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To my Father - Eduards HOMKA (1915.06.11, Leningrad - 1978.01.02, Riga, leucemia) -

and my Mother - Vera NEGITIS (1918.08.17, Moscow - 1965.03.15, Riga, intoxication with CH3OH)

AFAIK homka in True translation from Russian is a little Hamster (kaamis in Latvian)



and neegiitis is a little Lamprey (Lampetra fluvialis - European River Lampetra, i.e, someone who rubbed along the rocks - petros) in Latvian (minoga in Russian)

One of them (the chemist) told me NOTHING about RADIO, he yet forget to caution my Mother about the mortal difference between CH3OH vs C2H5OH.

The other one (the book-keeper) told me ALL about theatre scenes.

I am deeply grateful to both of them

"I was born modest, but it didn't last long" (M. Twain, alias Sammuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835 - 1910).

My 1st Education milestone was Riga 7-th middle school (1954 -1965). I started to read at age of 4. So,famous quotation accompanied me all my life: "Felix, eui potuit rerum cogoroscera cansas" (Vergilius Maro, 70-19 BC) . In other words, it means, that "Everyone must be happy, when he has discovered the truth reasons of really happening things."

I attended school only to compare my view on all Things over the World with official reason, proponed by my many many Teachers.

After many years of hard and painful experience I put together my seven Laws of Life:

  1. Anything in this World is co-related to anything (Correlation)
  2. We must pay for anything (Business)
  3. Anything must be pushed anywhere (Utilization)
  4. Anything what thinks logically can be fooled (Computers, for example)
  5. To get a good Answer I must put a good Question
  6. I must never say NEVER
  7. Despite of previous six Laws, Mother Nature knows better

So in late 1950-ies I decided that World must be my Playground and Radio must be good enough for me Method (from Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, 1601, "Though this be madnesss. Yet there is Method in't." - W. Shakespear, 1564 -1616) to discover Univers and together make passion myself to other Homo sapiens.

It was the time of extremely developing of semiconductors and first shy steps in Computer technologies. What can be more interesting for a lonely teenager? I had never seen my Father alive. And I am very angry to my half-sister INTA, that my cheek never touched my Father's cheek.

He left my Mother, when I was only -9 months old. Some facts about his really complicated Life (in WW II he was struggled from both sides of Front line - at 1st from German Army, then from Soviet Army, he defended two Dissertations on chemical themes, he was arrested in June 23, 1950 by Soviet Court and get reabilitation in 1956).

His divorced wife when I found her Phone number in 1996 told me in 45 min long dialogue that her life together with my Father was like absolute hell. And they divorced after a time.

My mother

told me about my Father three things:

  1. his name is Eduards;
  2. he is Latvian nationality,
  3. he is not worth of my left leg's modest finger's nail stuff

I can fully agree with GM Robert James Fischer, 1943-2008, world's 11th Champion in Chess, 1972-75, that childs who grow up without both parents, grow up like wolfs.

Here I can add that in 1996 (when I decided at least to find out my Male parent), I discovered that my Father's Grave is only in 7 minutes to walk from my Mother's Grave.

In last class of middle school my Mother went away from me for better areas of hunting and for searching for her Dream Prince. Her main dream in this life was to become an Actress. Her fanatism could be exampled by fact, that only one screenplay - "Nicolo Paganini" she watched 32 times in a row!

I became lonely and could not explain to myself - what is better:

  • last 8 years of total alchoholism and mysteries and scandals are ended at last
  • to miss the only Human in this world, who could defend me from World's terrible influence.

Because of fact that I was short of money, I decided to study RADIO in Riga Civil Aviation Engineers Insitute.where I was uniformed in not expensive way and could keep myself in less or more good shape.

I become qualified engineer for Civil Aviation on-ground Radio equipment exploitation at Riga Civil Aviation Engineering Institute.

But I never operated from high school's station. I preferred Riga Central radioclub station as more prestige for me.

Together with me in summer of 1970 Latvia got 3 HAMs as dipl. eng.in Radio:

Sergejs Gohbergs - YL2MU, member of CT3M crew - 1st place in world in CQ WW CW 1989 (Multi - Multi category) &

Alex Kiselev - YL2RR, for long years active as 5B4/YL2RR in Pafos.

Since 1972 I changed my work & life interests from radioelectronics to Information Technologies

My 1st Computer Hardware was Daro Cellatron 8205 from former German Democratic Republic:

At all - Hardware Engineer (1972-1980), Software Programmer (1975-2009) & Middleware Engineer (1992-2009).

Some of my activities in Info Technologies you can see in my MAIN picture. Programmers must understand all these usable terms on different platforms and different Operational systems.

After 37 years of lazy and boring jumping inbetween Hardware, Middleware and Software - since Mar 6, 2009 I became retired HAM.

1st try in design usually is not the best one. So

How it happens - i.e., below I am tryng to explain some info from my QSL- step by step:

===== UQ2KHL - 1963 -1966 =====

Every Road to Heaven starts with the 1st step. 1st HAM radio station call came into my ears in summer 1960 from broadcast RX "VEF-Accord" tuned on 40M AM: "Zapraszamy wszystkich, zdje Szergej Pawel Jeden Karol Eva Tadeush" (sorry for my not fluent Polish phonetic transcription)

With my classmate Valdis - our first steps to learn CW melodies in summer 1962

We were together since our first school day yet before 1st class - simply in 1954-1961 I attended "A" class, Valdis - "B" class. Rest time we were together in all our radioactivities - as school DJs, dictors, radioamateurs or simply - HAMs.

1963 - Our secondary School #7 collective Station - UQ2KHL - Radio shack:

Our 1st and only 28 Mc FM Transceiver from former Soviet Army WW II, "A-7-A".

To receive CW sigs on FM RX I controlled feedback with left hand finger on IF Amplifier Tube 2K2M 1st Grid pin.

Sometimes high Tension between my left and right hands peaked up to +100V. .In that manner I got RST from DJ/DL/DM HAMs etwa 577 and less with 1W Output to DL7AB Long wire type antenna 41 m long.

===== UQ2ASD & UQ2ASF - our dual QSL - 1963-1965 =====

Here we are both UQ22ASD & UQ22ASF at May,,1965 - a step before school graduation exams

===== My 1st Elmer in HAM Radio - Alex Vilks, UQ2-22317, UQ-037-1, YL-RS-01 =====

YL-RS-01 as 2nd operator at Vilis Vilks his eldest brother =- in 1958, eldest brother of Alex - UQ2ACR.

First Latvian and I hope 1st in former Soviet Union made portable broadcast receiver "Tourist". It is located in the center of picture, near the looking glass.

Since Sep 30, 2009 Alex again is active as YL-RS-01. Old love never ends, its forever.

===== In crew UQ2AQ - VHF Field Day 1964 at Hill Makonkalns (265 m ASL) =====

Janis - UQ2AQ, Peter - UQ2ASD, Margots - UQ2ASE crew made only 25 QSOs during 24 hours on 144 Mc.

Result was a little better than in 1963, when with Valdis - UQ2ASF we made 0 QSOs on 28 Mc with TRCVR A-7-A.

===== In crew UQ2KAX - VHF Field Day 1967 at Hill Gaizinkalns (311 m ASL) =====

Crew was Bruno Greiza - UQ2AN - the LEGEND of Latvian HAMs, Janis - UQ2AQ, Peter - UQ2PN.

We transmitted from highest Latvian mountain and made about 100 QSOs on 144 Mc.

===== UQ2PN - 1965-87 - QSLs =====

3 days after my 18th birthday (it was restricted to receive HAM licence only after 18 years of age in former USSR) I receive my HF Licence.

My paper Logs contains only 9220 QSOs with this call.

A little note in left bottom corner of QSL informs, that I printed out my 1st and only QSL for UQ2PN only in 1977 - as a self present to my 30th Birthday in my dearest workplace - where I danced the Valce of "SILAVA" for 20 years (1973-1992).

Partly I often started in collective teams with other HAMs. Here is a short list of them: UQ2KAA, UQ2KAX, UQ2KCN, UQ2KHL, UK2GAA, UK9AAG, UQ2AQ, UQ2CC, UV1IA, UV9AH. Totally 153 Contests. Not so much due to my family duties and other hobbies.

Significant role for me played my activities in former "Soviet Baltic" Contest. Now it is more known as "Baltic Contest". Three Baltic countries against rest world and vice versa. Since 1965 when our team UQ2KAA won multioperator class I participated in 26 of 45 Baltic contests including 2010.

I also upgraded my skills in Fox hunting (another known as radioorienteering) - from both sides of Front line - as Fox hunter and as Fox operator and Distance manager. From Fox hunting I further turn to pure orienteering - also from both sides - as runner and as Map designer and Distance Manager.

"As greater the Actor - as longer the Pause", Theatre, Maugham, William Somerset (1874-1965). And I was mute on the HAM radio Air since 1987 till 1998 - due to different reasons (including serious backbone disaster in 1987 when I tried to build without any 3rd party help from anyside (non-assisted category) my Shack Country postion in Garden's Society "Mezvins" (Forest Vine in true translation from latvian) which I used after them also as YL1ZN.position with weak hope to introduce young and fresh blood into our Dinosaur type of Hobb y /Sport.

My old colleague from RADIO, AUTORALLYE and ORIENTEERING activities Mr. Janis Varpins (YL2AQ, previous UV1IB, UQ2AQ, UQ2AQI) - the best one dancing specialist and virtuoso car driver:

sarcastically asked me -"Where do You see in this "BUILDING" 16 Flats? There are one weak ROOF, 3/2 unfinished FLOORS, no UPSTAIRS to 2nd Floor and 4 weak WALLS without Glases in Windows". He was right - but only partly - and I explained him patiently where is the Big Truth:

  1. My 1st 23 years of Life I spent in Flat # 16
  2. On the Doors which I want to build or embed into my building were # 16 (I can't change official Address)
  3. Actually, in ADDRESS like "Limbazi Region, Skulte District, DKS Mezvins, Pine street 49-16" number 16 does not mean # of Flat, it means # of Edge.

And only a long time later I especially counted # of Edges in my Dream House - and they were EXACTLY - APPROXIMATELY 16.

Conclusion - GOD is not a Child, he knows what he is blessing.

===== UV1IA - Jul 27, 1967 in Leningrad (now St. Peterburg) =====

"Nobody's forget, nothing' s forget" was the official Motto to this epochal event

Here is memorable for me Note list from hotel "Oktjabrjskaja" with participants' signatures for UQ2PN:

1967 Jul 27th - Memorial signatures from most of participants in1st former USSR HF presence Team Contest. Below is OCR version of text in alphabetic order

1967.07.27 - Hotel Oktjabrskaja, St. Peterburg - For UQ2PN: UA3ALE, UA3ATF, UA3BV, UB5ESQ, UB5KHG, UC2BA, UD6DA, UG6AD, UH8ABB, UH8AWB, UH8KAA, UI8ATC, UI8BBN, UI8BCS, UJ8AAT, UJ8AAZ, UJ8KAJ, UL7AHY, UM8-8463, UO5GD, UO5WGZ, UP2AY, UP2BJ, UP2...,(YL), UQ2-22470, UQ2AQ, UR2OP, UR2OV, UR2PA, UW3FL, UW3HH, UW3KAX, UY5RR.

Contest was like WRTC now. 17 teams - 15 former Soviet Republics + Moscow + Leningrad (each Team had 3 OPs no older of age 28). We drowed lots near s/s Aurora to choose our Calls and Locations in Leningrad City Gardens, Parks and Squares. Equipment was identic for all Teams - Military "P-109" FM Transceivers <4 W Output for 28 Mc with slopped ~30m wire antenas.

Each Team was followed by local Referee, he allowed to dislocate each Team member Equipment in radius <=100 m. Our Latvian Team dislocation was on Vassilyevsky Island Park/Square grass. Contest time was 11:00-14:59 local time - four 60 min frames in four hours. Paper Logs were manually checked by referies immediately after the Contest.

Individual Winner V. Franguljan from Azerbaijan (~UD6AD?) had 111 confirmed QSOs (of 4 x 48 = 192 possible) and 46 of 48 possible multipliers (different calls).

Latvian Team: :

UV1IA (17th of 51 positions) - UQ2PN - (nw YL2PN),

UV1IB (2nd of 51 positions) - UQ2AQ (nw YL2AQ),

UV1IC (23rd of 51 positions) - UQ2-22470 - (nw YL2RM)

was the Team competition winner - next were Azerbaijan and Bielorus teams.

Here we are (on back cover of magazine "RADIO" 1967 November issue) - pretty YL from Lithuania team searching map of Leningrad and right to her - Leonid - UV1IC (now YL2RM) screwing Soviet army P-109 transceiver head phone and mic set. In background - legendar Cruiser "Aurora" on Neva river in St. Peterburg.

Our Coach was UQ2DR - Anatoly.

Left to Right:: Slava Bashkirov - UQ2MF, UA4..., Anatoly Busjko - UQ2DR, Stanislav Pankin - UQ2FX, Lev Jahlakov - UQ2DE

Comment from US7ISE:=======

Здравствуйте, Петр.

Благодарю Вас за проведенное cw QSO.

C огромным интересом прочитал Вашу инфо на QRZ.com и мне очень понравилась Ваша насыщенная радиолюбительством жизнь. Особенно понравилось фото на фоне АВРОРы, я это фото помню из журнала РАДИО, а самое главное, что я там несколько дней назад был!

Извините меня за некоторую сентиментальность, но захотелось с Вами поделится этим. Всего Вам доброго, здоровья,удачи и до встречи в эфире 73!

Cорри за LY ):

C ув. Александр US7ISE ========

Hallo, Peter! TNX for our CW QSO. Wth great interest read your information on QRZ.COM. I very like your fullfilled with HAM radio life. Especially like picture with Cruiser "Aurora". I remember this picture from journal RADIO. And I visited "Aurora" some days before. I am sorry for some sentimentality, but I want to share emotions with you. Wish to you all the kindest, good health, fortuna and hope to see you again on the air 73I Alexander US7ISE. ==========

===== 4K2A - Apr 6, 1968 - Riga, LATVIA ======

Apr 6th, 1968 -Ernst T. Krenkel (RAEM) from Moscow Central Radio Club visited Riga Central Radio Club.

He offered congratulations from Moscow HAMs and official Staff to

1st Latvian HAM Conference and skipped to Latvian HAMs one-day special callsign 4K2A.

May be that were done due to our victory in Leningrad - 1967?

Left to right: Vlad Vlasov - UQ2FZ, Alex Shulga - UA3..., Ernst T. Krenkel - RAEM, member of Soviet Polar expedition crew on s/s Cheljushkin - keeped radio contacts in 1934, Vjacheslav. Groznij - UQ2CS, Bruno Greiza - UQ2AN, Paul Briviba - UQ2AB, Vjacheslav Bashkirov - UQ2MF (since 1991 - YL2MF). All Old boys excluding Slava - YL2MF are S.K. for a short or long time ago.

And I was the Man who did the 1st and some other QSOs with this rare (for that old gold days) call. Tnx to YL2MF - Slava for this picture in local newspaper at May 5, 1968 from his Archives. Tnx also to Jim Reisert - AD1C - for rising interest on this rare call 4K2A for keeping pure actual cty.dat file

===== UQ2KAA - 1963-1969, Riga Central Radio Club station - Riga / Aiviekste =====

My 1st Elmer in HAM radio and SWLing was Alex, UQ2-22317, manager of UQ2 QSL exchange.

Here we both are at Riga Central Radio club station UQ2KAA in Sep, 1964.

In background we can look powerful Aviation transmitter "PAC KB" - with 2 x GU-80 tubes - 3kV x 1 A = 3 kW (real cheetering against oficial allowed "Russian 200 Watts") in the center of ancient Old Riga city

This Photo was later published in former USSR newspaper "IZVESTIJA" to mark annual Radio day - May 7, 1971.

I was far from Home - in South Ural - and did not know yet that all ~200 milj soviet people used our pretty Faces as Toilet Paper to clean ... You must understand - there were some problems with Toilet cleaning materials in former Soviet Union.

Aiviekste - underground of ZAET - North East Electrical Power Nets:

1969 Oct 25-26 - CQ WW SSB at UQ2KAA test position.

And here are snapshoots of our test position - ~ 150 km East outside of Riga

Left to right UQ2PN - Peter, UQ2ON - Andy, UQ2-22317 (nw YL-RS-01) - Alex, my 1st Elmer in SWLing.

UQ2AO - Juris was the Camera Man.

In picture I'm asking to Alex - "What's this Young Lady station voice which were calling us?". "You, stupid, it's a Japanese HAM!".- was the short but sharp answer. Andy, while working hard on Paper/Pencil Multiplier List, laughed out loudly (LOL). There were no K1EA, N1MM, N6TR no other Contest Loggers. Yet IBM-5061 as 1st PC was not invented in International Burrough Machines!

We worked out for all times first +1,000,000 pts CQ WW Score from former Soviet Latvia. Claimed Score was:1514 QSOs, (94 WAZ + 236 DXCC) x 3310 = 1,092,300 Pts. Today (2009 Oct 24-25 - during CQ WW SSB 2009) it seems to be 40-th Anniversary of this old fact.

High Society - the Goal - MILLIENIUM claimed points in CQ WW 1st time from Latvia is reached - and I can take a relax pause together with Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx. Very high society.

===== UK9AAG - 1970-71 - Magnitogorsk Radio Club, South Ural =====

Far from home I decided to attend local Magnitogorsk Radioclub station. As I remember, it was at Oct 15, 1970. After long and wet talkshow on UK9AAG with local authorities I missed last Bus that goes back to Airport. No one car stopped for my requests to deliver me back to Airport.

So all these 15 km I went back to my fixed QTH (locally named as "Buchenwald") in cold windy and rainy/snowing night by footstep, but I was satisfied for my new contacts in radioclub.

In CQ WW CW 1970 - there was a funny story with a local Cat (not Computer Aided Transceiver!) at UK9AAG ground floor position. Cat unexpectedly approved high tension transformer and terribly cried out in a human manner. I was running at that moment pile-up, but my teammates (I was newcomer then for them) in other room decided that it is me who cried out and needs for immediately rescue. We took that probably unalive cat, get him outside in frost and he came back to live and quickly run away. A dangerous and nervous thing was HAMing in early 1970-ies.

As you can see I was not so fresh like Nigel (G3TXF) after 48 hrs unsleeping and story with cat, in one CW Contest in 2000+. But my young XYL (we married in Nov 1968) took a look on the photo and with sarcasm asked to me - "And where is the owner of purse?". It was Galina Tsymbal - UA9AG - own handbag - Galina was a very good CW operator working together with me in Magnitogorsk Airport Radio bureau..

1970 - CQ WW CW Contest results at Magnitogorsk city radioclub station UK9AAG with UV9AH. Results were taken from CQ-Magazine Oct 1971. (4-th in Asiatic Russia, no bad at all, UK0FAA, UK0UAB & UK9QAA were a bit closer to U.S.A.)

Now, after 40 years - in Jul 2010 - I had a QSO with young man Ivan (age 81) - UA9AF from Magnitogorsk. He told me that UK9AAG does not exists now and that UV9AH is very very ill. We discussed on 20M at CW mode, but I felt great sadness in his Morse code melody.

===== Dec 29,1970 - Riga Central Radioclub - Winners of Latvian Championship on 80m =====

In last days of year 1970 I visited my family from Ural to celebrate New Year together and to receive 1st prize for our local HF championships achievements in Riga Central radioclub.

Left to right - Juris (UQ2AO, nw YL2AO), sitting - Alex (UQ2GA, ex RA3IW, ex RU2FO nw S.K.),

keeping placquet - Arkady (UQ2AF) - visible only his fingers, me - receiving plaquet (UQ2PN).

In background - Aviation VHF TX "PAC UKB" used sometimes for 144 Mc QSOs, where my Elmer on VHF bands were Stan - UQ2FX

In 1970 I reached the threshold of requiremets fo former USSR sports classification -> to Sports Master Candidate - on HF CW zonal Contest of USSR:

===== UK2GAA - 1970-75 Riga Central Radio Club station - Riga / Aiviekste =====

Radioexpedition "USSR-50"

Apr 26 - May 03 1972 : This Callsign was used to mark the 50-th Anniversary of the former USSR. Latvia got radio relay from Moldova (ER) and after a week skipped relay to Kyrgyzstan (EK). Each former Soviet Republic get a challenge to work with special calls = U?50{A|B|C|D|E} for 7 days, so 15 weeks were active these special PFXes from all former USSR.

After 168 hours of hard work (~ 4hr on Air, 4 hr to take a nap, 4 hr to prepare to be on Air) from Test position with call UQ50A we made 7009 QSOs with 151 DXCC entity. Not so much, if we look at DA0HQ scores in IARU in last years.

UQ50A team: UQ2AO - Juris, UQ2AQ - Janis, UQ2ON - Andy, UQ2PJ - Zigis, UQ2PN - Peter, UQ2GCN - Don, RQ2GAW - Voldemar. Amasingly that 37 years later (in Oct 2009) all these excellent 7 boys are still active (more or less) on Air : YL2AO, YL2AQ, YL2ON, YL2PJ, YL2PN, YL2GN/ES6TZ/YL5W, & YL2UW adequatly.

Andris Brunenieks (YL2FD) send for me in some specific memories from his point of view:=================

When You, Peter, wrote about famous achievements of one weeks team - UQ50A nobody can argue it. But be correct in names of other teams.

That time works five such teams:

UQ50A - UK2GAA, and made 7004 QSO with 151 countries,

UQ50B - UK2GAZ, and made 5600 QSO with 139 countries,

UQ50C - UQ2CC, and made 4165 QSO with 145 countries,

UQ50D - UK2GAY, and made 5907 QSO with 140 countries,

UQ50E - UK2GAE, and made 5410 QSO with 135 countries.

I specially use name - teams, because UQ50C as fact was, as we call now – assisted. (But it is not for publishing).

UQ50B was team of radio factory RRR – UK2GAZ, and I know two operators from their team – YL2PA and YL2PG (calls they are using now). More details ask them.

UQ50D was the team of Riga Pioneers Palace - UK2GAY.

I was the member of this team and can tell short story of beings that time.

UK2GAY was CW oriented station and for such multi/multi event it was recommended (by UQ2AO/YL2AO) intensify our team by techniques of UQ2GA Alex Dinin (for SSB purposes) and some members of UK2GDZ team.

So finally we worked:

1. Arturs Melngalvis UQ2PW/YL2PW

2. Anatolijs Kaļčuks (Tom) UQ2PP/YL2PP

3. Sergejs Rifa UQ2GDW, SK in autotraffic accident in Poland

4. me, Andris Brunenieks UQ2GFD/YL2FD

5. Alex Dinin UQ2GA/ ex RA3IW / nw RU2FO

6. One operator from UQ2GDZ, name forgot, seems no Call and no more HAM, SSB operator

7. Alex Lavrov UQ2-037-152 (may be UQ2-037-17 that time, he has two successive SWL calls),

8. Some younger operators from UK2GAY team.

So how the happening happened.

... It started, I remember, in afternoon, April, 26, 1972, or at 15.00 MSK ,or 18.00 MSK.

...Alex UQ2GA brought to premises of UK2GAY his transceiver ( self made DL66 – construction) and tube voltmeter, and with Alex was the gay which name i forgot.

...Tom started qso’s on 14 Mc/cw and time to time see what we are doing. Alex tried tune max output from TRCVR measuring by tube voltmeter and screwing some coils inside of construction. He succeeds. He left us.

... For CW we used PSK-025 transmitter – that’s two GK71 tubes (like 813 bottles) , with little bit forced anode voltage, and Krot type receiver (17 octal tubes). Antennas mainly was wire type (dipoles etc)

... When we connected transceiver to PSK there was no SSB output, because really it was tuned wrong. Tom and Sergejs stay on CW. I was as SSB operator, and goes home.

... Next day Alex tuned TRCVR right and we start on SSB too. Suddenly I remember that 1. May fest is coming! What it means for us? Means that during military revive our station will be closed for entrance and should stay quit! Alex proposed such solution – displace UQ50D to spare position – in premises of UK2GDZ. He also gives all necessary promises from state officials.

... In new position there was more powerful PA (1xGU80, grounded grid) and Cubical quad for three upper bands. For CW the bandwidth was too wide, but for SSB – OK. Lot of qso’s was made on SSB. In this activity I made my first „personal achievement” – 5 QSO per minute SSB. (All team wakes up and run around to see what I am doing. Tom takes next minutes assistance in such nice pileup).

... It was some problem work with two digits in call sign that time. In lot of cases we should ask correct our call sign from united quebec five sierra delta to - united quebec five zero delta.

...The finalizing of results I listen in my school station UK2GBC. UQ2AO was ready to report achievements, but exactly at time of passing of marathon to next country-Kirghizia , some young gay, who have not success to make contact with UQ50A earlier, intensively call him, and near to disarrange all official procedure. It was on 7.040 Mc SSB.

... Finally we was very proud for or team, that was in second place in Latvia of such one week long marathon!

============ End of YL2FD info, TNX Andri! ================

===== Apr 17, 1998 - New Hardware detected at YL2PN! =====

With kindly support from Gunnar Edmund - YL2PG - I borrowed from him an old GALAXY-V, 150 w transceiver with pair of 6HF6 tubes in PA. Gunnar got it in Finland, where the previous host of this GALAXY-V OH6xx, was S.K. With simple antenas (80M Dipole + 20M GP) I added to my DXCC some rare entities, like CE1DMA - my 1st and only Chile contact till now!.

GALAXY-V as it stay from factory.

===== YL1ZN - call for YL2PN for testing and training purposes, 2000.07.02 - 2009.05.18 =====

First QSO was carried out at Jul 2, 2000 under annual international Orienteering competition event "Kapa-2000" in field day type position at Sveikuli near Tukums, 60 km west from capital of Latvian Republic - Riga. In early twilight time after hard raining over night I tuned ancient GALAXY-V on 20M with low multiband inverted Vee dipoles - and - it happens! Absolutely clear frequency and famous station CQ signals came on in between all +1200 participants deeply sleeping in their wet tents:

=*=* ==*= =*=* ==*= =** * *== *==== =*=* *== *== *==== =*=* *== =*=

It was really fantastic feelings for me - HAM radio and orienteering was put together for now. And I did it!

Unfortunately, during CQ WPX CW 2009 usual YL1ZN & YL2PN position in my summer QTH - countryside position:

was destroyed by vandals - and all my HAM and other equipment, books, all QSLs, awards, orientering maps, dress, other stuff - was 100% burned up by firework.Left to 2nd floor (My name is Peter, I live on the 2nd floor) window is autobahn sign "150 m". If we do some simple calculations - for example, 160M - 10M = 150M, we receive my Bandwidth - from TopBand to Ten meters band

In picture I followed to famous "Veni, vidi, vici" with substitution Vici to Viti. My last office was named - "VITA" and I designed a simple mechanism how to transform word "VITI" into "VITA". Think about it. We need only two nails and a tiny rope.

I decided to close this very familiar for me call forever. But - "Never say Never".

===== Sep 1, 2000 - at YL2PN - New hardware found! =====

IC-751 HF Transceiver arrived from State side to Latvia due to help of

Herbert Anderson - K7GEX/YL2GE Siettle, WA.. Photo from YL 30th Hamfest YL30HF

I use this pretty ancient but stable TRCVR in all my activities on the air till now!. And feel myself very satisfied.

===== CQ WPX CW 2005 In crew YL1S with YL1ZS, YL2HA, YL2RM =====

Worked about first 19 hours of contest, was tired and went back to home

===== YL2008EOC, European Orienteering Championships - in CQ WPX CW 2008 =====

I know some HAMs in Latvia, whom we can meet not only on air, but also in forest with map and compas searching not for DX, but for red-white controls dislocated in wild terrain. Orienteerists + HAMs in Latvia: YL2AQ, YL2CP, YL2GD/YL6W, YL2PN, YL2TW/YL9T, YL2UZ/YL5M and eventually some other. This was the impuls for me to made call on QSL below really on the air.

To prevent sedentary way of life in sitting for long hours near Computer terminals and TRCVR control panels during Contests,

for 30 years (1972-2002) I was an active Orienteering Fan. Get started to run in forests and cross-country terrains with map and compass ~ 650 times, designed some orienteering maps for local state competitions. To memorize symbiosis of HAM radio and Orienteering I challenged special PFX call during WPX CW 2008 when all European orienteerists visited Latvia to struggle for champion medals. My operation was triple low =

  • Low speed with straight key,
  • Low power,
  • Low wired antennas

gived me lot of fun. Especially hard was keying out 9 character long call with four digits inside for many times till my correspondents at least copy weak signals of this special call on the air.

===== ES0/YL2PN, RSGB IOTA Contest 2008 Jul, 26-27 Ruhnu Island Eu-178 =====

My 1st and only IOTA DX-pedition to activate Ruhnu Island at Ruhnu Port Ringsu on Air.


Actually this a separate long story to describe all peripeties which had place during this DX-pedition. And Mr. Murphy was the most famous one in all it

It was a great challenge for me in few words due to some of my health problems (my poor weak legs).

===== Estonian Hamfest - Kaisma, 2010.06.26 =====

In 2010 we were only 3 HAMs from Latvia - YL2AO, YL3GMG and myself.

Had nice visual contacts and discussions with ES1CW, ES3RF, ES5RY, ES8SW, G0KPW.

===== Latvian 30th Hamfest - Jurmalciems, 2010.07.17 =====

(Skulte manor->> Skulte railway station - TNX to my XYL

05:11 EEST - departed from Skulte railway station to Riga

07:10 - departed from Riga Bus station to Liepaja

11:20 - departed from Liepaja Bus statiion to Nica

11:50 - departed from highway by Ervins Kristins - YL2CQ to Hamfest place in the most West point of Latvian Republic - Jurmalciems.

The WX was too hot and I took a "swimming party" in the Baltic sea and lot of cold water showers.

Had visual contacts with K7GEX/YL3GE, LA7THA, LY1TR, YL-s many many...

15:30 - departed from Jurmalciems by Janis (YL2OW) to Liepaja Hockey Hall.

16:50 - departed from Liepaja Bus station to Riga

22:28 - departed from Riga Railway station to Skulte

23:32 departed from Skulte Railway station to Skulte Manor "Rosy Rivers" (TNXto my XYL)

In few words - too much travelling across all the Latvian Republic in +35 C WX conditions, and too short actual meeting time.

===== ES0/YL2PN - IOTA 2010 - after-expedition activities =====

Electronic logs are in water-damaged laptop and sucessfully uploaded to eQSL.cc

In addition to ~230 QSOs in row and there are also SWR measurements for main bands,and my "activity" Plot with FREQs and # of QSOs per hour.

Actually I was on air only for 5 h 43 min

Here are some Photos from ES0/YL2PN - 2008 RSGB IOTA DX-pedition:

That history give me some experience but not all was usable for now.

A view from 40M dipole South wire fixation point. I were located there - deeply in left part of building,

I was without Tent and located my Equipment and Antena mast in left part in deep under roof.

The Locombile was the End-point of 80M Inverted VEE south wire.fixed point. Yellow Tent had been burned out in 2009

My 2008 year Equipment were similar to 2010, yett now I had no Tent, but had a big Coil with 50m Power Line cable, 65m coaxial cable RG-58U and 4 pairs of Inv VEE Dipole wires - 160m (was not mounted), 80m, 40m, 20m.

When leaving Paarnu to travel back to my Home country I weighted my luggage in Paarnu Bus station.

Here are the results, rounded to integer kilograms:

  1. Backbag with TRCVR IC-751 and Power Supply PS-15 and handsome instruments = 24 kg
  2. Coil with cables and wires = 14 kg
  3. Laptop HP Compaq nx6110 = 7 kg
  4. Antenna mast elements = 3 kg

Totally = 48 kg, excluding some preservs like Latvian "Shprots" and famous Latvian "Brown Oil" drink - Riga Black Balsam like my present to Ringsu Harbour Staff - captain Priit and executive director Eero: here they are - yet 2 years younger

Must add here that little Doggy recognized me since 2008 and show very welcoming interested to my dinner

Some of Guests on Ruhnu (for example, owners of Yacht "Anna Rosa") watching on my experiences on Antena wire tank, thinked that I am like David Copperfield, magician, who is making different tricks with magneto.

Participation in RSGB IOTA was destroyed by Stormy WX conditions:

At first the planned Flight - Airport Langaci in Latvia -> Airport Ruhnu -

was moved from Friday's evening 18:00 EEST to Friday's morning at 6:30 EEST.

I had not enough time to avoid dismounting my Antenna at Home (my fixed position) in Skulte Manor correctly and in real time. Also I had no time to attend Supermarkets to buy a new Tent and a Sleep Bag.

Airplane like YL-YES, - Cessna 172P, s/n 17275583, from Factory - 1982

The Pilot was interested only in CASH as ticket payment - but I was not ready to pay it.

I hate CASH and prefer to pay only via Internet Bank.

Nearest ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) was not reachable in 5 mins before flight begins. So the flight for me ended before it started. The luggage was taken out of Airplane Saloon. And I was destroyed so deep and peinful, like during my Mother's funeral in 1965.

Flighting dream for me has been crashed - A Human expects - The GOD - respects.

I skipped to regional town Limbazi, quickly fracted TAXI to catch ASAP (as soon as possible) outgoing ferry/ship, but we were too late in the harbour Manilaid .

Without any knowledge of Harbor Manilaid hospitality features - (no cafe, no hotel, no shop, no VISA card payments, no Currency exchange office) I thankfufilled TAXI driver.and let him drive away.

At 12:00 I understood that I am deeply in Eesti Vabariik without any EEK in wallet and without drive resources. Fortunately soon in Harbour arrived two interesents from Latvia with Car. They delivered me to closest Shop - in Pootsi Manor (Anno 1560).

And when I asked for any possible nearest accomodation chances - one of customers - pretty Aiwa - asked me: "Why I am speeking in Russian and English with Latvian pronunciation - accent?"

She was from Raiskums, Cesis - in Latvia. She told me about Maria Talu (http://www.maria.ee/) about 8 km from Harbor Manilaid. I recommend this hostness accomodation place for every stranger - the only place in Estonia where all info is showed in 6 (six) languages - English, Deutch, Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian.

Of course, I take a Bus trip to Paarnu to get some distinguish EEK amount to reach and to leave Ruhnu Saar.

Interested in my luggage, pretty Leita - hostness of Maria Talu - told me that her husband also is an HAM. He lives in Paarnu and is retired. We opened Estonian Logbook in INTERNET, and we find Mr. Ako Poohako - ES8AY.

And I spent rest of Friday's evening and early morning of Saturday in Maria Talu. Long talks via SKYPE with my XYL at home and YL2GN/ES6TZ, WiFi on Maria Talu was excellent! Had a long excursion in early morning (04:00 - 06:00 EEST) in nearest Forest, had seen Vigvam and other forest features including frogs and birds.

And big was my surprise when in next morning one pretty Eesti girl asked me at Harbour - "Do I speak Russian?" My answer was "Yes".

Then she asked me: "Did you sleep last night on Maria?". I thinked internally "My GOD, Santa Maria, at last night I sleeped on Pillow".

But my answer was "YES" - and she gived me a little luggage with my straight key, phones and microphone and all of my TX-PC-TX connecting and expanding devices and cables. Without these stuff my trip to Ruhnu island could be changed to nonsense.

In Saturday ship's "Lily" departure from Harbour Manilaid to Ruhnu Island was delayed for six hours due to Storm warnings.

We arrived on Ruhnu only at 19:20 EEST. But the way for 4 h 40 minutes was a big Adventure for me. Wave height in Liivi Laht reached 2.5 - 3 m, Eastern wind velocity - 15 m/sec.

East Wind help us to shorten time of flow, passengers were with very high hospitality level, and together with Estonian young boys I tested beautiful drink of 3 ingradients - vodka with pepper and honey. May be they'll send me some photos.

A long and interesting talk was with one of fixed inhabitants of Ruhnu Saar about WW II events and postwar time on Island

When we arrived in Harbour Ruhnu there were coming a big Storm from Latvia side with strong wind, showers and lightnings for about 3 hours. First imagination told me that it is similar to Aug 6, 1945 - when Hirosima was attached with "Baby" (A-bombe). Lightnings push vertically in Liivi Laht water from all sides of Ruhnu.

It was deep night and cold East wind with no chances for me to put up Inv VEE to take part yet in 12 hour class of RSGB IOTA Contest. In night time without light sources it is impossible to put up any Aerials, especially in SOLO - non-assisted variant. Additionally I had no time to buy sleeping bag and was forced to seek a place where to safe my tired body from strong fresh East Wind. And I found it - in West side of building's fundament - on the ground grass.

When the WX winds and showers slows down, I tried to mount my Antenna and simultaneusly listened some QSOs on 10M in last hour of contest. One of them was Hrane (YT2T) with Zigis (YL2PJ) which sigs I didn't heard.

In early Monday's morning I decided to stay on the Ruhnu till next Friday afternoon, and slowly put up Antenna. Simultaneously I watched four or five flights of pretty small Airplane - with callsign "D-IFLH".- I decided for myself that it means - "Deutchland International Federation of LightHouses" - but I can be wrong.

Some words about my feelings in pile-ups. Want to say very big thanks to Oleg - UA9CDV - how masterpiecely he called me, gived rprt and send TU - it's simply is a big satisfaction to have so elegant QSOs and correspondents. On the other pole were two stations - DC1NSK and YL2UH. In spite that we exchanged RS(T)s, they called me again and again - to detalise - was my rprt 55 or 57, when actually it was 56.

After a day on the Air suddenly came captain of our ship from Manilaid Harbour - "LILY" - Hans and informed me about very bad WX forecast on coming weekend days.

And I was forced to stop my activities, had a little Relax on board Yacht RIO with Maldon Ader:

and forget to put my Equipment before upcomig Storm in more safe an dry place, so now, after DX-pedition I have laptop with damages from rain water.And much of other usable info in its HDD (Hard Disk Driver).

BTW, when we searched for most safety and dry place to save my TX and PC, we find a door with label "WC", I pauperly thinked - it means 'Water is closeD". And I choose these place also for my short nap, because all other places were as wet as possible.

My way back to Home also was much more longer as I expected. At 1st Bus from Harbour Manilaid to Paarnu leaved Harbour in the moment when we arrived - there.I was not so predictable to say to Hans - captain of s/s "Lily" to keep Bus for me.

Only one woman - Aiwa could depart me to Paarnu, - and she did it!!! Fortunately she arrived in port with her family to take a swimming party exactly in that moment when I arrived on board of ship "Lily" from Ruhnu island.

Because I was not too specific to control my outgoing payments - due to software upgrades in SWEDbank IT Systems - they delayed to show my reserved funds - so when I leaved Ruhnu Saar - I saw 131 LVL on my account, when I arrived in Paarnu - there were only 14 LVL

With little sarcasm I quoted one famous Quotation from Quen Anna land Church (Great Britain) -

"Money can't buy you Love, but it puts You in more bargaining Position"

And it was not so easy in short time to find out Internet Terminal and Money exchange service in Paarnu - I exchanged all EEK back to LVL on the Ruhnu Island.in cafe "Runo".

The Paarnu Bus station luggage storage closed up at 19:30 EEST. I pull out my luggage in weak hope that someone arrived to Paarnu to departure me to Latvia.

There were Estonian Border Guard Car which parked at Paarnu Bus station at place # 4 and for 90 min watched for nothing special around. I decided to ask them to help me - to deliver me to Ikla - near Latvian border. The answer was - "We are Paarnu border guards and have no permitions to leave Paarnu city borders". Absolutely logically but with no any hope for me to leave Paarnu this evening.

Thanks to one Estonian young Man (Anno 1949) who was waiting for Bus and skipped for me 50 EEK to attend local Kohvik (Cafe). I did it in volume of 100% of Funds Or yet 50% per 60% - how it said Matti Nymminen - an Estonian skee jumper.. At 21:00 EEST closed Bus Station "Water CloseD" soon after then - at 22:00 closed Cafe.

And I choosed horizontal way of Life - take a short nap near Bus Luggage store entry together with my Luggage.. At 03:00 I felt a great wish to push anywhere some capacity of body's bottom water and to add some clearwater to my Mouth.

And I did it - near and in the Front of Hotel "Paarnu" building in Square garden with Fountain using as drinking glass my yelow Hat.

When at 5:00 arrived local Politsei car - the Man into Car commanded me to choose vertical style of Life - I did it.

Strange - they were sleeping all night time while night Life in center of Paarnu beated a high wave and very loud sound level.

That's Mr. Murphy jokes, or wasn't he?

In the very end of this Story you can ask me - why I did gone this hard way in manner of "Per Aspera ad Astra?"

At 1st - my answer is - I wanted to check myself - how much can I do without any assisted help.

===== YL2PN - CQ WW CW 160M LP 2011 =====

Confirmed score was 111 406 points


===== YL2PN - LICENSE TILL 02/28/ 2015 =====

===== DCC # 258 - Doneck Contest Club member=====

258 was my personal phone number during my working at Magnitogorsk airport 1970-1971.

My DXCC QSL images can be viewed at http://foto.inbox.lv/yl2pn/My-Radio-DXCC

To be continued...

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