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WR5J Operating from the Seattle Emergency Operations Center during a drill for  Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service,

Department of Emergency Management - Yep, we use FLDIGI, FLMSG and FLAMP - and Winmor, and D-STAR and APRS.





Hey! Thanks for checking out QRZ! I hope my QSO with you went well. I should say, I have real trouble with high noise on 40 and 80 - like S9+20 - I never call CQ, but if you tail-ended a QSO, you have to beat S9+20 for me to hear you. Sorry if I didn't come back - I'm working on it... By building a lovely Magnetic Loop antenna - Just about ready...

I'm also working on my CW - I guess everyone always is. My thanks to Rob, K6RB, WIll, WJ9B and the other CWOPs guys in CW Academy for all the help. Write me at wr5j@arrl.net for a link to 800 MB of information on learning CW. Things have gotten much better and it doesn't have to be hard if you approach it correctly.

We just finished the 2016 RAMROD - Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day - 154 miles, 800 cyclists, 10,000 vertical feet of climbing and thousands of data records flawlessly transmitted from the backcountry to the Finish Line by Amateur Radio.  Check out the photos below.

In 2014 for the ARRL Centennial we operating W1AW/7 Washington State from here in West Seattle. QSO Count for our week was 46,658.  About 11% of those originated in West Seattle where we generated 5051 contacts for the effort. We were on the air 88 of the possible 168 hours (1 week) and averaged 57 QSOs/hour. Peak rate was 180 Q's/Hr on RTTY.  Lots of photos follow - keep heading down the page!

I really like operating International Lighthouse and Lightship Week - so watch for us from Patos Island Lighthouse or Alki Point Lighthouse in Washington every August. I also enjoy QRP operation from Summits on the Air (SOTA) peaks - no S9 noise up there - It's wonderful!  

I'm a big fan of Field Day - Every Ham, Every June, Field Day. I usually operate with the Seattle ACS, West Seattle Amateur Radio Club and Puget Sound Repeater Group effort at South Seattle College - Listen for W7ACS, W7AW and WW7PSR.

Red Cross Communications Team

Seattle Auxillary Communications Service

Puget Sound Repeater Group

Puget Sound Digital Hams

Washington Digital

RAMROD - Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day - RFID Data Team Lead

BigFoot 200 - 200 mile Ultra Endurance Run Between Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier

Here is my log - it is searchable - if I'm on the air, it should tell you where to find me...

Many pictures follow the log!  Please scroll down and take a look at our W1AW/7 Operation, Fied Day, RAMROD, Lighthouse Activations and Summer Gathering.

vy 73 de WR5J Curt Black - West Seattle, Washington


Picture for CQ Magazine before the K3, P3, KPA500, KAT500 and lots of other station and antenna enhancements...



March 2013  - I must have made it in amateur radio...  Giving new meaning to "barefoot operating"...

Up with the Magnetic Loop Antenna on the roof of the shack - among the spiders and butterflies... This is an NVIS orientation - even on the 4th floor roof - vertical on the roof would be more "normal" - check out the Loop Controller Yahoo Group for a great project to remote your loop to a usable location. IF you build this antenna, just take a single chunk of pipe and bend it into the loop of your choice.  The 45 degree couplings are a loss and increase the physical resistance of the loop.  I've also modified the connection to the capacitor (next to my hand) to be solid copper - no more woven (lossy) mesh.




Mt. Rainier National Park is about 75 miles from my home in Seattle.  It is our regional icon and floats as an arctic island in the temperate sea of Western Washington.   For the last few years I've been leading the RFID Data team for RAMROD.  This year we had 14 hams on the RFID Team supporting 5 locations (the Data Aggregation Team ran a remote start measurment at mile point 5.5).  The 2016 RFID Team is listed at the end of this section - Thanks Guys!

The cyclists attach an Radio Frequency ID (RFID) chip to their helmets.  We use Impinj Speedway readers to interrogate the chips and read the rider ID at several points around the mountain.  We use amateur radio to transmit that data back to the Finish Line which would be easy if there wern't a 14,410 foot volcano in the way.  

This year we had stations at the Finish Line in Enumclaw, at Buckley, at the Park Entrance, at Backbone Ridge and at Cayuse Pass.  Each of our remote stations is completely autonomous working far from other support and cell coverage.  Most stations use HF and the Winlink2000 System to send the data out.  We have used VHF/UHF links and DRATS on DSTAR radios or FLDIGI and MT63-2000 for short VHF hops.  Most stations use NVIS antennas and SCS Pactor Modems.  We are looking forward to the ARDOP project for the option of a fast, reliable peer-to-peer all amateur radio solution.  

We typically add one new RFID station every year.  You would think that would be a linear increase in complexity for the project, but it seems to be exponential.  The photos below convey the beauty of the route and the working conditons for the teams.












Setup of the Gateway Station at the Nesqually Entrance to the park happens in the predawn twilight


Franz - N3HFS - at the keyboard preparing another data attachment for a WinLink2000 message to the Start line

Working with Bernard - KE7FEQ and Team Lead, Brian - KY9K.





Name Call Position
Alan Scott AC7MX Aggregator Team Lead
Bill Fay KD7YRF Aggregator Team
Costa "CK" Katsaniotis KG7AUL Gateway Team Lead
Daniel Stevens KL7WM Gateway Team
Bob Stephens AF9W Gateway Team
Morgan Redfield KG7OGM Gateway Team
Brian D Heaton KY9K Backbone Team Lead
Jeff Chang WB7AHT Backbone Team
Franz Niedermeyer N3HFS Backbone Team
Bernard Littau   KE7FEQ Backbone Team
Curt Black WR5J Cayuse Team Lead
Jim Walker KI7BKK Cayuse  Team 
Whit S Worcester KG7LNZ Cayuse  Team 
Jean Morgan KG7NJQ Cayuse  Team 

Words can scarcely express my gratitude to the team for their incredible efforts and accomplishment!

Thank you- Everyone!




ARRL Centennial Celebration 2014

W1AW/7 Washington State Operation


CHECK OUT:  Youtube - Video of the W1AW/7 Operation


Thanks to all 39 brave volunteer operators that kept us on the air for 88 hours with an average of 57 Qs per hour!  Thanks to Alan, AC7MX for editing and rendering the video!

Here are the operators who kept the station on the air for the week: AD7F, K6TKU, K7MAQ, K7RI, K7RSD, KD7DK, KE7JBF, KF7TTG, KF7TTM, KF7UHK, KF7WCM, KG7CME, KG7GEV KG7GWD, KG7GXY, KG7HAX, KG7LEA, KG7NJQ, KG7OQT, KJ7WC, KL7BB, KL7WM, N6KW, N7CVW, N7DRW, N7MWC NR7O, N7VWH, W7DAO, W7DFO, W7EIR, W7KXB, W7VXS, WA4EJA, WA7TZ, WB7CON, WC7I, WE7X WR5J

Front Door greetings to arriving operators in West Seattle


Dragan, KG7OQT, youngest operator for the W1AW/7 West Seattle effort - he did just great - he has been licensed for a month - age 8 - His dad, Martin, KG7HAX also got a chance to operate once Dragan showed him the ropes...


Dragan, KG7OQT - Pulling them out of the RTTY Pileup on 20 meters for W1AW/7 Washington from West Seattle


WA4EJA, Juan, Left Seat, Piloting W1AW/7 (In real life, an A320 pilot) and WR5J, Curt, co-pilot, handling spots and band openings in the propagation software so Juan stays as busy as possible - from the Skybox in West Seattle - yep full moon...

Juan, WA4EJA (EA4EJA) Operating W1AW/7 Washington on 20M RTTY - Looks like the waterfall is pretty lively


Chris - KE7JBF, taking turns at the VHF Station between 2M FM and 6M SSB downstairs - Yep, full moon this floor, too...



Michael - KG7GEV on 17 Meters RTTY during a nice pileup - spotting computer in the foreground to keep him busy

Excellent Age 14 operator for the West Seattle W1AW/7 Washington Digital Effort


Monica, KG7GWD - "Good With Digital" on a night shift for 20 meters RTTY mostly talking to Japan and points West...Hello, Russia...


Tom, K7RI, operating from West Seattle, was responsible for over half of the 5000+ Q's we generated - with a little help from ops like Monica, KG7GWD.


Don, W7VXS - an awesome RTTY operator.  Thanks for all the help with setting everything up and testing it before we did the 5000+ Q's...


Bill, KL7BB - Station Captain for the VHF operation on the main floor, below the sky box, providing one of his CQ DX license plates for Station Decor.  Bill was responsible for hundereds of Q's on 2 meters and 6 meters from Western Washington.  Before this,few people, especially around these parts, had worked W1AW on 2 or 6 meters!  Looking over the callsigns, he generated a lot of excitement for a lot of local hams.  It is something he does often!

WR5J - QTH Decked Out for W1AW/7 - Extra 6 meter Beam and VHF Vertical on the front deck - Festive Seasonal Lights - Door open 24 hours a day for the week long operation - what a blast!  

Thanks to all our operators

and everyone who worked W1AW/7 around the world!


SOTA - Summits on the Air 

The best way to leave the S9+20 noise of the city behind...


Mount Catherine SOTA Activation - July 2013

Many Summit to Summit QSOs as well as all across North Americal.  

The SOTA activation was part of the SalmonCon PQRP Group July Gathering

KX3 with LIPO 4S1P battery putting out 16V and dropped through a DC/DC converter - This setup will run all day (and I carry a second battery) the rig is 15W and amazing!    CW Paddles are missing from this photo, but frequently used now.  You can send the radio cw - it will decode to text and then transmit as PSK31 or RTTY.  It has lots of other tricks as well.


The far end of the antenna after it has come down from the trees.  It is a coleman laundry line reel which is filled with 126 feet of number 22 copper weld multi-strand wire with a nice slippery vinyl coating that makes recovering it from the trees simple.  Reel is not needed - a simpler kite winder would do...   This antenna is fed with a 9:1 unun and works all HF bands with the tuner built into the KX3.

Activites of the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club - W7AW

"The Friendliest Radio Club in the World"

West Seattle Alki Point Lighthouse

Adopted local lighthouse for the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club


Annual Support for the West Seattle Grand Parade 

Bicycle Mobile for West Seattle Grand Parade and Float Dodger 5K runner lead-out - APRS and FM Voice


AB7X and W7COR in the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club entry in the West Seattle Grand Parade.  The club has been supporting this parade for decades. We have hams all up and down the route and support it from the Float Doger 5K before the event, through the kids parade and to the finish.  Club members are invlolved in all aspects of the event including WS7JIM who is overall event director - and a board member of the West Seattle ARC.

WS7JIM - Jim and his most radioactive motorcycle...

N7OEP - Tom - WSARC Board Member and person who keeps the W7AW Repearter System alive and well...

W7KXB - Active with this club and the Highline ARC


AC7MX - Alan - Winning his age class again this year in the Float Doger 5K - and then operating from the parade route...


KF7RTF - Susan - Parade support and organizer for 2016 GeekGirl.CON WSARC Booth

N7JWW - Jon working the route

August Lighthouse Activation for the Alki Point Lighthouse by KE7JBF - Chris and her crew...

K6US - Steve -  CW op for International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend from Alki Point

And so we bid a fond fairwell to AB7X and W7COR - Ken and Cora for another year of the West Seattle Grand Parade

Delridge Days exhibit for emergency preaparedness and community organizations

Alan, AC7MX, Leading out the Runners for the Seattle Marathon 10K in July 2014.  No time to slow down for the next 6.2 miles - I was at the other end of the event with APRS and FM voice keeping net control up on where those last runners were.



Patos Island Light House

 International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend

Every August - San Juan County, Washington

Patos Island Lighthouse for International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend - pretty much the northern most point in the islands




Bill, W7KXB at the CW Station - doing his thing with the dits and dahs...

Is that some custom key???  Yes - one of a kind - Just like Bill.



Dawn comes to Patos Island Radio Camp 




You couldn't choose a more beautiful place to operate  - S-Zero noise - unless you count the whales blowing, just off shore...

I am logging by hand - the computer makes enough noise in this environment to make it worth entering the data later...



This year we added 150 watts of Solar and more batteries - now it can really be quiet... Next year the full 300 Watts... The galvanized sheets protect the panels during transport - they are pretty-much Christmas decorations as far as toughness...



I love this place!  Station is located on a peninsula - salt water on 3 sides - Thanks for the pileups - Thanks for Spotting Us!



Whales and sealions, eagles and fun in the tidepools between cooking and operating - Nice Conditions 



FIELD DAY!  Every Ham, Every June  Field Day!

Thanks to the City of Seattle Department of Emergency Management for the amazing Tent for our radio city.  

Thanks for the generators and the porta-cans...

Thanks to STEPPIR for the loan of the beam, crank up tower and trailer for all of it.

Thanks to all the hams who loaned stations and antennas and ground rods and feedlines and extension cords...



Yep, the weather for Field Day is always like this!  Doesn't everyone have a Cushcraft A4 beam at 60 feet?

Thanks to KL7BB- Bill for the loan of the Cushcraft A4 triband beam and K7BDL (SK) for the loan of the crank up tower



Life inside the big tent - Digital Station and 6 meter station operator Irene lighting up the band... Yes the chocolate is necessary for continuous operation for the whole event...


GOTA Station coach and operators - No sweat, we'll give you a script...



Just a brief look at our Field Day from South Seattle College with Seattle ACS and Puget Sound Repeater Group.  Yes, we are 100 watts and yes we run - it is all done with real antennas and real planning to minimize interstation interference...

KF7WUD, Irene on 6 meters SSB with Joel, KD7QKK on the log, Digital Station Captain, Jeff,  W7EIR in the depths of the tent.  Don't be misled - The joy, glee and happiness of these people is a direct result of their having fun with amateur radio.

When all else fails, we communicate - generators, batteries, cars and solar power - we plan, we drill  and we operate.



Valley Camp

Mecca for Amateur Radio Operators in the Pacific Northwest


Photo from the 2011 Summer Gathering - Northwest APRS Group has met here for nearly 20 years.  So has the Puget Sound QRP Group.  Also JOTA - Jamboree on the Air each October, which brings 100's of scouts to camp to mess with radios, get merit badges and camp in the incredibly beautiful setting of Valley Camp.   The camp features the WA7VC Valley Camp Radio Club.  Five trees 120-foot tall have been equipped with pulleys to hoist a wide range of antennas high above the camp.  Valley Camp is located near North Bend Washington.   Contact information is at the bottom of this page.


Yep, Valley Camp is in the beautifully wooded Snoqualmie Valley.  We mess with radios, but also with birds, bats, rocks and plant life.  What a great place!


One of the JOTA Scouts from this year's Jamboree on the Air - getting checked out on the digital station before contacting many similar stations on the air all around the world.


8 year old, Dragan, Passed his Technician License at the 2014 JOTA - he is now operating the HF Digital Station

(under control of WR5J) - His call is KG7OQT.  He went on to operate the W1AW/7 Digital Station.


JOTA Scouts working on the Electronics Merit Badge


Soldering practice to make the LEDs blink and the buzzers buzz.  Across the pavillion the Computer group is getting Raspberry PI skills and building code.


More electronics skills development - the day ends with license exams and often, new hams...




Both the Summer Gathering (September) by the Northwest APRS group and the SalmonCon (July) event by the Puget Sound QRP group have technical talks on a wide range of topics of interest to hams.



We're not always bundled up - JOTA is in October.  This is from the Puget Sound QRP Group annual meeting in July  - SalmonCon.  Done in parallel  with LobsterCon in Maine and many other similar organizations around the country. That is a KX3 hooked to the Triband Beam at 50 feet.  We worked lots of other QRP and DX during the weekend.  This SalmonCon event also features several SOTA activiations - including by KG0AT - check out his videos on YouTube.



Left to right - Curt-WR5J,  Ken- AB7X, Geoff-W7JEZ, Brian-K7UDR (yep, universal digital radio guy...) and Thom, K7FZO, our host and recreation director, along with Tina, for Valley Camp   One nice piece of both events is hot breakfast each day - pancakes, scrambled eggs, turkey sausage links, hot butter, hot maple syrup, lots of food to prepare folk for all the technology to follow.  


Grill Ninja - Brian - KY9K

Tasty Meals -  SalmonCon is noted for Salmon Burgers each day.  Summer Gathering is better know for amazing steaks thanks to some very generous local hams - Brian - KY9K, specifically.  

There is also a tradition of a free beer with every new digital mode you try.  (That ice chest is closed during the JOTA...). 


Where is Valley Camp?

Here is the link to Valley Camp: http://valleycamp.org/ , 49515 SE Middle Fork Rd North Bend WA 98045, it is located near North Bend, Washington 10 minutes off of I-90 at exit 34. At the bottom of the Exit 34 ramp, turn north  and continue 1/2 mile past the convenience stores and truck stop and watch for and take the right turn onto SE Middle Fork Road (County Road sign says Valley Camp 2.2 miles). Continue to the "Y" and take the left on SE Middle Fork Road (lower road). Follow until you come to the stop sign. The entrance to the camp is straight ahead across the small intersection.

GPS Coordinates for the entrance of camp: 47.4680 -121.6808

Don't forget the minus on the longitude or you'll end up in Mongolia!

Bring your thirst for knowledge, warm clothing for the evenings and food and drink to eat and share. During organized ham radio events like the Summer Gathering and SalmonCon, there are grills going for lunch and dinner and coffee early each day...

Valley Camp is an incredibly beautiful place.  Wonderful  nature trails and birding opportunities for the family along the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River.

Accomodations range  from  bunk space available in Teneriffe Lodge, to full service RV sites and plenty of tent spaces.  Please contact Teena at info@valleycamp.org with your request  to stay overnight.  

The location is a beautiful camp with hot showers and a bunkhouse or camping or RV opportunities. Ham  events here  run on donations.  Historically, this venue has been made available to us at no charge but it can't continue to happen without your participation and support. 

Contact Thom Proehl, K7FZO,  k7fzo.thom@gmail.com,  425 888-1852

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