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This is the frame for my Waller Flag I have been working on. Sometimes here in Oregon in the winter we can get some pretty nice days like this one. Then again it can get real cold at nights. But worst than some weather condition can be the poor propagation we get to Europe on 80 meters. And I just got reminded of it. I'm beginning to develope a very bad attitude to some well healed low band DX'ers. Trying to catch a few seconds to few minutes of opening gets near impossible with someone working the DX for the umptenth time from the east coast or where ever. I will see about returning the favor coming this way to the Pacific maybe. 


I worked on a 80/60/40 meter inverted V​ but without much success. But with the 80/75 meter inverted -V I worked GM3, EA1, EI and F5 at 60 feet. Today I had some luck raising the inverted V up to 104 feet and I'm hopeing for some improvement and to work some new ones on 80 meters.  Now a couple weeks later I'm beginning to think that raising it up higher might have been a mistake would you believe. Have found like so often before the hy-tower works better on DX at least for transmitting. The inverted-V does sometimes hear 'slightly' betteer at times. but it's still very tough. 

Beverage antennas so far have proved very disappointing. Useless might be a better way to put it.

​I have decided I will call the new qth 'PUDDY CAT'S RETREAT'. 

That should be a good name my little part of the world. 

Are you done yet? ​says the puddy cat. He's all my puddy cat for sure. Puts up with Mary my wife since she pets him nice and sometimes feeds him. He is especially fond of  FOOD. 

He is also very fond on being petted and scratched. Charlie is the only cat I believe I have known who 'loves' to have his belly rubbed. Every night when I go to bed he will show up for his evening ritual of petting and scratching. Yep, he is all Puddy Cat. And a great one too.


​And now presenting my beautiful puddy cat Charlie the Couger! ​Well, that is exactly what I thought when I seen him through the window of the feline rescue shop. I have been looking and waiting for along time to find another puddy cat and now I've found the right one. It is just a little deficult to get a real good picture of him. Also, the qrz system has a problem and I need to change the names of the pictures so qrz does not put another picture in it's place by the same name. I'm not even sure that will fix the problem since I just can not change the DFSC# or however this list it that gets duplicate number pictures over time. Probably my onw fault for having so many uploaded pictures on QRZ system.  11/01/2017

I have noted down the page I have lost some pictures again of Tree and Dawn so I think it is time just to start cleaning out a bunch of stuff and try rebuilding the qrz/ki7m page....Maybe I can come up with a better way to prevent getting the wrong pictures when I edit my page. Just don't know if I've done some mistake until I completely check out the whole page. And so many things from the qth in Keizer no longer apply. 11/05/2017

 So far the 'new' Palstar HF-2500 'commander' amp is doing great. As I told my friend it's 'Sweet'.  The Command Tech HF-2500 developed a problem and is now at a good friends place to get repaired. The Palstar Commander HF-2500 was purchased by me and so far appears to be working well. Black lineup here is lloking pretty good I think. 11/05/2017


This is Tree N6TR putting up tower sections early in the stacking process. As I recall the first day we got 97' and the second we got to 117' not counting 7' feet of mast out the top bearing. Biggest tower I ever had so I'm quite proud of it.  The picture looks like it is too wide but I can't seem to adjust the width. That is Rohn 55 tower Tree is stacking. Each 10 foot section only weighs 93 pounds a section!


Setup my 160 meter Inv-L​ fed against the radial system under the hy-tower. Was kind of interesting how 130' of wire went up into the big tree next to the hy-tower, across the top and just started turning down on the other side of the tree. Worked out pretty good using my 56uH coil in line with the wire and tapped in about 5 places thru a switch. Had to shorten the wire about 7-9' to get it dipped in right. Easy now to just switch between 1947Khz, 1920, 1900, 1875, 1847 and 1820. Should come in very handy especially during the CQWW160PHN contest. Only thing bad is that I need to go out and use the 2-pos switch go go between the hy-tower and the inv-L. 10/26/2017

Got a pretty good picture of the 160 Mtr Inv-L inductor and the five or so taps I've set up. Still got one more I could position if it becomes necessary. I would really like to get my 80 meter DXCC which would give me the 5BDXCC award. Then I could start working on 160 meters DXCC. I hear it's tough to do without going CW so that may give me enough incentive to practice up again. At least maybe enough to work some DX contacts. We'll see. Once upon a time I managed to pass the 20 WPM for Extra Class License so it's not like I don't know CW. I just never cared for it or was good enough with it to be comforable using CW. My old buddy Jack, W7LNE could talk to you and keep up with a converstation at 30-35 WPM. And an old friend from the Army could do 65 WPM down in Panama.  Sheeee, can you imagine that. Samuel FB Morse was suppose to be able to copy around 128 WPM! At least that's what I read some place

Note the switch used to provide multiple tap ponts on the coil. Should make changing frequencies during contest more easier.

The 4-Square ​seems to be working. I worked ZS6CCY and did an antenna test. He saw about 6 dB's down on NW,SE and SW while the NE was the strongest. That's what I would expect. I can see the Front-to-Back needs work and it appears to be resonant down low in the 40 meter band so it gives me some direction to go. Still, very broadbanded for sure. On initial checks I noted about 0.25 watts going to the dump load with a drive of 50-100 watts on the chopper. Putting the spurs to the metal I got about 55-58 watts for each of the four directions with 1100 watts output on the chopper. Not too bad for first trys I think. 10/01/2017

​Working on the 40 Meter 4-Square.​ Was not easy but I've got the four verticals up in the air. Found that using the heavy wall aluminum from DXEngineering for 3" through 1 3/4" was too heavy so I used the 2" irragation tubing like I was planning all along for the upper part of the verticals. SOOOO it's 3" thru 2.25" X 0.120 wall aluminum, then the 2" irragation thin wall tubing. Considerably easier to raise and especially lower when doing adjustments. 9-25-2017


Trying to dip in the resonance for the verticals of the 4-Square seems to go against everything I learned about adjusting antennas far as the SWR is concerned. It's like 'don't pay attention to the SWR, concentrait on getting the reactance down to 0 (zero) to get them resonant at 4% lower than where you want the array to end up.'  That's about 200 Khz lower than where the SWR dip is at across the band. 6864 Khz with the SWR dip at 7150 Khz!  I'll know when I get the Comtek's controller hooked up and see what the 'dump' power is to the dummy load. It's just a different way to do things that's not easy to follow it seems. 9-25-2017

Been doing some more adjusting on the 4-square and shortened the verticals about 3 inches each. Getting a good handle on the best way to tune up one of these arrays seems to be a bit of a challenge. People talk about so many watts in giving a small amount of dump power giving you a tuned array. I've got about 450-500 watts out on 7150 Khz with 1.8-1.9 watts 'dumped' to the dummy load. That figures something between 0.42-0.36 percent of dump power. The rest is supposedly radiated by the array. That should be 'VERY' good. But so far I don't necessarily hear it in the pattern while switching direction and listening to some DX station. The antenna does seem to 'hear' better than the noisey hy-tower or the 80 meter inv-V at 93 feet thru the Palstar tuner. One thing, making an inch change does not seem to change the dump power reading so I get no real feedback as to improvement one way or the other. 

After reading Array Solutions instruction off the web I think the best way might be to setup my MFG 259B/C antenna analyzer with a small antenna on it tuned to 7150Khz. Setting that out a ways in the direction I want a vertical to cover might give a way to get some feedback while adjusting the vertical lengths. Maybe. Anyway, if I can come up with a way of doing that getting my neighbors cooperation might work.  Just not an easy antenna to optimize! Would you believe I'm thinking about hanging another one from my big tower for 80 meters! 11/19/2017

LoTW is working ​for me now thanks to some help from another ham I talked to over the air on 17 meters. Wanted to put his call on here but not quite sure which one it was now. Will look at it some more and maybe edit again. Anyway, my LoTW is up to date with my recent contacts so I'm pleased with that. Hopeing to keep it up to date every few days just incase I have another log crash...they are so frustrating and I end up with multiple listing of contacts! 9/14/2017

KI7M is back on the air! ​  Made my first contact from the new QTH with the 3 element Steppir on the tower with N4C special events station with Chip (K2KJD). My last contact was with YT3X on 8/13/2016 other than maybe a couple of mobile contacts and 2 meter contacts. Been just over a year off the air with anything substantial. The amp should get put on line soon and that will make alot of difference of course. 8/18/2017



​The tower is up and the Steppir 3 element beam is in place.​  Notice the piece of pipe on the boom to balance the beam?  I moved the forward 6 meter director out to the end of the boom eliminating the 1 1/2' of extention. Spacing is about 7' between the forward 6th element director and the 5th one and about 5' spacing for that one. That felt about right but I did not do any yagi computer design work for it. Visually I believe it comes close to M-squared for this many elements (6) on 6 meters.  

Wiring from the tower is in and working. I now have three 8 foot ground rods connected to the tower and spaced out more than 16 feet appart. One used to hold the MOV box by the base. The two other ground rods come off the other legs of the tower. Also have an 8 foot ground rod for the Hy-tower, one for the lead in from the 40 Meter 4-Square. And one for the grounding outside the radio room where I have the Polyphaser lightning arrestors mounted on a plate. The ground from the radio room also connects to that ground rod. 

I do need to finish the wiring from the tower by putting a connector on the Rotor lead outside the radio room where it comes through the wall but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. But those damn crimp connectors for Molex connectors always can be a challenge for me. Even though I have the special crimping too it still is. And would you believe I still haven't tried any VHF/UHF rig on the beam or vertical on the tower yet!  11/04/2017

​Using the tram to hoist the Steppir up onto the mast. We had to release one of the top guy wires to get the fiberglass element over it. Turned out to be a rather quick fix. Suppose I should say Tree and Dawn had to, not me. I just watched with a smile! Tree is going to rebuild the first 6 meter director cause he wasn't too impressed by my home brew job. I wasn't either but didn't tell him that. All antennas are a compromise in some way. They usually work anyway of course. 

Tree did get the elements aligned good although these pictures probably don't show that. Tree's replacement 6 meter director was really nice and used rivets for the extention pieces (first class). 8/30/2017

​The Steppir is now at 118'.  There is a Cushcraft A148-20T 10 element vertical and 10 element horizontal 2 meter beam at 122'. And a Comet GP-6 2 meter vertical that's reaching up to about 134' at the very tip top.​ Of course things always go wrong and in this case the Ameritron 8 position remote switch appeared to be stripped on the main input line SO-239. We could not get the antennas all hooked up. The Steppir has the downlink coax connected and is hanging down to the tower base along with the rotor wire and steppir control cables. The are awaiting connection at the MOV box. Then I need to run the control lines and coax to the radio room about 140' feet away. Have replaced the SO-239 on the remote switch box which required drilling out all the rivets on each of the nine SO-239's to unsolder the bad connector and replace it. Would you believe the connector seemed like it was just too small as the PL-259 would just slip over it all the way down. Always something that goes wrong. I do believe in Gremlins, Murphy, and all the other gotchas because it always happens to me. But I can't feel bad because just look at what I got going.

Tree sent me a link to a site called 'www.heywhatsthat.com' and I was able to plug in my address and find out my worst take off angle is only about 3 degrees! Neat site to get an idea if you are shaded in any direction as well as get the names, heights and distances to all the high points around your QTH! For instance Mt.Jefferson is at 101 degrees, 59 miles and 10,269'. Beaming to Europe between 0-45 degrees has a worst case of 23 degrees and 2.88 degrees elavation angle. For 20 meters with the beam at 2 wavelengths the take off angle is between 6-10 degrees. That should make working into Europe great! And beaming towards Japan around 303-306 degrees is between 0.7 and 1.06 degrees of elevation!  7/25/2017

You do know I'm needing some more canned food don't you? You are planning to go to the store and buy me some, right? Of course my Puddy Cat, I won't forget your food. 

He really is a sweatheart of a kitty!



This is the MOV box at the base of the tower where I have 160V (or so) MOV's on the control wires for the Steppir, the remot switch, and the rotor. It's mounted on the 8 foot ground rod giving it a good path that hopefully will provide protection from lightning strikes I believe we are sure to get. 

I hope there will be enough room for more MOV's and control lines for other equipment. You can see the plug for runing test with the rotor controller at the base of the tower. We used that to trouble shoot and it came in VERY HANDY. Keep that in mine if you do something like this especially with this much control line length. 11/02/207

I'm building the ​40 meter 4-Square verticals using DXEngineering tubing. Starts with 3" 0.120 wall 12 feet long and goes down to 2" 0.120 wall at 6 feet long. Need to get each one set for 6.864 Mhz per the Comtec's instruction to get the resonance at 7.150 Mhz point being an array like this (we'll see if the instructions are right). From everything I've been hearing and seen on the internet like U-tube a 4-square is suppose to be equivalent to a 2 element beam on receive and transmit so you can see why  I went with the 4-square. But it has been a major project with alot of cost and man-hours so just hope it works out. Are these some well built verticals or what?

You woke me to take another picture? 


This is what things look like up close and personal with the tower. (like a couple of inches)  What I was really working on was showing that the elements were at right angles to the booms. 


Getting ready for more tower work. ​ I expect to be completing the tower this coming weekend (July 22-23). Been doing alot of work preparing the top set of guy wires; installing new Steppir control cable; rebuilding the modified 3 element Steppir; preparing the new Yaesu G-1000DXA rotor and cable; building a control cable routing box with Grounds and MOV'; etc. With the hot summer days and just alot to prepare it seems like it takes forever. But I want to be ready for Tree and Dawn, N6TR and assistant to do their work. Should have things ready for them when they come but it's a big job.



And now presenting the tower at 117' with it's forth set of guy wires installed. Coming up to the end of a long, hot day. But Tree (N6TR) and his assistant Dawn will be back tomorrow to get the steppir up there. Oh by the way, the mast makes it about 124' (117' plus with 3' more in the ground plus 7' of mast above the bearing on top.)  It matters to me! That's the tallest tower I've ever had or ever operated from I think. 7/22/2017

Tree N6TR climbing up to add more sections. Or is it that he was coming down to connect up the guy wires. That should be correct judging by the lose guy wires hanging down. His come-along and 'Kline' wire clamping mechanism sure came in handy. It's just near to impossible to get guy wires tight without some serious straining of the old muscles and help with the clamps. 


​For some reason when I copy pictures from my computer to qrz.com I get this unedited sideways problem even though I already corrected the picture on my own computer. ​FWIW, tomorrow Tree N6TR and his lovely wife Dawn will be back out to stack some more sections and we expect to have 117' of tower in the air. ​117 feet man and that isn't counting the mast! Am I getting excited of what? ​For yours truely that will be the tallest tower I have ever operated from with any antenna. 7/2/2017

Two guys communing with tower guy wires. Tree N6TR and KI7M Terry (that's me) preparing the 3rd and 4th guy wire connections to the anchor turn buckels. Let's see, which comes first, the wire or the thimble...

And now where that third set of guys went! ​97 feet of tower plus a gin pole up to 108 feet. ​I want 117 feet (120' with 3 feet underground). That's a long way up. Have you noticed I can't get an all emcompassing shot because I would need to be out in the woods or something. Anyway, Tree and Dawn sure did themselves proud today and I got a big grin on my face. 7/03/2017

For anyone who ask Tree and Dawn have done a wonderful job so far and I am so pleased with their work and dedication to their art! I'm a Fan! 7/02/2017+



Another picture of the 160 Meter Inv-L coil with tap switch.


Installed a serious surge surpressor to protect the whole house.Making a single point ground is ALWAYS an issue. Not real certain I can connected the ground on the far corner of the house where the radio room and coaxes/rotor and control wires come in with the ground at the power pole. Not going to be a straight run. More like two right angels around the corners of the house. Reading the ARRL and/or Polyphaser's write ups on single point grounds and how you should keep the path of the ground wire straight could be a real problem. Got me scratching my head on how to solve this issue. Maybe more like two 'single point grounds'.


My little bit of 'Shangrilla'. I know I must be misspelling that. But you get the idea.  I have decided to call the place 'Puddy Cat's Retreat'. I like puddy cat's. Below is another picture of my 'not' so active Charlie. What he really wants is for my to go sit in my easy chair in the living room and watch TV. That's so he can lay in my lapor beside me. He's definately my puddy cat!


For this I'm missing my nap?


Looking down south on the N-S line of the 4-Sqaure for 40 meters. Take a good look. You will probably never see the grass cut this close again with the radials down.

3/12/2017 picture of yours truely working on installing radials for the 4 Square. Wasn't quite so wet so I managed to enjoy this thankless job a little bit more. Never really know weather adding so many radials helps or not but the books, articles and instructions say they do, so I try and follow the directions. Adding radials can get to be a real back breaker sometimes. Inspite of having lost some weight that bending over gets to me so I try to have my young helper do the bending over when I can.

I was listening to my friend Brandon complain about how hard it was to bend down and attach the radials to the Hytower plate. Sure glad it wasn't me (although I'm already getting ready to add a few more radials). 39 just doesn't seem like enough to satisfy my ambitions. Over the years I've been amazed by how effective on 80 meters the Hytower can be. In Keizer my old one had somewhere around 45-50+ radials. This installation with the new antenna should be even better and the electrical noise should be better. I would sometimes get background noise in the 59+30 dB range in Keizer on 160 meters and only 10 dBs or less on 80 meters. And of course I'm planning on getting a Waller-Flag receive antenna going for 160/80/40 meters!

Ah, fabulous, just fabulous! Now to fix the winch.... Later end up buying a strap winch from Harbor Freight but the problem of  running the strap over the top of the 4 X 4 post is hard to deal with. The strap keeps trying to go to one side and starts getting torn up. Working on it now. I picked up the MK-17 17 meter stub for the hytower which I hope will work out well. 6/28/2017

Below you can see some of the cut trees that are gone now. The neighbors appreciated the wood and I appreciate the open ground (for antennas).

As you can see from this 2/12/2017 photo we have cut something like 7 trees down and took out some branches. That Oak is solid, heavy and tuff to split and I am giving it away to some of the neighbors just to get rid of the mess. You can see the 4 Square in the distance behind the cut trees with the DX Engineering radials plates raised and some 33' radials being installed. Alot more to go! At this time I had installed the four vertical 2" cyclone fence post in concrete and had the DX Engineering radial plates raised up.



I'm still working on organizing the new shop so the El Camino and Impala are still sitting outside in the rain. Just picked up a full size pickup to carry tower sections, antennas and tubing and other such large loads thanks to the Oregon State Auction. My trusty Tahoe has servered me so well but this winter I started having dead battery problems. Two Chevy dealers couldn't cure the problem but managed to charge me over $600 in vane effort to fix the problem. If I leave it sit for about 2 days I end up with a dead battery, no AM/FM radio, etc. so it definately looses power completely. Still love my Tahoe! 2/12/2017

I eliminated some things but I wanted to make sure my comments about laying out radials was in here. My way is to use double length wire and run from the end of the radial staked on the ground to the radial plate bolt, wrap it one around the bolt, then back out to another stake down point. In other words, you have just ran two radials. And if you are faced with they problem of limited room to run them, this way you can do some compensating for your lack of space. Running radials is hard. It gets to your back if you are like me. And it's easy to take a nose dive while trying to screw down the wire to the radial plate. Might look funny but it can hurt too. Try to find some your kid or two to earn a few bucks by doing the job. If possible cut the grass real short and even cut trenches and cover the radials if possible (NOT always possible). Always seem to be a problem when trying to mow the grass at least for the next year or so. Even in Oregon where it supposedly rain a bit! 9-25-2017

The 4x4 post will have a hand crank winch on it to raise and lower the Hytower. Really works well if you remember to disconnect the 80 meter stingers wire. Other wise that wire will break or you base coil will strech. The 4x4 post also can use a back guyed that is 'very' securely in the ground to handle the load. Be surprised how much a steel fence post will bend and move. Good place for more concrete.

And now we present the nearly completed Hy-Gain Hytower! 51 radials most up to 65' and counting. See where the branches were removed to clear the overhead area for the vertical? The Hytower really looks good there and I can just imagine some of the comments it gets from the people driving by. 4/21/2017  Counted the radials late yesterday with a total of 56. 5/20/2017

I'm planning to add a few more radials to bring the count up to 60 just for grins! 6/28/2017  Maybe more.

And there is the old man showing off his and Brandon's handywork after a long day. I've got 40 meters and 15 meters stingers on the hytower besides of course the 80 meters and 20 meters (20 meters inherent apparently with the 80 meters or something). If I can I want to build a 17 meters stinger where the 10 meter one normally goes. I figure something like a mirror image of the 15 meter one but 1 1/2 to 2 feet longer. I was not too impressed with the 10 meter published SWR curves and beside, we are in the solar cycle downside. 4/21/2017

Trying to adjust the various bands on the hytower for SWR is Challenging. I want it to resonate around 3.750 Mhz, 7.150 Mhz,14.200 Mhz, 18.150 Mhz (need 17 meters stub), 21.300 Mhz, and would you believe it already can work on 12 meters dropping in around 24.784 Mhz 1.0:1. But adding an old Butternut 40 Meter coil with a tapping wire jumper at the base of the 80 meter stinger shifts the others. And at resonance it only drops down to 1.6:1 on 80 meters. While 40 meters and 15 meters has the stubs to adjust for frequency, 20 meters apparently uses the 80 meters stinger and a sudo-3/4 wavelength vertical (I guess since 49.5' is close to the stinger height). It shifts down from 14.2 towards 13.850 Mhz. Finding a compromise is challenging and I come away thinking I may have to use the new Pulstar AT5K-HP tuner on it. Something I'd rather not do when the antenna is suppose to work without a tuner. I have modified the height spec's for the hytower to try and shfit the SWR especially for 80 meters where I want it. Stinger is now 28' 6 1/2" and the total height is 52' 2". This to shift down to 3.750 Mhz or there abouts.

Tapped on the 4th turn up on the coil I can get the following: 3.790 1.9:1; 3.750 1.6:1; 3.700 1.8:1. That puts 20 meters at: 13.850 Mhz 1.22:1; 14.200 1.5:1 (not bad). But 15 Meters: 21.300 Mhz 2.0:1 and never goes lower! 12 meters can be used with something like 24.930 Mhz and 1.29:1. Another weird part about it is like 80 meters R= 82.4 ohms and X= -29.5 ohms. Quarter wave verticals are suppose to be around 36 ohms at best. This vertical has 56 count of 65' radials under it!  Where is the 36 ohms input??  A work in progress!  Maybe adding ground rods and/or changing coax length may improve the situation. Or a coil choke? 5/12/2017

We made it through the sell of Cumming Lane and the purchase of Delaney Rd! smileylaughwink 10/24/2016



Please, IF YOU WANT A QSL CARD THEN INCLUDE AN SASE (SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE) or for overseas a couple of green stamps ($) would be appreciated. I'm no longer going to use the bureau(s)...see below.

Today I figure I shipped my last bunch of QSL cards out via the bureau...PERIOD! It has got too expensive and the only cards I really care about are new countries...P5 North Korea is the last one I need to have worked them all.  Oh, they just added ZL9 I understand. Anyone sending cards direct will need to include 'green stamps' to cover the postage. The Bureau will no longer be used by me after having just spent $100+ to ship this last batch to the ARRL Overseas QSL Bureau. Not to mention the hours spent checking the incoming cards against my log(s) and LoTW.  Just about my least enjoyable task. I'm sorry guys and gals but it has gotten too expensive to keep up and the filling out of QSL cards just takes me away from the fun of making contacts. I am still working on getting that last few contacts confirmed for 80 meter DXCC to get my 5BDXCC. That is where my interest in QSL cards will lie. Sorry if this disappoint anyone but it's what I feel is what I must do. 7/25/2016

We should all be greatful to the DXpedition creators, operators and sponsors for our DXCC rare contacts. I was lucky enough this year (2016 since January) to work three new countries, VP8STI South Sandwich, VP8SGI South Georgia and FT4JA Juan de Nova. You don't get many years beginning like that when you are as high up on the DXCC totals as yours truely. One more to go and I will have them all till something brand new comes along.  (The ZL9 just did) If all goes well maybe that last one will come later this year if rumors bear out. (4/10/2016) But that didn't happen! Looking back on it I found out about the contacts the P5 was making on 15 meters about an hour or less after they were shut down. Another oppertunity to work the P5 missed. Day late and a dollar short as they say. But it will come given enough patience and work on my station.

Happy to say my DXCC count has reached 336/344. Just got DXCC for 10/12/15/17/20/40 (10m 135; 12m 122; 15m 194/197; 17m 142; 20m 246/248; 40m 111/112; 80m 83/84 ; 160m 19).  My log shows 154/157 on 40 meters and 122/124 on 80 meters. The old story of working them only half the problem. Getting countries confirmed can be a job in itself. Just got my 40 meter DXCC from the ARRL (5/17/2016). Going back through me old paper logs and using my electronic log to track down some old contacts on 40 and especially 80 meters as well. Hard to believe how time consuming and confusing it can get. By the way just to show how you work so many more than you get confirmed here are the totals from my electronic log as of today (5/02/2016). In the last week or so I'm received several 'new ones' on 80 and even 20 and 17 meters (multiple band contacts). My thanks to the amateurs who responded to my emails and qsl's.

6m 5  10m 210/213  12m 185/187  15m 294/299  17m 240/242  20m 330/334  40m 154/157  80m 122/124  160m 24/25

I've come to realize if you don't get the new countries on each band confirmed quickly, you might never get them at all. Several of my 80 meters contacts are SK's I've recently noted. And I will never forget how it took me nearly 17 years to get Marion Island ZS8MI confirmed after several letters with green stamps and QSL's, SAE's. Thanks to the SARL and NCDXF that one finally showed up. But my point is just look at the descrepancy between what is worked and what got confirmed! I'll get to that 5BDXCC and maybe work that last one (P5) someday but the confirmed totals I doubt will ever reflect the true amount of effort.

Your DXCC is worth what you choose to make it. Not accepting a relayed report or a 'friends' working someone you couldn't hear for you is not my way. I know I've stepped on people sometimes in the pileups and I regret that but also know it is hard to avoid sometimes. Pileups are by there very nature invatations to chaos especially when the DX station is hard to hear. Like so many others I get competative when trying to bust pileups but I do try to observe the DX etiquet guide lines. And I never want to spoil the enjoyment of others in our wonderful hobby. 39 years of chasing DX and counting. And avoiding being a 'traffic cop' in the pileup's.

As an experienced DX'er once said, you can't make propagation, only use it when it happens!wink

6/24/2015 Just got a MDS RC1-Y Rotor Controller to replace my Yaesu G-1000DXA controller that was giving me fits with incorrect direction readings. Can't tell you how pleased I am with the new controller. I definately recommend one to anyone having Yaesu or CDE/Hygian rotor direction indicator problems. Only thing it don't have are presets but it is designed to be used with computer programs like HRD or others that can control a rotor.

02/10/2015 Been trying real hard to not lose my log again. And guess what, today it came up as a new log. But after leaving it for awhile to do other things and 'cool down' I worked on it. Was able to reload the log from my stand alone F: drive and got it back. Another scare of losing my log but this time it worked out well. I now have my log setup to download everytime I shut the log down to my F: drive and that seems to be working out. I had just worked Navassa Is. on 80 meters SSB and that made 10/15/17/20/40 meters SSB and now 80  so it was good to get that secured. I have just uploaded to LoTW a day or two ago but I will do it again to make sure I get all the Navassa contacts in.

 (2/2/2015) Happy Days! I got busy and tracked down the interfering QRM! Turns out my neighbor had installed a couple of grow lights and they were causing a very strong 59+20/30dB buzz/whine/howl on all the bands. Was difficult to get a good bearing even though the source wasn't that far away.  Took my tahoe with my TS-50S and a hamstick installed and went around the area. Found 59+10 in my driveway and dropping as I got farther way except for the neighbors driveway which I got 59+20 signal. Ah hah!  Then took a portable AM radio tuned to the top of the band away from stations and pulled out the antenna horizontal and walked around getting into the general area. After discussing this with my neighbor he got to checking things out and sure enough, he had installed a couple of new hydrogen (I think) grow lights back about the first week of November. Big bright lights about a foot long or more.  As soon as he unplugged them my noise went down to 55 or less. Bingo! He now has installed different lights and I have no more problems with QRM, about S-4 or less every direction. At least, it was till other noise started showing up.

Oh, I sent my Elecraft K3 in to the factory to get the second xcvr in as well as some upgrades. Had the 2.8Kc 8 pole filter substitued for the 2.7Kc 5 pole. Been using split with 'sub' to RX on one frequency and TX on another AND listing on both. Also had the software brought up to todays standards as well as some later mods and improvements.  I am a definate Elecraft K3 admirer!

Take a look at W7YRV's site on qrz.com! It really made me think about putting up towers. I talked to a ham who knows of W7YRV and sounds like he doesn't believe in engineering standards or something. Check out his site. You'll be amazed.


(2012) I've put the steppir back up on the new crankup tower and it sure is nice not to fight SWR issues and to have an antenna that I know works well. I have resolved the winch problems. The new Ramsey RE8000 worm gear winch works well. It did require a custom mount but it is a beast of power and I just got to remember not run it too long. Take short up and down runs about 20 seconds or less and make sure the winch doesn't get too hot (low duty cycle). No hand winch could be used to raise this heavy of tower the way I have it setup. Even with the 40:1 ratio worm gear hand winch it took about 80 or more pounds of force to crank it and that was just an inch or so per revolution. And adding a second pulley in a doubled line setup didn't help. 900 plus pounds of tower and antenna requires a winch like the 8000 pound Ramsey RE8000 worm gear 12 volt winch. A bonus would be to parallel two marine batteries for more current capability but I haven't had to do that yet. Leasons learned the hard way!


Above I have an older picture of the 3 element steppir with the GP6 above it, then the Ramsey RE8000 worm gear winch (only one I trust for my 950 pound tower). Also, latest picture of the modified steppir with additional boom length and two 6 meter directors.

The two pictures below are of the Steppir at 70' (about 21.5 meters) high. I can still go up another 10' or so and may do that come contest season.

Below: You can see the second pulley up on the tower to devide the load in half between the two winch lines. Also the 'X' frame I use to strengthen the tower when I lay it over. If you look close you can also see the problems I would sometimes have with the RG8X (mini-8) wraping around the pulley line or the guyed wires. Had to work on that and finally decided to get rid of the mini-8. Setup 1/4 wavelength 80 meter slopers and 3/4 wavelength 40 meter slopers off the tower at 72 feet or so. That is the trouble with a guyed tower trying to run multiple antennas when the tower raises and lowers like mine. The wires alway are a pain!

Might have to do some straining of the neck to get this picture of the new modified steppir to fit but at least it gives you some idea of how high the setup is. At this time the steppir is about 75-76 feet above the ground. (7/25/2015)

Below is the 5 band 20-10 meter, 30' boom quad array I used to have. 14-15 square foot that I changed out for the Steppir 3 element 20-6 meter in 2006. If anyone wants the dementions I developed on NECWIRES 2.0 for the big quad array I can send a file over email to them. I worked several months on my old computer developing the quad dementions for each band and it seemed to work out well. My latest quad design of 4 elements on 20/17/15, 7 elements on 12/10, and a 2 element folded yagi for 40 meters proved to have major issues with 12, 15 and 40. I'm sorry to say it but Necwires 2.0 failed me (or I failed it). I'm sure it was due to the combining of all the bands together....maybe LBCebik was right about complications with multiband quads. I have seen such issues with 10 and 12 before and did manage to resolve it on the older 30' boom quad you see below. If I try building another quad array it may start out as a single band (20 mtrs) and after that works I will add a band at a time ...maybe. That is a hard process to do since I have to rotate the spider/spreaders to string on the elements for each band. Also hard process with overhead trussing that has to be disconnected during each rotation of the spider processes. Building a big quad array is an indept process and there are always pros and cons to doing it this way or that. I still love quads!



I've had a picture up in my shack for years of a 1965 red El Camino that I've always wanted but never thought I would be able to afford it. Well you might say a miracle happened and I got my 'Dream Car', a red 1965 El Camino with 350 cu. in, automatic, black interior bench seat, and loud pipes. It really came like a bolt out of the blue, completely unexpected, but I did have that picture up in my shack for years... Maybe I should put a picture of a big multi-element quad on a 100' tower up in my shack, ya' think?

This is from one of the last loads from the Cummings Lane property in Keizer. You might notice someone looks a bit skinnyer today. This picture is from mid-October 2016.

Mary usually has a bigger smile on her face. We must have been pretty tired from all the moving. Lost count of all the loads I carried after about 7 or 8. Don't even know how many other people carried for us but it was alot. I do remember Mary got sick during some of it and that may be why she isn't grinning here. But I thought it was about time I gave some credit to my better half. She doen't mind my ham radio at all. On the contrary, she enjoys my getting so much out of it!




PROBLEM: Changed out the driven element EHU because of intermittent connection problems. Suspect the SO-239 'prongs' becoming loose.  I have lost the chip driving the driven element in the controller once (on the Friday of CQWWPH). Now I have a second controller just in case. Also fixed a high SWR on 10 meters apparently caused by my not soldering the sheild onto the SO-259 connectors on the LMR-400 50 ohm coax. Only showed up on 10 meters.

Equipment: Elecraft K3 with P3,Yaesu FT-1000MP with SP-8, FT-1000D with SP-5; Icom R-7000 VHF/UHF/SHF receiver; a Command Tech 160-10 amp; Dentron DTL-2000L 160-10  (my basket case amp); Henry Radio 2K-Classic 80-10 mtr amp; Drake MN-2700 antenna tuner. Various boatanchor receivers like Hallicrafters SX-28, National HRO-60, Collins 51J-3. Recently picked up a couple of Icom IC-271A and IC-271H 2 meter transceivers so I can work the VHF contests and various repeaters.

United States Army Security Agency 4/69 to 4/72. Stationed at Ft.Ord (basic), Ft.Devens, MA; 7th RRFS Udorn Thailand; Vint Hill Farms, VA. 05D20/30 Special Identification operator and analyst (Radio Direction Finding). Now days no one even knows about the old ASA it seems. Getting old, huh!

19 years at Tektronix and 7 years at Xerox, first as an Electronic Technician, then in telecommunications (Ethernet routers, hubs and switches).

Umpqua Valley Amateur Radio Club founding member along with WB7OTR,AE7Q,W7LNE,WB7OTM,KA7DCL,KA7ADI and others back about 1977 or 78.

Elmer: AE7Q, Dave Lee (SK) 'best technician I ever knew'. I miss him ever day for his technical advice and his humor.

CQ Zone 03 and ITU Zone 06


51J-3 Collins RCVR with my dream 64' GTO and WWII jeep 1:18 scale models. I consider the 51J-3 a better receiver than the 51J-4 due to apparent AVC/AGC issues. Backing off the RF gain helps. I think back to when I was first getting into SWL'ing and broadcast band DX'ing and this is what a dream receiver is. You can even tell what your frequency is! This picture from the old QTH of course. Still got the 51J-3 which I like alot.


Below is my dream car come true...1965 El Camino. I added a couple more pictures of the El Camino. It's the time of the year when I keep it covered up and set a heater in it to make sure it does not get too cold. 'She's real fine my 350'...  Just had some more work done on the El Camino and she is running very good, got a new speedometer and mileage gauge that works, a new gas cap that doesn't take a key (that might get lost) to open, and one or two other things. I could say alot of things but basically a classic car can cost a bit like other hobbies we know of.

Below is my new K3 with P3 panadaper. Really love the K3 and would recomend it to anyone. Very capable, handles QRM well, can install multiple filters (I have 6KC,2.7KC,2.1KC,1.8KC and 200Hz on the primary board and 2.8KC8pole on the  second board now. Gets great audio reports which  is a must for me, handles contesting on SSB very well, can deal with QRM better than my Yaesu FT-1000mp ever could. (12/2014)

(2/2015) When anyone works me now this is the setup with the K3, P3 panadapter and HF-2500 Command Tech amp. Along with the Steppir 3 element at 82 ft it makes for a potent combination.


A couple of pictures showing my 'new' Elecraft K3 and Panadapter P3 that I put in place of my FT-1000mp. It was really stressful deciding to pull the Yaesu FT-1000mp out of line and put the K3/P3 in it's place. The Yaesu has given me nothing but solid, reliable service since 1996. But the K3 is suppose to have better capabilities for handling QRM and a generation or two newer receiver technology. I have been feeling the FT-1000mp has been having some problem dealing with the QRM in SSB contest so I made the move. As you can see the Yaesu FT-1000D is still in it's place. The -1000D is still my favorite radio to operate just because of it's fine audio, 200 watts output and ease of use. For working split frequency I don't think it can be beat, definately better than the FT-1000mp. The FT-1000D is realitively easy to adjust between the main receiver and the second receiver's audio levels. How many times have I heard former owners of 1000D's say 'I wish I had it back'?

Now that I've got the second receiver board in the K3, I should be able to listen on two frequencies at the same time but have learn to operate split better. More reading in the manual and playing around but it isn't straight forward like on the FT-1000D. The old problem of listening to some DX working split frequency and finding the station he is working to give a call is still a little challenging. Always one vfo is stronger than the other. The FT-1000D handles this the best I know.


Hoping for great things out of the Elecraft K3 in coming up contests and DX chassing. I just have to learn how to use it better as far as the noise blanking and DSP noise reduction settings. I have not tried to adjust the audio pass band (equilizer) yet but am getting good reports with everything set flat with my Heil HM-10 (H-5 and H-4 cartriges). The switching between the 2.7Khz, 2.1Khz, 1.8Khz and 200 Hz filters is easy and straight forward. Got a 6Khz filter to add for AM/General Coverage operation as well. Next thing will probably be the second receiver but learning to use the K3 it may prove not to be necessary when using the split option. So far the split operation is the only thing I did not like due to unlike using the RIT/XIT function that causes the transmit frequency to display when you hit PTT, split does not change the display frequency. It stays on the receive frequency. You have to watch the B receiver frequency and the TX LED. Seems like it would be easy to transmit out of band thinking you were using XIT but being on split. I just wish the main display frequency would follow the TX to keep me aware of where I am on the band(s). How may times on 40 meters have you worked people down below the American phone band on split? Getting confused with the Split vs. RIT/XIT could prove embarrasing.

I have just gone through the CQWWPH 160 meter contest and the K3 did very well. That ability to adjust the roofing filter from 6Khz, 2.7Khz, 2.1Khz, 1.8Khz all the way down to 200Hz is really sweet and cuts down the qrm. I noted one group who started a qso on top of me on the low side. I was able to move 1914.5 to 1915.0 and reduce the passband down to 2200Hz and remove the interfering signals. It really helps cut the qrm out. The FT-1000mp could never have done as well.(2014)



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