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UpDate:  Speed-X Key was Sold to John - AA4MX


An old Speed-X Bug from my Elmer. It is a  Les Logan Reverse Tee...best I can find out. Late 30's / Early 40's ?

Purchased a 2nd weight for it from  http://www.2bradioparts.com/   (WA9TGT),

that should slow it up a bit. Much too fast with the single weight shown. Yes, it needs Refurb'd.

April 21, 2017

New antenna. Has been up a short time.

4 Element Corner-fed Bobtail Curtain Array for the 40 Meter band with about 6db gain over a dipole. Purchased from John Kosmak - W3IK (SK ) about three years ago. It started out as a five element antenna, but not enough room. Had to shorten to just 4 ele. Seems to work OK. Bi-directional S/W  by  N/E. Have heard many VK SSB stns so far. Of course my prime interest is 40 Mtr AM. WA3VJB - Paul was booming in the other day. 7.290kc Hope to work him again soon. ( No photos....might add a drawing soon ) This was my way of increasing the old Collins 32V3's foot print on 40 Mtr AM....without using an Amp. ( Does not Spin the electric meter either  :))

I believe this drawing to be from W3IK.  1/4 wave verticals spaced 1/2 wave.

This another attempt at drawing antenna using Google....not to scale;

BTW, building a six element 6 Mtr Bobtail corner fed curtain antenna. Should be in the air one of these days.  

8-26-17 Bobtail went into the air yesterday. Testing phase is on-going. Looks good so far.


Aug 10, 2017

Original TBY CLG-20144 power supply vibrator has been re-built by Rob - WA5CAB;


Mar 3, 2017

Sorry for delay updating the CLG-20144 supply.  Vibrator works Great! 

The black plastic cap on the new vibrator, stands above metal shell just enough to not allow case to seat properly.

W4OP - Dale is going to adjust that for me. A temporary in-line fuse holder was installed.

Jan 26, 2017

Purchased on eBay the 4volt vibrator supply for the TBY-8.

The CLG-20144 unit has a bad 4volt vibrator. It is being repaired by WA5CAB - Rob.

Rob supplied the schematic for the CLG-20144, which helped Keith make the replacement unit.

I ordered the complete Manual also from Rob. Please contact him for details.

A new solid state vibrator was made by Keith at the Wireless-Set-No19-owner@yahoogroups.com.

The solid state unit arrived Today. Very fast shipping....and they had not yet

been called upon to make a 4volt unit....first of it's kind! It looks pretty snappy  :))

Unable to test new vibrator as yet....the fuse holder came apart when checking the fuse...((:

The soldered in sleeve came loose.....

An In-Line fuse holder will be used....when I find one to test.



May 9, 2016

New Project: PARASET - building replica of the little three tube WW II radio.

Ordered a pre-punched chassis and a few parts from Henk @ http://www.paraset.nl/hut12_warehouse/index.htm ( cut and paste )

An overview of project at this site....and many others; http://members.shaw.ca/ve7sl/paraset.html ( cut and paste )

Photos and progress to follow.....

May 13, 2016 - Chassis and some parts arrived Today;

Box it will be put into, ( being re-finished by KJ4ZWC - JC )

June 19th, 2016

Box has been re-finished and chassis powder coated;


This is an old Web Site.....my 1st  es only attempt at creating one. The music is nice  :))

http://www.qsl.net/w0tdh/   (cut & paste )


Morrow Twins - Just purchased from W4OP - Dale who completly refurbished these units. 

He has had these a long time. I assured him they went to a good home. Photos by W4OP.

http://www.parelectronics.com/vintage-morrow-twins.php  (more photos by W4OP )

Getting good audio reports. Using D-104 mike. Using a fixed attenuator to reduce the 25wts to about 8wts to the AL-811 amp for 100 wts out.



Misty & Gonset G-28  9-4-2015



Very rare photo…..I never get in front of the lens  :))

That is the West basement window where Misty jumps up on a shop stool to get back in.

I can just see her over the rig when she does. She is Snooze right now.

Nothing older than 45 yrs or so in photo…..except me and the Pre-WW II straight key. 

Looks like a J-38, but has ¼” solid brass fittings and a cast brass base.

When the REA monitor is not on screen, the Elad rcvr takes up the whole screen. Vy FB!


10 Feb 2015

Get Well card sent by Ron - KØETD. Spoke with him two days ago on 10Mtr AM. Told him card was on front of A2 :)) DAY 15 since heart attack. Doing better.


In Memory of WAØGAG - Andy...SK - One of the recipes he shared while we were on 29.010kc AM (The Cooking Channel :))

Latvian Burgers Deluxe;

1  lb Ground Chuck, 1 can Mushroom soup, 1 can Celery soup, 1 packet Lipton's Onion soup, small can mushroom stems & pieces(optional), 2 soup cans of water.

In a frying pan, brown three patties and set aside, discard extra grease, but save the brownings. Add onion soup, water and simmer for a few minutes. Add celery & mushroom soup and extra mushrooms. Bring to a simmer, add burger patties back into frying pan & simmer for 2 hours. Serve with "smashed potatoes" as Andy used to say and a greenie. Vy FB  :)) 

Next time you open an 807, think of Andy - The Burgermeister of Grand Junction, CO - and his Beck's Dark that his XYL Sandra KØGAG, would bring to him after he rang a little bell he had rigged up.

I called KØGAG to get this recipe because I had lost it over time.  We all miss you Andrew, 73 Old Boy.

UpDate on Latvian Burgers Deluxe; We tried cube steak instead of ground chuck....with 1/4 cup Merlot to gravey....Wunderbar....:))

18 JAN 2015  -  Repairs made to 32V3 - New 5R4's & 4D32. Now working well again.

Elad SDR Rcvr:  Have had this for several months now.  Covers 6 & 2 Mtrs as well.



Rig pix with RE-20 ( this photo to appear on cover of ER magazine Oct 2014 issue )


RE-20 & VX-2496 Behringer audio board now being used with Collins 32V3 with good results.



Lysco 600 CW Xmtr ( Not the 600S ). Needs restoration. I have original manual.


Cabinet has been powder coated black....no rust  :))

Soon to be sent to KØETD for repair.

UpDate: 01-17-2016

The Lysco 600 is at KØETD's QTH being repaired.


01-28-2016  Lysco is on the way.......repaired!  Thanks Ron.

It had many problems including burned out Meter.



Schematic for the Lysco 600


RE-20 ordered es should be here today. Looking forward to testing it. Got here this afternoon.

Tested with W4OP es it sounds good. Returned the SM-58 to KJ4ZWC, Tnx JC.


Purchased an FL-70 filter for the 735. Should improve AM audio.

Also thinking of the RE-20 mike for this project.


Using an old IC-735 with VX-2496 audio board and a borrowed SM-58 mike.

Audio board was gift from Bob - HB9ASQ.

He uses the IC-735 also, but his audio sounds like VOA :))

I am getting good audio reports with this set up though.


9-7-13 32V3 back on the air :))

Using the REA Modulation Monitor now with the AM Rigs;

New addition:

Gonset G-28 - Kind of a rare bird - with original manual. 50 wt input, 6146 final & pr 6L6 modulator tubes. Re-furbished by Paul - K�RWU. Paul did a great job! With minimum loading on G-28 it puts out 10wts. To AL-811 amp that puts out 100wts.

Page #2 of manual. I scanned manual@ 300dpi & 100 dpi. Can send if needed.

Now also on Mods.DK.Com @ http://www.mods.dk/manual.php?brand=gonset

Dec 15, 2012

All three Generations of Multi-Elmac Xmtrs - A-54, AF-67 & AF-68.

The AF-67 in the middle is the one that Ron - K�ETD restored. The A-54 was sent to Ron for his collection. He now has it pretty much restored es is on 40Mtr AM with it.

AF-68 in above photo re-furbed by K0ETD - Ron. Now on the air June 2013. Tnx Ron, it looks great! The AM/CW switch on front panel disconnected, it was shorted. Toggle switch now on back of xmtr. Two new toggle switches on front panel and a new inter-stage mod xfmr as well. Made the front panel look new :))

The V3 is back home again ! Aug 15, 2013 Really looks great !

June 9, 2012

Antenna work on T.E.T. beam, 144/440 Vert & Six Mtr beam done :)) New 100' runs for the HF beam & VHF/UHF Vert. Coax is 9913-F7 from RF Connections. Tnx Joel. The T.E.T. is powered by an HD-73 rotator. The Six Mtr beam has a small digital TV rotor. The lift was not cheap, but at near 70 it was a LOT EASIER! Note the Cell phone repeater antenna near top of tower. Makes all the difference.

May 27, 2012:

*** RME rcvr is available if someone has an interest in it. ***

Rcvr went to K4IMZ

15Mtrs does not align properly. Rest of Bands pretty close.

Works all Bands very well. Very hot rcvr, even on 10Mtrs.

Started using 75A-2 again. Sent 32V-3 off to W3HM for FULL restore.

It also may be available when restore is done.


Feb. 5, 2012

New addition: RME-4350-A Purchased from W4OP - Dale

This rcvr to appear in an article in ER magazine written by W4OP.

Dale has done a lot of work on this rcvr. It presently resides on top of my 75A-2, so its in good company :))

Next three ReGen rcvrs span Three Decades.......20's, 30's & 40's.

This is a Westinghouse-RC

This is another Oldie;

National SW-3. Re-furb'd about 30 years ago. Getting dusty from sitting on shelf.




****TBY-8 is available. No shipping. Pick up or will meet part way. I will go to Shelby Ham Fest in Sept 2013.****

Unit glows in the dark & I assume it to be radioactive. ( Lettering and the meter. ) per this link; ( cut & paste into your browser )


TBY-8 Service Manual;


Purchased TBY several years ago from Paul - K0RWU who re-furb's TBY's.

This is a TBY-8. Case re-painted, no accessories, or battery box. Unit works and has Spares.

Still looking for a Mike connector for it, or the original Mike w/plug.

Continuing Saga of trying to find original accessories and having to make do;

Need mike connector for my TBY-8 or original mike-headset w/connector CTE 51022 .
Could also use a power plug, original key w/connector CRH-26013A.
Spacing of Pin #1 seems to be greater than others.

2-13-12 Ordered Amphenal MC4F1 female connector today.
Should work....we'll see.

2-14-12 Ordered a power supply/inverter from Pietro Noto. 6vdc input inverter, supplying all voltages needed. Has the proper power plug. Not cheap though.

2-17-12 MC4F1 arrived today - It does fit when set screw is removed and adjust barrel.
Will need to drill and re-tap bakelite.

2-19-12 Well, as it turns out.....the final solution for the connector was a bit

After taking connector over to my friend's QTH W4OP to drill es tap the
bakelite, it turns out that new set screw would have bumped into another Pin.
Thats why it is off set to begin with.

Solution was to mill down key. There is only one way for the connector to fit
anyway. Pin #1 @ top dead center.

This is where I got the connector;


I did order a 2nd connector. I will use separate mike ( T-17B ) es earphone lines.

Power supply from Pietro should be here next week. Its here;

Depending on how good or bad the audio sounds from Xmtr, will determine if I
convert to Xtal control.
Conversion is in the Surplus Radio Conversion Manual Vol #1.

It would be nice to have proper mike/headphone & Key assemblies.....

Next: The antenna. MFJ makes a collapsable 8 or 9 foot whip. With proper mounting adapter ....we'll see. Just expand to needed length. It will do till real thing comes along.

PSU from Pietro arrived. Seems to work well. Made QSO with VE6CQ - Rick using AF-67@ 20 wts, T.E.T. beam es TBY-8 as rcvr. Yes, rcvr is broad. Xmtr puts out 1/2 watt and will be tough to keep on freq. Perhaps it needs to converse with another TBY. Antenna adapter might be made this week. W4OP tested rcvr @ 112db +. Output signal has several 2 to 3kc power supply spikes. 50db down though, so should not be a problem. Xmtr sounds best on WFM with the SDR-IQ rcvr as monitor. The Xmit freq moves a lot after key down...might tie the final heaters on. Should help.

Was informed that B+ is always on and RX / TX filaments are switched....., Hmmmmm. Can not tie heaters of finals on. If relay re-wired...wonder if PSU would handle extra filament current?

Antenna adapter made by W4OP - Dale. MFJ whip antenna probably needs painted OD Green :)) Anyone have a coax cap & chain. I could use one. If someone has a battery box or can make one......that would be great as well.

Just ordered Hammond 1550H aluminum box. Several folks have used them. Will see how it works out as a battery box. I do not have the straps to hold the battery box though. As you can see, one battery strap mounting gizmo is missing. Will have to figure out how to mount box.

Jan 06, 2012

Could not pass up, ....too cute :))

New addition. Should be great for listening to NDB's, Tnx Kevin.

Nov. 22, 2011

My four element tri-band T.E.T. HB-43sp purchased new 1977/78 es still GG strong.

Never was as sturdy as the KLM, but it was cheaper & good design. Both Ra & Ref are capacitive driven. Very interesting design. Made from about 1977 to early 80's. The new T.E.T. beams are much sturdier. Below are two pages from Manual and I have the full manual for HB-43sp and will email if needed, with full permission to do so per Mark Rawlings VK6MOA, Owner of TET-Emtron. Tnx Mark. Says he still has spare parts/manuals if needed for original antennas.  mark@tetemtron.com.au

RME-4300 - bought rcvr at Shelby Hamfest this Sept. Works, needed dial repaired. W4OP - Dale made dial work like new. Still needs work, but it does sound good es is very stable.

SOLD to Pat - EI7CN

Pierson-Holt rcvr & S-Meter/Power supply. Competition for PMR-6, 7 & 8 rcvrs. Works OK. Very well made.

May 2011

SOLD the Flex-1500. It worked well. Bought an SDR-IQ rcvr ( again )

The IQ does VLF very FB.

Also traded the 7' VLF Loop back to Dale - W4OP.

AF-67 On-Line with 75A-2 for now.


W4OP - Dale re-painted the case es cleaned up the front of one of the AF-67's. Very nice work. Tnx Dale.

It should be on the air next week. 10Mtr AM.....


Matching PMR-7 Rcvr - that was fixed by Ron - K�ETD in AZ. Sure looks & sounds a lot better now :))

Rcvr had numerous problems and it was a wonder that Ron could get it going again.

Will hook it up with the AF-67. Both powered by M-1070 supply. Tnx Ron. Now the PMR-7 will not be ashamed to sit next to the AF-67 :)) Have now made many QSO's with this rcvr on 10 Mtr AM.


New 7' VLF Loop by W4OP. I did get that up with a rotator.

Will use with Flex-1500 this Winter es listen to the 500kc experimenter Hams.

I used to copy them with the SDR-IQ rcvr es 1500' long wire on the ground.

( Will not have to move the loop to mow field :)

This is WD2XSH/31 es WD2XSH/6;


New addition to the shack;

FlexRadio-1500 - 5 watts out 160 thru6 Mtrs. SSB/CW. 1.5 watts AM/FM

Used with AL-811, it puts out 50 watts SSB/CW es about 18 watts AM.

Sold the IC-746 to pay for it.

( Misty was not happy to see the rig go either :))

Another photo of Misty; 2 X 6 goes from porch rail into maple tree so she can better chase squirrels :))

Misty in golf cart taken Today  April 26, 2016

Still have not re-painted anything.

Must be waiting for Winter when it cools down some :)


Re-painting of R4A, (4) AF-67's, es a Lysco 600 still in the wings.

Using 75A-2 with AF-67 still on 160 es 10Mtr AM.Use the 32V3.

es the Johnson Messenger II on 10 Mtr AMas well.

Present project is an HQ-105TR w/clock ( HQ-105TR-C ? )

It is an HQ-100 rcvr with a 5 watt CB/10Mtr AM xmtr built-in. Looks good,

rcve's FB. Needs a little work on the xmtr. Saw an article where the xmtr was

converted to 75 Mtr fone, doubt that I do that. When 10 Mtrs opens up again,

the little rig can/will work the World :))

I need to put photos of some of this stuff on my QSL.Net Web page. I'll work on that.

8-21-12 - The HQ-105TR has been sold. Will deliver to Shelby Fest 9-1-12 to WA4LLR - Dave.

9-1-12 - UpDate on 105TR - Dave found another 105TR at Shelby - This one is still here.


DrakeR4A on the way to go with AF-67. Should be fun.

R4A is here now. Works FB. Cabinet needs repainting. Rcvr was Sold.

W4OP - Dale is GG to help me with that. I sand es he will paint.

Front panel cleaned up very nice. Very stable rcvr.

Once I learn how to re-do the radio cabinets, I have four AF-67's to repaint :))


The AVT-112 A xmtr is GG to an L-5 Pilot/Owner to help restore his plane.


Requested my friend K�RWU - Paul, in STL to update my old QSL.net Ham page. Will keep the background, music es the CW Op :))

Old site(K�PJG) is now deleted es new site is a work in progress.


Recently aquired two ARC-5 rcvrs. One needs a little work, the other just needed Fone/CW switch replaced. Have received lots of Tech advice from Bill - KA3AIS. One of the Gurus of ARC-5 radios as far as I am concerned :)) With Bill's help I now have a working dynamotor on the 160Mtr rcvr.

If it does not "GLOW In The Dark" you probably don't need it :))

1-11-09 I was fortunate to be able to purchase an old aircraft xmtr AVT-112A from Alan Dewey throughhttp://www.secondhandradio.com

Tnx Alan, I really love this little xmtr. It was used in the L-5 Liaison/Observation aircraft. AM/CW es puts out a whopping 6 watts :)) 2.5 to 6.5 kc.

Built-in antenna tuner, trailing wire or doublet

Photos by WB6fxh Web Site that include the matching rcvr - AVR-20;


I am looking for the rcvr es the power supply - AVA-126/A

I wonder how the Gurus on 75 fone will like the carbon mike :))

9-21-08 Sold the SDR-IQ rcvr to OH5YW - Kari.

9-20-08 Navy RBL-2 VLF rcvr is now on Ops desk for the Winter. 15 to 600kc. All 76 lbs of it :)) Will use to listen to 500kc experimental folks. If you are getting bored with Ham Radio for some reason, buy an old rcvr/xmtr and take a step back in time. This rcvr's manual says U.S.S. Ostrich. I looked it up and it was a mine sweeper in WW II. Even found a photo of it on the NET. http://www.navsource.org/archives/11/05029.htm

8-31-08 Shelby Hamfest was very FB. The new location in Dallas, NC is very spacious. S.A.R.C. did a very fine job again. Great Hosts. Turn out looked good to me. Bought an old Goony Bird II. It works.....now looking for 2 Mtr AM QSOs.

Sold the IC-746Pro.....it is GG to new home....KB8HRR - Mike. I just have too many rigs. AF-67 is where the 746Pro sat. Don't know where the Gonset will go. If it does not Glow in the Dark, you probably don't need it :))

8-5-08 Using AF-67 es 75A-2 on Ten Mtr AM. Some very nice Sporadic E openings this Summer. Ground four xtals. Sent two to WA�GAG - Andy for his Valliant. Using other two on AF-67 ( 10 Mtrs ) Also trying 160Mtrs with AF-67. Ready for this Winter. Using double extended Zepp cut for 80Mtrs. ( 5/4 wave length on 80 )

11-30-07 New SDR-IQ rcvr arrived. Tnx Pieter.

My W4OP 40Mtr end fed half-wave vertical has changed a little. Dale said someone modified it to a half-square antenna on 40M. Just add another half-wave of wire es make an upside down U out of it. 1/4 wave vertical sections on the ends es the half-wave horizontal on top. Still fed with coax on one end. Mine is hanging in the trees es works Vy FB.


SDR-IQ rcvr is going to a new home - G3YPQ - Phil. Will pack up when check arrives es such. The 1900' long wire worked very well for listening to WD2XSH stations around 505kc.


The SDR-IQ rcvr really does tune from 500hz to 30Mhz. Plugs into USB port on computer. Able to listen to the experimental 500kc stations that are on now. WD2XSH. Best distance so far is WD2XSH/20 in Oregon. Had the rcvr for several months now. It does a very good job. Of course it does not feel like a stand-alone rcvr like the 75A-2 :))


Ordered the SDR IQ rcvr. Should be here sometime in January. $$$$ compared to the SoftRock 5. Will be able to listen on 500kc & below.

14 JUN 06 Update:

AF-67 on 160 AM with small amp. Ant is 160 Mtr doublet. Rcvr 75A2 D-104 mike.

28 May 2006 Update:

Sold all of the rice boxes. Using all 1950's tube gear.

10 JAN 2006 Update:

The first historic ( for us ) CW QSO between these two Call signs occured this morning @ 1400z 7083 kc.

Geo said now his old Call Sign will live on beyond when he passes.

That kinda got to me, even though I am 63 yrs young, I had to reach for a Kleenex while receiving that msg :))

Issued W9TDH in 1934, he had to give it up for W�TDH after the War in 1946.

Geo obtained W9TDH back via the Vanity Call system six years ago.

Geo will be 89 years young 31-JAN-2006 es he got an early Birthday present this morning :))

Well Geo will be happy. New Call Sign, W�TDH came through 1-7-06!

I have applied for my Elmer's old Call Sign - W�TDH - Geo now has his original Call back of W9TDH. He thought it would be nice if I applied for W�TDH. So,after 47 years with same Call I will be re-training myself to use new Call. Should know if it goes through in a week or so.

Nice Six Mtr opening 9-10-05 to Minn, Mo, Ill es Ark.

Using Pro-1 on Six Mtrs. Monitor 50.130kc Have worked several VE2 stns around 1400z

Pro is back home es working FB. Icom replaced the On/Off switch es a ref osc. QC the unit.

Just bought a used ( like new ) IC-756 Pro. ( Pro-1? ) Still getting used to it, but the rcvr is very quiet. Keeping skeds now on 17 mtrs that I was keeping on Ten mtrs. Very nice Band.

RADIO - ACTIVE on Ten Mtr AM 29.010kc. 32V3 es 75A2 is used most of the time. Also Enjoy using the IC-735 with D-104(pre-amp) coupled directly to AFSK port on back of set. Mike goes directly to the balanced modulator. Getting very good audio reports. Have used it on 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 es 160mtr AM with good results. I use a Heath SB-610 scope to set mod levels. That tip comes from HB9ASQ - Bob.

G4XPY - Dave dropped in for a visit. We were very pleased that Dave es his Son - Simon chose our family to visit while in the States. Dave also visited several other Ham families on this trip. Dave is very active es can be heard on 10 mtr AM es SSB also on 21.380 SSB (or there about), as Dave would say :)) Cheers es Beers Dave.

Original QTH was St. Louis, Mo. Now in the hills of Western North Carolina. Elevation is 4000 ft. We now have room for a 160 mtr Sloping doublet, 40 mtr dipole, 40 mtr End Fedz es an old T.E.T. beam up 35 ft.

Now have an old NAVY ant. knife switch ( WW II ) to switch between wire antennas. Tuner was a Johnson Match Box Jr.(on the shelf ),now is a MFJ-989-C which covers 160 mtrs .

"Elmer" Geo is now W9TDH. Recently obtained his original callsign.

73, Tom

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