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QSL: LoTW preferred.

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Me, 2015 in my Assistant Fire Chief's Uniform.Catch me on 20m, 30m & 40m (sometimes 80m) CW!

A Note about QSLing:   Please QSL using LoTW.  If you want to send aDXCC Card Checker card you may send it DIRECT or via the Bureau.  But I prefer LoTW, so that I can get my points towards DXCC.  If you want a card for your shack,  just ask.  I QSL 100% in return and I don't ask for any IRC's or money. I am just happy to send you one free of charge... although an SAE (Self Addressed Envelope) is always appreciated.

You can view my collection of eQSL Cards by clicking here.

MY QUEST FOR AWARDS:  In February 2014 I set up my station again at my house in Stamford, CT.  Nothing much, an Icom IC-756 Pro II running WN1TNK issued in 1974, when I was 14 years old !100 watts into an End Fed Zepp up at 9m (30 feet) I had a lot on my plate in my private life, so to get my mind off of things I set a personal goal to see how many awards I could earn in one year.  I had been on the air for 40 years and never kept track of QSO's or award standings.  But, I figured this was a good opportunity, with the advent of LoTW, N3FJP ACLogs, QRZ and other online resources, to give it a try.  Originally my goal was to try and get DXCC (confirmed) in 12 months.  Well, some family issues came up in that summer and I was off the air for 3 months.  But since then I have put a lot of effort into this,  making at least 5 contacts a day, most of which are on CW.  Was it worth it...?  Yes, I think it was, but now I'm hooked !  Since I wrote this, I sold my IC-756 Pro II and bought a new Icom IC-7300  and I recently installed a new End Fed Half Wave for 80m-10m!
GOING MOBILE !: In September 2017, I decided to try my hand at HF Mobile, SSB and CW.  I am using an FT-891 and an ATAS 120A Screwdriver antenna and a CS-800 DMR.  See my MESSY installation.  No comments please, the truck has 236,000 miles and is running great !
My FT-891 HF/All Mode, CS-800 DMR radio & Vibroplex Paddles.    -      My 2005 Chevy Colorado with ATAS-120A & Home Made Mount.
Bragging Rights:  After 40 years on the air, I finally started keeping track of my QSO's in Feb. 2014.
Since then I've received the following awards, most of them in the first year:
  • DXCC-Mixed #60,414 (161 confirmed)
  • DXCC-CW #22,594 (144 confirmed)
  • DXCC-20m Endorsement (120 confirmed)
  • DXCC-Phone (90 confirmed ) I'm Working on it !
  • DXCC-Digital (9 confirmed ) I'm Working this too !
  •  Centenial Point Challange Award (4670 Pts)
  • QRZ DX100 (Mixed)
  • QRZ DX100 (CW)
    • eDX (91 Confirmed)
    • ePFX360
  • Worked All States (WAS)
    • CW
    • Mixed
  • QRZ USA50 
    • Mixed
    • CW
  • Worked All Continents (WAC)
    • CW
    • Phone
    • Mixed
  • QRZ Continents of the World
    • 20 Meters MixedDXCC Mixed
    • 40 Meters Mixed
    • 30 Meters Mixed
    • 20 Meters CW
    • 30 Meters CW
    • Mixed Phone
    • 40 Meters Phone
  • CQ World Prefix Award (WPX
    • CW Worldwide (507)
    • CW 14 MHz (341)
    • CW North America (196)
    • Mixed (674)
    • Mixed 14 MHz (434)
    • Mixed Europe (323)
    • Mixed North America (258)
  • QRZ Grid Square Award
    • 40 Meters Mixed
    • 20 Meters Mixed
    • 40 Meters CW
    • 20 Meters CW
    • Mixed Phone
  • Straight Key Century Club (SKCC
    • Centurion
    • Tribune  
  • United States Counties Awards 
    • 250 Counties Mixed
    • 100 Counties Mixed
    • 100 Counties Phone
    • 100 Counties CW
13 Colonies 2017
A little about me:    I received my Novice license (WN1TNK) more than 43 years ago, on May 28, 1974, at age 14. A year later I became WA1TNK My Modified UR5CDX CT755S paddle.when I passed my General Class License test at the old FCC field office in NYC, down on Christopher Streeet. Since then, I'veMy Babies. held many calls, finally ending up with K1TA. And yes, there have been quite a few callsigns over the years. I enjoy CW on HF and building antennas. On weekends I like to participate in contests, and while I rarely submit my logs but I love making a few quick contacts for the log.  I also collect straight keys, bugs, sideswipers and paddles.  Click here to take a look at my Code Key Collection. I am also into DMR Radio. Click here to view my DMR Resource page.  I am also into APRS in the truck.  You can see where I am on the APRS.fi map @ K1TA-6 & K1TA-9
GNARC RADIO CLUB: On Saturday mornings (0900-1200) and Wednesday evenings (1800-2100) we open our club station to anyone that would like to visit, operate or just rag chew in person.  The Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club, Emergency Communications Center, 100 Fairfield Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854.  Click here for map and directions.
This year I'm the GNARC President. I'm very excited for the year ahead !
Firefighting: I have been a firefighter since 1976.  I started out and remain an active volunteer with the Belltown Fire Dept.
I was a career firefighter/Fire Marshal for 5 years back in the 1980's.  I was the Assistant Chief for years and currently I am
the department's Chief Safety Officer.  In addition, I am a firefighter/driver of Engine-7, in Westchester, where I work now.
We run a small brigade covering about 2 square miles of county buildings.  I love firefighting, it has always been a big part of my life. My son Matt is 25 now and he's also a Fire Captain and full time Police (911) Dispatcher in Greenwich, Connecticut (keeping it in the family). I am a very, very proud dad. Now to convince him to get his Ham Ticket !!!

I Subscribe to the DX Code of Conduct.

My Station:  On HF I'm running an Icom IC-7300  and an 80-10 End Fed Half Wave. I'm on UHF DMR. I use a Motorola XPR-7550 portable, a Motorola XPR-5550 for my pickup truck (my truck runs APRS) and a CSI CS-800 for my Jeep Cherokee. I can be found on Southern New England (SNE) on the New England DMR MARC Network.

Volunteer Examiner:  I'm an ARRL-VE, a W5YI-VE and for commerical licenses (COLEM) a National Radio Examiners NRE-VE.

Union Lodge #5 Stamford, CTUnion Lodge #5 Stamford, CT
Other interests:   In addition to Ham Radio, I like restoring vintage radios, digital photography, shooting handguns and watching sports on TV. I've been a Firefighter/EMT since 1976 as a career firefighter and as a volunteer.  I'm also a Freemason (Union Lodge 5 AF&AM) my lodge is located in Stamford, CT and a Shriner in Milford, Connecticut.

My Professional Life:  I am the Radio Systems Manager for the Westchester County NY, Department of Emergency Services where I manage a Motorola Trunk System, several simulcast repeaters and several InterOperability systems systems. In addition to my Ham license, I hold several professional licenses including: 
  • FCC Amateur Extra Class: K1TA
  • FCC GROL with Radar: #PG00018276
  • FCC 2nd Telegraph with Radar: #T200000108
  • FCC GMDSS Operator/Maintainer with Radar: #DB00000423
  • FCC GMRS Licensee: WQET598
  • FCC Marine Coastal Station Licensee: WQEY245
  • Certified Electronic Technician (CET & Connecticut State V2)
  • APCO Public Safety Radio Technician (PSRT)
  • Certified Broadcast Technician (CBT) Society of Broadcast Engineers
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)


 Here are some of my websites

Download my Free APP Name: Tom's Scanner
Download Beta APP from this site for FREE            Download APP from Google Play Store for FREE



My Shack - Simple but effective.

Here is my Station, as of May 2017. I'm using the Icom IC-7300 & Yaesu PS-757 power supply.
I use a Kangaroo PlusMobile Mini PC for to run N3FJP logging software.There is a second Kangaroo
connected to a Uniden Scanner that feeds audio to my website and APP @  StamfordFireRadio.com
My antennas are pictured below.  I am using a MyAntennas.com End Fed Half Wave, the wire
is 130' long at 30' high. I also have a 6m/2m/70cm Vertical which is connected to the scanner.
My Remote Shack, July 2017
iPad Remote
My station being remote controlled from my iPad Mini using Icom RS-BA1 software, LogMeIn.com remote
Desktop website and Skype to carry audio back and forth.
My Antenna Farm ! (LOL)
MAY 2, 2017 UPDATE:  I started using a "MyAntennas.com" EFHW-8010, 130' End Fed Half Wave @ 8.5m high. 
If you look at the pictures above you can see the 49:1 Balun and my Common Mode RF Choke mounted below.
I don't know why but this antenna works better than my dipoles on ALL bands.  Kudos to Danny Horvat, E73M,
owner and developer of MyAntennas.com for figuring out just how to build a very efficeint 49:1 Balun. 
Me and my beautiful wife Trish. She's a good one !
Me, on my 2006 Harley Davidson 1200c Sportster.


My Masonic Tattoo, which I got in December 2014

Me and the guys from my fire house.


Me at work after a working house fire 2013.



Life Member / Diamond Club Member of the ARRL
President of the Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club, W1NLK & N1EV @ GNARC.org
Member and former Trustee of the Stamford Amateur Radio Association, W1EE @ CTSARA.org
Trustee of the QLF CW Operators Club, K1QLF @ K1QLF.com

A Tribute to my Mentor
John Henry Stokes - W1MQA
April 12, 1914 - February 7, 1995
I grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut back in the 1960's and early 70's. From 1965-1972 I was an elementry school student at Hamilton Avenue School.  Back then, I would watch Hogan's Hero's and wanted to be Sgt. "Kinch" Kinchlow, the P.O.W. camp radio operator.  When I was 9 or 10, my father won an all-band receiver which I used to listen to shortwave broadcasts.  One day I stumbled on some old time AM'ers on 75 meters. That's where I first heard Chuck WA1EKV (now K1KW) and received my first SWL QSL card.  By age 11 I was hooked and obsessed with ham radio operators and wanted to be one too. My dad had a friend named George Buzel (K1LZZ) who was also a ham.  I remember seeing George's Connecticut license plate with the "Lightning bolt" on it and I wanted one when I grew up.  At about this time, around 1970 or so,  a man named John Henry Stokes, a ham, who ran a Motorola two-way radio repair shop, moved his business to St. Roch's Avenue.  I passed the place every day to and from school.  One day as I was coming home I walked in as he was moving his shop into the store front.  I started talking to him and ended up hanging out in his shop every chance I could get.  Mr. Stokes realized that I wanted to be a ham and that I knew nothing about electronics. I would ask questions and watch him do repairs for hours some days. Without fail, any time I had a question or didn't know how to do something, Mr. Stokes would stop what he was doing and sit down and explain it to me on my level.  He taught me everything he could, including how to use a slide rule to calculate logarithms at age 12!  He would also tell me how it was important to be a well rounded person, and how he had many interests and hobbies.  He was a private pilot, which I also thought was facinating.  When I finally passed my novice test in 1974, I told Mr. Stokes and I could tell he was proud of me.  Later, at age 22 and right out of school, I landed my first real job with the Stamford Fire Department as an Electronic Technician taking care of two-way radios and fire alarm boxes on the streets.  As soon as I found out that I got the job I drive to Greenwich to tell Mr. Stokes... and again, I could tell he was like a proud popa.
Mr. Stokes retired and closed up his shop and we lost touch back in the 1990's.  One day I wanted to get in touch with him so I did a little research and found that he had passed away just shy of his 81st birthday.  The year I wrote this, 2014, Mr. Stokes would have been 100 years old.  I really loved Mr. Stokes.  He was a great person.  I wish I could have seen him before he passed away back in 1995 but I was too late.
John Henry Stokes, W1MQA, was a wonderful man, everyone should have such a mentor ( Elmer ).
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QRZ Logbook Summary for - K1TA
Latest Contacts for K1TA at QRZ.com
dedateband mode grid Country op
P40L 2018-03-02 15m SSB FK52al Aruba John A. Fore
M0SDV 2018-03-02 20m SSB England Jamie Williams
V26K 2018-03-01 20m SSB FN20ei Antigua and Barbuda JOSEPH TRENCH
CO8ZV 2018-03-01 20m SSB FL10vu Cuba YUNIEL BATISTA LEYVA
V26K 2018-03-01 15m SSB FN20ei Antigua and Barbuda JOSEPH TRENCH
V47JA 2018-03-01 20m SSB FK87pg St Kitts and Nevis JOHN ABBRUSCATO
H72DX 2018-03-01 20m SSB EK71au Nicaragua MARK WY1G - JIM WB2REM
OT4A 2018-03-01 20m SSB JO21sd Belgium THEO BEMELMANS
N4UP 2018-02-27 40m SSB FM07vb United States Peter Lunn
ZS6DJD 2018-02-23 20m SSB South Africa Dior Juselius
LZ5R 2018-02-17 20m CW KN22ie Bulgaria LZ1KFM CONTEST CALL
SO2R 2018-02-17 20m CW Poland SP2FAXs Contest Callsign
EF1A 2018-02-17 20m CW IN53vk Spain Contest Call
NP2N 2018-02-17 20m CW EN32ea United States GEORGE OSTER
CR3W 2018-02-17 20m CW Madeira Island Santana RRDXA Contest Team

Book Totals: 4287 qso's   2180 confirmed Get a free logbook at QRZ.COM

United States Counties Award#1097
Granted: 2016-07-19 18:12:58   (K1TA)

  • 100 Counties CW
  • 250 Counties CW
  • 100 Counties Mixed
  • 250 Counties Mixed
  • 100 Counties Phone
DX World Award#1635
Granted: 2015-04-02 13:00:02   (K1TA)

  • 20 Meters CW
  • Mixed CW
  • 20 Meters Mixed
United States Award#761
Granted: 2015-02-26 20:15:02   (K1TA)

  • Mixed CW
Grid Squared Award#4610
Granted: 2015-02-26 13:20:02   (K1TA)

  • 15 Meters Mixed
  • 20 Meters Mixed
  • 40 Meters Mixed
  • 20 Meters CW
  • 40 Meters CW
  • 20 Meters Phone
  • 40 Meters Phone
  • Mixed Phone
World Continents Award#1029
Granted: 2015-01-20 06:19:37   (K1TA)

  • 20 Meters CW
  • 30 Meters CW
  • 20 Meters Mixed
  • 30 Meters Mixed
  • 40 Meters Mixed
  • 40 Meters Phone
  • Mixed Phone
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