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F5PSI Gaby F5PSI  -  https://www.qrz.com/db/F5PSI

membre du Radio-Club F4KIS (CSRAL) au Lycée A.France - Lillers (62) - (Club Scientifique et Radioamateur d'Artois-Lys)

et de l'association nationale URC (Union des Radio-Clubs, Radioamateurs et Ecouteurs)

Qsl automatically via "e.Qsl" or via french bureau "URC", or direct with SASE

if you choose bureau, please write "via URC bureau" on your card

(URC is the french QSL bureau for the european "EURAO" organisation)


             in Israel in december 2012, travelling through NEGEV desert among brave and friendly camels, and here with a superb "alpaga"  lama


   in Tel-Aviv we met 4X national association orgabizers, as Shalom 4Z4BS            in april 2017 in Denver, CO (USA)  it's not MY Harley-Davidson, hi !

on 17th february 2017, ARRL has valided my Honor Roll award with 330 active entities confirmed  (332 contacted)

and in september 2017, I received the "new design" plaque released by ARRL


my DXCC total score is 335 entities worked (332 active + 3 deleted) and 333 confirmed (330 active + 3 deleted)

8 entities still not contacted (KP5 Desecheo, P5 North Korea, KH3 Johnston, KH9 Wake, KH5 Palmyre & Jarvis, VK0 Macquarie, ZL8 Kermadec, 3D2 Conway Reef)

WORKED All CONTINENTS (7) from 10m to 80m bands - WORKED All CQ ZONES (40) - Worked All ITU ZONES (77)

WORKED All Provinces (11) and Territories (3) of CANADA (including Nunavut, Yukon and North-West Territories)

WORKED All States of AFRICA, Worked All AUSTRALIAN Call Areas (except VK0 Macquarie), WORKED All EUROPE (73 countries)

WORKED All States of USA (50 + 1) mixed modes, WORKED All Districts (10) and Prefectures (47) of JAPAN,

in FT8 mode WORKED all 48 US states "inside mainland" in 7 weeks, between mid-november and 31 december 2017

and the 49th, the state of Alaska finally contacted this Frebuary 8th ! so, only 1 missing now, HI Hawaï !




"... Forget the net, switch on the set, warm it up slow and go, light the tubes, bask in the glow, and surf shortwaves on your old radio …"


         ULTRABEAM 4el motorized (monoband on 5 bands) + 6el 50MHz, DX-BEAM 4el (2el on 40m + 2el on 30m on the same boom),

                TONNA Vhf 11el horizontal, DIAMOND X-7000 vertical Vhf/Uhf/Shf (a real "top of the gun" !)                              


I have been a military radio-teletypist Rtty and Sitor modes operator during army (1967-1968), in french Air Forces HeadQuarters in East of France.

       I became an active Short Wave Listener, end of 1975, when I came back from Ireland to France. The callsign that I received was F11ECZ.

        I was very interested and involved in listening and decoding transmissions of professional utility stations of all kinds.

       I was an associate member of the French club “Amitié-Radio” and I sent most of my listening reports to the well renowned Joerg Klingenfuss,

       author of many works intended for SWL, true "bible" containing all the frequencies Shortwave, with all informations about services.

       This passion for listening was decisive in my future idea to prepare the ham exam. It has been the most important experience for me, listening, and still listening.

       Unfortunately too many ham operators did not travel through this stage so rewarding, and unfortunately our exams for obtaining the license

       do not include any test to prove our "listening skills" and knowledge of all services occupying the entire spectrum decametric.

       It is very important, for example, when you know that we share some bands with other professional services.

       I think this is the BEST experience we need to become a ham, and it should be a part for some questions in the ham exam.


Listening not only to international broadcast stations, but mostly to professional utilty stations,

all professional services as well as mysterious "number stations" with NRD-525, 535, 535-D, Dancom R201,

Icom R70, R71, R9000 receivers, and Pocom 2010, Universal M8000 and Wavecom W4010 decoders.

I was a member of the french national "Short Wave Listeners" association "Amitié-Radio

and I efficiently contributed with my listening reports for the SWL community reviews.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

I lived one year in Ireland in 1975. I worked in Dublin city ("Baile Atha Cliath").

I travelled through the country every week-end to listen to traditional musicians and start training on the fiddle.

I have so good "souvenirs" from my long journey in Ireland, I will never forget :

- the "open mind" of Irish people and their great sense of hospitality

- the tremendous and nervous sensitivity of Irish traditional music and musicians, singers and dancers

- the fabulous beauty of all landscapes that I discovered

- the taste of fabulous draught Guiness !!! Hi !

I started training on the traditional fiddle style in the backrooms of some friendly pubs in Dublin city.

I came back in Ireland on 1977, and with my wife on october 2005. I have also visited Scotland many times.

I'm a self "home made" traditional musician, I learnt music mostly with my ears,

I play traditional music from rural provinces of France on the fiddle and on french pipes (blown with a bellow)

and also irish airs and dance tunes on the fiddle and tin-whistle. My wife plays flute with friends.

My wife Sylvie and I, and on the 6th june 1990, we became licenced operators. My first call was FC1PSI and her call was FC1PSH.

On 7th of january 1991, I was happy to win the ultimate class 1 for "full licence" with the CW exam and then my call  became FD1PSI.

In 1994, all french prefix callsigns have been modified, the FC1... became F1... and the FD1... became F5... 

The previous F2, F3, F5, F6, F8 were not modified. So Sylvie's callsign changed for F1PSH and mine changed for F5PSI.

After having been a military teletype operator, I was really involved in teletype modes,

first as SWL since 1976 and then as ham operator since 1990.

(my great pleasure, in the 90's, discovering my first FT1000D, such a marvel of reception quality in my ears and hands !)

I have been first a Short Wave Listener since 1976, enthusiast for broadcasting stations and teletype utility stations,

and I am the happy owner of two portable receivers, considered as really serious and "true" short waves receivers,

the legendary Sony ICF-2001D and the new flagship Eton E1



my first trip on EU-057 Cezembre Island in north Brittany in 1998 with my wife and our 3 children, I brought my FT1000D !

    I had a second trip on EU-157 Cezembre Island  in 2000, with Laurent F5PSG and Tamara F/RW6HOE from Caucasus

  Have a look below, this is a small current panorama of some of my "radio DX friends" contacted all over the world

          E41MT Maï and E41WT Walaa


Radio-Club of the Space center of Tinian in Marianna Islands,                        W0RW Colorado (I've been there in 2017)

                                                              SU1SK radio-club with scouts in Egypt


                    ZZ8P in the mountains                             my friend Yannick F1TUJ with family in Vietnam as XV4Y


Have a look below on some older Qsl cards, with a particular mention about my regular monthly activity during 5 years,

in 5 college schools. F6KMG was an "itinerant" club station "workshop" for the students discovering Short Waves World.

In 1999, with the help of my friend Hervé F6DFB, I discovered the fabulous revolutionary concept of the PC soundcard.

Hervé was the first in our department to discover and practice PSK31 (created by Peter Martinez G3PLX).

A few days after the first "public" QSOs of Peter Martinez G3PLXfollowing the trace of SP9VRC, and exchanging with Murray ZL1BPU

and his "fuzzy modes" and with Nino IZ8BLY, Mako JE3HHT, Nick UT2UZ and others ... , I joined Hervé in the mood.

Many thanks to all these GREAT ham radio creators of new modes !!! We must never forget their works for the whole community.

After a break during some years, I recently decided in 2013 to "restart" furiously in these digital modes. 

I'm now a member of the 30m Digital Group as #1696and also of EPC, the European Phase Shift Keying Club, as #14618.

I've been a team-member in the following radio-clubs or "special event" calls : 



TM175PO - TM60AT (Alex Turing) - TM160NT (Nikola Tesla) - TM10ISS TM17BTB - TM20CC

I travelled to (and I've been sometimes active from) Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Belgium, Germany,

Nederlands, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Israel, USA (Colorado) and some IOTA french islands

EU-058 (Sainte-Marguerite), EU-048 (Belle-Île en Mer) and EU-157 (Cézembre).

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

My QSL info : via e.Qsl or via french "URC bureau" (french bureau of EURAO)

You must write on your qsl "via URC bureau". I'm also QRV direct if needed, in this case send me a SASE

(Self Addressed Stamped Envelop) with sufficient postage fee for the way back in your country.

on this picture, in october 2005, during the national meeting "HamExpo" (in Auxerre, France) :

on left side my (blind) friend F5PC Jean-Luc (silent key now) and XYl Annick ;

on right side Sylvie F1PSH and I, with the "demonstration model" of the superb FTDX-9000D.

Two monthes later, in december 2005, we received our model. I do think that the D model of 9000 series

(with all options installed as standard) is "THE 8th marvel of Ham Dx-World" !!!

We enjoy our 9000D, fully updated from the PEP program, and associated to the Yaesu Quadra VL/VP1000 amplifier.

Other "tools" are the superb double loudspeaker SP9000, and these microphones, new Yaesu M1 "reference", Shure SM7B, Heil PR781,

Yaesu MD200 and Icom SM20. Some morse keys, Kenpro KP-200, Gerhard Schurr Profi-II and Bencher BY2.


  my wife Sylvie F1PSH and I              some of my keys, even if I'm NOT a great CW op !! but I try

End of 2012, we bought a second transceiver, the new Icom 9100fully loaded with all options as 1,2gHz, DV Star/DV mode, and roofing filters, etc...

Icom has released the super flagship in the "from HF to 1.2gHz rigs" market. The Yaesu Quadra amplifier is now able to be driven either by the FTDX9000D

or by the Icom 9100, with the help of Hong DS1PDF, creative and friendly ham from South Korea, who made a very useful interface (visit his site).

Digimodes are emulated on the two rigs with HamRadioDeLuxe and DigitalMaster 780 with the 2 superb new Digibox2 v.2.3 from Theo F/YO8RCM.

The "heart" of my receiving station is the "pure drop" Icom R-9000with Windom and AH7000 antennas

Antennas installed are :

Ultrabeam 4el 20m to 6m (6el on 50MHz) - DxBeam 4el 40/30m (2el 40m/2el 30m) from F6ARC

Windom 6 bands - Dipole for 80m band - Sloper W8AMZ 160m - Ultrabeam vertical 40m to 6m  

Diamond X7000 vertical (VHF/UHF/SHF) and X700H vertical VHF-UHF - PRO-XL Tonna horizontal 11el VHF

DX-BEAM 4el (2 on 40m and 2 on 30m) by Olivier F6ARC, and the ULTRABEAM 4el 5b + 6el on 50MHz

(at the base of the pylone, the engine for elevation, the winch, the electric box and the alu protection against rain)

(my good friend Cyril, the "aluminium solderer" who ran my project become reality)

The pylone is a heavy self-supporting in strengthened aluminium, 18 meters high, telescopic 3 elements, on a base for 24 meters.

The 1000kg manual winch is now associated with the Bonfiglioli electric motor. The rotator is the new Ultrabeam UB-OneS.

HHJ= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Since my "beginnings" as a "Short Wave Listener" in 1976, I had a great pleasure to discover

a lot of receivers and transmitters, small or big, all along my "Swl and Ham radio life", about 65 !

and the fun is still going on with those few still here in the shack !  

Below are some awards pictures that I've been very honored to receive, and some results in contests :

1st french station in BARTG RTTY Sprint 2001, 2nd french station in SP DX RTTY Contest 2001

3rd french station in CQ WW RTTY WPX 2001, 1st french station in SARTG New Year RTTY 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004

1st 40m SSB in french national "Coupe du REF" 2006 and 2011, 2nd 40m SSB in french national "Coupe du REF" 2003 and 2014




   TM175PO / GB175PO (august-september 2012) - The special event call TM175PO / GB175PO

     celebrating the 175 years of the P&O shipping company "Peninsular and Oriental Lines"


      It consisted in radio traffic transmissions during the crossing of the channel and in the harbors of between Dover and Calais.

     The initiative for this special activity came from, on english side, the Radio Club of Dover, supported by the RSGB

     and on french side, the CSRAL (Scientific and Amateur Radio Club in Artois-Lys, Radio Club F4KIS).

     The hospitality aboard the ship-ferry "Spirit of Britain" by of all staff members, at all levels of responsability

     (captain, communication director, technicians and service agents) is a good example of brotherhood and human understanding.


     The entire "team radio" Anglo-French was composed with M0PAM Armando, G4LQY Erwin, M0OZH Michael and his wife Kate M3 ...

     and their daughter Louise, 10 years old, M6LYL (youngest british amateur radio ham at that time !), Irwin, Bob and Ian,

     F1PSH Sylvie, Alain F6AGV, F5LTQ Patrick, F5PSI Gaby and Nicolas F4GYW.


F5PSI Gaby giving to young Mathieu F4HDV the very last informations before the contact with the ISS Station

and spationaut Chris Hartley KC5RNJ, on 9th march 2013, for the « Lycée Anatole France » of Lillers.

After having passed successfully the examination for his license, a few weeks earlier,

Mathieu received his superb callsign just some days before the contact with ISS, at the age of 16 years.

So he was authorized to speak directly with Chris Hartley, who has been his first contact !


During our recent trip to Martin Lynch & Sons, Staines (UK)

A team of vendors, consultants and engineers, all animated by a real "ham spirit" who can take their time

to learn and describe materials with precision and technicality, and all patiently to serve the many visitors and client.
Thank you to all the team for the warm welcome and pleasant moments spent with you and even visit your workshop.


Hope to meet you soon "on the air from France".

Friendly yours, 73.

Gaby F5PSI


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