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The Latest Tool to my collection.

I have had this for some time but it only had a 5.3 meter extenction ladder on it,  

for some job;s it was not long enough.

I picked up a ladder that is 6.1 meter closed and will extend to 11 meters.

I was LOOKING at it and thought it would make a great antenna, I was thinking about shunt feeding it and also Top loading it.

Has anyone any Ideas, thay might have   Email vk3xq@yahoo.com.au


This is how I get to tune and work on my antenna's in the air.

 I also use it to get into the tree's to cut them back I ware a safety harnes 




75/80 Top Loaded Vertical


My Driven element for the 40 meter 3 el Mono Band Yagi on test






I have been looking for this photo for many year's my wife put it in a safe place.

I took up Triathlon at the age of 45 years, I was 15stone/96kgs quit unfit smoker & heavy drinker, I did not even own a pair of runners, the only thing in my faver was I raced bike's from the age of 14 year's of age.

It took me 3 years to get into shape, my main interest was the Olympic distance event 1.5km swim/40km bike/10km run I finished 2nd in my age group for the series over the year.  


Rob's Hydroponics I have turned to growing our Vegetables with Hydroponics as the Birds can't get at them, the system, I use is the Dutch bucket system if want to know anything about it.  Youtube it.  


Below The Boom for my 40 meter 3element mono band yagi 15.680 meters long 60mm dia 5mm wall thick.



Well I have made it to 71 years of age, I only have another 29 years to go for 100! 

Then I will get a Telegram from the KING Haaa

A Photo of Crazy Rob on his Birthday gift, A Scott Spark 750 Mountaion Bike with all the latest bits, Dual suspension, Hydraulic disk brakes and many other bits, worth $3000.

I have been building a mountain bike Track for some time on the 50 acars of land as it's ideal with many large hills nothing is safe from my plans, I even use the steps at the back of the house and  the Kangaroo tracks in the bush, many log jumps and some very steep down hill runs.



Crazy Rob What Next!


I have been told not to eat the mic before, But never to eat my radio!

Thanks to my (DLR) Komal for the hard work making the Radio cake, She had never seen a Ham radio before, So made it from a photo on the internet and I can even eat the buttons


3 x 7 elements yagi's vertical + elevation on 6 meters

First 2 way EME with Craig KG7H 13/01/2016 0211z signal -22 to -29

EME Log QSO's 6 & 2 Meter Band

                                                    6 meter EME 2 way QSO's 3 x7 el Yagis
                                                                                                                                                                            Repeat QSO's
No 1             13/01/2016           50 Mhz            0211z                  KG7H               DN18           Sig -22 to -29
No 2             15/01/2016           50Mhz            0201z                 W8PAT              EN81          Sig -23 to -29  
No 3             26/01/2016           50 Mhz           1107z                 W7JW                EN82hj       Sig -21 to -31
No 4             27/01/2016           50 Mhz           2114z                 S57RR               JN65um      Sig -24 to -30             (001)
No 5             27/01/2016           50 Mhz           2200z                 F6BKI               IN94pt         Sig -27 

2 meter EME 2 way QSO's 4 x10 el Yagis


No 01        22/10/2011        144 Mhz        2300z              JR3REX          PM74lq      Sig -18

No 02         22/10/2011        144 Mhz        2342z              RT4I                                   Sig -24

No 03         23/10/2011        144 Mhz        0309z              RK3FG                               Sig -18 to -20

No 04         23/10/2011        144 Mhz        0317z              RU1AA                               Sig -17 to -20

No 05         23/10/2011        144 Mhz        0325z              OK1UGA        JO80           Sig -20 to -22

No 06         11/05/2012       144 Mhz         1335z              K9MRI            EN70iu       Sig -17

No 07       07/02/2014           144 Mhz          1036z                  DK3WG              JO72               Sig -18

 No 08          07/02/2014           144 Mhz          1115z                  ES3RF                KO29            Sig -20

  No 09         20/07/2014           144 Mhz           0150z                 RZ1AWT             KO48           Sig -22

  No 10         20/07/2014           144 Mhz           0154z                 DK3NG                                    Sig -22

  No 11         20/07/2014           144 Mhz           2342z                 RZ3BA/1                                  Sig -20

 No 12          17/01/2016          144 Mhz           1119z                  RX1AS                KO59fx        Sig -19 to -21

  No 13        17/01/2016           144Mhz           1152z                  PA2CHR             JO32db        Sig -19 to -22

No 14         18/01/2016           144 Mhz           1337z                 I2FAK                  jn45ob          Sig -19 to -22


I have just installed another tower. To install 3x6el yagis for 6 meter band EME with vertical polarization & elavation, BUT I HAVE NOW BUILT 3X7EL YAGIS INSTEAD, 

You will see in the photo above a pipe sitcking out the side of the tower and a heavy steel cable that goes to just above were the coils of coax is and the other end goes to the tower it is a gin pole system there is so much weight that the masting would bend and brake, I used this system to lift my 160 mts top loaded vertical 26 mts high.


This is the latest antenna project 3 x 7 element 50 mhz yagis vertical polarized with elevation  spacing 5/8 wave 12ft apart for EME and DXing.

H/B 3 way power divider 25mm square x 3mm, square inside dia  19mm with 12.7mm round center tube length 1.483mm.I was going to use 10mm copper tube for the centre section but it did not give me the right impedence, I was looking on one of the websits and seen they were using alum but they were using solder tabs screwed to the alum, there was not enough space for the screws inside mine, so I cut 70mm of copper tube and inserted 60mm into the 12.7mm x 1.42mm alum and screwed 3 stainless steel through the alum and copper tube on both ends I grinded both ends of the screws flush,  it works fantasic match swr is 1.1 from the tx to antenns. 

The elevation setup is a Kenpro KR500 elevator mounted below the cross boom connected with 3mm stainless steel wire around the cross boom and  attached to elevator tube , the crossboom is mounted to a boom to mast bracket C channel 100x50mm,  there is sleved through a length of 50mm x1.6mm alum tube with 2 length of 50 mm PVC tube split and forced inside, and the 40mm x3mm cross boom fits inside so it can twist This is all my desingn  

(Design DL6WU) Boom length 7.233mm. Boom 32mm square elements 10mm dia.

It has taken me 12 weeks to build the base for the tower and complete the whole job.

Antenna Info BOOM 7.233mm long, Gain 9.8dBd 11.9dBi, multplyed bye the stacking gain. 3db beamwidth 52 deg, Freq 50.150 Mhz

I used VK5DJ's Calculator to build the antenna's 

Tower 4 section 2 meter each  8 mts total  hight with a thrust bearing mount on top of  tower and 5 mts of 48.44mm x 4.47 mm wall of scaffold tube out the top. Mounted through the thrust bearing on the top of the tower. I have used 1.6 meters of 60mm x 5mm wall alum and I have sleved it with 50mm PVC split and ramed inside and it slides over the 48.44mm masting so when I mount the 30 meters 3 element mono band yagi, I can rotate them independently I use a rope connect to the rear of the lower antenna and the rotator turns the the main masting to the 6 meters array I use this system on some of my other tower. the Rotator I used is an Emotator 1102MXX, The only thing I missed out on doing is inserting another piece of alum inside the 48.44mm to stop it flexing so much. When I tilt the system over to change a few things I will add them then 38.3mm x 3mm will fit inside but I will also try add another piece inside the 38.3mm I think that 32mm will go inside it gives me 0.3mm it will be close  

Feed with  LDF450 Coax approx 40 mts long to the power divider and 3 lengths RG214 coax about 9 meters long to each  antenna.


Later on I hope to move my 30 meter 3 element mono band yagi and mount it below the 6 mts array, So I can complete my 3 element 40 meter full size yagi on the other tower as it is a lot higher

I have add a photo of the elevation system

Above a photo of the elevation system you can see the inner boom 40mm x 3mm and the outer tube 50mm x 1.6mm wall with PVC sleve inside not seen, attached to boom to mast mount with 4 exharst U bolts 52mm dia, on the mast pipe I have used 8 exhaust U bolts.You can see the stainless steel cable 3mm one pair  to lift the other to make sure it dose not go to far, and also give it a start to drop as it only relies on the front weight to drop down I have not quite got the balance wright you can see the yellow rope I have added 600 grams to make it drop, The elevater is a Kenpro KR500 it was never built to do what I am doing with it Hi.

You will note the outrigger's I use the same system with PVC sleve on either side the right hand side is out 400mm more than the other side so I have put a steel pipe sleve inside the boom and loaded it with lead to balance the system.

Also note the antenna to boom bracket's with 2 exhaust U bolt's so there is no way the antenns will slip   


How I calculate the angle of  my antenna's & elevator controler.

I had this Digital Angle sprit level laying around and was not sure what I could do with it, I tryed climing onto the roof and lineing the antennas up with the MOON at differant angles it worked ok but I was never quite sure if thay were right.

I drilled a hole in the bottom and taped it to 1/4 x 20 w/worth, It works great I just get the bubble center and adjust elevation to 10 deg segments and mark dial as you can see 40 deg simple.


The Result's of all the hard work setting up the EME syestem

Decodeing Bert S57RR calling Tom DF6HT I was decodeing Bert for about 30 min


Decodeing Parker W5ADD calling me for quit some time but because of Parker's noise we did not make a 2 way QSO

I am so happy about the resualt's I have had so far, I never expeded to see such a result, I have been LOOKING at may be putting up another 3 x 7 element yagi's, But I would like to make a mobile EME syestem on a 4 wheel drive truck as I have a much better location on the 50 acars & much higher, I will look out for may be a truck with a cherry picker on it watch this space you never know what I will come up with.

This is the View from the best spot on my place, Not Bad Hay, LOOKING north east were the MOON comes up about 80 to 90 deg 


The old Trusty 2 x 7 elements yagi's stacked 5/8 wave 12ft apart on 6 meter band built in 1990

This is my old and trusty 6 meter 2 x 7elements horizontal yagi's spacing 5/8 wave 12ft apart gain 9.69dBd plus stacking gain. I built them back in 1990 and used in 2 qth's the BOOM is 9.8 meters feed with a 2 way 1/4 wave splitter and a SSB masthead pre amp at the bottom of the splitter, I have worked all my DX with this antenna  stack every one say's that it put's out a BIG signel.

I have been testing it with the new 3 x 7 element vertical stack, the new stack dose not have a pre amp and it LOOK's as the new stack is as good as the 2 x 7 with pre amp but only time will tell, The new system I will be able to elevate the antenna's up to 60 deg elevation for EME.



Photo of my VHF/UHF array 4x10el 2 mts yagis, 4x19el 70cm yagis, 4x49el 23cm yagis

with elavation, all have SSB masthead preamps mounted at the power dividers

I have just installed another tower. To install 3x6el yagis for 6 meter band EME with vertical polarization & elavation, BUT I HAVE NOW BUILT 3X7EL YAGIS INSTEAD.


Another BIG Project underway

I have been talking about building a 40 Meter 3 element full size mono band yagi for a few years, well it is well under construction the \photo shows the H/B element mounting brackets they are made out of alum channel 100mm x 50mm x 3mm.

I am just finishing the elements now, The boom is 15.480 metes long 60mm Dia x 3mm wall, I have to splice the boom together 2 x  6.500 meters long with a 2.480 meter length spliced together at the center It will have 2 hangers either side to support the boom, I will supply more info.   


The elements for the 40 meter yagi there is only the center section with one section installed it is 10 meters long with 3 more sections to be installed either end to make up the 20.9798 meters for the reflector. I have to run the program to get the correct length with the tapering and mounting plate


I have not worked out how I can operate mobile in the pool!YET

Rob at the age 69, Starts the Swimming season 2015/16, I start with a 1.122kms 34 laps of a 33 meter pool, I swim an extra 2 laps every swim, It's ok until you get up to 70 plus laps and after that it's a bit boring. Last season I swam 34.587kms in 20 swims, I will see if I can better that this season. I also Cycle every other day staring at 35kms or Run 10kms     


If you here a low signal calling you, I am most likely Pedestrian Mobile Go to the bottom of the page to see if you are in my Log


Equipment ICOM IC-706MKIIG antenna Terlin OUTBACKER Bumper Thumper Battery 35 m AMP Hour

Rob on 04/08/2015 on his Maiden outing Pedestrian Mobile in mid winter in his snow suit & boot's, I have not finished the setup yet. I worked Peter G2YT for about 30 + min while I was walking around the 50 acares on 50 watts with 5/2 signal I went down to 5 watts and received 4/1 report, Peter said he had never heard a Pedestrian mobile so far inland the signal was so steddy Peter was 5/9 all the time. I was going to build a trolly for Pedestrian mobile, but being out in the country with the rough terain the Bicycle cart is ideal with the 20 inch wheels they go over all the rough land and, PLUS I have had it laying around, all I had to do is put a long handle on.

Click on the LINK Below to see more Pedestrian Mobile Photos




Click on link below for RF Exposure Calculator to see how much RF you are exposed to.



LOOK at the LOG at the Bottom of page to SEE what I am working



This is my H/B 3el mono band 30mts yagi about to be put into place, I build most of my antenns and install them my self.

Another View of the 30 meter Yagi, The Shadow of Rob at the top of the tower.


Photo of the 7 element yagi for to 10 meters and below 3 element full size yagi for 30 meters



This is my WARC antenna's 5 el 12 meter band top, Below 5 el 17 meter band yagi both mono band















My 4 element 20 meter band yagi, I Don't know why I did not make it 5 el as all my other antenn's are, I get mix up with so many antenna's Ha 



My Home made Crane + step ladder it's attached to the 3 point linkage, the ladder is a 6 meter attached to the post hole digger mount and a very heavy steel pole, you can see what I have to do, to get to some of the antenna's drive it onto a heavy ramp.

I have got my self a much longer ladder it extends to 12 meters I only have to make it fit the the system I use now, I will have to get a parashot just incase!   





Photo of My QTH and insert of Rob on mic

                 Please go Direct to my Website for 500+ Photos

My Grid Locator QF22qq

For lot's more Photo's & INFO also WSPR Log go to http://vk3xq.ucoz.com/


Current Photo Is my new 160 meters top loaded vertical being lifted into place I had5 attempts at lifting it by my self, but gave up my family came up with 4 holding the ropes up it went up. It is 26.4 meters long the ground radials system there is 45 40 meters long for 160, 21 19 meters for 75mts & 21 11 meter long for 40 mts total of 87 with approx 2.430 Kilometers of 2.5 mm of copper wire. Antennas in forground top 5 el 15 mts bottom 7 el 10 mts they are about to come down I am replaceing them with 2x7el on 10 mts stacked 13 mts boom, Insert Photo is top 7el 10 meter H/BYagi below mounted on the side of tower on a outrigger is 3 el H/B 30 meter yagi.


Photos replaced with above photo Top Leftto Right 4x13 El 2Mts, Top 5El 15Mts Below 7El 10 Mts, 7El OVER 7El ON 6 Mts, 75 Mts Top Loaded Vert, Bottom Left to Right Top 5El 12Mts, Below 5El 17Mts,3El 30 Mts,My Mobile Home/Shack ,4El 20Mts,

Rob Operating Bicycle Stationery Mobile 02/08/2015 with my mountain bike I have only set this bike up

Radio ICOM IC-706MKIIG radio mounted on it's side in the frame  Head on handle bar's antenna is either Terlin OUTBACKER Perth + length about 1 meter or the Bumper Thumper length 2 meter Multi tap's


The two Photo's of me above, Bicycle mobile were back in 2000

Photo of Rob VK3XQ Bike Mobile. Equipment Icom IC 706MKII G Antenna Terlin Jur Plus Battery's 2x7.5 amp I have a Head set mic/ear piece & a PTT button mounted on the RH brake  lever, I have work all over the world on most of the DX bands.


Click on the LINK Below to see more Bike Mobile Photos




Thank you for looking me up on QRZ.Com.

I have been active on the amateur bands for over 31 years. My main interest has been the 6-meter band. Since moving to my new location 90 km north of Melbourne. It is a perfect radio spot, I an on 50acres of rural land UP 800mts elevation with no noise, the only problem that I can find is I hear every station that calls but many can't hear me but It looks like that I will have to put up with It Ha Ha! I am now active on 10 meters SSB, My equipment is ICOM IC-746 + Amp running 400 watts with a home brew 2x7 element 13.5 meter long boom mono band yagi.



I would like to offer you a


To work me on all of my old Boatanker Radios

Kenwood TS820S/ TS930/ Yeasu FT101Z/ FT901D/ Atlas210X/ Drake TR7


I have now setup an area for all my OLD Radio equipment Boatanker's, I also have a Drake TR7 and Atlas 210x  


Equipment Left to Righr  Hitachi Scope 15Mhz, Heathkit SB200 Amp, Kenwood Station Monitor SM220, Kenwood TS820S, & TS930, Yaesu FT101Z,& FT901D, Yaesu External VFO-TV107, & another Scope



This is some more of my OLD Radio equipment Boatanker's, This is a Drake TR7 with external VFO and a Atlas 210X with a Amertron 811A amplifer.


I have plans on making a 3 el full size yagi on 40 meters. I am active on most modes’ EME, SSB, CW, SSTV, PSK, RTTY, JT65, WSPR and anything that comes a long. I am always looking for other Ham to make skeds! Best 73S Rob VK3XQ




I would like to offer you another


To work me on all of my Mobile setups


Mobile Home/Shack, Pedestrian Mobile, Push Bike Mobile, & Tractor Mobile



This is my Home Brew Moter Home come Radio shack, It is fully set up with Queen size bed shower and kitchen, It is also fully equipped with a full radio station. Antennas top to bottom 44el J beam 70cm, 14el H/B 2 meter yagi, H/B 5el 6 mts yagi, 4el 6 band HF yagi, I have 2 solar pannels 240w and 2 deep cycle batters, 2Kw generator, there is a kenpro KP-400 rotator mounted under thr floor, the mast goes through the roof and I manual lift it, Radio equipment there is to much to detail them all  

Photo above inside view of my motor home/portable Radio shack some of the equipment I use is not in the photo Hi.


The Kitchen and storage aera, You can see the Queen size bed up front, also behind the Radio set up is a shower anf toilet all Home built by my self. 


Photo Of the Kenpro KR400 rotator under the floor of the truck.


The rotator Is mounted on a steel plate that is fixed to the chassie, It just clears the exhurst muffler and drive shaft.

Note the flexable tube it holds the control cables for the radios and other equipment  



For full photo's and layout of Mobile Home/Radio Shack go to my web page


For more updates & Photo's LOOK at http://vk3xq.ucoz.com/


This is another one of my Mobile Radio Station's

My Tractor is a Kubota L4400 40 HP with slaher & 4 in one front bucket, as seen I also  have quite a number of Radios & antennas mounted on it, Mounted on the ROOF I have A Realistic HTX100 for 10 METERS ALSO a Yaesu FT690R for 6 meters and for HF I either use a Icom IC-706MKIIG or a IC-735 the Antennas for 10 meters I have a 1/4 wave Siro Super on the Rigt Hand corner back Guard, for 6 metes I have 1/4 wave Vertical mounted on the LH Corner back guard.

To top it off I use one of my Terlin Outbacker Multi tap Verticals mount on the back of the slaher.



Another View of the Radios, You can see the radios. & Antenna's 10 meters RH side & 6 meters LH side.



A close up view of the Radios



Photo of  Rob at the Age of 69 about to go for a 10 kms Run, I have been lazy lately last year 2014 I was running up to 22kms every 2 day's  and cycling up to 50 kms in between, as I live on a 800 mts hill that is 4 kms to the bottom but you have to run up it to get home 

Click on the link below to go to my Fitness webpage



My New setup mountain bike still being setup I only need to mount the batterys

Click on the link below it will take you direct to my Bike mobile



My Antenna’s for the Amateur bands.

144Mhz 4 x 10 element yagi stack on 6 mt boom

432Mhz 4 x 19 element yagi stack on 4 mt boom DL6WU

1296Mhz 4x47 element yagi stack on 4 mt boom DL6WU

50Mhz antenna is 2 x 7-element yagi’s 9.4Mts long boom Stack at 5/8 wave apart.

50Mhz antenna 10 element 13Mts long boom.

10Mhz antenna is 3 element on 11.7 meter boom. Mono band yagi FULL SIZE

14Mhz antenna is 4 element on 10-meter boom. Mono band yagi

18Mhz antenna is 5 element on 13-meter boom. Mono band yagi

21Mhz antenna is 5 element on 10.5-meter boom mono band yagi

24Mhz antenna is 5 element on 9-meter boom. Mono band yagi

28Mhz antenna is 2x7 element stack  13.5 meter long booms yagi

3.8Mhz is 1/4 wave Top Loaded vertical.

160-meter band top loaded Vertical 26.4 mts long with 87 radials 2.5km of copper wire under ground

& 1/2 wave InvertV.


--------------------------------Last update a 15/10/2015---------------------------------

October 15/10/2015

Boatanker Drake-TR7

October 14/10/2015

Boatanker Yaesu FT-901
20 Meters SSB RA3PCI, IT9OPJ, 4L1AN, IK7JVE, 9H3AY, LY1TR, S51GL,

October 13/10/2015

Boatanker Kenwood TS-820S

October 12/10/2015

Boatanker Kenwood TS-930

August 23/09/2015

Boatanker Kenwood TS-820S

August 29/08/2015

Boatanker Kenwood TS-820S

August 28/08/2015

Boatanker Yaesu FT-901

August 18/08/2015

Motor Home Portable
20 Meters (SSB) 9A2CD, E73E, IZ0PAU, DJ3GG, LX2MG

August 16/08/2015

Boatanker Drake-TR7
20 Meters SSB VK6HAO, K5TBZ, ZL2JML,

August 15/08/2015

Boatanker Atlas-210X

August 14/08/2015

Pedestrian  Mobile
20 Meters SSB 9A9A, FW1JG, IW0RZU, F5CBI, DL2GMS, G0FBD,

August 13/08/2015

Tractor Mobile
20 Meters SSB G2YT, LX2MG, VK6WC,

August 12/08/2015

Pedestrian  Mobile
20 Meters SSB VK2BSY/PM Pedestrian  Mobile 5Watts 2Way PM,  VK4TLA, CT1IQI,

August 09/08/2015

Pedestrian  Mobile

August 07/08/2015

Motor Home Portable
20 Meters (SSB) OP7M, G2YT, 

August 06/08/2015

Boatanker Kenwood TS-820S

August 04/08/2015

Pedestrian  Mobile
20 Meters SSB VK5LEA/P, LA5ZO, VK4AFU, VK4OZI, (G2YT qso for 30 + min on 50watts,) 

August 03/08/2015

Boatanker Kenwood TS-930

August 02/08/2015

Bicycle Mobile

August 01/08/2015

Motor Home Portable
20 Meters (SSB) DJ7ZZ, G0RBD,
July 31/07/15
Bicycle Mobile
20 Meters SSB OK1FF, S51ZZ, EA5NG, KD6BZN, OK2RZ,


For more updates & Photo's LOOK at vk3xq.ucoz.com



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