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DK5LH Germany flag Germany

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QSL: via bureau and eQSL

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Hi YL's and OM's,

  • Member of DARC G11 Leverkusen, eQSLand EPC # 2364 (EU Area DE.NW.SG).
  • Licensed in 2014
  • Active in FT8, JT65, PSK, SIM, WSPR and sometimes in SSB
  • QSL via bureau prefered but I send also via eQSL (both also to SWL's!)
  • Using QRZ.com and HRD-logbook
  • This page was updated 14th of November 2017 (HF-P1 antenna WSPR indoor 80m).

Vy 73's  de Hartmut

Flag Clipart

Realtime RF conditions: http://www.bandconditions.com/


QSL card

Showing the Muengstener bridge, a fully iron construction, height 107m and build in 1879, connecting my city of birth Remscheid and my home-town Solingen (185m height) which is famous for it's knife industrie. The iron bridge is still used by regional trains. Below the bridge a small river named "Wupper" which finally ending some km away in the river Rhine.

Click on picture for WIKI:

My shack

  • YAESU SCU-17 DIGI-Interface for my FT817
  • home-made 50W PA from KN-elektronic for 80, 40, 30 and 20m
  • power supply 34V / 5A, home-made.
  • FT817NB
  • LDG AT-100Pro II auto-tuner for my 6.5m long-wire antenna
  • YEASU FT991 with compressor from FUNKAMATEUR in the mic-line (made for YAESU FT8x7 line but works very well).
  • Ultimate3S WSPR TX for 80, 40, 30, 20, 15 &10m and GPS antenna (working well in 1m distance to the window on the right side).
  • RedPitaya WSPR TRX (8-Band RX, 5 Band TX) SW from Pavel Demin (not on this picture)

Magnetic Loop

I have started a Magnetic-Loop project. For the first tests I will use old RG213 cable using a loop diameter of 150cm. The design should cover only the 80m band.

Currently I am constructing a home-made variable high coltage capacitor (8-10kV). See the picture about the milled aluminum rotor plates. The capacitor will have 150pF to cover the range from 3.5MHz to 3.8MHz. Additionally I need in parallel a 350pF high voltage capacitor which I want to make myself. Here I will use aluminum foil and plasic foil. I did first experiments which where very successfull. Problem is to build a capacitor with exactly 350pF. My first attempt was a 5.5nF, next one was a 240pF...so I need some try and error until I get my target capacity.

All milling was done on a Stepcraft CNC machine 2/420 with a Chinese 800W spindle. Milling of all elements took 7h finally. Milling thin 1mm Aluminum is no fun :-(

Today I made some progress with the PCV tubes as support for the coax-cable support (loop):

Got some parts for tuning (stepper motor, plastic connector):

Planning to control the loop tuning via Arduino...


Only minor progress...found some HV capacitors, mainly 3-6kV. I need them for parallel adding to the variable cap. I think I have to combine some of them for correct voltage and capacitance.

Also I finished the brass collector of the rotor. The left screw gives some more pressure on the brass rod, The brass rod is also filled with a piece of copper wire for better stability.

Detecting lightning flashes

My station statistics: http://www.lightningmaps.org/blitzortung/europe/index.php?bo_page=statistics&bo_show=station&bo_sid=1582&bo_station_id=14652&lang=en

Member of the BLITZORTUNG.org. This non-profit organization is developing lightning-flash receivers and antennas, providing them as kits and show the results on a live map on the web. So in real time you will see the lightning-flashes on a world-map.

Each signal is analyzed in the controller. If it seems to be a low frequency flash it sends the data including a time stamp from a GPS receiver to a sever who is calculating the direction and distance between the station and the flash.

My station number is No.1582 and station name is Solingen-Merscheid.

Controller (+modem) and antenna:

Here's an example (click to see a live map):

 Red Pitaya SDR (under development)

Short video using HDSDR I made during my tests: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvN2WwFYuX0

45W HF PA (5mW in -> 45W out at 13,8V) (under development)


The Chinese description is a challenge. I got one from the seller and one from a Canadian HAM:


Finally the current version is a mix of both since there are some differences between the descriptions, recommendations and the PCB.

Next step then is a PTT switch if I decide to use it with my FT817...

WSPR (1) Ultimate 3S

Hans Summers QRSS/WSPR kits ULTIMATE3S: http://www.qrp-labs.com/


- 3 BS170; running on 10V or 5V selectable

Band dBm @ 5V Power mW @5V dBm @10V Power mW @10V
80m 25,4 350 31,4 1400
40m 25,9 390 31,2 1330
30m 23,9 250 28,8 780
20m 22,2 170 26,9 500
15m 20,8 123 25,9 400
10m 17,4 55 22,9 200

17th of August on 40m with 1W:

 2016-05-20 04:00   DK5LH   7.040172   -23   0   JO31me   1   ZF1RC   EK99hg   8243   281

26 of June 2016 on 20m:

3rd of July 2016 on 20m with approx. 500mW:

14th of November 2016:

7th of December 2016 after some days very poor conditions on all bands I got a 15m spot which is very rare from my site:


HF-P1 portable antenna indoor on 80m WSPR 2W

14th of Nov 2017 07:00 PM after 30m with 2W...

Short video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oPeWDlzB0s



Microphone & compressor:

MH31 microphone with compressor and execellent modulation reports! I think the FUNKAMATEUR DYC-8x7 compressor is doing a great job also with the FT-991:



I found this simple free SW for FT-1200 and FT-991: http://www.vk2byi.com.au/ftrestore/

Hustler 4/5-BTV (vertical trap antenna)

Installed in May 2015 ground-mounted with only 3 short radials. Tuning was a lot of work since my ground is very wet (NW direction) and this needs trap-tuning. Finally all elements are as short as possible and all trap capacitors (coil-housing) were moved some cm/inches down. All bands have a good SWR and impedance. 10m bandwidth is very small. At the band edges SWR is a little bit to high. On 10m and sometimes 40m I'm using the FT991 tuner or LDG Tuner, but only a little bit tuning is necessary there. On 15m and 20m everything is perfect. So minimum SWR is on all band between 1:1,1 and 1:1,4. I bought this antenna as a 5-BTV but did not mount the 80m coil and rod at the moment since I can't guy the antenna. I will observe the antenna for some month before I will give it a try.


A 6.5m end-feed antenna was my first one mounted in 2m height! 6.5m isn't really long but more is not possible in my little city-garden. I'm using this antenna with a 1:9 UNUN and choke: http://www.ebay.de/usr/df7rg Needs good choke and ground!

50W PA kit

You will see it on my pictures with the 160VA power-supply below made from a toroid transfomer and using a LT1083 power constanter device set to 34V. The PA works well ( http://www.kn-electronic.de/Bausaetze/FET-PA-GH01.html ) and I had a lot of fun during assembling the kit. The PA is build to operate on 3-4 bands depending on which filters are used. I'm using the PA for 80m, 40m, and 30/20m. On 40m it works with up to 70W but usually I limit the power to 50-60W.

250 - 500 Watt PA 160m - 40m

40m RF in W 40m RF out W
5 140
10 210
15 220
20 270
25 290
30 305
>30 305
80m RF in W 80 RF out W
5 200
10 300
20 390
25 400

I tried on 40m (7.0 - 7.15m). On 7.15MHz  - 7.2MHz power is reduced to a max. of 250W:

I've to check the DC current later on but I think the power supply does deliver the maximum current of 17.5A and 400W RF out on 80m is the limit. Efficiency is > 62% on 80m since max. DC power is 640W.

Used MOS FET and alternative types:

  • IXFH58N20 58A  Rdson 40mOhm Ciss 4400 pF Coss 285pF Crss 285 pF Pd 300W (9,90Euro)
  • IXFH74N20P 74A Rdson 34mOhm Ciss 3300pF Coss 800pF Crss 190pF Pd 450W (9,30Euro CONRAD)
  • IXFH70N20Q3 70A Rdson 40mOhm Ciss 3100pF Coss 815pF Crss 100pF Pd 690W (13,01Euro Voelkner)

With IXFH70N20Q3 70A you should add 3-4 more diodes for higher gate-voltage. I'm not shure if the PA will work well in SSB with these FET's (linearity?)

I will try in the next weeks reducing the windings of the RF output transformer by 1 turn as recommended by the Dave / G3YXM in an email to me.

WSPR (2) Raspberry Pi

April 2015 I started with WSPR  and minimum equipment:

 The overall result was, that starting in the evening I got reports from about 550 to 700km, the later the more stations from far distance send me reports 700 to 1100km. During night only stations with a distance from 1000 to 2000km send me reports. All with 500mW driven by a Raspberry Pi. That's fun!

Here's a screenshot:

...and here some pictures of the beacon. The picture in the lower right corner shows a WSPR RX from LA5GOA.

RF amplifier kit

Recently I bought a RX amplifier kit from a Greece OM: https://www.sv1afn.com/

which was fun to build and working great on a FT991 and FT817. I will use it later on a Red Pitaya. The manaul can be downloaded there and is great. The kit arrived one week after ordering:

WSPR (3) Red Pitaya new 1st of March 2017

Got a Red Pitaya some weeks ago and 18th of December I managed to install a WSPR Transceiver image from Pavel Demin.

First 60m Spot (500km) with RedPitaya 22nd of Dec 2016 (10mW).

Now in transceive mode:

  • 5W PA from QRP-labs
  • LPF switching board from QRP-labs
  • some LP filter from QRP-labs
  • some RF transformers from Mini-circuits following Jon Ove´s recommendation for an input impedance adaption
  • PTT

Be carefull, this schematic is absolutly draft and will contain errors!!! Especially the RX/TX relais will have a different pin-out. I did not have the correct component in my PCB planning tool (Target 3001!).

Meanwhile my add-on board is under test and I got first results.

Now the 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m filters are in operation. I adjusted the 40m and 20m band to 2W and the 15m and 10m band to 1W.

Short video in German here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slE8ywcN67Q

And in English (?) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkxybX53suE

GPS receiver + Maidenhead calculator

Would like to start a ham radio high altitude baloon in 2019 with club members. Found a nice Arduino GPS project which calculates the Maidenhead coordinates. I will use this code part for a WSPR TX transmitting always the correct locator. Here´s my little project I did just for fun. All information can be found here: http://www.kh-gps.de/gps_dec.htm. Here`s a link to the main-page which can be translated into English: http://www.kh-gps.de/

The case contains a mobile phone Li-Io back-up accumulator I got for free. I fits into the case but not the USB power cable... The main switch is under the case. The complete receiver can be powered externally and I will use it in my car when mobile...


6.5 m long-wire with an UNUN and choke in the birds house and in the back my Hustler vertical.

24th of Oct. 2015: I've cut all trees giving much better conditions for my antennas...

And a winter picture to the left before cutting the trees:

150 years ITU & eQSL eDX diploma:

More information here: http://itu150.ure.es/

Diploma 400 years Cervantes from Spain (always great ideas from Spain!!!): http://cervantes.ure.es/

Flag Counter

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