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OK, I have uploaded to eQSL since they have added FT8 as a valid more.  From what I gather, LotW is waiting on official approval of the mode before they will add it to LotW.  I could change everything to DATA and upload now, but I have heard from some hams that when they try to correct uploads they get a 'duplicate file' message and cannot modify the record at all.  I'd rather wait and upload when they have everything squared away to eliminate any problems.  From what I gather, ARRL is waiting until FT8 is recognized as an official mode before thay allow the mode in LotW, and said changes could take at least a few weeks to implement.  

The speed of FT8 is causing a problem for me....I am getting 'behinder and behinder' on getting paper cards out.  Bear with me as I do my best - but I am extremely busy right now at work.  I will try and get the Dauphin Island (IOTA) and Ft Morgan Lighthouse QSl fards out first, then see how fast I can catch up on regular cards.  


07-August-2017 Critical Update

I'm waiting to update my logs until I know for sure that JT8 mode will be accepted as a 'valid' mode.  Made just under 200 contacts this weekend and maybe 300 or so total in the last week or so.   Thanks to JT-Alert's developer VK3AMA for including support for HRD 6.+ logging.  Yes, I understand it is a one-time event, but it still helps me, and I'm still grateful.  I tried LOG4OM, but for whatever reason (I'm blaming Windows 10!) WCF will not start no matter what I do. 


02-August-2017 Update 

   I am now operating in the FT-8 digital mode mainly on 40m in the late evenings and early mornings, and on 20m when I happen to be up during daytime hours.  Its a great new mode, very similar to JT-65 but you don't have to wait 'for the paint to dry'!  

     One aside is that the automatic sequencing is a Godsend for the quick 15 second exchanges, but there seems to be a bit of confusion for new hams.  With JT-65, some people mistakenly were under the impression that 'RRR' stood for repeat.  THIS IS NOT THE CASE.  I repeat: This. Is. Not. The. Case.    It comes from RTTY and stands for ROGER ROGER ROGER (All recieved)! I had one exchange tonight where one ham diligently repeated my signal report when the automatic progression feature sent him RRR.... 16 times!!!! The program sent RRR expecting to see a '73' message , but instead he kept sending a signal report so the automatic kept sending RRR since it accurately received the report. (RRR / -17 / RRR / -17 / RRR / -17 ..... and I had to step away from the radio for an emergency call.   -He finally gave up.  Personally, in JT-65/JT-9 I disliked using RRR because of the confusion it sometimes caused.  

     Another annoying (to me, at least) is what I call tail-jumping.  Thats when either (1) someone jumps in calling one of the stations in a QSO before the 73's have been exchanged, or (2) when someone bails after they see RRR to they can jump to another QSO.  I like to see the 73's so I know that you have everything and are satisified we have had a valid QSO.  And if you call me at the end of a QSO with someone else and I have not sent 'CQ' after ... I may have had to step away from the radio since it was on autopilot and thus I wont catch your call to me.  


I operated from Dauphin Island, Alabama  as an IOTA station and from FT Morgan as a lighthouse on the air recently; I will post pics and details of that operation very soon and will get out QSL cards for those that exchange them as soon as I can.  Thank you for your patience. 



QSL cards are going out .... (2-20-2017)

     I sent a batch out to the BURO 2-20-2017 and I am completely caught up with all buro cards in the system heading your way!

     I am working to get out all direct (Non-SASE) cards out as fast as I can.

     LOTW and eQSL are up to date, and I will update the 'other' electronic versions as as soon as I can locate the passwords. :\


Lighthouse activation (10-08-2016):

I did a lighthouse acivation at Ft. Morgan, Alabama at Mobile Point Light, USA-1256.  Equipment used was an Icom IC-706 (original model), LDG Z-100 antenna tuner, LDG 4:1 Unun, and an S9 Antennas 31' 40m vertical antenna.  To mount the antenna I have a sturdy board that I mounted a pipe flange to.  I drive my car onto the board, screw the metal pipe into the flange, extend the S9 antenna to its 31' length and simply slip the fiberglass mast onto the pole ... it just takes a few minutes to deploy.  Salt water and vertical antennas are a fantastic combination !!! 

I am working on a go-kit project, but this 'minimalist' approach worked much better than i had hoped.  Only caveat was that I used the hybrid car to charge one of the two batteries I had bought with me after I had depleted it: I had to go off the air since the hybrid motor puts out tremendous levels of static and it was impossible to hear anyone until I was able to shut the car off. 




Station Improvements (2016):

I found a great hamfest deal on some old used 1280 x 1024 monitors and put some obsolescent PCI graphics cards in my computer to bring the monitor count up to six.  Older graphics cards do just fine for this application, since the graphics workload is very light.  Now I can pretty much display anything I want at the same time.  I also took some time to make some other station improvements,  and am still in the process of changing things around a bit.  



The radio stack is 90 degrees from the operating station, everything is still at my fingertips.  I love the addition of the Kenwood TS-130SE under the IC-756 Pro.  The rotor control in the background is for a K4KIO hexbeam that needs to be put on a Rohn 50' push up mast as soon as some roof repairs get completed.  



This is what the shack used to look like before I made the modifications.  I'll try and update this picture when I have a chance.  


Thanks for visiting my qrz.com webpage! I am most typically found on HF, usually on PSK31 or other digimodes on 40m, 30m, 20m, & 15m right now.  I've just started delving into JT-65 and JT-9 so bear with me as I climb the learning curve. :)  

Update: now its a flat-out addiction!  JT modes ROCK !!

I am also active on SSB primarily on the 3905 Century Club (40 & 80m) and OMISS (40m).

----->>> 06-September 2016 Update <<<-----

MY QSL Policy Changes

For ALL contacts, I upload to LotW and eQSL (AG).  If you aren't using those services now ... you may change your mind later; and the contact will be in the database waiting for you. 

Please, everyone, check your qrz.com page in regards to QSL instructions.  There are a lot of hams out there that haven't posted any instructions on their QRZ.com page! If you don't say how you'd like to exchange, I'll submit lotw/eQSL only.

DX Stations I will do my best to honor your requested means of exchange.  I am good in the BURO, and use it to send out paper cards on a regular basis.  If you live in a country that does not use/have a buro and stated that you want a paper card (or I need a paper card),  I will send direct.  If you need green stamps let me know, but the USA Post office no longer sells IRCs.  

Stations requiring SASE If you also exchange electronic confirmation via LotW, I will default to that means first.  For USA stations requiring SASE, since I have to send the SASE as first class mail and cover my postage, YOUR postage back to me, AND two envelopes ... the card you receive will be a basic card.  You have your expense issues, obviously, and I have mine.  :) 

Stations stating direct/100% reply:  I will send you a high quality color card printed on sturdy 14pt card stock.  If you are a USA station, this will be sent as a postcard.  The savings that I gain from sending as a postcard vs sending as first class mail is what makes it possible for me to send you such a high-quality card. Please note that my high quality cards are printed on 4x6 card stock and will not fit in the 'dinky' envelopes.  

OMISS/3905 Century Club/SOTA, etc:  I have designed special QSL cards for when I operate under these clubs/organizations.  The Cards conform in all manner to any required exchange information, and club rules regarding methods of QSL exchange will be followed.  As of this writing I am good in both the 3905cc and OMISS buros.  The cards are printed on my color laser printer with the logo of the club printed on them, and are smaller so they WILL fit in the dinky envelopes.  

Special Event Station:  When I operate as a special event station, I design a special QSL card for that event. For my QSL card, I will either print my design using a 600x600 color laserjet printer on card stock or I may send the image to a photo printing service and have 4x6 color photos made and sent as a card.  This means that I may send the QSL cards out as postgards or as 1st class mail.  


If I have a choice, I prefer paper QSL cards.  If your qrz.com pages says you exchange paper cards and do digital QSO exchange too; I'll do both.  The same holds true for DX/Buro contacts.  If your qrz.com states SASE and digital, you'll just get digital confirmation only unless I need your call, state, grid zone, or whatever, then I'll send paper.   



----->>> 28-Aug-2016 Update <<<-----

I just received confirmation that my callsign renewal was approved by the FCC. Its hard to believe its been 10 years already !!! 

I just completed some station re-configurations and I'm back on the air. I added a new (old) radio .. .I picked up a Kenwood TS-130SE at field day and plan to use it as my 'casual SSB radio' for general ragchew and worked all states (WAS) nets like the 3905 Century Club and OMISS.  At this time I am good in the 3905 Century Club buro but have *not* applied for a membership number yet. My OMISS number is 10785 and I am good in the OMISS buro and I count for First Responder credit.  



73 de KI3N


The primary QSL card I send out is displayed in the upper right across for my call sign.  Here are a few of my other QSL cards that I have available.  





I was an 'instant' General Class ham as of Feb 27th, 2006; having sat and passed my Technician, code test, and the General class exams in a single day (and all on the first try). Just a little over six years into the hobby/obsession, it seems that there is still an endless variety of new things for me to try or experiment on!

*** I upgraded to Amateur Extra in September 2006, and applied for and was granted a vanity call sign! All of the 1x2 and 2x1 calls were taken in the fourth call area, so I opted for KI3N. My old call sign being KI4NVN; its almost the same with just a few of the suffix letters lopped off and the call area changed from '4' to '3'. I'm still in four-land, though. The new QTH allows me to deploy the following antennas: an 80m dipole, about 23m high, supported between two oak trees;  a K4KIO hexbeam for 20-17-15-12-10-6m, 50' high on A Rohn R-50 push-up mast; a Hustler 5btv trap vertical antenna (no radials) , a Diamond x200 vertical antenna and a Jetstream 2m/70cm 17' vertical antenna. Seasonally, I also deploy a Alpha-Delta 160m-80m-40m-30m sloper.

For portable operation I have a G5RV, a S-9 31' vertical antenna, an LNR precision EF-QUAD 40-20-15-10, and a 20m dipole antenna.  The S9 vertical is great for operating at the beach ... all that saltwater makes for a fantastic ground plane.  

When operating mobile I will either be using my ATAS-100 or hamsticks.  

So far, I love working the various state QSO parties, doing light contesting, working the digital modes all hours of the morning and night, and the occasional ragchew on SSB and PSK31. If you hear any slow CW, thats probably me...my send and receive are going to need some practice, so any CW operators I work -- thanks for your patience in advance. I'm proud of passing the code test and plan to work more CW as time allows. I'm also very active with PSK, MFSK 16, Feld-Hell, and RTTY, with the addition of a Tigertronics SL1+ to my equipment 'arsenal'. Oh, by the way, Ham Radio Deluxe and Digital Master 780 ROCKS!



My Psk Setup, with VOAPROP Also running:





My main rig is an Icom 756 Pro, which sees the lion's share of use for contesting, working the digital modes, and for 'serious' amateur radio. The 756 Pro is a awesome rig for anyone that wants to dabble in contesting and experimenting in the digital modes. I don't know how many times those adjustable filters have helped me pull out a weak one from the herd on psk31, or how many times my voice has been saved by the speech recording features of the Icom. I also have an IC-706 (original model) that I use as a secondary rig with a handy home-built interface box to I can run the rig with foot controls and use a inexpensivce computer-style desk mic. Its a great setup for operation hands-free when I serve as a NCS. I also have a Kenwood TM-D710a used to send/receive APRS traffic and as a general monitoring platform.  Just recently, I've also added a Kenwood TS-130SE that will service as my primary ragchew and casual SSB station.  


My secondary radio position has been updated for digital modes! I now have the FT-857d interfaced to a Dell 4600 PC and running the last free version of Ham Radio Deluxe. My "fun" radios, mainly the Kenwood TS-120s and a restored Heathkit HW-8 operate from this position. Also, almost inpossible to see is a IC-2200h VHF rig with D-Star, capable of running d-Rats. For a good ragchew I love the classic sytle and simplicity of my old Kenwood TS-120s, which is a pretty decent rig when I want to run my Hi-Mound HK-706 straight key. My tuner is an MFJ-941e VersaTuner II. The Laptop shown is an 'ancient' Dell 233MHZ laptop that is still useful to display spots or propagation. The antenna is an 5BTV antenna w/o radials. I used to operate mobile HF with the Yaesu FT-857d and an ATAS 100 for 6m-40m, and a set of hamsticks tuned for 75m and 80m... until I got a hybrid car. Now I can operate 'stationary' mobile, but when the electric assist motor is running I copy static on the HF bands.

Kickin' it old-school!


I like to do a fair amount of 'mountain-topping' ... theres a nice scenic overlook that does wonders for a mobile antenna! When your mobile antenna is only 4-8' tall, it helps to get it up to about 1500' asl. Mainly for checkins into the 3905CC on 75m & 40m or to test out my emergency field operations gear, but I've done some DX from up 'on high' as well. One of these days I plan to try my hand at VHF contesting from up there with a portable yagi or moxon antenna. I also just added the ability to go mobile PSK, so thats something new for me to play with!

Mountaintop Mobile!

I also work some local 2m on my Yaesu VX-2R or my Icom 2200H (with the UT-118 D-Star Digital Module installed). I have D-RATS set up and can have it running at a moment's notice. I also have EchoLink up and running as well but I rarely use that mode unless there's a compelling reason.

I'm also involved in ARES/RACES and disaster assistance, which ties nicely into my primary occupation as a Police Communications Officer. I currently hold the positions or Calhoun County RACES Assistant Commander, Calhoun County ARES Assistant Emergency Coordinator, and serve as one of the net control stations on the weekly training net. I am also a trained stormspotter and participate in SKYWARN. Our group has been very active lately, having worked thru several major tornado outbreaks; the most devastating of which was April 27th, 2011.

I'm fully NIMS compliant, and have so far taken the ARECC level 1 and level 2. I'm also an active member of the CCARA (Calhoun County Area Repeater Assoc), home of the first U S D-star net! Time allowing, I really enjoy providing communications support for many local events as an amateur volunteer, such as the the Cheaha Ultra Marathon, the Woodstock 5k, and the Cheaha Challenge, and all have been a blast!


As far as amateur radio clubs go, I'm a member of the following:  


New Club Membership: I am OMISS member 10785 !!

(links broken. Will fix them as I migrate images to my new web site)



# 5530

# 849 # 4918 # 1519 # 1730 # 824 # 8217


# 0948 # 1237 # 5100

# 3188





Feld Hell Cards I use are:



AND my SKCC Card :)

SKCC 4918


I'd like to also mention my 'long-distance' Elmer .... John Oscar, AE9DX. Not only was he one of the very first people in my logbook, but he has been extremely helpful in answering all of those new ham questions and has been a plethora of knowledge and assistance. Thanks, John....I appreciate it.

Also, I'd like to mention Randall Landers, KG4EUD as sort of an 'inspirational' Elmer of sorts. His unswerving dedication to amateur radio and disaster communications have been a driving force in this area.

QSL Information

I will 100% return any received QSL cards direct - it may take some time but I will get it done! I upload to eQSL, and am "Authenticity Guaranteed".  I do not automatically upload to any o fthe online services yet until I have a chance to review the logs for errors.  

I have last uploaded my logs to HRDlog.net, Clublog.net, eQSL.cc, QRZ.com, and HamLog.eu on ...


I usually upload my logs to eQSL and LotW either the same day or very soon after.

I try and send out cards to every station that I work, but with so many stateside stations requiring SASE the cost is becoming prohibitive. I can afford MY hobby, but financing YOURS is problematic.


I like to create new QSL cards and have several different designs handy, and I'm updating or making new designs all the time. Currently, I have two 'regular' designs, two post card designs, a special event design, as a mobile operation design. I am in the process of designing a website, and when I have it complete I will add photos of the cards that I am sending out now as well as a database of older cards that I have sent in the past.

In addition, I've started trying to check into the 3905 Century Club Net on at least an infrequent basis, and I have submitted cards to the 40m and 75m buro managers and plan to start working the PSK/RTTY net as well if I can ever get free time when the net is in session!

If anyone did *not* recieve a card from me for any reason, please drop me an e-mail and I'll try to get one out asap. I had a computer crash several years ago, and my electronic log suffered a minor hit. Logs were intact, but there was a few ppl that may not have gotten cards mailed out to them. Learned my lesson: my logs get backed up on mirrored RAID drives, get backed up to a USB memory stick and a server, AND get printed out in paper form.

Here's hoping to see you all on the bands.....



Latest Oxford, Alabama, weather


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QRZ Logbook Summary for - KI3N
Latest Contacts for KI3N at QRZ.com
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FO5PN 2016-10-11 40m JT65 BH43gg French Polynesia Patrick DUINE
PD7RF 2016-10-11 40m JT65 JO22mp Netherlands FRITS KEYMAN
F8AEJ 2016-10-11 40m JT65 JN08qs France Jack Dumanet
N4PN 2016-10-08 40m SSB EM82dv United States Paul H Newberry, Jr
VA3LLZ 2016-10-06 40m JT65 FN03gq Canada Volodymyr Shabaldas
XE1UYS 2016-10-06 40m PSK31 EK19nw Mexico Alejandro Cancela Becerra
IN3BJS 2016-10-05 40m JT65 JN55mw Italy Gianni Lasta
K8YAH 2016-10-05 40m JT65 EN80nb United States RONALD A VANKE
AC9HP 2016-10-05 40m JT65 EM69ts United States Wayne R Michael
HB9FUR 2016-10-05 40m JT65 JN37ra Switzerland Rodjo Rodoljub Pavlovic
KG7BCK 2016-09-30 20m JT65 DM26mb United States Roger W Taylor
K6VNG 2016-09-30 20m JT65 EM12jn United States JAMES B DEGEN
W7IWW 2016-09-30 20m JT65 DN55qt United States David L Movius
NG3Y 2016-09-30 20m JT65 FM19ql United States Tadeusz Robak
KK7YJ 2016-09-30 20m PSK63 DN26xt United States JAMES F TREGARTHEN, III

Book Totals: 3348 qso's   1137 confirmed Get a free logbook at QRZ.COM

United States Counties Award#4692
Granted: 2016-09-21 20:22:02   (KI3N)

  • 250 Counties Mixed
  • 100 Counties Mixed
  • 250 Counties Mixed
  • 100 Counties Digital
  • 100 Counties Phone
Grid Squared Award#13896
Granted: 2016-09-21 20:20:03   (KI3N)

  • 20 Meters Digital
  • 40 Meters Digital
  • 20 Meters Mixed
  • 40 Meters Mixed
  • Mixed Phone
World Continents Award#15312
Granted: 2016-09-21 20:20:02   (KI3N)

  • 10 Meters Mixed
  • 20 Meters Mixed
  • 40 Meters Mixed
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