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DG5MLA Germany flag Germany

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QSL: via Bureau, Direct, LoTW or Clublog (SEE BELOW) / NO E-QSL

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Subscriber Lookups: 66711

                       Please add your callsign to my   Web contact, Login and click on Web above and add - Thank you !


         My Call   -  D  G  5  Magnetic  Loop  Antenna


     Hinweis :

                            english see below...    

                                    100 Jahre Freistaat Bayern Diplom "

                             Ich vergebe für das Diplom 10 Punkte

                             Ausschreibung unter folgenden Link


                              english version :

                                                         " 100 Years Freestate Bavaria Award "

                                   I give 10 Points for this Award

               the Rules for this Award are followe the Link below, thank you




my name is Gerald, on the Band Geri. I’m licenced since Mai 1993. I live in Ingolstadt
My home country is Bavaria the Land of Lederhos`n in South Germany

The location is about 70km in the north of Munich by the Highway A9

I`m a activator from nature park`s ( WWFF )

I`m a activator from castles ( WCA and COTA )

I`m a activator from Global Mountain Aktivity ( GMA )

I uploaded my logs to the Logsearch

I send my QSL Cards after my aktivations via the bureau and LOTW ( QSL Informations see below )


 My activations from WWFF:


        - DLFF 036 Naturepark Altmuehltal



                Mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Bildmaterials durch den Naturpark Altmühltal ( Anfrage: Nr. 263184 )

       the nature park is in the north of Ingolstadt, between Ingolstadt and Nürnberg


         - DLFF 260 Nature Reserve alte Donau mit Brenne



         the Nature Reserve is in the East of Ingolstadt between Ingolstadt and Großmehring / activated 3x in 2015 and 15.08.2016


          - DLFF 352 Nature Reserve Wolfsberg bei Dietfurt an der Altmuehl 



       the Nature Reserve Wolfsberg in the near of Dietfurt / Altmuehl / activated  11.06.2016; 24.07.2016        


      - DLFF 385 Oberdinger Moos



      the Natur Reserve Oberdinger Moos in the near of Munich Airport / activated  08.07.2016


         - DLFF 308 Isarauen zwischen Hagenham und Moosburg



         the Natur Reserve Isarauen between Hagenham and Moosburg in the near of Munich Airport / activated  22.07.2016


          - DLFF 384 Notzinger Moos



         the Natur Reserve Notzinger Moos is in the near of Munich Airport / activated  29.07.2016


         - DLFF 383 Zenger Moos



         the Natur Reserve Zenger Moos is in the near of Munich Airport  /  activated  12.08.2016


        - DLFF 039 Augsburg - westliche Wälder






   My Award in WWFF:                         







I´m also a aktivator from Castels on the Air ( WCA and COTA )



                                                                                             #152                                                                   #094

 My aktivations:

 Info...all Pictures are selfmade not from the Internet



   Burg Kipfenberg WCA: DL-03842, COTA: OBB-008                            Schloß Schönbrunn WCA: DL-03845, COTA: OBB-011                       Schloß Sandersdorf WCA: DL-03844, COTA: OBB-010

   activated 17.09.2014 and 13.04.2017 Log is uploaded                        activated 19.09.2014 and 26.10.2016, Log is uploaded                        activated 24.09.2014 and 23.12.2015, Log is uploaded   



   Jagdschloss Grünau WCA: DL-03868, COTA: OBB-034                      Schloss Aiterbach WCA: DL-03856, COTA: OBB-022                          Burg Nassenfels WCA: DL-03843, COTA: OBB-009                        

   activated 26.07.2015 / 08.08.2015 and 01.05.2016                               activated 31.07.2015, Log is uploaded                                                  activated 09.08.2015 / 22.12.2015 and 15.06.2017

   Log is uploaded                                                                                                                                                                                                    Log is uploaded



Schloss Hohenkammer WCA: DL-03858, COTA: OBB-024                     Burg Vohburg WCA: DL-03898, COTA: OBB-063                                 Schloss Haimhausen WCA: DL-03897, COTA: OBB-062                       

activated 06.08.2015 and 16.11.2015, Log is uploaded                            activated 14.08. and 20.08.2015, Log is uploaded                                 activated 21.08.2015, Log is uploaded    



  Schloss Inching WCA: DL-03841, COTA: OBB-007                              Wasserschloss Sandizell WCA: DL-03869, COTA: OBB-035                 Schloss Notzing WCA: DL-03854, COTA: OBB-020

  activated 23.08.2015 and 03.04.2016, Log is uploaded                         activated 28.08. and 30.08.2015, Log is uploaded                                  activated 04.09.2015 and 12.05.2017, Log is uploaded   



 Schloss Aufhausen WCA: DL-03849, COTA: OBB-015                          Schloss Stepperg WCA: DL-03870, COTA: OBB-036                             Schloss Hirschberg, WCA: DL-03840, COTA: OBB-006   

 activated 11.09. and 18.09.2015, Log is uploaded                                  activated 13.09.2015, Log is uploaded                                                     activated 19.09.2015 and 01.05.2017, Log is uploaded     



 Schloss Fraunberg, WCA: DL-03851, COTA: OBB-017                          Schloss Titting, WCA: DL-03846, COTA: OBB-012                               Schloss Grünbach, WCA: DL-03852, COTA: OBB-018

  activated 25.09.2015, Log is uploaded                                                    activated 27.09.2015, Log is uploaded                                                   activated 02.10.2015, Log is uploaded



 Schloss Hexenagger WCA: DL-03839, COTA: OBB-005                        Burg Randeck WCA: DL-04407, COTA: BOB-109                                Wasserschloss Unterwittelsbach WCA: DL-02592, SWB-2004

  activated 05.10. and 12.10.2015, Log is uploaded                            activated 12.10.2015, Log is uploaded                                                  activated 13.10.2015, Log is uploaded



  Burg Wittelsbach WCA: DL-02593, COTA: SWB-2005                          Kloster Andechs WCA: DL-03876, COTA: OBB-042                            Schloss Ratzenhofen WCA: DL-04880, COTA: BOB-132

  activated 13.10.2015 and 20.05.2017, Log is uploaded                         activated 16.10.2015, Log is uploaded                                                  activated 27.10.2015, Log is uploaded



Schloss Leitheim WCA: DL-02670, COTA: SWB-5038                           Schloss Schweinspoint WCA: DL-02712, COTA: SWB-5071               Burgstall Schweinspoint WCA: DL-02711, COTA: SWB-5070

activated 25.05.2016, Log is uploaded                                                    activated 25.05.2016, Log is uploaded                                                  activated 25.05.2016, Log is uploaded



Schloss Tagmersheim WCA: DL-02717, COTA: SWB-5076                 Schloss Monheim WCA: DL-02673, COTA: SWB-5041                      ehem. Schloss Gansheim WCA: DL-02647, COTA: SWB-5015 

activated 26.05.2016, Log is uploaded                                                  activated 28.05.2016, Log is uploaded                                                 activated 28.05.2016, Log is uploaded     



Schloss Wackerstein WCA: DL-03835, COTA: OBB-001                     Schloss Otting WCA: DL-02701, COTA: SWB-5060                            Schloss Fünfstetten WCA: DL-02646, COTA: SWB-5014

activated 10.06.2016, Log is uploaded                                                  activated 18.06.2016 in WCW, Log is uploaded                                   activated 18.06.2016 in WCW, Log is uploaded         



Burgruine Graisbach WCA: DL-02652, COTA: SWB-5020                Schloss Bergstetten WCA: DL-02636, COTA: SWB-5005                    Schloss Genderkingen WCA: DL-02649, COTA: SWB-5017

activated 07.10.2016, Log is uploaded                                               activated 07.10.2016, Log is uploaded                                                  activated 12.10.2016, Log is uploaded



Schloss Rain am Lech WCA: DL-02702, COTA: SWB-5061             Schloss Alerheim WCA: DL-02632, COTA: SWB-5001                         Burgruine Alerheim WCA: DL-02633, COTA: SWB-5002

activated 14.10.2016, Log is uploaded                                               activated 23.10.2016, Log is uploaded                                                  activated 23.10.2016, Log is uploaded



 Burg Harburg WCA: DL-02654, COTA: SWB-5022                           Schloss Kuehbach WCA: DL-04474, COTA: SWB-2006                      altes Schloss Hemerten WCA: DL-02656, COTA: SWB-5024

 activated 27.10.2016, Log is uploaded                                               activated 19.05. and 20.05.2017, Log is uploaded                               activated 27.05.2017, Log is uploaded



neues Schloss Hemerten WCA: DL-02657, COTA: SWB-5025         Burgstall Judenbuck WCA: DL-02667, COTA: SWB-5035                    Burgstall Steinhart WCA: DL-02714, COTA: SWB-5073

activated 27.05.2017, Log is uploaded                                               activated 17.06.2017, Log is uploaded                                                   activated 17.06.2017, Log is uploaded



 Ruine altes Schloss Steinhart WCA: DL-02715,                            Schloss Hirschbrunn, WCA: DL-02661, COTA: SWB-5029                     Burgruine Wolfstein, WCA: DL-04229, COTA: BOB-064

 COTA: SWB-5074, activated 17.06.2017                                       activated 17.06.2017, Log is uploaded                                                    activated 02.07.2017, Log is uploaded

 Log is uploaded



 Burg Wellheim, WCA: DL-05063, COTA: OBB-094                         Limes, WCA: DL-04874, COTA: BOB-130                                            Burg Altmannstein, WCA: DL-05064, COTA: OBB-095

  activated 05.08.2017, Log is uploaded                                            activated 06.08.2017, Log is uploaded                                                  activated 17.09.2017, Log is uploaded



 Burg Arnsberg, WCA: DL-05056, COTA: OBB-087                     Schloss Bullachberg, WCA: DL-02487, COTA: SWB-13005                  Schloss Hohenschwangau, WCA: DL-02510,COTA: SWB-13027

 activated 19.09.2017, Log is uploaded                                        activated 22.09.2017, Log is uploaded                                                    activated 22.09.2017, Log is uploaded



 Schloss Neuschwanstein, WCA: DL-02521,                             Hohes Schloss Füssen, WCA: DL-02497, COTA: SWB-13015               Stadtmauer Füssen, WCA: DL-02498, COTA: SWB-13016.1

 COTA: SWB-13038, activated 22.09.2017,                              activated 22.09.2017, Log is uploaded                                                     activated 22.09.2017, Log is uploaded

 Log is uploaded         



 Stadtmauer Füssen, WCA: DL-02499, COTA: SWB-13016.2     Schloss Hochaltingen, WCA: DL-02663, COTA: SWB-5031              neues Schloss Wallerstein, WCA: DL-02721, COTA: SWB-5080

 activated 22.09.2017, Log is uploaded                                        activated 24.09.2017, Log is uploaded                                               activated 24.09.2017, Log is uploaded



 altes Schloss Wallerstein, WCA: DL-02722, COTA: SWB-5081          Burg Hütting, WCA: DL-05058, COTA: OBB-089                             Burg Dollnstein, WCA: DL-05061, COTA: OBB-092

 activated 24.09.2017, Log is uploaded                                                 activated 25.09.2017, Log is uploaded                                             activated 26.09.2017, Log is uploaded



 Burgruine Mörnsheim, WCA: DL-05059, COTA: OBB-090             Schloss Oberndorf ( Fuggerschloss ) WCA: DL-02699                          Schloss Markt ( Fuggerschloss ) WCA: DL-02595

 activated 26.09.2017, Log is uploaded                                            COTA: SWB-5058, activated 27.09.2017,                                             COTA: SWB-3002, activated 29.09.2017

                                                                                                          Log is uploaded                                                                                     Log is uploaded



 Schloss Kaltenberg, WCA: DL-03862, COTA: OBB-028               Schloss Weyhern, WCA: DL-03859, COTA: OBB-025                            Burg Rumburg, WCA: DL-05057, COTA: OBB-088

 activated 13.10.2017, Log is uploaded                                          activated 13.10.2017, Log is uploaded                                                     activated 15.10.2017 and 31.12.2017

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Log is uploaded



  Burg Rundeck, WCA: DL-05062, COTA: OBB-093                     Schloss Donaumünster, WCA: DL-02641, COTA: SWB-5010

  activated 31.12.2017 and 01.01.2018, Log is uploaded              activated 13.01.2018 and



 Activated Castels without Pictures:

 - Burgstall Ried WCA: DL-02706, COTA SWB-5065 / activated 28.05.2016, Log is uploaded

 - Burgstall Schlossberg WCA: DL-02710, COTA: SWB-5069 / activated 07.10.2016, Log is uploaded

 - Burgstall Appertshofen WCA: DL-02635, COTA: SWB-5004 / activated 23.10.2016, Log is uploaded

 - Burgstall Gempfing WCA: DL-02648, COTA: SWB-5016 / activated 13.05.2017, Log is uploaded

 - Burgstall Schlossberg WCA: DL-02709, COTA: SWB-5068 / activated 26.05.2017, Log is uploaded

 - Burgstall Strauppen WCA: DL-02716, COTA: SWB-5075 / activated 26-05.2017, Log is uploaded

 - Burgruine Velburg WCA: DL-04319, COTA: BOB-091 / activated 18.09.2017, Log is uploaded

 - Burgstall Hochaltingen WCA: DL-02662, COTA: SWB-5030 / activated 24.09.2017, Log is uploaded

 - Burgstall Tennicht WCA: DL-02718, COTA: SWB-5077 / activated 24.09.2017, Log is uploaded

 - Burgstall Grafenberg WCA: DL-02651, COTA: SWB-5019 / activated 27.09.2017, Log is uploaded

 - Burgruine Bocksberg WCA: DL-02600, COTA: SWB-4005 / activated 29.09.2017, Log is uploaded

 - Burgstall Modelshausen WCA: DL-02621, COTA: SWB-4023 / activated 29.09.2017, Log is uploaded

 - Burgstall Bachern WCA: DL-02589, COTA: SWB-2001 / activated 13.10.2017, Log uploaded

 - Burg Brunneck WCA: DL-05060, COTA: OBB-091 / activated 01.01.2018 and 05.01.2018, Log is uploaded


  My Awards in the Castles on the Air:











I uploaded my logs to the Logsearch, the datas come in the international ( WCA ) and national ( COTA ) Database.

Thank you to Manfred DF6EX and Karl DL1JKK for uploaded the Log`s in the national and international Databases,

logs are uploaded in the distance of 2 weeks....


I´m also a aktivator from Global Mountain Aktivity ( GMA )



                                 # 278


My activations:


i uploaded my Logs to the Logsearch from the GMA after my aktivation



 My Fielddayactivitys:




My equipment:

for KW:

My portable station is a Yaesu FT-897D or FT-991 and a self made Trible Leg Antenna for 10m, 12m, 17m, 20m and 40m Bands on a 10m-GFK-Tower

also for portable a Yaesu FT-991 and the mobile Hustler System for 10 to 80m Bands on my activity in the WWFF or castles

In my Truck Garage the Yaesu FT-897D or FT991 and a Sloper Antenna for 10m to 160m Bands

and at my Home QTH a Magnetic Loop for 10m to 40m Bands for testing


for VHF and UHF in FM:

a Yeasu FT-8900R and a Procom Window adhesive antenna in my car

at home a Kenwood TM-D710e and a X-50 Diamond Antenna


for VHF and UHF in SSB:

The Yaesu FT-897D and a Flexa-Yagi 7 elements antenna for VHF

the Yaesu FT-897D and a Flexa-Yagi 13 elements antenna for UHF

This equipment is only portable


for Amateur TV:  

a Lechner tx and a Tonna 25 elements antenna for 13cm

a self made tin can antenna for 23cm, rx


for PSK/RTTY/RMS-Winmor:

a Signalink SLUSB Interface from Tigertronics and Software Digipan for PSK 31 and PSK 63 all Digi - Bands

and Winmor from RMS express


I`m also aktiv in APRS

DG5MLA-9 is mobile

DG5MLA is at Home

for APRS mobile a Kenwood TH-D72e

for APRS at home a Kenwood TM D710e


This Truck on my QSL-Card is my Campmobile for the Fieldday`s

This Truck is a ZIL 131

Locator: JN 58 QR


Members :


             DOK T08                     #6265                               #994                                 #2712                            # 278


               #152                                     #094                                #17071                            #5806


and Clubstation DL0IR


more Infos you can find from DARC DOK T08 on www.t08.net


QSL Informations:

All direct QSL-Cards require SASE with 2$ bill or new IRC`s. Another possibility is via DARC office – 100% return.

You can also QSL Request via Clublog OQRS



only DL (Germany) direct QSL-Cards... frankierten Rückumschlag und SASE beilegen, ansonsten QSL via DARC Büro zurück

( I`m the QSL Manager from the Clubstation DL0IR, please send the QSL-Cards via DARC Bureau or direkt to my Homeadress )


SWL reports are welcome and will be confirmed ! only one Card pro Band and Mode !

I`m collected paper QSL`s ! ! ! Thank you...

The QSL is the final courtesy of a QSO !!!


I uploaded my Log:

- to the Logbook of the World (LOTW) in the End of the month




Hear you on the Band`s

Vy 73 / 77 / 44 / 11 de Geri







   Other online Awards:












The flagcounter and worldcard since 19.11.2011

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