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"N6R" operated Field Day 2017 from The Grounds Of The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum, Simi Valley, CA. This was the 17th consecutive year for "N6R" to operate there to commomerate the lives of President Ronald Reagan & Mrs. Nancy Reagan.

"N6R" operated until 11 AM PDT on Sunday, 25 June, and then tore down the stations until next year!

Leading Photo: 20 meter USB station with full size homebrew W6NCT Home-Brew 3 element beam. 

"N6R"  operated  Class 7-A: ~612 CW QSO & ~ 1427 SSB QSO (Power Level 150 Watts)

15 meters: USB; Band Captain, WA6FXT; ~~4 QSO 

15 meters: CW; Band Captain, KQ6NO, reports very poor propagation,  BUT did hear a KH6 working lots of East Coast stations. N6R was hearing only one local station and another KH6!; ~28 QSO  

20 meters: USB; Band Captain, N6ZE; ~~829 QSO

20 meters: CW; Band Captain, WI6O; ~~169 QSO

40 meters: LSB; Band Captain, KJ6LXJ; ~360 QSO

40 meters: CW; Band Captain, WB6L;~~ 415 QSO

75 meters: LSB; Band Captain, AG6AY; ~~234 QSO

Coordinated logging by "N6R" networked stations utilized the "N1MM Logging Program".

Field Day Chairman: Vern, W6NCT

Public Information Officer: Stu, AG6AG    >>>>pio@n6r.org<<<<

N1MM Logging Program Coordinator: Rick, AG6AY

QSL Manager, Pete, N6ZE: >>>>qsl@n6r.org<<<<

 QSL cards received from W6ERM, AE6QJ, N3DGE, W7HBP, AI4X, K7YMA, KE0JWQ, W7FI,  AE6PL, N0RRH, WD9Q answered as of 07oct17

Reminder!!!!!! Please include Self Addresed Stamped Envelope (SASE) with all QSL requests!!

Members of the following Amateur Radio Clubs Participated in Field Day 2017:

a. Ventura County Amateur Radio Society (VCARS) >>>>http://www.vcars.org<<<<

b. Simi Settlers Amateur Radio Club (SSARC) >>>>http://www.simisettlers.org/<<<<

c. Southern California Contest Club (SCCC) >>>>http: socalcontestclub.org/<<<<


For additional Library & Museum information, please refer to:>>>>https://www.reaganfoundation.org<<<< and >>>>https://reaganlibrary.gov/<<<<

President Reagan Foundation's "N6R" Field Day 2017 Announcement:  https://www.reaganfoundation.org/programs-events/events-calendar/american-radio-relay-leagues-field-day/

Additional data will be posted after Field Day Entry is submitted to ARRL!

'Letter to Editor' published in 06July2017 issue of "Thousand Oaks Acorn" Newspaper:

Ham radio is more than just a hobby

Amateur, or ham, radio, has been in existence for over 100 years. In the past, it’s been utilized by experimenters, called “hams,” seeking to broaden the cutting edge of radio communications technology and transmission techniques, as well as providing the basis for much military communications know-how and electronic/radio instruction during worldwide armed conflicts.

Today’s hams continue with electronic experimentation, but they also give back by providing skilled communications assistance with personally owned equipment.

Hams help with disaster communications, as well as provide communications for community events such as Crop Walk, Sea to Summit bike ride, and parades. Amateur radio operators cannot be paid for providing their services. It’s volunteerism at its finest.



Hams always transmit their radio signals without any cable systems or routers, so they completely bypass the internet and other electronic systems which the population has become so dependent upon.

On June 24 and 25, an annual emergency communications training event known as Field Day was held. Ham radio clubs throughout North America, Central America and the Pacific Islands practiced by taking their equipment and camping gear to different locations to try and communicate with other deployed hams.

This year, four amateur radio groups in Ventura County participated in the event, and many other individuals took part from their homes. One enterprising ham even operated from Point Mugu State Park.

I operated with the Ventura County Amateur Radio Society from the grounds of the Reagan Library. VCARS communicated with over 2,000 other amateur radio stations in every state, most Canadian provinces and several other countries.

Of special note, VCARS communicated with 96 ham radio stations located at local, state and federal emergency operation centers throughout the U.S. solely by using amateur radio equipment on FCC-assigned amateur radio frequencies.

Field Day demonstrated once again that when an actual internet/ domestic communications outage occurs, Ventura County’s local government and other public service agency officials would be able to request assistance and support from outside the local area by means of ham radio.

Peter Heins
Thousand Oaks

updated: 2215 10jul17

  Note: VCARS Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 7:30PM (with officers' pre-meeting @ 7 PM) at the Moorpark (CA) Chamber of Commerce, 18 E High St, Moorpark, CA. Please check >>>>www.vcars.org<<<< for additional info. Talk-In on N6EVC Repeater 146.85 MHz (- offset) (PL 94.8) .  

"N6R" was activated by the Ventura Co. Amateur Radio Society (VCARS) and joined by Simi Settlers ARC (SSARC) for ARRL's Field Day 2016. This was the 16th consecutive year for "N6R" to operate from the Grounds of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum, Simi Valley, CA to commomerate the lives of President Ronald Reagan & Mrs. Nancy Reagan. "N6R" operated as Class 15-A with stations from 80 meters through 23 cm.

NOTE for 50th Anniversary of CQP: 01 - 05 Oct. 2015, Laurel ARC (AK6M) utilized callsign "N6R". For that time period, please send QSL requests to them! for further info, please check >>>>http://www.1x1callsigns.org<<<<

             "N6R" achieved a score of "9718 Points" during Field Day 2015 (27-28 June) which was held on the Grounds of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum, Simi Valley, California. Grid Locator: DM04og11SV. This was  the 15th consecutive year for The Ventura County Amateur Radio Society (*) to Celebrate & Honor the Lives of President Ronald Reagan and Mrs. Nancy Reagan during the American Radio Relay League's "Field Day" Emergency Communications Event & Training Exercise. 

(*) As in prior years,  Simi Settlers Amateur Radio Club (SSARC) & Hollywood Hills QRP Contest Club joined VCARS for Field Day operations.

Note:  N6R's 10 stations achieved 2861 QSOs (two-way communications):

160 m/1.8 MHz Band SSB; 75m/3.5 MHz SSB;  40m/7 MHz SSB; 40m/7 MHz CW; 20m/14 MHz SSB; 20m/14 MHz CW; 15m/21 MHz SSB; 15m/21 MHz CW; 10m/28 MHz SSB; 6m/50 MHz SSB; 2m/144MHz FM.

A total of 523 QSOs were achieved on CW; 2338 Phone QSOs were recorded.

All but 2 Phone QSOs were on SSB. 891 QSOs were achieved on 15m SSB alone. For the first time, 160m SSB was used: three QSOs resulted.

Note: N6R operated a GOTA (Get On The Air) Station so that newcomers to Amateur Radio could experience the excitement of establishing communications from a Presidential Library. Callsign was: K6VCS.  This station was located near the Public Information Booth, at the East side of the Library Quadrangle. Newly licensed ham, Stu, KK6SUV, amassed 40 QSOs from his use of the GOTA Station.

Newcomer Dennis, KG7JAJ, experienced his first large Field Day Operation and performed many support tasks as well as mastering Logging Techniques at the fast paced 15 m SSB station.


Bob Miller, W6KGE, Produced a 2.5 minutes video of  "N6R" field Day 2015 Operations: MUST View! >>>>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEXHPYIygrg&feature=youtu.be<<<<


IN CASE OF EMERGENCY—Jay Harland of Simi Valley takes part in last year’s amateur radio Field Day exercises at the Reagan Library. 
FILE PHOTO IN CASE OF EMERGENCY—Jay Harland of Simi Valley takes part in last year’s amateur radio Field Day exercises at the Reagan Library. FILE PHOTO ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Ham Nation #204 has a 2 minute video section on N6R's Field Day Operations (from 1 hr., 02 min., 15 sec. - 1 hr., 04 min., 29 sec.): >>>>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR3GKZ_LRfI<<<<

"N6R" completed Field Day 2014 as an "8-A" Entry from the ARRL's Santa Barbara Section. Power level was computed at 150 watts or less; 8 stations operating on battery & solar power were active on 2m SSB/FM, 6m SSB, 10m SSB, 15m SSB & CW, 20m SSB & CW, 40m SSB, & 75m SSB. 40 members of the Ventura County Amateur Radio Society (VCARS), Simi Settlers Amateur Radio Club (SSARC), & other visiting hams  participated in the event. "N6R's" "Total Operational & Administrative Score" is  4078.

A total of 1824 Amateur Radio Stations were contacted by the "N6R" group. 1753 communications were made in every ARRL Section  & state in the USA (plus Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands); 61 stations in all but two Canadian Sections were contacted; and communications with the countries of Bahamas,  Pakistan, Mexico, St. Lucia, European Russia, Spain,  Brazil, Ecuador,  Peru, Sweden, & Australia were also established.

The 15m SSB station established communications with 825  stations, about 44% of the total number of QSOs made. The 6 meter station had limited Sporadic E DX opportunities, but still yielded about 85 contacts as far away as South Texas & Montana; likewise, 10m Sporadic E propagation produced 58 contacts. 

Contacts were made with a total of 328 stations in California; 121 contacts with Texas stations; about 75 contacts were made with both Washington & Colorado amateur radio operators. In contrast, information was exchanged with 9 Vermont stations & 5 Rhode Island stations.  

Of particular note, "N6R" stations made two way contact with 91 different stations operating from Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) around the USA. By taking advantage of favorable Propagation conditions, several of the EOCs were contacted on more than one frequency band: This demonstrates amateur radios' versatility by having multiple frequency bands and antennas available for use to assist government agencies during an emergency.

Over 200 two-way communications were established by CW (Morse Code), while over 1600 were achieved with voice transmissions of SSB or FM.

More than 2000 visitors to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum were able to view the "N6R" P.I.O. booth and the various stations.

Many, many thanks to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum staff and to Vern Potter, W6NCT, 2014 Field Day Chairman.

For several days before Field Day 2014, "N6R" provided a limited means for contacts on the 12m & 17m W.A.R.C. bands

VCARS President, Mike Hasenfratz, WA6FXT; VCARS Treasurer/Field Day Chariman, Vern Potter, W6NCT; Public Information Officer Paul Lonquist, NS6V.

SSARC President, Rick Galbraith, W6DQE; SSARC V.P., Frank Valdez, KI6OQ; Secretary, John Percival, WI6O; Treasurer, Norbert Rehaut, W9YPM

Field Day 2013 results have been published in "QST". N6R had top score of the 12 entries submitted from the ARRL Santa Barbara Section: Ventura, Santa Barbara, & San Lius Obispo Counties! Ventura Co. Amateur Radio Society (VCARS) Activated "N6R" for Field Day 2013 (22-23 June) From The Grounds of The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum, Simi Valley, CA. "N6R" Operated from Saturday 11:00AM 22JUNE until Sunday 10:00AM 23JUNE. Pre-Event Briefing was held at 10:00AM on Saturday. A Special Honorary VCARS Membership Certificate was Presented to Mr. Dennis Gillette in appreciation for his visiting "N6R" Field Day Operations for the past 13 Years. Ms. Jacqui Irwin, City of Thousand Oaks Councilmember, also attended the N6R Pre-Event Briefing. Simi Valley Fire Dept Engine 42 and crew visited the Field Day site on Saturday. VCARS was joined by Simi Settlers Amateur Radio Club (SSARC). This was the 13th consecutive year for "N6R" Field Day emergency communications exercises & drills from the Grounds of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum.

Data Summary For "N6R" (Class 10-A) with 19 operators from VCARS & SSARC:

Claimed Score = 5,328 Points (including 1,750 bonus points)

256 CW (Morse Code) QSOs (204 on 20 meters & 52 on 15 meters)

1277 Phone QSOs (161 on 75 meters, 363 on 40 meters, 592 on 20 meters, 21 on 15 meters, 30 on 10 meters, 50 on 6 meters, 36 on 2 meters, & 16 on 70 Cm)

Battery, Solar, & Generator Power were utilized to power the stations.

Most of N6R's HF stations operated from Grid Locator DM04og12 while 75m, 10m, 6m, 2m, & 70cm operated from a hilltop in DM04og11SV.

During the 2013 "N6R" Field Day Pre-Briefing, Pete, N6ZE, presented Mr. Dennis Gillette with an Honorary VCARS Membership for havingsupported "N6R"by faithfully attending every annual Field Day for the past 13 years. Mr. Gillette has recently retired from having held many elected and appointed positions in the City of Thousand Oaks, CA and Ventura County, CA. Mrs. Gillette; Ms. Jacqui Irwin, Thousand Oaks Councilmember; and the Members of VCARS & SSARC attended the presentation. (VCARS/SSARC Photo Staff)

The Engineer & Firemen of Simi Valley (CA) Ladder Truck #42 visited "N6R" Field Day and received Amateur Radio Emergency Briefings from Denise, KF6DVG, at the PIO table. (N6ZE Photo)

Cole, Age 7, attended Field Day 2013 with his Grandfather, EdT. Cole learned aboutthe 20 meter phone station from Bob, KK6UE and he hopes to get an amateur radio license! (N6ZE Photo)


The Ventura County (CA) Amateur Radio Society (VCARS), and joined by the Simi Settlers (CA) Amateur Radio Club (SSARC), operated Field Day 2012 to Commemorate the Lives of President Ronald & Mrs. Nancy Reagan for the 12th consecutive year from the Grounds of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, Simi Valley, CA. "N6R" was the callsign. "N6R" continuously operated 10 stations on emergency power provided by batteries, solar panels, & small generators.

Thanks to all who worked "N6R" during Field Day 2012! See below for QSL Card Status.

Statistics of the ten "N6R" stations are:

10 meter USB -Band Capt, AG6AY (49 QSO/16 Sect.)

15 meter USB - Band Capt, AI6PG (11 QSO/10 Sect.) + CW - Band Capt KQ6NO (80 QSO/47 Sect)

20 meter USB - Band Capt, W6NCT (366QSO/73 Sect) + CW - Band Capt WI6O (198 QSO/62 Sect)

40 meter LSB- Band Capt, N6ZE (684QSO/57 Sect) + CW - Band Capt KQ6NO (62 QSO/33 Sect)

6 meter USB/FM - Band Capt, KF6MXB (47 QSO/9 Sect)

2 meter USB/FM - Band Capt, KG6BCL (21 QSO/5 Sect)

70 centimeter USB/FM - Band Capt, KG6BCL (10 QSO/3 Sect)

Amateur Radio Satellites - Band Capt, WA6FXT (10 QSO/7 Sect)

QSOS Were Made With All ARRL Sections Except Maine, Newfoundland, & Virgin Islands. "N6R" Also Communicated With France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa.

Field Day Chairman: Rick Slater, AG6AY, Field Day Co-Chairman: Rick Tate, KQ6NO, P.I.O. Paul Lonnquist, NS6V

(Lead photo by Joe Partlow, W6JWP)


During Field Day 2011, we operated as "11-A SB": Eleven stations operated in the 100 watt class from battery power, from Simi Valley in the ARRL's "Santa Barbara Section".

"N6R" had the highest 'score': 5286 points, in the 11 transmitter category for Field Day 2011. Only four other Field Day 2011 stations conducted operations with more transmitters than "N6R". The Dec. 2011 issue of "QST", the American Radio Relay League's monthly publication, stated that more than 1.4 million 2 way communications were established between amateur radio stations during the 27 hour event.2,666 stations, operated by 39,287 participants,submitted entries to the ARRL, but untold others also operatedduring Field Day 2011. Seven other stations located in ARRL's "Santa Barbara Section" also submitted reports to the ARRL.

An article published by "The Ventura Co. (CA) Star" is available at the following copyrightedlink: >>>http://www.vcstar.com/news/2011/jun/25/amateur-radio-operators-participate-in-field-day/<<< . On Friday, almost 25 members of the 4 clubs spent several hours putting up antennas and making preparations for the big communications test held on June 25 & 26th, 2011. The PIO Booth and other displays were located at the entrance to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum building, as was the 20 Meter SSB station. Saturday's almost 1600 visitors to the Museum all noticed the booths, displays, and 20 meter SSB station with tower and 3 element yagi antenna.

A U-Tube (c) video by Chris Elliott, AF6MI,(Part 1) of "N6R" Special Events Field Day 2011 Station is available at: >>>>>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tVBEnY1y3E<<<< ;

(Part 2) of "N6R" Special Events Field Day 2011 Station is available at: <<<<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCGB5jwiYDk<<<<.

WA6FXT's amateur radio satellite ground station amassed 40 two way contacts on at least 3 'birds' - most QSOs achieved via amateur radio satellites AO-7, FO29, & VO52 ; best DX: MD/DC Section. 10% more satellite QSOs achieved at Field Day 2011 vs. 2010.

KG6BCL's 70 Centimeter station produced 10 Voice contacts.

KG6BCL's 2 meter SSB station made 41 contacts.

KF6MXB's 6 meter SSB station produced 77 contacts, with best DX: Maine Section.

W6AAX's 10 meter SSB station yielded 29 contacts; Strong broadband noise & poor propagation conditions depressed the number of contacts.

KQ6NO's 15 meter CW station netted 80 contacts.

AI6PG's 15 meter SSB station netted 71 QSOs, including a contact with W1AW.

KK6UE's 20 meter SSB station achieved 508 two way contacts in 49 states & several Canadian Provinces

KD6UDA's 20 meter PSK station netted 29 two way contacts

WI6O's 20 meter CW station recorded 162 QSOs.

KI6OQ's 40 meter SSB station achieved 296 two way communications.

The Ventura Co. Amateur Radio Society >>http://www.vcars.org<< (& joined by Hollywood Hills QRP Contest Club, Simi Settlers Amateur Radio Club >>http://www.simisettlers.org/index.htm<<, & Ventura County Amateur Radio Club >>http://www.qsl.net/k6mep/<<)activated "N6R" during the American Radio Relay League's (ARRL) Emergency Communications Exercise, Field Day, held from 11:00AM, Saturday,June 25th until 11:00AM Sunday,June 26th 2011.VCARScomommorated the lives of President Ronald and Mrs. Nancy Reagan. This was the 11th year for VCARS/"N6R" to operate this event from the Grounds of The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum, 40 Presidential Drive, Simi Valley, CA (in the FCC's 6th call area).Stations were active on several HF SSB, CW, &PSK bands. VHF/UHF activity was represented 50 MHz,144MHz, & 70 Cm Phone, & Satellite. Number of "Participants", per ARRL definition, 144.

The Public Information Booth was located just outside the East Quadrangle entrance to the Library. In the same area, there was alsoan Amateur Radio 2-Way Television station, a display of 'old time' radio equipment, and an American Red Cross amateur radio communications display. For the first time, a major station, 14MHz SSB,operated from within the Quadrangle entrance to the Library.

For non-licensed & newly licensed visitors,random drawings were held for 6 manuals (2 each) "Technician Class Amateur Radio Licensing Manual"; "Small Antennas For Small Spaces", & "Getting Started With Ham Radio".(Raffle Prizes jointly donated by Amateur Electronic Sales (AES) & American Radio Relay League (ARRL)). (Additional questions should be sent to: Peter Heins, VCARS PIO >>>>n6ze@arrl.net<<<<.)


Special Events Station"N6R" operated to Celebrate the 100th Birthday of the 40th President of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan on Sunday, February 6th, 2011 & Feb. 5th & Feb. 7th.

During three days of activity, 2067 2-way ham radio contacts were achieved with Special Event affectionados & President Ronald Reagan followers. Modes used were SSB, FM, CW, & PSK-data on Amateur Radio Frequencies from 3.5 MHz through 446MHz. 14MHz SSB alone, yielded 1631 QSOs. All 50 U.S. states & all Canadian Provinces were contacted. In addition "N6R" established contact with the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Martinique, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guam, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Peoples Republic of China, & The Russian Federation.

NOTE: Several locations within Thousand Oaks, CA and Simi Valley, CA were utilized during the Special Event period.

Note page 13 in April 2011 "QST" Magazinefor brief article on "N6R" President Reagan Birthday Centennial Birthday Special Events operations.

Bob Paull, KK6UE, VCARS President, operates 20m SSB. After 'shift change' (N6ZE photo), Al Febraro, W6AAX, Simi Settlers ARC & Pete Heins, VCARS PIO operate on Sunday, 06 February 2011, Pres Reagan's 100th Birthday.(KG6CLT photo) (Click on "X" to see photos). This 20m SSB station provided 450 20m SSB QSOs on President Reagan's 100th Birthday, 06FEB2011.

"N6R" operations were presented by the Ventura Co. Amateur Radio Society (VCARS) and assisted by members of Simi Settlers Amateur Radio Club (SSARC) as well as other local amateur radio operators. Primary Operators were: W6AAX (SSARC); W6DQE, SSARC Pres.; KE6IMP(VCARS); WB6L (VCARS); KI6LKD, (VCARS/SSARC); KI6OQ (SSARC); KK6UE(VCARS Pres.); KI6YN (VCARS); N6ZE (VCARS Public Information Officer) Administrative assistance by Paul Lunnquist, NS6V. A special "Thank You" to KG6CLT, KI6DJV, WD9DPK, KC6JSO, & KJ6RZ for facility assistance provided on Sunday, 06FEB2011.

** Check "QST" April 2011 issue for coverage of the "N6R" Centennial Birthday Operations. **

Note: Please refer to >>>>www.qrz.com/db/w6r<<<<< for details on Santa Barbara ARC "W6R" Special Events operations on and near President Reagan's Ranch in Santa Barbara, CA.


VCARS 2011 Officers:

PesiMike Hasenfratz, WA6FXT; Treas. Vern Potter, W6NCT; Sec. Mike Bass, N7WLC; P.I.O. Pete Heins, N6ZE; Activity & Field Day Chair Tate, KQ6NO; Web Steve Curtis, KE6SCS; Past Pres Bob Paull, KK6UE


Note:Final "Field Day 2010" results are tabulated and presented below.

75 participants from 6 amateur radio clubs manned 19 stations (+ a GOTA station & an ATV Demo station) to amass over 2300 QSOs in 49 states, many provinces, and several countries. Final submitted scoreis9592 points,including 3150administrative Bonus Points. (All possible Bonus Points were achieved except for the GOTA Bonus which was not received.)

"N6R" was utilized by the Ventura Co. (CA) Amateur Radio Society (VCARS) for Special Events Operations at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum, Simi Valley, CA., during Field Day 2010. Thismarked one decade of VCARS's Celebration of the lives of President Ronald & Mrs. Nancy Reagan. This year, VCARS was joined by Amgen Amateur Radio Club (AARC),Conejo Amateur Radio Club (CVARC), Hollywood Hills QRP Contest Club (HHQCC), Simi Settlers Amateur Radio Club (SSARC),& Ventura Amateur Radio Club (VCARC). Field Day 2010 was held on June 26 & 27th. The six Amateur Radio Clubs: VCARS (& joined by AARC, CVARC, HHQCC, SSARC, & VCARC)especially recognized President Reagan's 100th year.

1. Bob Paull, KK6UE, VCARS President, briefs Thousand Oaks City Councilman Jacqui Irwin on Amateur Radio communications as Wendy Pierro, "The Acorn" staffer, listens intently for her story.

2. The VHF stack included yagis for the 2 M, 135 Cm, & 70 Cm bands.

3. Mike Hasentratz, WA6FXT, operated his satellite ground station at the Ronald Reagan Presidentia Library & Museum entrance.

4. Bob Paull, KK6UE, supervises & assists Moorpark Mayor Janice Parvin at the GOTA station.

5. Batteries abound when you operate 20 stations at the 100 watt level for the full 24 hour Field Day period.

6. CVARC Activities Chairman, Greg Lane, K7SDW, prepares to make more 80m cw QSOs.

7. David, KA9WMI; Denise, KF6DVG; & Pete, N6ZE, VCARS PIO make final preparations at the PIO Booth.

photos 1-7= N7WLC photos

8. Field Day signage at Museum entrance

9. PIO Booth area at entrance to Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum. On Saturday, over 1100 visitors to the Museum passed by the PIO Booth area; almost 150 people signed our Logbook.

10. Boy Scout Peter Thomsonfrom Ventura (CA) Troop 155 completedhis Radio Merit Badge requirements. Six boys were 'signed off'for all Radio Merit Badge requirements.

11. Spencer Smith, N6IWY's Old Time Radio Collection was a feature at the PIO booth

12. 80m CW Band Capt. Greg Lane, assisted by Steve Curtis, KE6SCS, work to enter QSOs in the computer logging system.

13. Band Capt. Ray Beiderman, WB6L, works on completing 1 of 507 40m cw QSOs

14. "CQ 20 Meter Moonbounce": nope....John Love, K6ARA, supervises raising of 20 meter ssb array.

15. The AmateurTV demo was very popular with visitors. Communications were established all over Southern California.

16. Thousand Oaks Mayor Dennis Gillette, assisted by Thousand Oaks City Councilman Jacqui Irwin, presents an "Amateur Radio Week" Proclamation to the six clubs assembled for the briefing before"Field Day 2010" began. Mayor Gillette's later remarks heavily emphasized the positive attributes Amateur Radio continue to provide to the local communities during disasters and other emergencies.

17. Rick Galbraith, W6DQE, SSARC Pres.; Todd Kleopfer, KD6RCM, AARC Coordinator; Brad Ormsby, W6VO, CVARC Pres.; Joe Krigbaum, K6NE, VCARC Pres.; Bob Paull, KK6UE, VCARS Pres.; Thousand Oaks City Councilman Jacqui Irwin; Conejo Recreation Park Dept. Board Member George Lange; and Peter Heins, N6ZE, VCARS PIO listen to T.O. Mayor Gillette's remarks.

photos 8-17 = W6JWP photos

18. David Yamamoto, "Ventura Co. Star" photographer, prepares to 'shoot' Frank Kelly, WB6CWN, and his 24 GHz microwave station. Frank and his rig were featured in a full color, front page 10" x 6.5" photo in the Sunday, 27JUNE2010 edition of"THe Star".
19. Pete Heins, N6ZE, VCARS PIO; Marty Woll, N6VI, ARRL SW Division Vice Director; and Rick Tate, KQ6NO, VCARS Field Day Chairman briefly posed before walking up "VHF Hill".
20. Bob Paull, KK6UE, provided this year's GOTA station and customized his monitor to display logging program data, Sections worked map, & prototype of new "N6R" QSL card.
21.Bob Paull, KK6UE, assisted Sara Lamog, Reagan Library Intern, in making a "Field Day 2010" QSO/contact at the GOTA station. Sara served as our primary interface with the Reagan Library on Saturday & Sunday.

photos 18-21 = N6ZE photos
22. Ventura Co. American Red Cross display with "HF/VHF Go - Box".
23. Mike Hasenfratz, WA6FXT, carefully tunes for a satellite station.
24. Tom Stough, W0UFC, demonstrated old time radios and the original digital mode: CW.
25. TheReagan Presidential Museum's section of the Berlin Wall points the way to the "N6R" 20 meter SSB station antenna.
26. Fred Martin, KI6YN, logs for 40 meter CW Band Captain, Ray Beiderman, WB6L. This station achieved 507 QSOs/contacts.
photos 22-26 = KG6BOV photos
27. KJ6CRK; Terry Graves, K7FE; & K6PBN discuss wire antennaquestions and use the ARRL "Antenna Book" as ultimate authority.
28. Rick Galbrtaith, W6DQE, attaches guys on a telescoping mast. A three element 20 meter yagi later topped the mast for 20 m CW operations.

photos 27 - 28 = AC6FD photos

FRIDAY: Set-Up for Field Day began at Noon on Friday, 25 June 2010! Beginning at noon, more than 35 hams from 5 of the 6 clubs set up many of the Field Day antennasand support facilities. We had clear skies with unrestricted visibility today;temperatures were in the mid 80s, which were moderated by a sea breeze. One VCARS member apparently copied 100% of theSpecial ARRL Field Day Bulletin at on C.W. at8PM PDT Friday evening!

SATURDAY: Briefing for all "N6R" participants was heldnear the SE corner of the Museum, from 10 AM until 11 AM Saturday, 26 June. Thousand Oaks Mayor Dennis Gillettepresented an "Amateur Week Proclamation" to the group at 10:00 AM. This marks the 7th year for Mayor Gillette & Conejo Recreation Parks Department Board MemberMr. Lange to visit the VCARS Field Day site support the Clubs' missions and be briefed on current Emergency Communications procedures.Thousand Oaks CityCouncilman Jacqui Irwin and Moorpark Mayor Janice Parvinalso attended the briefing and presentation. Both Councilman Irwin and Mayor Parvin made 'contacts' (2 way communications) from the Get On The Air Station (GOTA). Bob Paull, KK6UE, VCARS President conducted all GOTA station training.

11:00AM: "N6R's Field Day 2010"commenced operations with 20 battery powered stations operating from batteries. "20A Santa Barbara Section" was the report sent by the stations for 24 consecutive hours during the test.Approximately 80 licensed Amateur Radio operators participated in making QSOs/contacts.

SUNDAY: Operations ended at 11:00AM. Teardown/cleanup was completed by 1:00 PM. Complete data will be posted as the "N6R" entry is tallied.

This year, VCARS' organization for Field Day emulated the National Incident Management System (NIMS).The NIMS system is utilized by the Federal Management Agency, state, and local governments to coordinate major disaster and event response. Attending government officials were impressed with this creative means of event coordination.

Rick Tate, KQ6NO, Field Day Chairman/Emulating Incident Commander; Rob Hanson, W6RH, Logistics; Vern Potter, W6NCT, Finance; Pete Heins, N6ZE, PIO; Ray Beiderman, WB6L, Safety

News Media "Hits":

VCARS Field Day Photos: >>>>http://vcars.org/event/<<<<

"The Thousand Oaks Acorn" photo "Emergency Communication" by Wendy Pierro of 08July2010: http://www.toacorn.com/news/2010-07-08/Schools/Amateur_radio_field_day_at_Reagan_Library.html

"Ventura Co. (CA) Star" article byMichelle Willer-Allred of 27June2010: http://www.vcstar.com/news/2010/jun/26/ham-radio-operators-prepare-for-the-worst-with/

"Ventura Co. (CA) Star" article by Sigourney Nunez of 19JUN2010: http://www.vcstar.com/news/2010/jun/18/hams-to-show-skills-during-field-day-at-reagan/

"The Acorn (CA)" article of 17/18JUN2010: http://www.toacorn.com/news/2010-06-17/Family/Amateur_radio_enthusiasts_will_conduct_annual_fiel.html

"VC Reporter (CA)" article of 24JUN2010: http://www.vcreporter.com/cms/story/detail/in_brief/8014/

AF6MI video on U-Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiBLet2cHcs

Note: The 40 meter CW station made contact with the following distant countries: Approximately 20 Japanese stations, Russian Federation, Peoples Republic of Vietnam, and Republic of Korea.

Note: The Satellite Station made 10 QSO through AO-7, a bird which is some three decades old.

Note: Best dx on 6 meters: WPA Section.

On 15 June 2010, Simi Valley (CA) Mayor Paul Miller presented VCARS & other participating clubsa Proclamation declaring 20-27 June 2010 as "Amateur Radio Week".

Aidan Stough photoW6JWP photo

W6JWP photo

Results:75m phone(132QSO)(AF6CD/vcars band capt.);80m cw (155QSO) (K7SDW/cvarc band capt.);40m phone ((KI6OQ/ssarc band capt.)263QSO);40mcw (507QSO)(WB6L/ vcars band capt.);20m phone (375 QSO)((W6NCT/vcars band capt.); 20m cw (191QSO)(WI6O/ssarc band capt);20m digital (80QSO)(KF6JQO/cvarc band capt.); 15m phone (80QSO)(W6RH/cvarc band capt.);15m cw(84QSO)(KQ6NO/vcars band capt.);10m phone (98QSO)(K6HB/cvarc band capt.);6m 124SSB QSO(KF6MXB/vcars band capt.);2m 36SSB/3FM QSO(KG6BCL/vcars band capt.);135cm 10FM QSO(KG6BCL/vcars band capt.); 70Cm 6SSB/6FM QSO(KG6BCL/vcars band capt);ATV (DEMO)(W6KGE/vcars band capt.);23Cm FM (2QSO)(W6VO/cvarc band capt.);10GHz (4SSB/1CW QSO)(WB6CWN/vcars band capt.); 24GHz (1SSB/1CW QSO)(WB6CWN/vcars band capt.);Satellite (31QSO)(WA6FXT/vcars band capt.).CW TOTAL QSO = 937; PHONE TOTAL QSO = 1187; DIGI TOTAL QSO = 80.

A GOTA Station (Get On The Air) Stationalso operated. Callsign was K6VCS. SSB was utlized. A 100 watt transmitter was utilized. KK6UE was "GOTA Coach". The GOTA Station was located at the PIO Booth.Members of Ventura, CABoy Scout Troop 155operated at the GOTA station to complete their BSA "Radio Merit Badge" requirements. 4 boys completed requirements, 2 boys did not quite have all classroom items completed, and 2 boys who earned the Merit Badge in 2009 returned for more operating experience.

Hundreds of Licensed Ham Radio Operators,Museum Visitors, News Media Members, Civic Officials & Workers, visited the "N6R" Field Day Operations.Approximately 150 persons actually signed our attendance logbook and over 1100 visitors to the Museum passed by the "N6R" PIO area.

On Sunday morning, a random drawing was held to award two Door Prizes jointly donated by Amateur Electronic Sales (A.E.S.) and the American Radio Relay League (ARRL)to two visitors who do not yet have an amateur radio license. Winners are: Eva N., the mother of new Amateur Extra Licensee, AF6XH, and Davis S., one of the youngest Boy Scouts in Troop # 155. Davis S.completed his Ra

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