiled at radioshack. Unfortunately at saturday I was trying to set up antenna and I was so tired that I decided to take 3h of sleep at deep night. See you next year.
SN7D in CQ WPX SSB 2016
It was my third start in WPX SSB contest. Last year I decided to start at 160m and I get excellent score. This year I was SOAB HP ASSISTED. After RUDXC I wanted to try assisted category that makes multis and new ones searching much easier especially for smaller stations that have lower rate in RUN mode. Again - no second tribander! It lowered my score when I was RUN at 20 or 15m and I was unable to get points form 20/15/10m as SO2R. Anyway I stayed focused for 36h of contest. It was not easy due to Easter time (most people stays at home with their familly) and cough attacks sometime to time. I lost good RUN frequency on 40m due to hard cough. Bands were full of stations. I started at 160m with good rate then I moved to 40m. At saturday morning I was on 20m and then on 15m as RUN in JA direction and then W direction. I planned periods of break for meal or sleep. Sunday was a repetition of saturday but at evening I decided to move to 80m early when band was quiet. It was good decision - I get a lot of multis. Later I moved to 40m and finish at 160m. It was very good contest for me with raw score close to 5.600.000 points. At my first start in 2014 I get just 2.200.000 points. I finished about 30 minutes before contest end due to 36h of operation filled. See nice video from 20m RUN:  https://youtu.be/xThUXAGAzrc
SN7D in SPDXC 2016
One-country formula of SPDX contest is out of date for many of us here in Poland. On the other side WW formula would change a character of SPDX contest to one of many WW contests. I can say that for many hams in SP SPDX contest is a special time and most of them trying to be on HF bands. This year we received hard kick from propagation. High K-index and aurora made propagation bad than ever seen in history of SPDX contest. Signals on 40m sounded like from deep space. Higher bands closed or with very small activity. Anyway we have no influence on propagation so only way was fight to the end. Thanks for all easy and hard qso's in SPDX and see you in 2017. Results will be published after SPDXC meeting September 18th 2016 so keep tuned :-)
SN7D in IARU HF 2016
Short 24h contest but very popular due to HQ stations. Not to many QSO's due to poor conditions almost in the middle of summer. Many interesting DX qso's at night.
SN7D in WAEDC SSB 2016
I was my first start in WAE contest. I was excited of QTC exchanging. It is very interesting contest formula. There was wery good late evening 15m opening at Sunday. My score was very good  (over 820 000 points) but ... after log was generated I taked a look on it. It was a disaster - most of QTC serials were not saved. Some was saved partially like 0/10 or /10 or 10 or just /. It was like jump to cold water from hot sauna. We will see how it end. I hope to find an solution - maybe I will able to find raw file from logger with numbers but I have to find time for it. it is not easy with two small boys at home and plenty of work as deputy of head of medical laboratory.
I have to say that WAEDC is most interesting one around all of phone contests. I have to change logging software before CQWW SSB this year.
Before 15m sunday opening I was monitoring 80m for JA and far east stations. I did some qso's with them using for TX my vertical and for RX ... 6m high dipole for 80m. That dipole worked great as RX antenna when on vertical I had a lot of noise and just trace of DX signal. As TX antenna vertical is unbeatable.
Good news - I have some score reduction but it not hurts overall score. 1st place in SP and 10th in EU.
SN7D in CQWW SSB 2016
I expected a weak conditions by regular monitoring of K index but huge ionisation caused by Aurora made contest result worst than ever. Increasing distance from North makes conditions better. After first hours that was clear that intercontinental qso's will be a rare one on any band. Assist by cluster, so2r, high power did not help. I have raw score just over 800.000 points. Other stations from SP located closer to south border reach much more points, they were further from ionisation region. I have ionizated rain that sounded like Geiger counter from transceiver speaker, in air was a smell of ozon like after thunderstorm in summer, 20m/s wind. Very interesting. There were many coments after the contest. Interesting one was from Ed N1UR:

Congrats to all for enduring the worst slog in decades this weekend. I
overheard Frank, W3LPL, say it was the worst score since starting up his
famous station in the mid 80s.
A number of people, in their frustration, have made 3830 post comments
implying that this is what we have to look forward to for the next downturn.
Not true folks.
Low sunspots often mean great 40 - 160 conditions. This was low sunspots
combined with highly absorptive storming conditions. By the time 1200Z
rolled around on Saturday, people were throwing in the towel. Not because of
low solar numbers, but because of the storm.
So yes, conditions sucked, worst I have seen since 1997 when I got back into
the contesting game, but not because the SFI was at 80 (remember the 66 days
a few years ago).
Pray for no storms next time. But don't lose sleep over the natural cycle.
I always say - it is just a hobby...


END of 2016


SN7D in CQWW 160m SSB 2017

The same story ... conditions sucks, Bev is deaf, vertical has SWR no less than 2 but ... "if u dont have what u love - love what u have". In other words - fight to the end. End of you/your rig/amp or contest. I have to build WF rx antenna or something because I have enough walking in mud with Bev wires that is useless. Conditions were very irregular around SP. I have little less than 130.000 points with huge problems with DX catch. I hope to be in first 10 in EU this year. I was SO HP, no remote receiver, sdr's or something. 


SN7D in ARRL DX SSB 2017

The same story ... conditions sucks ... its boring isnt it? But is true. No 10m at all, 15m opens for a few seconds here literally and I have 2 qso's in log thanks to monitoring W3LPL on second radio. 20m with run but low rate, antennas pointed 30-40 deg to south than always (270 deg instead 300-310 deg). Ionistaion? Aurora? Maybe. Low SF? No spots on sun face?  Most results in EU were lower 3 to 10 times than year ago (3830scores). I have 140.000 points, year ago I had almost 1M. 40m deaf, 80m only a few qso - last year I had nice run on 80m. Only I want is a good CQ WPX now :-)



Raw score is ~2,7Mpts. Some so2r, run mostly with checking ability to hear and work spots from cluster. Propagation is going down, results too. WW formula of RDX Contest makes some move on short opened bands. Even on low bands signals were not as should be. Anyway it is always a test for station, operator and some points to SP INTERCONTEST.



 WPX SSB is ideal for SO2R assisted station. There was a lot of fun despite the weak propagation. We were lucky. Sun was quiet, no Aurora or flares, no ionisation. Raw score ~3,7Mpts is much lower than year ago. There are two ways - start or stay at home chair. I choose first option. You should do the same ;) Most WW contests are EU one with small addition of K, VE or JA stations. 40m was not bad at Sunday evening when my forty-shorty pointed to east allowed me to get some far east station like YB or B. 40m looks like a main band now. Top results from 40m looks like AB HP one. 20m was awfully crowded - most activity during daytime focused there because there was no signals at 15m and 10m. 160m was weak and noisy. The best way now is to erect some tower with 3 or 4 full size for 40m. Here in Grzmiaca it is almost impossible.



Almost the same story like year ago but no Aurora this year. Propagation was so bad that on 40m during Sunday I had to check band with second radio because I was thouht that first is deaf. Some fun was for first two hours of contest. After then rates was so slow that should not be called rates. No runs, no JA, no K (just some), 20m noisy. Result is ~136Kpts, now I have 3rd place in SP but I need points for INTERCONTEST 2017. One country formula limits movement around bands. SO2R is allowed now but it is not enough for decreasing propagation. Committee of SPDX contest should make some serious changes in rules of contest to keep this event in a group of international contest. It should be a change to WW formula with different scores for continent qso, intercontinental qso and qso with Poland (let say 3/5/10) and multiplier of SP provinces. Contact inside Poland should be allowed with 1 point but with multiplier of SP provinces (2 pts). I would add new multi like SP prefixes. It should make some move on bands. So there should be three multis (country - any new country gives 1 multi on all bands, province - gives 2 points and SP prefix - gives 1 point) and 10 pts for qso with SP station. Runs from SP will go up, low bands will be crowded all night, at day time all of participants will search for new multis with SP and will do WW contacts.

WW contacts:

continental - 3 points

intercontinental - 5 points

international with SP - 10 points

national SP-SP - 1 point


new country on band (all bands are counted separately) - 1 multipoint

new SP province (all bands are counted separately) - 2 multipoints

new SP prefix (all bands are counted separately) - 1 multipoint


This kind of scoring will give real scores and huge improvment of band to band moving, promotion of all band category and promotion of SP stations due to double multiplier and high qso score.


SN7D in IARU HF 2017

Despite poor band conditions I get much better result than in 2016 (almost 830.000 versus 597.304) . I think that it is a result of good activity from European stations and some practice in SO2R operation. I plan to automate antenna and BPF switching to get more fluent operation. Even with that main amplifier will stay manually tuned. maybe somebody from OM Amplifiers will tune it to fully automatic version?  After the contest I erected 10m mast with new inv. Vee for 80/40m with almost 250m of coax. 


SN7D in WAE SSB 2017

Week before contest I observed sun condition like K index, X-ray flux and other parameters. It was a week of very active sun with X class flares and CME to Earth direction. It caused radio blackouts and strong Aurora at friday. Contest weekend was affected by flares too. They were middle to high like at sunday afternoon when flare X9 caused long radio blackout. Conditions were very poor and score is more than two times lower than year ago. Operation time was quite short with many breaks for rest, walk or waiting for new ones on bandmaps. It is interesting that 10m was open for while for South America. I had second tribander rotor failure and after 3 hours on the top of 4m high ladder I just cut two wires and joined them to shunt safety end switches that failed. I do not need them for sure so more simply is better. At sunday evening I decided to push up score and S&P/CQ to the end of contest time. Finally I get almost 314.000 points. There were about 360 qso's and much much more qtc's. Multiplier was not bad. During my operation I decided to do some live transmissions on YouTube (see sq7dqx channel).


SN7D in CQWW SSB 2017


Sun was good for us. K index was at floor level. 15m at saturday and 20m at sunday were main bands for me. It was very hard to keep run frequency at 40m, specially when local SP station started CQ 300Hz below my frequency. I was spotted first and I had a nice rate but when they were spotted there were no chance to keep my run. It is a contest. All contest weekend was very windy. Week before CQWW I repaired main mast where main antenna pipe was bent after a wind 120 km/h and more in peaks. New pipe is ok but I had lossen crews in antenna rotor. Easy to fix but when I lower trolley with antennas at sunday late evening I did not decide to erect it again. I stayed on 80/160m and finished CQWW with best score ever. A few days later I fixed problem with rotor screws so next time wind would not be a limitation for stacker. CQWW SSB is a very hard but I like it very much. Even when I had problem with vaccum relay at main PA - no RX after TX. I had to hit rear cover of PA by screwdriver to loose a relay. Replacement needed. After a RAW score were published I finally have 1st in SP (best 2nd), 19 in EU (best 18) and 34 in WORLD - I am very glad of that.


Thanks for looking.

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