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LA9PJA Norway flag Norway

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Carlos was born in the 60’s in Vila Franca de Xira (aprox. 25km from Lisbon), Portugal and has lived most of his life in Norway. He holds a legal dual nationality and dual passports.

He's a son of emigrants, that like so many others at the time, due to the governmental tyrannic, political fascism and persecution regime had to leave Portugal. Many of his family relatives were involved in the liberation of Portugal during the 60's and 70's from the fascism government and some were either jailed, tortured or killed, which later resulted in the Carnation Revolution 1974 (Revolução dos Cravos), also referred to as the 25 April.

Many of his relatives fled to USA and Europe, to countries like France, Belgium, England, Sweden and Norway. His parents left Portugal and were trough Sweden, then Norway and finally UK and France were several other close relatives were already based.

Carlos was raised and lived in several countries including Portugal with his grandparents before he later moved to Norway, learning different languages and cultures throughout his youth and adult life. 

All Amateurs started their hobbies through different veins and Carlos was no different. He started in the early 70’s listening to the common Broadcast Stations of the time such as Radio BBC, Radio Africa, Angola, Mozambique, São Tomé and Principe, and so on.... the colonial Portuguese broadcasting of that era.

Later with his Grandfather "Maritime Captain" he was introduced to the maritime communications at a very young age, joining his grandfather through several maritime activities which later led him to sail himself alone with other companies years later. In the 80's he was introduced to CB radio and Ham radio through a neighbor and from there started his activity, he his licensed in Portugal with the actual call sign as CT1JML, were he does some radio activity during vacation time.

After his studies within mechanical and electronic subjects both in Portugal and England, Carlos moved back to Norway in 1989 were he started to work for the Norwegian maritime firm Fred Olsen Lines and later Fearnley & Eger AS, were he worked till 1993 as telecom technician, traveling and supporting the vessels around the world.

After the 90's maritime crisis and the bankruptcy of Fearnley & Eger AS in Oslo, Carlos decided to leave the then sold left overs company to Bahamas and settled down in Oslo, were he then pursued his Norwegian amateur certificate some years later.


He has been licensed in Norway for around 21 years after his interest was re-kindled when he started to work for the Airline company Braathens SAFE.  Were he through his work with aircraft and ground operations had to take onto several professional certifications including ground aircraft radio communications and the ATM/ATC Air Traffic Controller courses and certifications at the Norwegian Centre Operations Røyken. Carlos worked several years at the FBU - Fornebu Airport and later OSL - Gardermoen Airport within the technical aircraft operations TARMAC and De-Icing till he left Braathens after it was sold to SAS Scandinavia Airlines.

Until recently Carlos worked as a Project and Technical Engineering Manager and Subsea Engineer for the Oil & Gas business. He has been involved in many special development, testing and qualifications of subsea products and systems for many oil companies, many of the products used subsea have been developed, tested and qualified by him. They were both mechanical, hydraulic and electronics products such as electronics controllers, cards, pods etc.

Carlos works now as consultant "Freelancer", within several business areas depending on the avaiability and project needs due to the recent Oil & Gas market contrains. He works with short term and sporadic work projects within industrial cranes services, telecom, fitness equipment and swim spas / hot tubs. Installations, servicing and repair of electronics, mechanics and hydraulic products and systems.



  • Commercials:

Carlos has done some Commercials for some companies, his latest Commercial project was the "Three Musketeers" for the Scandic Hotell, Showpakker. Made by Horn International AS. Here in this one, together with his partner in life. He's also the Musketeers in the middle :)


  • Last Subsea project:

Carlos latest Subsea project was the Snøhvit CO2 Solution Development, Carlos was the Project and Technical Manager (EPC PEM) for the System Engineering package and in charge of last part of tender phase, building a technical team package and all the CTR (Cost, Time and Resources), technical challenges and leading a team of over 40 people across many countries.


Carlos served at the technical dept. engineering and telecom ops in the Commandos (PortugueseComandos) are a special forces unit in the Portuguese ArmyThey were created as counter-guerrilla special forces, thus responding to the need of the army to have units specially adapted to the type of war that, in 1961, started in Angola and later in Portuguese Guinea (current Guinea-Bissau) and Mozambique – the Portuguese Colonial War


Education and courses:

Carlos has taken various education and professional studies and courses, and have studied in many countries like Portugal, England, Norway and France. His mainly background are mechanics and electronics / telecom. He holds a Master's in Project Management, Systems Engineering, Licentiate in Electro technical and telecom, Industrial Mechanic and several courses and certifications within the Oil & Gas - Subsea business, Aircraft like TARMAC Ops, De-icing Ops. and Air Traffic Control and Management - ATC/ATM.


Carlos is interested in several hobbies; electronics and amateur radio is one of them among others, like training, running 5k, 10k and half marathons, mountain climbing/hiking, Tae Kwon Do "Black Belt", Kung FU, Kickboxing and was in his youth active in many national and international competitions. He is also a Saxophone "Soprano & Alto" player. 

Carlos trains around 2-4 hours per day and follows a strict activity that includes weight lifting, running 5 - 7k and kickboxing. His last national and international among many others activities were: Oslo Bratteste, Oslo Marathon and Palestine Marathon  



Carlos received his Norwegian license June 1995, after an exam at the Norwegian Telecommunications Authority in Oslo. The day of the exam there were many people expecting to pass it, Carlos and a youngster got the first places both in the technical and Morse results, this resulting in what normally was the LA license, however the authority sensor at the time also a ham LA8XM - Trond Olsen (a CW ham) wanted them to have a LB call sign which was only reserved to CW operation at the time, while the LA call sign would come one year later in 1996 after a mutual agreement.

After Carlos talked with Trond about the results and the feedback was that he really "wanted" them to be CW operators, which he has never regretted at all, even after all the years he has been away from radio.

So, his first call sign was LB5ME and later received his actually call sign as LA9PJA since 1996. 

Radio shack LAB:

This is Carlos shack LAB where he repairs and works on different amateur radio projects or professional repairs from his work. The LAB is still under remodelation and will implement more equipment in the future. Here in this corner he holds also some nostalgic, extra radios and equipment for testing purposes or just relaxing listning CW og SSB contacts, while at work :)

Radio Activities:

DX Expeditions:

Date DX Call
1997 Svalbard Isl. Spitsbergen JW9PJA Longyearbyen JQ78TF EU-026 1742 Show log
1998 Svalbard Isl. Spitsbergen JW9PJA Longyearbyen JQ78TF EU-026 1969 Show log
1999 Svalbard Isl. Spitsbergen JW9PJA Longyearbyen JQ78TF EU-026 1318 Show log
2001 Svalbard Isl. Spitsbergen JW9PJA Longyearbyen JQ78TF EU-026 1084 Show log
2005 Svalbard Isl. Spitsbergen JW9PJA Longyearbyen JQ78TF EU-026 142 Show log

SOTA - Summits on the Air:

Date Summit Activity Used QSOs Points Bonus
Total Show log
11/Dec/2016 LA/BU-012 (Nordbykollen) 6th LA9PJA/P 16 1 0 1 Show log
22/Dec/2016 LA/BU-012 (Nordbykollen) 7th LA9PJA/P 17 0 0 1 Show log
23/Dec/2016 LA/BU-012 (Nordbykollen) 8th LA9PJA/P 16 0 0 1 Show log
26/Apr/2016 LA/OL-127 (Nevelfjell) NA LA9PJA/P 0 0 0 0 NA
30/Apr/2017 LA/BU-012 (Nordbykollen) 9th LA9PJA/P 17 1 0 2 Show log
25/Jul/2017 LA/HM-043 (Nordhue) 5th LA9PJA/P 4 2 0 4 Show log
26/Jul/2017 LA/HM-119 (Renåfjellet) 2nd LA9PJA/P 25 4 0 8 Show log
27/Jul/2017 LA/HM-216 (Engulvsfjellet) 3rd LA9PJA/P 90 2 0 10 Show log
27/Jul/2017 LA/HM-086 (Skasberget) 1st LA9PJA/P 24 2 0 12 Show log
01/Aug/2017 LA/BU-123 (Knivsfjellet) 3rd LA9PJA/P 4 1 0 13 Show log
02/Aug/2017 LA/BU-059 (Sørbøfjellet) 1st LA9PJA/P 20 4 0 17 Show log
02/Aug/2017 LA/BU-035 (Nibbi) 1st LA9PJA/P 17 6 0 23 Show log
03/Aug/2017 LA/AH-014 (Toåsen) 8th LA9PJA/P 40 1 0 24 Show log
06/Aug/2017 LA/VF-006 (Seteråsen) 5th LA9PJA/P 11 1 0 25 Show log
10/Aug/2017 LA/OL-167 (Makalausfjellet) 1st LA9PJA/P 28 4 0 29 Show log
19/Sep/2017 LA/OL-167 (Makalausfjellet) 2nd LA9PJA/P 16 0 0 29 Show log
03/10/2017 LA/OL-165 (Binnhovdknatten) 1st LA9PJA/P 5 4 0 33 Show log
31/12/2017 LA/BU-012 (Nordbykollen) 10th LA9PJA/P 0 0 0 33 NA

IOTA - Islands on the Air:

Date Place Call
2000 Sørøya Isl. LA9PJA/P Sørvær KP00XP EU-044 668 Show log
2002 Sørøya Isl. LA9PJA/P Sørvær KP00XP EU-044 261 Show log
2006 Sørøya Isl. LA9PJA/P Sørvær KP00XP EU-044 107 Show log
2016 Vesterålen Isl. LA9PJA/P Hadseløya JP78LN EU-033 2 Show log

Special Prefix:

Date Place Call
2005 Norwegian Constituiion 100th Anniversary LI9PJA Drammen JO59DR LA9PJA 256 Show link
2011 Drammen City 100th Anniversary LA200D Drammen JO59DR LA2D 12 Show link
2017 His Majesty King Harald V of Norway 80th Anniversary LM80REX Drammen JO59DR LA9VDA 143 Show link
2017 Queen Sonja of Norway 80th Anniversary LM80Q Drammen JO59DR LA9VDA 199 Show link


Date Contest Call
QSOs Points Class Rank Link
1997 IARU HF World Championship LA9PJA 259 29,760 B #1 Show link
1997 Fylkestest LA9PJA/F   8,112 B #1 Show link
1998 Fylkestest LA9PJA/F     B #3  
1998 CQ World Wide DX Contest LA9PJA 40 1,702 SO QRP #52 Show link
1999 LRSF Baltic Contest LA9PJA 110 110 C #1 Show link
1999 Vintertesten  LA9PJA     B Mixed #2  
2000 Telefonitest LA9PJA     B #3  
2001 Telefonitest LA9PJA     B #2  
2016 Cervantes 400th Aniversary LA9PJA     TOP Norway #1 Show link
2016 Cervantes 400th Aniversary LA9PJA     SSB #3 Show link
2016 Cervantes 400th Aniversary LA9PJA     CW #2 Show link
2016 Cervantes 400th Aniversary LA9PJA     Digital #1 Show link
2016 Cervantes 400th Aniversary LA9PJA     World #94 Show link
2016 Cervantes 400th Aniversary LA9PJA     Europe #84 Show link

QSL Cards:

Carlos has a daughter and a son also a radio amateur, Philip Ferreira is LA5SSA that is an officer at the Norwegian military technical department. 






Carlos is member of several organizations, including:



Member of Digital Club EPC # 19623, and the eQSL Card Centre:


Flag Counter


Carlos radio equipment is composed of many types, both newer and more nostalgic type.

                          FT-102 Series, FC-102FD-102DM and SP-102                                                                                        


                      FT-1000MP                                           FT-847                                           FT-767GX


              AMERITRON AL-82 Amplifier                    AMERITRON ATR-15 Tuner


MFJ-564 Lambic Key Padle                        Elektrisk Bureau Oslo Morse Key   (1955 - 1960)



Antenna Park:

Telescopic "Tilt-over / crank-up" Mast 20m - Stainless Steel

  • Cushcraft A4S Beam, Triband, 4 ele. 10, 15, 20 and 40m
  • Cushcraft D3W Rotable Dipole, 1 ele. 12, 17 and 30m
  • LA1IC - Short Dipole 80, 40M, 17 and 10m
  • LW - Long Wire 160 and 60m
  • A50-5S, 6m Yagi, 5 el.
  • X-30 Vertical VHF/UHF



LA9PJA - Carlos is based at Åskollen/Glassverket - Locator JO59DR, in Drammen.

File:Drammen from east.png

Drammen is a city and municipality in Buskerud county, Norway.

Buskerud Coat of Arms

File:Buskerud vapen.pngNew SVG image

Norway Coat of arms

File:Coat of Arms of Norway.svg

The administrative centre of the municipality is the city of Drammen.

The municipality of Drammen was established on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). The rural municipality of Skoger was merged with the municipality of Drammen on 1 January 1964 (it was transferred from Vestfold county to Buskerud county at the same time).


The Old Norse form of the city's name was Drafn, and this was originally the name of the inner part of Drammensfjord. The fjord is, however, probably named after the river Dramselva (Old Norse: Dröfn), and this again is derived from the old word dröfn, which meant "wave".

Drammen Coat of Arms

The coat-of-arms is from modern times. They were granted on 17 November 1960. The arms are blue with a gray/silver column on top of a foundation of rocks. A key and a sword are crossed in the middle forming an x. It is based upon the old seal dating from 1723 for Bragernes, one of the central parts of Drammen. The motto for Bragernes (in Latin) was In Fide Et Justitia Fortitudo (English: in faith and justice is strength), and the items in the seal are referring to this: key = faith, sword = justice, column on rocks = strength


Rock carvings at Åskollen and Skogerveien are 6000 to 7000 years old, and are the first signs of human activity in the area. The largest rock carving at Åskollen depicts a moose.

Drammen originally consisted of three small seaports: Bragernes (on the northern side of the Drammenselva river) and Strømsø and Tangen (both on the southern side of the river). For trade purposes, small seaports were placed under market towns. Despite their geographical proximity, Bragernes was placed under Christiania and Strømsø under Tønsberg. For this reason, cooperation between the adjacent seaport towns was almost impossible. In 1662, a merger was proposed to unite Strømsø and Bragernes to form a market town with the name Frederiksstrøm. The proposal was rejected by Frederick III of Denmark. Bragernes received limited market town rights in 1715, and merged with Strømsø to gain status as a single city on 19 June 1811.

Its unique geographical location made the city a centre for seafaring, ship building, log driving, timber trade, and (since the 19th century) paper and pulp industries. During the 1960s most of the pulp and paper factories along the Drammenselva were closed down.

Large parts of the city were ruined in the great fire of 12-13 July 1866, which led to the reconstruction of the city centre, including the characteristic town square and Bragernes church.

In 1909, Drammen got the first trolleybus system in Scandinavia, the Drammen trolleybus. The lines ran until 1967. For many years the centre of Drammen suffered from heavy traffic, but in 1970 the European route E18 bridge helped somewhat, and in 1999 the opening of the Bragernes tunnel diverted much of the traffic away from the centre of the city. In recent years, the city centre has seen significant regeneration, with the introduction of new housing, shopping facilities, restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as a public pathway along the Drammenselva river.


Drammen is one of the larger cities in Norway, and lies about 40kilometres (25mi) from the capital of Norway, Oslo. The city centre lies at the end of a valley, on both sides of the Drammenselva river, and where the river meets the Drammensfjord. Drammen is also the main harbor for car and fruit import in Norway.

As of 1 January 2007, the population of the urban area of Drammen is 93,006. Drammen is the sixth largest urban area of Norway and occupies territory in five municipalities: Drammen (with about 61% of the population), Nedre Eiker (23%), Øvre Eiker (8%), Lier (5%), and Røyken (3%).

The boroughs of Drammen are Austad/Fjell, Bragernes, Gulskogen, Konnerud, Skoger, Strømsø/Danvik, Tangen/Åskollen and Åssiden.

The Øvre Sund area, situated along Drammenselva, will be regulated by the municipality in order to restore this area's character. The buildings there are from the 18th and 19th century, and contribute, as well as the river and the brewery, to give the city a special identity. In 2008 Drammen won the prestigious prize for the best city development in Europe.






























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