The QRZ 20th Anniversary
User Survey Sweepstakes

The Survey is now CLOSED - Thanks to all who participated.

In the past 20 years, one thing that we've learned is that our members appreciate what we do very much. This year, in recognition of our 20th anniversary, we're going to return that appreciation by holding one of the biggest online sweepstakes ever at QRZ.


The winners callsigns and names are posted below next to each prize. If your callsign appears next to a prize, just send an email to sales@qrz.com and we will arrange for the delivery of your prize!

Please click on any of the images below for a full description of each item.

WINNER: K7EFZ, Alan Fielding
ICOM IC-7100
Donated by: Icom America, Inc. and GigaParts
WINNER: N7JS, James Southwick
Donated by: GigaParts
Prize #3
WINNER: W5IPA, Jason Merry
TenTec RF Speech Processor
Donated by: Ten Tec, Inc.
Prize #4, #5
WINNER: JH8RZJ, Kei Matsuda
WINNER: UY0LL, Alexander Doschich
TenTec Regal Desk Microphone (2 prizes)
Donated by: Ten Tec, Inc.
Prize #6
WINNER: KK4FOF, Mark Schumann
Heil PR781
Donated by: Heil Sound Ltd.
Prize #7
WINNER: KB8ZUN, Jeff Evans
Heil BM-10
Donated by: Heil Sound Ltd.
Prize #8
WINNER: AI9Q, Wayne Schuler
Heil Pro Set 3
Donated by: Heil Sound Ltd.
Prize #9
WINNER: JP3DGT, Katsushige Oiji
West Mountain Radio RIGBlaster Advantage
Donated by: West Mountain Radio, Inc.
Prize #10
80 Meter Windom Antenna
Donated by: Associated Radio, Inc.
Prize #11
WINNER: NJ1Y, Don Parker
JetStream JTPS31 Power Supply
Donated by: R & L Electronics
Prize #12
WINNER: N7GT, Greg Galka
2014 ARRL Handbook
Donated by: Ham Radio Outlet, Inc.
Prize #13
WINNER: N7PHM, Ron Gulseth
Maha AA/AAA Deluxe Charger MH-C9000
Donated by: Ham Radio Outlet, Inc.
Prize #14
WINNER: CE3STZ, Marcelo Rodriguez
Arrow Dual Band J-Pole Antenna
Donated by: Ham Radio Outlet, Inc.
Prize #15, #16
WINNER: KB3UWC, Illig Stephen
WINNER: PU3NAT, Matheus Thiel
Ham Radio Hardware $100 Gift Certificate (2 prizes)
Donated by: Ham Radio Hardware
Prize #17
WINNER: KA4FXC, Mark Johnson
7-Band OCF Dipole
Donated by: Ni4L Antennas & Electronics
Prize #18 - #27
WINNER: NQ0S, Stacy Lacy
WINNER: KB3SKM, David Ritchey
WINNER: KG5VW, Johnny Bratt
WINNER: N0RPJ, Dennis Engstrom, Sr
WINNER: KF5RD, Peter Mann
WINNER: WE2M, Paul Rankin
WINNER: W0JLH, Joseph Hon
WINNER: WK8A, John Woodard
WINNER: KI6YUK, David Trotter
Fan-Nan Certificate Holder (10 prizes)
Donated by: Fan Nan Enterprises

Sponsors - additional prizes will be accepted until the survey has closed. If you would like to donate a prize to this sweepstakes, contact the QRZ HQ by email at hq@qrz.com

No Purchase is Necessary to Win any Prize. These sweepstakes are open to ALL registered QRZ members who hold a current, valid amateur radio license issued by a recognized DXCC country. QRZ and/or its sponsors will pay all shipping charges necessary to deliver these prizes. Winners are responsible for any taxes, import duties, etc., associated with the these prizes.

To enter these sweepstakes, you must first complete our online survey of your ham radio hobby and preferences. The survey will be conducted by a reputable third party, SurveyMonkey, who use the highest security and encryption technology to keep your answers and identity secure. You won't be asked for your name, callsign, email address, or any other identifying information while taking the survey.

You will be asked only once to take the survey. Upon completing it, you will automatically be entered into the contest. Contest winners will be notified by email sent to to their private QRZ registration address. The winners will be chosen on December 18th, 2013, in an event that will be held on a live webcast of Bob Heil's Ham Nation show.

Note that these sweepstakes are open to individual operators only and that you may be asked to provide photo identification and proof of licensing to confirm your eligiblity.


Please login to take the survey and enter the sweepstakes.


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