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Photo: VP9/DL3YM relaxing after the CQ WPX CW Contest 2015

From 2003 until 2011 I have had the honor and privilege to operate all CQWW and CQ WPX CW Contests at the controls of DF2PY.

Tnx Wolf!


DL3YM @ WQ6X in WPX CW 2017

QTH: Fallbrook, CA

You know you are far away from home as a DL OP when you see notes like this in your Contest QTH:

You also know you are far away from home when on a virtually dead 15 meter band the only stations that answer your CQs are from KH6 and W7.

Even though condx sucked big time, I had a blast operating side by side with excellent OPs from the San Diego Contest Club: Dennis (N6KI), Ron (WQ6X) and Robert (K4RB). It never ceases to amaze me how much fun you can have on a radiosport weekend when the company is right. For details I recommend reading the excellent blogspot of WQ6X: http://wq6x.blogspot.com/2017/

TNX a lot gentlemen for a great experience. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Photo shows Ron (WQ6X) fighting it out on 40 meters


DL3YM and Dennis (N6KI) after the contest


CN2YM from May 05 to 12, 2017

QTH: Hotel Lynx, Agadir.

QSL policy:

I do not need your paper QSL! All QSOs have been uploaded to LotW on May 12, 2017.

I recommend strongly you consider using LotW, too.

In addition I will automatically send paper QSLs for all contacts via the bureau. This may take some time, though.


In case you decide to QSL direct, please be sure to provide sufficient postage and a self addressed envelope. TNX!

This being my third trip to Agadir, the city sure already felt like home. I knew I would be pretty busy QRL-wise, but decided to bring my own rig and antenna this time around which consisted of the same setup I used as 5X8B (for further details on that operation just scroll down): TS 480 HX from Kenwood with 2 external power supplies (computer surplus, tnx DK9VZ), Annecke symmetrical antenna tuner and 2x 5.5 meter vertical dipole fed with 450 Ohm wireman cable.

My friend Abdou (CN8VO) had taken care of a good location and the necessary paperwork in renewing my license (TNX Abdou!). The QTH is near downtown, yet not too noisy; QRM-wise that is, as the Muezzin of the mosque just accross the street  made sure each day I would not miss that pre sunrise DX-opening, hi.

I found the high bands to be pretty lame during the first few days, probably partly due to moderate condx. 40m and especially 30m provided some pretty nice pile ups, though.

But then, 20 meters opened nicely on May 10 and 11. I had two of those magic nights where literally the whole world is at your fingertips while you work through the piles. I would frequently experience runs where I would work NA,SA, EU and far east Asia within one minute. Wow!

Last Q was logged on May 11 @ 18:24 UTC. Final count shows 1520 Qs from 68 DXCC entities in 23 different CQ zones dring this stint.

Tnx all for the Qs and your cooperation in the pile-ups which was greatly appreciated!

Setup @ CN2YM


Antenna farm @ CN2YM


DL3YM visiting HL1 and JA1 from April 17 to 26, 2017

QTH: Seoul & Tokyo.

Unfortunately no radio this time, yet a very interesting meeting with Dan, 7J1ABD and Don, JH5GHM. Tnx a lot gentlemen for showing me around Tokyo and for the enjoyable lunch. There are few things better in life than good food, tasty beer and talking DX & Contesting with friends.

Photo shows (left to right): Dan (7J1ABD), Andy (DL3YM) and Don (JH5 GHM)


DL3YM @ 3V8CB and 3V8ST on March 19 & 20, 2017

QTH: Tunis, Tunesia.

Meeting the ethusiastic, emphathetic and well educated group of young OPs who keep the club stations in Tunesia active was a priviledge and experience I will never forget. If you ever wondered about the future for Ham Radio - here are the young folks who will keep the Hobby alive and kicking I think.

I was stunned by the unmatched hospitality and support of Ali (3V/F4HJD), Ash (3V/KF5EYY), Ahmed (3V/KG5OUE), Oussama and Majdi who would drive me all over Tunis to get me from the Hotel to the station sites and who sorted things out in order to set up the CW interfaces for me.

Around 150 Qs were made from 3V8CB on 40 meters in roughly 2 hours of on air time on March 19. I worked another 300+ Qs from 3V8ST on March 20, operating on 20 and 40 meters. It sure was a lot of fun to work the pretty disciplined piles and meet some of my buddies from back home. Good to even have one JA call in on 40 meters shortly before shutting down.

Tnx a lot again to my friends in Tunis and Sousse - I will be back soon I hope!

Special tnx go to SWL Majid for providing the pics!

Photo shows DL3YM together with Ali (3V/F4HJD) on the left and Ahmed (3V/KG5OUE) on the right @ 3V8CB


The interface wizzards Ali (3V/F4HJD) and Ahmed (3V/KG5OUE) preparing the setup @ 3V8ST


The crew @ 3V8ST (left to right): Ash (3V/KF5EYY), DL3YM, Ali (3V/F4HJD) and Ahmed (3V/KG5OUE)


3V/DL3YM running the pile on 20 meters @ 3V8ST

5X8B: September 20 until October 01, 2016

October 04, 2016:

I am back home - it sure is good to see my family again.

All QSOs have been uploaded to LotW today!

I see there have been some spots of a slim using my call on September 28, 2016 on 15 meters CW. Please note that  operations of 5X8B for this year were terminated on September 27, 2016 @ 13:06 UTC (see report below).

First session took place on September 22, 2016. The station is located on campus of Nkumba University right next to the FM campus radio studio. I am running a TS 480 HX to a homebrew vertical dipole fed with 450 Ohm twinlead. This antenna is matched to the TX output with a symmetrical tuner. The vertical dipole is significantly tilted but that was the best compromise we could realize.Seems this setup is working well, though, as today within 110 minutes of on air time 273 Qs were logged on 15 meters. All continents except VK/ZL were worked in a fat, yet very well behaved pile. Tnx all for the cooperation! Reports on DX summit speak of good signals, so the compronise seems to do its job. I am deeply grateful for the staff @ Nkumba University who took the trouble supporting me in setting up the antenna under a hot sun still wearing shirts and ties as we were in between two meetings. Sorry I had no time for photos - must have been a pretty hilarious sight ...

Second session on September 24:

Started out on 15 meters @ 07:42 UTC, but could not get a real pile going. Things got better after moving to 17 meters where also the first VK was worked for the last continent @ 08:52. Realized I was heavily interfering with the recording equipment of campus FM Radio. However the chief technician, who was already instrumental in setting up my antenna, said that the ham radio operation was given top priority – wow! Stopped @ 09:06 for QRL and returned back 3.5 hours later. The pile then was mostly EU, first US worked @ 12:48. A big TNX to EU who would always stand by when I tried to pick out those weak ones. BTW, it sometimes makes sense to spread out a bit. Often I would easily work weak callers 3 – 3.5 up while the big sigs would call one over the other 1-2 up. I was delighted to meet several buddies from back home, hope see some more in the log tomorrow. QRT @ 15:02 UTC.

Third session September 25:

Glad I could DX all day long as planned since Entebbe has been without power all day long, which is considered a major outage even by local standards. Fortunately Nkumba University has its own generator. Spent 1.5 hrs on 17 and then went to 15 meters again. I was rewarded with a nice opening to JA. Sigs were pretty weak, though, and that combined with the tremendous QRN from T-storms made it quite a challenge. There were occasions, however, where I would work AS, EU, AF and SA within 90 seconds. Unfortunately only a handful of US stations made it into the log. Whenever I heard NA I asked EU to QRX and I am grateful for the pile standing by patiently, yet there were only a handful sigs readable from there. I understand I am not on during primetime for a US opening, yet unfortunately operating after local sunset is not an option from here at this time. When I called it a day I had exactly 1800 Qs in the log with 78 DXCC wkd from 25 zones. There might be another short operation on Tuesday. I will be out of town from Wednesday until Friday and on Sunday we’ll leave for Dubai.

Fourth and last session September 27:

Had about 1 hour between arriving at the shack and getting ready for dismanteling the station. Rather than trying any new bands I decided to use what had already proven operational and worked 17 meters. Had a fantastic opening to Japan and logged many friend from there. Final QRT was signed @ 13:06 UTC, with a total of 1948 Qs in the log from 79 DXCC etities. Sorry for those that did not make it. I believe there is a very good chance I will return next year.

Tnx all for the fun and Qs, see you further down the log.

QSL policy

  • I do not need your paper QSL. Paper QSLs to confirm all contacts will be sent automatically via the bureau. However, this might take some time.
  • In case you choose to send your card directly to me please use the address of my home call DL3YM. Please make sure you include a SAE and sufficient postage. Otherwise your QSL will be sent via the bureau as described above.
  • I do encurage everyone to consider using LotW. All QSOs will be uploaded shortly after my return to Germany.

Please understand that this is not a full scale DX-pedition but primarily a QRL trip. I will try to devote as much time as possible to DXing. Operation will be carried out 100 % CW with the QTH being Nkumba University, Entebbe. I will only operate SSB in case I will be asked to demonstrate Amateur Radio to students.


DL3YM @ K0EU operating NE0F in the WPX CW 2016

Results: New W0 record SOAB HP assisted!

May 28, 2016 until May 29, 2016

QTH: Denver, CO.

Wow, that was fun! I am so grateful to Randy, K0EU for letting me invade his home and operate his excellent station. This was my first operating experience from W0 where the bands sure sound different than they do at home in DL. I am quite happy with the result yet there sure still is lots of room for improvement from a strategy point of view. Tnx all for the Qs and special TNX to Randy and family for the exceptional hospitality!

In fact just saying thanks seems way too little to express my gratefulness for this fantastic weekend experience. I actually feel honored that a world class DXer and Contester like Randy accepted me to operate the station. I feel the setup has much more potential than I have, especially considering my very rusty SO2R capabilities. At least I did not break anything, hi.

Photo shows DL3YM @ K0EU: what a well engineered SO2R setup ...


CN2YM: April 2016

It's good to be back in Agadir and I was delighted to see my old friend Abdou, CN8VO, again.

Activity on April 16, 2016 took place from his QTH and brought back a lot of good memories of my operation in the CQWW CW contest 2013. Concentrating on the WARC bands this time, I managed 294 Qs in 2 hours and 45 minutes of on air time. Happy to work some US on 17 meters through the EU pile. A real thrill was working one station from Japan and China each on 30 meters. Tnx all for the Qs, and special tnx to my buddies back home for working and spotting me!

All QSOs have been uploaded to LotW on April 22, 2016.


DL3YM @ B1Z in CQWWDX CW 2015

November 28, 2015 until November 29, 2015

QTH: nr. Beijing

A big thank you to the team @ B1Z for a weekend I will never forget! It surely was a privilege to enjoy operating as much as the camaraderie with and hospitality from all the team members. Even though I could not talk directly to many of the guys I felt the warm welcome.

Special TNX go to Ken BA1AJ and Fan BA1RB for helping with organizing everything for me and for logistics. Tnx also to Yan, BA8IK for flying over from Chongqing. It was good to see you again. A cool surprise was meeting Antonio, DL4EA at the station.

I think we did pretty well considering the poor condx. I am sure we would have been able to challenge the existing multi-single record in China if e.g. ten meters had opened more substantially. But then, there’s always a next time.

Following is the official B1Z team photo:

And we also found some time for socializing in between the pile-ups:


VP9/DL3YM in WPX CW 2015

Results: # 1 worldwide SOAB LP assisted

May 28, 2015 until Jun1 01, 2015

QTH: Hamilton, Bermuda

All QSOs have been uploaded to ARRL's LotW on June 06, 2015.

Operation took take place from the apartment of Ed, VP9GE. I am very grateful for all the help that Ed provided, including several trips all over the beautiful island of Bermuda and an introduction to the secrets of Rum Swizzle. I sure had a lot of fun and am determined to return soon.

Photo shows DL3YM exploring John Smith's bay.


5X8B: March 2015

QSL policy

  • All QSLs have been uploaded to ARRL's LotW on April 07, 2015. I encourage everyone to consider using LotW.
  • I do understand that there are many OPs who still enjoy QSLing the traditional way and I intend to make them happy happy as well. Therefore paper QSLs for all QSOs will automatically be sent via the bureau. I do not need your card for that.
  • In case you choose to send your card directly to me please use the address of my home call DL3YM. Please make sure you include a SAE and sufficient postage. Otherwise your QSL will be sent via the bureau as described above.

Thanks to the essential support of Bill, 5X1JM, I received my license to operate from Uganda as 5X8B just in time. In addition I would like to thank Mr. Andre Seremba from the Uganda Communications Commission for helping me through the paperwork.

Due to time restrictions on this business trip, the only activity took place from Bill's QTH on March 29, 2015. Technical constraints ruled out any CW operation, yet I managed to work 400 SSB Qs in about 3.5 hours of operation in the WPX Contest on 10 meters.

Next activity is planned for March, 2016.

Photo shows Andy, DL3YM / 5X8B (l) and Bill, 5X1JM (r)

A6 / DL3YM in 2014/ 2015

Dec. 23, 2014 until Jan 05, 2015

QTH: Dubai, UAE

QSL: Please do not QSL to me for the QSOs with A62A, but follow the route specified on qrz.com

All QSOs for A6/DL3YM have been uploaded to LotW on Jan 02, 2015. Paper QSLs will automatically be sent via the bureau.

Please note that finally I have also been able to upload all the QSOs from my activity back in 2009 as A6/DL3YM to LotW. Paper QSLs for this operation were sent via the bureau for all stations in the log.

First session took place after picking up my visitor's license at the EARS headquarters, operating A62A on 15 meters CW on Dec 24, 2014. Tnx a lot everyone for the warm welcome there! Tnx also to all the CW folks for a very well behaved pile up - it was a real pleasure working you.

Tnx to Fred's (A65BD) outstanding hospitality I had a ball running well behaved pile ups on December 29, 2014. In 7 hours 42 minutes of on air time exactly 1000 QSOs were logged on 15 and 10 meters. What a great way to finish the year 2014 -  hope to see you all again in 2015!

Last activity on January 04, 2015, at the controls of A62A. Big fun running on 15m and 20m and chatting with the local crew in between. I am indepted to the guys at A62A for all the support , especially A61K (chairman of EARS) and A65EE who helped a lot in getting all systems going on CW.

W5 / DL3YM in 2014

Sep. 18 - 20, 2014

QTH: Houston, TX

A true time travel experience: it was 26 years ago during the summer of 1988 when I was intruduced to real contesting by KG5U, N5DU (now K5WA), NR5M and other members of the Texas DX Society. While doing an internship as part of my studies in Houston these guys became true friends and mentors for me, sharing their knowledge and allowing me to gain experience operating from the NR5M dream station.

The bands still sound different from here compared to EU, and I am still amazed at how these guys master to build competitive stations and achieve top results.

Tnx a lot guys - It sure feels good to finally being back where it all began!

First activity took place from the excellent station of K5WA on Sep. 18 2014.

Second session was at the controls of NR5M on Sep. 20, 2014.


B8 / DL3YM in 2014

Feb. 22 and 23, 2014

QTH: Chongqing, China

QSL: QSOs have been uploaded to LotW on Jan 02, 2015. Paper QSLs will automatically be sent via the bureau.

This operation would have never happend without the tremendous help of my dear friend Yan, BA8IK.

We did not meet each other in person before, yet his support was vital in obtaining the official license to operate from China (http://www.crac.org.cn/?p=1657) on time. In addition, Yan even invited me to his home and let me operate from his excellent station.

I am deeply greateful for meeting guys like him through this great hobby we share!

B8 / DL3YM and BA8IK, Mr. Yan, getting ready for some pile-ups

B8 / DL3YM concentrating on running the EU-pile while BG8GAM, Mr. Qiu, watches closely


CN2YM: CQWW DX Contest CW November 2013

Results: # 2 Africa, # 3 worldwide SOAB LP assisted

Activity from the QTH of Abdou, CN8VO in Agadir Novemer 18 - 24, 2013.

Merci Abdou pour le super support!


All QSOs will be uploaded to LotW. QSL via DL3YM.


W4/DL3YM in 2013

May, 04 and May 07, 2013

@ W4QD:

Special thanks go to Milt and his charming XYL for the wonderful dinner and the fun I had operating 40 Qs in the ARI contest at the controls of W4QD

@ K7OM:

The visit of Ted's (K7OM) excellent station was perfected when fellow DXers & Contesters Steve (AA4V) and David (NJ4F) joined us for dinner. Tnx Ted for the great hospitality, tnx guys for making me feel at home while being away from home!

Photo shows AA4V, W4/DL3YM and K7OM


W4/DL3YM in 2011

Nov.06, 2011

I am deeply grateful for the warm welcome and exceptional hospitality of Steve, AA4V. Operation took place from his QTH on IOTA NA 110.



Feb.19, 2011

What a great experience to operate from the club station of the Tianjin Contest Club. Happy to work a few Qs in the ARRL DX test on 40 meters. Pretty hard though to stay awake directly after the 10+ hour flight.



Dec.30, 2009 until Jan.09, 2009

Special thanks to A61Q, A61AS, DK7PE and the members of the Lufthansa Amateur Radio Club for their help in obtaining all the necessary documentation and getting me on the air.

Photo shows A61Q, Abdullah, explaining the setup of A62ER at the headquaters of EARS.

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