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Take a few minutes to view the following photos.

I hope you enjoy it (not all the pictures were clicked by me).

PY0F/PP1CZ and PY0FW QSLs are not available via bureau, only direct or OQRS. 

OQRS QSL is available on ClubLog:

Please, visit qrz.com of ZZ0TA (PY0T) April 1990, and PP0F (PY0F 1991 and 1995) DX-Peds, and check the Log 

If you check any of my Logs on ClubLog and not found your call, send me an e-mail with the QSOs details. I can check my Logs search for a busted contact.



















Those were antennas I used in January 2013 operation as PY0F/PP1CZ

That is my work conditions in PY0F/PP1CZ during January 2013.

Operating time as PY0F/PP1CZ in January/2013 and the follow picture show the operation in July/2013 (using the structure of PY0FF antennas and station).

Here is a picture of the antennas I used in July 2013 and January 2014 from Fernando de Noronha Island - PY0F/PP1CZ. There are a A4S (04 elements Yagi to 10, 15 and 20 Meters) - the 02 elements Yagi to 40 Meters you see in the top of the tower was not working (as you might see, one of it's elements is missing a tube), as well as the A4S Rotor (the antenna is fixed all the time to north direction). The antennas and the radio shack belongs to PY0FF (thank you Andre and Morena for allow me use it). I chose a picture from a cloudy day, because it is better to view the antennas.

Swiming pool of Pousada da Morena.

Joao Pedro at the Pousada da Morena Hotel's Swiming pool.

New Bungalow of Pousada da Morena, it will be ready in few weeks. We didn't stay there this time.

My wife and kids in the Dog's Beach.Note the stone hill behind they, it is just like a dog lying.That's why this Beach is called like that.

Me and kids at the Baia do Sancho. The sea wasn't good that day, due to a huge Swell achieve the Island during our stay (picture of 2013).

Me and kids at the Baia do Sancho in 2015, with a wonderful sea conditions (no more Swell during our stay in 2015).

Mabuya Maculata, an endemic animal that is the symbol of Fernando de Noronha Islands.

There are thousands of birds that come to nest in Fernando de Noronha Island - is that a bird tree? 

A Barracuda swimming calmly.

Anisotremus Susinamensis

A male Acanthurus sp.

A female Acanthurus sp. The difference between the male and the female of this fish is the collor.

An interesting view in this picture: what you see on the sea water is not dirt or pollution, as we may presume. It is a shoal of "sardinhas" (Sardinella Brasiliensis), and when there are some other fish or a human, they separate. So what you see surrounding a person in the center of this picture above, is a shoal of Sardinellas. Fascinating, in my oppinion.

You see the same Beach "Praia do Sancho", with the same shoal, below.


Sancho Beach - the most bautiful beach in Brazil.

Preparing to down the stairs and snorkeling in "Praia do Sancho"

Fernando de Noronha is a paradise to turtles...

... and to the sharks too.

Gabriel, my elder son, swimming with a turtle.

And my youngest son, Joao Pedro observing a big one turtle.

Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers) Rocks from the Sancho belvedere, in a Swell day.

A smal fish common in Fernando de Noronha Island.

There are a lot of types of fishes there (Cirurgiao - Acanthurus sp.)

More fishes there (Xira - Haemulon chysargyeum)

Sunset in Fernando de Noronha.

Me and my family, very happy with this wonderful trip (in 2013).

And now, in 2015.

Cacimba do Padre Beach in Fernando de Noronha Island (PY0F/PP1CZ).

Baia dos Porcos and Dois Irmaos Stones in Fernando de Noronha Island (PY0F/PP1CZ).

Dois Irmaos Stones in Fernando de Noronha Island (PY0F/PP1CZ).

Conceicao Beach, in Fernando de Noronha Island (PY0F/PP1CZ).

Below you find one of my favourites pictures from fernando de Noronha Island, I've done July/2013. Is is a isolated little house, in a mid of nowhere. It is simple, and I love this picture. It gives me a sensation of lonely and peace at the same time. Take a look:

Little Chapel on the east part of Fernando de Noronha.

Left side of Leao (Lion) Beach - Fernando de Noronha.

Right side of Leao (Lion) Beach - Fernando de Noronha.

At the Lion Beach, I simply love Fernando de Noronha.


From now, the pictures of my Station, my City and the State where I live in Brazil.

Hope you enjoy it!

My DXCC Honor Roll arrived in 25 August. Hard work for years, it is a dream that becomes true. 

My previous QSL card.

New QSL card since 2012.

My station.

Changing the antennas (january 2012). I put a tower of 6 meters high, and installed my 6M2WLC from M2 to 50 MHz., with 9 elements, 12 meters Boom.

There are someone enjoyingthe 6M2WLC as a perch: a Bentivi (Pitangus sulphuratus).

Now all the antennas are ready and working well.

The antennas are:

- 6M2WLC -09 Elements Yagi to 50 MHz., made by M2 at thetop.

- A3WS - 3 Elements Yagi to 24 and 18 MHz., made by Cushcraft, at the middle.

- TH7 - 07 Elements Yagi to 28, 21 and 14 MHz., made by Hy-Gain, at the base of tube, above the little tower.

- Dipole to 80 and 40 Meters from Diamond.

- Dipole to 30 Meters.

- Slopper to 160 Meters.

All the Dipole antennas are very low, but working anyhow.

ICES - Yatch Club of Espirito Santo State - Vitoria.

Sailing boat at the Curva da Jurema Beach - Vitória.

Mata da Praia, in Camburi Beach, near of my QTH.

Mata da Praia, my neighborhood.

Curva da Jurema Beach.

Ilha do Frade Bridge with Praia do Canto at the background.

View of Praia do Canto, Boi and Frade Islands.

Praia da Costa Beach.

Praia da Costa Beach.

Praia do Canto Beach.

Camburi Beach with a little sailing boat and birds.

Camburi Beach with Boi and Frade Islands.

Praia da Costa Beach.

Praia da Costa Beach.

Vitoria at the Sunset.

Praia do Canto Beach.

Praia do Canto Beach.

Ilha das Caieiras.

Ilha das Caieiras.

Ilha das Caieiras.

Camburi Beach.

Camburi Beach.

Manguinhos Beach, very bucolic.

Manguinhos Beach.

Northern Vitoria's Bay.

Mata da Praia.

Passagem Bridge.

Vitoria at sunrise.

Vitoria at sunrise.

Vitoria at night.

Passagem Bridge in Vitoria.

Camburi Beach.

Praia do Canto Beach, in Vitória Island.

Camburi Canal.

Ilha do Boi.

Carva da Jurema Beach.

Third Brigde between Vitória Island and Vila Velha City, with the Convento da Penha (Penha Convent) in top of hill.

Third Bridge Vitória - Vila Velha.

Convento da Penha (Penha Convent, building in XVI Century by the Jesuits).

The Penha Convent at night.

Canal de Camburi.

Pedra Azul (Blue Stone) in the Mountains Region in the Espirito Santo State.

The Monk and the Nun's Stone. Look and see if is not just like that.

Paraglider in Alegre.

Veu da Noiva Falls.

Kite Surf in Guarapari.

Full Moon in May/2012 in Vitoria (this is a real picture).

Curva da Jurema Beach.

Conceicao da Barra.

Domingos Martins.

Praia do Canto.

Enter of Vitoria's Bay.

Praia da Bacutia.

Sunset in Vitoria's downtown, Cinco Pontoes and Dedo de Deus.

Vargem Alta.

Itaoca Beach.

Domingos Martins.

Guarapari City, Escuna (type of boat).

Enter of Praia do Morro Bay, in Guarapari City.

Fishing boats in Vitoria.

10 Miles Garoto (little Marathon).

Ilha do Boi Hotel view.


View of Camburi from the Ilha do Frade.


Marathon in Camburi Beach.

Traditional Sailling Race, Volta da Taputera.

 Night view of Thrird Bridge from Morro do Moreno.

Pedra Azul. 

Moqueca Capixaba, a typical food only find in Espirito Santo State. It is made by fish and shrimps.

We produce some of the best cofees in the world, and Espirito Santo State is one of the major cofee exporter.

I love to cook, and love the Creme Bruille, a french dessert.

Handcraft little fair (every Saturday) at Praia do Canto.

Ilha do Frade's Bridge at night.

Palacio Anchieta - Govenment House of Espirito Santo State.

Parque Moscoso - a Square in the Center of the Vitoria City.

Early morning in Camburi Beach, jogging, cycling or walking, it is always wonderful to have the sea as a company.

Parque da Pedra da Cebola (Onion Stone Municipal Park).- Vitoria.


I was born in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Espirito Santo State has a lot of types of hummingbirds.

2011 Monaco F1 Racing GP - my first (but not the last) and wonderful experience in 3A land

(Thanks to my friends 3A2MD - Laura and 3A2ND - Jean-Claude).

During 2015, me and PS7AB - Rony, activated 12 special Callsings to celebrate de 70th aniversary of the ending of the World War II and the Brazilian Expedicionary Force (FEB in portuguese). The calls were:
February:      PQ70FEB
March:           PR70FEB
April:             PS70FEB and ZW70FEB
May:              PT70FEB and ZW70FEB
June:             PU70FEB and ZW70FEB
July:              PV70FEB
August:         PW70FEB
September:   PX70FEB
October:        PY70FEB
November:    ZV70FEB
December:    ZY70FEB

Now, if you worked at least 7 of those special calls, you can ask an Award.

Take a look at: http://www.radioamador.org.br/certificado_70_anos_br.htm

6 Meters Beacon is back in 50.085 KHz. The rig is a homebrew equipment. Call: PP1CZ, running about 10 Watts into a Vertical 5/8 antenna.

My equipments now are:IC 7800, IC 7600, IC 7000, TS 590 SG.

Amplifiers: Acom 2000A, Expert I.3K-FA.

Antennas: 6M2WLC (9 elements Yagi to 6 Meters), TH7 (7 elements Yagi to 10, 15 and 20 Meters), Dipole to 30, and another Dipole to 40/80 Meters. 

I started as amateur radio in back 1983. My former call was PU1AAJ.

Some of activities are as follow:

- Trindade Island (PY0T), using the call ZZ0TA - April 1990, with Patrick, PP1BG (SK).

- Fernando de Noronha Island (PY0F), using the call PP0F - October 1991, with Kazik, DJ0MCZ.

- Fernando de Noronha Island (PY0F), using the call PU0F - October 1992, with Peter, PY5CC (now PP5XX), Andre, PY0FF and PY2KP, Claudio.

- Fernando de Noronha Island (PY0F), using the call PP0F - April 1995, with Bell, PY1YT (PY1EO - SK)

- Fernando de Noronha Island (PY0F), using the call PY0F/PP1CZ in October 1994, November 1996 and several times from 2013.

- Since September 2017, I have a permanent callsing in Fernando de Noronha Island - PY0FW.

- Tres Ilhas (IOTA SA 067) in 1994 using the call ZZ1CZ. This was the first operation from this IOTA Group Islands.

- Abrolhos Archipelago (IOTA SA 019) as PY0B and PY0A in 1994.

- Itaparica Island (IOTA SA 023) as PY6/PP1CZ in 1991.

- Some special calls I use in the past are: ZZ1CZ, ZW1CZ, PP4P, PR100/PP1CZ, PY500B, PW1Z, ZZ1AA, ZV1CZ.

- I also operated as DJ/PP1CZ and LX/PP1CZ/P.

- XX9B - Macao (Coloane IOTA AS-075) 2018 DX-Pedition team member and QSL manager.

See you on the Bands.

73 from PP1CZ - Leo.

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